VPR – all we can say is wow. So many moments that were just jaw dropping. And what is the VPR producer talking about when he says there’s more to be revealed after watching all three parts of the reunion? We have tea. Will there be any castaways on the boat to Scary Island? We share what we know. And the Jersey finale – or should we say, brawl? And why did Louie say he hired a PI to get info on all the ladies…but then Teresa backed off? 

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 53

B 0:00
Let’s say that these two were soulmates twin flames, whatever the hell you want to call it to have zero feelings of remorse towards your close friend to have no guilt. And then what about when he went to her apartment and they started talking and he called her Ariana he called Rachel Ariana that sent me. I mean, he’s disgusting.

B 0:28
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravoandcocktails.com. And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. I’am B

Amanda 0:48
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

B 0:55
Stop so cocktailers and Amanda

Amanda 0:58
Cocktailers, and be so before we get into everything, because there’s a lot to get into. I just wanted to say happy anniversary to you and to the car tailors. We are officially one year in with a podcast.

B 1:14
I remember when we did our first podcast, and we were trying to figure it out. And it was so confusing. And you and I were both like, you know what, we’re gonna give this a month. And if after a month, this doesn’t get easier. Just forget it. It’s a lot of work. We never also we’ve never missed a week. Never missed a week. There was one week that I think you were on vacation. And it was me and Larry, but other than that we’ve never missed a week.

Amanda 1:40
Yeah, I was on a work trip. And we’re on a work trip in Vegas. And it was just like it was tough to make it happen. And so Larry, so graciously and amazingly stepped in but yeah, that first and so we the first time we recorded three we were definitely drinking wine because we were like, you know, oh my god nervous. Oh my god. Sorry. That was the scariest.

B 2:03
What wonder did you hear that? Oh my God, I didn’t your mic, Sal.

Amanda 2:07
Oh my god. Oh my God, my poor dog. And like, you know, when the lightning is like, right over you’re like, Yeah, happens is the same time as the thunder if that’s what happened for the storm was like, over my head. And there’s car alarms going off now. We were so

B 2:21
slightly that that first time by the third episode, I remember we were like, Okay, we can’t drink until we use. So we used to record three episodes at a time. And now

Amanda 2:32
or we recorded three of them. We did two and then yeah, by the time we would get into second we were like, we’re a little tipsy.

B 2:39
And then we decided that we were going to record and get it out that within 24 to 48 hours because people are like we need the tea right away.

Amanda 2:51
Yeah. And here we are. It’s a week later or a week later a year later. Sorry. big thunderstorm outside guys. And my dog is freaking out a year later. And here we are. Happy anniversary.

B 3:02
Happy anniversary.

Amanda 3:04
Okay, let’s get back on our usual BS here. Okay, we have to start with Vanderpump. Because well, I mean, I’ll just do a quick recap, because I’m sure everybody’s seen it. So today is Thursday, everything was last night. The show starts out were kind of it was supposed to end. And then we get Arianna telling the story about how she found out we see the quote unquote, it’s over fight with her and Tom. In the house. We see her friends surrounding her we see Tom and Michelle at her apartment, which we’ll talk about, I’m sure in depth and we see Tom and Tom talking we see James calling Michelle and raking her over the frickin coals on

B 3:44
speakerphone. That was so funny. So

Amanda 3:47
good. We see Tom and Katie doing the dog exchange and talking about it. And then we end with Tom at Tina’s house. Apologizing quote unquote again. It’s interesting cuz I feel like we had heard a lot of what was going to happen just with our sources and everything. But I had not heard anything about Sheena talking about how Tom said they were never friends. I wouldn’t understand her being so upset just that this had happened with you know, her friendship with Tom like for him to be like we were never friends and see that she was so upset about that. That was a piece of information I definitely didn’t know about. I don’t know. I don’t feel like she has officially been now taken off of my BBC list.

B 4:33
I mean, she was so great last year. I mean, she was beyond like, she was so raw and she really is great reality television I loved I also want to give a shout out to Brock who has done like a one ad in my eyes and how he was very cold to Tom like he wasn’t aggressive or inappropriate or threatening. But he basically was like, You are now nothing to me and you can speak with my wife and And then you’ll be nothing to her after that conversation and audios. I’m taking my kids to the park. Yeah. I really thought he handled it beautifully as decina. Yeah.

Amanda 5:08
And getting out and like not being involved actually, in that conversation. I was like, I’m sure that they probably talked about what’s the right thing to do. And like the fact that he left and just left the two of them to talk was, I think the right totally then getting summer out of that house. I agree. I totally agree with you. I just, you know, watching that entire episode, I’m like, What in the freaking world? He is so much more narcissistic, selfish, out of touch with anyone’s feelings way more than I even thought like, it’s, I just feel like the whole time he’s upset because he got caught.

