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Sep 10, 2023

Subject: 4 Hot Atlanta Girls

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Atlanta is potentially going through a small shakeup, however they are and would consider other bravoleberties to join the cast. Similarly to what Phaedra did over to M2M.
Mariah Huq is being considered to join the cast.
Also they’d like a big name to bring in ratings, its being kept quiet but Tamar Braxton is under consideration. She has reservations due to her history with reality tv.
Keyshia Kaior, wife of rapper Gucci Mane has been approached as well.
4th is popular ATL realtor Quiana Watson who recently went through a divorce but still fabulous enough to be a peach holder. Let’s see what direction these new producers go to. The possibility of casting affluent women who are not famous at all is still an option and that list is currently being organized.

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  1. Jordyn

    Omg Gucci manes wife plzzzzz

  2. Quad

    Mariah would be great!

  3. E

    Keyshia would be FABBBBBB

  4. Lg

    Keyshia omg I love her!!

  5. Housewives Only

    I hate that they moved Phaedra over to M2M. They should keep both franchises separate. Is Phaedra even a doctor or connected to one? If they say she has her PhD in law, that’s stretching it. Either move the interesting ladies over to housewives and scrap M2M or completely cancel it at this point. It’s becoming a smaller scale housewives anyway.


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