Lenny of RHOM can now proudly say he has a wife and a fiance. We have theories about Lenny’s proposal. Kyle and Mauricio (and Morgan Wade) continue to be very public, but very silent. Did Sam stand by her man and opt out of Summer House? Vicki is back to whoop it up – and we’ve got thoughts about her return.

B 0:00
I think that Lenny probably, you know, subsidizes his wife in some in some capacity. So we have the mother saying this, then we have her pinning the comment and we also have Lenny responding to comments saying like, Oh, she just wants you for your money. And when you say you wish you had as much money as I do. So, okay, which is funny.

Amanda 0:27
Good comeback, Lenny. Yeah.

B 0:32
It’s funny because the other thing we know, from when Michelle Dempsey was on our pod was Michelle said, listen, he the practice is not doing well. Nobody’s going to his practice.

B 0:48
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravoandcocktails.com. And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. Iam B.

Amanda 1:08
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

B 1:16
What’s up cocktailer’s and Amanda.

Amanda 1:18
Hi, cocktailer’s and Hi B. Okay, so we could start in a couple of places. But I feel like one of the big, hot topics that everybody wanted to talk about during our zoom for our cocktail party zoom this week was Lenny, from Real Housewives of Miami who was married or I guess is still married to Lisa. And he proposed to his mistress on Lisa’s birthday, and Lisa, who is still married to Lenny so he now has a wife and a fiancee. And we then see is it. Katrina, Caterina. Caterina, we see Catarina, the mistress now fiance post a video, which was, I would say a little jaw dropping. I mean,

B 2:23
okay, so initially, it was shocking, right? I happen to be home scrolling. And the great thing about having this account is the second something is posted, somebody sends it to me. So if you guys are wondering, like, how do you always get stuff so quick? It’s because of that, like if I’m on it, somebody’s already sending it to me. Okay, I get it. And I said this on our cocktail party zoom. The first thing that struck me was, how childlike she looked. It kind of disturbed me. She had this baby doll dress on. She just looked like a kid. Everyone was going wild about his sneakers, which I didn’t even notice. Because my mind was going wait, are they even divorced yet?

Amanda 3:09
Yeah, classy move. Really classy.

B 3:12
So of course, I start getting messages. So just suffice to say South Florida nose Leonie, South Florida followers know Lisa, and what they’re telling me is that Forget about him cheating on her forget about all of what he’s doing, which is so mean. The reason behind it is because Leonie is and has been for many years very jealous of Lisa Lisa. They said that all mutual friends, his staff, they all prefer her. They love her. Since splitting, they’ve all taken her side. So that’s a huge piece of it. Amanda if it wasn’t do we say it was her birthday? I don’t know if it was her birthday, the day after the week of it was a calculated move. She was on vacation with her new handsome boyfriend seemingly treats her well. A combination of his jealousy for her and anger that she’s moved on and is so happy, obviously, was too much for him to handle. So he went and he got a lab diamonds. Wait, okay. We don’t. We don’t assume a

Amanda 4:20
judge Okay, caulk tailors. Who are also genealogists, I know, there’s gotta be one out there like we need. We’re calling you in. The bat signal is up like we need you to weigh in on this ring. And like, take a really hard look. And look look at it because I did some research. It’s I guess it’s 10 carats. If if it is real, then that ring is more likely to be somewhere close to half a million dollar ring.

B 4:48
Yes. Which is ridiculous.

Amanda 4:51
So cocktail or genealogists like let’s look at it, but you know, I want to kind of go back to So Lisa had been posting that she was in Paris with her Your boyfriend right? And Lenny goes and does this in like, if you’ve seen the pictures that you’ve seen the videos guys of Lenny and the mistress engagement, she knows it’s gonna happen, right? Like they do it on this cliff, like, it’s pretty clear, she knows what’s happening. So it’s hard to say if it was always his diabolical plan to be like, oh, yeah, I’m going to really stick it to my wife. And I’m going to I’m gonna ask my mistress to marry me on my wife’s birthday,

B 5:31
Lisa posted somewhere that they were already engaged when that video was taken again, I don’t know how she knows that. But yeah,

Amanda 5:40
so one of the things and like, don’t worry about cocktail party, like the stuff that we talked about in the Zoom really does stay in cocktail party. But we’ve heard you know, it came up there. It’s come up in comments, it’s come up and stuff is like, why would if you’re if you as the person who cheated has, you’ve moved on and you’re getting like, why would you even care what the wife what Lisa is doing. But it’s absolutely like part of like the narcissistic personality, right or, and I apologize, guys, I’m not a psychologist, this is the word that I keep hearing used. That, of course, they hear it because they want. They want the wife they want. He wants Lisa to be miserable. It pisses him off that she’s happy. And she’s moving on. And he wants to have all the happiness and he wants her to be miserable. Essentially.

