We all see something a Bravoleb wears on camera and wonder where to buy it. Thank goodness for Lauren from @BigBlondeHair – she does the WORK to figure it out and share with all of us! Today, we’ve got her on the pod and we’ll be talking smash or pass when it comes to Housewife and Bravolebrity fashion, plus how she got her start with bigblondehair.com, her blog. Do the Housewives buy all those clothes, and what do they do with those clothes after they wear them? And we’ve got some tea on what we’re hearing about what’s going on with some of the Beverly Hills ladies…

B 0:00
What about Ariana is?

Lauren 0:02
Oh my gosh. I mean, like everyone else I almost dropped dead when I saw that I couldn’t I mean, she looked so, so good. Obviously, the phrase revenge dress has been used 10 million times now but it was just so great. So good, like amazing and to be able to sit down and look good in a dress like that is borderline impossible and fun and fair. Yeah, I mean, good for her could not have come back better. Like if you have to show up and be around people who have done that to you. That is definitely the best way to do it.

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Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from problem cocktails.com And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds. Be

Amanda 1:00
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip

B 1:08
What’s up cocktail errs?

Amanda 1:10
Haycock tailors, we are so excited we have a fun surprise today because you might have noticed we didn’t say cocktails and Amanda because we actually have a fun surprise guests today. So today we have Lauren from at Big blonde hair. That’s at Big B l o n D E E H AI R on Instagram. She has a hit account. We know a lot of you guys follow her because we’ve been hearing in the DMS as we shared that we would have you on the pods. So she is the go to in finding the fashions that we see on our favorite Bravo celebrities. on Bravo. So welcome, Lauren.

Lauren 1:56
Hi, thank you so much for having me. And for the great intro. It’s so fun to be here.

B 2:02
Yeah, so Lauren, for those of for those of our cocktail, those who aren’t familiar, tell us about your account about your blog, how you get started what you do.

Lauren 2:13
Okay, so about 13 years ago, I had my first child and I was like, Oh, do I have to start dressing like, like mom jeans when they weren’t cool? What am I going to do? So it started a blog around that. And I was kind of talking about fashion because that was my background. Then I was talking a little reality TV, bachelor, that sort of thing. And one day, I turned on the Real Housewives of Orange County. And I was like, Oh, those are moms and they’re hot. So I started finding what they were wearing. And that was when it was just a blog. And I grew it by selling like banner ads that I designed and paint to boutiques in New Jersey and grew from there. And now we identify everything that all the brava loves are wearing. So when people want to know what, you know, Tamra judge wore on last night’s Real Housewives of Orange County, we provide the information on our website and all our social media accounts.

B 3:12
I love that and something that all of the followers told me when I posted you were coming on was they want to know how you find it so fast.

Lauren 3:20
You know, we have a lot of different ways that we search for things I my background was fashion wholesale. So I knew a lot of the fashion marketing terms to plug into Google and find which made things sound silly but it made things easier at first then as you go it’s kind of like studying anything else the more you look at it, you know where the women shop, you know what types of clothing they’re wearing. So we do it that way and then also we have pretty decent relationships with a lot of them so they’ll provide us with the information and everything from that to you know them tagging certain products that they’re wearing. We have a lot of different ways that we do things to some things are harder than others you know, but yeah, and we’re just good at it. I think it’s like anything else I’m always like I wish I was better at math or science I if I was this good at that I’d be a doctor so

B 4:15
if I was just good at that as gossip I could be a doctors I’m not you know it’s funny when you say that I know also know that a lot of boutiques like there’s a boutique that I love in South Florida called and I don’t want to say it wrong. A more a soul. Okay, pretty sure. And they have Okay, a Moray soul. Yeah. And they I know work with like the Miami housewives. So sometimes I’ll see Dr. Nicole or Gertie post an outfit and they tag them so I guess that’s like another way that you and then you start to follow those boutiques and stuff like that.

Lauren 4:54
Yeah, totally. And sometimes I love when they shop at like smaller boutiques and stuff like that, but it, sometimes it makes it harder for us to find it’s always easier for us when it’s on a bigger site. So that’s always really helpful. And it’s always nice when they’re loyal to local designers and stores. You know, it makes things harder for us. But I always, you know, have respect for the women that do that.

Amanda 5:15
Absolutely. So we would love to ask you a few questions. So we want to talk about, we know that you’re a Bronco fan, too. So I have a fun question for you. As far as like, what is your favorite housewife, city, but favorite city just to watch. But then also favorite city for fashion, they do not have to be the same one.

Lauren 5:37
This is so hard because I feel like over the years I’ve grown to appreciate so many of them. I mean, I feel like it’s a very generic answer. But Beverly Hills for fashion is normally my favorite. And it’s the audience’s favorite. So it makes it more fun for us because it’s when we get the most traffic and the most action but I feel like Miami is just coming through with the fashion and the storylines now, so I also love Miami like they are bringing it in the storyline department and all the clothes like the sexy Miami style and the fun colors. I’ve really gotten into that.

Amanda 6:15
I love that. What about like your favorite non housewives show? Both for fashion as well as for to watch? Oh,

Lauren 6:25
you know, I watch. I mean, I feel like I can’t watch reality TV to relax. So I watch everything else to relax. I mean, Emily in Paris, I love you know, it’s so fun to watch a different just, you know, kind of turn your brain off. Watch the show. I love that, you know, even selling sunset on Netflix. It’s hard for me to watch and not post on it. But I guess that is reality TV too. But I love that I feel like I can appreciate all kinds of different things like succession. Now everybody’s talking about like the quiet luxury trends. So I watch that now and think about it. So it’s hard not to think about and I feel like I appreciate a lot about a lot of different shows that I’m watching when it comes to fashion.

Amanda 7:07
Who do you think? Well, no, I’ll ask this as a follow up question. So just from like a style standpoint, like who are some of your favorites that you you know, that you share on so any Bravo liberty?

