The anxiously awaited RHONY Reboot is finally here, and we’re here for it. We’ve got a little tea on the cast ready for you. And of course, Bethenny and Jill can’t let them have the spotlight to themselves – but we do love the reunion. More celebrity divorces, but Cocktailers have known about them for a while. Vanderpump Rules is filming in Tahoe – we have some scoop on what’s going on behind the scenes, plus something else is brewing with some of the OG Sur-vers. And what’s in the water in Jersey? Lots happening there with casting – we’ve got tea. 

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What I hear is it’s common for matchmakers to kind of want to only hook up because you want to strengthen your community. Brynn took offense to it. And that’s like for anyone to debate whether or not she should have or shouldn’t have. They had an exchange where inappropriate things were said on Lizzie’s part. In addition to that, off camera, her husband allegedly said Sunday, there were things said, Bravo basically said to them, you’re done. But, you know, you can go out on your own terms. But if you’re gonna like make a thing, then we’ll come up with Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from And, as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds. I’am B.

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And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

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What’s up Cocktailers?

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Hey, cock Taylor’s. Hey, B.

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Hello, Amanda, what is going on this week?

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I mean, New York, it’s been the best.

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You know, I have to tell you. I knew I didn’t know I didn’t see it before. I just had a feeling that it was going to be so good. Because the women looked so good. And we’re back baby. A lot of people were against this reboot, I have to tell you that the people who are against it are all posting. And when I say people, I mean, I mean fans and followers. But I also mean like a lot of accounts. And I very strongly felt and I know you agree with me that we can love our Oh, geez. It doesn’t take away from them to have a new group of women.

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Totally agree.

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And that’s exactly what we’re seeing.

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Yeah, I agree. And I think some people just don’t like change. Do you believe the rumors that end was very anti doing a reboot? No. I don’t believe them either.

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No, I don’t. I very strongly believe that we could have a legacy in the city and these girls in the city because they’re different shows. They’re different things. They’re different places in their life. They’re different personalities. I don’t know. I don’t see the issue. I think the reboot makes so much more sense. We saw what happened when they just threw Leah and ebony in the mix.

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Yeah, just didn’t match.

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And to be honest, I think I think ebony could work with these women. I don’t personally I don’t like Leah, I just don’t think she’s a great reality. personality. I think something about her doesn’t resonate.

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She has such a negative outlook on life. And I feel like I don’t know about you just like I think you will feel the same way. But like, in real life, being around people like that. I feel like they suck the energy out of the room. They try to suck it out of me. And I don’t, I don’t like to be exposed to people like that. So that’s, you know, like, at first I was like, she’s crazy. She’s fun to watch. And then I think it was especially the Thailand girls trip. And I was like, she just she’s Debbie Downer and I just I have no like, it’s just not fun to watch her anymore.

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She’s trying to create a moment. And we see a lot of housewives do that. And somewhat some are much more successful at it and hers fall flat for me. Yeah, kind of like Heather gays have been falling flat for me. So it was kind of funny to watch the two of them battle because I’m like they’re both insufferable at this point. And that was on the girls trip. Yeah. But okay, so let’s break down the ladies one by one and share what we’re hearing. I know that we spoke about it before we met them but I think I think most people are like me and the way that before I see you on my screen, it doesn’t. I don’t know I’m listening but I’m half listening. I like to hear it again. And we haven’t broke down each lady so why don’t you give us some of you know their little bios and then we’ll add what we’ve

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heard. Yes. Okay, so Brynn love starting with her. I’ve been talking about her for a while because I’ve been following her since we found out about the reboot cast. Like she just popped off the page to me as somebody that I thought was interesting. She’s let’s see here. Let’s This is what the bio says. She’s the life of the party and the apple of many eyes. A communications professional Brin is in search of what she really wants out of life and attempting to heal. From past hardships. she craves stability and having the kind of family she longed for as a child. However her fear of commitment and busy schedule jet setting the world tend to get in the way. And I will tell you like that is definitely something I’ve seen. She’s constantly like, you can tell kind of when she’s filming but like when she’s not, she’s she’s in St. Barts, and she’s in London and she’s like, definitely worldwide. So I don’t know. And she’s like very much still single. But what I think is interesting is like, she makes a really big deal on her content about her friends, kids and like, playing this kind of anti role. So I don’t know she’s, she’s very interesting to me. I really like her.

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She’s very interesting to me. She is a troublemaker. I like how she does it in a very playful way but got in trouble nonetheless. And and not not backing down from it. I don’t know if you saw but there’s a tic tac circulating I believe it’s Marie Claire magazine. And on the red carpet when they did the Roni reboot premiere and everybody was there. Andy asked her who do you think the hottest House Husband is and she said Mauricio, and Andy said he’s available now. I did see that sidenote, she is very good friends with Pandora. She says she was almost unfair to pump rules. And she actually lived with the Vander pumps. When she was I’m gonna say late teens, early 20s. Because of her friendship with Pandora, they you know, gave her a place to stay everything like that. So the fact that she named Marie CO is a little dicey for me because if she’s close with Lisa one imagines she knows Kyle or has met Kyle or has met Mauricio and it seems a little forward and Homewrecker ish, because we don’t know that they’re officially split. Although now people are saying Why would Andy say that? If they weren’t? Here we go.

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Yeah, I don’t know. Honestly, though, like, just an offhand like, she was literally out taking pictures and he like yells over to her. Which one do you think and she like, if somebody had said that to me, I would be like helping him Raisa would come to mind too. Right. And so like, it was Andy, who was like he’s available, not you know what I mean? I agree. I feel like there is a weird intent being put on her when it was actually auntie who I think took it too far. I

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agree with that. And it’s not like she’s looking to steal him. However, she also is very good. And we’re learning this very quickly at giving us what we want. Because Marissa was very much in the headlines. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she picked him right because of that factor. We also saw it when she was on Watch What Happens Live. At the end, she were all getting along. And Andy said, What’s one thing you learned and she said, I learned not to trust Aaron.

