It’s a great week, because have Larry of Bravo by Gays guesting on the show with us! He’s got some news for us…And we talk about what we’re hearing from the RHONY Legacy Ultimate Girls’ Trip. Kim and Kroy’s divorce is taking an even nastier turn – why we think things have hit the point of no return. What’s going on with Real Housewives of Atlanta this season? The explosive, dark, and threaten-y final reunion episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey – whoa. What’s in all those manila envelopes?

Larry 0:01
He’s only been a part of the family for what two years like, he is not like really privy to like, I mean, well, maybe he is someone said he was a fan of the show. He was never there for any of these moments that occurred. For the first eight years of the issues that Teresa has had with like Melissa and Joe, all of a sudden he comes in and he thinks he knows everything like, Sir, take, take a step back. Get out of here

B 0:30
welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from problem And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds.

Amanda 0:49
V. And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip.

B 0:57
What’s up cocktail errs, and Amanda and our friend Larry from at Bravo by gays.

Larry 1:04
Hi, guys. Hi. Yay.

Amanda 1:07
It’s always so much fun when you’re here. We’re so excited to have you. And it’s been a while since you’ve been here. So we are very excited to be part of your special news and to be able to be part of who can share it. Do you want to talk a little bit about your new project?

Larry 1:26
Yeah, no, I know. It’s been a long time since I feel like I’m chatting with you guys. But I love it so much. Because like, we chat and then like I feel like it can last for hours and and it really just it goes by so quick. We talked about so much. But yeah, I am excited guys. I am coming out with a podcast. It should be coming out within the next couple of weeks. It is just called Bravo by gays. I did partner up with hurt at media and I can’t wait for you guys to listen to it. It’s gonna be so much fun. And I’m like, I just can’t wait to talk all things Bravo pop culture. You know you guys get it. You do.

B 1:59
I can’t wait to hear your podcasts. I cannot wait. I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I’m obviously coming on.

Larry 2:04
Yeah. Oh, of course. Yeah. Without a doubt. You’ll be the first.

B 2:09
First of all, it’s so exciting and long overdue. I’ve been telling Larry for a long time he should do a pod because he’s you’re such a natural at it. So I’m very excited for you. And let’s start with happy news, Larry because lord knows there’s a lot of darkness in the Bravo sphere. Oh,

Larry 2:24
sure is

B 2:26
what are Roni Oh, geez, are unscary islands. After all these years, they are posting clips there on the airplane. They posted photos from the island. We actually I had a follower who was vacationing there. She sent us a picture and they all look half in the bag.

Amanda 2:44
Just how we like um, like,

B 2:48
we know Dorinda Ramona Luann Sonia Kelly, Ben Simone and Kristen Tiedemann all arrive the same day. But I do have bad news, which I’m sure both of you know by now, because I did post it. Jill and Bethany are not going. If by some miracle, one of them shows up. It’s a very well kept secret because the source who told me is like, be they’re not coming. And this person thought that there was a chance that one of them at least would come. I can’t share any details. But I do hear that the ladies are being their true selves. Only annoying thing is it’s not expected to air until like mid year. That’s all right. Well, wait.

Amanda 3:26
2024 Yeah, how? Geez,

Larry 3:29
you know what, I’m not really surprised about that. Because I mean, we just got the what was it season was the season three that just aired with them in Thailand? Is that where they went with Heather and all them and that was announced like well before Bravo calm like it’s been taking them a while to release these like now we still have the one coming up with the ladies in America. Like when they were in Marrakech. Right girl like, it’s just for some reason. I don’t know. Like, it’s just I feel like we’re getting like one a year and I’m like, they’re filming them. So quick, like back to back that like by the time the next one goes, they still have to that needs to come out. You know what I mean? So we’re getting all this content, and they’re letting the wives posts all the stuff that like by the time that comes out, I’m like, oh, yeah, I forgot that they I forgot that they filmed

B 4:14
totally. Speaking of Bravo, con, because everybody I’m sure, Larry, you’re getting all the same questions. Do we know anything about when tickets are coming out? I haven’t. My source who told me that it was going to be in Vegas hasn’t followed up. If you’re listening, please do.

Larry 4:29
I am hearing July which is similar to when they went on sale last year. So that makes sense. Which also like if you haven’t booked your hotels, you probably should because I’m in search of a hotel right now. And the prices in like the past two months have almost doubled like for for the full time I’m looking to go getting in Thursday leaving Monday it’s like almost $2,500 Which is insane. Just for hotel, knowing I know.

B 4:57
You’re welcome to everyone who’s who booked when we first said it.

Larry 5:00
I should have listened. I

B 5:01
know. I was so scared because at the time I was like, I don’t know if this is actually true. So if it wasn’t, I would have got a lot of heat for that. But yeah.

Amanda 5:11
Did somebody said there’s also a Formula One race that week? Weekend?

B 5:15
Yes. There’s, there’s, there’s a couple of different conventions going on.

Amanda 5:18
Yeah. And yeah, there’s always stuff like that, too.

Larry 5:22
In regards, though, to like the regatta and like Luann and Bethenny, and I’m sorry, and Jill and Beth or Jill and Bethany, not not going, I honestly feel like it’s probably smart. Because if they were trying to surprise the ladies, or if they were trying to surprise like the viewers, there is no way that they would be able to go into town and have people not catch it. It would be ruin with in the first day of them filming, you know. They would have Yeah, they would not be able to leave the house.

