The conversation between Lindsay and Danielle…it was brutal, no other word for it. Our thoughts on Mya hiding her breakup… The RHONJ wedding special episode was very highly watched – but a little boring. B educates Amanda on the customs of NY and NJ weddings – Amanda has offered herself as a guest to experience a Venetian Hour. What we’re hearing about the RHONJ next season cast…there’s talk of demotions and of people being put on pause. The VPR reunion was great tv. We have started a list of James’ greatest hits. He had us cry laughing this week. Is Tom Schwartz almost as bad as Tom Sandoval? And what’s the big reveal in the reunion? We’ve got some tea for you. Last but not least, the WILD bank statement from Kroy’s divorce motion against Kim. 

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 55

Amanda 0:01
See the Real him and that is he doesn’t know what the fuck to do because like he’s exposed.

B 0:06
I think that people gave him the benefit of the doubt as in a general way, including fans, including probably his staff, including the friends quote unquote, the cast whatever, because Ariana is such a stand up person that you have to kind of assume. It’s like when you meet somebody, like if you meet your friend from college as husband, right, and you guys don’t live near each other and you meet them, and you’re kind of like, rubbed the wrong way by him. Then you say to yourself, but like, I know her, and I know who she is as a person. And if she’s a good person, she wouldn’t be with somebody. So I must just be I must just be misinterpreting. Right? Yeah.

B 0:48
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. I’m B.

Amanda 1:08
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

B 1:16
What’s up cocktailers and Amanda?

Amanda 1:18
Hey, everybody. Hey, B. Okay, so we’re obviously going to talk about Vanderpump. But let’s first start with summerhouse because that was quite a conversation and quite like a finale. Lindsey and Danielle, sit down. I thought it was pretty brutal. What do you think?

B 1:39
I thought it was, you know, and so I posted about it. And what I liked posting about things is contrary to tree stands. I’m only kidding. But like, I’m a person who, when I hear another perspective, I absolutely sometimes sway my own thoughts like, oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Right. So I did see Lindsey is cold. And I stand by that. But somebody else said she was just composed. And if she would have given her a reaction, you know, the girls would have latched on to that. So I do see that point. I think that the general consensus is that Danielle’s reaction is outsize considering their ages. Mid 30s. I think we’ve said it. And we’ll say it again that Danielle had a lot going on. But I still it would have been nice to hear Danielle say, I apologize for my behavior at the engagement party. Yeah. And I wish I would have been able to celebrate you. This is our last weekend. Let’s candidate for now let’s both enjoy ourselves. And let’s meet in the city and have a conversation and maybe the cameras could have follow them there. You know what I’m saying? So it’s easy for us to say that as outsiders, it’s easy to say that knowing full well that Danielle wasn’t in a great place. Right, right. I’m just saying what I would have preferred to see happen. I don’t think either of them handle this situation. Well. And I think two things can be true. I think Lindy can be not a girl’s girl and only out for herself. But I do think that she did love Danielle and I think that she lets very few women in and so Danielle’s reaction of really, it felt to Lindsay that she wasn’t happy for her and that she didn’t think they would be a good fit. Yeah, I think that neither we’re hearing each other. Yes. People are saying like, Oh, we miss something. I don’t think we miss anything. I will say that. And I posted this in cocktail party. In the preview for the reunion. We see Danielle go. And I never brought this up on camera because I was protecting you guys. And really, there was no great reveal. It was just that Lindsey and Cole were fighting leading up to summer house and they didn’t have a perfect relationship. The person did say something about their sex life, which I didn’t go into detail. So I mean, the person who told me didn’t go into detail. Yeah. But it was kind of a mess for Danielle. We did originally here they brokered some sort of piece. So in the clips we’re seeing it looks like they’re at each other’s throat, I guess they do somehow maybe Andy is able to mediate them. And I think it’s about mentality. I think that listen, Paige and Amanda and Sierra have their reasons for disliking Lindsay because of the HANA situation. However we feel about that. Hannah was their friend so they are not going to be on her side. And did they egg Danielle on certainly. Does Lindsey spin things in her favor? Can she be obtuse? Yes. I don’t know. I’m looking forward to the reunion. And we’re also hearing Amanda that I don’t know about the cast but that summer house is going to look different. We’re hearing that it’s going to be more of their Life in the city and then you know, the summer house party as well. So let’s see, does that mean a spin off? I don’t know. We don’t know what Paige and Craig are up to? I do know they’ve been doing like, he’s in Charleston. She’s there. He she’s in New York. He’s there. So they are trying to do that. But you know, filming is filming. So I don’t know. Well, I think the reunion will be good.

Amanda 5:20
Yeah, I have a few things, I think. And you, I’m sure know this from your life experience, too. When you’re in a fight with somebody, it’s rarely only about one specific thing, right? Like, there’s usually a few things and it kind of ends up getting rolled into the fight. And part of why I feel they were not hearing each other is because Danielle was so focused on what she wanted to get across. And Lindsay was so focused about what she wanted to get across that, like they couldn’t meet in the middle. And I agree with you, Danielle, I think should have said, Look, my behavior was terrible that was coming from a place of hurts, you know, and not that that is any excuse. But that is how I was feeling that could have been partially or on its way to maybe what Lindsey wanted to hear. And I think Lindsey could have said, You know what, I see what you’re talking about. I understand I’ve been very wrapped up in this, and I can understand why you would feel like you were left behind. But I think that that’s because neither of them did that. And they were both so focused on getting their point across. They just they couldn’t meet in the middle. But I think I

