We can’t help ourselves with the orange pun. Because we’re so glad Real Housewives of Orange County and Tamra are back! Now that we have a few episodes under our belts, we want to talk about our thoughts on the new housewife, Jen, plus our returning favorite orange holders. And of course, we’ve got Orange flavored tea for you – lots of it. We’ve got our ears to the ground in Beverly Hills and in New York…and some gossip you’re not hearing anywhere else. Plus a tangent: B and Amanda talk Ben vs Matt, Ryan vs Ryan and you’ll hear more about laminated lists…

B 0:01
I also know that Gina sometimes posts her ex husband’s new girlfriend trying to do this whole life we co parents so well, so she is trying to show it without showing the mass of Travis but to not address it at all, there may be a legal reason it just seems inauthentic. And she lied about her divorce for how many seasons we’re getting. So we know that she’s able to do that

B 0:32
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from problem cocktails.com. And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds.

Amanda 0:51
V. And I’m Amanda, let’s get into this week’s tip.

B 0:59
What’s up cat tailors and Amanda?

Amanda 1:02
Hi V and hi COC tailors. So I think you know, we’re pretty excited because we finally have a few episodes of OC behind us that we can kind of really dig into so we want to focus kind of starting out there today. What are you thinking?

B 1:19
I’m loving it. You know, it’s such a authentic, old school classic, whatever word you want to use. I mean, well, OSI is the OG right. And it’s just a very natural vibe. And I think on the heels of scandal on the heels of the toxicity of Jersey. It’s such a breath of fresh air.

Amanda 1:42
It feels like coming home kind of right. It

B 1:45
feels like coming home. It really it really does. And Tamra being back. It just feels right. It feels good. Do I think that like she’s overplaying and being a little hysterical? Yeah. But like, as excited as we are to see her. She’s excited to be back. I mean, this was her life for so many years. And then for a couple years it wasn’t. And then she was commenting on all the other housewives and so I just think she was so overanxious and we’re seeing that a little bit, which is fine, but her act that’s fine.

Amanda 2:15
I haven’t seen the quite overacting I think she was super well. Well, I know we’ll get into everything but that boat scene, I think she was just super drunk. Like I think there was that was a big factor for her. But I mean, and she’s like, I She can’t even weigh 100 pounds. And so I’m sure like two glasses of champagne can really kind of throw her. I’d remember tiny.

B 2:39
And because she’s so into fitness, I get the sense that not that she I’m sure she does drink if her and Eddie go out to dinner. She has a couple glasses of wine. But she hasn’t been filming housewives and housewives drinking in OC and in New York is totally different than like regular drinking. So clearly, you can see that she’s got to build her tolerance back up throughout the season.

Amanda 3:00
Yeah, yeah, seriously.

B 3:03
And you know, I never really vibed with Shannon and I don’t know if it’s that I’m seeing her in a different light because I’ve been influenced by you. Or like, I don’t know, but her life is currently pretty juicy. And it’s not even what we’re seeing on the show. So we know that her and John split, which by the way, Amanda, can we discuss her climbing him making her climb over the car seat? Because he was worried about the curb?

Amanda 3:32
I was so like, no, no, no, a gentleman pulls the car out. Yes, there might be a high curb. You pull the car away from the curb? You let her get out. Ideally, you get around and you open her car door for right and then you park the car. That was weird. But I also was almost like what were they just trying to make a Shannon moment because it felt like a very much a Shannon moment, which I always love. She had it in her like just physical awkwardness.

B 4:02
So I hope that’s the case. Because if it’s not that I think it’s like, I think we’ll have to see as the season goes, how many of those like, kernels of what’s to come? We’re going to see right because to me, that’s a clear example of if it wasn’t if it wasn’t producing a Shannon moment, it’s a clear example of and we’ve all either been there or watched our friends go through it a woman making concessions in a relationship just to keep things going. And you know what I’m saying like,

Amanda 4:34
yeah, and that’s a very like he’s he’s maybe just not that into her kind of set. Yeah. And then

B 4:41
you see her say like, well, we hit three years and I you know, I definitely want to get married but we’re in no rush. It’s kind of like talking out of both sides of your mouth. Because if you want to get married and it’s three years and that’s not a conversation, then this isn’t the right relationship.

Amanda 4:59
Right? It’s yeah, you know, and then like you see though, like later in the show, you see Shane and Emily walk in and he gives her a big smack on the ass. I’m like that is that is he’s into you, right? Like,

B 5:12
yes. And I think that when you think about housewives and couples, I think that Shane and Emily are a really good example of a couple and even extended out to a family of who really shows themselves. I think that we see them warts and all. And I like that about their relationship. I actually I know, we probably all didn’t like him at first, but he’s grown on me years. And I also liked that he very clearly is doing this for her like, he is who he is, and he’s not getting on the show and trying to impress or trying to be something he’s not like Ralph Pittman. So okay, so back to Shannon and her juicy life. And we know that they split, but we know that they’ve been or they were hanging out together. Then a couple of weeks ago, at the quiet woman of all places, she bumped into David vador, the ex husband who clearly they had a very tumultuous split, and they are not on good terms. At the time that she posted that selfie because they took a selfie for their daughters, which was really cute. Then he didn’t know that he had filed for divorce from Lesley again. So he says to her, Can you post this? I could use the followers. Now that we know he had filed for divorce. Obviously Amanda, he was doing that to like rib at Lesley so that she would get a flood of DMS saying oh my god, he’s with Shannon,

Amanda 6:40
right. I mean, he is he’s messy. But I kind of actually loved that he is poking it to her because that Leslie woman ever since I saw her have that freak out on the poor person at Walmart. I was like she really showed her face and she looks like an awful, awful person. So like, and I’ve always been team Shannon and I think David was a total asshole to her. But I loved that.

B 7:11
And it did rile Lesley up and she posted a whole bunch of crazy stuff. And then she was posting her ex husband. Then on father’s day she wished both David and her axe who she has also posted negatively about over the years a Father’s Day message. Okay, so she posted the Father’s Day message but a couple days before that. There were allegations that there was a domestic violence situation. And Lesley supposedly was putting this out there about David however do you want to read this email in case the cocktail hours or somebody

Amanda 7:45
Yes, yes. Yes I do. I also though really quickly want to just point out like why is there it there is no need to put out any kind of Father’s Day message about your ex or your other ex like your own father? Yes. Yes. Your husband, your current husband, who you love very much.