B 5:51
Right. We got a picture from the beach like the day they the first of all,

Larry 5:55
exactly. But I do love like I do love that they’re all being like, true to form that picture that like Dorinda posted with her and so yeah, like they both look crushed. Hilarious. I

B 6:06
was laughing everybody was mistaking Luann on the plane for Bethany. And I’m like, to me, it doesn’t look at all like Bethany. And then again, when I posted the beach picture people are like, there’s Bethany I’m like, when did Lou I mean talk about like, seeing what you want to see. When did Stephanie start looking? Oh, wait, maybe when they remember when that one Bethany kind of hair short. And the way you’re obviously copying my hair. It’s like girl,

Larry 6:30
are you kidding? It’s so funny.

Amanda 6:32
I just want to know, whatever Luann is doing. She just looks amazing. She is not aging. She is so fit. I mean, oh

Larry 6:42
my god. Yeah, she’s stunning. She’s

B 6:44
so this is the thing we need to know Luann and you have to tell us because that can’t be filler in her face. Because when you have unless it’s like a little bit of filler when you have too much filler. You look puffy. I always remember Tamra judge saying that she’s like, I don’t do filler. I only do Botox. And then she did a lower facelift because she’s ill or makes you look puffy.

Amanda 7:04
But like the great housewife she is She told us who her doctor is. And I still to this day, remember it’s Dr. Ahn bay because I will say and there will be a time where it is time for me to go to camp for a couple of weeks. And I might just go see. Dr. Bombay.

B 7:23
First of all, Amanda, we’re doing it together. Sorry. Just know that in three to five years you’re gonna have to cover the pod by yourself for a week.

Larry 7:31
I got it I got to cover

B 7:33
we’ll be getting facelift

Amanda 7:35
or the cocktails or be like No, no, no, give it to us while you’re on your pain meds.

Larry 7:41
With Thrive that’d be so funny.

B 7:44
I sometimes message IG famous by Dana because she always posts different cosmetic procedures. And she’s I don’t know she’s in her. I think she’s like early 30s Maybe 35 the oldest? And she was like, Oh yeah, I’m definitely getting my lower facelift by 40. And I swear to God, I was like looking in the mirror like, Wait, why wait? I’m like, Are you serious? She’s like, Yeah, I’m like, Oh, God, can I send you a picture of my? And then of course I didn’t but because who’s gonna say yeah, you need to go but then I’m like, Oh my god. 40 for a lower facelift. That seems young, but then that’s what Teddy did. And she looks snatch.

Amanda 8:16
Yeah, she looks great. I don’t know. I’m gonna put it off as long as possible, but there will be a day. Okay, so I want to talk about Kim and COys divorce, which is just getting messier and nastier and more awful. Anybody who feels there’s maybe a chance. I don’t know. Like it’s it’s getting really it’s just I think gross. Now cry is alleging abuse. He just filed papers that Ron Richardson, the lawyer, who always posts with the red siren said that he doesn’t feel like his children are safe alone with her. He addresses the drug abuse allegations, by the way and says she has no proof. He says he wants a court appointed supervisor when they are with her. I mean, what do you guys think? It’s crazy, Larry,

Larry 9:06
I feel like it all escalated so quickly, like everyone thought that they were so happy and love going to be together forever. All of a sudden the news of this like divorce split only a couple of weeks ago. And within the course of that couple of weeks, there have been allegations of cheating allegations of drug abuse, allegations of gambling addictions and not fit parenting. It’s just so much condensed in such a short period of time that like I don’t understand what the rush is. I guess I don’t like I feel like they’re just trying to do this so quickly. It’s it’s right way messier than what I thought it was going to be.

B 9:45
Yeah. And we saw Sheree say on Watch What Happens Live. She’s like I was shocked. I’m not saying she sees him every day but she’s in touch with her right. And she also said Kim’s not doing well, which on top of divorce. There’s bankruptcy and all that stuff. So a part of me was really hoping that it’s was BS to get money and somehow cash in with a reality show like the stones did and then they’re back together. But I think at this point, the allegations being thrown out there are sort of beyond any body’s wildest imagination because, I mean, he’s saying like, she doesn’t pay attention to the children she like. She says she recorded herself while driving and he’s scared for their physical safety and wants a court appointed guardian. That’s pretty heavy allegation. I mean, it’s, that’s to me, it’s the same as driving drunk. Really, if you’re, if you’re recording yourself driving you’re you’re impaired.

Larry 10:43
Yeah, I mean, let’s be real. When’s the last time Kim Zolciak drove herself somewhere? Well, yeah, well, now

B 10:49
now she doesn’t have her driver.

Amanda 10:52
I mean, you know, the gambling stuff. The money stuff is one thing but to call somebody a bad mom, right. And to I mean, that is fighting. those are fighting words. You can’t go back from there. I feel like there’s something

Larry 11:04
that Kim’s always like, prided herself on being a good mom, even with the girls like when it was just them on the show. And like having the kids like as time went on, like, I always felt like she prided herself on being a good mother. But I mean, probably, I guess has says otherwise.

B 11:20
And honestly, I was like, Oh, give me a break. I saw that. He said somewhere. I always cook them healthy meals, and she makes them chicken fingers and mac and cheese. It’s like, you want to know what they’re for kids under? Under 11. And that’s what most kids want to eat. So I’m fairly certain you’re not making them kale salad, like shut up Croix.

Larry 11:42
Right? And you’ve been together for so long. Like you. I doesn’t do that either of you guys even know how long they were married for 11 years. And like, all of a sudden now these concerns I’ve stuff that you’re bringing up like, like, it’s like, you’re almost like you’re trying to damage her like, it’s just

B 11:57
if she was this? Yeah. And if she was this parent who was always drunk in a bad parent, then what does that say about you that let her do that. Right. Like, why don’t you leave her 10 years ago, when? After you had your first kid she was a shitty mother. Why would you go on and have three more kids with somebody who was an unfit parent? What does that say about you? Right?