B 6:33
also think on reality. It’s a sad truth that you kind of decide, right? Like the conversation was planned. We all knew it was happening. We heard Kyle say, Oh, you guys are gonna so you know, Lindsey decided what her thing was going to be what she was going to say. And Danielle had the girls pumping her up what she was going to say. So you almost wonder if Danielle would have thrown out what we said which was apologize for her reaction at the engagement party. Would Lindsay have maintained that cold composure, there’s a chance she would have died because she wasn’t prepared to forgive. She wasn’t prepared to go past you. I’m done with you. You’re not invited to the wedding. All that kind of stuff. So I don’t know. I think regardless of what we see at the reunion, if they’re both on summerhouse next season, I think they absolutely will move past it. I think if afforded the opportunity to spend that type of time together. They could truly mend. I think that if they’re not together in a summer house, their relation, even if they make some sort of peace, even if Danielle’s invited, if they’re not, in that living situation together again, neither is going to have the comfort to really make amends.

Amanda 7:45
Yeah. And the wedding is this fall, right. So

B 7:50
in Mexico? Yeah,

Amanda 7:51
I guess I Reba. Reba, I know. I’m sure we’re going to start getting some insight in the next because they usually wet start filming after Fourth of July, I think are right around.

B 8:02
Yes, I think so. I think it was after because I remember the first like the last couple of weeks in June, everybody was messaging me like what’s going on? Why is some because you know, they only show like in their Insta Stories. And I remember saying Fourth of July. So I think it’s Fourth of July is their kickoff. Yeah.

Amanda 8:19
Well, I like this idea of showing more of what’s going on in New York to I feel like the show us to do more of that than they have been. And so I think getting a little more of that balance. And

B 8:31
we let’s discuss my How are we skipping over that? Oh, yeah. Okay. I’m sorry. And I don’t dislike my I actually think in real life. She’s somebody I would really be friends with. She seems like a very cool person. A very, how do you say it like well temper she kind of regulate her emotions. Well, she’s an even tempered person. With that said, You are hiding a breakup on camera. You can’t do that. I get it. Nobody wants to share it. I know on our cocktail zoom party, one of our followers said, you know, but I listened to her pod and her and Sierra were crying the whole time. Yeah, it’s hurtful. It sucks. But that’s why you need people like Lindsey, who were willing to show it. That’s why Vanderpump is so successful. Because if you’re not going to show it, then why am I watching? I can like you and not want to watch you on my screen at the same time.

Amanda 9:28
I mean, I think must have just been felt really embarrassing for her. And I think that would probably be one of the hardest emotions to share for a lot of people, you know?

B 9:41
Yes. And you know what, it’s interesting because I listened to call her daddy, you know, other things that Arianna has been saying since the breakup. What she says is something that I’ll say women but certainly men too, who are cheated on like unfortunately do have that feeling of it. embarrassment which is so ridiculous to like the outside to me looking at Ariana, or looking at maya, there’s obviously nothing they did wrong, right? It’s not like, well, if Maya would have made more cookies, if she would have had more cookie drops for Oliver, he wouldn’t have had a dozen jump offs in Montauk. Like, he’s a cheater. That’s who he is. That’s where he is in this stage of his life. God bless hope he changes, but odds are he won’t. That’s about him. It has nothing to do with the person. But there is that sense of shame. And I think that women can relate to that and can sympathize with her. But as a viewer, do I want to watch her next summer knowing that she’s going to conceal anything juicy. And it also becomes unfair to be running around the house, with binoculars and a couple on your ear listening to Lindsey drama and Danielle’s drama, but yet you have a juicy storyline that we’re not even getting to hear an inkling of. Right, right. Like, that’s not fair. People aren’t going to want to film with you, and rightfully so. And it also kills the show. Yeah, like everybody should be mad at her. Yeah,

Amanda 11:01
I think while we can all identify with the feelings that she’s feeling and feeling embarrassed. I think she made a big mistake not letting us in to see what was really going on.

B 11:13
And someone like Lindsey and Carl, for that matter are sitting there like, okay, Danielle was going through a breakup. Maya was going through a breakup. Those two were probably together hanging in Montauk hooking up with girls, that would have been juicy, but yet they all chose to focus on our engagement and criticize our healthy relationship. Like looking at it from there. See, that’s pretty fucked up. Yeah. And everyone is complicit because everybody knows what’s going on when the cameras aren’t rolling. And Lindsay knew to Lindsay had to have known there was something going on with Danielle and probably Maya, too. We’ve seen it so many times. I remember on Shahs of Sunset, a long time ago, where Mike Shaw said, I don’t know why I’m calling him Mike Shaw. But you know what I mean, Mike, and his shoe has really I mean, yeah, Mike should had his relationships all sucked. I mean, everyone was toxic and whatever. But they were all exposed. And I remember him giving us a really hard time because ended up her last season. She was pregnant with Jermaine Jackson, was it Jermaine or Jermaine, son, whatever. She was pregnant with the Jackson family, baby. And the relationship was never on the show. And Mike’s like, How dare you? He’s at Georgia reunion. How dare you sit here and criticize me and criticize my life? When all you show are your businesses, your kaftans your diamond water, your bullshit. And all you do is sit around with Reza and Gigi and whoever and talk shit about me and MJ and everybody else. But at least we’re showing our lives. Right? And honestly, I will say and I think all Bronco fans and reality television fans in general will agree when I say those people should immediately be caught. Robin Dixon when she pulled that shit. Asa, Maya, anybody who is caught hiding their storyline should be called out on camera and made to talk about it or get off the damn show.