B 8:06

Amanda 8:08
Yeah, what’s the point? I mean, it just That’s unnecessary drama but anyway, okay, so this is the email that’s from OSI you want to be@bravo.com titled fake DV claims so a new account popped up claiming this former OC house husband was arrested for domestic violence no record for that and it would be public. However there is a record that his soon to be ex second wife filed a DV restraining order against an ex ex husband kind of interesting that it’s the same guy she just thanked for healthy co parenting all these years. LOL

B 8:53
So like this is a pattern Lesley one minute is posting bad about someone the next minute is going to the police and filing a report now I don’t know Could it be that there was a situation and then over the years they’ve made up sure she just seems very unstable and very

Amanda 9:10
erratic again like I believe women always but if there’s a bit of an undertone here that’s kind of making it sound like I don’t know. I just I would really hope that nobody would ever file a false domestic violence claim or anything like that because that is that is despicable as well Yes.

B 9:34
And then a follower messages me and she’s like, just went down the most wild rabbit hole after seeing stuff about Leslie and David Madore. So, when Leslie posted her ex’s name, this follower realized that he is related to a brother of a man named Eric puke or poop and pee you can ke Hokey Pokey Eric bookie He he and his brother ran a huge consumer debt scheme that they went to prison for. So the ex husband and his brother, his brother Andras, is now facing up to 30 years for, quote unquote, the biggest foreign real estate scam in US Federal Trade Commission history. Sidenote, Andras was we don’t know if he still is with a woman. Also from the OC by the name of Angela chiton den who owned beach bunny swimwear. This was the person that you know, Lizzie, and her bathing suit company. This was the person she was accused of copying.

Amanda 10:44
Oh, and yeah, comes full circle

B 10:47
and bras. So the followers said the followers from the OC so she kind of knows these people, right? So she said I wouldn’t be surprised if she meaning Angela the beach, Bunny swimwear has been approached, because clearly she’s got a lot of shit going on, and it would make for good television. So OC gave us what we want.

Amanda 11:08
Interesting. Yeah, I mean, again, like, I don’t know I love I love seeing Shannon, I have been following this whole situation with her and John, pretty closely because she’s being kind of coy about Yeah,

B 11:23
I saw I saw they posted a while ago, but I haven’t seen

Amanda 11:27
like she was getting it was like a very intimate situation, right? Like she’s getting her makeup done in a hotel room. And John’s sitting over on the bed like reading an iPad. That to me is not like friendly actors who just run into each other and decide to sit down and have coffee together. Totally. Yeah. So like, Shannon, come on, like, let’s hear what’s going on with you.

B 11:50
But, you know, while we’re on this OSI subject, it occurred to me that, I think and I don’t know if you agree with me, but I think OSI has the most toxic group of men ever. You have Brooks be faced cancer. It doesn’t really get more toxic than that. No. We have Jimbo Leno, who in addition to being a total douchebag have a husband now that divorced he sued Tamra and Shannon for jokes they made on a pod and that was a big thing. Remember, they had to pay up? Yeah.

Amanda 12:24
We have slammed by the way I just have to say too, anytime anybody Sue’s anybody, even if there is completely bought like baseless false claims. You know, I sued you because you said I had purple hair. Like you still have to pay to defend yourself the legal fees to are just saying so anyway.

B 12:44
And then we have Slade who started with Joe first season. That was the season that we all started watching housewives love to Joe, by the way. Then he briefly dated Lori before Lori begged was his name George the rich guy. Yeah. And he ended up with Gretchen I mean, Peter Thomas could never let’s not wait, let’s not forget sweet James novellas Acts who brought her on the show to publicly divorce her and be a shit father.

Amanda 13:13
I mean, did we really even see him on the show? Not really, right.

B 13:18
No, but he said a lot of things like in interviews. Oh, yeah.

Amanda 13:21
No, I know. And he he sounds like a real as a real jerk.

B 13:26
And she claims she was surprised blindsided by the divorce filing. So if that’s true, yeah. We have Vicki’s other acts. Steve, the one she recently you know, on the girl’s trip, she was boohoo and about him. I mean, he flat up used her he was saying they were still together living in our home with another woman which is bananas. Yes. Simon Barney, who? You know, we I do understand he’s battling cancer. We wish him well. They had a very toxic marriage. He was very controlling when Tamar first came on. And then we of course, we have Gina’s axe, who although beautiful had that whole scene in her house. Yeah.

Amanda 14:03
But he cheated too. Oh, and he was a cheater. He was a cheater. And he was a abuser.

B 14:09
And these are just off the top of my head. Like I’m sure I’m forgetting someone.

Amanda 14:13
I’m sure we are. I don’t know. I mean, you’re right. And like, I do think some of these guys are almost predatory, right. Like I think Steve sought out Vicki. I think Brooks 100% sought out the key perfect. Yes for Vicki. Who knows how Shannon and John met but it feels very much like he really liked the spotlight given especially that he waited until just sat there after they were done filming to break up with her and it sounds like she did not see it coming either.

B 14:49
I mean, Ramona said it on her and other podcasts and crazy as she is she said that she has had a lot of trouble finding In quality men to date seriously because the men that want to date her want the spotlight. I mean, we started with Dorinda, remember during that laundromat guy, OC is a great example of it. We may or may not be seeing it play out in New Jersey with a certain

Amanda 15:17
husband. Yeah. What do we think about this? Certainly Atlanta

B 15:21
has Sheree has fallen victim to it. Kenya can even Cynthia with Mike Hill. I mean, yeah, it’s really? And what about this guy? Ryan? Yeah, I

Amanda 15:32
was just gonna ask you what do we think about him? Because he’s, he’s coming off as slippery. To me. I don’t know why. But again, like maybe this is now just been ingrained in me after this last season of OC but like, I kind of don’t trust a guy who’s that tan. I don’t know. And just like, I have to tell you like any relationship that starts with infidelity. I just don’t feel like they can work. And I truly believe that. Like once a cheater, always a cheater. I think there’s always going to be like the grass is greener kind of mentality with people like that.

