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Sep 22, 2023

Subject: RHOC s18

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Production is trying to figure out how to move forward next season with Shannon and if they should or shouldn’t. This whole situation isn’t good for her and not what the network is trying to push on tv anymore. Bravo plans to give Vicki and orange possibly a new hw if heather leaves for the 90210. Everyone else returning with Taylor remaining a friend and Emily possibly becoming s friend of depending on her personal story.

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  1. Diana

    I’m surprised Emily would be considered a friend instead of Gina

  2. T.R.

    I can’t handle if they bring Vicki back. She’s the worst 😩. Emily deserves to stay full time if Gina does.

  3. Cimi

    I am confused about Bravo’s thinking. Gina got a DUI her second season (?) Now they are going to punish Shannon?
    Make no mistake I believe Shannon is in trouble but to fire her for something that also happened to a cast mate fresh on the show? If this is the road they want to go down then Gina must also be fired.

  4. Sabina

    What did Gina bring to the table for the last 3 seasons?

  5. Cc79

    Gina got a DUI but she wasn’t accused of a hit and run.

  6. Macie

    Making Emily a friend would be a huge mistake. She is one of the best on the cast IMO! She’s real, funny, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Shane is also hilarious.

  7. Amanda

    What we’re seeing from Shannon all season is that she doesn’t want to share anything real about her life. Everything is “perfect, best-ever” or is swept under the dust and she gets furious whenever someone brings up something she doesn’t want known. Her DUI is the latest example of this–she expected her lawyer to keep it under wraps. And there’s been several posts here re: Shannon being drunk and belligerent in public, and I’m sure she would deny them all if she were asked. This kind of delusional isn’t fun to watch, it’s depressing. She needs help.

  8. Amy

    If Vicki returns, I’m not going to be able to watch it. She’s like 70 and does nothing but freak out and yell. Lala made me give up on VP, and I hope Vicki doesn’t make me give up OC. They should keep Shannon, she’s good tv.

  9. G

    PLEASE PLEASE get rid of Gina. Her time was up a long, long time ago.

  10. Nicole

    I am at the point where I might refuse to watch if Vicki comes back. She’s intolerable and f****** annoying. And to demote Emily to a friend of????? NO!

  11. Kelsey

    Demoting Emily makes zero sense, this was her best season yet! Make Gina a friend of if they want to keep her around. Luann and Gina came back after DUI’s, so should Shannon.

  12. Miranda

    If it’s Vicki, Tamra and Shannon again, then I’m out. Can’t stand them. Another franchise I’ll have to stop watching.

  13. Calm after the Storms (beador)

    Shannon 100% needs an orange and she always will. She is housewife gold and we love her and we’re all rooting for her!! Sending you 9 lemons in a bowl Shannon!

  14. ndbravofan

    Please. No. Stop with Vicki, too. Tres Amigas is a trainwreck and not in the fun way. It’s sloppy, tacky, terrible.

  15. JCG

    I’m actually sick of Bravo rewarding illegal conduct by giving criminals more air time. Keeping Shannon is just going to show her that she can be completely reckless, damn near injure an animal, and still be put in a pedestal. I will not watch if she and/or Vicki are back next season.

  16. Queen of

    So glad I’m not the only one who can’t tolerate Vicki coming back. She is the most annoying person ever with all her shrieking. Honestly fancy pants is the only one I really like anymore. Can we get a season of 5 Heather tier housewives just to eavesdrop on the lives of the wealthy and glamorous?

  17. Stephanie

    Please no vicki


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