Really is terrible…

Aug 16, 2023

Anon please. Coworker used to work for her. I find Bethenny to be annoying but she said Jason really is terrible.




  1. Sue

    I also had a pal who worked for her and didn’t hear much about jason but did hear that bethenny didn’t pay all that well, didn’t teach her much and just threw her into assistant work which she wasn’t hired or trained to do. I found it interesting that she said bethenny had her doing a lot of real estate and overseeing renovations for Bethenny. Especially since Bethenny acts like she does everything herself

  2. Anna

    I think that much is clear. Bethenny may be awful but Jason has demonstrated he is too, without a doubt, and probably is worse.

  3. Yikes

    Yeah not sure you should be making a “collective apology” to Jason Poppy…if you don’t remember, he was arrested for stalking and harassing her..

  4. Valerie

    The truth always shines. He tried to mask this on tv but he really has a mental health issue w the stalking and harassing.


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