Amanda 12:16
It’s good point. Well, speaking of Atlanta, they edited Nene out of there was like an old intro clip that was featured during a flak flashback in the most recent episode, and they need me out of the like, opening when they’re holding their peaches. She’s just gone.

Larry 12:35
Yeah, I did see that I’m not surprised with like the law suits that were going on. But I did see somewhere as well, that if you go back and watch now on Peacock, that entire that entire like, moment has is completely off the show.

B 12:51
Yeah, somebody said that. I mean, my jaw dropped. I was like, wow, they could have just left that out of the show. I get that because of the lawsuits and everything. But then she of course speaks out and says we don’t know the half. But I’m gonna guess that because of the lawsuits, they can’t show her. But they don’t show anything. It’s like, we’re all going to be talking about it and Bravo knows full well, how our messy acids are going to react to NeNe Leakes being edited, right? No one can deny like I always say that I always say Nene to me is like the number one for me. She was always Yeah, a star and I know she’s not always the best person. She’s messy and everything but if you’re to name top five most memorable housewives Nene, I think would be an almost everybody’s top five. Oh, like a hater. Most memorable?

Larry 13:42
Yeah, as she should be agreed.

Amanda 13:44
I also think though, I think the producers of Atlanta are known for being really shady, because to your point B, there was no need to put the you know, intro slide, it was not integral to the story. Right? They could have just shown the flashback clip, but they may

B 14:01
be the ratings because God knows they need the rating they showed

Amanda 14:04
you which I mean, that’s the other thing is like, I don’t know if you guys have been watching but I mean, the ratings are very low and very reflective of the way I’ve been feeling about this season. So I’m gonna read this email, and then want to get your thoughts on it. So from peach juice land, email ATL [email protected] Lots of talk of possible reboot, but the ATL ladies and cast are liked by the network and production, which is why No Matt major cast shakeup has been done in the past, but that may change depending on if they can solidify one to two firecracker newbies or celebrities for the next season. Season 15 recently started but production is on the hunt low key and already in planning stages to save ATL. Now as for candy and Kenya, those two names are said to Be on the chopping block because they are two of the highest paid with them gone or at least one of them gone that will open up the budget which means possibility of more cast members and more trips overall with candy or Kenya gone. The possibility of having seven full time wives who would be more realistic in terms of budget. I’m hearing that they want at least a famous wife that’s a singer, actress or philanthropist, and a wife married to an athlete or entertainer. Possible ladies that are currently on the eyes of producers for full time. Peaches are Keisha kayer. Married to rapper Gucci Mane Akela Kenya’s friend this season, Tamar Braxton given her drama with candy and recent engagement, and Kiki Wyatt, I have on good authority that the door is open for Porsche to return, that it’s in her hands and that the door’s always open, but the budget would have to be there. Just to drop a last bit of tea. I also know that Ken was all Siak may consider returning in some capacity given all of her latest family drama, and financial issues.

B 16:11
I mean, I think Kim would certainly help them. She hasn’t been on for a while God knows she has so much drama. I think they can get her fairly cheap because she has no bargaining power. We all know she’s broke. I have to say and the thing about I don’t ever see the network getting rid of candy. And I like if when candy goes I think it’s going to be on her terms. And I get the most expensive but they’re the most expensive for a reason. I think bringing one of candies real friends on now. Larry, Amanda cocktail hours. Any of you watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta back in the day? Yes. Do you remember Rashida married to Kirk? Yes, she is a rapper, a successful businesswoman. In Atlanta and Harun candy, our real life good friends, like they post each other on Instagram. When she was on Love and Hip Hop, I think on the third season. So at this point, we knew her family. Her husband was her manager and producer and all this rumor was he was cheating on her all of a sudden the stripper shows up with a baby. And it’s like this is Kirk’s kid. He denied it. But she finds out he has an apartment least like you know, downtown Atlanta, near her strip club and the freaking woman was girl, young. I mean over 21 But young girl was living in it. So like finally, when he took when she took the paternity, he had to admit it was his. She stayed with him. She was actually pregnant at the time. So they had he has, I think two older kids. They were married, they’re married for like, over 20 years. They got married when she was like 18 and he was I don’t know 30 or something. Then they had one son together who at that time was like 1213 and she was pregnant when he got the stripper pregnant. So apparently he still like helps raise his baby with the other woman who must now because this is going back they must be like six, seven years old. They’re both whatever those babies from the time in the show. So like let’s get Rashida on I think she’s still on Atlanta and Love and Hip Hop but like come on. She would leave for housewives I’m sure it’s better money.

Larry 18:10
Oh, I totally think it would be better money I would love to see that because I think candy needs like a ride or die friends that the honor side the entire time because I mean she does have Kenya but if it came down to it if it’s candy Miss Kenya I think that they would get rid of Kenya. I don’t think they’re getting rid of candy and the she has such a good relationship with them that work. But I don’t really

B 18:30
give her spin off a year. Right?

Larry 18:33
And then I think I mean by Drew like they can replace drew with somebody else I feel like they can replace I can’t stand on you know with somebody else. Like I don’t know if I would want to I saw I heard you guys mentioned Tamar Braxton. I don’t necessarily know if I want to see her and a housewife role.

