We have the most fun chatting with Meghan King from The Real Housewives of Orange County on this week’s pod! Meghan shares her behind the scenes perspective on her time from RHOC and we get to hear more about the Instagram beef that is happening with Jennifer Aydin. We were shocked to hear how and when Meghan first thought something was off about Brooks and his cancer story. And we get to hear about what Meghan is up to since filming plus the best advice about sex that she’s heard from all the various experts on her podcast.

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Megan 0:01
I mean, it’s not what it used to be like, I didn’t go on with any sort of agenda. I didn’t need money I didn’t need career I didn’t need, I was just like, this is this will be interesting. I’m gonna be myself. And so like, I didn’t care if I got fired or any of it. I mean, I started caring more, but that first season, I really did it. And then I had a lot of time on my hands. So I think like, it kind of was a perfect storm for me to come up on season. 10. But like, in general, I think that now, you know, there’s a million reality shows, and everybody wants to be on one they think it’s gonna make you have a big Instagram following and like, get rich from that. And it’s just not the same environment that it used to be.

B 0:43
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravoandcocktails.com. And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds. I’am B.

Amanda 1:02
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea

B 1:10
What’s up cocktailers.

Amanda 1:12
Hey, everybody, we’re so excited. This week, we have a special guest. We have Megan King.

Megan 1:20
Hello again. Hi, thanks for having me. We finally meet.

B 1:25
We finally meet. I love Megan. She’s She’s one of our favorite housewives. And we miss you on our television screens. And we want to know what I know you’re working. I know you’re a busy lady. What projects are you currently working on where our listeners can catch you and all that? Yeah,

Megan 1:44
so. So I recently launched retreats for women women’s growth retreats called Gaia Haven wellness. So I’m doing a de treat, which is just a retreat for the day at the Le Meridian in St. Louis, Missouri on August 24. and tickets are available at Gaia haven wellness.com. Or on my Instagram Meghan King.

B 2:04
Amazing. I will link that for you guys in my Instagram story. So that you’re able to to find her that way. I love it. So we saw you recently, um, watch what happens live Megan and you. Whenever you make an appearance, you keep the people talking, which is such a great how made you such a great housewife. So you made a comment, which I found very funny and accurate about reminding you of Brooks.

Megan 2:32
Yeah. It’s like you just kind of get that vibe, you know.

B 2:37
And then Gen alien came out. And now you guys are kind of going back and your stories with each other.

Megan 2:43
Well, I saw that. So like I just did a podcast with a live podcast with Zack Peter. And he asked me on stage. We’re at the city winery in New York. And he asked me unstageable What do you think about the commons agenda for eight and said, I didn’t know who Jennifer Aiden was, and I wasn’t being rude. I just didn’t know. And I have like you said, I’m busy. I have three little kids. I’m a single mom, like, I travel a lot. I’m trying to start a new job selling private planes. I’m busy. I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV. And when I do, I can promise you it’s not going to be any Real Housewives of anything. It’s going to be like, some good. So sorry. I just didn’t know who she was. And so then, you know, I was in the car. Going to the airport yesterday was that and I was looking at my Instagram. And that’s when I saw it for the first time, her response. And it was like, wait a minute, I think I do know who this person is. I think that we had texted before, like DMS. So I go to her page. And I looked at the DMS and I was like, well this is ironic because she’s asking about her dating apps for her sisters. Like she’s literally like, asking me for advice on the thing that she’s trying to dog me on, which like, I just she

Amanda 3:55
isn’t worth repeating what she said or No, I don’t just for anybody who might not have heard what she said, just to catch what

Megan 4:03
she says something about my track record. I shouldn’t talk about Theresa.

B 4:07
She said oh, I wouldn’t take advice you and then in her story. She’s like, you should take advice on men from me. And then I guess a lot of her followers were giving her flack like why would we take advice from you because your husband cheated on you? Because then she did another story? And she was like, Well, yeah, but we’ve been married 21 years. So take advice from me and I was like this is she’s going nowhere fast.

Megan 4:28
I don’t think I’m really actually giving advice to anyone. I’m literally just making an observation. And I’m not trying to give dating advice. I’m not trying to tell Teresa to like break up her marriage or anything. I just making an observation that Louis looks seems like a complete narcissistic slimeball.

B 4:47
Well, what’s interesting too, and what we mentioned on here is that Andy has been asking everybody that comes on their opinion on Louie, which is kind of odd, like okay, Jersey stopped filming a couple months ago. Obviously a lot Have people online are saying exactly what you said that he seems like a narcissistic slimeball? Andy keep

Megan 5:06
asking people, probably because Andy doesn’t like him.

B 5:09
Okay, see, because you would know better than us because you actually know Andy. Right? So he’s, I mean, he’s trying to turn the audience on him. That’s

Megan 5:16
what my intuition tells me. Like, I feel like Andy, he’s, he has his, you know, he’s still human. And I think he plays favorites. And so he probably feels protective of Teresa. I think that he really respects and loves Teresa. And I don’t know if I don’t know, I’m not putting words in his mouth. But I would assume that people who respect and love and honor Teresa are probably a little bit concerned about this man, kind of coming in taking over her life and changing relationships that she’s had for ages. And so like, that’s just coming from a place of love and concern. Probably, you know,

B 5:48
I agree with that. Do you know do you know, Teresa? I’m sure you’ve probably met her over the years kind of thing.

Megan 5:53
I’ve never met her. No, no.

B 5:56
Yeah, no. But like everybody else. She’s a public figure. So you made he you were asked, and you gave your opinion. And Jen, Aiden, and if anything, again, she’s on her stories. And in my head, I’m like, if that were me, if I were to reach out, I’d be calling her to be like, Hey, can you stop talking about this? Because like what we are talking about right here. We are talking about it all these weeks later.