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Aaron’s face was like, What have ya though, it was definitely like a shot across the bow. I don’t know. I just I don’t know. I still I just love her. I love her when she’s like, I know when I’m about to be spanked. Like, she’s funny and like, yes, very playful. I do think there’s a very sweet vulnerability to her as well. And that’s where some of the like playfulness and stuff comes in. So I would really like to see her a mid 30s I was it 36? Is that what it said? Let’s google but I would like to see her date actually dating, dating because like, I feel like at least on her social. We don’t see anything about it. Which makes sense, right?

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I think we will. I think we’ll see her dating. I think we’ll see Uber dating. I love that. They said that Ramona told them Oh, forget it after this you’ll never be married like which by the way total side note. I have a follower working on breaking this story not that I will reveal the person’s name because I can’t obviously do that. But her in laws are members of a very elite Country Club in Jersey probably like Bergen County. I forget she told me and her husband was there with his dad playing golf. He doesn’t watch housewives and he calls there you know, whatever calls to check in and he’s like Yeah, apparently his dad’s friend who’s a very well to do divorce a in New Jersey or maybe widow I forget very well to do. Told the dad that he’s dating a housewife and said her name was Rhonda. So the followers like Rhonda like saying to her husband, Rhonda, there’s no Rhonda and I was like, Wait, isn’t that a renders sister’s name? Which also would make sense because that she’s not a housewife. So I was like, maybe it’s Dorinda. And she’s like, No, it’s Ramona because he was saying that she had a house out east. So I will try to get more like, I know he’s well to do and he’s about her eight. Ah, like late 60s. So a little bit older maybe? Yeah. So yeah, so we heard Ramon is dating and there you have it.

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What is it? And like what is in the water though with these, like our favorite legacy women and being just like flat out horny, watching crap, I’m totally going on a total side note here but like watching crappy League, like, what the heck?

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Okay, now, here’s a tangent, but I, I have not I’m not near metaphors yet. Right. So I don’t know. But I was always under the impression that after menopause, a lot of women lose their mojo, but maybe it’s during menopause. Or maybe it’s not true. And maybe that’s an old stereotype that we need to

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know. I think it I think it is true for a lot of women, I was actually just having this conversation with a friend who’s been going through this. And she knows she’s like on the younger side. And so she’s had, she’s gotten to like a hormone replacement therapy thing. And guys, this is no medical advice. This is nothing. I know nothing about this, just a conversation I had. She was saying she was experiencing the like, decrease in desire. And they actually so she’s doing the like pellets in her butt thing with the hormones. And she’s like, the testosterone actually brings it all back. And she’s like, it actually brings it brought her more at, you know, everybody’s different. Please do not take this as any kind of advice. But she’s like, that’s back and like the like energy is back and all of that. And so I would imagine, maybe there’s maybe there’s some sort of, you know, or maybe they maybe they haven’t gone through menopause yet. Who knows? Well, I’m here.

B 11:42
They’re in their late 50s. They had to have gone through menopause. No,

B 11:46
I have no, I didn’t think thank God. I don’t know.

B 11:50
If I say that it makes sense, the hormone that you brought up, because I know that a few months ago, March, Joseph said, because you know, when you’re a woman of a certain age, a lot of times you do go to a doctor for hormone therapies. And that’s kind of how she slid in that she’s on one of our weight loss drugs as part of her hormone treatment, which again, is something that women going through menopause experience. I kind of like, the bloated I know. And again, I’m just speaking from people I know who shared with me, not that I have gone through it. So I don’t know, like in detail, right? So I would Yeah, but whatever it is, they are like, and I love it. They’re so open about it. And Ramona always was and Ramona and Ramona excuse me, Ramona was not Sonia,

B 12:32
but Ramona is always seeking out the men. Yeah. Which is how I got there mentally, guys.

B 12:38
Sonia, Bryn sort of has that air of Sonia, who also got married in her late 30s and had her daughter in her late 30s. So I would love to see like the reboot, get married. Something I have to tell you watching the reboot. Okay, let’s let’s go through the ladies and

B 12:58
I have some questions for you as well after we get to them. Okay, let’s talk about Erin next. So Erin, Li Li Li jie li she was born and raised in Manhattan. She’s a social butterfly who tends to find herself floating amidst the drama and isn’t afraid to stir the pot. Her naturally keen eye for spotting the next trend and die hard work ethic has led to a prominent reputation in the New York real estate scene. In addition to running an interior design firm, with the only things more important to her more more important than her career being her three children and husband aim. This cosmopolitan is the definition of an overachiever who loves nothing more than to prove she can do it all.

B 13:43
So Aaron, first of all, she is such a rich Manhattan girl stereotype. It’s out of this world. She is assertive, she is fashionable, she is doing it all. So her family apparently comes from tons and like I heard fu money, real estate. Now. I think when we say real estate, that means like owning properties, which we all know is very lucrative. She works for or with Frederick. So we’re gonna see him a little bit this season. Roderick from Million Dollar Listing New York and Beverly Hills. Her husband, very successful attorney. They got married very young by New York standards at 25 years old. So I heard she was quite the party girl, a bunch of people who went to college with her reached out to me she went to University of Albany which I’m not saying this in a snobby way at all, but the University of Albany is a state school here. So when you hear fu money, and then you find that she went to a state school, you’re kind of like, huh, but it was the number one. I don’t know if it still is but it was the number one party school for many years and when she was there, she has a tough way about her. She definitely has that pushy New Yorker edge. I think I heard her husband getting married so young, and their kids are young. So if they’re like 35 Now they were married five, six years before they even had a kid. Yeah. And if you’re familiar with Manhattan, you know, there are these type these couples that party together and party hard and play hard. We’re going to see next episode, our friend Laurie posted a six minute clip. Her house in the Hamptons, is absolutely gorgeous. It’s as big as say, Ramon, his house in the Hamptons, but newer and you know, she’s an interior design. She says they bought, they bought it like pretty distressed and redid it. And it’s a five bedroom like, maybe not mansion but very large. 6500 square foot home.