B 5:45
Yeah. Well, I mean, an Ariana said he was mad at me. Yeah, he was mad that people were gonna hear at TomTom. He was mad about what I was going to say about him how he was going to look, he wasn’t at all upset about the demise of his relationship.

Amanda 6:04
Yeah, it was. I don’t know. And then I mean, Rachel, Raquel Rochelle. She just comes off as so low intelligence to me, like not even low self esteem, because I think there’s that too, but just not smart.

B 6:21
You know, it was her giggling for me like giggling, giggly. Even let’s say that this was true love, right. Let’s say that these two were soulmates, twin flames, whatever the hell you want to call it, to have zero feelings of remorse towards your close friend to have no guilt. And then what about when he went to her apartment and they started talking and he called her Ariana he called Rachel Ariana. That sent me I mean, he’s disgusting. But what really struck me about him and now anyone who has listened to our pod we’ve been doing this a year knows that I’ve never been a fan of his I always felt he was self righteous, self important self involved all the selves and generally annoying, but something about him and narcissist, right, but not like so maliciously so but he always had that vibe. But something about him is so different. It’s like the mask completely fell. He seems to have changed in like a deep way. I don’t know if it’s under the influence of drugs or if it’s a mental breakdown, a midlife crisis, a combination of all of those things, but he’s so off. Because he was always annoying. And Arianna was kind of always defending him. I mean, he always was rude to Katie and inserted himself and Katie and Schwartz his marriage, and was rude to Stasi. That time she did the book and just on and on and on. And the way he spoke to Kristen, I mean, he has a long history of speaking to women very poorly, and men, women more so though, I always felt that way about him. I never really understood why Lisa Vanderpump enjoyed him so much. Shorts, though. I was so happy when he rolled up. First of all, he rolls up on that and they’re all sitting there with a smile on his face. Like he’s going to like a fun event. I think Ariana handled him beautifully to just be like, we’re not friends. And at that point, she really didn’t know how what an accomplice he was to this right? Yeah. But um, watch what happens live. She went as far as to say that she felt that shorts was actively helping Tom take her down in right helping him form this narrative that their relationship was terrible that she was deeply unhappy that they were deeply unhappy. And Schwartz, his biggest concern was that he was canceled. And like you see him when he goes to Katie’s and Katie’s like, you have like a choice to make here like you can get on the right side of things. And he was like my business, my family, the crocodile. And she’s like, You sound like a fucking country song. But it was incredible. I mean, here’s my

Amanda 8:54
theory. Okay, because I want to comment on both Tom’s and Tom walking up and smile. I think Tom Sandoval has had this cult leader weird vibe, right? Yes.

B 9:07
Carl Bader is the Scientologists so I don’t

Amanda 9:11
I have no idea. Part of that is the power right. And like feeling powerful and feeling like you have this power over other people. Right. And I think that he that is included, in probably still includes shorts. So I do think that Sandoval had manipulated Schwartz into some of the stuff not saying that Schwartz is not at fault, because I’ve been very clear about what my opinion was about what he should have done, which was be like, tell her by x day or I will but I think with Tom’s universal like his the mask, as you said came off. He has been exposed as a real time for the first time ever. Because Arianna always defended him too and he had Chien on his side she would jump in 10 years, right? Yeah. And like he had all these shields, they got shaken away. And he we see the real him and that is he doesn’t know what the fuck to do because like he’s exposed.

B 10:09
I think that people gave him the benefit of the doubt as in a general way including fans, including probably his staff, including the friends quote unquote the cast whatever. Because Ariana is such a stand up person that you have to kind of assume. It’s like when you meet somebody, like if you meet your friend from college, his husband, right, and you guys don’t live near each other and you meet them. And you’re kind of like, rubbed the wrong way by him. Then you say to yourself, but like, I know her and I know who she is as a person. And if she’s a good person, she wouldn’t be with somebody. So I must just be I must just be misinterpreting. Right? Yeah, that’s kind of how I think people felt about Tom and then when this happened, everybody was just like, Haha, he is who he thought he had. We thought he was. But I have to tell you I really didn’t like Lisa Vanda pumps, scenes. I didn’t like her reaction. I didn’t like her in the confessional when she said, Oh, I know that Ariana and Sandoval didn’t have the best sex life. So it was just too much for him to have a beauty queen throwing herself at him. Okay,

Amanda 11:13
so totally boys will be boys statement.