Lauren 7:21
I mean, I feel like Dory is always one that everybody is watching and is just it’s fun to see what she’ll show up and it’s fun to see what Erika Jayne will show up. And a lot of times, obviously, it’s nothing that I can ever wear or afford. In Miami, I feel like Dr. Nicole Martin is wearing things that are a little more accessible, and just a little more relatable and she’s doing it so well. So I really enjoy seeing what she’s going to wear. And also Kiki bars in Miami is I mean, she could not look bad in anything if she tried. But I feel like she really brings it in the fashion department. I feel like I could go around to every city. You know, I think in Orange County, Gina has really had a style upgrade and she’s looking really really good. So her looks have been fun for me to follow.

B 8:12
She’s kind of you think she got a stylist? I don’t

Lauren 8:15
know. I’m not saying this because I have any knowledge but I have had that thought of probably since the last Bravo con just because I know how long it takes me to pick out outfits and I’m not even going anywhere important. You know,

B 8:29
you’re I feel like and you have an eye for it.

Lauren 8:31
Oh, I mean, I like to think so. But I don’t always know. But definitely, I think sometimes when you see a change like that it is possible. They have gotten stylists but again, I don’t know 100%

B 8:42
I always remember Teddy remember when Teddy first came on and she was like I’m not a style Elista not a fascist, I don’t know what and then we saw her become endless and I’m not knocking it because I myself had that experience when I was in college I studied in Florence and I was never particularly fat Yeah, I was so much fun I was never particularly fashionable and when I when I went there all the girls that I ended up having an apartment with Italy’s known for fashion. So they all were very into fashion into designer brands. And in Florence, there’s a lot of outlets Right? So there’s like a Gucci outlet, a Prada outlet. And we would go there and I found myself when you’re around people that are into it. It’s like anything else you get into it. And certainly they influenced me until today like I think before then I basically wore things that made me look not fat and we were like colors I like them like no I definitely have more of an eye because I was around a bunch of we were girls at the time, right? We were all at 19 women who were very intuitive and you learn to accessorize so I think it’s interesting that Teddy and I wonder if she got a stylist or if it was just she

Amanda 10:00
Did she talks about it, how she went through and upgraded everything because she got a lot of flack for first season. I never remember it being that bad. But the way that she talks about it, i She must have gotten a lot of feedback about it because she went in and did like a big, a big upgrade. And she’ll still say on her podcast like, Hey, I’m not, you know, I’m not only shopping at Neiman’s, you know, like, I’m definitely mixing stuff in which I appreciate and I wanted to actually, that was my, their follow up question for you, Lauren, is you brought up the word accessible, and I was gonna use the word approachable, right? Like, I think, you know, like, it is so fun to see a REIT and an Erica Jane. Right where it’s like, okay, like they are doing full on like, couture. looks right. They have some they have teams that are helping them although I think terete says that she doesn’t, so maybe she doesn’t, but Erica does. Like who would you say is somebody like interesting and you know, the people who follow you which of the Bravo celebrities would you say are doing a lot of stuff that is in a more approachable, accessible, but very, like fashionable? Kind of look.

Lauren 11:16
I think the first person that comes to mind is Tamra, her we’re excited for her to be back in Orange County for multiple reasons. But people love her outfit. And you can find I think she wore something this week from Vici show. We’re stuff that costs under $100. And she is not afraid to talk about it and let everybody know. And I think like you said it just so much. It’s so fun to hear. They’re shopping somewhere that you can also shop whether it’s Zara, or like a few, maybe a couple years ago or a year ago, Kyle Richards wore a tank top from Target. And you know, people were obsessed with it. It was $8 We sold so many of them. Not that that’s Kyle’s normal mo but in terms of Beverly Hills, she will occasionally put on something more affordable relative relative to the rest of them. But I think the first person I think of when you say that is Tamra

B 12:14
What about about Sutton speaking of couture, she gets like she doesn’t even get like the Louis Vuitton off the rack. She gets like Couture Couture, but it’s so high fashion and it’s almost over at least my head.

Lauren 12:28
Yes. I mean, I think for me at first, I didn’t totally understand it. Because I’m not I just was not I mean I’m i No offense to her the cat sweater. I didn’t totally understand myself. Maybe I’m a dog person, maybe. But some of it like you said it’s in people really are interested in it, though. At the beginning the first season. I was like, Oh, I don’t know if we’re going to do the first season she was on him like I don’t know, if we’re going to, you know, report them that many of her outfits and we didn’t and then there was a demand for it. So it depends, I think also on your personal style, what part of the country you’re located in as to what interests you, but I do agree. It’s, I mean, it’s all expensive. And you know, I don’t think she’s worn one thing that most of us can afford, let alone on more than one occasion. Right?

B 13:16
I think Emily, Emily comes to mind. To me, she does wear the Spank pants a lot which I’m not knocking because I know in the winter for me if I’m like going out to dinner, it’s just easy. You put on a pretty top and you feel snatched and you’re done. But she also has a lot of really nice sexy outfit. And I think her body is more in line with with what the average American woman looks like. Although I’ve seen recent pictures of her and she’s admitted to having worked on and, and also going on the ozempic which is obviously the big hot topic now. But even still, she still has a more everyday figure, I would say

Lauren 13:52
yes. And I love that I wish we had more housewives that were more relatable like that. I think there was so much pressure on them about you know, everything to do with their appearance. So I think you know, it gets complicated with people but I totally agree Emily wears the cutest dresses, cute. Those Spanx leggings. I throw them on all the time too in the winter. Do I mean most of her stuff is quite affordable and very cute. And I absolutely also appreciate her fashion. Do you know who’s

B 14:24
now I’m just thinking people whose fashion I like and I like to get your opinion. Do you know who whenever she’s at parties and I always like marches dresses. One time I actually saw she had a dress and it was love shock fancy and I had never now of course I think it’s more common. More people know about it. But I think she has a lot of like accessible locks

Lauren 14:44
obsess like I love her. Some of those dresses are a little more I mean she’s spending a lot of the brand she wears are like from Saks and Neiman so more expensive, not as expensive as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but not exactly. On A Budget. Occasionally she’ll do Zara Though and she has some really cute finds from Zara, but I love how she kind of does the retro boho glam. I really am a big fan of what she wears, too. I think a lot of the women in New Jersey have really doped up their style. And like Dolores has found her style. Often Her looks are more affordable too. She’s kind of got that feminine floral romantic look that she goes for now. And I think it works perfectly for her too.