B 6:35
That’s basically what I take it all to mean. His mother. I mean, we know and so his mother went on the post, which by the way, I don’t know, Oh, it must have been Katarina that Pam pinned it. So you know on Instagram, you can pin a comment. And so she pinned it. His mother’s comment which said not Oh, congratulations. It said Good. Because good because your own. Your old girl didn’t care about you. And your old wife didn’t love you. And this girl loves you. Like again. So the mother is making it about her. You know what I’m saying?

Amanda 7:16

B 7:20
I just Okay, now the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We said a while ago, I think that Lenny probably, you know, subsidizes his parents life in some in some capacity. Yeah. So we have the mother saying this. Then we have her pinning the comment. And we also have Lenny responding to comment saying like, Oh, she just wants you for your money. And Lenny saying you wish you had as much money as I do. So, okay, which is funny.

Amanda 7:53
Good comeback. Cleany. Yeah. Yeah.

B 7:57
It’s funny, because the other thing we know, from when Michelle Dempsey was on our pride was Michelle said, listen, his practice is not doing well, nobody’s going to his practice. Women are not going to see him after he treated his wife of a decade this way. And most of the people getting tummy tucks and breasts are women. But what she did tell us was that he also owned property. She’s like, he has money. And it’s not only from his, from his practice, the money coming in from surgeries and stuff. It’s also he owns the buildings that his practice and Med Spa are in and he owns other buildings. But what we know is that, if, okay, if rents are coming in, okay, that’s good money. What I’m hearing is bills are going on paid. Okay, I can’t say anything more specific than that. So, yeah, it’s great to own a building, and to get that residual income. But if you have a lot of bills, you’re gonna have to liquidate that the same way as if you have stocks and bonds and whatever, you’re gonna have to liquidate that to pay your bills. So there’s a whole financial aspect that we’re hearing is going on. Hmm. But how do you and you know, you said something on the pod? And maybe you could say, I mean, on the Zoom, how do you say, I can’t afford the lifestyle Lisa wants but then get a ring that we’re made to believe is worth half a million dollars.

Amanda 9:19
Right? Because if it’s real, I mean, that is most likely what it costs just based on my my Google my trusty Google research. You know, part of the reason I want to know if this ring is real or not, because so there’s this whole let’s talk here’s me,

B 9:38
I’m dying. I’m not really dying. I just shoved purified drinking water. Which is why it’s much safer to just drink Loverboy went down the wrong pipe. I’m alive.

Amanda 9:52
Okay. All right, good. Well, I want to this is part of the other reason I’m wondering if this ring is real, and we we kind of need it back. up because and then I want to come back to this whole like financial thing. But this whole her making out with like on this trip like within days of each other making out with a woman and so like hold on a second

B 10:16
that was cocktail party Amanda so some listeners may not know. So when they got engaged we were sent pictures of them from a club. We weren’t able to share all the pictures because the person was unable to crop out like the friend was in it. But the night before they got engaged well the night before they were on the cliff with the ring, and the babies all dress and the Air Force One sneakers or whatever they were the teenagers were no I just made that up. I don’t know,

Amanda 10:44
because I was my kids just both got him for school. And I don’t think they weren’t me embarrassing them. And I was like you guys don’t know that Nelly sound do you? And so we’re like walking and I like playing like we’re walking home from dinner. And I’ve like started playing it like dancing in the street. They’re like, Mom, Mom, you’re so embarrassing.

B 11:03
I always tell my kids, everything that’s old is new again, because I see what they’re wearing. And I’m like, Oh my God. I know. It’s not funny. It’s great. But what we also found out was she was in a club making out with a woman and he was there like cheering it on. That was what the email said. And then in the comments, something else she commented somebody wrote, I thought you were a lesbian. And she said he doesn’t make me choose. Right. So then it brings us to the next email. Okay, wait, finish, we finish your thought and then we’ll go to them. Yes.

Amanda 11:30
Okay. So here’s the thing. So Mike, okay. Total conspiracy theory for me. Right. So alert, everybody, I’m could just be making this up. So if your money and you have a very expensive divorce, and you’re not paying some of your bills, and you’re still married, but you realize that you have taken a really big hit reputation wise, because of all the shit that you’ve done, and like you’re not you’re not very well liked in public opinion. Is this a possible misguided attempt to try to turn the whole mess into some goodwill? Like, we wouldn’t we would say with the whole, you know, Rochelle and Sandoval thing, well, they’re only redemption path really, is to stay together have a baby and like kind of make it work. And then people might actually cheer for them. Right. And so Mike, is Lenny thinking the same thing? Like do I try to make this because my question is like, if like who buys a half a million dollar ring for a woman that and ask them to marry that when when she clearly is not faithful?

B 12:40
I get it. And the thing about it is I totally get your point. And it’s interesting because I just looked at my DMs and someone sent me a statement he made to Us Weekly, which totally vouches for what you’re saying, because the reality is a guy like this. Yes, this Katarina, she’s young, she’s beautiful. Sadly, there are a lot of girls like her on the come up that want money that want things that he can move on to so for him to marry her. It is like he’s trying to legitimize this situation. So his statement says to Us Weekly, I want to clear up some things for two years prior to telling Lisa, I wanted a divorce. My life was miserable. I was treated like a servant, not a partner. I was nothing more than an ATM machine to her funding her party lifestyle and her constant need for material things. And to that I say, thank goodness, he moved on to somebody who doesn’t care about material things.