Megan 6:20
I mean, I like I understand Jennifer Aiden, and where she’s coming from to like, it seems like they’re very close to Jennifer and Teresa. I’m not sure it seems like they are. And yeah, it seems like she’s coming to the defense of her friend. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that. I think it seems a little Catty, and a little desperate and a little thirsty to go after a former real housewife who was only on for three years and hasn’t been on in five years. And that’s how you’re trying to stay relevant. Like, it’s to me, it seems a little, you know, reaching, but at the same time, it’s like, I hope I’m wrong. I don’t, I don’t want anyone to be unhappy. Like there’s nothing more in this world that would make me happier than to be proven completely wrong. I just don’t think that that’s going to happen.

B 7:02
I’m with you. And I think most of us are there.

Amanda 7:06
Yeah. And it definitely seems like even as

Megan 7:08
sad you guys, I’m a huge fan of Teresa. I’m a fan of women in general. And I want to like support women. And and like Jennifer, you know, it sounds like she’s probably going through something who knows, I could be off base here. Maybe she’s just, she’s doing the entertainment world thing. I literally couldn’t care less. I’m not affected by this. But like, I want to resist you succeed. Like she’s a badass.

B 7:30
Absolutely, I would. So you said you’ve been off for five years? Is it time flies? Because I didn’t realize it was that long would you return?

Megan 7:39
I think it’s been five years. Yeah. I don’t know. I mean, I don’t think so at this point. Like if I if I was living in the city, you know, and they came to me and all I could couldn’t didn’t have to change anything about my life, I would do it. And also Money Talks, right? But I’m moving on in my life. My kids are getting older. They’re recognizing that I’m a public figure, I feel a little icky to me away. I don’t really want to raise my kids, but I’m not sure yet. I’m still trying to like navigate this whole thing. But I started selling private planes and charters. And so I’m getting into that industry, shifting careers and trying to like, be a little bit more behind the scenes. But I don’t know maybe I’m just getting old.

B 8:21
We all are. But it’s interesting that you you make that point because you didn’t have you had your stepchildren on the show, but you didn’t have your own children on the show. And it does affect your decision.

Amanda 8:32
Oh, sure. That’s right. Because baby, yeah,

B 8:35
as a baby, right, which is, I think very different than school aged children being on a reality show, right? Because a baby like an ad. Yeah, exactly. Oh, cute baby, but a school aged child who, you know, we’ve seen housewives make their children their storyline, that’s when it starts to get a little.

Megan 8:55
Well, and how, like, if you’re a housewife, and you don’t work outside the home, that is your life. That’s your story, you know? Right.

Amanda 9:02
I mean, have you had negative experiences? Like have the kids had negative experiences associated with you being a public figure? Is that kind of partly why you have no nation?

Megan 9:13
That’s good. I didn’t know not directly, but peripherally. Yes. Like, people have talked about, like, where my kids are going to camp on public forums, or like, you know, ice cream, a little creepy things like that, like, my children don’t understand that or how that affects them. But I do. And so I’m trying to, like, mitigate that before it turns into something.

Amanda 9:33
Do you get approached? When you do? I do.

Megan 9:37
Sometimes on the other day, I was at the mall, and the person checking me out, recognize me, and after that, my daughter asked me, Mommy, are you famous? And that was interesting, because she had never, you know, thought that before and I’m like, Well, what does famous mean honey? She’s like, right? So you know, what does that mean to her? That’s what I’m trying to get at because I know what famous means to me but like She has a six year old brain and her world is very small. So I don’t want to give her too much. I want to protect that little baby while I can’t. Right?

Amanda 10:08
For sure. So again, I can’t believe it’s been. It does. I mean, we love seeing you on watch what happens if you look amazing, by the way, thank you, like, kind of now that you’ve had a little time away? What would you say you miss most about it? Being a housewife? And what do you miss least?

Megan 10:29
It’s easy, I don’t miss the drama. And that being forced to hang out with people you wouldn’t normally hang out with. And to like, have to only talk about those people over and over and over because the audience doesn’t know anybody else. So even though your life right, we’re in the show, your life becomes a show because that’s all you can talk about. There all week. And then. So I don’t miss that what I do miss is the excitement of being in front of a camera and like having this incredible wardrobe that you pretty much feel like you have to have like there’s a lot of pressure and doing fun things and like just the high energy in front of a camera. They’re all any housewife is who is a force, even if she’s a one season wonder she’s a force in her own way. And so it’s pretty much it’s a privilege to be associated with this group.

Amanda 11:16
Absolutely. I think are you? Are you in touch with any of the ladies?

Megan 11:21
Yeah, I’m in touch with Heather. Tamra and Shannon. Oh, who else? I’m in touch with Alexis Bellino with Lizzie. Rob suck on occasion. Kelly Dodd? Yeah.

B 11:34
So you basically speak to all of them except Vicki.

Megan 11:38
I don’t speak to Vicki. I don’t speak to Peggy. That’s really it. Yeah. Yeah, I just went out with Gina in New York. And I was never even on with her.

B 11:48
Yeah, that’s fine. But it’s like you’re in the same sorority? Right? So 100%. And I would guess, I would guess even more so when it’s the same city like you have a kinship with all housewives. But when a housewife like Gina is on your city, whether it’s before or after, you know, because you filmed with mutual people. So there’s that

Megan 12:09
exactly. Like you have relationships with the same people. So it’s like an easier place to start instead of just like, from square one like meeting a stranger, you, you have like a little bit of reference to go from.