B 15:24
So you’re from New Jersey, right, Lauren? No, I’m

Lauren 15:26
originally from the Detroit area, then Chicago and I just moved to Austin, Texas A couple years ago.

B 15:33
I don’t know why I heard you say Jersey cuz I was gonna ask if you’ve been to envy.

Lauren 15:36
No, you know, it’s funny what my really good friend just went out there to visit a relative and she brought me back and envy had and V wineglass and she said it was super cute. You know, I like a lot of stuff that Melissa wears. And that’s more affordable, too, that she gets from envy. I’m a Melissa fan. So I think that she’s got cute stuff from what I can see on their website. And when she wears things from there, I am also a fan. I do think she can wear whatever she wants it look amazing. But you know, for what it’s worth cute stuff.

Amanda 16:07
So who would you say that just from all the the followers and the readers of your blog? Who would you say you get a lot of the most questions about,

Lauren 16:18
you know, this is so polarizing to people. But Kyle, and I don’t know if it’s because a lot of times it also has to do with their personality. I feel like so the more people like the housewife, the more requests we get. And I feel like Kyle is like generally a most people like Kyle right, I might be wrong. I’m not getting the same feedback. Like,

B 16:40
I like Kyle. Personally, I think that Kyle has stood the test of time. But I think that you said she’s polarizing. I think that there are a lot of people who may not necessarily name her as a favorite, but she’s definitely aspirational. And, you know, even when she came on the show, she they were clearly successful. But now they’re, she’s, I think she is, like, worth more at this point than Lisa Vanderpump. Because of the agency and everything else. So yeah, I mean, we really she can wear and buy whatever she wants.

Lauren 17:13
Yeah. And I just feel like there’s a lot I mean, I really liked her, I feel like there’s always a lot of interest in what she wears, but then I will post it and people will have some most people will love it. Some people will have the absolute opposite opinion. But I do think in terms of interest because of the show that she’s on, and that occasionally there are things that are expensive, but people are like, Oh, maybe I can buy this not like a Dory where it’s like, you know, vintage or something that you’re never getting your hands on. So with Kyle, I think she’s a big one for people just to be super interested in what she’s wearing.

B 17:51
Uh, Lauren, you’ll appreciate this. And I don’t know if this is a national brand. I feel like it is. But when I was in high school, there was a store called ABS already been seen. Have you heard of it? Yes, I have. I don’t even know if it still exists, but and they had dresses that were on award shows. Right? So I wore I’m going to show my age here. The dress that Brandi wore to the Grammys the year that her and Monica won the boy’s mind, I received that oh my gosh, red dress. But they had like all it was it was such a cool store. And I hope that location is no longer open. But does that brand still exists?

Lauren 18:29
You know what? It’s not what I was thinking it was when you said that? So I can’t tell you. But that sounds amazing. I wish that I hope it is still open. That’s so cool.

B 18:38
I have to look into that. But it was so cool. And I feel like that’s something that obviously, the stars and the Styles would change. But that’s, you know, like, what a 1617 year old girls want. They want to look like their favorite pop star or reality or whatever.

Amanda 18:52
Oh my gosh, that’s so cool. I love it.

Lauren 18:55
So, you know, we’re talking about, you know, sudden injury. And I can actually think it’s actually hard for me to not be able to find a housewife who has done this trend. This very, like labelee label thing, right? Like the big blends Yaga dress sayings, the Chanel logos, the LV logos, blue baton logo kind of stuff like what do you think about that? Is it about just being like, Look, I am wearing Chanel? Is it because it’s part of the trend? Like, what are your thoughts on that?

B 19:33
I just think like I You’re right, I don’t think anybody has escaped that. I do think I don’t know if it is because of the trend. I think it’s more of a status thing. I mean, I think if you’re wearing a label, I’m guilty of guilty of doing this too, probably from watching so many of these shows, but with logos on it’s kind of like oh, you know, I have this or whatever. So I Do you think I don’t know if it’s going anywhere? I feel like at this point, the fun thing to do is try to figure out if it’s real or not. Not that we ever spill on that, but the real bad fashions. I don’t know if you know that. I love that account because I’m like, we’re that shady, but then I go look at that account. Yeah, I feel like it’s something that’s never gonna go away with the Real Housewives in certain cities, that’s for sure.

Amanda 20:24
And I think some of them do it. Well like to read actually, I think almost poked fun at it at a time she showed up in that full on Louie Vuitton like raincoat had to toe I felt like that was almost like a kind of, I guess sticking it to the trend kind of making fun of the trends kind of look which I very much appreciated from her. Yeah.

Lauren 20:46
And I feel like she’s also like, that is what we want from her right? I mean, sometimes when she wears things that don’t have labels all over him I’m like, where’s MERS to read we need we need to know exactly what she’s wearing. But yes, I agree. And I think it also varies by brand. Like if you’re in you know, if she’s in something that says Chanel, maybe that’s a little more fashionable than, you know, head to toe Gucci sweatsuit, which she’s done to win is a great fashion memory for us.

B 21:18
Okay, so, Amanda,

Amanda 21:21
I was just gonna say one other thing, because, you know, we’ve talked about some of our favorites, right, but who would you say is maybe underrated that doesn’t come up or that we don’t talk about as much that kind of deserves a second look, fashion wise.

Lauren 21:38
Let me think about that for a second. I think

B 21:41
is it Giselle?

Lauren 21:45
I don’t see that much of a problem with Giselle. I think when your face looks like that, you can wear whatever you want.

B 21:53
She is gorgeous.

Lauren 21:55
I know people are so hard on her. And I think last season there wasn’t anything that she wore that super I did terrible. I do think like the speaking of Potomac, like Candace on The Real Housewives of Potomac. I think she pulls off some good looks and people don’t talk about it quite as much. She’s somebody that I think and then, you know, like we were talking about Gina earlier, I think she’s really had that glow up. I’m trying to think of who else I feel like I look at all their stuff so much that

B 22:26
somebody sent so I posted a box this morning and asking for questions for you and somebody I just opened it up and someone actually said, Where does Giselle shop and why is it still open? So

Lauren 22:40
last season, she was wearing stuff from revolve and Saks and all the places that everybody else is shopping. So I don’t know that they seem to be in business and doing well. So I do feel bad for Giselle, but I also have so much respect for the fact that she’s like, this is me and I’m not listening to all this shade. And I’m not going to go hire a stylist or do some crazy overhaul just because everybody else has something to say.