B 15:43
It’s good size house. Yes,

B 15:45
yes. I think her and Bryn stuck out the most to me. I think there are out of a cannon. They’re going to be the stars. I think Aaron is going to be somebody who you’re not always going to love what you’re seeing. But you’re always going to want to watch Yeah,

B 16:03
I think she’ll be a lightning rod. I agree. She people

B 16:06
compared her to Bethany for me. The marriage aspect the home out east that tough way that say what she wants to say really gave me like a modern Ramona vibe.

B 16:17
Yeah. I mean, I don’t know, I feel like she she seems to be her own. I don’t know. Like, I definitely like her. I feel like there was a piece of her and like that, that I think might be more insecurity that it was her kind of lashing out and making a bigger deal out of some of these things. So again, some of it it’s like, you don’t know if she’s just doing it for the camera? Or if that’s really the way that she is but like, I don’t know why I just like picked up on like a little bit of an insecurity and maybe it’s insecurity from like, relationships with women, because you know, when you get married that young I think that that’s a harder thing with you know, friendships when you’re if you’re the only one who’s married. I don’t know. Just this is me just, I don’t know, just picked up on something. But

B 17:08
I have a different take on that. I don’t see it as insecurity. I see it as she’s very used to being the head bitch in charge. And now you’re around other people who also see themselves as the head bitch in charge. And it’s difficult for her to navigate in that arena.

B 17:24
Yeah, yeah, that could be I don’t know. I am very much liking sigh I think she might be. I don’t know, I I’ve got a few favorites. And she’s, I think she’s amazing. So she is also born and bred. I think she grew up to say in Brooklyn, Brooklyn.

B 17:45
Yeah, not. In one not wealthy.

B 17:49
She’s not wealthy now. Yeah, so her bio says she is one of the most well known and successful content creators. With partnerships from Dior, Fendi, admira, PA, Bentley, Vogue, and more. She has two kids and her husband David, who manages our household and takes care of the kids so psi can run the digital empire that she has built from the ground up. At Brooklyn native honest and straightforward. sighs friends would say she’s as New York as it gets. Her life may seem just as put together as her posts, but her polished exterior begins to crack when the passing of her mother forces her to revisit their complicated relationship.

B 18:33
sigh is a tell it like it is borrow girl from Brooklyn. She did not grow up with money. I like she isn’t going to sugarcoat anything, you’re going to know exactly how she feels. You know, she has a swag about her. She’s the sort of woman that you see walking down the street and you kind of watch her for a minute, which totally makes sense that she’s a content creator, because she just catches your eye. And I think we’ve mentioned this briefly. I was so annoyed when they put out the map of where everyone lives and people were commenting like, oh my god, another one from Brooklyn. Living in a brownstone in Brooklyn, in 2023 is the equivalent to living in Beverly Hills. Maybe those brownstones course they start at 4 million, okay. People choose to live there. It’s not a matter of like, people want that vibe. It’s a different vibe altogether right to live in downtown Brooklyn. You walk across the bridge or in Manhattan. She’s the breadwinner in her marriage. And I need to get to the bottom of this. But her husband says he’s retired. He retired when she started taking off so was he like a hedge fund guy that has 20 million in the bank and then he retired

B 19:44
I he had to be that’s where my head is. And I actually did try to do a little research and I couldn’t find much so

B 19:51
I used to babysit for this family. And I remember it’s funny thinking about it now because I was a teenager and at the time you know Any adult with children seems older, but they must have been like 35. And they had a beautiful home in our neighborhood and they had a home, you know, a couple of other homes and like out Easton, whatever, right, they were very well to do and the dad was retired. And he was, I don’t know, quote unquote, a businessman. So you know, you do have people who make their fortune by in their 30s and retire and their investment guys and they invest their money or whatever they do. And so I think that’s what it is. I don’t think she bought that brownstone last year after making money all I mean,

B 20:38
I don’t think so. I mean, not that not that kind of money. I don’t maybe but I don’t think so. I get the feeling. He had, you know, like, when he said retired like that there was, you know, that they’re both but I think it’s, I think that’s so cool that he was like, Okay, I’m gonna like, you know, I’m gonna sit back and enjoy the family and let her shine. So and he’s he’s got some swag, too. He’s very good looking. And I don’t know, I’m I’m intrigued by them.

B 21:08
I’m very intrigued by them. I’m currently searching property records right now just to see if what comes out.

B 21:15
Okay. Well, while you’re doing that, I will I’ll read Ooba so Ooba Hassan is a Somalian model, philanthropist and entrepreneur whose outgoing personality enters a room before she does. channeling her zest for life. She’s a creator of her personal hot sauce company, Uber hot, which she hopes is her ticket to making it big in New York after an initial boost from landing a spot on Oprah’s Favorite Things. She’s looking to take her business to the next level. And due to her tribe, her trying upbringing and desire for total control. She feels a pressure to do it all on her own without the help of investors.

B 21:57
I mean, I loved Ooba she has that. I don’t know how to explain it. She should have glides in. It’s almost like her feet aren’t touching the ground like she’s such a model, right? Yes. And she’s so beautiful and it’s so effortless. She’s got such a poise and a calmness we learned on Watch What Happens Live. We saw Chanel say Oh, you gotta watch my cousin. They’re actually cousins. They’re related through their mother’s she’s playful. She’s light. I don’t think we’re going to she’s going to be the one stirring the pot. But I do think that when it’s going on, she’s gonna have an opinion. She’s gonna say it. I think she’s gonna give us gorgeous she’s gonna give us cute she’s gonna give us whimsical that’s that’s the vibe. I’m getting from Oba. Yeah. And again her and bring her single. Let’s see them looking for love in Manhattan. They’re they’re going to be dating, right? We’re gonna see where their relationships evolve. I’m not sure if Jenna and we’re gonna get to to Jenna. I’m not sure if Jenna is single. But I don’t know what maybe we’ll see her I don’t think she’s in a relationship.