Amanda 13:35
Yeah, that like one carat diamond, she has,

B 13:39
you know what my question is? My question in looking at this whole picture, and I guess it’s a question we can ask for so many relationships. They had a second child who is not much older than two, and not the most recent season, the season before when they rebooted Miami. Lenny was telling her that he would like to have a third child. So if it’s true that they had such a bad relationship, and that for two years, he wanted this divorce, and she knew about it. First of all, why not do the right thing and split prior to starting a relationship? Because it’s public. We know that they started that relationship before.

Amanda 14:25
Well, you know how I feel about that? Yeah. Yeah. Just the art, do the honorable thing. If you’re really that miserable, and move out. And then then do your thing. Don’t do it while you’re still in the marriage. Don’t blindside your partner.

B 14:40
And so we’re not going to see him. I’m assuming we’re not going to see him on this next upcoming season. I’m sure he didn’t sign on. Right. It’d be interesting to see who knows, maybe he does want to tell his side of the story. The other thing that we hear over and over in emails and DMS and Amanda you know this Is that everybody says he will part of the reason he’s jealous is that he wasn’t known as the boob God prior to the Miami I’m not saying that he didn’t have a plastic surgery practice that was lucrative. Many plastic surgeons are lucrative and are not like known people. She made him like he enjoyed the show. He wanted to be on the show. That’s good for business. We see see it with you, bro. We see it with Bill Aiden. We saw it. There was a show long ago, it was called that that that long ago, but it was only one season it was called Secrets and wives. And it was about wealthy Long Island people. And my friend actually works. My best friend worked at the spa that didn’t one of the main women Cory worked at, but there was a plastic surgeon on it. And his name was Dr. Greenberg. I had never heard of him before. And let me tell you something, once he was on that show so many people that I knew or friends of friends were going to Dr. Greenberg. So it works. And honestly, if I were going to have work done, why wouldn’t I go to the guy? Okay, now off track. But do you remember years ago, I believe it was on entertainment. That doctor I believe he was Brazilian handsome man. And he had a very pretty young wife. They were both young. And he was a plastic surgeon. It was all about him. It may have been about a couple of other plastic surgeons too. I think his name was Robert, his name was Robert.

Amanda 16:21
I remember a show about plastic surgeons. I don’t know if it’s the same one you’re talking about.

B 16:26
And I was this was many years ago. And I remember being like, Robert Ray. His name was Robert Ray. And he was on doctrine. 9020. No, yeah, it was a bunch of then you had Jason diamond who also is now he does I think Kim Kardashian and all them. And I remember saying to myself, if I ever did anything, I would go to Dr. Robert, right. Because you see him on TV. And obviously he’s doing good work. But this is back in 2004. So this is a long time ago. For all you youngsters. Yes,

Amanda 16:57
but we are we are longtime reality fans, because I 100%. Remember that show?

B 17:02
Yep. Yep. So, so married to his wife, that makes me happy.

Amanda 17:07
That’s good. Well, and you guys, I’ve said this on the pod before. But again, like if anybody is friends, if Lisa, if you are listening, if anybody is friends with Lisa, honestly, like your I know that like part of all of what you’re doing right now is like going through all the financials, and all of that, like, charted out, like look at the business, before Lisa went on Miami, and then look at the business after and I think you have a very, very, very good argument that there is, you know, some percentage in that part of the business because of Lisa, that Lisa should be entitled to because she did that too. Right. That was her. And that I think would be, again, me with my, you know, my legal degree from my closet. It seems to me there is a strong argument. And I would look, I would look at it. And I think there’s also like looking just looking at that trend. And like there’s, there’s there’s some argument to be made there that so much of his success is because of her back to your point. So I hope that she’s, she’s fighting that fight,

B 18:20
and to solidify him doing this in an attempt to look better. We also do have that email, which was also cocktail party, that he was seeing somebody else regularly. While he had both Lisa, they were like they’re going through their divorce and his girlfriend. And he was very into her. And she ultimately ended it with him because she probably was like, why am I with a guy who has both a wife and a girlfriend. But the the gist of it is he is sometimes trying some not sometimes, excuse me, he’s somehow trying to legitimize his current situation. And I don’t think it’s going to work for him. I mean, it may work in the court of law. I mean, it’s not going to work in the court of opinion. And I don’t know what judge is going to be like, Oh, good, you got engaged while you’re still married.

Amanda 19:10
If she is this Katerina person came off as more of a sweetheart and more of less only fans into Instagram model and more like, you know, could be a great wife and mother and really wants to stand by Lenny and really wants to see this through. If she were more like that. I feel like they could maybe get there right because I could see the if only Lenny had done this the right way right I could also see the benefit of having a younger wife who becomes part of a younger network of you know, people and you know, helps bring in a whole new wave of business. But I feel like he has chosen wrong at every step including this woman because she I will never like as I think about things that get burned into my brain for eternity. Like seeing that woman’s tongue. Oh, when she did that whole, like licking her lips on the video when like Lisa goes and confronts them, yes that it will never leave my brain and like I think he chose wrong and like if you’re really trying to like, have somebody like, help legitimize you so you can get into a better place with the court of public opinion like maybe have your fiance make out with other people in private?