B 12:23
So you said at the top that you don’t watch housewives. So you don’t have a favorite franchise? You don’t have favorite housewives?

Megan 12:32
Not really, I mean, I’ll watch sometimes if I’m like doing a podcast, and I gotta get caught up, you know? So like, caught up for that. And then when I do that, like when I binge like that to start watching, then I’m like, Oh, I see why people like this, you know, but then ultimately, and inevitably, I just never watch again because, you know, it’s not it’s like not what my source of entertainment, but never has been actually and never watched

B 12:55
before. Before you were on you didn’t you probably watch when you found out you were going to be on but you weren’t like a fan of it?

Megan 13:01
No, I didn’t like I would channel service and like, stop and watch it on occasion. But I didn’t know what the storyline was or anything of the of the show. But when I got on it when I got offered the job. I bought season nine because I started season 10 I bought season nine on like YouTube or wherever you bought it back then. And I tried to binge it. I could and I was like, I can’t even get through this.

B 13:27
Were you like what did I get myself into?

Megan 13:29
No, I was like, this will be fun. But like, it’s gonna be tough every week when I have to watch this.

Amanda 13:35
Oh, likes yourself back. Yeah, yeah.

Megan 13:38
But then then it wasn’t then because like, I was so invested. Right? And so it wasn’t. But I actually it was interesting watching those back when I was on because I didn’t know what was going on with the other people until you watch it.

Amanda 13:50
Do you feel like your experience would have been different? Had you gone back and watched every episode and like, really studied up?

Megan 14:00
No, when I went on, I thought it was gonna be friends with Vicki and hate Tamra. And like, it couldn’t have been more opposite. And so I don’t, I really was just walking into this like a chicken with my head cut off. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know who the big players were anything.

B 14:17
And you can kind of I think

Megan 14:19
I knew Vicki was a big player. So I didn’t know who the big players were. But I didn’t know like the relationships is what I should say.

B 14:25
I think what’s interesting in retrospect, of when you came on is you see a lot of times now when new housewives come on any city, they try to buddy up with whoever the longest running housewife is or whoever the fan favorite is, right? So that they’re kind of aligned with them and with you. You didn’t do that at all. You kind of walked in and just decided who you liked and didn’t like based on your wishes, how it should be, which is why Yeah, but like, you know, it seems inauthentic when these girls come on and they automatically just no matter what that housewife does stands beside them because they know that it could secure them.

Megan 15:04
Is that are you kind of, and I’m not trying to be snarky here. I’m truly trying to ask a question. Are you kind of referring to Jennifer, Aiden and Teresa?

B 15:13
Yeah, well, so. So Teresa has that with Jennifer Aiden for many years. And now the new girl Danielle was that way to both Teresa and Jennifer,

Megan 15:23
we’d have Jennifer been on.

B 15:26
It’s gonna be four or five seasons. Right? So

Amanda 15:27
yeah, at least she’s been on

B 15:29
a little release for Yeah. And on a little bit, but from day one, she was Theresa soldier, and they didn’t know each other. Right. So I think that that legitimately she liked her. They’re both they both like claim to be old school, which is sort of, in my opinion, like, saying that they turn their head the other way and just raise your children

Amanda 15:49
bad behavior. Yeah, on their husband.

Megan 15:53
And then you have to yell hard to live like that.

B 15:56
Yeah, and that, but this is what’s interesting. So you have Danielle, come on. And so Danielle is a girl who lives in another part of New Jersey, who was on a VH one show like Staten Island girl or like one episode, but always wanted to be on reality TV, and she had this Instagram and the Instagram was all about just trying to get on a reality TV show. So when she gets on, she seemingly has like a very normal husband and a normal life. So it’s not the same. She doesn’t live the same kind of life that the two of them live, which is sort of how I see them being connected. But yet she’s very loyal to them. Because I guess she felt like I have to pick a team.

Megan 16:36
Oh, I guess you’re right. Would you kind of do. Exactly. I mean, it’s not what it used to be like, I didn’t go on with any sort of agenda. I didn’t need money, I didn’t need career I didn’t need, I was just like, this is this will be interesting, I’m gonna be myself. And so like, I didn’t care if I got fired, or any of it. I mean, I started caring more, but that first season, I really did it. And then I had a lot of time on my hands. So I think like, it kind of was a perfect storm for me to come out on season. 10. But like, in general, I think that now, you know, there’s a million reality shows, and everybody wants to be on one they think it’s gonna make you have a big Instagram following and like, get rich from that. And it’s just not the same environment that it used to be, and you’re not gonna get like, as famous as you would maybe that’s why like, it might be more I don’t know, if I’m more relevant than gender for Aiden or not, but it’s kind of seems like it from the way she’s reacting. And so, you know, and so, like, it would it kind of makes me think that like the heyday of reality TV was back when I was in it, and not these days.

B 17:42
You know, and there is some there is some talk that people are saying like is housewives less or people like it seems viewership is down. I also think that what I realize as like, because I have my Instagram and my website, what I realize is that people aren’t necessarily like, I’m a Bravo fan. I like yeah, most shows on Bravo. Right. But yes, but some people like just love the OC. And some people just love jersey. So what I personally think is I think that Jen, Aiden is good at self promotion. So I feel in her case, you’re making her relevant to people that otherwise don’t really pay attention to her,

Megan 18:24
which Oh, that’s important that like cross pollination. It’s a smart

B 18:28
Yeah, that’s a good I’m gonna start using that cross pollination. I like that. But it’s so like, when when you share her to your stories, she probably is gaining 20,000 followers who are OC and not Jersey fans, which is good for her. Because every brand deal she does and everything gets more clicks for her. It’s more whatever, right? She’s no dummy. She knows what she’s doing. So I don’t personally feel she’s as offended if anything. Like I said, I would if I were to Reese, I’d be like hush up about this, you’re making it a bigger thing.