B 11:15
And I wonder if she’d say the same to her daughter Pandora if her husband ever got caught cheating on her with her friend, like talk about like, antiquated? Just Yes, disgusting boys will be boys bullshit. It was clear to me that she cared much more about her business relationship with both the times, then Ariana or Ariana has feelings. I mean, this was a 10 year relationship. And Ariana and watch what happens live because Ariana said. And she said to Schwartz. Very simply, I will not have mutual friends with him. And I clearly know that you’re going to choose him. I don’t know if she said that. But it was inferred. So you and I are no longer friends. And when asked last night by anzia, watch what happens live. She said that Lisa and Ken she thinks would be the exception. I really hope she rethinks that I do understand that she can’t you know, she’s got to be careful because Lisa probably has a big say and who’s cast on the show. But I hope that she doesn’t actually, I hope she actually is mad at Lisa like and doesn’t, you know?

Amanda 12:12
Yeah. And maybe she was just walking the political line but has her behind closed doors, feelings about the whole situation. I mean, I can only imagine to like, she’s gotta be seething after watching that finale and hearing what Lisa said, I mean, I know Lisa has this role of being the quote unquote, mother to the whole group. But I mean, if there’s ever been a time where she can take aside, it’s fricking now and then this whole, like Tom with the histrionics when he’s like, sobbing against the window. Like I felt that was completely an act,

B 12:44
completely an act, but he did show emotion with hair and with shorts, and it all goes back to him his business. You know, like, he was probably most scared. He probably wanted to be victim. So at least it didn’t kick him out of the business or say, I’m buying you out. I’m done with you. We’re gonna make a public announcement like that kind of thing. Yeah,

Amanda 13:04
he got caught once again. And that’s what he’s upset about.

B 13:07
And some new info that we posted in cocktail party is that according to my source, Raquel is in a facility as she claims, or at least this is what her people are saying, and she’s finishing up soon. This is really the icing on the cake. Her team plans on asking the facility to make a statement that she was really there. Also, the rumors that they split. They were never an official couple, Amanda. They were hookup partners. They were never boyfriend and girlfriend. So her not being physically around him means they’re not together because they’re not hooking up. They didn’t have a title. And did you see when Ariana set on Watch What Happens Live last night that she sends letters to the house? I can’t.

Amanda 13:50
I mean, I don’t know. Good luck. Good luck, Raquel, because you’re gonna frickin need it. What about all of the stuff? We’re now hearing that there’s still more information that everybody doesn’t know, which is why they are not filming? Yes. So

B 14:07
what the Okay, so executive producer told Variety magazine that the need for delay became clear to him after they film the reunion. To move forward. The cast needs to see all three parts, the last of which airs on June 7. The reunion is not just a recap of what you know. And it’s not just an intense version of emotions, there is new information. And then he said I’m not saying this as a tease. It’s true. But he wouldn’t spoil what he means he even press and say I’ll put it this when he was pressed. He said I’ll put it this way. There are revelations and they are revelations that not all of them know now. So we need a little space. I had thought we needed cameras cameras on them right away. So he thought they were going to start the season ASAP. But something big was uncovered that not all cast knows about and will need time to process us filming won’t be as soon as originally planned.

Amanda 15:02
Okay, well, let’s think about this because we know that Raquel and Sheena were not in the same room. Right? So would it be that Raquel shared something? Or what do we know if there’s like a one, it was a one on one with Sandy, like, here’s the thing.

B 15:19
The other cast would have been there. So even if Sheena wasn’t in the room, or vice versa, Raquel wasn’t in the room, which obviously, it seems it would be she did not in the room. The cast would have shared that with Sheena immediately after. So was there a one on one? It’s possible, because remember, after they filmed that apartment scene, where she giggled the entire time, and he called her, Ariana, and then said, they love you. And she said, I love you. He goes, Oh, I said, they love you. But yeah, they I love her too, too. Well, I

Amanda 15:49
mean, I don’t know, I guess she disappeared.

B 15:50
So maybe they did do a one on one.

Amanda 15:53
Maybe? I mean, there was because there’s been enough time and because people have posted it outside of cocktail party, which was not cool. There was the rumor that the Well, there was the email that we got. That said that Raquel was pregnant that we posted in cocktail party. So I mean, if if it’s something like that, and it comes out in the one on one, and I would imagine, like they’re gonna need a little time because people are gonna flip out if that’s true.

B 16:23
Or it could be some sort of other affair.

Amanda 16:26
Which is another thing that we have gotten that is actually a source information.

B 16:31
And then there was like, there was talk about people and contract negotiation. None of that has begun. As of you know, this recording, none of that has begun, but I’m sure they will soon.

