We’re thrilled to have Ally from @Bravo_After_Thoughts on the pod this week! And what a week it’s been. Literally right after we recorded last week, the whispers get louder and louder about Kyle and Mauricio until we get the People confirmation that they are separating, quickly followed by a “we aren’t divorcing and ask for your privacy” statement on Instagram. So what’s going on? Does our theory about why Bravo would make that announcement add up? We go through the Easter eggs and the tea we have been sent over the months, including some new tea that feeds into a theory we have about what comes next for Kyle. And we’ve got some exclusive Summer House tea, including who is on the full-time cast, and will there be some new men on the show? Thank you guys for listening to Cocktails and Gossip – we are so humbled and honored to be listed as Screenrant’s #1 Reality TV Gossip podcast.

Allie 0:01
Divorce is not on the table, but separation may be so I found it very strategically, PR marketing the worded you know we are not going through a divorce. That’s not to say you know, we haven’t had a rough year of our marriage but you know, please don’t What did she say salacious rumors don’t use those to fit the narrative like I found it very interesting because they didn’t touch on the word separation which was what was published

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Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from problem cocktails.com And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds. B.

Amanda 0:55
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip

B 1:03
What’s up caught Taylor’s

Amanda 1:05
Haycock tailors I am so excited to tell you that we have our friend Ali from Bravo afterthoughts here with us today. So, Ally, I’m super excited. Hi, we’re so we’re excited to have you. I am especially excited to hear about some shenanigans because B has told me there’s been some great stories about Bravo con. There was a pretty late night apparently, after Sonia’s show. So cocktails, I think we need to hear a couple of stories but make sure that you are following at Bravo afterthoughts on Instagram. And if you’re not, go follow them now.

Allie 1:51
Oh, I’m so excited to be here. Thank you so much for having me. We’ve had we’ve had some good times B and I after you know, we went to Sonia show Sonia in the city. And that ended up being a really, really fun night. And we also got together a Bravo con and I also just wanted to congratulate you guys for being Screen Rants number one podcast for reality television. That’s so exciting.

B 2:13
Oh my god, thank you. I had no idea Screen Rant didn’t message me. All of a sudden a follower was like be Did you see this? And apparently they picked us as number one. We were on Hulu. We were on a list with a lot of other really great podcasts like our friend Kate Casey, of course, Andy Cohen. Watch what crap and and a bunch of others. So yes, we were very honored.

Amanda 2:37
Yeah. Very flattered. And honestly humbled, given all of the other people who were on that list and then like, yeah, so

B 2:47
I was confused. I was like, Wait, is this somebody else’s pod that the name is similar?

Allie 2:52
No, you guys deserve it. I love this podcast.

B 2:56
Well, Ali, I’m so happy you’re here. I don’t know why you haven’t been here soon. I

Allie 2:59
know. Right? Finally,

B 3:01
I’m telling you by i bring you up. And I’m sure because you I know you listen, sometimes I bring you up all the time. Because I’m like you don’t understand our little crew on because you guys know, there’s a bunch of accounts. And you know, there’s little crews. Our little crew, in my humble opinion is the best crew under percent. And it’s like you have me who’s like the 40 year old mom. Then you have a crazy ass Larry, who’s the king of the gays. We love him. And then you have there’s a bunch of us. But then you have Ali, who’s the baby? And when I say baby when we all started doing this Ali had you just graduated or where you were senior in college?

Allie 3:39
Yeah, I was I started this account you because I graduated during COVID and 2020. So this was kind of like an activity when my senior year was cancelled. So yeah, it must have been then, you know, into my summer of post grad.

B 3:53
So Ali, and I went to Sonia Morgan show. And I’m like, Yeah, I’m meeting up with whoever, whoever. I mean, my sister in law went so my husband calls me and he’s like, it’s, I don’t know, Ali. It was two in the morning. Who knows what time it was. He’s like, everything. All right, you guys coming home? Like yeah, we’re just with Ali. And he’s like, Ali, the one in college, Mike. Yeah. He’s like, Oh, my god.

Allie 4:16
That was so so much fun. If anyone gets the opportunity to experience Sonos show, like in real life. I know. She does think she was just in Boston recently. I don’t exactly know her tour schedule, but it was so so fun. Like it was the epitome of Sonia like you couldn’t write that you couldn’t make that up. It was just whatever you would think Sonia and her performance was was and we had the best time we were like so entertained the whole time.

B 4:42
But Amanda, you have to know something. Right? Ali has a picture with almost every single bravo bravo lab that has been on Watch What Happens Live or she first of all, she constantly gets tickets to watch what happens live. She lives in the city. So I She’s so sweet and so friendly. I think unlike me who they’re like, fuck that bitch. And i Bravo con she waited on. How what was your longest line?

Allie 5:09
I don’t even Kyle or Kathy actually Kathy, I was kind of able to, like, you know, I was with a group of friends and like I kind of slid into that line. But Kyle, I remember I was with you guys, we were all getting food and I’m like, gotta go going away for like three hours on the Kyle line to get a picture

B 5:25
but, and then we got snuck into SVP and you were like, What the hell? I’m like, Where’d you guys go? And we like once you’re snuck in. You have to stay there because yeah, you gotta you got it came out and met you after?

Allie 5:38
Yeah, no, it’s so worth it. I mean, I didn’t get in test VIP. But from what everyone said, that seemed like a great hangout. Where like the Bravo loves are in and out. It’s a little bit less like, you know, because when they get on the floor everyone kinda like you know pounces to like, try to get in picture try to like see around them, you know, so that was like a little bit more intimate, at least.

Amanda 5:59
What was your favorite part about going to Bravo con.