Megan 18:58
I don’t know. Because like what you’re just describing, like, that is no dummy. But it’s also an authentic because like, it’s promoting something like you don’t actually really feel that strongly about. And so then it goes it goes back to the original question that you’re like, what about these new girls going on who are producing themselves and buddying up with the OG? So we’re kind of on this, like merry go round of inauthenticity. And like self promotion where, like, for instance, Bethany, I don’t feel like she is a self promoter, but that is authentically who she is. And she owns that, you know, right. And so that’s why people connect with Beth anymore because she, at least she’s owning that she’s like a shameless self promoter. But when it comes across as less like, you know, just kind of promoting to promote, it comes across as thirsty and nobody wants that.

Amanda 19:47
Right. And I think I think you use another word, the self producing, and I think that is the other thing that viewers have really caught on to right is that they’re, the housewives are kind of coming out. On they’re trying to create this like moment, right? Like, let’s all get drunk and jump in the pool or like, that’s where the crazy like going streaking costumes or whatever, which I think is authentically Shannon, right? Like, yeah, it was hilarious. But then like, not every housemaid can come on and do that, because then everyone catches on like they’re trying to create this moment. Right. So I think that’s the other thing that people are really kind of feeling about. Bravo right now, and a lot of reality shows is that it’s, we’re starting to get into some tropes here that feel like they get used and reused. And we want to see that authenticity. And I think that is one of the things that all of us have been kind of missing, because it’s starting to feel just overly produced. And that that is why we like a lot of us talk about that kind of the heyday of reality TV and especially Bravo where there really was just a lot more of a genuine relationships, genuine interactions, genuine fun, well, because

B 21:05
there are no scripts to read, right? So the women, the original Roni women, the original OC women, they, they didn’t have anybody to say, oh, I want to be like her. Now, if I were joining a show, I could be like, Okay, I’m gonna be like Sonia, with a splash of Meghan kings detective skills with this rash of Teresa’s silliness that everybody likes, like, you know what I’m saying? So, yeah, you’re I do, and I do. I do know that with the new New York City, which Megan I, you should definitely watch it because it’s so good. It’s really good. They really, the casting, and I can’t say how I know this, but they really took a very long time casting her went through a lot of women. But ultimately, it’s very hard to know who’s going to go on there and play a role you know, or who’s going to go on and be a Bethany or be Sonia so far we were only there be chemistry

Amanda 22:02
to like the chemistry between the women is so important. I think that’s the other thing that’s just so hard to get.

Megan 22:09
Yeah. I think that’s probably why OSI like, well, not just OSI, but like a lot of these franchises been struggling, because like, it’s one thing to have like an authentic like group of friends. But then it’s another thing to have them be interesting and also good in front of the camera.

B 22:28
Well, because we were all sick of Vicki, and we were also all sick of Tamra, but when they removed them, they were getting these. It was like a flop after a flop. For you had Elizabeth Vargas you had no Ella and it was just so self produced and so inauthentic that ultimately they went back to the old formula. And I don’t listen. OC is better than it’s been. But the numbers aren’t good numbers aren’t great. You know Tamra is trying her best but even I you probably didn’t watch but like this this episode. It was her Tamra and Vicki out to lunch. Shannon.

Megan 23:06
This is the first one that Vicki has been back on.

B 23:09
Yes. Okay, got it. So Tamra tried to act like she was being a good friend and tells her that tell Shannon, that Heather repeated something about her relationship. And Shannon immediately jumps up says I’m miked shut your mouth goes over to producers. We’re not talking about this. So it’s like tambor is trying to get the job done. But Shannon’s a seasoned housewife and she doesn’t want to talk about whatever it is that’s going on with her and her long term boyfriend. And she didn’t and she wouldn’t, and we want to see what’s going on. We don’t want to see you telling the producers No, we don’t want to have to guess people don’t want to have to wait for Bravo and cocktails to post a blind that may or may not be what’s going on. You know what I’m saying? Like people want to see it on TV. We’re watching the show show us

Megan 23:57
I wonder if we will like I wonder if that’s just like Shannon being Shannon and then it comes out? I don’t know.

B 24:03
What we do know they broke up right after the season and now it seems they’re back together.

Megan 24:08
Wait, did you didn’t I saw somewhere? I don’t know if it was TMZ today or something that said that. Like Shannon and her was like caught yelling at her boyfriend, son or daughter at a bar or something?

B 24:21
We did and it also said that Shannon got thrown out but I was told by a source and I just posted this today in cocktail party. Apparently according to this person, which again, you have to always take the sources with a grain of salt because obviously this person sounds like they’re more fond of Shannon said that John’s daughter so her ex boyfriend that she’s seems to be back together with daughter showed up at the bar they were at and the daughter never likes any of John’s girlfriends not in the past not Shannon and She provoked Shannon and she was asked to leave the bar not Shannon so now could that be Shannon spin? You know that too? She’s sending around. I mean, at the end of the day, we also posted last week that Shannon and Taylor were in a VIP. I don’t know, what are those suites watching the Morgan Whelan concert. And they started yelling at somebody else who was in the suite with them like, they weren’t with them. But whatever, whoever invited them into the suite, there were other people there. And they were very rude to them. So this is like back to back stories of Shannon out drunk screaming at people. So it’s like, why don’t your daughter dislikes you or not? You’re still responsible for your own behavior. So if she has, so apparently, the daughter John’s daughter took a video of her. Probably sent it to TMZ. She was like, I got you on video. I’m sending this to the media outlets. It’s dirty. Yes. Like so the daughter is obviously a jerk, but

Megan 25:46
Right. Like, I would be reactive to somebody who’s like trying to do that. And especially if with a little drink and me like, yeah, suck you. I don’t blame her. Yeah, and that’s exactly what I don’t like being rude. Like to be rude just to be rude. That’s never a good idea. But like, it sounds like that probably wasn’t happening. It sounds like she was provoked.