Amanda 23:06
You know who I was thinking about when that was the underrated thing. I think Crystal on Beverly Hills has some beautiful things and I think she dresses for her body really well. And hat like she’ll do like she always keeps it classy, right and she’s gonna go on a shorter skirt. She’s not having like a really revealing top and I feel like she always just has like a really kind of classic, timeless look. While so high fashion which I always aspire to right I think I mean like I’m not the type of person to like go for like a look right like I just want to have like you always want to like cute and like that. I kind of like her aesthetic that she’s got this kind of just always very well put together and then has some fabulous bags. Yes. Look.

Lauren 23:55
Yeah, I absolutely agree. And I feel like sometimes you kind of forget like lost in the Beverly Hills shuffle of everybody out there. But I totally agree with you on that. And I think you’re right she keeps it sophisticated and chic and she will wear more affordable clothing like she was wearing. You know she’ll wear like a nice crisp buttoned down shirt and one of the ones from a couple seasons ago was from Brooks Brothers or you know, she posted in a denim shirt dress and it was from Amazon and you know, obviously she’s spending her money on those little Birkin bags that are made. Yeah, that look like tiny little houses. leather pants. Yes, I liked those pads but that but that’s just me.

Amanda 24:38
I’m seeing those pants on a lot of people now like over this last winter. A lot. I was seeing those pants a lot. She was

Lauren 24:45
ahead of her time. Maybe she was the reason why everybody was wearing. They’ve got their moment but I do agree with crystal. That is a very good take.

B 24:55
Okay, somebody asked Bethany says she doesn’t use a stylist Do you think she needs you know, like Bethany style? I always think she looks cute and put together.

Lauren 25:09
I totally agree. I think she does. I miss having her like her outfits on Real Housewives of New York. I think she does like the city look really well like the all black and the leather. And then when they do vacations, she has great style and they always went on girls trip. So no, I don’t think she needs one. I think she’s doing the right things. And I miss her.

B 25:30
Someone else that just came to mind is Tansley I always love Kinsley style, because it was like perfectly suited to her personality. I think she wore a lot of those Alice and Olivia dresses, which again aren’t exist. I mean, they can be accessible. Like when they’re on sale. They’re not, you know, you can get one for like 250 300, which it’s a lot of money for an everyday dress, but I know like myself to my niece’s communion party, like I would be willing to spend you know what I’m saying? Or my daughter’s like an event of a friend’s wedding. Like I might be able to spend a little more if I know I’m gonna get a couple wears out of it kind of thing. And although I love there’s some people whose style I love, but I feel like it doesn’t fit me and I think that Tinsley is one of those people like this stuff looks so cute on her but if I put it on I’m kind of like, I look like a little girl. Yeah. Or I’m trying to be a little girl but on her it’s like perfect.

Amanda 26:22
Yes. Yeah, it’s very girly and feminine and cute.

Lauren 26:26
I mean, she agrees yes I agree to same thing like that is so I look ridiculous and a floral or ruffle anything but loved her. I just felt like you said like really good style. And she was so pop. She was another one. Like she maybe was one of the most popular people on the site, in terms of what people wanted to see and get information on while she was on the show.

B 26:51
Another one that I got a couple of questions about saying that they love her stuff. And they want her Fitz is Tracy Tudor from Million Dollar Listing LA. I don’t know if you watch that. Do you know who she is? I

Lauren 27:03
do. I’ve interviewed her. She is actually one of my favorites. We covered her style. This season. We did not because we actually we had somebody out on maternity leave. And so a couple of things had to go. A couple shows had to go. But yes, she in terms of personal favorites, for me, is one of my personal favorites.

Amanda 27:25
She’s a great one. Okay, here’s a question for you. And this is something I have always wondered. And I don’t even know if you know the answer to this. But with a lot of the housewives, right, the wear something wants, they can’t wear it again. Do you think they’re borrowing stuff? Are they buying stuff and reselling it? Are they archiving? Like, how does this work when they’re they’re just constantly having to have new stuff to be on TV?

Lauren 27:49
So I think it depends. The housewife? You know, I think that they should be if the brands knew what they were doing, I think that they should be gifted, almost everything. And then because it did I mean, we run a site off of it, obviously. But I think some I mean, some people, not everyone, but people will do Rent the Runway, people will borrow things and sell it on the real real, as some people are gifted things. I think it just depends. I don’t know, specifics for all of them. But I do know, like a lot of them are shopping for and buying their own stuff, which, you know, adds, it adds that Yeah, I can’t even imagine and figuring out that many looks to be on a TV show to for everybody to see what you’re wearing. Like it’s a lot. It’s a lot. So I hope they’re most of them are selling it and making the money back.

Amanda 28:46
I am a huge fan of Rent the Runway, by the way. Like there’s been times in my life where there’s been lots of parties and events or like work things, and I just had the membership. And it’s like, you can always you’re not having to buy a new dress for every wedding or for every communion or for every, you know,

B 29:03
I’ve heard almost done Rent the Runway like 1000 times, and I’m always like, I don’t know, because, but you can get the two sizes, right?

Amanda 29:13
You can get two sizes, or you can get the member what I do is I get the membership. And I go on and off. But like I’ll and then I’ll just like if I’m going on a trip or if I’m going you know, to a few weddings or a few, you know, parties or whatever. And I’ll just get a couple of things. And then the stuff that doesn’t work, you can send it back and you can get new stuff. So it’s not just like for a one time event, which is what I like. I like it for that. So the or you can just like mix in to like maybe you’re going you know, to a wedding and you’re I don’t know whatever it is like there’s all different kinds of stuff. And I’m a huge fan. Yeah.

Lauren 29:51
And now there are places that you can do it with high end designers. So some of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Rinna and maybe Erica, we’re renting a couple Looks

B 30:01
last year even admitted that Yes, she did. Yes rented. Yeah,

Lauren 30:05
she can. So now we’re that there are places where you can rent like super high end designer dresses which may, which really makes sense for them.