Allie 6:03
This so this was my first Bravo con and I absolutely loved it. I did all three days. I know b only did one but for me, when I left I was like, Oh my God. Now I have to like get into real life mode. But you know, it was also fun because I went to the hotel the GaNS of war where they’re staying after so that was fun like a lot of them you know, came up and like we got a really good spot behind the barricades were like you know, they’d come up and take pictures that was a lot of fun Bravo con itself like, I love just the camaraderie of all the Bravo fans just like being in the Bravo bazaar where they were all the merch was being sold, etc. Like, I didn’t even buy anything but it was kind of just like, you know, because the photo op lines were so long that when you could like catch them at like a different moment was so much fun and just like doing these people in real life I love now I go to a lot of these like show like these like events that happen and like I love to just people watch like I just she’s

B 7:02
basically friends with Kyle and Amanda

Allie 7:06
they must they know me at this point. Honestly, the last time I saw them, I think was that Avery singers batch boss launch party. Oh my

B 7:13
god, I spoke about you going to that on the

Amanda 7:17
books. Like it was a great party. Honestly, I

Allie 7:19
had a great time. I mean, I went by myself, you know, which happens a lot. Like, you know, half the time I’d say I have a plus one with me. But this one I went by myself and you know what, I just lurked by the bar that’s like my specialty. You know, pretend I’m getting a drink for that long. And you kind of see you bops in and out of the bar, but I was actually thinking the Loverboy team, because they had just sent me like a sweatshirt and a box of Loverboy for the new season. And they’re like, oh, we gotta get you talking to Kyle and Amanda. And I was like, okay, and I didn’t know if they remembered me. So I said to Amanda, you know, nice to meet you. And she was like, Wait, nice to meet you. Like we’ve met before having me nice to see you. And I was like, oh, yeah, they know me know, they’re there. Honestly, a lot of fun to talk to you in real life. So

Amanda 8:01
they both seem like good people. Yeah. On

Allie 8:05
Earth. Yeah. Especially in those kind of like, you know, appearance like settings like that. I’d say the summerhouse cast is really like, cool and chill and like good to talk to, you know, enjoyable.

Amanda 8:18
I love it. Okay, so we talked about Kyle for a second. The other Kyle.

Allie 8:24
I mean, oh, yeah,

Amanda 8:26
that’s what I might like. So wait, was it Kyle Richards?

B 8:31
Kyle. Sorry. So Oh, Kyle.

Amanda 8:34
Right. You’re in. You’re in for three hours at Bravo con.

Allie 8:37
Say that. Oh, no. Kyle Richards. I did wait on line for three hours. Kyle Kyle took and Amanda was who I recently saw. And

Amanda 8:45
because I feel like Kyle Richards like you Mansky. Like, I feel like she’s probably one of, if not the most popular housewives.

Allie 8:55
Definitely people people just grew up with her, like, over the years, you know, like, they were in different phases of life with

Amanda 9:01
her. Right. And like, so I think that’s why, like, there’s just been so much so much chatter. And like, I think everyone’s really taking this separation thing hard, because everyone would always look to be like, well, but Kyle and Kyler Murray CO, you know, they’ve been able to avoid the Bravo curse.

B 9:23
You know what I was just thinking, as you were saying that we have we know that there were the tabloid rumors about Mauricio. And we know there were like internet rumors about Mauricio cheating over the years. But we never saw you know how with most housewives, Emily from OC, I mean, just any housewife really whether they stay together or they split or we have seen marriage highs and marriage lows in most of our housewives. And I feel like with Kyle, it’s very unique that we haven’t and I know there was always a rumor that she had it in her contract. that people couldn’t really get into it with him. I have no idea if that’s true, that people really weren’t allowed to address her marriage in that way. But all we’re hearing now is that these rumors do surface this season. So is that something that wasn’t her contracts that she kind of was willing to forego? Because it was so in your face? Or was that just not in her contract? And were they able to shield us? But do you know what I’m saying? I can’t think of well actually most of the Beverly Hills housewives if you think about it, we haven’t seen PK and Jerry have any troubles. Never Lisa and Larry, I mean, I’m talking about in their own storyline, not other people speculating.

Allie 10:35
Yeah, I honestly, that I think that’s why it was such a shock, you know, because they seemed like the most stable you know, well rounded couple kinda, you know, you see and, and hit their spin off buying Beverly Hills. You know, Mauricio being such a great dad to the daughters, and even to Pharaoh, who is, you know, his stepdaughter. And I feel like we saw very much into their family dynamic, as opposed to like, even deep dives on like any of the other family members. So I just feel like that’s why this may be came as such a shock, myself included. We’ve seen the rumors recently, right. But I didn’t even repost any of them, because I just simply thought it was a reach.

B 11:19
Yeah. And we said last week on the pilot, we talked about the rumors that were going around, and I said, you know, it does to me, it did feel like maybe they were going through it, which is not the same as separating, right. I just thought, like, the posting was a little off. You know, I definitely thought something was off. But I was surprised by I mean, I was hearing things, but they were mostly emails number one, which anyone who listens knows that emails can come in from anybody. Whereas uh, for sources telling you it’s different, right? So my two sources that I rely on mostly, one was like, it’s total BS. He filmed a lot this season, which we know to be true. He didn’t film a lot this season. You could tell alleys in Manhattan, guys. You hear the ambulances? Yeah,

Allie 12:04
I’m sorry. I was gonna I was gonna preface that I’m but no, but so

B 12:08
yeah, so we, we definitely saw something was up. To me. It wasn’t. I don’t know, the whole Morgan thing. And still to now with so many different things that have come in. I mean, what happened this week after we recorded was that a source, not my main source, but somebody who sent me through things before told me that for a very long time, they’ve heard from people who work for his company that he’s constantly with other women, people can’t figure out how the daughters work there and never hear the stories. Unless they kind of know that this is the parents deal. And the person said, it’s all hearsay. But apparently he has people sign NDAs a couple of women have left the company. And I don’t know what it made me remember guys. Do you remember the reunion? And also during the season when Rinna keep saying, Kyle Kathy said terrible things about you? And at the reunion, Kyle to me looked more scared than angry. And Kyle was like, I don’t care. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care. So I started to think after they announced this that one of those things were more about exposing her marriage like it had to be more than her being like Kyle’s a bad sister could be Yeah, for sure. What could have been them being open or swinging or even just Mauricio cheating? Doesn’t it seem like Doesn’t that seem very suspicious? Now?

Allie 13:28
I also do think it seems suspicious. I mean, obviously, you know, Murray, too, has issues with the Hilton’s over, you know, real estate companies, etc. But like, it did poke a little flag in my brain like, that could also maybe be some of the reason why Kathy like, Isn’t wild about Mauricia, or hasn’t been in the past, maybe just like knowing things. I don’t know.