B 26:06
Well, and I mean, I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but I’m sure when people meet these housewives in person, they may say something rude. They may, you know, not everyone’s gonna be like, Oh my god, I love you on the show. People are haters, you know, so somebody comes, if somebody comes over to me, which I’m anonymous, so they wouldn’t, but if somebody came over to me, and I was a couple glasses of wine in and I’m with my girlfriends at a bar, and they’re like, Oh, we hate your podcast. You’re so annoying. I might be like, shut up. They’re like, I might you know what I’m saying?

Megan 26:39
They’re not gonna do that. People aren’t that brave and realize they’re only that brave and in their moms basements with their hand on their pants. Like being not brave and realize they’re nice.

B 26:49
I know. That’s true. And I’ll tell you why. People don’t ever say to me in DMS, what they say when they leave, like a review, like a negative review on the PI. It’s like this person has never DM me.

Megan 27:00
No, it’s yeah, they’re all keyboard warriors in person. If they see you the mean, people, they run and hide in a little hole.

B 27:09
Lies if they go as if they know that. Is it they think you know that they don’t like you? Yeah, yes.

Megan 27:15
It’s like, it’s unbelievable. Like the amount of, of hate, like the amount of energy, you know, it takes to hate at that level. It’s like, you can get a lot accomplished. Yeah, if that energy was directed, in the right place.

B 27:29
So true, especially on Twitter. I don’t know if you’re on Twitter, but I go on there. And it’s like, makes Instagram look like, I don’t know, Barbie land. It’s like, it’s so people on there are so mean. I mean, just for the sake of being mean, I think

Megan 27:45
and also, I think people on Twitter are smarter than people on Instagram overall. And so they’re like, their words cut deeper.

Megan 27:58
Yeah, more like, yeah, they’re a lot more flowery with their third like vile delivery. Yeah.

Amanda 28:06
It’s gonna be interesting to see if the same thing happens on threads because you have to have an incident. You have to be more real friends. Yeah. So I’m curious about that. Okay, so I have a question for you. We were talking about Brooks at the beginning. But for you like when did you first suspect like and what was it that like, what was it that kind of tipped you off that maybe something wasn’t right about this whole cancer story?

Megan 28:39
It was right when I met him the very first night I met him at Vicki’s party, the hotly was like the Mexican themed party. And that was my first all cast event. First time meeting Vicki, and Jim’s ex wife was battling colon cancer at that time, and she was not doing very well. And she’s going through chemo and all the treatments. And I knew that Vicki’s husband or boyfriend Brooks was also going through cancer treatments and chemo. And so I was like, Oh my gosh, like, here I am entering this brand new show. Like with these really powerful women who are strangers, I’m way younger than them. Like, what are the chances that I would have an ally in this sort of journey on this tiny little cast on the show? I just joined. And so I meet Vicki and I tell her you know, I’m very sorry to hear about you know, your boyfriend and his cancer or whatever. I also going through like a similar situation. And then I asked something about like, something about the treatment like, you know, Do do you go with him often? Or like, what’s his schedule? Like, does he go regularly or is he on a break right now? You’re something like, it was a personal question, but it was a broad personal question. And her response was very dismissive. Like so dismissive. Like normally See, somebody’s going through that you’re like, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Yeah, like, we’ll have to talk about this later, we should grab lunch and discuss, like, share best practices, and like support each one another lean on each other. It wasn’t that it was dismissive and no response to the question I asked. And she walked away. And I remember thinking, Well, that was that was unlike any response have ever gotten what is going on? I didn’t think it was he was faking cancer at the time. But my my, like, light bulb went on in my head, like, pay attention.

B 30:37
Right? Well, it’s something that and those of us who have as, as you had very sadly, somebody you were close with, that was so sick, it brings you together with it’s something that people relate to each other with and as you said, want to help each other and want to share resources. And, you know, where is she getting the treatment? If you know, if it’s such a great treatment? Maybe we should look into it, like, of course, that’s a nap. That would be anyone’s natural response. It isn’t like you were saying, it isn’t like you are accusing him of not having it like you know, like, so they they definitely played it wrong. So I guess the follow up question to Amanda’s question would be so right from the beginning, you think Vicki knew it was fake?

Megan 31:21
That’s That’s a harder question for me to answer because I don’t personally, I didn’t personally know Vicki at that point. I don’t know her at this point. So I don’t know her well enough to know what was going on in her head up until that point, but at that point that I’m discussing, I think she absolutely knew that he was not teaching I have cancer. But I don’t know, you know, the process leading up

B 31:46
to that. Right. I mean, I would, I was always under the assumption that she, like, it’s I don’t believe that they sat at a table and we’re like, Okay, we’re gonna make up a cancer. I think that Kido led her to believe he had cancer. And at some point, she realized he didn’t, but probably in her head thought, Oh, he’s a hypochondriac. And he got himself so like, she must have rationalized it for herself. Because otherwise, you have to admit to yourself that you’re dating a monster. Right.

Megan 32:19
It’s like Stockholm Syndrome, but, but it’s not because I think it was just like a case of desperation. And she was the victim. But like, she was also a co conspirator. So at what point do you stop becoming the victim and start becoming a co conspirator?

