Isn’t who she is…

Sep 21, 2023

source: A text convo between two people who know Angie K.

Angie isn’t who I thought she’d be. A lot of drama. Its funny because she said she’d never do housewives because she wasn’t about the drama.

I guess bc I always heard at salon she was so nice, didn’t like drama etc in like, did people just say that at the salon because she was the boss or is she trying to secure spot on show?

I think she could be trying to secure her spot. Maybe producers said she wasn’t bringing enough drama..?

Because she has really always been the most kind, most generous person…she had no reason to ever remember my name but she did.


  1. Activated

    Not surprised. Every move she’s made since her time on the show seems thirsty and planned out. Like definitely trying hard. Doesn’t seem natural at all.

  2. Celeste

    I don’t remember her last season leaning so much into the Greek heritage, and now that’s all she’s talks about.

  3. Macie

    I like Angie and just think she’s working for her spot on the show, as she should be! We want to watch housewives that want to be there and earn their keep! Her showing up on that trip was everything.

  4. Angie Kay

    I like her a lot. I’m glad Whitney included her on the cast trip. Meredith does that every season. I think she’s a good addition for the show.

  5. Bravo

    It’s all for. And well to bring the heat but when it has substance not plucked out of the air and boom randomly at a certain time like it just seemed inauthentic her whole approach to it if she continues this stuff it will just get annoying real fast

  6. Angie who

    She is such a try hard and comes off incredibly fake and thirsty. I’ve never liked her but definitely cannot stand her AT ALL this season. Heather is right in that she just hitches on to whoever she thinks is bringing main character energy. She is NOT housewife material

  7. Sarah

    Agree she’s too fake- I feel confident this will be her only season as a full time housewife. Also those hideous sunglasses need to go.


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