B 13:52
And the original reason he left the company was because they didn’t want to promote him if we remember, which also coincides the same because he tells him and Kyle talk about him starting the agency, I believe, the same season that Lisa Vanderpump had those tabloids remember? Yeah. So it all does seem like maybe Kathy was like, Screw him. I’m not don’t promote him. Who knows if him and my sister are even going to stay together? What he’s been up to, right? Are they or maybe they’re weird arrangement? Because I do think and of course, Rick Hilton who we know, he’s kind of student odd. He he posts a picture. And I’m not blaming his age because you know what? You could be 70 something and not be like out of touch. But I guess when you’re very wealthy and old, it’s different. He posts a picture of him and Kathy this is like legit. Hours before or after, excuse me, Kyle and Marie seals announcement was made and he posts a picture and writes the love of my life. Like yeah, I think

Allie 14:51
that was more strategic than we think it’s exactly like cat hold, you know? Yeah, I could I could see it having you know, kind of playing Get off like, oh, did you do who was hunky dory? But like, yeah, that had maybe a little dig in it.

Amanda 15:04
I agree. I think Kathy and Rick are actually pretty perfect for each other based on what I’ve seen, like I don’t I think there was actually some, some smarts and some strategy behind that, as well, because people know, right, like, once there gets to be like some stink on something, it can spread pretty easily. So I’m sure they were like, We got to get ahead of us. As much as they probably knew it was probably going to piss Kyle Emery ACO off to do it. I think there are probably like, we’re gonna do it anyway.

Allie 15:37
Yeah, honestly, I don’t know much about Rick, other than, you know, the Hilton, you know, Empire and whatnot. But I mean, we do know Kathy, right, we’ve got a glimpse into their life and it sort of just seems like, you know, I’m, I’m pegging them to be, you know, very similar person, like you just said.

B 15:58
And so as people are speculating about her and Morgan, is she her friend? Is she more than a friend? Is she her sponsor in sobriety? We get a message, I get a DM that says, they were at a concert and someone they know knows Morgan’s mom. So Morgan’s mom doesn’t confirm that Morgan and Kyle are together to this woman. But she does say that Kyle Emery CO are not together. And this came again days before, right? They announced this and I just think that too much was coming out. What I heard was they wanted to hold off until after fowers wedding. Right with the announcement.

Amanda 16:42
Which makes sense. I get it. And like, I mean, Kyle is like her daughters are everything to her. And she wouldn’t want that kind of attention. Being given a fair as well, you know, like the wrong kind of attention being given to fairs wedding, which I would understand and you know, you posted it be but I’ve known this forever. So being in marketing, a Friday or the day of a holiday weekend is exactly when you post separation news like they did. Because that’s, you know, like, you want to try to bury it as much as you can when people are off doing family stuff and not on media.

B 17:19
But the reality is with social media now, it’s not like people are sitting in their living rooms watching Entertainment Tonight, like, Ali probably doesn’t even know what that is, like you and I did as kids. But like, Ali, that’s how we used to get our news. Like we’d have to sit down at seven o’clock, and be like, Ooh, what’s happening in Hollywood, you know, so, you know, they weren’t filming Entertainment Tonight on Fridays, so you didn’t get it until whatever. And hopefully something else happens. That makes it a little stale. But with social media. It’s different. Yeah.

Amanda 17:51
So are you What do you guys think? Do you think they’re like they’re truly going down? Like, like the separation route? Do you think they’re just hitting a rough patch? And they just felt like they finally had to address it somehow. What do you guys think?

Allie 18:07
I feel like we need to see the season play out a little bit before I can like, officially say my response. But I do think there’s probably some working towards fixing whatever’s going on. I mean, but I also don’t know if fixing could mean some sort of arrangement. I mean, it seems like they’re still living together. Like maybe that could be you know, they’re not married, but they stay living together for the family. I mean, Portia is she’s got to be in what middle school early high school, she just turned 16. Right. So so she’s in She’s in high school. Okay, so I told her that I thought so. I mean, maybe it’s like something until she goes off to college. Like, I don’t know. I mean, Alexia still lives with them. Last we heard. So I don’t know. I guess we’ll sort of see how it plays out. I don’t. I don’t see it being like totally botched. I feel like I see them being together in some capacity. Whether that’s romantically like I don’t see it being like Lisa Hochstein and Lenny, where they like, Absolutely, like, cannot communicate. Yeah, type thing. You know.

B 19:16
I agree. I think that sorry, Amanda. No, there’s definitely a partnership there that will like transcend their romantic marriage. If that should end. I have so many different it could go so many different ways. There’s one version that I say, Okay, if it’s true that Maria was cheating, he got a little bold, or perhaps he was giving one in particular woman attention. And Kyle was like, screw this. And whether she’s with Morgan or not, she got all this media attention from it. It became this whole thing. And now he’s like, oh, whoa, whoa, slow down. We’re not splitting up like trying to win her back. So there’s a world where I think that that could be the case. There’s another world where I think that they’ve had an open arrangement. And I don’t know how they’ve kept it quiet. Maybe it was part of her Beverly Hills contract. Maybe they pay off certain outlets not to report it. They are very wealthy, he’s able to be discreet. And she’s okay with it. And maybe she does her own thing. And maybe her own thing is with women, or maybe it’s with men, we don’t know. I think there’s so many I also, this is what I wanted to pose to you guys. What I heard in my DMs, the most of all the of all the things is, listen, a lot of people who aren’t public figures separate and never actually divorced. They usually have their own homes. They often even remain like a family unit for holidays, and even sometimes trips. Something we’ve certainly seen on like with Ashley Darby, who’s another person, we have to get into that later. And sometimes they have a boyfriend and girlfriend that are aren’t in the picture I when they’re a family unit, or they are in the picture, and they just never legally divorced. And sometimes it’s not even known, like, like their kids don’t even tell their friends. It’s sort of just a modern, like, think about Jackie Ghostlight or New Jersey, her parents are not divorced, probably for financial reasons, but they haven’t lived together in years.

