Sep 15, 2023

From: Dallas Texas
Email: rhodreboot@gmail.com

Subject: The Real Housewives of Dallas reboot!

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RHOD reboot coming 2024! There’s plans at BravoCon to announce the rebooted cast, similar to last years for RHONY. The network is not interested in starting a new city because they fear the ratings will be worse than RHOSLC and RHODubai. RHOD already has a foundation and is familiar with the fanbase. It’s a complete new cast. Will air on Peacock first, just like RHOM season 4 and 5.

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  1. MHP

    Too bad it wasn’t built around Dr. Tiffany Moon and D’Andra. I really enjoyed them plus they were on the right side of history.

  2. Leann

    Poor D’Andra

  3. A.M

    With the addition of Monica, RHOSLC is promising!

  4. Dan

    Believe it when I see it

  5. JMC

    Not interested at all.

  6. Christopher

    I don’t see the point if it’s an all new cast. That is no different from doing a completely new city. There’s other cities in Texas they could’ve tried like Houston or Austin.

  7. Dw

    I find this very hard to believe. Didn’t SLC do better ratings than Dallas ever did in a worse ratings climate?

  8. Greg

    Is it already randoms they have in the casting pipeline that will have to move to Dallas for the show? I always wonder how long Lisa and Meredith were waiting in the sidelines for SLC to start.

  9. Maribeth

    Wasn’t there also a rumor that a new city was going to be announced at BravoCon? Forgot which ones, but I remember Boston being one.

  10. Kim

    Peacock just said SLC was the highest streamed first episode in their history …obviously beating out Miami and girls trips and all other bravo HW

  11. Nicool

    Wish they’d keep Stephanie! She’s my favorite from Dallas but excited to see a new cast!


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