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Aug 18, 2023

From: Jersey Girlies

Subject: Jersey Girls

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Everyone might be confused why they are testing 2 newbies if they already have 9 women. Well, they really want to reinvigorate the show so the limit is 10. 8 Housewives & 2 friends of.. let’s just say someone has to go. Notice how everyone is at the Shore filming right now including Tiffany & Kayla, but not Jackie. Unfortunately, last minute they decided to let her go in favor of having 2 newbies instead of 1. One will be housewife, one will be friend of – undetermined yet.

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  1. Kamey

    I get the revamping but honestly the constant mixing up of people and decisions isn’t working it’s like last minute panicking lol and letting Jackie go who actually had a story line people can relate to (ED) is really a fail in many ways, sorry to get all Bethany lol

  2. Kayla

    #JUSTICEFORJACKIE why TF have they done her so wrong??? She brings it!!!

  3. M

    Agree about Jackie. She’s smart, is helping people by sharing her story about ED, and we get to see Evan. Don’t take Evan from us, Bravo! We ask so little from you.

  4. Jackie G

    I’m happy to hear that about Jackie. She is still healing.


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