B 20:32
Yes. And don’t go to Carbone with a harem of women and you and they’re all over you. I mean, the reality is this, this girl is fine with threesomes and other girls and she’s fine with whatever it is, as long as she’s the main and she gets all the presents and they can get their little tokens of affection. But she gets the mean. The other thing is, so in the picture, she had that 10 carat ring and she had a diamond bracelet if either of those were real, I don’t think he would have sent her to a third world country for teeth. Because she got his he got her those fake teeth. And not only that she did an Instagram promotion for the doctor. And I don’t want to even say which country because I don’t remember which country but it was it somewhere in South America and not in the United States. And when you’re a surgeon in the United States, generally you use dentists in the United States. I wonder if he did his facelift in the US or his teeth in the US or he went to South America. So let’s just say that his intention is himself as it always has been.

Amanda 21:31
Right. I mean, for the record, I actually think his facelift looks really good. I mean, I think he looks I think he I mean, if I’m being just trying to be as objective as possible here. I think he actually looks you know, it looks like he’s, you know, lost some weight and just nipped and tucked in all of that. I was actually wondering this, do you know how like, hair stylists and like nail people are like lash artists will like trade. They’ll do trade with each other. Do you see plastic surgeons do that with each other? They’ll be like, Oh, sure. If you do mine.

B 22:11
Oh, I’m sure why wouldn’t you? Listen, if you’re in that industry? I’m sure you want to keep up. Although I have to say it doesn’t look like Terry Dubrow has had anything done. I don’t know if he’s had anything.

Amanda 22:21
I think it’s I think he’s definitely I fillers at least a lot of fillers going on with him.

B 22:29
He kept his original nose, which is a choice. He’s a nice guy though. Bill eight and I’m sure he just does Botox fillers. Clearly his teeth. I think he probably did a little hair, whatever they do to get thicker hair.

Amanda 22:42
I listen. I think he has learned fillers, belated.

B 22:46
Oh, it’s possible. I also don’t think there’s anything wrong. Listen, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with any of it. Whatever he has, I think he’s done very tastefully, I think. Yeah, he’s probably close to 50. Right? Jen’s 4546 And he’s probably a few years older than her so he must be 50

Amanda 23:02
Yeah, well, I mean, you and I like we are both very open about loving Yeah. And like they’re going on our our two three week long trip where we come back looking very refreshed.

B 23:16
Did I tell you in the cocktail hours that I did try dice for it. I know I told you I was and you Oh, you said you’d like to Dysport love it better? I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s that like my face got used to Botox. Full disclosure I’m 40 I got started Botox for the first time I was 32 and I didn’t get it like regularly then I think I’m about like 3637 I started getting it every six months and now with Botox it started becoming less and less and my injector said that now with this I probably will be able to stretch it out because you know it’s like anything else like the first time you ever drink you feel it right away? And if you keep drinking you need more to feel it kind of thing.

Amanda 23:57
Alright, so the reason I like dice for despair I don’t I don’t know how you pronounce it, but it’s known to be for certain people like who metabolize? Yeah, so talks faster, especially for people like people who work out regularly Yeah, unfortunately has a bad effect on your Botox. And so that’s why I like it because it just lasts longer for me like I am now like every like on the dock because my person who I absolutely love she only does Botox because she’s like the math is really different with this port. And so and like I’m like, loyal to her because I feel like having a really good injector is the most important thing but oh, you’re like on the dot every three months. Oh, so you still do the Botox that I still do? Yeah. Because of her because I found her and like, she comes to my house like yeah, you know, like she’s, she’s fantastic. Fantastic. And so Mike, it’s so much more important to me to have somebody like that, who I trust and she’s never like she She’s not one of those people who like, is heavy handed. Like she’s like, I’d rather my girl too, right? Yeah, she’s

B 25:06
not enough. You’ll come back. Yeah. Yeah.

Amanda 25:09
Even though I’m like, freeze me. Freeze me, please.

B 25:13
I always remember like, a couple days before I have an event and I’m like, shit. It takes 10 days to really set in.

Amanda 25:20
Yeah, no. And I do it with a friend now too. And she’s like, super on it. So like, I know, like, I don’t even have to like ask because she’ll be like, Okay, it’s time. What day? Are we doing it? So like, I stay I would say I stay mostly mostly frozen. Now, but yeah. Anyway, we so when we’re like being catty about men getting fillers in their lips and stuff, it’s not because we don’t approve because we approve of all of it.

B 25:47
I put. I don’t have any. I pass no judgment. If I don’t have a procedure done. It’s because I’m scared not because I judge people who do it.