B 18:52
I think she’d pull like a Kim fields think she’s too big for

Larry 18:55
Right. Like her name is too big for like this type of work, but I mean, they definitely can. I like Akela I like episodes with Kenya. I really liked her. We’ve seen her in the past I thought she was going to be like a bigger role in Atlanta, but I would have I would love to see her come in its full time like well, you know,

B 19:16
what if they haven’t made her a bigger role, it’s probably because she didn’t give them much to work with Yeah, more. I mean, can we discuss Marlo we all wanted her so badly and like what? What happened to her?

Larry 19:27
Yo, she is losing it. She know what is going on. But it’s like she was so good as a friend and she gave so much and like because once you go full time really they have full access to your entire life your whole life. So like, I don’t know what it is, but she is doing too much. She’s focusing on the wrong stuff. Yeah,

B 19:46
it’s like a couple that moves in together and realize like, wow, we are not compatible. And that’s how I feel about Marlowe. It’s like we should just we should have just stayed dating because you are a mess in the house. Get out

Larry 19:59
and I just like she’s fun. wasn’t too much on like a candy takedown it’s just like if you need to like stop because he focused on this one little thing and it takes up the entire season and it just is not entertaining to watch I saw

B 20:10
someone said on social that it I laughed I don’t know if they were joking or whatever they said that it’s obvious that Marlowe’s mad Can you didn’t offer to pay for the funeral when her nephew died. I’m like wow,

Larry 20:22
that yeah, that’s what it’s almost coming off like like almost like it was Candy’s responsibility to fund this when she had no connection to him other than the fact that he used to work in her restaurant. She didn’t she sent flowers or maybe like some food to the house to the family. Sure. Did she do that? I don’t based off what Marlo saying no.

B 20:47
Okay, I’m gonna say this candy don’t come from me because I love candy but as wealthy as candy is she does come off to me I’ll use the word frugal she always has and like she says she is so like, you definitely should be sending a nice spray next to the coffin at a funeral if your candy bars and the person works for you. Period dot come on.

Amanda 21:07
Yeah, just have your I mean, we know she’s busy but I know she’s got staff to I’m sure the staff can handle the $250 flower arrangement

B 21:18
and you own restaurants send some food over from one of your mommy old lady gang.

Larry 21:22
Yeah, that’s what Marlo said Marla said she could have said food over from a well gee, she was expecting some sort of spread. Now candy hasn’t said whether or not she has or has not done that. So I don’t know. I’m going based off what Marla was saying. And like the last episode that she’s making it seem like candy has not. But also like, at least flowers like he used for you know what I mean? And I don’t know, but I just I can’t take hearing this for another five more episodes. But now they’re not we’re never gonna get past this and like, get into anything else. It’s like beating a dead horse.

Amanda 21:54
Well, I’m like, let’s see Marlo dating. Like she’s talking about it. But like, let’s see it right. Let’s see more from her versus her. She’s really trying this whole diversion tactic of going after candy instead of showing what’s really going on with her and we haven’t seen Have you seen anything about our new house? Is that still happening? What’s going on with that?

Larry 22:16
I think we only saw a portion of it. Like we saw the plans and I don’t know if that was this last season but

B 22:21
God it’s just like another chateau.

Amanda 22:25
But let’s go after that. That can be entertaining. I thought this stuff was very entertaining. Extension of candy

B 22:31
because I know everybody comes for Todd but Todd seems to be a good stand up guy. Listen. If candy was going to wait around for somebody who was successful as her she would have never gotten married or she would have had to marry a rapper that was gonna cheat on her every five minutes. So yeah, I agree. You know what I’m saying? She married a nice guy who’s a good family man. The rest of them I mean, what’s the story you got? You got Sheree was eating a criminal jailbird then she’s dating the reality guy who clearly is using her to be on the show? You got Kenya to me the most beautiful woman in America of a certain age but come on and I mean Lowry you saw her at Bravo calm we were standing next to each other when she was there. As is like

Larry 23:12
he’s gorgeous. I shouldn’t

B 23:14
say that because I know everyone always argues if it’s real looked real to me. I should have asked my sister in law actually I’m gonna ask my sister in law yeah my sister in law is Jamaican so she’ll break down with her answer was real because she’s very interviewed by the fake thing

Larry 23:28
I want to see more of Kenya with this. What’s his name Roy AMC they call him and I mean I want to see more of that like I want to see I want to see Marlowe dating like it’s just there’s so much more that they can get into I do like seeing Marlowe’s like home life with like the boys but we can only watch so much live coaching sessions like you got to move on why we get it girl you’re doing something or therapy. Right?

Amanda 23:54
I hope you’re listening. Atlanta because this is yeah, this is just it’s I wouldn’t say we’re at unbearable level but if this fight was Marlowe and candy continues and continues content like I think we can get to unbearable level

Larry 24:11
for you though I thought Candy was gonna pop her last episode it was that fight was so intense. I was like oh wait like the Marla needs to stop before candy goes crazy. And then at that point, it’s like well, you can only take so much before you keep poking the bear and Marlo

Amanda 24:29
right. was speaking of going crazy. I mean, the New Jersey finale the husband’s come out and shit goes down.