B 23:09
I think she I don’t know. I feel like reading what I was reading that that maybe she is but I’ve seen like I follow her on social and she seems to be maybe at that point in time when they were filming. She was not she seems like she may be in one now. But that’s Oh, Jenna, maybe

B 23:24
in one now?

B 23:26
I think so. Because like I follow her on social and it does seem like she’s I see somebody in some of these pictures, but I don’t know if it was the case at the time. But yeah, she’s got her son. And I don’t know i She is

B 23:41
her son who’s like a young teenager right? Yeah.

B 23:44
Yeah, she’s I don’t know. I’m very, very into Jenna. Like her whole vibe. I think she’s got this like kind of fish out of water. She’s

B 23:56
the former president CEO, J Crew or EC whatever of J Crew group now she’s co founded her beauty brand love scenes and guys, that’s what that eyelash a lot of a lot of my followers were like, What’s with her intro line? That’s, that’s she has an eyelash brand and you said it’s for people with alopecia.

B 24:16
Yeah, so she has she has like I think it’s alopecia and cheek but she it’s not alopecia it’s she was born with some sort of thing where she doesn’t really have eyebrows and eyelashes. And so it was the whole reason she did that is to have like, like a natural lat like, like line of lashes. So it’s for the line is for everybody. But the inspiration to create the line came from her own personal situation. So like that’s where that all that’s where that all came from.

B 24:50
And you can see in the first episode, she’s definitely like, the auntie of the group. They all sort of, you know, refer to her or like, you know what I mean? Like She’s the boss. She’s older than them. She’s well known entrepreneur successful style icon. And sharing quirky, very quirky. And she says in the six minute clip we saw for next week, like, I don’t do this, I don’t go on girls trips. This is weird for me. I think this whole experience is fish out of water for her. Yeah. And we did hear that she doesn’t really fit in. But I think she’s sort of like the person that when the drama is going on, they individually go to to like, talk to her about it, and she sort of is going to be the middle person.

B 25:32
Yeah, I don’t know. And I think it kind of works to have somebody like that. And I think she can really run with that fish out of water kind of point of view, and use that to her advantage to not get in too deep to any of the drama to kind of like where you’re saying she can be also be kind of the adviser. Whatever. Okay, so I also love like, I think she also though, is playing. I think she’s much smarter than she might be playing because like, we’re hearing about cheese gate at the beginning of this show. And then she, like, this is why I love this show. Because it’s like, we have fashion and we have like this effortless style and these beautiful homes and then we have this like shade, but it’s like, it’s like diet shade, right? It gets you know, nobody’s throwing anything at each other. And like, you know, we started by talking about cheese and shoes and getting lace and sequins stock. And like, there’s even talking about like diary in the first five minutes of the show, which I actually totally loved. But Jenna, I think she’s playing along because like we’re hearing about cheese gate right? Then she throws a cheese centric party like chef’s kiss love to that.

B 26:48
So here’s my thought on that. We know that Lizzie Sovetsky, who was filming it first, okay, she originally was going to be on Dallas. Bravo said to her, if you move to New York, you can be on the reboot. She legitimately up moved her husband’s a plastic surgeon, they moved their whole life and everything to New York. She was going to be one of the ladies now. I am hearing that she was incredibly difficult prior to this, the reason that she’s not on the show, and they had already decided that she was going to be a friend of she was very difficult around filming, she was very demanding production was not happy with her. And then there was a situation between her and Brynn where Bryn wanted to be set up. And what the rumor is, is that Lizzie said I am a Jewish matchmaker. And what I hear is it’s common for matchmakers to kind of want to only hook up because you want to strengthen your community. Brynn took offense to it. And that’s like for anyone to debate whether or not she should have or shouldn’t have. They had an exchange where inappropriate things were said on Lizzie’s part. In addition to that off camera, her husband allegedly said sorry, there were things said, Bravo basically said to them, you’re done. But, you know, you can go out on your own terms. But if you’re going to like make a thing, then we’ll come out. And so when they were having the cheese gate, I do think there was more to it. I think that they were instructed, obviously not to mention Lizzie. So I think that sort of the sides were seeing being picked were that maybe Aaron saw Lizzie’s point of view. And Brynn kind of was talking smack about it. And maybe that’s why she didn’t want to go and it wasn’t because by the way, it was catch the restaurant that they were bleeping out. I knew that I put it out on threads and Twitter and yeah, and everyone was like, thank you. We needed to know the restaurant. People were saying could have been another place by people say catch what everyone’s

B 28:53
saying. Yes. Okay. Which brings me to the question. Have you been to catch in the last like, did you go when it was like catch like the hot place and have you been recently I’ve been

B 29:06
there back in the day. I am and you guys know this. I’m really not a city girl. Like people like messaged me like, oh, where should I go in Manhattan? I live very close to Manhattan. I live in the outer boroughs but

B 29:18
in the Burton did you guys hear that? In the boroughs? By the way, not on Long Island, Long Island.

B 29:27
There’s a whole rant from last week’s cocktail party about that. And I got a lot of support by the way. I mean, like they said that they know I don’t live in Long Island because people who live in Long Island say they live on the island but in any event yes catch was a hotspot. Now. It’s funny because a lot of people who are Bravo, bravo con a lot of accounts and Bravo stars themselves were all at catch in the fall when we were at Bravo con. It’s still a hot spot for me. Would I still go? Yes, of course. But if you’re like a real city, fashionista, probably same time kind of girl. I guess it’s out of fashion. I certainly am not like I’m, I’m a mom from the boroughs. So I would go I’m bridge and tunnel baby. I don’t know what’s really listen when I was in my 20s I did but those days are over.

B 30:17
I thought that that whole thing was hilarious. I definitely thought it was shady.

B 30:23
To me there was also something about still being on the come up, if where you eat matters that much. I’m just gonna say that like not to diss anyone but you know, yeah, nobody. Nobody’s gonna diss Kelly Ripa or Andy Cohen because they’re at a restaurant that’s out of fashion because they’re like, a list in Manhattan. Right? Do you know what I mean? So I can eat anywhere they want.

