Sep 2, 2023

The cast leave for Traitors September 19th.

Johnny Bananas and Trishelle are both definitely going.

I also heard Cynthia , Kenya and / or Teddi . Maybe Scheana too .


  1. Donna

    Why can’t I watch this???? I’m in Canada and it doesn’t air here. I’m sad.

  2. Greg

    The worst. We do not want Bananas anywhere outside of MTV. We hardly want him there still.

  3. M

    Teddy? 🙄

  4. Winners

    So down to see Bananers, I bet he’ll kill it. Teddi is a big no!

  5. Emily

    @donnajv the last season of traitors is (or at least was) on crave in Canada.

  6. Peggy the 100th housewife

    This is the worst line up ever. We all know Scheana isn’t the brightest and Kenya can turn psycho in a second so hopefully that will make for good tv but otherwise it sounds like a total snooze

  7. skeptical

    Of all housewives they choose three of the most boring ones? Cynthia couldn’t even figure out Big Brother how is she gonna do Traitors??

  8. Jenn

    Canadians: Traitors is on Crave! Not sure if we get an episode weekly or later on when it’s all done in the States but Kyle Cooke’s season is on there.


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