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Sep 8, 2023

From: RHONJ Girlies

Subject: RHONJ

Spill It to
Production didn’t warn the girls til a few weeks before that filming was starting. That’s why many have trips and events planned. They don’t mind because it allows them to integrate the newbies more and can save some money by some housewives not being in every episode. For example, Marge missed todays group event and probably won’t be featured in this episode – that could save them tens of thousands of dollars to go towards the newbies minuscule pay if they end up getting any. Danielle, Rachel and Jen Fessler are really gearing up to be the stars this season with main storylines focusing on them and their relationships with all the other ladies, rather than the Veterans relationships with them.

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  1. Sabrina Gabriel

    Hallelujah! All good news plus one episode without Margaret! Win win all around!

  2. Vanessa Severino

    I like this spin! Super smart to do.

  3. Michael Fahey

    This feels like a much smarter and easier way to advance the show without having the drama and uncertainty that comes with a reboot.

  4. cacioypepe

    rooting for kayla! local queen.


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