Amanda 21:16
Right. And that’s, that’s where my mind goes here and like, and I think one of the like, I guess kind of going back to my original question, like, I think the answer is everyone is rooting for them to get back together or stay together, I think that is like, there’s nobody who’s like, oh, other than like, some of the thirsty people we saw in some of the oh, now Maria was free. I think we’re all rooting for it. I think, you know, now that like, there’s some hindsight, I think staying married was part of both of their images of like the good guy, and the really fun party guy who loves his wife. You know, I think and one of the things that I always thought was great about their marriage is they both have so much of their own stuff going on. You know, like Kyle, yes, she raised the kids, but she has really had a renaissance in her career. And, you know, has been a producer and doing her own shows, and doing housewives and doing all this other stuff, which I’ve always thought was so great, because I think in a lot of marriages, when one person stays home, and then the kids get older, that person finds himself kind of flailing a little bit. And I’ve seen marriages fail because of that. But in their case, like she was really able, and like they both supported each other’s business endeavors, which I always thought was so great. But that’s the other thing is like there is so much money at stake. Marissa, he’s talked about how there’s they didn’t have a prenup. And you know, we know they could have a postnup. Like, those are definitely things but they’ve been married for over 20 years. And when it comes to divorces, and now every state is different, but pretty much universally 20 years, that changes everything when it comes to divorce and alimony and what parties are entitled to and that sort of thing. And you have to think about Mauricio steak and his business. Like he might own the majority of the business, which is a, you know, 10s of million dollars, at least business. But that’s not something that’s just like a liquid thing, like he might not be able to, you know, just pay her half of that.

B 23:36
And to add to that, Amanda, especially in California, it’s a pretty touchy time in real estate. Like, the California market is not great. Right now. There’s the law about selling a 10 month over a $10 million house stuff isn’t moving as quickly with interest rates. And all of that definitely compounds that financial situation,

Amanda 23:58
right. Yeah, his company might not be doing your that’s a great point. It might not be doing as well as it was even last year. And if if your basis is when the company was at a high and then you’re seeing a downward trend over the next couple of years, but you’re having to pay based off the high like that’s, that would be a difficult situation. So like, you can’t just get a quickie divorce when there’s assets like this, and I did I read that they took like, I think eight where it might have been no, I think, a very high like multimillion dollar mortgage on their house. And it was funny, because when I read that, I was like, gosh, you know, I wonder if there’s some sort of like, what are they doing with that money? How are they going to be leveraging it and now like my theory is one of the two might be using it to buy the other out. I’m guessing Kyle would want to stay in that house, but I don’t I don’t know. But if she did that, I don’t think that she would just have the liquid assets to be able to they’d be like, here you go, Mauricio. So that would be one way that they could do it.

B 25:06
Okay, so I’m just thinking of something as you’re talking. If she’s not with Morgan, which we don’t know, I’m going to, for the purposes of this, I’m going to say she isn’t right. Because if she was, why is she putting it so in our face before ever announced, I thought this tattoos, the ring, listen, it’s I was just hanging out with a friend of mine. I was at my I’m friends with mom, it’s my son’s friends with her son. And her and her best friend have matching tattoos. So this is not an uncommon thing, right? So all of these things, and Kyle does get very close, we see it, we saw how close she got to Teddy in a short period of time. Especially we know that she longs for that sister relationship when they’re at odds which they have been at odds. So it is totally possible that she’s very close with this person. But if she’s not just coming out and saying, No, we’re not romantically involved, cut it out. Could it be some sort of financial arrangement with her like, separate and apart from the fact that her and Marissa are going through it, which may also bring her closer platonically to a friend, right? Could it be that they invested in this person? And somehow they’re financially tied to her success? Because we all know who she is now, I’ve listened to her music, I’m sure many others have tuned in. Right? Yeah, I didn’t know

Allie 26:26
who she was at all independently of her music. I mean, I only knew about this. So I do agree it could have something to do with that they saw potential in her and they want it to succeed. This is driving ratings, you know, and like they say, No, press is bad press. So I see something along those lines.

Amanda 26:46
Yes. And like, it’s so crazy that you brought that up, because in my notes, I’m like, why are we not talking about why Kyle has been posting so much? Because she’s definitely kind of veered off her usual path, you know? And like, yes, she’s been showing like the workout pictures, but like, showing her so much like, Kyle knows social media, like she knows what she’s doing. Right. So we, I mean, we have to ask ourselves, like, why she and she’s been doing this for quite a while. And like, my mind always goes to like, why people post on social media. It’s usually like money, family pride, or family love, or like some kind of personal gain, you know, like, somebody will be in a picture of somebody else to be like, Oh, look, you know, this is my friend. Hopefully, I’ll get more followers, whatever it is like, so I actually had in my notes to like, is there some sort of financial stake in her career? Is there a family tie? The same thing? Isn’t that crazy? Yeah. I’m like, are she in love? Like, does this guy want to start a country music career like,

B 27:49
Well, so here’s the thing. So now I’m totally in this. I literally as we were talking about finances, it just came to me. And these are people who we have watched diversify in so many different ways. And they always they’ve taken a lot of shots in the dark. I mean, Kyle started a clothing store. He started calf tans. He went on his own reality show. I mean, there are people with I apologize if you guys are hearing this banging. I came to my dad’s condo because my house is still under renovation. And I don’t know what the people upstairs are doing. If they’re picking up every chair. They haven’t slamming it to the ground. Maybe the cleaning ladies. Yeah, I don’t know. Do you hear it?

Amanda 28:32
I just heard just just a second ago. Yeah,

B 28:35
it is violent. What’s happening? I don’t even know who lives there. But I may have to call the authorities on. Not good.

Amanda 28:42
Did this just turn into a true crime podcast?

B 28:46
My God. And you’re all you’re all like connected to

Amanda 28:52
when you were saying that too? Because I was like, the other thing I’m like, or does, like, does she know because she knows TV so well. And she knows this show. So well. Does she know that season is going to be like a little bit of a snooze and she was doing it on purpose to get people more interested in her story. Well, here’s Beverly Hills.

B 29:15
Here’s the thing. This was not printed by me. Okay, this was printed by People magazine. Right. Dave Quinn was involved in the release. You wouldn’t have to get Bravo would have had to approve it. Now whether or not Kyle approved it. I can’t say but Bravo. I would tend to think that she didn’t because of her later statement, but Bravo would have had to approve it. Bravo was like Screw this let’s cash in like we did scannable they’re basically mimicking and, and who knows? Is Kyle part of it because they’re dangling Morgan, rather than make more Risio the bad guy right, which would be bad for business for both of them. So if you want to scandal it’s got to be Kyle quote unquote cheating because if it’s Mauricia with some cheese back. Now, we’re not buying from the agency. We’re not watching, selling Beverly Hills. But if it’s Kyle, and it’s a lesbian situation, we’re intrigued, and somehow we’re not as angry because there are those rumors about Mauricio. So it makes total sense that this is a setup.

