They’re off!

Sep 18, 2023


Traitors cast us leaving on Tuesday 9/18 to film the second installment in Scotland (again).

Can confirm Trishelle & Johnny Bananas (both MTV)

Other names I’ve heard that we may see: Scheana , Angelina (Jersey Shore), MJ (Shah’s), Cynthia , Kenya , Teddi.


  1. anon

    definitely MJ – last week Jeff Lewis had been mentioning her “going out of the country to film something” but only being gone for a couple weeks

  2. Liz

    MJ is on Jeff Lewis Live today

  3. JL anon

    Last week, Jeff Lewis said MJ was leaving to film after doing the radio show today. Said she may be back for his Halloween event depending on how well she does on the show.

  4. Steve Marks

    Angelina is not on anymore. She was ghosted by Peacock.

  5. Michelle

    Oh no, not Teddi. Pls stop trying to make Teddi happen – reality tv bosses


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