Amanda 13:10
You know what’s so funny is it’s a theme across pretty much all reality TV is that this is a very common fight. Yes, with the New York housewives. You know, some of them were pissed because they were working more or with Beverly Hills, right, like with Denise saying that she had to work all the time. And using that as an excuse to not show as much of her life, Scott. Well, Maya, I am very willing to give you another chance. But you know, you gotta meet us halfway and let us in to your life. Speaking

B 13:41
of Beverly Hills, I don’t have a ton of tea, but I do have a little tea. So I’m going to squeeze it in here. Apparently, I’m hearing that Denise showed up to one of their parties wasted and she accused Erica because we know Ron is no longer on the show of sending bots to Garcelle son. So, again, we know that Diana paid to find out who the culprit was and she claims that she knows who the person was. But they never came out and said who it was but I just find it funny that Denise showed up wasted and yelling and Erica about bots.

Amanda 14:19
That’s really funny. I did not hear that. That what’s her name? Diana dropped the lawsuit.

B 14:24
Yeah, I mean, the whole thing that whole thing was woman always bullshit, right? Yes. Always. Okay. That’s not to say she did it. It’s just Well, yeah, she’s she’s a flop.

Amanda 14:34
I want to talk about the big fat Jersey wedding. I feel like the wedding itself was a little I mean, it looks like it would have been an amazing wedding. Right but like the show itself was a little boring, but then the trailer. We’ll talk about that next but let’s talk about the wedding first,

B 14:55
and I know I’m gonna get some heat for this. I thought the wedding was beautiful. I get it was good. Eddie, but that’s a New Jersey, New York Italian wedding. I’ve been to obviously many I had one of my own and not that fancy, right, but they’re over the top. There’s tons of food. There’s wild entertainment. Like I had a cigar roll or at my wedding like, this is what New Yorkers in New Jersey people. Do. You have a band, you have a DJ to burlesque dancers is that like a normal thing. So it’s not a normal thing. But I wouldn’t be if I was at a wedding of someone who had a ton of money, it wouldn’t shock me. When I think I told this story. My husband’s coworker got married at the Plaza. I think I told this story and maybe on cocktail. And I had just had my daughter. She was legitimately like three and a half weeks old. And I was like, we have an invitation for a wedding at the Plaza. We’re not missing it. I got my postpartum body into a dress. And Momo and I shuffled out. And they had some wild stuff like that wasn’t burlesque dancers, but like different type of date, like just over the top like, yeah, we have trucks. Okay, so I’m gonna tell you a couple of things that you will see at not a super fancy, okay, you’re talking like a fancy wedding. Obviously, the people drop money on it. But you’re saying you’re like, not heiresses, not television stars, right, your like, upper middle or like, you know what I mean, working people that make decent money do you have where they have a DJ or a band? And then they have like, instruments that they bring out like drums and they bang on them?

Amanda 16:24
Yeah. Or like an electric violin kind of situation. Yes.

B 16:29
Okay, so that’s all normal. Yeah. So do you have at the end of the wedding after Do you have a Venetian hour? Do you know what a Venetian hour? No, what’s that? Okay, so a Venetian hour is my New York and my New Jersey people are all yawning. But at the end of the wedding usually get like a tray of pastries on the table and a slice of cake. That’s like a normal wedding. Where I’m from, that’s actually more like a communion party or a christening because at a wedding, what happens is the dance floor is cleared out or sometimes they do it in a separate room, and they roll out and sometimes there’s a big production where there’s like fire, not fireworks, but those like sparklers coming out. And there are tables rolled in and you have chocolate fountains and a choral Joe stand, cotton candy making machine and cannolis and a Venetian our with every sort of dessert your heart could ever desire a crepe station. Okay, so you have that. Yeah. And then many times on the way out, so when we were at the Plaza wedding, they had a full breakfast. So they have like an after party after the wedding at the plaza and then there was you left and you walked through and you could set but like honestly, who was sitting at that point? There was a full breakfast. What other weddings I’ve been to have is like a food truck Yeah, so this food truck will have right like fast food like Taco Bell white castle with Donald’s whatever, and a coffee or pretzels or whatever right newspaper like the morning paper. You’ve seen that? Yeah,

Amanda 18:00
so I’ve never heard it called a Venetian hour and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen I mean I’ve seen like the big desert production but um, yeah, like I said, I’ve never really heard it called that but like after the after party and the kind of second meal the late night meal totally have seen all that kind of stuff. But I mean, I just I now I just need to make some friends in New Jersey who are Italian so I can come to some of these weddings because they sound

B 18:27
rich. Yes. They’re very they’re like they’re like weekend events like you can’t move for like going to work if it’s a Saturday wedding going to work Monday. You’re still tired. Yeah, hungover. But listen, so people are saying it’s tacky. It was over the top, but a lot of it to me. It was like a rich person in that areas wedding like it wasn’t that like we probably saw it on jersey shore with Mike The Situation. And Angelina, I’m sure they had a very similar wedding. Yeah, I know they did because I watched theirs. And I also think that Teresa was very happy. It was sad to see how upset her girls were at the mention of their uncle. Yeah, but you can’t help but look at it and see that. I understand they’re her children, but three of them are a little bit older. She is an adult. Gabrielle was 18 Melania is about 17. And to look at it and not see any fault on their mother’s side when they hear everything their mother says about Melissa since they’re little girls, I guess they just see it like well, Melissa has always been bad. So GIA even said herself, everything was great. Before Louie was in the picture. She said it. And when Teresa came home from prison, and Joe was in prison. There was that period of time. That was That period of a couple years while he was away and they were fighting for him to come back to the States. Were the Gorgas and the Judy Chase. Were close. Yeah, they were hanging out a lot and when she got involved with Louis that change,

Amanda 19:47
like when was the hot I can’t remember where this was in time but when they went down to Florida and like they were like throwing the cake right and sing right that was Ziggy right but she got so like because Stop or whatever, but like Melissa and Teresa, were totally getting along and totally having fun. And there were a couple

B 20:06
seasons like that. Yeah, they they had worked past a lot of their issues. I don’t like expect the girls to blame their mom or Louis, but maybe like, take it into consideration. And on that note, I think that and I know that Joe shared in this episode that GIA called him and said you can do better? I mean, but I do think that maybe prior to that, him making more of an effort with his nieces. Yeah, you know, so I just think there’s faults on both sides.