Allie 30:16
Yeah, I agree with you, it wouldn’t be on people or Dave’s, you know, he would impose that unless there was credible confirmation, you know, he has a great reliable relationship with the network, they give each other stories etc. I mean, if you read the article, it says, you know, from a source close to, you know, whoever, so it had to have been someone from a rough you know, circumference of what’s going on, or someone who, you know, officially knows because that story would not have been posted. I mean, if you said, a different outlet, a different news outlet that sometimes maybe just post things on a whim, but this was too specific. They, the story was definitely given from a credible source.

B 31:02
Which isn’t to say that they’re not separated. Like, it’s not to say that I think the whole thing is a hoax, maybe we’re gonna see these rumors, we’re gonna see troubles in their marriage. And they were kind of like, listen, we always avoid talking about this kind of stuff, but it’s out there anyway, let’s spin this and let’s make some money, honey. And let’s get people tuning in. And let’s prove to everybody we don’t need run it to have a interesting season.

Allie 31:24
I also found it interesting from Kyle, you know, the article that was posted, you know, says separated are going through a separation, whatever it may say, and then, you know, Kyle and Marissa statement, it doesn’t touch on the word separated, it just says we are not divorcing. So like you said earlier, you know, couples separate and don’t even divorce or that’s not even in their, you know, forefront or later front like, divorce is not on the table, but separation may be so I found it very strategically, PR marketing, Lee worded, you know, we are not going through a divorce. That’s not to say, you know, we haven’t had a rough year of our marriage, but, you know, please don’t What did she say? salacious rumors don’t use those to fit the narrative. Like, I found it very interesting, because they didn’t touch on the word separation, which was what was published. So

B 32:18
she also could have addressed it right there and said, and I would like to add that Morgan and I are friends and nothing more. And she didn’t.

Amanda 32:26
Yeah, she didn’t, you know, God bless Bravo for showing us like there’s a lot of different, like, ways that relationships and marriages evolve, right? Like I’m thinking about Robin, and one Dixon. You know, they full on, got divorced, but still live together, fell back in love. God knows what’s going on with them right now. But that’s for another day. Like in Dolores and Frank, you know, and like, I do believe like, there’s ways that, you know, like, not everybody is like, War of the Roses. I hate you. I hate you. You know, and it would be very interesting, actually, to me to see a separated couple, especially the fact that they did announce it. They had to have approved it in some way because I don’t think Dave Quinn would go messing with

Allie 33:21
relationship with Bravo and the network, you know, and Kyle,

Amanda 33:25
right. I don’t

B 33:26
friendly with her more so then. Yeah, and

Amanda 33:29
so my thought was like, I mean, gosh, it would be really interesting. And maybe part of the reason they did like have it announced was so they can then you know, say we’re separated but we’re pursuing other relationships with whomever those might be. But that would be very interesting to me too.

B 33:45
And so here’s the other thing that we got this week. We’re getting a lot of stuff coinciding with all of this. So we got an email from tea drinker that the email name is I could lose my [email protected] subject is oh G T. There are only two oh geez remaining from our original housewives. Big Five OC New York, Atlanta, Jersey, Beverly Hills expect them to both be gone after their respective upcoming seasons. One is Rach wrapping up her major storyline feud and potentially getting a spin off. That’s Teresa. The others tired of the drama The show has caused in her family since its first season. Her and her sisters are in the final stages of talks and negotiations for their own show on a streaming service with their feuds and they are ready to rebrand their family image with this secret project. If it is true that Bravo found out that Kyle is shopping around to somebody like Hulu it gives them a huge motive to out what they know and have on camera which is that they’re separated and then that’s why her Marie crnf been like what the fuck and came out with a statement. So it could be guys oh my god. I think if this email is true, it could be that Bravo was like yeah Yeah, you’re going to screw us with the streaming network. I’ll screw you too.

Amanda 35:03
Yeah. And maybe you’re right maybe an easy like, Dave, we’ve got your back and like you like, don’t worry, we’re gonna feed you plenty of other stuff. You might

B 35:13
know rock and a hard, hard space because I can tell you from experience that you do have people who tell you things, whether it’s a source or talent, and you do have to weigh and say, Listen, is this story or even just guilt? When I got the thing that Raquel and Tom Sandoval were cheating? Nobody, it was not a public thing. I was so close, and I’m so glad I didn’t, because TMZ posted it like five hours later, I was so close to not posting it because I was like, like, this is whether it’s true or not, like, Ariana does not know about this, and she’s gonna be brokenhearted. But at the end of the day, when you run it, you always have to use, you know, your judgment. And in my opinion, I was like this, it sounded true. And I was like, if I don’t post it, somebody else will. And I’m sure that’s what Dave had to go with.

Allie 36:02
And you know what, you know what that reminds me of be when you got the tip about Dallas, housewives, Brandi Redmond, and Brian, when you got that tip, you know,

B 36:11
I asked them, yeah, I went to our group. And I showed them the video. And I was like, Guys, should I post this? And the unanimous decision amongst our whole account crew was like, be if you don’t post it, and what else you’re gonna send it to another account, and that person is going to post it. And I was like, Yep, so that’s kind of what I go by.

Allie 36:30
Right? Yeah. Wow,

B 36:31
I didn’t even until I just read that about her shopping the show to a streaming service? Because that makes sense. Because you guys are saying she must before we read this email, we were the three of us saying, Oh, no, she must have approved it somehow. But that statement read like, they’re getting down. We’re not getting divorced. Like, everyone calm down, stop with these rumors.

Allie 36:53
Yeah, I mean, I could see how if they want to spin off the three of them, they want to do it on their own terms. And I guess make it seem like they’re, you know, besties till the end, and there’s no hardships. And I mean, the thing with Bravo is that it’s real and like, they’re not gonna, you know, just make it seem like the three of them are hunky dory always, you know, they’re gonna want to show like, the hardships between the three of them. So totally, if you know, they say something, if like that email read, you know, they want to rebrand the family dynamic. And make it you know, the three musketeers and, you know, there’s never been any issues. I mean, I guess another network would, would buy onto that because of, you know, their names, their status, etc. I mean, I can’t imagine they were thrilled or, you know, when Mauricio and the girls, you know, signed with Netflix, like, I don’t know, obviously, but you know, that is an opposing,

B 37:53
or my father’s upstairs, neighbors are not killing each other because now they are playing suave Monday at an extremely loud volume, and I hear dancing. Okay. All right. Well, they were moving furniture

Amanda 38:05
to have a dance floor.

