She’ll likely be there!

Sep 9, 2023


I also heard Scheana will be on Traitors.

She wasnt on at first because of filming conflict with VPR.

But they pushed traitors back So now I hear she’s back to going.


  1. Leslie

    I honestly have no excitement seeing anyone on vpr on anything anymore. Tired of them all.

  2. Nana

    Can’t VpR just die…..I know tv/fame hungry people don’t go away ever. Look at speidi

  3. Michelle

    Pls no Scheana. She’s the worst

  4. christina

    I love Scheana!! She loves hard and has made the show what it is. Hate her or not she deserves to have good things come her way after years of being hated. She isn’t annoying she is true to who she is and people are far to critical towards her. She rarely gets fair shot before people turn on her or are mean to her. I hope she gets a fair edit this year and she stays strong for herself and ariana.


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