Amanda 20:38
Yes, I agree. I think no matter what is going on with Joe and Teresa, he does have different relationships with their with the nieces. And there is no reason that they should all lump it all in together. They’re grown up enough that it doesn’t feel like there needed to be he couldn’t separate his relationships with them from what’s going on with Teresa, and Louis, but again, you know, and we talked about this a little bit actually on the cocktail party zoom that, you know, even with Gia saying like it Hey, it didn’t used to be like this before, Louis. Again, why nobody is like, hey, you know, Louis, like, just back off a little bit here. Like, let them figure it out. Let them have their relationship and you don’t have to get all red and freaked out about every little thing, especially to me like that was something it just again, like Louis has, I’ve just realized it when I was watching him like he just officially he gives me the EQ like I just he’s I don’t know. And it’s like, there was no need for him to get so wound up about the social media posts on his wedding day. Like, don’t do it. Nobody needs to talk about this. Leave it alone. And clearly it’s for TV. But why let something like that rain on your parade on the day, you know, on the day where you’re marrying the person that you’re going to be married to for the rest of your life?

B 22:01
Yeah, so we see that everyone keeps bringing up Joe and Melissa. And the girls obviously got very mad because you could see that they were purposely not wanting to talk about it. But it’s a television show. You don’t think production told the makeup artists and Gen eight into bring it up. They want the drama on the show. I’m sure they asked the girls which is why they must have said Teresa, we have to see you telling the girls they’re not coming. So that’s when Theresa had one of them ask our to whatever Xia Anzio coming. And he said, and she goes now and they talked like, and it’s not even filmed. It’s just you know what I mean? It was kind of like a side note because the girls probably said they didn’t want to talk about it. But Theresa knows she’s filming a Xiao Jia did bring it up to Dolores and Jen because certainly she has her confessional. She knows it’s a show. But you people love to say that Joe and Melissa are boring without Teresa. They wouldn’t have a storyline, but she was their only drama of the day. Right? So I mean, clearly we now know that Louis unravels so her having a spin off. wouldn’t really make sense. Also, all over social media. Everyone was like, I’m not even going to watch the wedding bullshit. I said it last week I was like I’m definitely watching. And a surprise to no one especially not me. Great ratings, almost a million it matched the final episode and the demographic whatever. But what would a spin off give us? I think a spin off everybody would tune in initially for the first episode and we would see a very curated Teresa show their best moments, whereas her on New Jersey means conflict. And honestly, yeah, there’s some funny moments that I can remember from the early days of Teresa when she was light and fun, you know pre all of her legal issues. But her iconic moments are all around conflict. The table flip, which was first season, so she always had this in her running after Danielle stop at the brownstone saying I’m from Paterson Did you forget is bitch better when she was at the posh show? And she says posh stands for prostitution, whatever she said. She’s very good television in conflict mode. Otherwise, it’s her squeaky squeaky voice. And like, maybe our top people would tune in for that. But well, and

Amanda 24:22
she used to have some cute like when she’d say like radiances and like, you know, and she’d have like her cute little bit like did SEMO but like she doesn’t let that come out anymore. Have you noticed that? Like she It’s like she almost is like no, no, no, I am beyond that. Like I’m way smarter than I used to be. And she like won’t let us see that side of her which was to me the only endearing part about her

B 24:45
and like I don’t blame her for being guarded because you’re on television for so long. I mean, she must look at all the viewers like vultures which we are what when you’re the product you know when you’re the Candy Don’t get mad when people want a piece so I have to say and you know I love Marge, her going to the wedding and then saying she was leaving because she didn’t feel right about Melissa and Joe not being there definitely felt staged.

Amanda 25:08
Yeah. Even if she did kind of back off to

B 25:12
Yeah, and even Jackie was like, Girl stop, either go or don’t go. But if you’re gonna go let it be about the couple like the food is didn’t go as they shouldn’t because they weren’t really friends otherwise. Yeah, I mean the wedding was okay.

Amanda 25:30
So what do we know about like, what’s next? Well,

B 25:33
I just have to before we go to what’s next? What about when she was like, you don’t have any bad qualities? And he said, Yeah, I sit when I pee. Oh,

Amanda 25:43
oh my gosh. That IQ that it just gives me the IQ that is such an that’s such a weird thing. And then I think it’s probably okay to bring this up. But that was one of the things we talked about in the Zoom last night. Apparently, that is a common quirk of people with narcissistic tendencies. Men that they pee sitting down. That’s wild. I didn’t take the time to actually sit down and research it but somebody who

B 26:15
brought in more than one who said yeah,

Amanda 26:18
yes, wild, right.

B 26:20
Oh my god. It was wild.

Amanda 26:23
Okay, so we’ve got the trailer, it looks like it’s gonna be pretty crazy.