B 16:13
Well, so we heard on the show that Jen met Ryan at caught Tamra and Eddie’s gym when she was still married, right? Yes. They had an affair. I mean, even though she’s trying to like, back out of it. She’s already admitted

Amanda 16:27
it admit it in the last show. Yeah.

B 16:31
And although she I think she said it wasn’t sex yet. But like, it was.

Amanda 16:36
She was aware. She’s like, I met him. He gave me a gift. There was no sex. I was like, Okay, this feels coached and like you are really hiding something. And then I do find

B 16:47
it very weird. I don’t know. And I think you’re gonna have to do a little deep dive for us. What her family business is in? Is it Oklahoma? Yeah. But her husband works still for her ex husband works still for the family business. But somebody told me Don’t feel too sorry for him. He’s already engaged to another woman who happens to be a former friend of jet as well. That’s gross, too. That’s gross, too. But I guess she cheated first. I don’t know. He’s living in Oklahoma or the time of filming. He was because now I heard maybe he’s back in Jose. And they’re splitting the house. So she stays with Ryan when her ex husband’s at the house and vice versa. And we know when when our friend Michelle Dempsey was on, there’s a name for it. Is it like bird nesting or nesting? Yeah. And people do that. Yeah. Which How do you feel about that? I think I would prefer to get rid of the home and each have nice, smaller living quarters that the kids have their own space in each like I have mine. And you know what?

Amanda 17:46
I think I think it can work actually. But it can’t work long term, you know, because I think you just need eventually you’re going to need to just separate separate everything right? And just have, you know, mom’s house and dad’s house. But I think initially, I think it can be a good way to manage the transition. Right? In a situation like that. And I get it, do you I was gonna ask you Do you know, have you known anybody whose spouse is like, literally has living in another state and just comes back every once in a while for work?

B 18:23
I know somebody who spouse chose to move to another state. And it’s drivable, but it’s like five hours.

Amanda 18:35
They chose to within the marriage or like they’re ending the marriage. Oh, no, I’m

B 18:39
sorry. No, they were already divorced. They share a child but obviously the mother has custody and in the dad. That was like, once a month there’s

Amanda 18:47
got it because they the dad moved away.

B 18:49
What do I know anyone that that lives out of state and stays married now?

Amanda 18:54
Yeah, that I mean, that is an oddity as well. And like, the implication that will actually really what Emily even I think came out and said it was like, did you have your dad? Hire him on a suit? So you could go fuck around?

B 19:10
Yeah, and, and by the way, Ryan is going to be in the hot seat this season, because apparently they come to find out that Jen is not the first or the second married woman he’s picked up at tamaraws gym, which I’m sure Tamra told her. So like when it was happening. Right. So I don’t know how I feel about Jen.

Amanda 19:32
I think some people to like I think some people have that type, right? They go for married people because I think they have this like fetish. Well, yes. But almost more of a like, they like to go for somebody who’s not completely available. Whether it’s their own like feelings of inadequacy or whether it’s like they kind of like it because then they can continue you to play the field and they don’t have to go all the way in. I don’t know. But it sounds like she’s my serial wife’s healer.

B 20:08
And I forget because this was first episode. Does Ryan have children of his own? Or are all those kids gents?

Amanda 20:14
All those kids are gents.

B 20:17
So I just endless and there are many men who step up and become stepdads. I’m not we know that. Yeah. But she’s like a lot. She’s like a Bronwyn amount of children. I just and I just don’t understand how you have the time in the day your husband’s in Oklahoma. You have a gaggle of kids, there’s got to be four or five of them. And you’re finding time to cheat at the gym? Maybe she’s got a nanny. I’m just talking logistics, Amanda. Like I have to. And it would be

Amanda 20:48
like, You know what I’m saying? I mean, or you’ve heard me joke about this before, but I’m like, I if if I were ever cheat, it would be like, I’d be looking for a sister wife. I don’t have enough time as it is, you know, like,

B 21:04
I do have I have a couple of Platonic Sister Wives. I need.

Amanda 21:09
I need to know somebody. Yes, of course. It’s like, I need somebody to help me with like this grocery shopping and whatever. And I don’t know, I don’t get it. I think people cheat because, and Michelle said this too, but they’re looking for that external validation. Right? And you’re not you’re you’re getting yes, you’re getting validation from your kids, if you’re a good mom, but you’re not getting that, like I’m a hot chick, kind of validation from your husband when he’s, you know, eight states away. And you know, I think it very much could be about that.

B 21:43
I just think in essence of doing that, you’re saying I don’t even want that validation, because everything is a choice if he could get a job in the OC or she could live in Oklahoma, so she wanted to be with her husband, she would be so maybe that was her way of ending it.

Amanda 21:58
Yeah, I think that’s a good point, too. Like, I think sometimes people don’t want to leave one relationship until they have another one set up because they don’t want to be alone.

B 22:07
And then we have Jen posting, we’re still in business. Oh, didn’t close out that. What did you think about? I just thought it was so obviously shady.

Amanda 22:16
So shady, I’m sorry. Like and don’t use them my social media manager like excuse, because you need to know I mean, if she’s is good friends with Tamra to say we’re still here. Like, she could have worded it differently. You know, like we and she could have even said, we’re so grateful for you guys, our customers. Right? It was it was a pretty clear dig to be.

B 22:44
And also it’s like a small yoga studio, which not knocking anybody with a small studio, but cut was like a huge gym facility. Very different. And kudos to Tamra and Eddie for having the party and celebrating that chapter in their life and not just skulking off. Yeah. Listen, I get it, but it’s so many housewives do when businesses fail. I mean, that’s,

Amanda 23:05
that’s why we love Tamra, right? Because she she literally shows us all of it.

