So nice!!

Aug 25, 2023

Subject: So nice!!!

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I just met Teresa and Luis on U of M campus in Ann Arbor and omg they were sooooo nice!!!! I was nervous to go up to them because I always liked Melissa but they couldn’t have been nicer and now I am a fan for life! Luis is way less purple looking in real life. LOVE THEM!!!!!!

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allegedly written in cursive font


  1. A.M

    Hey Tre!

  2. Jerseylove

    They are so nice! Everyone from Bergen County and NNJ knows Tre is a real sweetheart. Melissa is the one that walks around at restaurants and malls with her nose up in the air looking to be seen.

  3. Keeping it Real

    People were nice to you and you’re a fan for life? Raise your standards honey 😂

  4. Bravo Fan

    lol. The exclamation marks, omgs and sooooooo is just screaming Teresa. As if she didn’t submit this.

  5. Laura

    Tre might be a mess but… Tre’s daughter does have great taste in Universities! And it’s not an easy one to get into. She’s gotta be a smart girl and that says a lot for Tre. Go Blue!!

  6. Justine


  7. Bravo

    You honestly think B would post something on here that was sent in by the bravolebs or her team? I think B is smarter than that even if she doesn’t verify the blinds. Just cuz you don’t like the blind doesn’t mean it’s fake.

  8. Kara

    “Way less purple looking” 🤣

  9. Anna

    I believe this is line with Teresa’s reputation generally. She’s supposedly really nice to fans, production… just about everybody. And I imagine it’s why so many housewives from other shows are legitimately friends with her. Louie just knows how to manipulate/charm.

  10. Luz

    Sure Jan.

  11. Nicole

    They know which side their bread is buttered. One interaction is not going to tell you who someone is. Everyone who met Armie Hammer for the first time probably said the same. If you were hanging around them for a few days or weeks you might feel differently.

  12. Mary

    Is it just me, does anyone feel uncomfortable with HW’s posting about where their kids are attending college. Creeps can go on campus. Just doesn’t feel safe to me

  13. Carol

    It’s probably Louie, not Tre that posted. Too many words were spelled correctly!


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