B 26:31
I mean, Melissa’s demeanor to me, said composed and Teresa said frantic she seems worried in a way that we haven’t seen in the past. And she’s had always had things to be worried about, especially in the legal years. Frank Joe and John Fouda really exposed Louis. I mean, this is just the trailer, we see an epic Teresa walk off that is kind of reminiscent of Vicki’s last reunion with the screaming and how they focused on her face. We know the private investigator, the bow detail stuff. And we know that Andy said that Louis doubles down on having hired a private investigator to look into everyone. Although he then denied it on watch what happens alive. We saw him say that they got death threats. And that’s why he hired security. Andy is very clearly not happy with Louis. Yeah, what we’re hearing. Okay. And this is just what we’re hearing. I don’t know if there’s any truth to it, is that people are very unwilling to film with Louis. They’re making the case that it is honestly a safety issue. This man is going dark. He’s taking reality television way too seriously. He hired a private investigator. He hired a PR firm to do a smear campaign. And I don’t know if there’s truth to it. I don’t know if we’ll find out at the reunion. Well, we know he admits the PII but as far as the PR firm, what we do know is that Bravo did a cease and desist or a gag, excuse me a gag order. And they had to unfollow a lot of Instagram and social media accounts, myself included, anyone that they name was brought up. So there’s got to be something to it, right. It’s not just chatter. Now, people not wanting to film with Louie, I don’t believe necessarily mean she won’t be back. But I do think it means that we would see less of him, which she might prefer. Yeah, she’s seen the backlash. She’s seen him unravel. And now there was a people article yesterday. And I have to imagine that it was Theresa saying it. And she was actually very smart. Because what we saw on the reunion trailer was her saying to Melissa, which we told you guys in cocktail party, she said, I’m never going to have to see you again after this. And she says, Why were you going and Teresa is like, you’re the one who’s going, basically telling her you’re going to be fired. Haha, Teresa to Melissa. Now we’ve seen it with Nene, we’ve seen it with Vicki, it does not work out when people think they’re bigger than the network. So we see yesterday and article in People magazine with Theresa saying, I have no idea if I’m back. I’m not locked in. I’m not the boss, Bravo’s the boss, but boy, I need the salary. I have four daughters to support. So all the thoughts on that.

Amanda 29:18
I mean, smart move by Teresa, especially knowing that it’s gonna look really bad when she’s like you’re done to Melissa, you know, in the reunion. So I think the idea of seeing less of Louis, is something that viewers are probably I mean, I think a lot of viewers are saying like that, I think I’m not the only one who’s getting the egg from him. So that might make things a little bit better. And you know what, maybe if he backs out, and you know, we talked a little bit about this last week, but if, if Teresa and Melissa and Joe can kind of get to a slightly better place. Then you know, maybe that That changes because I think all of us have felt just kind of exhausted by this fight. I think even Andy said he’s exhausted by it. So

B 30:08
you know what the what the thing that just occurred to me as you’re talking? How does he take a backseat if all of the other husbands are so prominent? Well, the other husbands all like each other. Well, well, Louis, Bill and Nate Danielle GBrowse husband seem to be in Alliance on you know, the second half of the season. Yeah. So unless I think unless Bravo says like, he’s got to take a back seat or you’re not back, I don’t think Louie would voluntarily take a backseat. Now

Amanda 30:41
he seems to like the limelight,

B 30:42
I think. And I think he thinks he can hold it together like we heard he held it together at the reunion.

Amanda 30:47
Well see, he tends to be pretty performative at these reunions As you’ll remember last year when he was you know, pulling the peacemaker shit and saying, I like Marge. And Teresa was seething about it. So

B 30:59
I can tell you that, and I’m going to be purposely vague here, because I do think that they’re really considering all options. And I don’t believe that any final decisions have been made. There is talk of a demotion. And I’m not talking about Theresa. And there is talk of putting someone on pause. And I’m not talking about Theresa. And I don’t know who’s getting that out, right. So I’m not saying I’m hearing that from a source that I necessarily trust. I’m just saying, that’s what’s been swirling in my inbox. And it makes me wonder about our theory of Marge being put on pause. I don’t personally see it. But I think that hearing those rumors and hearing it’s not Melissa, or Teresa being put on pause, who else would it be? Unless it’s Jen, which I don’t somehow Jen gives us a lot her family life is incredibly interesting. You can like or dislike her. But she’s a person who, whether you like her or not, there are so many things that are likable about her story.

Amanda 32:03
Yeah, I’ve come around on her because she has given us so much and with the therapy and showing her family, not just the her kids but her brother and her sister in law and her shit with Bill like, I don’t know, we’ll see. And I always, I hope it’s not march. I hope I like them all, honestly. But I do think that the dynamic needs to shift somehow.

B 32:26
I do think and I’ve always thought this about Jen. And it’s something that I enjoy in a general way, like the reason I enjoy family karma and the reason that I enjoyed Shahs of Sunset, I love seeing different cultures like different from my own. And with Jen, I think it’s been very interesting. Although she was raised in America, I think that the show gave her a social life that is more American than what she ever was in. In other words, you can live in America, but really be absorbed in more of your own culture. Right? Do you know what I mean by that? Yeah,

Amanda 33:04
you bring the culture with you.

B 33:06
Exactly. And also you hang around with people of that culture. Like in in New York City. There’s so many examples of it. But but just to give you an example that comes to mind, like the Greek community, which is similar to Turkish because they’re Christian, but they’re Orthodox, there are communities in New York City where the Greek church is very much the center of their social life. So they’ll go to public schools, and they’ll have friends of all nationalities. But after school, they go to Greek school, their, their teams are at the Greek church, their weekend events, all of those kinds of things in the same way that Catholic people are now Catholic people obviously, are Irish and Spanish and Italian, but the Catholic Church has Cy Oh, sports. And, you know, the Jewish religion has there. So we see it with all religions and with all cultures, but with Jen, you see someone who looks to be such a modern woman, who is in many ways, still very anchored to her cultures, traditional beliefs.