Amanda 16:43
Yeah. Well, I mean, Arianna even mentioned on Watch What Happens Live last night that there was another affair and that it had was with somebody that we would we might know but who wasn’t on the show? She wouldn’t say who it was to Andy last night. And then should we should I read that email the broken up email? Yes. And

B 17:05
it’s poor. It’s important to note that this email was posted by us on September in September of 2022. Yes, so right before Bravo con right as they were wrapping up film, right,

Amanda 17:16
because Bravo con was October. Okay, subject broken up. The rumors are true. These bar stars have broken up. They are currently filming and tried to wait until after filming, but faking it became too much. She had tried to make things work and suggested therapy. Contrary to popular belief, he is not the domesticated partner who wanted a family. He’s been enjoying touring with his band and going out almost every night. She has been traveling with him. But he pays almost no attention to her while they’re out. Even leaving her at the venue to go out without her knowing it. They still seem to be friendly, and no hard feelings. Wonder if that will change when she finds out what he’s really been up to.

B 18:01
So let’s all remember that we posted this and and we heard the leak that, oh, they have an open relationship. And then people were starting to think maybe they had broken up but they were hiding it until this you know the show aired, Bravo Khan came they were together. And we all just kind of forgot about it. They both squash the rumors, they were there together. It just makes you wonder who said this. So a lot of people were like maybe Raquel sent it. But a follower reached out to me yesterday, and said, Remember, I told you he was cheating. And again, this is all before scannable. So you get these emails, you get these messages. And I always tell you guys, we put the puzzles together with different pieces. And when you just get a loan piece, you’re kind of like, you know, you don’t really want to post the thing that could potentially especially Listen, thanks to you guys. And all the Bravo community, we get a lot of clicks a month. So like if I post something That’s complete nonsense, and it’s going to damage you know, we do use discretion. We don’t just belligerently post any old thing and it just see made up. Obviously, it wasn’t it wasn’t made up because yesterday, she sent me what she had originally sent me, which was that they were split. Or the girl in the band thought they were split, or they had an open relationship, which again, there was all that chatter, right. He was fooling around with cheating with a girl in his band, and sent me the pictures like to prove like them together. It was the same time we posted this other email. So it was actually two pieces of thing. But at the time, it wasn’t really connected. Because if it’s not on the same day, you know, I’m not an expert. I miss things too. And this was obviously a mess. Yeah. And then we were the first ones who were told that he was cheating with Raquel so there’s definitely somebody in there that intended on getting it out and they You certainly use that as a vehicle. Thank you very much. We like being that vehicle, please continue to send. So I say all that to say he was cheating. It’s not that obviously cheating with Raquel was, for obvious reasons. So much worse. It was long term. She was a good friend. They were part of a group. But he was also cheating with the girl in the band. At the same time he was cheating with the cow. So he was cheating on his side piece with another side piece.

Amanda 20:23
Yeah, and that whole, like, if she just followed me, she would have known it like it’s her. What in the actual app, Tom? I mean, try to blame it on her for not finding out sooner because she didn’t follow you like, whatever. I don’t know, this week.

B 20:39
So wait, and I want to just say one other thing. Oh, sure. Are we wrapping up? Vanderpump?

Amanda 20:43
Yes, I Okay. We have. Yeah, let’s go.

B 20:49
I need to know your opinion on this. Okay. Ariana last night, because first time said to Sheena she always knew about Miami girl, Ariana last night and watch what happens live admitted it. And Andy says will hear that in the reunion too. She said she knew about Miami girl. She was protecting him because they weren’t yet exclusive. And she didn’t want people to think the worst. It does make me wonder if she knew about some of his indiscretions. And I know that you and I have spoke on the pod before. And I thought it was interesting that Tom said it last night like Tom and Ariana have an unspoken pact or maybe a spoken pact that they will not embarrass each other on the show. They try not to fight like about major things on the show. Yeah, so a big piece for me was the public humiliation seem to be a real rule breaker for her. I’m not seeing everything come together now. And this is probably going to be an unpopular take. But I’m not really sure that cheating in and of itself was a deal breaker for her now, that isn’t to say it’s something that she looked forward to finding out about, right. What I mean by that is she knew about Miami girl she still took up for him. She still whatever. We know, he had various discussions. She said that there was another she said I’m Watch What Happens Live. And he said to Sheena there is somebody else in their world, not on television. So it can’t be Billy that she suspected he cheated with. Right? So part of his reaction is that, and again, in a way, it’s almost like she was in an abusive relationship if she tolerated an indiscretion a year or whatever it was right? Like it wasn’t like every night he was cheating. Right? It was like the rumor that when he was at winter house, he hooked up with that girl Gabrielle that pretty thin girl with the curly hair. You know what out of sight out of mind. If it didn’t get out publicly? I do think that there It sounds to me, like over the course of their nine plus year relationship. There may have been a handful of things that she found out about that were one night things that didn’t go anywhere that weren’t public, and that she chose to ignore or forgive him for Yeah.

