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Aug 14, 2023


I was at Tres Amigas show last night.

John Jansen was there sitting alone initially, until Jeff Lewis came with Eddie and all other people. Was funny show only an hour. Shannon and John def still hooking up.

Ryan, Tamra’s son, was not there (I saw you post he’s now dating Vicki’s son’s long term ex Dani).

They all said some not so nice things about the dubrows.


  1. Katie

    Mention it all!!

  2. Bravo

    I’m wondering how full it was. Tickets were priced way higher than a comedian or other bravolebs shows. It was where I grew up so I thought about going but I wouldn’t pay that much for an improv ticket where you still have to buy 2 items when you arrive. I gladly paid that amount to see stassi’s show cuz it was in a theater in Los Angeles and a super entertaining show! It was sold out in an hour of course.

  3. Jamie

    Jeff Lewis talked about it on his show on Monday and his producer was the EM. They said there were about 500 people there and there were about 20 tickets left before the show started so it sounds like it was almost sold out. Jeff and Jamison said it was a great show, but he’s also very good friends with Shannon so I doubt he would criticize.

  4. Bravo

    The brea improv doesn’t even seat 500 so Jeff was lying lol


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