Amanda 34:12
Yeah, she’s really fun to follow to on Instagram, because she’s always going to these really interesting, Turkish weddings, Turkish parties, things like that. So anyway, I like saying I

B 34:25
would say about Jen, is I think she should ride less for other people. Still be strong when somebody offends you, right? Still be strong when you feel strongly about something. But you’re interesting enough, you no longer need to be anybody’s soldier. That’s right. And I think that the audience as a whole I know that she has people who love her very much, but I think she would have a wider appeal if she went that way.

Amanda 34:52
It’s less interesting to me, for somebody to just blindly back people no matter what, right? So okay, so Oh, what else do we want to we want to talk about? Well, there’s

B 35:05
another lawsuit. Do you want to give a little summary of that because this just dropped today.

Amanda 35:09
Yeah. So Teresa’s husband this is I’m reading this so Austria where the article is weekly. So Louie Rue eyeless. His business, which is called Digital Media Solutions has been named in a harassment lawsuit. According to court documents obtained by a woman named Juanita Williams, a woman named Juanita Williams filed a class action lawsuit against choice health insurance and wireless is business Digital Media Solutions. Earlier this month, Williams claimed that she had received multiple telemarketing calls from the firm’s despite listing being listed on the National Do Not Call Registry. Williams is seeking $1,500 in damages per call. Also alleged in her filing that she answered one of these calls in September 22, and was promptly transferred to one of their insurance agents. During the conversation. The health care company allegedly told her that Digital Media Solutions had generated her number for them as a potential sales lead. rayless, who is 49 launched Digital Media Solutions in 2012. According to the firm’s website, DMS is a leading provider of technology enabled digital performance advertising solutions, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So we’ve talked about this little bit, and guy is like the gathering and use of data in order to sell products is not illegal, right? There are legal ways to do it. Where things get illegal is if you know, be you have a company and you got an email address from a client. And then me, Amanda, I have a company that is not whatsoever affiliated with B’s company, B gives me that email address, and then I tried to start selling to them, that is illegal. Because if you didn’t disclose, like, Hey, I’m going to take your email address, and I’m gonna give it to Amanda’s company so that they can then sell you stuff. That is completely illegal. And so that is what essentially this person is saying is that their data was taken, and that it was, it was misused, she’s on the Do Not Call list. And that that is essentially what she’s saying. So we also know from a lot of our conversations here, anybody can sue anybody for anything. And whatever Flint claims, they put into a lawsuit that you can put whatever you want, right. So they don’t necessarily have to be proved to be true to be put into a lawsuit. So just because we’re seeing this lawsuit happen, just because we saw that law firm fishing around for other people who might have been in a similar situation. Again, none of that really matters. But I will say, I had done some research previously on this company, and I read the Better Business Bureau reviews and complaints. And I’m just gonna say, and as I like to say, Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And the smoke definitely seems to be building on this.

B 38:18
And they just started a subscription site that’s collecting emails. So with that said, let’s move on to the Vanderpump reunion from one dumpster fire. Oh,

Amanda 38:27
my gosh, to the next. Okay. I mean, I know where I want to start. But I saw some things in even in the editing that we’ve never really seen before, like the black screen with the white writing, explaining the kind of situation that just added to the drama for me. I was like, Oh, this is so good. Let’s start with with Lisa Vanderpump. I mean, comfortable. Yeah.

B 38:51
Backing up the Tom’s there, her business partners. But then for her to ask Arianna if she like she said to her Whoa, what do you mean, we’re not going to be as close? Does that mean you want me to end my business partnership? Okay, you’re gonna put that on Arianna. And I like how Arianna handled it by saying I don’t think I should be the one giving you Lisa business advice. Like, how dare you first of all, you’re not ending anything if you were going to make the decision to end it. This was filmed weeks after it came out, you would have already made that decision. It’s a 5% partnership for Fox sake. It’s the right thing to do. So I don’t even get it. Although people did point out to me that as an executive producer, she makes money off the show so she kind of has to stay in the middle. That makes more sense to me. Yeah, but I was very angry with her for that. I was pretty surprised at how lol I really went back at her like cuz she said, Leila said he’s a narcissist. Like Randall and people like that are dangerous. And Lisa is like Don’t call him dangerous. lol is like well, he is.

Amanda 39:54
Yeah. And when she was like, You need to calm down lol on lol It’s like I’m not gonna calm down. Lisa says, we’re gonna be here for 10 hours. And it’s like, well, who cares? I mean, this is a reunion and Lala, I mean, her pain is palpable. Right? And that is, to me the perfect example and the perfect, encompass man. I don’t even know if that’s a word. I don’t know why she’s been so pissed because it’s like, no, she has been traumatized by a situation and then she’s seeing it happen again in front of her face. Like that’s got to feel awful.

B 40:28
Absolutely. And then today, peacock aired the extended unedited version. And we see Andy asked Lala to explain the parallels she saw between the way that Sandoval acted when he was first dating Ariana and Rachel now. And Lisa, just full on shut Lila down and said, You didn’t even know these people back then. Then Sandoval chimes in and says You didn’t even know us. And Leila says, Well, I had a TV. I watched the show. And I saw it. And Lisa again says that’s not the same thing. You don’t have a leg to stand on. And then Arianna comes in and says, Well, I see the parallels and you’re not going to shut her down. And then oh, this was great.

Amanda 41:12
Arianna, I mean, she’s just, she’s amazing.