B 30:46
Well, and I have to say, like, I thought, like, I so enjoyed the shakiness, but I actually really saw Aaron’s point of view on this where it’s like, no, it’s just like, where are we gonna be able to get that big of a group of, you know, a table for that big of a group that’s gonna have decent food, right? Like, that’s where I’m like, but that’s of course, the more practical, you know, listen,

B 31:08
there are pollution. I’m sure you’ve heard of rayos. Right? They have one in Vegas. They have a line of like jarred sauces. Yes. Okay. Love it. So yes. So rayos is in Manhattan, I believe it’s actually in Harlem. And it’s this tiny restaurant and in order to eat at the restaurant, people own the tables, okay? So like, well connected people, not necessarily celebrities, but well connected. Take that for whatever you want, be it celebrity, be it wealthy, be connected, connected, Goodfellas style, own the tables. And so then they give them out to like their extended friends. And you still have to pay the bill. Right? So I have not been there. My brother and my husband have been there through work, connections and stuff. But like that is exclusive and that will never go out of style. Because you legitimately can’t get in there. Unless you know somebody who knows somebody who owns the table. It’s like bananas. The one in Vegas, obviously, he’s just one in Vegas. And I’m sure there’s a long reservation list. But like, like, there are places there are like members only clubs in Manhattan. Yeah, you know what I’m saying? There are places like that it’s Manhattan. It’s, you know, I was

B 32:18
gonna say that sounds more like a club than a restaurant. I didn’t know that about Yeah. And see, here’s here’s me, the non New Yorker, I think and it was because I buy the sauce all the time. I thought it was called Rouse. It’s rainbows, rainbows. Got it.

B 32:30
I don’t really use jarred sauce. But in a pinch. I like I have a couple in my cabinet for when you know, you know how the kids are and they don’t want anything you made. And you’re just like, I’m not sitting here and making a sauce right now. Yeah, that’s like, the only one I really use is radios. I tried car bones jarred sauce, not a fan. I think it’s a matter of preference. But that’s neither. Carbone is also exclusive. But again, you can get a reservation there, right? I was like, Yeah, legitimately need to know somebody’s

B 32:57
amazing. Now like, I’m gonna add that to my list of things that I would like to try to do at some point. So.

B 33:05
And I’m willing to bet that one of the tables was probably owned by like NBC ABC. And I don’t know the people who own the tables may own them, like Tuesday nights. And then there’s somebody else who owns that table on Thursdays, I have to check with my brother on the specifics. One of these days, I really should have my brother on here because you’ve you’ve spoke with my brother and you love him. He’s a freaking character. He’s hilarious. So maybe like on a New York episode, I’ll make him watch and because he would actually really like the New Yorkers. I might make him watch and bring him on because I think that you guys would. And people who know me in real life are hearing this are like, Oh my God, you gotta get him on.

B 33:41
Yeah, so he can like tell us how things really work in New York. Yes.

B 33:45
People always tell my brother he looks like a young Paul Sorvino. Do you know who Paul Sorvino is? Yes, yes, thinner than him. But he looks like a young Paul Sorvino. Yes.

B 33:55
Okay, so I mean, like, what else about the show? Like, what do you think? Are you like, psyched to see more?

B 34:02
I think it’s gonna be so good. I think that we were pleasantly surprised. Even those of us who were anticipating liking it were surprised at how good the ladies were. I think we got ourselves to show guys. Yeah,

B 34:14
I think so too. And you know, what you had started out by saying about their, you know, being room for both shows. I couldn’t agree more. And I think it’ll be really interesting seeing in the next, you know, we’ve talked a little bit about it on the site’s about the sag after a strike and the writer strike. I mean, there’s going to be a point I would say, like a tipping point in the next couple of months where there becomes even more focus on reality content just to get stuff out there. And so there might be, there might be things coming from networks like NBC and like, you know, which is within the kind of whole Bravo University No like, an MC universal so we might be seeing more of that stuff because of this writer’s

B 35:04
strike because just how the last writers strike is what birth reality TV is what I hear.

B 35:11
Well, maybe we’re gonna have a little Renaissance. Yeah. So, but I do I do think that there’s going to be more more opportunities for reality stars because of all this. So yes, agreed. And I’m very interested in all the intricacies of all of how that works, right? Because like I saw, what is her name?

B 35:31
Well, it is hard because like A source told me people on Vanderpump Rules as example on Beverly Hills are our side like, just gonna pile

B 35:42
because current Garcelle just did that Barbie promo ad. I don’t know if you saw it, but it was really cute for the Barbie movie. And so I’m like, how does that work? I’m sure because it was in the can and done before the strike. But like Kana Garcelle, Khanna, Kyle, who are both? I’m sure sag AFTRA. can they both be on? Like is that breaking the rules? If they go on for reality?

B 36:05
I think technically they can. I think then it comes down to maybe backlash from the community against people like that saying, like, we’re on strike. None of us are working. Why are you working? Yeah, so that’ll be interesting to see. And I think we’ll start seeing and hearing more about that as time goes, Yeah,

B 36:22
I just I have to laugh. That the nanny Fran Drescher is the one leading this charge. Like, just because she’s she’s a comedic actress, her voice has always been funny. And you know, she’s she’s a, she’s a borrow girl herself from Queens originally. And I just find it funny that like, when I see the clips, it’s like, how nasally voice is doing all this is enemy?

B 36:46
Well, I do think what like it’s not just about money, a lot of it is about you know, AI and, and people’s likenesses being owned forever. Because AI can take it and like use it. And so like I actually, I think that it’s really interesting to watch. From that perspective. I have one of my marketing clients does a lot in the league legal side and is very on the cutting edge of what’s going on with AI and how that’s working. And like there’s some crazy ass shit out there that’s going on like it is. There’s I don’t know, this, I think that’s really going to change so much.