B 23:10
And Heather even said, You have great business sense even last night and watch what happens live. Heather said Tamra has great business sense. We know that Gina tries to make Jen’s affair with Ryan a storyline for herself by saying she’s triggered by it. Yeah, I get it because Gina doesn’t want to focus on Travis. The ladies do come for him mostly about him not having a job we saw last night then becoming realtors, which is great. But it takes years to build a successful and of course, yes, they have a leg up because they’re public figures. But when I’m selling my house, I want the person to know what they’re doing. So that’s not a place where a public figure really

Amanda 23:51
means much. Yeah. And like let’s I don’t know, Gina, I was not thinking that was your smartest move to like, not be like, I’m completely on top of these questions and answers,

B 24:02
right? Because I was looking at it like, oh, not hiring her. Yeah. And we also hear his divorce is very messy. And it could very well be that his axe is messy. But he is unemployed. He does have debt. He does have liens against him. We posted all of this last year when they were filming. And the ladies want to discuss that. And I also know that Gina sometimes posts her ex husband’s new girlfriend trying to do this whole like we co parent so well. So she is trying to show it without showing the mess of Travis but to not address it at all. There may be a legal reason. It just seems inauthentic. And she lied about her divorce for how many seasons at the beginning. So we know that she’s able to do that.

Amanda 24:47
Yeah, I think that’s going to be our frustration with her business season is that we just don’t. She only shows us what we she thinks we want to see. Okay, so let’s talk about Let’s talk about Heather dobro. So Heather was on Watch What Happens Live. She said that the I guess the Mexico trip didn’t go very well, I guess everyone was trying to take Tamra down. I don’t think she said that. But I think that’s what we’ve heard. But then there was like a failure on that part. Heather also said, she’s not on good terms with Tamra or Shannon. And it looks like she’s about to be on the outs with Taylor, just based on the previews.

B 25:28
I mean, we heard we’ve been getting the emails that Heather had the most difficult season, we heard that at some point she didn’t even want to film. Now we do know Tamar has a lot of fights. But what we hear is things don’t get as serious as they do for Heather dobro. We can speculate on what we think that is. I wonder how much of that will make the cut because we know how protective Heather is about certain things in her life vary. Beverly Hills ask both. This is what we were told both Taylor and Vicki played very important roles in the season. And if I had to interpret that, that would mean coming for Heather. So

Amanda 26:09
yeah, okay, well, we did get something else that I feel like kind of hints to how they’re having a bad season. It says I emailed a week ago to tell you to expect to see the OG of the OC back filming with a cast on more occasions. Well, as you’ve probably seen, she’s on the cast trip in Cancun, Mexico. But you’ll also expect to see her at the Halloween finale party. Why you ask? Well, have you noticed that Heather wasn’t spotted filming at all this season? Something tells me the OG might have a little something to do with it. After dropping some hot tea about HD to her two amigos.

B 26:50
So I guess when Tamra and Shannon ultimately make up because we know that they’re feuding and we see them kind of making up but something else happens. Because it’s more of a bumpy ride. That’s what I’m told. It’s not a straight path. But in any event, when I think maybe they have Vicki come in to try to broker the piece. And then Vicki tells them something about how they’re dobro and maybe your husband I don’t know, let’s say, because the rumors are just rumors until we see it. And when that happens, maybe that’s when Heather’s like, nope, not filming. So maybe she just films with Terry or by herself.

Amanda 27:34
Yeah, I mean, I don’t know how they’re used to have this. Like, you know, like fancy pants like it was fun to watch. Now it’s just it’s like, it is just so unrelatable I’m struggling with her. I really

B 27:49
even last I don’t watch what happens live. She really had this air about and she’s always had it. I don’t know, I don’t know she fits for me anymore. She almost needs to be on a show where she like, teaches women how to be proper and snag husbands. And then on the other hand, she’s very accepting and we know that supportive of her children who are in the LGBTQ community, but there’s something very rigid about her that is off putting very especially in this group of women.

Amanda 28:17
Yeah, yeah. And it’s not just like a stuck up news. It’s a my way or the highway Yejide to your point. Well, we also got earlier this year, we got a note from a follower that said, Just saw Shannon at deltans, which is a grocery store in California. She was all makeup made up on herself talking loud to a man. It was hard not to hear her when she said it’s tamaraws word against hers.

B 28:49
And then around the same time, we got something that said OC finales scheduled to film, even though Tamra has rubbed everybody the wrong way during filming, she made up with them, but there’s still a lot of tension looming. So maybe they brought Vicki in to sort of be an ally for her. Because Vicki was invited to the OC filming and something tense might follow Teddy Mellencamp is going to be a hot topic, so that we’re gonna see a lot of fighting and making up and fighting.

Amanda 29:16
Yeah, and listening to to cheese in a pod. It sounds very much like Tamra and Shannon are in a good place now.

B 29:25

Amanda 29:27
So it just Yeah. And I felt like in this last episode, it felt like the ice thought, you know, I think Tamra calling Shannon, tearfully and genuinely to say I’m so sorry. I think I think that took a lot of humility from her. But I think it was a very genuine thing. And I think that is what has officially kind of thought the ice.

B 29:53
My feeling on their fallout from the beginning was that Tamra was really pissed off that she wasn’t asked back. Yeah, and And she kind of came out swinging and Shannon was like, I’m not fucking dealing with this. It’s not my fault. You are an ass back and maybe she did ice around a little bit.

Amanda 30:07
I mean, Tamra said some mean as shit. Yeah, I you know, like, that’s one thing like, you gotta You gotta love Tamra because she doesn’t have a filter, but at the same time, like, I don’t know about you, but like, even if I’m really really mad at somebody, I not that I’m a public person, but I wouldn’t go around if I had the chance. I wouldn’t go around saying bad things about them publicly. Right like that. I might say something like, you know, where we’re not currently talking right now. But I wouldn’t go and like hit the hit below the belt. And I, as much as I like, Tamra, I feel like she really, really hit below the belt with some stuff with Shannon. And I would understand where Shannon’s coming from. I also think that Tamra has a good point that Shannon has not been a great friend and it was kind of one sided and, and all that too. So that’s one of those kind of friend fights that I really I think they both have very good points. I think they’re both wrong and and

B 31:10
I think like we said they have a natural chemistry and they just end up when they’re together. They’ll make up but they’re also fight. Yeah. Okay, so Teddy Mellencamp has mentioned saying she’s going to be a hot, hot topic. I’m guessing the Teddy part is her beef with Vicki, which we heard about on two T’s in a pod. Vicki seemingly has sour grapes because the pod is so popular. She probably you know, Vicki, she probably feels she should have been tamaraws co host

Amanda 31:38
cameo break. I’m signed up because Teddy actually had the podcast for a couple years before. She invited Tamra to come on to it. And I think it’s it’s something in that duo that dynamic duo that like they work really well. Yeah, whatever. We have another email. You want me to read that one about? Future franchise films?