Amanda 25:56
Like, which I don’t remember when we were talking about boob jobs, but like, that’s why I’m like, boob jobs. Like I just you have to have them done redone every, like, 10 years, I think. And I’m not so I was like, No, thank you.

B 26:06
I’ve always jealous. I’m going away. I know. I’m gonna be jealous when we’re sitting on the beach. And I see the perky boop. Because even if you have boobs, which we both do, you know, when you’re 40 and you’ve had a couple kids, they don’t sit right. And when you see the ladies who get the boobs, they look great. Other than the bathing suit thing, I feel like it’s fine. But in a bathing suit. Come on, but I’m just too scared. I don’t like the idea of a foreign object. Again, not judging anybody. I think they look amazing. I get scared. I get scared because I’m like something in my body like I’m such a klutz. I’ll probably rupture it. I’ll be like, Oh, let me try to go down this waterslide pop.

Amanda 26:44
Yeah. All right. Well, I also I have a unique perspective. When it comes to boobs, where I had much, I had a smaller ribcage and much larger boobs. Because I know I’ve gone to the same like lingerie shop since like before I got married, which was ages ago, like sweat 15 years ago. And so then after having kids, I go back and they re measure me and the lady. She just looks at me. She’s like, Oh, honey, I’m so sorry. Because my ribcage got so much bigger and my boobs got were smaller. But I was happy because I used to have to like double strap myself in workout. And I don’t have to anymore. And so Mike, I love it. Like I’m perfect with my much smaller. I’m like, I’m perfectly happy with it. So I like anyway, yeah. Thank you. I feel like maybe

B 27:37
your boobs are big. You’re always like, feeling like you’re looking heavier. One of my closest friends had huge boobs, and she’s very petite and she got a breast reduction. And they look fantastic. And she was never heavy and not even a little bit. But when she walked in it just looked like she lost weight. Like you couldn’t even tell right away that it was the boobs unless of course I knew but I don’t think your average like somebody at work that would see her would just think she lost weight. You know?

Amanda 28:01
Yeah. Because like, unless you have everything perfectly tailored, right ever. It’s just weighing you, you know, so I yeah, I have a friend who went through that hoop which by the way, I think unfortunately recovery for a boob reduction is way worse than recovery for a boob job. Somebody told me friends who recently got him a new job. Oh,

B 28:24
they say on you.

Amanda 28:27
Yeah, and so that’s exactly it like the reduction was way longer and harder and like less you couldn’t do much and then like the two people like who have recently got on like both were like, like out and about within two days. Crazy.

B 28:42
So I know that there’s some ways like if they go under the all of this is making me want them so let’s change this subject. Who knows after this week on the beach, I might come back and be like Amanda can Larry filling because I’m going to finally get it done.

Amanda 28:56
Well, I know who you’re not going to.

B 28:58
I know I’m not going to I wouldn’t go I just think I should go to Bill Aiden.

Amanda 29:04
No, you don’t well, I don’t know. I like I want to go to Tamra judges person when that when the time comes to touch the face. I want to go to Oh yes. Dr. onbase.

B 29:14
If we ever find out Hulu and person is

Amanda 29:18
hurt yeah, her work is so good. And Sonia Sonia got that lower facelift to and hers looked fantastic. That’s like the thing is just the lower which yes, I’m like I can you know, yeah, we might just you guys might hear us do the podcast a couple weeks and we might sound a little medicated but you know, oh my gosh. Okay, so Okay, let’s talk about the Kyle and Morgan stuff. Like

B 29:47
it’s so confusing. So I asked our I asked my source and again, they said to me they’re dating. They called it an if a relationship, not an affair. So this is my thing, who asked for a documentary on a young country singer that none of us heard of until Kyle and her were hanging out? Could it be true? Now? Again, my source did say yes, they’re, they’re in a relationship. Could it be true that she has some sort of relation to Kyle, meaning we got that email that said it was half sister, could it be a half sister, a cousin, a niece. In other words, somehow her father had a relationship with a woman who somehow Morgan is an offspring of that, to me, that would make a documentary worth seeing a follower share with me that Morgan has Tourette’s, which certainly is interesting. Don’t mistake me but I don’t need to watch her in that documentary.

Amanda 30:51
Yeah, I mean, I will try to keep an open mind about this documentary. But again, like, why are we making a documentary about a 20 year old country singer who nobody heard of before? Kyle? I don’t know what it takes. We had, like, there’s that that guy who did the video this week? Who’s in Aspen, he’s like, I met them. They were lovely. They are very much together. Yeah. And so like, then the source is saying relationship that they’re related. I don’t even I don’t even know what to think. I really, I really don’t.