Amanda 30:12
Yes, like, archive Yeah.

B 30:15
I mean what do you think of she by Sheree?

Lauren 30:20
I just wanted to work for her. I was so happy the fashion show went well. And then it just seems like seems like you know, it’s always something but she is doing a good job wearing her own products on the show. Sometimes I feel like the housewives don’t always take full advantage of doing things like that. So I feel like she’s at least doing that this season.

B 30:40
I think her only problem is the price point. Yeah, I think I think that I personally, I love loungewear especially because I live in New York. You know, it’s winter, it’s full. I’m so into acute sweatsuit to run to my kids games on the weekend and stuff like that on a Friday night lounge around. But you’ll look at it and it’s $200. And I’m not saying it’s the same stuff that’s on Amazon machine, but it looks similar enough that you know what, I just think if she priced it in like the $60 range for acute sweatsuit, somebody like me would be like, Oh my God, I want to and because I’m a fan of hers, I would want to give her the business, right?

Lauren 31:19
Totally so and I try

B 31:21
if you’re listening, which I’m sure you’re not just change the prices a little bit, because if it is what Candy says it is, then you’re still making a profit bib.

Lauren 31:31
And she would make up for it and volume probably like you’re right. If she lowered it, she would probably sell a lot more.

B 31:36
I always remember I forget where I heard it, but somebody was like, people want like JLo and Britney and Paris when they had their perfume lines, they want to be at Walmart, they want to be in Walgreens, they want to be in those stores because 1000s and 1000s of people are buying when you have a perfume in you know Neiman it’s such a small percentage of your audience is actually shopping there.

Lauren 32:00
Yeah, absolutely. Like I think somebody like Marge that does her like cosmetic brushes and that sort of thing she’s willing to I think they have them at Walmart and I think that probably goes a lot better for her than trying to sell somewhere more high end like you said.

B 32:16
Yeah, like even like a Sephora well I mean I guess a Sephora one to get bigger would always be good. Yeah. So because you’re a big Bravo fan Do you know if you will or won’t be heading to Bravo con in the fall? I know you have kids in the school years in full swing.

Lauren 32:29
Yes, I have not gone before which is crazy, but I feel like I might have to take out a second mortgage on my house based on the hotel prices because I didn’t snag one right away but yes, I’m planning on it. What about you ladies?

B 32:44
We are I don’t you know so you know that I’m in a non anonymous account. I did I did say after the fact last year that I went I didn’t go to the first one that’s before I had my account and my mom was sick at the time so I wasn’t able to go but if you can get there it’s definitely worth it. I might I do recommend the s VIP because that gets you in like the little rooms with all of them without waiting online which is super cool.

Lauren 33:12
Yeah, I’ve heard it’s it’s definitely worth it so hopefully I can get my hands on it but yes, that is the plan this year anyways. Love it.

Amanda 33:20
Give me like another level I think in Vegas can’t

Lauren 33:24
even imagine what its gonna be like but

B 33:26
very Mandy’s gonna make us dress as cocktail waitresses or show girls

Amanda 33:34
I’m whole Glendon nobody knows

B 33:39
well, they will when they see two random Bravo fans.

Lauren 33:44
Now everyone knows

Amanda 33:47
carrying our shoes. I just have this image of us we’d like so tired from walking, just carrying or shoes and just walking.

Lauren 33:55
I know that’s what I’m gonna come to I’m like, Oh my gosh, I’m probably gonna feel like I have to look cute the whole time and wear heels. How is that gonna work? I don’t know how that’s gonna work. But

B 34:03
you really do feel like that I can tell you from I only did one I did one full day. And these Bravo people. We all know they’re good looking from television. really true. I don’t I’m sure we’ve all like seen celebrities in person. There’s so much better looking in person. It’s like incredible.

Lauren 34:20
It’s terrifying.

B 34:22
So unfair. I had my makeup and my hair done. And I felt like a troll. I was like imagine if it would have just come as I normally wouldn’t have been let in. But we have to hear your thoughts on Scandal. Oh, because everything has thoughts on Scandal.

Lauren 34:39
I mean, I think my thoughts are similar to everyone else. I’m so happy for Ariana that she’s thriving. I think she’s just such always been such a nice person. Like I interviewed her back in the day. I mean, it’s been so long. When I first started the website at least 10 years ago. She was so sweet. She’s been so she’s just always been so We does if we want information on an outfit she’s just, you know will always answer just such a down to earth person and the idea that he would do that to her is just to I can’t with him he is like,

B 35:12
Well speaking of fashion, what about Raquel mimicking Ariana is looks like that came out after my various accounts like and a lot of my followers sent me like she was like wearing very similar outfits that Ariana had worn. Very creepy. Who do you get asked for? From Vanderpump Rules, new people, old people fired people? Stassi I would guess, right? Yes.

Lauren 35:36
And we had taken a little pause on her. But I think she’s been forgiven. I’m not sure exactly what the status is. But yeah, Stasi was always the favorite. Now Ariana and crazy. Our most read post in June. was Rick Hell’s reunion. Look, I was like afraid to even post it on Instagram, because I thought people would just go after us. Right. And we included it in the blog post or whatever, just because that’s what we do. And that was what people read the most last month, which is so wild.

B 36:07
So I have to say that when I learned that it was a two piece at first of all, it was a beautiful outfit. And it was a two piece outfit, which when she was sitting there and when she walked in, it looked like a dress. But then when we saw her change, it was a two piece outfit. And I also think that like when you’re 510 I would imagine and you know, fan you can wear anything. Yes. But I that was what about Ariana is?

Lauren 36:33
Oh my gosh. I mean, like everyone else. I almost dropped dead when I saw that. I couldn’t I mean, she looked so so good. Obviously, the phrase revenge dress has been used 10 million times now but it was just so great. So good, like amazing. And to be able to sit down and look good in a dress like that is borderline impossible and unfair that Yeah, I mean good for her. Could not have come back better. Like if you have to show up and be around people who have done that to you. That is definitely the best way to do it.

Amanda 37:06
So a lot of us noticed that Raquel Rochelle as I happen to call her that she seemed to upgrade her her looks right like her her fashion. Do you think that Tom Sandoval was helping dress her?