B 32:04
Oh, yes. I forgot about Okay,

Amanda 32:05
so we got another one says over on the West Coast OC finale is scheduled to film in two weeks. This was a while ago. Think fifth or sixth of November. Even though Tamra has rubbed everybody the wrong way during Oh, wait. No one. You did read that one kind of. Sorry, cocktail. Sorry, guys. I’m like all let’s go

B 32:25
to Beverly Hills, I think. I think we have a lot show. Okay, here’s our quick recap of OSI. We had a lot of Intel come in. And now we’re kind of talking out loud to see what fits where because there’s a lot of puzzle pieces. What we do know is that the stuff about Heather dobro being on the outs clearly a show. Yeah. And we know that it looks like Tamra and Shannon made up Vicki play and Taylor play an important role. And perhaps they’re the new alliance that we present.

Amanda 32:58
And we I mean, you guys like there’s no there’s no questioning this Vicki thing. We have photo proof of it, you know, there with the cameras there. So we know that’s really happening. So Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, you got to give it to Kyle because she’s done a great job of like staying in the spotlight. Even though her show is not currently airing. She’s been posting a lot of pictures with a person who seems to be her new like bestie for the rusty who’s that person’s name is Morgan Wade.

B 33:35
So I did not know who this person was until Kyle was posting her. She’s a musician. Some research which was done by followers and revealed that she has the same trainer as Kyle, and also that she’s been sober for a few years. So we know Kyle stopped drinking. She has not come out and said it was because she was having an issue. Maybe she will elaborate this season. We do know that she’s been surrounded by rumors with ozempic or one of those, you know, semaglutide, one of those weight loss drugs. She denies it. People are also saying something’s going on with Mauricio. She’s not posting him as much. We do know that that comes up this season that something’s going on with Mauricio, my source tells me they’re fine. He filmed with Kyle a lot. My source also said that whether they’re true or not cheating, rumors will always swirl around him. For whatever reason, I don’t know why that is. Is it that people find it so unbelievable that like they could have a solid marriage for this long in that town? Maybe? And people always say he’s a cheater, but I have to tell you I’ve never received a receipt. I’ve had people say it but I’ve never seen an actual receipt. So with this Morgan, the musician could Kyle be drumming up speculation for the new season by you know, it’s possible because I do not think she would be so flagrant as to be posting this one. If shoot isn’t an actual cheating relationship,

Amanda 35:03
or it could be something like even just because this person so you guys haven’t seen it. Well it could be that but if you haven’t seen the pictures, this person is very very heavily tattooed like up her neck. I want to say almost under her face if not on her face. So very edgy look for Kyle right and so right. You know, is it part of that to have like, Hey, I’m not just this Beverly Hills. Her you know, like Birkin carrying princess. I don’t want to be edgy. Yeah. It could be could be, I don’t know. You know, we’ve talked about ozempic semaglutide many times here on the pod. But I follow IG famous by Dana and she has been very open about her semaglutide journey, like, posted all of her weight loss, all of that. But she also, you know, has an eye for it when she can tell other people are on it. And she will speculate. So one of the things she’s been saying, which I thought was a great point, she said there is a reason that people who go on these drugs also stopped drinking, I guess it apparently curbs the urge to drink. But people are using stopping drinking as an excuse to say that they dropped 40 pounds. But like, I don’t know about you be I have had my times where I’ve done dry January or you know, I mean, stop drinking for like during COVID. Actually, I just completely quit drinking for a while because I was yes, I was so anxious. That like drinking can make my anxiety worse. Yeah, that I was like, No, I would just you know, I did eat a lot of Oreos instead of drinking. But, you know, even just regular dry January working out doing what I do I eat like relatively well, I did not lose 40 pounds. So I must have been doing something. Right.

B 37:06
I mean, I’ve never with the exception of my two pregnancies. I’ve never quit drinking. Like, I’m not saying I don’t drink every day. I’m saying like, I’ve never consciously said I’m going to not drink this month. Like, there have been times where especially with the kids, and you’re busy with their activities, and you come home on a Saturday, and you’re like I’m shot so I’m not even going to have a glass of wine. Yeah, but I’ve never been like, I’m not drinking for a month.

Amanda 37:30
Well, let me just tell you the times that I’ve done it, because I there was there was a I don’t know, six or seven year period where I did dry January every year. i Why? Because like December is the holiday season and like you’re out every night and you’re drinking and you’re like not feeling very good, right? And then you’re not feeling good from all the eating and like it was just like I’m like this feels like a good reset. Right?

B 37:57
I usually join Weight Watchers every January or you know, eat clean or do all that kind of stuff. Yeah, I don’t fully give up.

Amanda 38:05
But again, I was clearly doing something wrong because I never lost.

B 38:10
Well listen. The assumption at this point I think for all of us is if you’re in Hollywood, or you’re a public figure, reality star, whatever. And you drop like wait like Erika Jayne. Erika Jayne is so skinny. I mean, she’s in a she’s like lease or

Amanda 38:28
rent a skinny? Yeah. And we’ve never seen her that. She’s always

B 38:32
she’s always been up and down. But like within a range not like yeah, unless whatever makes you happy i As long as you’re working with a physician, and it’s healthy. I really. And I don’t want to get into a debate because I know a lot of people are very against it. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Because the reality is, if you’re and this is people who are overweight, and I recognize that many of these reality stars were never overweight, but there are people who are 20 to 30 pounds overweight. And the reality is, is that if you go to your doctor and your cholesterol is high, and you’re you’re 2030 pounds overweight and your risk of heart disease, and all these numbers are climbing as you age and the doctor says to you listen and option is to take we Gu visa whatever it is, and there are side effects. However I think for you, it’d be better to take this weight off, then carry around the extra 30 pounds and have the higher sugar and the higher Yeah, whole numbers. Then you follow what your doctor says and that’s not really my business or your business. People have an opinion on stars who do it for vanity. I get it, of course, but alright. Yeah, the argument is it’s taking the medicine from diabetes patients and I think that Dana at IG famous, explained it and again, I’m not her so I’m not going to explain it as well. But there’s something about it before it’s compounded or something like that and that it isn’t that medication. So while there’s a shortage, it’s not directly related because this is like a version of it.