B 37:30
I use chat GPT but my husband and my brother will like, they’ll pull it up just to show and they’re like, Okay, we were looking at going to Paris and they were like, Okay, give me an itinerary of seven days in Paris. And it like legitimately does what a travel agent or you know what I’m saying? So it’s not only acting, and writers that are being affected, I’m sure it’s seeing this in a lot of industries. I also think that as far as the Hollywood, the writers and all that’s concerned. The timing is awful for them, because a lot of these people and like Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, they’re all right. But the people who the cameraman and the writers and all the people who don’t make millions and millions of dollars, they were just out of work for during COVID. Yeah. So I do think it’s a really tough time. And I think that you’ll also see like the unionized cameraman that now maybe are going to be working on reality television and like what are the lines for that and they’re allowed to but do you stand with your union? You know, union members, it’s a it’s a brother sisterhood. It’s right. I thought it was so nice. Total sidenote, speaking of a brotherhood we saw yesterday, Gertie, we’re sending our love and our prayers and our well wishes to her as she begins her chemo. We already from Miami is battling breast cancer. And she posted a picture of her husband’s fire truck like the, you know, the guys who worked with all showing up with food and flowers for her. So, you know, they’re firefighters or union teachers or union writers or union. So you really are supposed to stand with your union. So we’re gonna say,

Amanda 39:07
yeah, we’ll see. But, I mean, I say Good, good for them for making a stand because there is an opportunity for this AI and stuff to go wild, right, like in ways that we can’t even imagine right now. And so I think now, I think they’re right now is the time to really take a stand on this. Yeah. Okay. So, Bethany and Jill. They had a little reunion. I have not had a chance to listen yet. But I did think the timing was and as you pointed out to very interesting because they recorded and then literally posted the day after the Roni premiere, so you listen, right?

B 39:49
So Bethany, when was it? It wasn’t yesterday, Tuesday or Wednesday, late afternoon, Bethany post. She’s like Jill and I are recording and we’re posting it. unedited. As soon as we’re Done. Of course, I stayed up listening to it. Some takeaways. And if you haven’t listened to it, it’s worth a listen. The two of them are so similar, the chaotic energy, the anxiety ridden.

B 40:14
They definitely the second thing I noticed is, it’s almost a hard listen because of that, you know, Amanda and I have been approached for people that want to work with us and you know, people that want to come work on our pod and stuff like that. And the thing that the feedback we get Amanda is always like, we balance each other well, because I’m sort of like, talking fast and boba, and you sort of keep me like, on track and keep me grounded. So with the two of them, it’s just too much of the same, I thought, but it was nice to hear them together, they definitely have a true love and respect for each other. I feel like their relationship is complicated, because they’re both complicated and demanding sort of people, their need to get their point across is very similar. I think it makes it although you can see they genuinely care for the other, I think it makes it would make it then and would certainly just continue to always make it hard for them to to sustain a truly close daily relationship. And I think Bethany very much recognizes this. I think she gets there interesting dynamic. I think she appreciates Jill. But she also knows that Jill can help herself over inserting and over just being involved. And Bethany recognizes she can’t have somebody like that in her life, like on a daily basis.

Amanda 41:39
Well, there’s something I think very poignant and adult and evolved about realizing like, there’s so much value in burying the hatchet and like reconnecting but knowing like, we’re never gonna be the same way maybe that we were to, you know, 1520 years ago, but being okay with that, and that’s what it sounds like, kind of was the conversation and like, I don’t know about you, but I never like to have unresolved bad business with people like I’d rather you know, deal with it move on. And maybe you’re not like you’re not best friends anymore. But at least you don’t have ugly stuff in between that’s, you know, like hanging over your head.

B 42:28
Right? Well, and a perfect example of that is so they should this was pretty surprising. And I don’t know if you’ve seen clips, but what we learned was Jill did not know that the cameras that were there were for Bravo. So she had spoke with Bravo and agreed to let them film she wanted to memorialize his passing in a way on the show. So what she had said to them was

B 42:55
Why don’t you have all of the ladies come not at the real actual Shiva but like the day after, and it’s all the Brony housewives at that time come and pay their respects and we can film that. Now. Bethany went to the wake, or to the funeral, excuse me. And the cameras were there and Jill says they she was not miked. They did not have an audio release for her and she says that Bravo banked on her not suing, which actually makes sense and she didn’t so and after that, the women had agreed to do the Shiva and filament. Bethenny went to the Shiva on her own, and apparently the other women. They said, Ramona, and who was the other one, I believe they said, and Ramona and Dorinda were really pissed that Bethany went to the Shiva on her own. And because of it, they never ended up filming them going, like they refused, which is kind of tacky. And I think Bethany did it. Bethany wanted to go.

Amanda 43:54
Like they wanted Bethany to go with them. I don’t understand what yeah. Oh,

B 43:59
and she went on top of it. But, you know, did have a good relationship with Bobby and cared for

B 44:03
him. Yeah.

B 44:05
So I thought it was great. You could see that Bethany has a real affection for Ali. She’s known Ali since she’s young. So let’s see. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that when they’re out in the Hamptons, or when they’re both in the city, they meet for dinner. You saw out when they were recording that they said that Paul and Gary hit it off. Really well. Yeah. So they’re new spouses. So it’s an interesting lesson I definitely if you have some time and listen to it,

Amanda 44:33
I definitely well and I’ve always been a Bethany fan. I sometimes need some smaller doses. Yes. Which is why the podcast sometimes having her in my ear feels like too much. But I hear Joe on Heather MacDonald’s podcasts a lot too. And I always enjoy hearing her I think she’s Jill has a really interesting you know, like very, very lavish lifestyle but has a down to earth. viewpoint I think on on it and really seems to value the relationships and the friendships and stuff in her life, which I’ve always really liked about her as well. So I definitely will take a listen. Okay, so weird week in terms of like marriages because you know, as we had shared so cocktails knew about this, but we had shared some information about two upcoming divorces. So Ariana Grande, who was married to I don’t remember his name, but yeah, some real estate agent guy. And then Sofia Vergara and and Joe Manchin and Mangie Anello? Did I say that? Right? I think so. Okay, good. Um, so mid June, I think we had posted the thing about Ariana Grande. We that we had gotten some intel about that. And then we had heard some stuff about Sofia and Joe as well. So that was confirmed. Yeah, just feel felt like

B 46:05
those are like shitty ones to get right.