Lauren 37:23
Oh, I never even thought about that. But I don’t know based on his outfits. I’m not sure it might have gone in the opposite direction. She was helping her. That’s interesting though. I feel like that maybe was not out of the question since there was so much weirdness going on behind the scenes obviously.

B 37:42
So much weird. And now we finally have the very anticipated announcement, which Jax has been teasing since you know, he’s become relevant again. The infamous Valley village spin off is in the works. We first heard about this from Stasi so Stasi came out after she had been fired and Kristen had been fired in Jackson Brittany and she told everybody like listen we were supposed to do this valley village spin off but it never happened because we were let go now a scandal we know that listen it’s a gravy train Bravo is everyone hates Raquel and Sandoval now so I guess all is forgiven with the ones that were fired and they are my source tells me cameras up by the end of the month Wow. I don’t know that it’s officially greenlit but I would imagine that if variety or whatever, you know. news outlet reported it that I can’t imagine Bravo. Why would Bravo not pick that up or peacock? But what we’re seeing is a lot of people are saying Stasi has to be on what are you? I know in my DMs My fans are very not my fans. My followers are very split you have I would say about 50% of Bravo fans who love Stasi and feel that people should move on your 50% who feel that she’s the worst person and she should never be on television again. What do you guys think? Do you think that valley village without Stasi will be good?

Lauren 39:10
I mean, I just what are they have? Like I’m not sure and I’ve read about it too. I’m just not sure.

B 39:18
It’s gonna be other people too. So a follower sent me this girl she looks like a pageant girl who’s friends apparently with them in Valley village. She just had a baby on Father’s Day. She’s gonna be one of the cast. So it’s not just the people we know. I guess it’s some other hot couples and their babies. You know that kind of thing. I was never a Stassi fan but I do get her draw. I do get why people like watching her.

Lauren 39:43
Yes, and I don’t want to get dragged for this because I don’t have a strong opinion either. But I have recently listened to her podcast again and she does sound like she’s grown and is remorseful and has changed but I think my thought on all the people going back to this is Like Jax and Brittany seem like they’re doing well. She seems like she’s doing well. Like why go back to a spot where, you know, you’re back and all the drama. I mean, I guess I know that’s the personality that goes on reality TV, but they just seem like so stable now. It’s like, maybe just keep with that. You know what I mean?

B 40:19
Well, financially, I think Stasi is fine with her books and her live show and her pod back. And she said she won’t come back. But you know, Kristin said the same thing. And she’s in talks. And I think that Kristin and Jackson Britney needed more financial aid. That’s

Lauren 40:32
a valid point. Yes. You’re You’re very I was not thinking in those turns. But yeah, that’s true. I just I’m not sure. I mean, obviously, I agree. Bravo is smart to at least try it and see where it goes. But I think as it unfolds, it’ll be interesting to see who the additional cast members would be and kind of what the what the premise would be even.

Amanda 40:55
And who goes where to write like what showed us Katie gone, which show Ariana go on, because I know Ariana still lives in Valley village and still hang and like Lala, right. I feel like Lala would almost be more of a valley village. Because of, you know, where she is in terms of, you know, being so focused on her daughter. And, you know, she’s really good friends with Jackson, Britney. So I that’s where where I’m trying to figure out is who goes where and how that all works? Or do people kind of float back and forth, which could be like a Craig Wright, you know, like, between summerhouse and

B 41:33
read between them. And again, you hear so many different versions. What I have heard most recently, is that after this season, they’ll all migrate to valley village. And the original Vanderpump Rules will be like all people who work there who knows maybe the Tom’s would be the thread God help us. Yeah, I mean, we’re all watching now. Who are we kidding? Yeah, that’s so true.

Lauren 41:58
Although I did you before I started watching, or I stopped watching Vanderpump Rules for a season maybe. And then I just happened to pick it up at the beginning of the season before seeing the ball because I was like, Oh, this might be interesting with the Katie and Tom like splitting up and with the grown ups back on again. So I don’t know if they take them off. I don’t know what we have left for Vanderpump the original Vanderpump

B 42:24
I mean, I don’t know if we would be the audience right. Like, Amanda and I have discussed it, like Southern hospitality was successful. They’re filming their second season personally, because I’m a little bit older now. I didn’t really feel a connection with them. Although it was very entertaining. Um, so I just think maybe it would be an younger audience, which would be good for Bravo.

Lauren 42:43
Yeah, that’s true. That is true. Yeah.

Amanda 42:45
When they go on a trip, you know, I want to see them staying in amazing hotels and going to amazing places and like no knock on southern hospitality because God knows I was in my 20s as well and these kinds of trips, but like, I don’t really want to see the kind of trip where they go and like three people are sleeping on the I know I want to see I want I want Capri. I want Lake Como I want Aspen.

Lauren 43:14
Yes, I agree. If especially for the outfits on my. Yeah, so

B 43:20
Lauren, we know you’re a huge OC fan.

Lauren 43:23
Yes, I they’re my original I felt like that is the first show I started covering and back in the day, like when there weren’t a lot of different blogs and people were bigger on Twitter and Facebook Tamra shared a post I did about her. And it’s like how I gained any traction at all and how the site launch so I will always be grateful to Tamra and OSI has a special place in my heart.

B 43:50
I love that.

Amanda 43:51
I said last week when we were talking about it like it just feels like we’re coming home again. Like it’s nothing too crazy has happened. It’s just like, it just feels like I just feel happy. Like watching the show again, especially with Tamra back on and I don’t know, I thought

B 44:08
that this week’s episode was awesome. I loved the showdown between Heather and Taylor. I mean, you know, and I don’t give her the Dobro a lot of breaks. But man this week reminded me how good she is.

Lauren 44:23
I was thinking I’m like, she should be a lawyer. I was so scared for Taylor. Like all the points she was making. I was like, Oh my gosh, this is I would be terrified to be Taylor right now.

B 44:34
And in this case, I don’t think Heather was wrong. I mean, she was right about the protocol. Yes, Heather does have a way of speaking. That can be a little condescending. So I do see Taylor’s point, but you’re on camera, offering her a role where it’s not your place to offer it. She knows nothing about the movie. She knows the context. It’s like, you know what I’m saying? I don’t think she said anything. out in out rude. And then she went to lunch with Tamra and the two of them completely annihilated Heather’s acting career.