Amanda 39:58
Yeah, I don’t know. I So if you want to go on, you know, medicine was pretty serious side effects for some people to be thinner. Like, that’s your choice. Like I said, go for it. You know, I don’t I don’t think there’s a lot of foundation behind the claims that it’s taking the medicine out of the people, you know, from the people who really need it. From what I’ve read. So I mean, I say you, do you and if, you know, some people are getting like, bad diarrhea. Oh, God. I was listening to this radio talk shows here where I live. And she was like, Yeah, I’m starting it. And she’s like, I was told, like to stay close to home for the first week.

B 40:39
Oh, my goodness, that would be bad side effect. Because

Amanda 40:42
you imagine, I couldn’t imagine. But you know, I’m like you do you if you want to take it to lose five pounds like, fine. It doesn’t bother me. It’s your business. I just think it’s weird that people lie about it, but Right. I don’t know.

B 40:58
Especially public figures. Because then it’s like, what what is she doing? You know, so you sort of have a responsibility if you’re a public figure to say hey, listen, this is what I’m doing.

Amanda 41:07
Yeah, exactly. Okay, so let’s talk about the email we got today. Yeah, so it is is from train crash. jacking brush. R O R, Beverly Hills, slow train incoming. Even though we keep hearing old school, Beverly Hills, quote, unquote. It couldn’t be further from the truth. I work around editing and the first five episodes are really lackluster, even for Beverly Hills. Losing brandy due to the Caroline incident. And Lisa Rinna quitting wasn’t what problem wanted in the end. The bright spot about season 13 will be Anne Marie fans will love her. The rest of the cast was too scared to fill the pot stirring shoes that Lisa Rinna left behind. Bravo, BTS behind the scenes, isn’t impressed with the footage that they have seen.

B 42:10
Whoa. So for those of you wondering who Anne Marie is, Amory Wiley is a new Beverly Hills housewife. I’m honestly not sure if she’s full time or a friend of I don’t know if that’s been decided. She’s a nurse, anesthesiologist, philanthropists

Amanda 42:27
and test anesthetist.

B 42:29
Oh, that’s unnecessary. No.

Amanda 42:31
Oh, wait, is this just an acid? I don’t know why.

B 42:34
I think it’s anesthesiologist I’m probably wrong. I did a Google search guys.

Amanda 42:40
Okay, well yeah, okay. Okay. I always like that she’s a nurse geologist is very different than like an injector who like does your Botox. So I was like, if she’s Botox, I want to see her do the Botox because I really like to watch that. Um,

B 42:59
we know she works with needles. We don’t we don’t know if she’s a doctor and a call or she’s a doctor Jen from the OC but she’s she’s a nurse. She’s a full and philanthropist and a fitness enthusiast. She has four kids with her husband, former NFL defensive end, Mark, Marcellus Wiley. Okay. So what I’m told is She’s hilarious. She has a full life, big family, great husband, hardworking, and she’s a great fit. As far as gorgeous too, as she does, as far as Beverly Hills being boring. I think that after the circus of last year, that is what Bravo wanted. I think they wanted to bring the fun back into it. And I don’t know, I’m always skeptical when you get these emails, because you don’t necessarily need Kathy Hilton having a secretive meltdown in a sprinter van for it to be an exciting season.

Amanda 44:03
I completely agree. And I feel like post scandal Hall. Yes, there is this like weird lens on everything or it’s gotta be Yeah, like explosive. And, you know, we started out our conversation today by saying like that OC feels like coming home because it’s, it’s more about the friendships and that kind of thing. And like I was thinking about some of my favorite Beverly Hills stuff. And it was, you know, when they went to France, and they all went wine tasting and got SHM hammered. And when Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle are, you know, in a sports car speeding around like the hillsides of Italy, you know, like that kind of stuff like is the stuff I actually remember as loving the most right about that show. So if that’s what we get to see this season, I’ll be really happy and

B 44:55
see, I mean, what about them walking on Rodeo Drive and all of that stuff. It’s the aspirator Shanell stuff that other cities need the drama right? But Beverly Hills can have the cat fights because we want to see the fancy dinner parties and we want to see the fancy homes and we want to see the fancy vacations and you know their vacations are always we know that they pay the base but they always go on a private jet. I mean, remember when they went to Dubai and every one of their rooms was like, one one was in an aquarium and, and it’s like obviously Bravo didn’t pay for all of that right? These ladies are wealthy,

Amanda 45:29
right? So probably was not buying them their $650,000 bracelets.

B 45:37
Speaking of weight so speaking of wealthy, I reposted I don’t know if you saw this, but Kevin Costner’s soon to be ex wife is requesting $248,000 a month, a month. And someone told me that Sutton gets $300,000 a month. This is a little connection here. Apparently he’s the president of Pimco, which we know he’s loaded, right. Remember when Sutton came on? Yeah. Lisa was like he’s rich. He’s rich honey. So a follower told me that Gina from OCS husband used to work at PIMCO. Obviously he wasn’t the president. But the incident she had with him, he no longer works there. So I don’t know what what he’s doing. Also a little Beverly Hills news, Lisa Rinna landed a big role in the American horror stories new season. We’re actually happy to see it. I think that Lisa certainly spiraled. But I do think that as a working I mean, she’s worked in Hollywood for so many years. And I’m happy to see that she, you know, that she’s still working. I mean, she’s high fashion and all that kind of stuff. But to see that she’s on this on this new show is I’m happy for her.