B 41:16
It’s like she was hypnotized. And someone snapped her out of it. That’s how I see it. Yeah. They literally then you probably didn’t see the extended version yet. But they put up the side by side clips. One of Tom are going with Kristen. Okay, so we’re going all the way back about how they have no sex life. And Kristen saying she never sees him. And then they did the same. The same conversation with Ariana that we just saw a couple of weeks ago. Tell me about James.

Amanda 41:40
Oh my god, I cry laughed. I was cry laughing and I kept her whining it because he was killing me. So I pulled together I was taking some notes on my phone. Just some of my favorite James’s greatest hits from the last two episodes. The very best was when he calls Rochelle and says you’ve done diddly fucked yourself over.

B 42:07
accent to

Amanda 42:09
men. So then in the reunion, Tom, I’m sorry. But when he like you could tell he took that deep breath. He’s like now is when I cry. performance starts now. And all of them were like, fuck that shit. They all hop on him. That’s what

B 42:23
my sister in law called me this morning. She was like I was dying. laughing when he started crying. They all just started screaming and heckling him.

Amanda 42:31
Like James makes like cry baby face. And like he’s like, oh, what else are these things like you fucking crocodile tears pussy. Holder by watching LeBron James sitting next to each other. Like you don’t The Muppets. The two old men sit up in the Like Box Waldorf battler and they just like talk the whole time they talk shit on everybody. I’m like, they’re the Muppets, and they’re just commenting through this entire thing. I’m like, super entertained about that entire little Sideshow over there. And then when he’s like, he’s like, You’re a pussy. Yes, beach backstabbing, home policy pitch worm with a mustache.

B 43:20
I was so good. It was so good. And then when Sandoval said he was going to beat him up, and James would have creamed them.

Amanda 43:27
I mean, it let’s see. And her in

B 43:29
the fucking trailer. I mean, laughing and giggling. Something is wrong there, Amanda.

Amanda 43:36
Yeah. Let me think here. What about the timing thing? When they totally get busted? When Andy asks, shorts, he’s like, Well, when did you know? And then short says Oh, August and then Sandoval is like no January. And Sandoval was clearly like so pissed off. lol is like,

B 43:53
Oh, you didn’t get your time straight. So they lie. And they’re like, What about the ski trip? Shorts? Like we just were skiing. And they’re like, Oh, it wasn’t a date. Then why wasn’t I invited? And he’s like, I don’t know. Ariana goes, what was it a fuck fest? And when she said that, you know what I thought to myself, Amanda? I forgot if I’ve said this out loud. Maybe this was a threesome? Or like maybe they took turns with Rockwell and maybe Jota

Amanda 44:18
Ah, no, no, I

B 44:21
mean, would you put that past them?

Amanda 44:23
I mean, no, but I just that makes me just want to end like I kind of wanna throw up a little bit.

B 44:29
And Schwartz standing up for Joe Moore in the reunion like saying to Katie you’re gonna get a cease and desist. The fuck? He never stood up for Katie and 12 years. He’s despicable. Yeah, the fact that he was making those jokes to Ariana about Raquel knowing about the affair and a follower said to me maybe he was trying to give her hints? I don’t think so. No, I don’t think so. either. He was making a mockery of hers. But I

Amanda 44:53
think yeah, should we read that email?

B 44:57
It’s too good not to

Amanda 44:58
Okay, so Let’s see here. So the subject line is more to the story. And then it says, I do not know if this is the bombshell that will be dropped to the reunion but I do know there is far more to this affair. And to who new. Rochelle are sorry, Rachel. Raquel Sorry, I’ll try better. And Sandoval hooked up. While she was with James. This was a one night stand. They did not have sex again until she split with James. People in their inner circle knew about this hookup and actively covered it up and kept it from Ariana and James. The friends were told it was a drunken mistake. If that’s not bad enough, the one night stand was the night of Ariana is birthday party at madcap, the people who covered were there. And if it is not exposed at the reunion, those people need to tell Ariana and James before Rachel’s ex friend leaks it.

B 45:58
Okay, from the top. It never made sense that he paid for the engagement. I mean, certainly I didn’t pick up that he was cheating with Raquel. No, I figured he was just a narcissist. I remember even with Britney and Jax, he somehow made the wedding about him. And Schwarz and Katie. So it’s just his narcissistic ways. But now the question is, who are the people in the inner circle? Like, is it Peter? Is it one of the girls? I imagine that Sheena would not have that close relationship with Raquel if she knew this. I can’t imagine Katie not exposing it at the point that she started hooking up with Schwartz. Katie would have said something. Yeah, right. I agree. If not, I would hope I would hope she would say something sooner. But

Amanda 46:46
I think my theory is that James found out about this at some point. And that’s partly why he is so mad.

B 46:55
Oh my god. I have not heard that theory. Everyone is guessing Lisa new? Hmm. Which doesn’t really make sense to me.

Amanda 47:03
Partly, maybe I wonder if Charlie knew is that inner

B 47:07
circle? And then again, we have to remember to producer who wants us all to tune in. So

Amanda 47:13
yeah, okay. Well, here’s the other email we just got. So subject is Bambi Eid, bombshell, Raquel is going to announce during her one on one with Andy that she is not going to be coming back for season 11. That’s the big thing that is going to change the whole season.

B 47:34
Okay. And when I posted this email, I said that that may be true. We did have another email, right. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this right. To me in and of itself, that wouldn’t be a reason to pause. The producer

Amanda 47:46
said other people need to process that information for a few weeks. I don’t think so.

B 47:52
No, right. The producer said that the revelation would it has to be that there’s more that people don’t know. I really don’t think anyone on the cast knows. I mean, they’re all on their own pods. And then Ariana was on call her daddy and they’re talking about it. I don’t think they want it to get out. So I think it truly is going to be a shock.

