Sep 15, 2023

From: Bravo Con
Email: updates@bravo.con

Subject: What’s To Come

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RHODubai trailer to premiere at Bravocon, Bravo is hoping to gain more excitement for it because the ratings cannot get much worse next season

RHONY Ultimate Girls Trip Trailer to premiere

Sonja & LuAnn Season 2 to be announced

Vicki’s full time return to RHOC to be announced when she accepts her award

New city to be announced – it’s not Dallas. They’ve been looking in various cities and it’s not official yet which will be green lit. San Fran, Greenwich,Boston are all options but they are only choosing one.

Next Ultimate Girls Trip cast to be announced

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  1. Ashley

    Boston would be great!

  2. Duboring

    Still won’t watch Dubai.

  3. Maribeth

    Honestly, I’m not sure I can suffer through Vicki and the tres amigas anymore.

  4. Not Teddi

    I’m really hoping that’s true for Vicki!!!

  5. Lindsay

    I can’t do tres amigas again either. Vicki played a get roll for housewives…I’m over her, and if they put her on, I’m done with the OC (not that anyone cares lol)

  6. JLF

    Idk which is worse—Dubai or the Tres Amigas!

  7. Margaret

    NO to Vicki.

  8. Tammy

    Tres Amigas make OC unwatchable, in my opinion.


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