B 24:42
I mean, it’s a lot to cover here. Okay, I wrote down a bunch of my thoughts and we can we can always add to this guys, but I want to get your opinions because this is what stuck out to me and there was a lot that stuck out to all of us. For me the way Louis was verbally threatening me One, I was like, How was Bravo and NBC like HR department feeling about this? This is all like, on tape. We all watched it. And it really, you know, everyone’s replaceable in the workplace, everyone are they going to say and so something that I heard is that the party line is, they’re all coming back all the full time. Right. We know Jackie’s out. That’s the party line. What I’m hearing is that Theresa is refusing to film with Melissa, part of me thinks so this is my theory, that it isn’t so much her refusing to film with Melissa as maybe her wanting the people who are refusing to film with Louis to give in and then she’ll give it does that make sense? Because I think that they’re like, No, like if Louis wants to film when Jen and Bill are over. And Daniela Nadir over they’re cool with that. And Delors, they’re cool with that. But he cannot come to group events because we have evidence, listen, whatever was in those envelopes, the Twitter tree stumps, whatever they call them, will say nothing was in the envelopes. Guys, something was in those envelopes. They are on pause. It’s the highest rated season ever. And they have them on pause right now because they’re trying to legally make this can make sense. So I think Teresa refusing to film with Melissa is to make the other people cave to film with Louis, your thoughts. I also think she wants them to fire Melissa. But at a point if they’re telling her we’re not she’s just gonna give it I mean, it’s Teresa, she needs to check.

Larry 26:31
This was Melissa as I feel like best for union. She literally like stood there like a champ and said what she needed to say. And I don’t see them firing her. I don’t see it happening. And

B 26:45
let me just interrupt. I think there was a point during the season with all of the backlash before they knew that it was a hired bot campaign. I think there was a point where brava was considering firing her or demoting them. When I heard and I heard that that’s no longer the case.

Larry 27:00
Yeah, I can see that being I can see that being the case. But after this. I mean, there’s just I just do not see it happening when Theresa is like, I can’t wait to not see you after today. She’s like, where are you going? And she’s like, No, you’re leaving, like Melissa is not going anywhere. Teresa like if this like she is going to stay there and if anything, you’re going to be the one that’s going to be forced out. And it was just I feel like she just like held herself. She just said what she needed to say and it was I think she did an amazing job. And for me it was like okay, she definitely secured her spot for next season if they do not fire her then again like I said, I don’t see that happening. Or if she was going out she was going out with a bang and she did exactly that. Also, can we just give John food like a moment?

B 27:42
Oh my god,

Larry 27:43
that man literally like he did not come to play that if you want to say that there was nothing in that envelope that was a it looked like a stack of papers. It was like a brick of papers that were in that envelope like he had info and he was ready to share it if they were going to ask them what was in it.

B 28:02
I’m going to tell you something I said a couple a couple episodes ago I said to Amanda John food has got and I don’t I don’t want to be stereotypical and I don’t mean that I think that he’s in the mafia. That’s not what I mean. But there’s an energy about guys like John food or these East Coast guys. That is very good fella. Ask right you know what I mean by that? Yeah. When he went fuck with me energy, fuck with me, like fuck around and find out right? Yeah. When they were leaving the party when Jen insulted Rachel, and they were walking out and when John Fouda turns to Rachel goes, You’re sure you don’t want to check her. I was like this. Like I knew. He was from that moment because, and I know he’s from Jersey, not New York City, but that’s just how certain people operate. The way he handled himself, though, was so classy. He was angry. He was contained. He was stern. He didn’t lose his shit. He didn’t look crazy. And at the end, he didn’t accept Louie’s apology for having him investigated for contacting his son’s mother in jail. He said apologize to me. I know you did it. You want to move forward. Apologize to me. Laurie refused. And he walked away and goes this guy is a fucking oil, Snake salesmen, whatever he said. And you know what he also said on stage, I have connections in New Jersey, who do you think you’re messing with? And I was just like, Oh, my God

Amanda 29:22
is not scared. And then the fact

B 29:24
that people on Twitter are like, well, it was a storyline. Okay, it was a storyline. He hired somebody to find the ex girlfriend. I don’t know if they were married. Cheated his mother in prison. Is that even legal? I don’t know. We got to ask the Bravo docket this but it was just it’s so nefarious and dark. And the other thing is Fouda. And Rachel legitimately had done nothing except exist. He just wanted an arsenal.

Amanda 29:51
Yeah, I cannot agree more. I think John definitely. He did a good job of you know, I think they both representative are families really well, because I look at this sometimes. And I’m like, I am Teresa’s daughters. And I would be like, Who is this man that my mom has married like when he kind of going back to this, Fred’s but saying repeatedly in due time in due time, be careful, I got your number. Let’s play. Like,

B 30:21
first of all, they were all she was also saying that to their uncle half the time, and I’m just gonna say it like where G is concerned, you’re 22 years old. I know there’s been beef, but this new husband, who you love so much is threatening your uncle with those words, like, Where’s your loyalty to your family at all? Like, I understand you’re going through hard times, but we’ve all had family frictions, but if someone in my family’s new spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend was threatening an aunt or uncle, I would have a problem with that.

Amanda 30:53
Yeah, I mean, I get it. If you’re too close, you’re so close to a situation. It’s hard to see anything but the side that you’re on. But that to me is hard to ignore. And the other thing I kind of wanted to just get your guys’s thoughts. Can you guys think of another time in just the history of housewives that a husband has come on to our union and threatened half of the cast like this? No, no, no. Why? Why is Bravo letting this happen? It just feels like there could be a real issue and like or maybe maybe they’re more scared of like, a being worse if they don’t let him be on because he would unleash like on it behind the scenes. Like there’s not

Larry 31:33
really anything he can unleash on right if the network itself or whatnot. Like Like if he gets fired, what is he going to do like or if she gets fired? What is he going to do aside from trying to go after maybe Joe and Melissa like he’s not gonna go after I can never see him going after like Bravo or the production company. The guy is a complete monster. He’s like, I was watching and I was like, Oh my God, this man is scary and dangerous.