Lauren 45:09
Yeah, I just think Taylor obviously felt like from her position, she was doing her a favor doing something nice, you know, and to Heather, who was like, Okay, well, I have an acting career, it just didn’t come across the same way.

Amanda 45:22
I get it, because like, I’ve seen about this with me, you know, I have a marketing company. And now it’d be like somebody coming and be like, oh, you know, I’m just gonna give you this marketing client. met you. They don’t know anything that you do. You haven’t had a chance to really sit down and see if like, you’re right for them. But here you go. Like I was like, okay, like I actually, Heather has been kind of grating on me a little bit that season. But I’m like, I see her point. She’s got a really good point. Because like, in my world, it wouldn’t happen that way, either. Right?

Lauren 45:55
Yeah, she definitely made her point. I’m like, it’s all way even though. Taylor said they’re all good. I’m like, are they? Oh, God, I don’t know about that.

B 46:06
And the other thing that came out on last night’s episode, which cocktail errs knew about was, so we know that Taylor discusses we had made posts because we had a source who sent us like a lot of the stuff that is happening this season. And some of it came true last night, which was that Taylor brings up the fact that she’s bisexual, and she was in a relationship with a woman. We had posted that back in March, when I was at, you know, obviously, it wasn’t when. So sometimes when we know things, Amanda, I think that we just think that everyone, everyone knows it. I wasn’t shocked by it in that moment, but very interesting.

Amanda 46:48
It was interesting, the way it just came up. Was because you and I had been Yeah, we we’ve we’ve known us for a while, but the way that it was just like, oh, yeah, Taylor, you’re bisexual, right?

B 47:04
And not only that she was in a five year relationship is very different. Like, you know, Alyson a lot of us, a lot of women have experimented and all that sort of stuff. I think it’s very different if you like, you know, fool around with girls, or maybe date a little bit, five years. I mean, like she said, There’s marriages that don’t last that long.

Lauren 47:25
Yeah, I was, I mean, I did not know ahead of time. And you’re right. The way it came up was interesting, but you know, and obviously, more power to her, but I had no idea until she brought it up. So I hadn’t seen any of the, you know, gossip or anything. So I was like, Oh, that is a twist. Yes.

B 47:43
That was a twist for sure. The audience. But overall, I’m really enjoying OC. i All gosh, so I don’t I’m sure you guys know about this by now. And I posted about it. Tamra Vicki and Shannon. Did a trace Amiga show. Did you guys see this? Yes, I saw. First of all, there’s an Instagram account. That’s like requesting everybody. And it’s the Tracy amigas which I have to imagine one of the three of them made probably Tamra cuz she’s the most like marketing savvy, right?

Amanda 48:17
Sounds like Shannon knows. So because I listened to two T’s in a pod. It sounds like Shannon is the driving force behind this show. And Tamra has been talking about how like, you know, Shannon’s made up the songs and figured out what they’re wearing. And like, so I’m guessing maybe it’s Shannon,

B 48:36
could be Shannon. What’s funny is an inside source told me I didn’t even post this but because I had posted a bunch of stuff that I heard from the show, but Tamra and Shannon were arguing in the days leading up to the show, but they pulled it off. And you saw people that I saw on Twitter, which I hate to even go on Twitter because it’s like a bigger cesspool and

Lauren 48:56
Reddit oh my gosh, so bad. So bad.

B 48:59
But people were like we are they like, mimicking Latinas like so like I don’t know how like, politically correct the whole show is which? Okay, you have that. And then the funniest part and I don’t know if you guys saw this, Amanda you probably did but on two T’s in a pod. Teddy was like for those of you asking the reason that I can’t go support Tamra is because Vicki has banned me from attending. What

Amanda 49:27
Vicki is just ultimate petty?

B 49:31
Ultimate Petey.

Lauren 49:36
Can’t even work.

B 49:39
And then apparently, Vicki got explicit about sex. I just. Oh, yeah.

Amanda 49:44
Yeah, she said that her. Her current boyfriend asks if they can take a day off sex and she says no.

B 49:55
I sort of feel like Tamra is looking at and you know what I would do the absolute same thing. I am not knocking it. I’m a hustler myself. Camera is sitting there and she’s like, Okay, I have this second chance right now. I did this podcast. It’s been uber successful. And now she’s looking at everything other housewives and other cities do and she’s like, you know, let’s take a look at New York. We got Sonia we got Luann they make some money off their cabaret shows we have Paige doing live shows. We have Stasi doing a show let’s do a show. Like so. I just feel at this point. Tamar is like, I’m not locked down to cut fitness anymore. I’m back on the show. I have the platform. I am going to throw my net out. And whatever I grab, I’m dragging it home putting in my bank account.

Amanda 50:38
I mean, I would 100% go to that show. My town

Lauren 50:43

B 50:46
Yeah, 100% I don’t think it was like a big place. So I totally think that they probably were doing shots of tequila and after the show hanging out with everybody. Probably yelling at people. Oh, and then at the show Schatten a followers made it sound like shouting confirmed to kill up but actually it’s like a book with like different recipes involving tequila or I don’t know, they’re coming out with another product. Listen, get it while the getting’s good, I guess, right. Yeah,

Lauren 51:15
I agree. Do it, do it while you can. Not that anybody’s going anywhere. But exactly. I feel like they might as well. It’s a great place to launch products and gain exposure so you know, more power to them.

B 51:29
And Lauren, let’s wrap up on Beverly Hills. I know you’re a big Beverly Hills fan. How are you feeling about this upcoming season the loss of rent ah, the loss of Kathy. We learned this week that Kathy and Kyle meet up at Kim Richards daughter’s wedding. And Kathy actually at Kimo Sabe, apologized to Kyle saying it wasn’t her fault. And it appears all is forgiven. What are your thoughts on that?

Lauren 51:57
I think we needed a camera on that. But I am happy for them on a personal level that, you know, with Kathy not coming back to the show that their relationship hopefully will be better. You know, she was good TV, though. So I think that we will miss her Rinna. I do think she took it a little far. But I sometimes feel like, you know, she’s a little bit like a Tiama. Where? What’s going to happen in Beverly Hills if she’s not there causing trouble. So I’m not sure like, I’m not sure what that will happen next season. I’m going to love it regardless, but I just don’t know where we’re going with it.