B 32:37
Yeah, totally. It’s when you find out somebody did something and you continue to support it. Now you’re part of the problem.

Megan 32:45
And I understand that is nuanced, because like, it’s not just so black and white with, you know, this is wrong. And this, like, there’s other factors to consider. How will your life change, if you break up with this person, if you expose them for being the liar that they are like, you might need some time to process that, and you’re not gonna get it. So like, which is understandable and relatable, but it’s also wrong.

B 33:08
And also, you’re currently filming. So maybe she’s saying, like, you know what, let’s just get through filming. And I’ll address this with him after the fact. I certainly don’t want this with cameras. Right, right. And now you have Megan calm, who blows the lid off every I remember watching it as a viewer and being like, wait, no way is this guy lying about and then realizing, oh my god, this guy really lied about having cancer.

Megan 33:32
Isn’t that crazy? It’s kind of balls do you have to have to do that. And I think he’s just be bopping around as if nothing ever happened.

Amanda 33:42
There’s there is this weird phenomenon, right? Where people do insane stuff like that woman in I think was it? who faked her kidnappings? Like she saw a toddler on the side of the road? And it turns out like she was Yeah, Carly. Yeah, and like, I mean, everyone was looking for her be you posted multiple posts.

B 34:06
Multiple thing is like, listen, we all understand mental health is a problem in this country. But at some point, like, are you not? And again, maybe she was so unwell, that she didn’t realize, but now the next time someone’s missing, we might not share it. We might not donate, we might not because we don’t know if it’s real, and like, something should be completely off limits. I myself, I share and I try to keep it to up to two a day. Because I feel if I put too many then people won’t donate. But followers send me GoFundMe is for their friends or their family. And I don’t have a certain criteria, but typically it’s illness, or a family whose house burned down something like that. Like I’ve had people send me GoFundMe to like, start up their businesses and stuff, which I hate to say no to them if they’re followers of Mine, but I just explain I can only post so many and I feel that I want to do it to help people with illness or or help children. Like that’s kind of what I do, right? I have no way of knowing. So if, if my followers were to donate and then three, right, and they email me and they’re like, this has never happened, thank God. But if somebody were to message me and be like, this isn’t real, I know this person, they’re just making it up to get money. That would stop me from sharing them, right? Because now I can’t with good conscience. Ask people to donate to something that may or may not be. Right, right. So it’s like, something should be sacred. Right? Like, you don’t lie about having cancer. God forbid, it’s big. I would be like, What do you be worried that you’re really gonna get cancer?

Megan 35:47
And wasn’t even like a Bible beater?

B 35:49
Oh, like, like that matters? I mean,

Megan 35:53
no. Yeah, you’re right. I

Amanda 35:55
think he just he sent her or was it letters of affirmation? I forget there. Was it Bible verses? I don’t guys, he’s

Megan 36:01
he’s gross. Like, he’s a creepy dude. Like, he’s, I just I feel uncomfortable around him, or I feel uncomfortable looking at him on TV. Like, I just don’t like it. And

B 36:11
I just showed her daughter. I mean, what about Brianna’s reaction to him?

Amanda 36:16
Yeah, when you make it when you are close to him, I don’t know why I just got this vibe was here. Heavy breather. Like. He’s like a creepy, heavy, heavy breather.

Megan 36:27
I mean, he’s definitely seems like a mouth breather.

Amanda 36:30
Right. Exactly. Thank you. That’s exactly what I meant. Yeah.

B 36:36
And what about so what about Brianna’s reaction to him? Like? What was your opinion on that?

Megan 36:45
I asked. Briana doesn’t like him, right?

B 36:49
She didn’t like him at all. And he said, really disgusting things to her. Like, your husband’s gonna cheat on you. Like all like, I don’t know. I mean, three of us are mothers. So we know that. It’s just unacceptable. I understand Brianna. But you’re still her mother. And your boyfriend is saying these awful things are

Megan 37:09
so messed up.

Amanda 37:11
Yeah. By so. So moving to just other other stuff from your experience. What trip was the most fun for you to film

Megan 37:22
here? It was so fun.

Amanda 37:24
Oh my gosh. Oh, it sounds

Megan 37:27
so fun. And then we went we went to Iceland and Ireland when I was on as well. But Tahiti was so I didn’t like Iceland or Ireland.

B 37:36
But well, Ireland was kind of a rough go. There was a lot of big fights, a lot

Amanda 37:39
of fighting. And I was Iceland too.

B 37:42
I really pregnant is not fine, because you want to go you want to have a pint?

Megan 37:47
I know. And then like when I was in Iceland, I had my baby with me. That was crazy. Peggy called me out at the dinner and it was like a big drama.

B 37:57
Is that when she close your lips with her hand?

Megan 38:01
No, that was the first time I met her.

B 38:04
What a wacko.

Megan 38:06
I thought she was getting lipstick off my face. I was confused.

B 38:10
You could see in the clip. I’m sure you know that is us bloggers love to mean that anytime we’re like whatever we’re like. Yeah. And you could definitely see your the confusion in your eyes of trips. If you can share. Have you been approached to do a girls trip? And would you do a girls trip?

Megan 38:30
Yeah, I would do a girls trip. I haven’t been approached. I asked Andy one time. I texted him about it. Like keep me in mind for girls trip. And that’s the last I’ve heard of it. So apparently, like he wrote about it in his book that I texted him asked to go on the show. But no, yeah, definitely. I would do it. I kind of feel like it’s gonna happen actually.