B 31:58
Guys, Jen, and Bill did not defend him in any capacity. Jen did defend Teresa a little bit. They did not defend him in any capacity. This weekend. This past weekend. Jen had a sweet 16 party at her house, Theresa, and I’m not saying I’m not okay. So here’s what I think they had a sweet 16 party Teresa was not there. Teresa was at some party and with Nate and Danielle, I think that maybe bill is saying to Jen like listen, we’re not saying nothing, but this guy’s whacked out his mind. Let’s keep our distance. I’m not saying they didn’t invite Teresa, but I think that they are maybe creating distance. And I think that Danielle and Nate are sitting ducks because they need this show. They want this show. So they’re very impressionable Jen doesn’t. She loves and I think that she loves Teresa and I think that she wants what’s best for her and she’ll publicly support her and Louis, but I do think that her bills, bills a doctor he’s not stupid. Come on.

Larry 32:59
He’s got to protect his practice because this show can go but his job is what is going to like sustain them.

B 33:04
What about Dolores? Because I understand her not wanting to talk about her son. I get it. Yeah, but there were other things that she was like making faces at like did Bo detail uncover something that she doesn’t want coming out? And that’s why is Paulie saying to her like Bill? Listen, this guy’s really crazy. But for some reason it’s he’s not aiming it at us. Let’s keep it that way.

Larry 33:28
Yeah, I don’t know. It was like it was very odd and I’d like ride hard for dough like I’m a big Dolores fan. I understand her really maybe not wanting to acknowledge the stuff with Frankie Jr. But I mean, like, I don’t understand if Frank Sr. Said that something different happened. Then what I mean Delores things happen like, I like why not talk about it. But also like, I think Frankie Jr. came up after and said like, no, like, what his dad said, like, wasn’t he didn’t necessarily say what my dad said wasn’t true. Someone had asked him about what was said. And he goes, Oh, no, like, it didn’t happen that way.

B 34:06
Because I just think they don’t, they’re, they’re happy they’re away from it for me, just I want to be a part of it. Just today, guys. The New York Stock Exchange is, again, I don’t work in finance. But basically, the stock is so devalued that they’re taking it all off the New York Stock Exchange. So if you own that stock, you’re out of luck. The company is bankrupt. So are these company or what Yeah, Louis company just posted it on the business website. So I think their loss was probably mad that Frank went with that because he’s probably like, fuck this guy. But also he was investigating Frank. And but poorly also gives I know he’s from Ireland, but he gives me a little st energy too. So I think most likely he’s just like, let’s just play nice with this guy. That’s what I really think.

Larry 34:51
Right? You gotta you gotta play smart.

Amanda 34:53
Back to we’ve been getting a ton of emails and I think you got a bunch of comments about This whole the house situation how the house Teresa and Louise house was bought by an LLC would love somebody from you know, who can pull in some actual knowledge of what’s really going on because it says that Louise the only one listed as an owner of the LLC, but that doesn’t mean just because he’s a Registered Agent, at least in most states doesn’t mean he’s the sole owner you because you only need to have one Registered Agent for a company. We’d love to know if if the articles of operation for the company are available, because then we can really see what the ownership percentages are. That’s where you see it not like just on the LLC listing, but it is worth noting that they bought a house in an LLC, which is apparently the norm with celebrities. Yeah, no,

B 35:50
I mean, the whole bowl Deedle thing and then he goes I did not hire him which again, we talked about that just being the wording if bro details, his very good friend, maybe he did him a favor. He goes I did not hire him and then and he’s like, there’s security downstairs that they’re saying Bo Deedle sent and he’s like, Yes, he did send that for me. What why?

Larry 36:09
Right. And I think it was even Frank who said in the 13 years they’ve been doing this like, this is the darkness that’s ever gone like no one none of them have ever received death threats. All of a sudden, Louis and Theresa receive them a week before the reunion like that is insane. You don’t think Bravo has security at the reunion taping to make sure nothing happens that you’re gonna send extra security like, like Louis, nobody cares that much about you.

B 36:36
But in his mind,

Larry 36:37
in his mind. Yeah.

Amanda 36:38
How about the how about the fact that came out this week that Louise axe just put up a restraining order against him because she found out that he hired somebody through Bodie, it’ll to go and pretend to be one of her patients because she’s a therapist. And it was funny because it clicked for me. Because Louis said to Teresa, we have somebody looking into somebody who has been harassing us,

B 37:07
right? Right. Oh my god, he outed himself.

Amanda 37:11
He totally outed himself.

Larry 37:13
And he needs to get Bo detail on the clubhouse ASAP

B 37:17
well apparently he called him or I didn’t something for no Bo detail called Andy or what about Louie telling Margaret to be careful

Amanda 37:27
oh my god this scary is after he said it too. He’s like Be careful and you guys go back and watch it because it’s

Larry 37:34
no I know exactly what you’re talking about. It was like super crazy but like everything he said he was like He said Be careful. Let’s play let’s play I know everything like it’s just it was just very like Calm down sir. Like you’re dealing with like women who are on a reality TV show who are like, like, having fun drama and like going on vacation and like spending money like what if you’re making this ugly like this is not Mob Wives

B 38:02
and what I’m what Marge is alleging is that he hired a publicist and told the publicist ruin her and her warm I think it was Walmart Do you know like those she does like makeup brushes and stuff. And Marge found out and cold Bravo and Bravo and their lawyers called Louie and shut it down. So bravo knows like, they know.

Amanda 38:24
Well, that’s why right that all of there was like the gag order or whatever, put on the housewives and they were told they had to stop following certain people like the gossip sites. And did

B 38:37
any of them have to stop following you, Larry.

