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Aug 17, 2023


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When it comes to RHOA, the numbers weren’t so good. So keep in mind that casting heavily relies on budget and storylines. With Kandi or Kenya gone that will open up the talent budget and allow them to bring on at least 2-3 new wives. The new ladies won’t be getting close to half of what Kandi or Kenya is getting which is how they’ll be able to bring them on for a shake up. But now the question they are currently trying to figure out is who stays and who goes.
With how ratings have been going, it’s cheaper on the network to keep Drew, Sanya,Marlo,Sheree. With them 4 plus two or three new ladies that may be the closest thing to a shakeup for this cast. But expect either Kandi or Kenya to leave, they can’t afford to keep both with these low ratings.

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  1. Deanna

    Sorry but a whole new cast is needed. All boring and bring nothing to the table. Especially Kenya, Kandi also need to go because she only lstays in because she keeps getting spin offs.

  2. Justine

    With the way Kenya was speaking on Carlos King interview about production & the network it didn’t sound like she was coming back.

  3. Donna

    I hope Kandi goes, she’s always annoyed me.

  4. Tribeca

    I’d cut Kandi since she already has other shows and those who want to see her, still can. We need young faces that want to bring it (like RHONY, kind of)

  5. Rae

    Get rid of everyone & start from scratch.

  6. Amanda

    I like Kandi but she seems over RHOA this season. She’s very busy with all her other projects and when she is filming with the other ladies it doesn’t seem like she wants to be there.

    RHOW needs a revamp. Drew is fake. Sanya is trying too hard to get the ladies to like her, Marlo is trying too hard to keep her peach. I don’t mind Sherée and Kenya, but they can’t do it all themselves.

  7. Malissa

    Drew needs to go like can she even remember all of the lies?!

  8. Anna

    I feel like the show is tired and I blame production.
    The she by Sheree flop could be a fun mess, but they showed us nothing and everyone is backpedaling.
    The insane story about Marlo’s relative killed in Kandi’s restaurant – that could be the drama of the season, but instead it’s a bunch of nonsense, and you can’t tell who is lying.
    Kenya can’t host a trip to save her life, they either don’t react or try to break into her room like what??

    The only redeeming storyline was Drew’s divorce. Drew carried that boring season.


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