B 38:49
For sure. I mean, and the fans still ask for you. And now you created this drama with Watch What Happens Live and I have followers messaging me like as these stories are going on, saying be put it out there. Let’s get Megan on a girls trip with Jan or Theresa?

Megan 39:10
Yeah, maybe. Yeah, that’s actually a good point.

B 39:13
And that would be great. You just have to secure a babysitter for a week. It’s fast money. You’re on a vacation. Yeah,

Amanda 39:22
I know. So are the trips. Are they grueling? Like is it Are they more grueling than a normal schedule?

Megan 39:29
Yeah, because it’s nonstop and they want to film you like when you wake up and when you go to bed and all the things in between they’re gonna have a different outfit and like you got to change and you get miked up while you’re you’re like, already drunk from the night before like it’s a lot. Oh,

B 39:44
talk about Sunday scaries no Kenna you and when you are on an OC is not as like Beverly Hills where they always have their glam squads but I feel like it was even less so when you were on like you guys weren’t always all made up and you dress nice when you went out to dinners, obviously. But you also wear workout clothes and when you are hiking you aren’t like,

Megan 40:06
right? fulfilled with makeup? No, not like it’s different. No, I’m not a girl either. Yeah,

Amanda 40:14
I mean, because again, like your, your, your genuine your genuineness, your what? I don’t know what the word is New Roman city Genuity. It comes through. And that’s like, I think that’s why that’s why we like you, right? Because you’re not, you know, you’re not afraid to ask the tough questions, and you’re not afraid to back down, you know, you don’t back down when conflict arises. But you’re not just trying to make it either. And, you know, I think that that’s something that we’ve always really enjoyed. So I want to talk a little bit about some of the stuff that you have going on, kind of outside of housewives. So we read in People magazine at the end of last year that you’re making 2023, the year of you. So now that we’re kind of halfway through the year, like how would you how do you feel like your year is going and what do you have kind of up for the second half of this year? Have you? Well,

Megan 41:08
I think it’s been great summers hard with, with kids and stuff. But I’ve really been trying to dedicate more of like my free time to my children, and I’ve taken them on a bunch of vacations this year, we’ve had a blast. And so I feel really good about that. And like, I’ve organized my house, and they’ve like kind of cleaned it up a little bit. And so it feels really good to kind of like, bring me back now that I’m out of the fog of, you know, like being recovery from the narcissist. And I’m feeling clear. And so the rest of the year, I’m focused on really working my private jet business hard. So talking with, like, some mentors in different from different companies in Palm Beach and a couple of weeks to, like, really get that going. And I see that, like I see myself being just like continuing to be financially independent, and, like live a life that I can provide my children on my own without any help.

B 42:12
I love that. And so who wrecked I guess just rich people rent the Jets right?

Megan 42:17
Now they like so you can you can charter a jet, which is renting it. Or you can buy the whole jet, which is like, you know, you gotta be multi millionaire, like multi hundreds of millions.

B 42:29
What does the average jet cost to buy?

Megan 42:34
I’d say you could get a nice jet for five mil. But you could get a really nice jet for 20.

Amanda 42:41
And do most of these people just pay cash or they financing.

Megan 42:46
They’re gonna be they’re gonna be like, some will pay cash. But like, they’re gonna try to finance usually at least some portion of it like they’re smart with their money, and they have a shit ton of it. So they’re gonna do whatever makes them the most money, you know,

B 42:59
right. And it’s a write off if they finance it, as opposed to just buying it probably.

Megan 43:04
You know, it’s a write off, would you buy it? You’d write off if you buy it

B 43:11
Majan writing off a jet and saving money.

Megan 43:15
You can write off 80% of depreciation this year, it’s going down to 60% next year last year was 100%. Like, it’s a good if you have to cashflow right off,

Amanda 43:29
it’s a good time to buy everybody calm again.

Megan 43:34
Not a lot on the market.

Amanda 43:38
Interesting. And then we want to talk a little bit about your podcast. It’s called intimate knowledge. And you get amazing experts and you get celebrity and reality guests. It’s a lot of talk about kind of sex and dating. What’s some of the best advice you’ve heard on your podcast that’s really stuck with you.

Megan 43:57
I feel like every single episode of my podcast, and I asked people, this all the experts, what is the number one piece of advice you would give about sex? And it’s always communication every single time, like verbally discussing exactly what you want, what you need, what you’re interested in, what like your boundaries are, what your fears are, every like, every single time. It’s communication, it’s communication. If there’s like erectile dysfunction, there’s communication if like, there’s, you know, hormonal changes or for a woman or a man like, it’s, it’s pretty. Yeah, I think that’s kind of a canned response. Right? Not that’s not like some groundbreaking news here.

B 44:43
But no, it’s not. But it’s also hard, I think. I think it’s hard if you’re in a relationship for a long time, or if you’re in a new relationship, because who really wants to say to their partner like, well, it’s not, it’s not you. It’s that my hormones are all like, you know it comes, like shame, right? Or what man wants to say to their wife, you know? I can’t get it up. I would imagine that most men

Megan 45:10
are man. Hey, I know you’re 40 years old now. But like, we’re not having sex as much. And I’m worried that your sex drive is low, and maybe your testosterone needs to be checked because I’m not feeling satisfied as a 40 year old woman because that’s a woman’s sexual crime. And it is not a man sexual crime. And no one talks about this and how women won’t be satisfied rent when they’re around this age. Why there’s so many divorces, women start finding themselves men’s go through a little bit of a crises, like things shift around around four years old. And what we never talk about is the woman and how she’s not sexually satisfied.

Amanda 45:46
Yeah, do you watch and just like that on HBO, the Sex in the City.

Megan 45:50
I’ve seen it, but it’s not my favorite.