B 31:27
Okay, so if I’m thinking this through, and if the source is right, that they’re dating. My guess is, we know the cameras went back up, and they fell Murray’s yo and Kyle, I think we’re gonna see Mauricio and Kyle discuss Kyle’s relationship with Morgan. Man, guys, this is just my opinion. Not that anyone told me this. I think if Kyle is with her romantically, Mauricio is also with someone. This is my theory. I think that he will go public with whomever he’s with around reunion time. The reason I think this is because there’s a lot of pros to this. Kyle doesn’t look like she was left for another woman, where we see Oh, isn’t so much of a bad guy that his businesses are destroyed, right? Because that’s, that’s, that’s their whole family. Right? This is just my theory. And the reason I say that is because I could be wrong and people change. We have always seen Kyle ride so hard for her ACL, that it’s hard for me to believe that she got into a relationship with someone

B 32:32
and left her marriage without Mauricio having had done something. I could be off that he’s in a relationship. Maybe he was doing something which led her to go with Morgan. And now she’s really invested in Morgan. And she’s saying to him, sorry, like, too late. You’re the one. But I think that he did something. And I wouldn’t be surprised if around reunion time, we find out that yeah, they’re split. And they’re amicable as can be as you possibly can be. And he’s in a relationship where he’s just openly dating people, women, and she is with Morgan and whether that relationship lasts or whether it’s, you know, a rebound and she moves on to someone else, male or female, whatever it is. I personally, don’t find it weird for a woman who was married for many years to fall in love with a woman. I think we’ve seen it before. I think it’s something that happens. I do seen

Amanda 33:26
it in people like very close to me. Yeah, literally very close to me. Where now like, the woman is now married to another woman. And she had been married to her husband for, like 1520 years. And now she’s, you know, like in a committed marriage, like the rest of her life tool. And so I definitely think it happens. The only

B 33:55
thing that I am sticking to is that I don’t find it weird at all. I do think that something happened with Mauricio to push Kyle to go there. Would you agree with that? Or what’s your thought?

Amanda 34:07
Yes, I would agree. I think, you know, we’ve heard whispers for a long time that there had been things hadn’t always been on the up and up within that marriage from Marie ACOs side, but never any proof. Never anything that like was really shareable. So we didn’t write but there’s there’s been whispers,

B 34:29
and I never really wanted to believe it. Like I always, I always would say, and I’ve said on here when someone shows me a picture, like I’ll talk about it, but I really didn’t. But now with all of this, it changes it changes the scope.

Amanda 34:42
Yeah. And so I think that, you know, if this were a situation where Kyle kind of looked the other way something happened where she couldn’t look the other way anymore. That’s my that’s what would have tipped her over because I don’t know I go to a couple things. One is there was also that pick Sure from I think this week when they are in Aspen, where Morgan is literally sitting in Kyle’s lap.

B 35:07
Yes. And then we got a picture of the next day of Kyle and Mauricio at a restaurant now in the picture, they were just standing next to each other. But the follower who sent it said they were cuddled up. So it’s just like a total mind. Coach, he really have a thing with Morgan right now. But also, maybe her Marissa will get back together, but she’s kind of like, on the offense is the best defense because more ratios, a fair is going to break. And if that’s the case, why hasn’t it broke yet? Unless it’s a relationship? I?

Amanda 35:44
Yeah, I mean, it’s hard to say, but I guess I don’t have them in my lap. Like, it looks romantic to me. Just I don’t I don’t that is not a position that I sit in. Even with my girlfriends. Unless you’re like just doing

B 35:59
your niece’s a child. Yeah. Yeah.

Amanda 36:03
Right. And so like, I don’t know, I just I find that. But you know, what’s so ironic, I just realized, because I was thinking, Oh, my gosh, they’ve been married. Colin, and recently, I’ve been married for 27 years. And that is almost how old Morgan is. Oh, my God, their marriage is about as old as she is. That’s crazy. But you know, I guess what, because what I was gonna say is like, at the end of the day, like they had, if things end, right, they had a 27 year old year marriage, they’ve had all these kids, they’ve built this beautiful life, like, people split up, it happens. And like, it’s not anything to be ashamed of. It’s not anything to even like, you don’t want to denigrate all of the beautiful things that happened and came out of that marriage as well. I think there’s really, there’s something very interesting and a real story around why they aren’t telling us what’s really happening. Because like, if she is dating Morgan, they’re not telling us and they’re letting us speculate. Is it a family member? Like they’re not saying anything? Like, there’s a real story there that hopefully we’ll get to find out the why behind all of this craziness.

B 37:16
And again, I can’t imagine that Kyle can be so in love with her that she finds her life interesting for a documentary. So something is either a relationship or relation, like a blood relation, because otherwise there’s no need for a documentary. I’m not sure there’s a need with either of those two things. But

Amanda 37:33
yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know. But I do think that it’s gonna be good for Beverly Hills ratings. So yes, there’s always that

B 37:44
there’s always that everyone’s gotta Murray. Everyone’s got to bring that scandal energy. And this definitely, I mean, we because of our membership site and our our website, we see traffic and I can tell you, scandal was certainly the biggest spike we’ve ever seen. And the Kyle Mauricio situation was a close second. So it’s working.

Amanda 38:06
Yeah, yeah. Okay, so we know summer house has been filming. Like they usually go, I think, right until about Labor Day, I think. So. They’re probably like, right in the middle of everything. I know. You’ve been hearing some stuff.