Amanda 48:15
Yeah, I agree. But we’re rolling daily Bravo. It won’t happen until the last one until number three. So just buckle up. Let’s get in. I’m looking forward for some more James isms that we can cover next week. But yeah, I mean, it was it was good TV.

B 48:34
Even my husband was watching with me. And he’s really hasn’t been but it was he like of course love James. Everybody loves James. He was just hysterical.

Amanda 48:44
Okay, so we have a quick thing on the Kim and Koray divorce. So we got that documents this week. And it was kind of funny, because I was like, did you look at the bank stuff? I’m like, did you read the whole thing? You’re like, Oh, I just read the like the first thing I’m like, did you read the COI included in this motion? So he filed a motion through court to have Kim psychologically evaluated. But in the motion paperwork. He included their like March and April bank account statement, and it’s wild. There. Were $127,000 In withdrawals, debits and service charges.

B 49:31
Now this is March of 2022. Yes, yeah.

Amanda 49:34
Okay, so guys, like maybe 127,000 might not be that crazy if you’re very wealthy. But when you look at what it was, it was all of these, like hundreds of charge hundreds and hundreds of charges to pay pal coin base transfers. So I did a little looking and I guess Coinbase is like a crypto some sort of so you can use a pay Powell to then fund Coinbase and Coinbase is has some sort of crypto, but I guess a lot of the online gambling websites use Coinbase. And that’s what Craig is saying is like, she does a lot of gambling. And then, I mean, if you look at this, it’s pages and pages and pages. These charges are anywhere from like, $30 at a time to $500 at a time. And so I just picked a day, I was like, let’s just pick March 29. On March 29. alone, there were 28 of these Coinbase PayPal transfer charges in one day.

B 50:36
So him wanting to have her psychologically evaluated. I mean, it seems like there’s a compulsion and an addiction there. Yeah. And let’s also remember, they were not paying their mortgage. So they have $1.1 million dollars in debt. And you’re spending $127,000 She

Amanda 50:57
also got down it’s nuts.

B 51:00
Also, I saw someone post that she owes 1000s of dollars to a bunch of different wine stores in town. Yeah, and she drinks Opus wine, which is like, very expensive per bottle.

Amanda 51:12

B 51:13
I’ve actually had it. It’s delicious. But that’s like, for normal people. Like maybe on your anniversary dinner. You get a bottle of that. Yeah, not like a case for the

Amanda 51:23
week. Yeah, like if you’ve ever been to Napa, like you know, like, like you when you go into a wine tour, a vineyard tour winery, you pay, right? I want to say that I have it way wrong. But the Opus One tour alone, just to go on it, I want to say is in the like, multiple hundreds of dollars. I mean, it was much more considerably more expensive just to tour and sample than a lot of the other places. And it’s worth it. I mean, if you go to Napa, go check it out. Because it’s a super, super cool experience. And the wine is amazing.

B 52:01
That’s wild. I mean, you know what this Kim and Croix thing and I listened to our girl Heather McDonald, and she had somebody on who said they thought it was all fake. And had there’s like, No way, no way, like, and also, I remember we spoke about in 2020, he had filed something and so they’re in trouble financially eroded their relationship. I believe it’s all true. She’s on live streams with her ring still on, but she clearly lives in delusion. I mean, there’s four little kids, the oldest being I believe, 11, or 12? Yeah, the youngest being about nine or 10. I don’t know, they’re little, there’s four of them. I don’t know, I also got some messages about Croix and how he wasn’t really very friendly with his teammates when he played on the Falcons. I think that he probably isn’t, I don’t know, there’s a lot there, I just hope that there’s a way out for them for their kids sake,

Amanda 52:55
I hope somebody’s in charge over there. And that they’re not just more focused on fighting with each other. And then they’re supporting the kids. Because you and I always agree about this, like, that is always the most important thing, and not

B 53:06
for anything. And I do know that there are adults who are estranged from their parents for a variety of reasons. But both of them are estranged from both sets of parents that always seemed off to me and lead you to believe that there is something there. And here we are. So cocktail hours. You’re the best. Thank you for tuning in. The tea keeps coming. You know what I was thinking to myself? What are we going to do when Vanderpump and Jersey are off, but Bravo always keeps pumping so well. And then like

Amanda 53:37
crappie lake is going to start the Sonia and Luann show. And like, I wouldn’t like guys, if any of you guys are in, what’s it called? It’s in Illinois mountain, but Benton and you guys have anything to share with us send us some fun stuff to send us some behind the scenes stuff?

B 53:55
Yes, absolutely. All right, cocktails. As always, we know there are a lot of pods to choose from, we hope you’re enjoying our 24 to 48 hour turnaround. We either record on Thursday or Friday. And we have it out for the cocktail party on Friday right after we record. And it’s available on Apple Spotify, wherever you listen on Saturday mornings. And we hope you like that because it makes the tea fresh. And it also gives you something to do on the weekends. If you enjoy us, please leave us a good review. I see that some of you guys have and we love to read them.

Amanda 54:30
Oh my gosh, the one that you sent to me this week, or they’re now my best friends. I’m like, Oh my gosh, we are all best friends. Love and loved that

B 54:40
and that’s why I love our zoom calls. And honestly, the Zoom call feels like three minutes and then I have like my kids banging on my door. Like you said you’d be done at seven. I’m like, Alright, give me a minute.

Amanda 54:51
I know same thing. It is like I sit down and then I’m like, Oh my gosh, it’s almost over. So thank you guys. I hope everybody has a great weekend and I will talk to you next week. Till next time

Amanda 55:10
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 55:51
Bye guys. See you next time.