B 52:36
Well, one thing we know that they have is apparently somebody repeats speculation that something’s going on with Kyle and Mauricio is marriage. I don’t know if Kyle is doing a PR play. I don’t know if they’re really going through it. But I mean, anyone with two eyes and any sense of literacy can see the posts and realize that they’re very different than how she used to post. I mean, if you look at her father’s day post from last year, it was like, to my love of my life, my partner through life. I love you. You’re the best father and this year, it was like, Mauricio, you’re the number one dad the children would agree. Good Vibes only. Oh, right. I

Lauren 53:20
have seen things about this. And I hope it’s not true. That would make me very sad. See,

Amanda 53:26
I agree. And I am right there with you. Like I I think we’re gonna miss Lisa Rinna. I enjoy her. I love following her. I think she’s hilarious. I definitely think she had a rough season. This last season. But she’s another one too. Like her fashion looks. I am like, I’m always, you know, like, sometimes are like way over the top. But I kind of love her for that. She’s always got great shades to like her sunglasses. Yes. Are some of my favorite always, but I think we’re gonna miss her. And I’m wondering if anybody kind of would set like step into the start of the pilot kind of role. I’m like, is it going to be Sutton? Is it like, who’s it going to be?

Lauren 54:12
That’s what I can’t figure out. I mean, I’ve been you know, she is so and I feel like to Brynna it’s a game. She’s an actress. Like she knows she is trying to make good TV and I don’t know who that person will be.

B 54:28
I think it’s going to be a commerce season. I personally thought from the day I heard she wouldn’t be back that it’s a pause, and I absolutely think she’ll be back. Yeah, agree. One last question. I know I said we’d end on Beverly Hills. Are you excited for the new Roni reboot?

Lauren 54:43
You know, I am not super read up on it. But I think the women look fabulous and fashionable. I love New York. I’m jealous. You live there and I I’m gonna give it a try, obviously, and I’m hoping for the best.

B 54:57
I think they look super fast. Yeah. So Matter of fact, some of the questions I got for you was where does this one have? And I’ll tag you in those in the next couple of days, some of those. And you can answer like, apparently Brian did an interview where I mean, the women are. And they’re all like, they all have a difference. Yeah.

Lauren 55:16
Yeah. So I think that part will be good for us and interesting, and I’m excited to meet some new housewives. That’s for sure.

Amanda 55:23
One of my gentle lions actually shared

B 55:25
with me that she knows sigh. And what she said without like, giving away the relationship, but she said to me was for all the people saying, like, oh, sighs a bit like, she’s not a bit. She’s just born and raised in New York City. And she just tells it like it is. She doesn’t sugarcoat stuff. I’m excited. I love I think it’d be good, I think. And we’re not going to cover this now. I think we’ll probably do it on the cocktail pod. But I think it’s so timely with the end just like that reboot, not the Sex and the City reboot second season. And just like that, the ladies are going to be hysterical on their trip the OG ladies, but I’m good with new women in our city. I think there’s room for old and new. I don’t mean age. I mean, yeah. And that exists. And

Lauren 56:08
that’s a show when we were talking about other shows that I watched for the fashion, obviously. And just like that, it’s another one, but yes, very timely.

Amanda 56:17
So we know Patricia Field isn’t doing the fashion, although Kim control got her to do hers specifically for her cameo. Do we know who’s who’s styling the women for this for you? Just like that,

Lauren 56:31
you know, this is terrible. I follow an Instagram account. That is that gives all the information on all the styling and costuming. And I don’t even know I couldn’t tell you. I should know that but I don’t.

B 56:43
Charlotte’s style reminds me a little bit of tins Lee’s I know it’s different. But in that I love it. But it wouldn’t suit me.

Lauren 56:50
Yeah. Very feminine and sophisticated. In a way to

Amanda 56:56
I agree. And talk about like ultimate fashion moment not to give too much way. And you guys probably all seen this all over Instagram again. But Carrie, pulling out the dress. And then like she says it and that’s how I repurpose my pain and like, but making it new again with that beautiful cape. Like

B 57:18
I’m like saying to myself, what’s she going to do? And then I’m saying to myself, Oh, come on. It’s Carrie Bradshaw. She has a million things in her closet. But I have to admit, it didn’t cross my mind until she had that look on her face. And she ran in and grabbed the box. I was like, Oh my God, she’s putting on her wedding dress.

Amanda 57:33
I know, it gave me chills. It was

Lauren 57:35
I could not picture it. That’s how that was going to end. Very nervous. So it worked out.

B 57:41
People aren’t into this season, I get it. And I myself am guilty. And it’s one of the reasons I watch reality television. I feel like life at times can be so heavy that when I have an hour to myself, I just want to zone out and I don’t want to feel too many fields. And this is a show that you really have to like watch knowing that you could potentially cry the whole episode. But I think because I’m just invested in the characters for so many years, I’m willing to do that. Right. And I get that other people aren’t like other people are kind of like they should have just left it alone.

Lauren 58:16
I feel like it just feels like having old friends around. I feel the same way I don’t I’m not too picky about it. I’m just happy it’s there. You know, I I know a lot of people are critical but I’m just I’m happy it’s on.

B 58:30
I totally agree. Lauren. It was so wonderful having you on cocktail hours please make sure to follow her at at Big blonde hair. And she’s got all the fashion so if you see something and you like it, so the followers they can send you DMS and be like Lauren, where do I find the sweater that Kyle wore

Lauren 58:50
absolutely DMS you can subscribe to our website, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, I’ve been forced into Tik Tok, which I’m working on. Yes. All over the place. Yeah, please send us your messages. Yes, but blonde. hair.com is the blog and if you’re old school and you’d like a blog, which actually so many people do. Yeah. Thank you so much for having me. It was so much fun.

B 59:14
This was so much fun. And cocktail hours till next time

Amanda 59:25
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a T because the ones who don’t care about T then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there day Lee that would get us kicked off of Instagram so thanks for listening everybody bye guys

B 1:00:06
see you next time