Larry 38:39
I think the only people who follow me are Marge, Melissa, and Danielle and I think maybe, Jen Fesler but I don’t I never really noticed that any of them did. I don’t think they had to

B 38:53
unfollow me. Oh. Oh my God. I said this to Larry. Today I got a inbox from because I take so many screenshots all day long. I get an inbox from Rachel fooders brother, that cute guy who’s on the show with his wife and they just had a baby. And he was like, I gotta tell you. Oh, he goes I certainly did not have my brother in law becoming the poster boy for Bravo cocktails on my part, but I’m here for it. I wrote back I said he’s a cool

Larry 39:23
cat. That is hilarious.

B 39:25
So funny. I didn’t even know the guy follow me. But yeah, I mean, they all unfollowed

Larry 39:30
Well, I mean, did you see that? I think I had

B 39:33
I don’t care by the way. I don’t like them to follow me because if they don’t follow me Well now I’ve tried to keep myself private a lot of times but they don’t follow me that I guess people can always send the pictures but I like to think that they don’t know what I’m posting.

Larry 39:45
Well, even like I said to you, I think I said to you like while the reunion was airing, I was like, Oh God, they brought up the video. And as soon as that brought up, Theresa jumped out of her chair like insane woman.

B 39:57
Oh god.

Larry 39:58
You bring up the video. Oh, Louise like

Amanda 40:01
but I have warrior I guess I do I’ve warrior tattooed on my chest like it like, I don’t think you said what are you gonna do about it? But he said something along those lines. Yeah. I mean, I think he is proud of it. And I think, yeah, the video makes him look crazy, but he’s very much identifying. And they also had the leader of the warrior guy very clearly featured in The Wedding Special. So yeah, he was not trying to distance himself from him too much, either.

B 40:32
Oh, wait, guys, we didn’t do this. So the call to GIA, right? Which by the way, apparently Teresa’s makeup artists was FaceTiming GIA the whole time that they were filming, like standing in the wings. So she knew the call was coming. And then Louie afterwards said to Andy, like, Oh, she didn’t say that. What she said was, oh, come to the wedding. You can do better than this.

Larry 40:54
Yeah, that’s better.

B 40:56
I mean, so my original thought was, I was like, I don’t believe that. GE has said it. I think GE have probably said like, you can do better than you can. Why are you behaving? I do believe like what Louis said. And then I think he probably said she probably said something like, just leave Melissa at home. If she doesn’t want to come something like that. What do you guys think? Do you think she really said you could do better than Melissa?

Larry 41:18
I don’t think so. No,

Amanda 41:20
I don’t think so either. I just want to know why Louie feels the need to like, restate everything and talk for everybody. Right,

Larry 41:27
Louis? And he wasn’t even. He’s only been a part of the family for what two years like he is not like really privy to like, I mean, well, maybe he is someone said he was a fan of the show. He was never there for any of these moments that occurred for the first eight years of the issues that Teresa has had with like Melissa and Joe all of a sudden he comes in and he thinks he knows everything like Sir take a take a step back. Get out of here.

B 41:51
And hey, I’m always wanting to like shake hands like at the end after like telling people

Amanda 41:56
it’s Be careful. Be careful. And I want to shake your hand. Did you guys clock this it was kind of subtle, but the Marge had these a manila envelope behind her back, pulled it out and then put it back away. Well, because Andy

B 42:11
said something and he was like trying to like get the place in order. So she put it back and don’t forget it’s oh wait, we can watch it right it’s on peacock the unedited I didn’t watch it yet.

Larry 42:21
It is yeah, I didn’t watch it yet, even though I only watched the live one.

Unknown Speaker 42:26
To watch that. So basically, you

Amanda 42:28
guys pick that up? What do you guys think is in there?

B 42:30
I think it’s the shit about him trying to ruin her Walmart deal. And I think that Andy’s editing that out because they don’t want to lose Teresa.

Larry 42:42
Teresa spin off, let her do it. Right. Don’t be tardy asked type of thing. And I think she’d be happy with that because she needs the money. And she can say John wants to go in and pop it in an episode with film with her. Let it be, you know, and I know why

B 42:54
Laurie, because I think that people like to watch Teresa activated. And I think that if she’s in her natural setting, and everything is controlled by her. She’s not going to keep people tuning in. There aren’t enough tree fans to tune in. So giving her a spin off would be good for the beginning we’d all tune in. But if it really is her having a picnic in her love bubble, we’re going to stop. Right. So I think that’s why honestly, I think that’s why because otherwise, why wouldn’t they? I do think I have a prediction. And my prediction is this. They’re going younger. Okay. They may or may not be interviewing, still to cast not necessarily full time. But they are interested in going younger. I think maybe they bring everybody back. And if shit pops off, they just focus. Listen, you could if Teresa is out, right because Louis has a problem. The Gorgas could are friends with Rachel and the food is and I think that after a season of that they probably would become friends of I think that you could do a Rachel Fouda I think you could do it with with Danielle. I think you could keep Jen in the mix. Because no matter what Jen’s entertaining, she doesn’t need to Risa. And where does that leave Marge and Jen Fassler probably friends up and then gone. And if they get another girl or two in that mix, they could really go younger. Somebody said what about bringing Caroline back and having her niece on who is Danielle stepsister?

Larry 44:28
Caroline already said she’ll never do it. Yeah.

B 44:31
Unless they gave her Teresa salary. For 2 million a year I bet she’d do it.

Larry 44:38
I mean, I can see them going younger. I mean, they’re gonna have to make a change the jerseys always been about the family dynamic, but I really enjoyed Danielle and Nate. I like John and I love John and Rachel. I think Jen Fesler is hilarious. I mean, I honestly like if they got rid of Teresa and even Jenna For Adan and brought in to new different housewives and kept Gen Fessler. As a friend of I think the show would still succeed.