Amanda 22:54
I would agree with that. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I know plenty of couples, where there’s been somebody who was, you know, unfaithful, and they made it through, you know, and like they didn’t, it didn’t become something that was wasn’t a relationship Ender. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if you know, they worked through it privately and she believed and when he said I’m not going to do it again.

B 23:19
And I guess it’s like a bigger conversation right? Just about relationships and saying I hear your thunder by the way. It’s scary go away. Like saying like, if there’s a marriage and one of the spouses be at the man be at the woman is in Vegas on a business trip and something happens and the other spouse sees the hotel room receipt, and they find out are people more likely in that situation to move past it because no one knows about it. It wasn’t a long term thing. It wasn’t an affair. It was just a physical one time thing. Where as it seems that that was the case with them whereas if it was something where your spouse was carrying on an affair with a co worker and other co workers knew and it was happening and you found out and you were the last to know or other people found out as you found out and now everybody knows and it was a long term thing where they were meeting up for dinner and drinks and it’s more likely to split you up. So it seems to me that that’s the case that you know when he had these one offs, she sort of went with the boys will be boys thing. Or they

Amanda 24:31
decided to handle it privately and she believed and when he said I won’t do it again you know I think that there is a real I can really see that happening and I could understand that especially when you have you have a house together you have a you know your as she said like you’re in it for life and you’re right or die and every couple is different. What is not okay for one couple is right, what one couple can maybe get through maybe another one can’t like and no judgments for me by any means. I think that’s probably more of what it was. I don’t think it was all like, I’ll agree to look the other way kind of situation. I think it was a I believe in when he told me he wasn’t going to do it again.

Unknown Speaker 25:14
Right. She’s just that they’re just sad.

Amanda 25:18
Okay, well, let’s move on, because I am so excited to talk about. Roni, the new one, because the upfronts, which throw that term around now, and I don’t think people know what that is, again, me with my marketing background, the upfront is a media event where networks will bring their stars out, and then they’ll like get previews for the next year’s programming, so that they can attract advertisers for the next year. And that’s where you get like, you go and you negotiate rates up front, which is why it’s called up fronts say yes, I will buy the NBC Nightly News and watch what happens live for the entire year, whatever it is, right? Right. So they marched their stars out, and we had Ariana Bobby’s be queen Ariana, we had the new Roni cast, and then we had our Oh, G. And y. C, ladies. And of course Ariana was the main event. And we did have we did share that we knew that that was going to happen. So little humble brag on our part.

B 26:24
Oh, he’s always humble bragging. Okay, the intro for the Roni reboot. Incredible. Got my blood flowing. It reminded me of Sex in the City. It reminded me of the OG Roni women. And then the full trailer just cemented my excitement to meet this group of fabulous ladies. Brynn seems like a pistol and we see her and Aaron really getting into it seems like Aaron accuses her of flirting with her husband, which should make for plenty of drama. We also see Giselle and her husband fighting and it seems she accuses him of being unfaithful or sigh accusers. It sighs the one who says it like who you fucking to the heart to just as husbands wild? I was thinking it’s just a housewife who’s coming on here to get divorced because we you know, we get no sometimes. One. We see her wanting to send her kid to a $62,000 a year private school because Tom Cruise sent his kid we got to assume that sorry. And this is the New York City we deserve. Okay, we deserve to see these morons. Paying $65,000 a year to send a three year old to fingerpaint inject it into my veins. Elba and Aaron going at it sigh cursing everybody out. And it’s so funny to me. Because all the haters, and I think I’m gonna stop going on Twitter, because it’s just people just negative there. I’m not really that I don’t even know how to really use Twitter. Like, when people respond to me and I see it. I’m like, How do I anyway? It’s anything but boring. Yeah, it will be dynamic.

Amanda 28:00
Bring it on. I can’t wait. I mean, I’m already invested. I think I’ve mentioned I love following Brynn on social, I think when I was just like looking to the casting, I was like, she looks interesting. And so I picked her. I did not like her when she said if you’re ready to get divorced, I’m single to I don’t know, somebody looks like it was somebody’s husband.

B 28:23
I do think that that was like an Edit. In other words, I think that Aaron, I think we’re gonna see I don’t know why I think it’s because I rewatched the trailer 50 times I think Aaron accused her of flirting with somebody else’s has like another guy who was married. And so then I think that Brynn said it to him as if like kind of making fun of what his wife said to her. That’s how I see it. Because who would have the balls to really walk over to someone’s husband in a group of women they’re socializing with and be like when you’re right, if she did that, and she’s really crazy.