B 38:21
I’ve been hearing some stuff I. So we had originally been told that Sam would be part time, but she hasn’t been to the house yet, according to my source. And then I actually noticed on Instagram yesterday, she posted a vlog of like her inquiry when he came to visit but it’s from a couple of weeks ago. She said something like she’s had a lot of good stuff happen, but a lot of bad stuff. And she needed time to herself and she went to Florida.

B 38:46
I am trying to get to the IP of why she wasn’t on at all, because A source told me that she didn’t choose not to be full time for Corey. But she was definitely teed up. And they don’t want people in relationships. So maybe it was like she was teed up. But when Cory couldn’t be on it, it just didn’t make sense. And they just pulled back all together. I’m curious if we’ll even see her make an appearance. She very much wanted to be a reality star wants to be a reality star. The vlog certainly indicate that. Personally, I think she has a great personality for it. It does seem she chose her relationship. Because we know that especially with new people, we saw it with Jenny, the new girl from Salt Lake City. A couple of other instances where the people were very new season or even like the beginning of filming Salt Lake City also had an issue. They just caught the people like they’re not going to get involved in the racism, the homophobia, any of that. So I think Cory is a case of that. It isn’t an established Bravo star. It’s a new person. I believe he’s on this season of winter house. So we’re gonna see him there that was already filmed and I think that they’re just going to be done with him. I think they’re just going to separate from him. because he likes a bunch of transphobic tweets, and they just don’t want to address it in any way. The question becomes, would it be better? And we’ve seen, we’ve seen good conversations in summer house right, like deeper than we’ve seen on other reality shows certainly like other party reality shows. The question becomes, would it have been worth it to have him and have an open dialogue about it? Or would it become a situation where people would have give canned answers? Goodness forbid, they should be canceled. So wouldn’t have been a unique dialogue. And Bravo just was like, This is not what this shows about kind of thing. I don’t know.

Amanda 40:45
I mean, it. It’s interesting to me because what I can’t quite piece together is that we knew we had heard that there were these transphobic likes whatever, from his social media behavior. Before we saw them on Watch What Happens Live together and then like on Watch What Happens Live, they were putting them in the spotlight and very much seemed like they were Bravo was teeing Sam up for the spotlight. So like, the timing just is weird to me. Like I just don’t quite. I don’t quite understand how that all happened?

B 41:26
Well, we know they prefer single people because they have enough people who are coupled up they have Kyle and Amanda, they have Paige and Craig, they have enough of that. So I think that it would have been, it would have been good to have Cory and Sam because it is such a new relationship that we would have seen all their warts and bumps in the road. But since they can’t have him, it’s like having Sam there with a boyfriend who can’t be there would give us another person laying in a bed. Sam was like very dynamic and out there. And yes, she could have given us energy, but people want to see hookups and everything. Yeah, you know,

Amanda 42:03
they want to see that sexual tension. When was in the house.

B 42:07
In her vlog, Gabby was with them out to dinner. So they’re still good. Gabby is back full time. Maya and Chris. I mean, they’ve been in the city every week posting. So again, I’m not saying we won’t see them at a party or something. But they’re really like Not, which is a shame. I think Chris should have gotten another go. Especially because we need guys and with the two new guys. I think Chris probably could have blended in well,

Amanda 42:32
and we’ve heard from cocktails. I think everyone kind of agrees they weren’t they they thought Chris should have gotten another shake at it.

B 42:41
I think so. I think it’s gonna be a good season. I’m hearing it’s good. I’m hearing the new. The new people are exciting. They’re meshing. Well. We know Sierra’s hooking up with one of the new guys. So there’s going to be mass and we’re going to like it. Got it. What about OC?

Amanda 42:55
Well, Ricky’s back,

B 42:56
Vicky’s back. What did you think?

Amanda 42:59
Um, so I did not see her. I think she was on Watch What Happens Live.

B 43:05
She was actually really good on Watch What Happens Live. And you and I admittedly are not her biggest fans. Everyone knows that.

Amanda 43:11
Yeah. But I always liked the trace of mica is together like I really think they just have like, such fun. Energy and like really bounce off each other together. So it was I was, I was, I think, happy to see her. She wasn’t the lake. I just really really did not like the sight of Vicki that we saw. When she went on the girl’s trip. Like she was crying and boring. And like