B 38:08
Do you guys hear it? Because this is gonna be some recording.

Allie 38:11
I don’t actually I don’t.

B 38:13
Okay, wait, but here’s it. Okay, I want to address this guys. Because I’ve seen some people post how wrong it is that we’re out in Kyle. I will only speak for myself. But I’ll also speak for other accounts. We’re speculating on rumors. We are not outing anybody. Okay? That’s number one. It is no different to me if there was a rumor, she was cheating with a man. She’s been married 27 years, rumors are flying, that they’re separated. He’s a cheater. She’s posting all these pictures with this woman who seemingly popped up out of nowhere. were wondering what’s going on? That’s not outing anybody.

Allie 38:46
I think what’s interesting, you know, similar to scan of all, you know, when you’re looking back on it, and it’s like, wow, it was right in front of our faces the whole time. You know, like, between Tom and Raquel, there were so many signs looking back, I think I mean, there was posts on Instagram, there was Tom dressing up as Raquel for Halloween, etc, etc. And we were all like, wow, that affair happened right in front of all of our faces. And no one put it together. But like, similar to this, I felt similarly like, you know, she posts with Morgan all the time. I feel like everyone has their little like, you know, antennas on like, oh, like, you know, we were just duped by scandal that’s been in front of us the whole time, like speculating on something that’s in front of us, you know, Kyle posting with Morgan them doing Amazon lives, you know, they’re at concerts together in the public appearances, I’m assuming so I could, I think that’s half of the battle. Why, you know, everyone’s speculating because, you know, it’s right in front of us.

Amanda 39:44
If you’re having an affair with somebody, and you’re a public figure, and you don’t want people to speculate on your relationship. You do not post that picture. It’s just as easy for Kyle to cut her out of some of these pictures or to just not post with her. Like she’s Been doing this on purpose, and we just have to like, we’re investigating why and I agree like, this is not the same thing as outing people, like we get stuff about, you know, so and so, you know, we won’t name any names, being closeted and like we don’t we don’t talk about that stuff because we agree that it’s not right. This is more of a, why we are putting on like getting out our magnifying glasses and figuring out why she is posting this person so much at the same time she is separating from her husband.

Allie 40:35
I agree, like if it’s something that, you know, isn’t wanting to be talked about don’t post pictures together. And I just, I do think another reason is, you know, looking back on the early seasons of when, you know, Allison Dubois says to Kyle, you know, which I find the wording interesting is, you know, he will never emotionally fulfill you. So it’s kind of like, you know, this metamorphosis now we’re seeing on Instagram or like, is there a different reason that she wasn’t being emotionally fulfilled? Like, it was? I feel like the wording was like, so I don’t know what the word I’m looking for is but it was so like, articulated in a certain way. Yes, that could be also part of why, you know, this is such you know, news everyone’s you know, speculating on what’s in front of us.

B 41:22
Listen, 27 year marriage and crazy as Bethenny Frankel came out and said it best she said 27 year marriage for daughters, successful businesses, clearly wherever they’re at still respect for each other, whether they are separated, splitting, whatever, it’s a success. Okay. Like, we’re not, I don’t know. Yeah. Like, people like then will write on posts and be like, leave the woman alone. No, I’m not gonna leave her alone. She went on Amazon live with some girl that people are speculating that she’s having an affair with I’m not going to leave her alone. And you don’t need to follow me if you want me to leave situations like that alone, because then I wouldn’t be posting anything. Yeah. And to Amanda’s point, yes, I have received pictures and other things with Bravo celebrities who are not out with in compromising situations, I would never repost that. That’s where you use your judgment and go, you know, what, if someone else posts that, have at it, that’s where I draw the line. Like, I’m not you know, but this is very different. She is posting these pictures, not us.

Amanda 42:32
Yeah, I totally agree. And as like somebody who like I can speak from my experience, like divorce does not mean failure. Like Bethenny said it really well. Like, that doesn’t mean like, you know, the world is over. And, you know, people do people move on, and like, it is what it is. So it’s, it is strange that that’s the narrative, right? Like that. It’s a failure. Like it’s not, not at

B 42:57
all, and I think it’s very sad. And I think it’s one of the reasons why people live unhappy lives, when they could just say, and, and even start to resent each other, right? Because if you’re in an unhappy marriage, eventually you’re going to lash out at the other person, because you feel like you have to stay right? So isn’t it better for everybody involved to just be like, You know what, this was great. It’s not great. Now, we tried. It’s not working. And let’s like leave with some level of respect for each other so that we can have a friendship or a family unit of whatever that looks like, if you have children. Or even if you don’t have children, if you’re married for a number of years, I would venture to say you’d like to have a relationship with that person. I don’t think it has to be all or nothing like either I’m married to you or I want you to die.

Amanda 43:50
It doesn’t have to be like the War of the Roses. Right? If

B 43:53
you don’t have kids, you may say, you know, call and say hey, are you free next Friday? Do you want this movie? I know we both love it’s coming out. Do you want to go and it’s like, isn’t that the way that like, things should work?

Amanda 44:05
Yeah, you’re cordial and happy at family weddings just like we just saw them in Aspen. So right so yeah,

B 44:14
I right or is Kyle’s is Kim’s daughter who grew up for 27 years, the girls probably not much older than 27, if she’s even 27 With Mauricio as her uncle, and I’m sure we’ve all lived through this in our families. Like I know personally when you know, I’ve had situations where an uncle or a family member divorces your quote unquote, aunt, uncle, cousin, whatever it is, if you’re grow up with that person, it’s still your aunt, uncle cousin. You’re not looking at it. Like I’m not going to see them again. Right. So that Marissa would be unless he did something egregious, right? He’s going to be at that wedding, whether it was this summer or in two summers because Whitney Kim Richards daughter grew up with him as her uncle.

Amanda 44:58
Right, right. Exactly. They agreed. Okay, so should we talk a little summerhouse before we wrap for the day? I think we have to definitely. Okay. So I know we’ve been getting a lot of stuff coming in because we know they just started filming, they always start filming right around the Fourth of July if you know, like usually that weekend. So what we have heard, we’ve heard Paige, Kyle, Amanda, Danielle, Gabby, and Sierra are full time. What else have you been hearing? Be?