Amanda 28:56
That makes a lot more sense to because Brennan actually, like I said, I follow her on like, and she seems to be doing just fine in the like dating and like fun and everything department. So

B 29:07
also good looking, too. Yeah,

Amanda 29:09
they are. And the fashion looks really good. I’m super excited about that. Then to legacy. B, we had been talking about this OG cast doing this girl’s trip scary islands. And then we heard you know, we had been sharing like, who the cast was going to be. And then the day that they all sign on, we posted that it would be Luann, Dorinda Ramona, Sonia, Kristen, and Kelly.

B 29:39
So I think for the general public, the non Bravo and cocktail readers. The two shots were Ramona and Kristen. Now, Ramona has said on several pods, she won’t be doing a full season anymore. She has said she strongly believes it has inhibited her from moving on and finding love after Mario What are your thoughts on her saying men don’t want to date her because she’s on TV? And she did, excuse me, say quality men.

Amanda 30:08
I mean, I actually completely believe that I think the non thirsty guys definitely would not want to date a housewife who’s filming for at least half of the year? I mean, I don’t know, how long did they film it? It’s a lot. I think it’s only the third the only start to get the thirsty ones. I believe it,

B 30:29
and especially her dating pool, right? So if it’s, let’s say, it’s Bryn, who’s a younger woman, Ramona is dating pool is going to be older men, you know, in their 60s or late 50s. And they’re going to be wealthy, and they’re going to be established. So it isn’t like, whereas the Rooney reboot women, we might see them dating a young tech guy who’s on the come up and has an app he wants to get on television. Yeah, like, Ramona is guys. Anybody she’s interested in dating, has bred. He doesn’t need any exposure. He’s probably retired and has offshore accounts, and he’s good. So I definitely do see her point. And a lot of people are like, Kristen, why, Kristen? Well, you know what? Why not? You kind of need someone to level out. That’s a lot of wild personalities. So you need like a narrator. We know that Tinsley and we know everybody wanted to Inslee, we know she really was on the fence. And she ultimately said no.

Amanda 31:32
Yeah, this guy that she’s dating seems very private and Yeah, think seems very, I think she loves love. And I got if the guy is private, she’s like, Nope. Okay, but we I want to ask you a question. Did you see I think it was from Bravo TV, there was like an illustration of an apple tree. And it had all the apples with the cast names. And then there were two apples that didn’t have a cast name next to them.

B 31:55
Okay. So I’m gonna, like, go a little off track and then come back to answer that. Okay. So Bethany came out and did a whole Tiktok Okay, about how Bravo did this this girls trip to save money because they didn’t want to pay for legacy. I have a well placed source who told me that’s simply not true. They did it to get the right women to do the show. A week is a shorter commitment. And I think the hope is, once they’re back into it, who knows what could spin off or become of it? Who knows what other former Roni woman would be willing to come on? Maybe for another trip, maybe for something longer? So what the person told me was everyone including a former housewife, oh, she was so this is what the person said to me. Everyone including she meant Bethany but I put former housewife is saying that Bravo went the economical route, but really it was getting the right women to commit to the show. This person claims they were paid almost three times as much. Now I don’t know if she means three times as much as a normal girls trip. That’s what I’m guessing. Right. Plus episodic rate after six episodes, the trip will be seven nights. Eight days. It is June 12 219. St. Barts same house, but now getting back to Bethany. Yeah. Why is she such a hater? Everything but housewives has flopped. I remember Carlos King, I was listening to his pod. He’s got a great pod shout out to Carlos king. He said that there is rarely life after housewives for these women. It’s true. And while she’s made a lot of money in other endeavors, she has not had success on television. In any way. She’s tried different style talk show competition show apprentice type show. Nothing has worked. Getting back to your question, here I go my long winded answers, because I wanted to get all that in there. I can tell you this. If those apples represent Bethany and Jill, it will be a surprise to the other women. I personally have a source who believes it’s possible. It is not something that I believe Bravo has confirmed or well confirmed, but I definitely think it’s possible. And I just find it ironic that Bethany and her tic tac made it a point to say oh, you know, these women are desperate to be relevant and for attention, because I see her being that way. And listen, Bethany is fantastic. And I hope she does go on the trip. But what I mean that to say if she shows up, that’s her reason.