Amanda 46:08
I know. It’s not fun. Like, it’s it’s yeah, like it’s not. It’s not ever something that we feel like, like super happy when it’s true. I know. The longer

B 46:19
I do this, the more I start to wonder if there are people kind of soft launch the breakups before. In other words, like whoever sent me the Ariana stuff. It was pretty detailed. Whoever sent me this Sofia and Joe rumors. I wonder if their PR teams are almost like, alright, float this out to the blogs? I don’t know.

Amanda 46:39
Oh, I’m sure I’m sure they do. Because, yeah, because I think then it can give them the opportunity to kind of brace them. See, we’re people Yeah, but see what people are saying to and make sure they’re staying ahead of the story. And however it is that they’re wanting to position things. Right. And like you could see it like Joe came out this week saying like, he didn’t feel like Sofia Vergara was very supportive of his sobriety. Sofia doesn’t seem to be saying anything. So people

B 47:12
are also saying that he very much wants to have children and she doesn’t want to have more children. He she has an adult son. So this is so random. Her Sofia Vergara is currently in a legal battle with an ex fiance, who is the step cousin of Whitney from southern charm. And Craig mentioned it on his pod that he had been out to dinner with him because it’s Whitney’s cousin. Like all roads freakin leads, bravo.

Amanda 47:41
Yeah, well, and I can imagine two with Sofia, like having going through this where the battle is essentially that they have embryos, so not just her eggs, but fertilized embryos with her ex husband, that he is trying to like, get custody of essentially, and like she doesn’t want him to have them. And they’re in this like legal battle, which I’ve got to imagine has got to feel so violating, like, I cannot imagine if both parties are not fully in and wanting to bring those lives, you know, to life. That’s got to be extremely painful and awful experience to be going through. So I can imagine why Sofia might not want to go anywhere near having any more kids.

B 48:28
Yeah. Right. And it’s complicated. And again, you know, it’s hard, because these are the sorts of things that change over time, right? So when they got married seven years ago, she was open to having children, perhaps Perhaps he knew he wanted more children. And maybe this whole legal thing has soured her to it. Maybe she won’t be able to get an egg that isn’t fertilized with the X fiance. Who knows. Obviously, all of these things likely weighed in to their decision to separate so yeah, it sucks. But you know, they’re two beautiful people, and I’m sure they’ll find love again.

Amanda 49:07
Yes, I think they’ll both be just fine. And I mean, who wouldn’t want to see more kids from Joe Manchin? Alex, he is his very, very good looking.

B 49:18
Sure is.

Amanda 49:19
Did you? Was he in the new magic? I haven’t watched the new Magic Mike. Has he in that one never

B 49:24
watched any of that. I’ve seen that.

B 49:27
They’re fun. They’re definitely fun. I should watch the most recent one. I heard it’s sexy. Okay, so Okay, let’s talk Vanderpump because we’ve been seeing some activity from the cast. We’re seeing that some but not all of them are in Lake Tahoe.

B 49:47
We had heard that we had heard that some of them are going to Lake Tahoe. We heard that Ariana and Katie would not be there they aren’t. We had heard that Raquel isn’t we are hearing that she will be and she was just spot added wearing a hat that says be a good person. I don’t know i Okay, so this is this is so yesterday, they’re all posting pictures and there’s a lot of commentary on this. A lot of people saying is that gram gram is the dog James and Raquel shared. Last we saw recal had Graham it was her dog, her and James not being on good terms. He wasn’t seeing the dog. So James answered our question late last night. He said, Yes, it is Graham, I will love him forever. You got me now? How did Graham end up in the custody of James did Rachel just hand them over? While she was away? Did she say you could watch him? Is she going to want him back? Is this going to be a storyline? What’s going on with Graham?

Amanda 50:48
I mean, I saw the posts. There’s I don’t think there’s any room for like, we’re gonna share custody. I’m guessing because I remember back when? I don’t know. This hadn’t been a couple of months ago, the there was they saw Rachel, I’m calling her Rachel. Now we’re just gonna mean maybe she’ll just go by Rochelle so I can stop getting your name wrong. Rachel was dropping him off at some boarding plays in Arizona, I think to come to California, I’m imagining that that would get extremely expensive, you know, while she was in her rehab, or I don’t know what it was called the mental health facility that she was in for a couple of months. So maybe a you know, maybe two she’s like, you know, I need I can’t have anything right now. That, you know, I need to focus on taking care of myself. I can’t be taking care of anything else. And you know,

B 51:44
and then do we see her regretting that and then they fight over who takes him probably, we have Sheena and Lala getting a lot of backlash. So the premise of the trip is Lisa’s new business, which is called Wolf. It’s a restaurant in Lake Tahoe. Brilliant, a neutral ground for them all to get together. In the meantime, I posted a video of the chef who will be working with Ariana and Katie at something about her. The two of them are filming there. People were saying, oh, Ariana was filming love Island or maybe she is but currently as of last night they were at something about her they were filming. And they were filming them interviewing potential workers wage waitstaff, whatever at the sandwich shop. Okay, so we have the Tahoe trip as neutral ground. People giving Sheena a hard time there was a picture of all of them that they took with a fan Sheena, standing next to Sandoval and the picture, guys, they have to film with him. He is a part of the cast. They’re gonna have to film with Raquel as well. They are reality stars. This is their job. This is how they feed their families. This is how they pay their mortgages. So do I think they’re besties? No. And a matter of fact, Sheena came out and said No, all is not forgotten. But we’re filming. You know, Ariana is thriving. She’s making a lot of money. She’s in a relationship. I think that helps helps the cast say like, it’s not like she’s still curled up in the fetal position. Right. So do I think that there comes a point where some of them make some sort of amends with Sandoval? Yeah. Do I think they go back to how it used to be? No, I mean, they know how he is. Production is going to want conversations between Ariana and Sandoval as well. It’s their job. We’re gonna have to see it. We may even see Raquel film with Ariana. I don’t know what that looks like. I don’t know.