B 43:41
she seems to be in a good place. She was very jovial and watch what happens live. It was actually funny because Andy goes, so Steve Lodge is in the media saying that you call them she’s like, Yeah, I mean, I we were drunk me, Shannon and Tamra. We called everybody we call Don. We call all my ex boyfriends. And she was like, Listen, I have a new boyfriend. He’s awesome. He has no interest in being famous. So I think she’s in a really good place. I will take her as a friend of I think she’d come in she’ll stir the pot. It will be enough of her. For me. I’m enjoying the season. It’s old school housewives for me. I’m not mad at it. I don’t think it’s the most exciting season ever. I think you have Shannon and Gina desperately trying to keep some of their life private. I get it as a as a person doesn’t make for the best reality TV. We know that something was going on with Shannon and John. We posted about it in real time as they were filming and then they broke up after. So yeah, I don’t I think people are thinking it’s some huge egregious thing that John did. I just think it’s more like the relationship wasn’t great. Like, he wasn’t. Okay. As an example. You see, Eddie and Eddie and Tamra are very devoted to each other Eddie rides for his wife. I mean, yeah, you know, he, I just think that John is kind of along for the ride. I think he likes the fame I think he likes the attention but I don’t think he wants his business out there. We know that her daughter because we spoke about this last week isn’t is kind of problematic. She doesn’t like him having girlfriends or and or doesn’t like Shannon, his daughter, his daughter, his adult daughter. So like that causes tension in their relationship. It’s not being mentioned. So we know that whenever the whole watching Gina and Travis become realtors, I have to tell you, I had my real estate license when I was in college. I literally took a two week course in the summer and got it so I don’t know why this is a month long. Gina is a smart enough girl, she can go do that two week course and become a realtor like she is not becoming a brain surgeon. It’s too much. And it’s not interesting. Yeah. I mean, we have watch you know, million dollar listing for that. I’d rather watch Hi, MJ selling real estate like what are we doing here?

Amanda 45:51
Yeah, no, I agree with you. I watched you know what I loved I watch. I catch up on Watch What Happens Live like when I’m like folding laundry, like from the week before, and I watched the one with Tamra and Emily. And like I’ve heard Emily, Emily’s come on to tease with a pod and like their friendship. Like I am absolutely loving like they’re super fun together. And like it was it was just interesting to like, hearing Tamra say on Watch What Happens Live like clarifying with about the whole thing with Ryan that she’s like, I just want she’s like I love Jen. I want better for her. It’s not about the fact like, I mean, Ryan, you know, like it’s

B 46:36
so much has come out now. I just saw there was a lot we posted a bunch. I mean, he was part of the whole mortgage away crash. His name is named in lawsuits and stuff. This is not speculation. It’s public

Amanda 46:47
and not elder abuse, like federal, yeah, federal lawsuits like Southern District of New York, like serious financial federal stuff.

B 46:58
And then I saw something about elder abuse. I mean, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but they’re like creepy people who target elderly people and somehow have them signed stuff. Oh, I think even deeper than that. I didn’t really look into it. But it just real creepy illegal, bad stuff. So I think that Tamar is noting the cheating because that’s part of it. Right? Bad people usually are bad in many ways. I thought it was a little corny that like Eddie asked those questions. And then they gave Ryan Jen’s boyfriend, what was he wearing? It was like Ed Hardy, circa 2002. Like the platform to just explain it away and talk about how much he loves her and is going to marry her and he just wants to television. And you know, Jen knows who he is. If she chooses to be with him and chooses to ignore it. She’s a big girl she could do so that’s her business. But these are all nobody has to prove anything to her. She could Google his name as we did and as our followers and cocktail errs did and she could read all the stuff that he’s done. Yeah, I mean, he doesn’t have a moral compass. And that’s that on that.

Amanda 48:06
Jan, if you’re listening, we will give you a cocktail party subscription for free so you can read the research that we have done? Yes, but I do actually. Like I actually am really kind of happy that it feels like an old school housewives season. Yes. And that it’s not like boop boop boop But like every time and there’s like the FBI is storming those the Sprinter van like kind of stuff like it has been fun and like it’s been about the friendships right

B 48:34
and it’s also been about the scenery, but a lot of the housewife shows I know for myself when I watch OC, it it’s they always zoom in with the sun setting or rising and the beach and they always go to eat at these like really nice yeah, like it’s it’s got that vibe. You know, you get that with New York you get that with Beverly Hills and you get that with OC you’re not getting that in Potomac you’re not getting that in another Atlanta, Salt Lake City you get that which by the way the Salt Lake City trailer should be coming out today. Ooh, excited. Yes. So we’re going to see I hear it’s a messy season which we like to hear a lot of followers yelled at me for saying that I’m okay with Mary being a friend of she’s so crazy guys. I know she’s a bad person but there’s a lot of bad people on Bravo she doesn’t have any indictments against her yet so

Amanda 49:29
and when you when you run a church there’s like you can skirt all kinds of tax laws Yeah.

B 49:35
Oh my gosh. Alright, cocktail party. So next week we will have on can we share her we’re going to have on because I’m excited. Yes, we can. We’re gonna have on Avid MJ from Shah’s who was when I had Amanda with my OG account when I had like 3300 followers, MJ followed me and she would just comment on like, all the stories and stuff she’s a real bro. Are both super fan, which is why this episode is going to be fun because we’ll talk a little bit about her and then we will just jump into her opinions. I of course want to ask about Mike from chars and what her relationship I wonder how much she gives us on that. But stay tuned. I think it’s gonna be a great episode. Thank you guys for tuning in. And till next time,

Amanda 50:21
we love you guys

Amanda 50:30
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe. And if you subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a T because the ones who don’t care about T then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

Amanda 51:11
Bye guys. See you next time.