Amanda 34:15
Yeah, I think there’s a high possibility that they’ll be on there. And I think everyone would love it. I think I love Kristin, like Kristen Tuchman going on. I think she’s going to be great. I’m super excited about her. So I don’t know, I guess and you know, anybody who knows anything? Let us know. We’ll be happy to share or not sure. Whatever, whatever it is. Okay, let’s talk about Jerzy because the finale was this week. Complete dumpster fire. I think of an episode not that it was bad. It was just very chaotic. top line. The Loris had the Peaky Blinders party. They didn’t call it that. We called it that way back when they were filming it. So Danielle decided This is her last chance to get some camera time. So she goes up and brings up this cheating rumor and shit went off.

B 35:09
So let’s just completely skip past the fact that Louie came looking for a fight. He walked in he did. He looks very off. Joe only engaged him when Louis became aggressive with Melissa. I mean, it was it was off the chain. Yeah. Honestly, the idea that this man ever wanted, peace is straight up a joke. People can disagree or dislike each other. But he walked in there to fight and no intention of being civil. And it appeared to me that Joe did have that intention. They were like simply existing at the party. Nothing had even transpired yet. And I mean, Danielle had not yet mentioned the rumor. And Melissa and Teresa had not started arguing, right. And Louie was already acting aggressive and like shouting things at the Gorgas. But completely, let’s put that aside how Teresa can expect anyone to believe her bullshit at this point. The narrative of if I wanted to say it, I would have said it myself. When someone always does this dirty work for her. It’s like, the audience is smart, except for tree huggers. Season after season. She’s done this, she uses her friends for a few years, those friendships ultimately blow up. Remember when she brought Danielle back into the fold? Yeah, it’s a cycle. Yeah, my question for you. So this is like the overarching question, and then I’m gonna let you answer and then I’ll give my feeling on it. Do you see a problem in Teresa telling Joe privately about the rumor? Would you do the same for your sibling? If there was no evidence of cheating? Other than the rumor? Would you meet them alone? Or would you and your husband meet the sibling along?

Amanda 36:53
Okay, I guess I should just say I am an only child. So I don’t have really a clue.

B 37:00
Guys, I know Amanda is an only child, by the way, before we get I can’t believe it’s a hypothetical. But yeah, she’s just pointing out that she’s trying to she’s trying

Amanda 37:11
to say weight loss but not blood. Right. And so like, I don’t know if like if I had a brother, right? I feel like I probably wouldn’t, I wouldn’t handle it the way that Louis and Teresa did, I think I would I would probably do is I would probably just talk to him and not make a bit like just call him and be like, Hey, I think I probably would be like, I just need you to know, there’s a rumor going around that I completely don’t believe I want you to know that it’s being discussed, because you’re my brother. And I would say, you know, like I also don’t I discredit the person who it’s coming from because they’re salty, because they didn’t get on the show. Right. And I think they’re trying to take march on. But I need you to know that this is being talked about because I care about you. And I don’t believe it be you need to know that people are saying this, that I think is probably the way I would handle it.

B 38:01
Same. I think that since Teresa says she never thought it was true. Well, she’s saying that now after she wasn’t saying that in the episode. I think in my situation, I do have a brother. And what I would do is whether my husband was with me or not, I would deliver the message to both of them. They’ve been married a number of years as Joe Melissa have. And even if I believed the rumor, I would still have the respect for my brother and his marriage, to say, this is what people are saying, I don’t have evidence. I don’t have whatever but like we’re on a show. And I don’t want you guys to be blindsided. And then from there, my brother can either choose to just say this is complete nonsense, or he can look into it or he can fight with his wife or he can ignore it. But I am removed of any wrongdoing because I know that this is going around about my brother, I know that it could affect him in his life because people are saying it. So I do feel a responsibility to share it with him. Yeah, I also feel a responsibility since I have no proof that this is true. Now if I had proof if I had if Louise private investigator had printed me pictures, and I saw them in the back of the car, I may handle it differently. I likely wouldn’t include my sister in law, I’d bring the pictures. I’d hand them I’d say this is what someone brought to me because we’re on a show at a guys this is all hypothetical that they don’t have pictures. If they do with

Amanda 39:26
one of my friends though. This happened to my friend and tell tell tell us the scenario. Her husband was cheating. And her family suspected and she lives in a state where there can be fault in the divorce if there’s proof so the family hired a private investigator got the proof and took it to her and only her which you know again because there was proof different situation versus lady who doesn’t have a lot of credibility because she wanted to be on the show and she’s salty about is going around trying to say, you know that Marge has been, you know, trying to pin stuff on Mark, you know, again,