B 45:34
I’ve been hearing a lot, especially in the last couple of days. Okay, so Lindsay and Carl, we have to see what that’s gonna look like because we’re gonna see them. I haven’t been told they’re not in the house. But I think there’s a world where they’re out there planning their wedding, and we see scenes with them. And maybe somehow they get integrated in or maybe they’re just in the house. Some weekends, their storyline will be planning their wedding. Ali, Amanda and I have said from the beginning, like, bravo, if this is their sunset, this is their sunset, but they met on the show and they’re getting that wedding on the show. Yeah,

Amanda 46:08
yeah. We I don’t want the full arc.

B 46:11
Yes. Okay, I hear Sierra, this is very interesting. I heard from a reliable source that Sierra was added full time. And last minute. I know there’s a lot of pushback on her and Maya and they’re boring. What I also heard was that Sam will be part time. The reason is allegedly, because I’m sure everyone has seen it. Cory had like a bunch of tweets very recently that were transphobic. So bravo does not want him on the show. I don’t believe they’re going to discuss it publicly. But I think it was Sam’s choice not to be full time when they told Cory, he wasn’t coming back.

Amanda 46:50
How do we feel about that? Where are the boys?

B 46:53

Amanda 46:54
so we do every we had this exact conversation a year ago.

B 46:59
There’s two new people full time. I think they’re boys. There is also the rumor of Brian Benny but he was not at the first weekend he was posting and he was somewhere else. I asked my source. And they said that it totally makes sense. But they didn’t have that confirmed. Hmm. Don’t forget he lives in Miami. So they pull the whole Oh, our friend Brian’s visiting from summer house. Right.

Allie 47:24
I think that seems realistic. You know, uh, we have a friend, you know, have him come a few weekends have him, you know, strategically go, you know, wanting to hook up with debt. I like I don’t know what happened in winter house, but maybe you know, something with him. One of the cast members, they continued to summer he was

B 47:42
very hugged up with Danielle at the after party of Vanderpump Rules.

Allie 47:46
Okay, so then maybe, you know, he’s going to the house for Danielle. She’s going to have you know, her friend Brian visit for a few weekends. So I mean, I could see that realistically, you know, having him somewhat worked into the storyline, Allah Austin, but maybe not as toxic. But yeah, I feel from a peripheral stance for Sam. I mean, I don’t know how to feel I wish she’d maybe scrap him and come back full time. But you know,

B 48:17
and I just saw yesterday, she posted a picture of them making out which prior to the transphobia I really thought they were very cute and the future of summer house. So I think this really threw a wrench in the plans. I think that Sierra and Maya were out. And this really saved Sierra, I think we’ll probably see Maya and Chris. They weren’t there the first weekend. But I think we’ll see them. I liked Chris. I mean, I think Chris could come back. And if they had a couple of other guys, he’d be more exciting. He didn’t really have a chance you had sober Carl, who was uplands his ass, and then you had Kyle. So like hook and Cory, but like, if he had a couple more guys, maybe he’d be exciting.

Amanda 48:55
I agree. I think Chris had some potential I think he just had he has a really nice guy vibe. And, you know, that, combined with Yeah, like not having some other like single guys to play off of,

B 49:11
you know, talking to her husband makes me realize something. It must be incredibly hard for producers because on the one hand, a guy like Corey is exciting and fun. Or Carl when he was drunk and wild and toxic. And then we turn around and we go, oh my god, Cory, like transphobic tweets. How could you have them on? And then you have Chris great former. I mean, he, you know, served our country. He’s polished, he’s good looking. And what do we say? Yeah, he’s boring. He’s too nice, too nice.

Allie 49:44
I know. So it’s like, what

B 49:45
what do we want? Like, even with the girls, it’s like, Lindsey, everyone’s like, Oh, she’s wild. And she’s nasty. But then you have like, the other girls and they don’t do much and you’re like, well, they’re boring.

Amanda 49:56
No, I think Sierra is gonna have to get out of bed. This Season.

B 50:01
But if they really almost caught Sierra, maybe she’ll give us something. Yeah.

Allie 50:05
I’m happy with Sierra back at that. I also I would like to see more Chris. I agree. Like, you know, we didn’t really get a fair shake with him. I think, you know, people’s first season he could be nervous. He didn’t really have like, a Broly squad to feed off of, you know, I could do without Cory. He personally didn’t do much for me even being wild. Like I don’t he didn’t do it for me. But I would like to see Chris again. I don’t think I need my back. She’s a nice girl. I’d probably be friends with her in real life. I don’t think she’s good for TV. And I think that her taking off the microphone when exposing you know, her boyfriend cheating on her not good for reality TV. I just don’t think it’s the space for her. I think Sarah, could I agree that maybe she’ll be giving us more but I do think without her without my she might be giving us more anyways, because you know they are. They’re really close. They feed off each other maybe like the energy’s lower together. So I I’m good with Sierra, I think Gabby can give us like a little bit more. Chris. I would like to see Brian, I think Danielle will come and bring it and you know, I’m fine. Seeing Lindsay and Carl pop in. I don’t know if any of you guys saw this Loverboy had a summer launch party last week or so in Manhattan. I wish it could have been there. But I was not. And you know, there’s all the videos of Amanda Kyle, Lindsey, Carl, Kristen. Yeah, birdie

B 51:38
told me that Lindsay went to that party after finding out that Cory wasn’t going to be asked back because you know, she was so buddy, buddy with Cory and Sam. You heard it here first, you won’t see her with them again, because she was only using them as a vehicle to stay on the show. And a little birdie told me she went there on was nicey nicey. With Danielle and all the return of Kyle and Amanda and all the returning people and one last ditch effort to get full time. And she did not want to be part time. That was not her choice. That’s what I heard. I don’t know if it’s true.

Allie 52:13
So yeah, I agree. I think that may have might have been you know, her way to segue you know, we’re gonna make things up or not, it’s not going to be as you know, Lindsay and Karl separated from the rest of the house, they’re going to be integrated in the story. And then they can talk about their way and they can go on dates. And then that segues to, you know, their wedding special, which seems like what they’re doing but I agree that that Lindsey that’s not surprising to me at all. Because, you know, you see her on all the videos like they’re all besties again, and at the end of the day, summerhouse is a house of you know, the story is based on a group of friends doing a share house in the Hamptons. So I mean with you got to be friends at some point to be incorporated at that. I think,

B 52:59
Amanda, since our girl Ali is a single lady in Manhattan, we should do a little This or That was some Bravo labs. And to all of our listeners, if you have a cousin a brother, a friend who was in Manhattan, who is what’s our age? What ages are we doing?

