There’s two sides…

Jul 28, 2023


John’s daughter is NOT innocent. She dislikes Shannon and every woman her father has dated. She provoked Shannon at the bar and filmed it and told her she’s sending it to the media. She is not a victim, the daughter and her crew were thrown out NOT Shannon by the way.


  1. Bravo

    Thank you Shannon

  2. Melissa

    How about you don’t take the bait Shannon. Don’t engage. Walk away.

  3. Naomi


    If you…a grown a💲💲 woman…ever find yourself trying (or needing) to tell “your side of the story” after a fight…of any kind…with a man’s child…just leave. Period. Hard stop. No, that’s not your soulmate. No, they do not need to (nor will they) outgrow it. Bow out and find another 🍆…there’s plenty.


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