A fight 😫

Aug 19, 2023


This was sent Friday:

Hi! Ijust wanted to let you know RHONJ is filming at the Wayne meat market restaurant on Saturday night

This was sent today:

They cancelled tonight at the restaurant. There was a fight at the party  last night down the shore.

(Trying to get more details, stay tuned )


updated :

They were supposed to film at tonight. They were told they will come in 2 weeks instead because there was a fight at the shore. Not sure what event it was. But they cancelled last minute.

allegedly written in cursive font


  1. SK

    Wow! This could be between anyone considering how it all ended last season.

  2. Mrs.

    Didn’t one of the blinds say that Fuda got into it with Louie or Paul?

  3. Amy Brown

    I had hoped they were over fighting. Debating watching this season they’re filming. I’m over the fighting.


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