Allie 53:16
Um, I don’t know. I’d say like 24 to 27 Maybe

B 53:21
that’s that’s very I love the youth, you know, very simple. Like,

Amanda 53:27
but I have to say La like That sounds about perfect. I remember when I was you know, 24 and living in the city and single like 27 sounded very old. Yeah, very old.

Allie 53:39
I just feel like it’s a different phase of life at that point.

B 53:42
Ali, please tell Amanda who you’re number one Bravo lab crush.

Allie 53:45
I used to love John Pringle from southern German showing two.

Amanda 53:51
Oh, he’s cute though. I get it.

Allie 53:55
You I loved him. I’m sad that we don’t see more of him.

Amanda 53:59
I get a beat on your time. Okay, well,

B 54:03
or Craig Yeah,

Allie 54:04
Greg. But I do like Austin’s height. Shep or Austin.

B 54:08
Austin. Okay, Apollo. I always go Apollo hollow or who’s another really hot one who’s another hot one. Clearly we didn’t plan this ahead. Apollo or Mauricia. Younger pretend they’re like oh my god. I have to tell you so far. I’m keeping all the bands because

Amanda 54:31
I have a good one. Ryan from OC or Ryan for

Allie 54:36
mot Ryan like the husband not like Tamra son.

Amanda 54:39
Ryan, the like boyfriend of Jack. Or Ryan, the husband of last year. Jen.

Allie 54:46
I think I’m gonna go with Brian the last year when I the one this year seems like I don’t know. I don’t get good vibes from him.

Amanda 54:55
Okay, Lenny Hochstein, or Terry dobro. All right. Oh Terry Terry to bro or 10 Todd? Terry to Terry.

B 55:09
I love that we’re giving her weight. Okay, Jim Edmonds or Jim Bellino?

Allie 55:16
Admins. Is that even a question?

B 55:19
Brooke Brooks or Steve Lodge?

Allie 55:22
Brooks? Oh, Vicky’s Brooks right. Now, Brooks Brooks marks I don’t know if that’s where you’re going with Steve llege

B 55:30
Okay, Joe Gorga or Frank Catania? Frank hmm so you keep going older here I don’t know. Okay, are there any young Oh Frankie Jr. Or there’s really no comp there’s really no one person I could possibly compare it to him or will Brooks Brooks marks is gay so I guess that doesn’t really work out because he’s also so handsome. They’re like the two best looking house

Allie 56:01
they’re they’re good looking kids. I’m going with Frankie Jr. Though on that one.

B 56:07
I mean, I’m going with Frankie Jr. Reverse. Call the cops if you must, but I’m doing it.

Amanda 56:14
How about this favorite Bravo couple. Let’s go. Kandi and Todd and or killing Melissa. What did you say? Oh, no,

B 56:28
no, that’s better. Yours is better

Amanda 56:29
Kandi and Todd or Joe. Melissa, Melissa.

B 56:32
That’s that’s a hard one. I know. I mean, Maria would have been Maria and Kyle would have been one of these. It really is now sad.

Amanda 56:41
It is sad. Yes, it is. It’s really Yeah. And I think like I said, like kind of going full circle to what we were talking about earlier. Like, I don’t think you can find anybody who is not rooting for them. Get back together so good vibes towards that. You know to steal Kyle’s words for sure. Yes,

B 57:01
for sure. Ally you have to come back.

Allie 57:06
much fun thank you for having me.

B 57:08
Cocktail hours please remember if you’re not which most of you probably are because we talk about her quite often follow at Bravo underscore after underscore thoughts. And I don’t think you started thread yet. I started it last night I locked myself out of Instagram. Amanda I almost panic because I think the last time I changed my password, I sent it to you. I couldn’t remember it because I’m having a memory of a goldfish. But then I remembered if I went on my computer, it will be saved and it was

Allie 57:38

Amanda 57:40
Friends is like the new Twitter like competitor, right? It’s the new

B 57:45
Twitter competitor. And I have to tell you, I know nothing about it. I signed up last night and it was late. And I just clicked follow all well a follower because my cocktails are always looking out for me sent me a message and told me a person who shall remain nameless but who’s another you know popular account? Who didn’t follow me now? I don’t know maybe their follow old didn’t work correctly. I’m sure Dad I’m just saying but I so I made my one of my first threads was shady boots. And it said threads observation a petty person doesn’t follow all accounts they follow on Instagram. Oh, but instead comes to threads app and cherry picks who gets their follow a booked in busy person clicks follow all now go figure out which of your Insta friends or petty

Allie 58:32
I love it.

B 58:35
I actually haven’t even checked because I got that message. And then we had a record but now I’m like, why would somebody not like to me either wouldn’t follow you anywhere? I’d follow you everywhere. Yeah.

Amanda 58:47
Or maybe they just don’t know how to use the app yet. I mean, there’s there’s that too?

B 58:52
No think about it is the person in question. Seems to have figured out how to follow so many other people. Oh,

Amanda 59:00
Hmm. Interesting. Huh?

Allie 59:04
One more One more thing look out for if you follow me in a lookout next week, I will be going to the New York. The new New York premiere with the cast so I’ll pop tons of content from there. I’m so excited.

B 59:17
Yay. I can’t wait for neurone. I’m going to I can’t wait. I think it’s gonna be good. At the ladies look incredible. I’m pumped up.

Amanda 59:27
They do. We can have New York before we hang up. I just have to say did you guys read the story that Sonia Morgan popped a stitch from her liposuction from having sex with this truck driver in Illinois.

Allie 59:40
It’s just it’s so her she’s so her.

B 59:43
Somebody told me so and he’s got a new man. And I’m like who? And she’s like, Oh, I’m not sure I’m like, oh, but apparently guys, keep your ears and eyes open.

Amanda 59:52
So news gotta zone. I love it.

Allie 59:54
I love it. I love it.

B 59:56
All right. Cocktail hours. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you, Alan. II for joining Amanda and I and have a great day everybody.

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Have a great one, guys

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Bye guys. See you next time.