B 45:10
And I think Dolores can be the glue. And Dolores Yes. No, I know what I don’t know, Larry, what’s the lorises relationship with Rachel because they know each other, but how? Like they know each other because I’ve heard them say they know each other going back years, a follower sent me a picture of Gorga and Fouda together and 2014 went on, which makes sense because their sons are friends, although they didn’t live there and 2014 But you know, they’re all on football and stuff. So they may have been on one of those travels together. So they’re legitimately friends.

Larry 45:41
I think, Rachel through Melissa.

B 45:44
Right, so maybe, maybe it like barbecues and stuff, and she liked her and I’m sure Listen, when a housewife shows up, they probably start showing interest a couple years before that.

Amanda 45:53
So I know how Allah knows her because Frank trained Rachel. That’s right.

B 45:58
Here you go. Thank you, Amanda.

Amanda 46:01
My one my one memory actually remembering something off the bat. Like enjoy it guys. It happens like once a year.

B 46:09
Somebody in the know also told me that Brittany while lovely and sweet and cute. Is this news fast. So she won’t be like a full time like they would like it wouldn’t go anywhere.

Larry 46:20
You know who did test for this season, but didn’t make it who actually think would be good because they have a lot of famous friends is Taylor Strecker.

B 46:28
Oh, but okay. How old is she?

Larry 46:31
She is 40

B 46:33
Why did I think she was

Amanda 46:34
wanting more like she stasis age? Because she’s a good friend of stasis, right?

Larry 46:39
Yeah, but sassy is also 35. So she’s not.

B 46:42
We always think of them as kids. Somebody messaged me the other day, the Vanderpump kids and there was like a pretty old kids, of course.

Larry 46:49
But I think she would be good because it’d be like, she’d be like the first lesbian housewife in New Jersey. She’s friends with Marge. I can see her like bopping around with like Rosie back and hooked him up. Oh my god. She’s Bill Taylor’s Mary.

Amanda 47:03
Taylor’s hilarious. She’s awesome. I love that idea. I love that.

Larry 47:08
There’s so many thoughts that go on with New Jersey. I mean,

B 47:12
I just say all that to say which you weren’t there at the last cocktail party. The people on it said that I always say I say all that to say which I never did. I knew I did. But obviously I do. But I do say all that to say there is a path for New Jersey that doesn’t include psychotic. I agree. And I don’t want to see Theresa go. I like to Reese. I’ve always enjoyed her on television. But also Wait, guys, I’m going to the Bahamas this summer.

Larry 47:39
Oh my god, you’re totally gonna see juicy Joe. Well,

B 47:42
so my husband already told me if we run into him, we run into him, but we’re not I’m not allowed to spend all week looking for him. I’m like, I would never do that. He’s like, be who you’re talking to. That’s my husband would love him and he’d be like, Oh, how you doing? I don’t know. I’m gonna hunt him down and get his opinion. Totally. You’re

Larry 48:03
gonna see him you are just you’re gonna see him more so. Oh, and that’s what he’s always out there.

B 48:11
I know. It was that or Atlantis but

Larry 48:15
oh my gosh. Also the truth huggers are probably gonna say that this

B 48:19
tree solders that’s a better name and

Larry 48:24
they’re probably gonna say that this podcast is paid for by Melissa. Now these are just our opinions.

Amanda 48:29
Yes, they have. We’re apparently all on her payroll. First of all.

B 48:34
I got news for you. Okay, we’re not nobody’s payroll. cocktail or thank you so much for tuning in today. I know we always go all over the place and especially when Larry’s here next time, we will do a question and answer there was too much to talk about this time they love when I asked Larry questions. Larry. Wait a minute. I didn’t ask you. We haven’t discussed. Are you happy to me and Austin made up?

Larry 48:57
Oh my God, you have no idea. I feel like it’s just like peace in my world. Love.

B 49:06
said that. Did you I say I think I sent you or maybe you sent me the clip that Craig said like, it just makes me so happy that you and Bravo.

Larry 49:14
They said it on their podcast. Yeah. No. It just makes me so happy.

B 49:20
I’m happy because I know it’s stressed Larry out. But listen, I said it. I told him that we know it’s all contingent on how I feel about him this season. So he’s got to put his big boy pants on.

Larry 49:31
I think he’s preparing himself to do so.

B 49:34
All right, cocktails, Larry, thank you so much. Make sure and of course I’m going to post it that you look out for Well, if you’re not following at Bravo by gays do that. I’m sure you all are and look out for Larry’s new pod. It will be out. We don’t know exactly when

Larry 49:48
that’ll be within the next few weeks. Yes.

Amanda 49:51
So exciting. Larry, thank you so much for coming and joining always so many laughs and clock tailors. We’d love you guys for those of you You guys who are fathers Happy Father’s Day, Father’s Day and Happy Pride. We we haven’t said anything about that either. So Happy pride to everybody.

B 50:10
And we didn’t have Larry on because it’s Pride Month. No.

Amanda 50:14
No Larry Larry,

B 50:15
I’m talking gay friend guys

Amanda 50:22
know the real story you guys is I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it. And Larry jumped in and saved my ass at the last minute. And then it turned out I could be here. So, Larry, thank you. I’m

Larry 50:35
happy. It’s always so much fun talking with you guys. I can’t wait until next time. Yes. Next time. We’ll be on your way. We’ll have to come on my pod. Yeah, both of you.

B 50:43
We finally get to return the favor.

Larry 50:44
I know. Well, thanks, guys.

Amanda 50:46
Have a great week.

Amanda 50:54
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 51:35
Bye guys. See you next time.