Amanda 53:47
So do we know that? Rachel is coming back? For sure.

B 53:54
So I haven’t gotten the full that she signed the contract. But what I did get was a source telling me she’s rumored to show up on this trip. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that her first batting was yesterday. Another soft launch because she was photographed in Tucson, Arizona. There’s no paparazzi in Tucson, Arizona guys. The Hollywood strip or Rodeo Drive, it was

Amanda 54:24
barely paparazzi in in Hollywood anymore, unless you call them

B 54:28
so. Yeah, she listen. Number one, she is bound by contract. So and I spoke with talent who told me what does that mean? That means that if she chooses not to come back for whatever, however long her contract is, she can film anything else. Okay. It also means that she’s bound by contract, which means as long as she shows up to film, she is abiding by that contract. She could sit on our hands if she wants to. However, you want more money. You want to get extra pay? You gotta talk, you got to give them something. Right. So do I think she’ll be back? Yes. I don’t think she’s going to put unless you decided to leave reality television in which case, her contract would run out and then I don’t know the length of her contract. Let’s say it’s two years. In two years. If people were still interested, she’d have to, she’d have to hedge her bets that people would still want to see her if she decided to come back and I got news for you. Two years is a long time. It sure is. So yeah, I think she’s back. I think she’s back. I think by the end of filming I think the biggest hurdle for her I think the bigger hurdle will be for her. Right? She has no connection at least Sandoval has shorts, right. And he also has long standing relationships you know Brock’s gonna be hard because if not for the way Sandoval treated Sheena Brock would probably be an easy get, because number one, he would want the airtime and number two, you know boys will be boys, right? So yeah, he cheated on Ariana but Brock’s fairly new to the group. He doesn’t have any allegiance to Ariana. But the Brock situation will be hindered by the way he treated. Sheena. And Lala never really cared for Sandoval. So yeah, they’re gonna film but they’re not all besties that’s not where I’m at with it. Do have some cocktail scoop on the spin off, which is really good. We will we’ll probably share that next week. Let our cocktails get it first. What I can tell you is that we’re not seeing Jax and Brittany or Kristen on Vanderpump right? They’re not filming on Vanderpump right. So we are seeing some new people on Vanderpump Rules. I got sent a couple of names there. Nobody we know. So I don’t know what that looks like. I don’t know if their staff at TomTom if their staff at Schwartz and Sandy is I think we’re gonna be in the sandwich shop. We know they’re already filming there. We’re gonna be in TomTom. We’re gonna be in shorts. And Sandy’s we know they’re filming it all those places. I think. I think as time goes, fans are going to feel that it’s unfair that Sandoval is having an easier go of it. Listen, Raquel did put the work in she was in a facility. Yeah. So whatever that means. But then the other side of it is Raquel was James’s fiancee. She wasn’t a founding member of the group like Sandoval was so

Amanda 57:31
yeah, and I have to give a big kudos and a big like, I respect very much the fact that Rachel has decided to go in, do the work, try to come on a better person. I you know, that’s, that is I think, you know, not just from a strategic standpoint, but like that is just the best thing she could have done is realize she really messed up and really tried to get whatever it is she needed to get right. Kind of work on that and come out a better person. So I’m, you know, gonna give her respect for that. So we didn’t see Sandoval though that he went to the spa. Yeah, exactly. Honestly, and then he complained about it.

B 58:20
Um, we’re gonna end with something fun because I just got an email before I’m even posting it. I’m going to share it on the pod. Okay. Lots of Jersey stuff. We’ll cover that next week because I’m getting a lot of Jersey stuff whoever these new people are, their cocktail is boy. Okay. From Jersey update. Subject New Jersey. Casting is going the diverse route sidenote, we know that we know that they’re all back. Okay. When they say casting, these are all friends of different people that they’re going to be trying out. So casting is going to be diverse. The new the new bees are enhanced by the premiere of Roni, which is another situation that we have to discuss that Roni being such a success is changing the landscape for existing cities, Sandy Mae, her instant is at truck travel and truffles and Jacqueline Morales her instant is at J LaBelle. 719. R to testing. Sandy is of Chinese descent. Jacqueline is of Puerto Rican descent. Sandy knows Jennifer Aiden and Margaret. So that will be interesting. And Jacqueline knows Teresa so you guys can check we got other emails there is somebody else we mentioned on the cocktail pod last week Her name is Kayla she owns eat clean bro clean bro she’s friends with a lot of reality store stars Jersey Shore a lot of the jersey people she’s definitely a go for friend of and the rest of their like testing out There wasn’t another name Michelle Columbo and I just got some insider scoop today that she may not be given the go because one of the ladies was like, I kind of turned on her. There’s a lot happening with these women. What I think we see with jersey and again, we’ll go into more detail next week, because there’s a lot going on. But I definitely think and I was told that they introduced these younger people, they always had the intent of moving along and letting go of the OGs. And the cast has been around for a while. The success of Danielle and Rachel and then having all of these women waiting in the rain wings and kind of showing up to parties this upcoming season and stuff that this season, this is the last season for a lot of the the older people, they’re going to wrap a lot of them up. Hmm,

B 1:00:52
that’s that’s the vibe. And that’s what I’m hearing.

B 1:00:56
I mean, I could see it happening now that now that Ronnie’s been been so big, so

B 1:01:05
we’ll see. All right cocktail party. We will get into that more next week because that information is literally coming in as we speak. So I got to put it all together and hash it all out with Miss Amanda. As always, thank you for tuning in. We know there’s a ton of places you can listen and you guys choose us and we appreciate you.

Amanda 1:01:21
Have a great week, everybody. Bye

Amanda 1:01:31
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:02:12
Bye guys. See you next time.