Amanda 45:53
They covered this exact topic. So there’s a new character, her name is Seema. She’s fabulous, gorgeous thing will. And she goes home with this guy. And he pulls out he’s like, Yeah, I have some ad problems. So erectile dysfunction problems. And she’s like, okay, they make that a little bit more. And then he gets up, and he pulls out a penis penis and starts using it. And then the whole thing is about how like, he is not afraid to be like, I have my penis pump, but then doesn’t follow through to make sure that she is satisfied at the end of the sacks. And so then she pulls out a vibrator, and he gets pissed off, so

B 46:37
fizzled out. So if you didn’t like the first season, the second season is much better.

Megan 46:44
Oh, really? Yes,

B 46:45
I think it’s good. But I think I just think it’s interesting. And you’re in the same age bracket, as Amanda and I. And it’s interesting when people say that 40 is a woman’s prime. If I were to think about that for myself, I also think it’s because for me, your children are a little bit older or your than this isn’t true for all women, or dawn having children. So you don’t I mean, let’s face it, when we’re young. It’s so hard to enjoy yourself and have a fear of ending up pregnant. Yeah, I mean, you know, it’s a real, it’s a real concern that I don’t think men of course, I’m sure men are concerned about, if they don’t want to have a child, they’re concerned about getting someone pregnant, but not the same as we are.

Megan 47:34
No, no, it’s different.

B 47:36
And even if you’re on birth control, we all know people who have gotten pregnant on birth control. So you know, I think as women get older, whether they have their tubes tied or whatever contraception they use or whatever it is, that fear is gone, or like you’re past that part of life, so you can really just worry about your your own satisfaction.

Megan 47:59
Yeah, and exactly, that’s, it’s all of that. And it’s also that we don’t give a fuck anymore. Like, we’ve been through some real life issues, some real life shit, pretty confident and who we are as humans, at least more so than when we were college age or something. And, and we’re, like, willing to like, step out of the box and talk about things that we weren’t, like, we thought were cringy before or it’s not. It’s just like you you live and you learn and you realize, like, things aren’t that big deal,

B 48:30
right? We’ve seen a lot worse than that. So ya know, I told and we see we’re actually seeing that on Roni, one of the girls Jessel. Am I saying that right, Amanda? Is it just so just

Amanda 48:43
Jessel so so

B 48:44
Jessel is and I don’t think she’s quite 40. But she’s probably close to 40. And she just went through IVF and had two twins. And she shares with the ladies that she hasn’t had sex with her husband since and they’re all shocked and and the thing is,

Amanda 49:02
these babies are at least one I think so they’re not they’re not tiny babies. Right? These aren’t like newborns, which of course like You’re like of course they haven’t had sex yet. She’s you know if they are over a year old,

B 49:15
but as they’re discussing it, what they kind of what she kind of realizes it as she’s talking about it with her girlfriend, which is why I’m telling you like Ronnie has a very authentic feel because there’s like these real conversations happening. But what she kind of realizes and says to them in the conversation is like, I feel like because of my struggles, having my children and culturally she’s Indian and culturally she didn’t share it with anybody, not her own mother. No, only her and her husband because she felt ashamed that she wasn’t able to get pregnant and that she had to use IVF. So sex to her became something she dreaded because she wasn’t getting the results she wanted right. Now she is saying like she’s got to find a way to like it again to like something that almost became poisonous to her. So there’s like women have so many different confusing relationships with sex, I guess is my point.

Megan 50:11
Yeah, yeah. I think men too, I think we all do. And I don’t think like, we’re set up in society to, like, be successful in that part of our lives. I mean, we have other vital signs that are we watch out for right? We go to the doctor and make sure our hearts doing okay, and we exercise to make sure like our bodies in shape and we read to like, give our minds and that stimulation week to sleep well, we, you know, eat right. But what what do we do for sex? We pretend like it doesn’t happen. Like it’s Shush, hush, hush. Nobody talks about it. If there’s an issue, maybe it’ll go away if we ignore it. And that, that’s our culture. And it’s unfortunate.

B 50:53
It sure is. So you guys have to make sure to check out Megan’s podcast intimate knowledge. Also, let’s mention your retreat again. Because I know that we’ll have some folks interested in and you also do travel ones, right. So if people aren’t located in St. Louis, do you have a travel one coming up? Or will that be on your website,

Megan 51:11
right? No, not right now. I’m going to see how this day tree goes first. And then I’m thinking about taking day treats on the road to the same idea tree in St. Louis is from noon to five with pool party access afterward. We have an incredible swag bag. It’s $225 for ticket we have a professional coming in to do a women’s circle healing meditation. We’re doing a succulent workshop breathwork meditation and emotional release and a mirror exercise and we’re having a gourmet lunch. So August 24, St. Louis, Missouri at the low Parker Meridien.

B 51:50
Fancy. I like it. Thank you

Amanda 51:53
guys. And you can go to its Gaia haven wellness.com To order your tickets or to Megan’s Instagram and go to the link in her bio.

B 52:03
Great. Megan, thank you so much for joining us on cocktails and gossip. It was really a treat to have you and we hope you’ll come back.

Megan 52:10
Thanks for having me, guys. And we want you on a girls trip. We’re

Amanda 52:13
putting it out into the universe

B 52:15
out there with you. Bravo, if you’re listening.

Amanda 52:19
Get our girl on didn’t

Megan 52:21
Me. Me. Alright. Thanks, guys. Thank you.

B 52:24
Bye, guys.

Amanda 52:26
Bye. Bye

Amanda 52:34
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a T because the ones who don’t care about T then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 53:15
Bye guys. See you next time.