Amanda 46:51
She definitely seems to be like living her best life. And I think she’s really good at making the moments more of a moment and publicizing them, you know, and using her social but I was always and still am. A runner fan like that. She’s always had this like kind of fun loving, like her dancing videos always crack me up, like, and the thing I always love the most about Lisa Rinna is she is the first to poke fun at herself. Yes. And that always tells me like that that is going to be a person who’s fun to be around. Because the people who take themselves way too seriously. Like those are not the gonna be the people that you’re like peeing your pants with laughing after you’ve had like six glasses of wine.

B 47:32
And I absolutely believe it’s a pause. I think we’ll see her next season.

Amanda 47:36
Yeah, I think so too. Because she I mean, she really does live a really interesting life. I think, you know, like, having Harry, I think he’s really interesting. I think so much of what her daughters are doing is really interesting. So yeah, I agree. I think she’ll be back to Okay, should we talk? New York?

B 47:55
Let’s talk a little New York. Why not?

Amanda 47:57
Okay, so what are we here at like, so what? I’m curious what you’re hearing too, because we’ve gotten some stuff. The legacy ladies have come back from scary Island. And we’re hearing some stuff. So here’s an email. History repeats itself. It was once again a scary experience for this wacky Roni lady and it wasn’t one lady. It wasn’t two ladies. She flipped on them all. Some more than others. I guess it’s time to stop blaming Bethany.

B 48:28
So it’s funny. I got this email because I also heard that Kelly was getting into it with a few of the ladies. Somebody I don’t remember who because then everybody starts to repost it. One of the accounts, maybe it was Laurie posted that she had unfollowed Sonja and Ramona. Were in fish. Sonia surprised me a little bit. I also heard that Dorinda went into the trip with the intention of getting into it with Sonia and she did get into it with Sonia, Sonia. Yeah, so that should be there may be some bad blood there. You know, these women do a lot of like, events and stuff together. So she may be salty about something like that. She may be salty that maybe Sonia had said she would try to get her on crappy lake you never know. But Dorinda apparently was pissed with Sonia. Kelly got into it with all of them.

Amanda 49:21
I’m not saying anybody told her to go to sleep.

B 49:25
I hope so. But this I found this very interesting. So yesterday, we we saw that the new Ronnie ladies came out and they did this interview with cosmopolitan and you know, we have this at the same time that we have. And just like that coming out with its second season, and there’s something about it. That is I mean, there was always something about Ronnie that was reminiscent of Sex in the City because I mean, it’s the same city and it’s fabulous women and so seeing the new ladies and cosmopolitan almost is like a throwback because like who reads cosmopolitan anymore in print? Right? So loved that and all of the ladies said the same thing that Ramona was cool, but there was one woman who was very mean to them and they felt she was salty. A lot of people were like, Deringer. Dorinda, Dorinda. But I got news for you. It was Luann.

Amanda 50:23
Hmm. Interesting.

B 50:25
parently they were upfront. And Lou didn’t give him the time of day.

Amanda 50:30
Oh, because they were all there. That’s right. Yes.

B 50:33
Yes. So, you know, I can see the weird being like that. Totally. Like, you’re just acting like, they don’t exist.

Amanda 50:42
Like I paved the way for you ladies. Yeah. You know, like, and her putting on a little bit of the Countess? Personality. Yeah, I can see it. And that’s too bad. Because I feel like actually building a bridge with them would be the wiser thing to do. Only if you’re, if you’re thinking strategically, but also just like, as a human. I always believe in like, you know, like, trying to help up the next kind of generation and like mentor and you know, God knows Luann has lived a lot of lives on the show and has, I’m sure some great wisdom to impart on them. It’s too bad if if that’s really the way that she was playing it. Yes. Okay. Wait, so we were talking about Ramona, I know you love yourself some Avery, her daughter. Did you hear about her saying that her mom Ramona being on TV caused her to not be hired for many jobs. So caused Avery to not be hired for many jobs.

B 51:51
Mandy’s you know how many followers sent me this like your favorite person? Imagine being a Nepo. Baby. Who thinks it hurt you? Yeah, I mean, maybe when she was in finance, but again, Ramona isn’t share. Okay. I don’t think I think whatever opportunities she lost, imagine how many she landed because her mother was a reality star. Like, what?

Amanda 52:16
What a dumbass. I’m sorry. But like, I had an interview for so many jobs. I didn’t get like

B 52:23
maybe it was her off putting personality.

Amanda 52:28
Or her sense of entitlement that she should get the job. Right. Yeah, I can’t.

B 52:33
And oh, and another. So Marielle posted a picture of his girlfriend. They, they were I don’t know where they were some island. And so many. She looked very young. It wasn’t like a close up picture. But so many people were like, she looks just like Avery. I mean, he has a type young, thin blonde. None of them have been as pretty as Ramona though younger, maybe, but not as pretty.

Amanda 52:54
Ramona, I mean, maybe, you know, maybe we can get Ramona to do some sort of coaching. For you know, women like me who know that I’m going to eventually have to go down and like, need her to tell me like, Okay, this is what you should be doing at this age.

B 53:12
Well, we won’t do it even though.

Amanda 53:16
I want I want from both of them.

B 53:19
And also they’re they’re heavy drinkers too. And like they still aging well, which people always say like alcohol ages, you know that JLo has claimed that. Yeah. By the way, um, and I love JLo have we discussed I’m so annoyed with her liquor brands like you can’t for 30 years. Say you don’t drink and then expect me to buy your rosebay

Amanda 53:38
I thought you were gonna talk about the yes, no, I agree with you. I think it’s a really bad choice on her part, because it just it’s not believable. I thought you were gonna bring up her posting the Ben Affleck picture, which was so hot.

B 53:53
It was hot. I thought it was random, but whatever. It’s fine.

Amanda 53:57
All right. Oh, no, I’m sorry. But I’m like, okay, I get it now. Like, because Ben Affleck has his days are you like looks a little bloated? But he looks amazing in that picture. I mean, I’m like, I

B 54:10
did you know, I enjoyed it. I love Ben Affleck. I love Matt Damon. I actually saw the movie The Jordan movie. I took my son but I was also like, how am I not going to see a movie with the two of them? Yeah. And it was good. It wasn’t it wasn’t Good Will Hunting but it was good. Yeah, I go hunting my top 10 movies. I love good bow hunting.

Amanda 54:31
Yeah, I mean, sorry, young Ben Affleck.

B 54:34
Okay, young Ben Affleck or young Matt Damon.

Amanda 54:37
Oh 100% Ben Affleck 100% Matt Damon we know man I like the dark haired man we would have oh my god our 20s

B 54:49
and we have opposite. We would have Yeah, we do. We do sometimes as women it’s it’s better to like it’s if you don’t look like then like guys like both of you. Yeah. Because it’s like, oh, I can have a blonde and a brunette.

Amanda 55:02
Oh my god, a little time machine that would be talking about peeing your pants after, like six classes.

B 55:10
The Boston accent was rated the sexiest accent and there was a lot of backlash. And I have to say, I know New York and Boston always has this like rivalry. Well, they have a rivalry with us because I mean, we’re the Big Apple. I will say I find a Boston accent very sexy.

Amanda 55:27
Alright, yeah, like I said, he checks all the boxes young but Ben Affleck

B 55:31
checks. I mean, I find Ben Affleck attractive but between the two of them. Okay. Wait. Who? Matt Damon or Mark Wahlberg.

Amanda 55:40

B 55:42
Okay, Leonardo DiCaprio or any of them?

Amanda 55:47
I’m gonna pretty much always go with the dark hair guys over almost always. My one my Ryan Gosling

B 55:53
Ryan Reynolds now you know, this is a huge ever discussed this on the pod This is a huge debate on my obviously you’re right.

Amanda 56:02
I am always a Ryan Reynolds. Because I always think like if if he’s hot, but he can also make me laugh like,

B 56:11
then I find his humor corny. Yeah, I funny like He’s funny. He’s gorgeous. Don’t get me wrong. But I find Gosling so much more.

Amanda 56:23
Yeah, I the one picture you posted like last week, I was like this could turn me into a convert. He was like in a suit. A lot of a lot of cocktail or said that. Yeah, that one that one could get me to like to go on the other side. But it’s going to be Ryan Reynolds for me. But then you’d give me right on Brian Rollins or young Ben Affleck. Young men athletic.

B 56:45
Really? So Ben Affleck is really your dude. Okay,

Amanda 56:47
well, like no, I mean, Clooney is like way up there. And then Jon Hamm. I mean, before talking about my laminated list like ham John ham. I’m sorry. He’s very, very

B 56:59
good looking.

Amanda 57:00
I’ll take old John him. I’ll take him down.

B 57:05
You must have loved madmen. He was very sexy. I didn’t watch the whole Mad Men but so good. It’s so good. Did you watch the marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Amanda 57:13
So I haven’t. I haven’t finished the last season.

B 57:18
You probably love Lenny Bruce.

Amanda 57:20
I do like Lenny Bruce. He’s a little too skinny. Okay, for me.

B 57:23
Like, I feel like that’s your type.

Amanda 57:25
I like the dark haired guy. Like the guy who’s kind of funny, but he’s a little on the skinny side. You know, I used to have a roll back in my 20s. Like, if like, I was terrible. The guy could wear my jeans. I would not date him.

B 57:37
Oh my god.

Amanda 57:38
I flipped them to be bigger than me.

B 57:40
I mean, I get it sounds like an okay roll to have. By the way, guys. I have not we’re recording this on Thursday. I have not seen Sex in the City yet. Because we’re recording. I’m hoping to get it in. If not today. Definitely. This weekend, we will be discussing next week. I’m so excited. And I know a lot of people aren’t that into and just like that. I really like it because too. I think that it’s okay to miss the nostalgia. But it’s people grow up. So we’re like, some parts of it are a little depressing. Like when they made Steve like the bumbling old fool. Yes, that was depressing. And there was a little unnecessary.

Amanda 58:19
And I think there’s some stuff it’s a little to steal your word corny, that’s happening. And it’s like a little too. I don’t like I don’t want to say too woke. Because that’s not really what the what I’m trying to say. It’s almost like we’re trying it’s like, it’s like back in the day when 902 I know we’d like pick all of the issues, you know, and, and attack all of the issues. Right, like, right. I don’t know that I need that from Sex in the City. Like, I think it’s okay to have like, while I don’t love che, like, I think having Miranda in in this, you know, lesbian relationship. I think that’s kind of interesting, right? I think but I just, I don’t know, some of the stuff. It’s like, I would rather I would just rather see like some fun shopping and brunches and like vacations and that kind of stuff. And clothes. I don’t know. Because that’s what we I love it. But I kept

B 59:09
it. They’re trying to make it more diverse. Yes. You know, and I think that that’s a good thing. But yeah, I get what you’re saying. Some of it seems some of it seems a little forced.

Amanda 59:21
And I want I want more sex to like, there wasn’t as much sex and I’m like, we need the sex. That’s the end of

B 59:26
the show. And especially because it’s also like sending a message that like what as we get older were not sexual beings anymore.

Amanda 59:35
You know what I’m saying? Like? Yeah,

B 59:38
all right. Cocktail Party, not cocktail party. Cocktail crew.

Amanda 59:43
We love you guys. Yes. And we will be talking we will be talking Sex in the City next week. Super excited to watch it. Does it come on? Is it on like now? If we wanted to watch it does it come on like in the morning because like, we have two shows under our belt next week if we tried really hard

B 1:00:00
I think there’s I think either two or three are available out the gate. Okay. All right, try to watch them well, because you know, Bravo is gonna be a little light these next couple of weeks. So the holidays. Yeah, you’re right. So the holidays and unless something really pops off, although there’s so much behind the scenes stuff going on. I mean, we didn’t even touch the tax entity in Jersey. Yeah, on social media. I mean, maybe we’ll do that on the cocktail party pod. It’s a lot.

Amanda 1:00:25
Yeah, it is. Well, thank you guys. We’ll talk to you next week.

B 1:00:30
Till next time.

Amanda 1:00:38
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:01:19
Bye guys. See you next time.