B 40:07
well the other true but other piece of it is that Melissa is like I already know about this because she went behind my back and told her brother, that’s the part for me like, I’m with my husband a number of years. If my sister in law heard something with no proof from an unreliable source, I would expect her and people say, Oh, because Teresa and Melissa, they’re on the best relationship. I don’t think that’s what’s important. I think that you respecting your siblings, marriage and family because they have three children supersedes your personal relationship. So it would be an expectation of mine, that I would be there for that conversation. Unless there were obviously proof that I cheated, like unless they knew that it was true, then that’s the only case you can make. But obviously, the goal all along was to get Melissa to turn on Margaret Teresa did not care who it hurt in the process. Or Jen, or Danielle The goal was to see what Marge said about you behind your back. Don’t be friends with her. Also, why was Louis even in the conversation and not Melissa? You know what I’m saying? Like it should either be just the siblings or all four. Yeah, nevermind. You know, we said it. There was zero proof. But here’s the next

Amanda 41:20
thing. Why would Louie want to get his frickin hands dirty to it’s like,

B 41:25
but then he buried himself again, in front of Dolores and Jen and we need to discuss this. He came out and said, I hired a private investigator on all of you guys. Yeah, Dolores and Jen were like, What the fuck? Yeah. Did you see their faces? Yeah, he named the guy Bo deetle. Some, I don’t know, semi D list person who’s been on. And then on the reunion, I heard that was a big thing, because people on the cast are claiming that he did in fact, hire investigators to look into all of them.

Amanda 41:56
So that surprised me.

B 41:57
If Melissa was really cheating, they wouldn’t have had to use Laura because they would have had better proof. So that’s number one. But number two, whatever anyone wants to say about Margaret. Yeah, she does have information on people. But she’s not the one hiring private investigators. Also, okay, I’m just going on tangents here. But I just can’t wrap my head around him admitting that. It’s like, he was trying to pin something on Margaret. And it didn’t work. And that’s what they were most mad about. They didn’t care in that moment that Melissa and Joe, they were done with Melissa and Joe. He said in the previous episode, he didn’t want them at his wedding. He was in that party ready to fight. Yeah, Bert, that relationship. He told Theresa, you’re done with your brother. He wanted to burn the relationship between the Gorgas and march and Joe?

Amanda 42:42
Yeah. Yeah. And he was trying to get like, almost like a weird way of trying to catch him in a lie and be like, You better tell me now because I hired an investigator. He seemed extremely erratic. On that episode, by the way. Speaking of Bo Deedle, I saw on Instagram this morning that Bo Deedle came out and said, By the way, he did not hire me.

B 43:04
And Teresa said they never paid Why would we pay pay pay? But he also said it was his friend. And there’s also rumors that Bo doodles. Daughter, I want to say I don’t think it was his wife. I think it was his daughter tried to get on Real Housewives of New Jersey. So maybe he did him a favor. Maybe there was no money exchanged, and he never was hired. Maybe it’s semantics. Oh, yeah, you’re right. But why would unhandy set it on? Watch What Happens Live? Why would you fabricate that at your breaking point that you hired a private investigator? Nobody would fabricate that and you called him out right there. And did you notice that that’s do not attorney sitting next?

Amanda 43:41
I love it. When you say that word.

B 43:43
Sitting next to Louis, why was the attorney there? Why was the attorney there? Because she goes everywhere with him. I have no answers. And so it’s her birthday. And so they are coming out with a subscription. Top tree huggers can now have a VIP access into her world. She’s going to have, I don’t know extra footage of her cooking and when they go out to dinner, I don’t know what it costs and the reason I don’t know much about it is because she is collecting emails for a subscription to her top fans. collecting emails. I’m just saying Jen Shah collected emails. Amanda has went over it a few times about how you know when you collect emails, you’re basically giving them you’re not giving the right but

Amanda 44:27
well an email and credit card even worse, right? People just so careful because especially if you do any of the googling that we have suggested that you guys do as far as Louie’s company and the reviews of what people are saying like just I wouldn’t do it, I wouldn’t do it and it’s it has nothing to do with not what I think I hope Teresa’s businesses is very successful. There’s ways that she could do it that use existing, your data might be a little bit more protected. Um, I guess, you know, like you could she could do a Patreon, she could do an Instagram subscription as well. So, you know, Instagram subscription wouldn’t require an email to saying,

B 45:13
I don’t know what it costs and I’m very hesitant to give an email. So if cocktail or if you do know what it cost, let me know. Okay, another thing I want to say, in that fight, something that stood out to me, I believe stood out to the viewers had to have stood out to the viewers, was when Margaret said your husband had an affair with an insubordinate. I mean, it was a below the belt comment. Then Jen said she threw herself at him. And what? I just can’t. And what about Danielle saying, I’m just trying to be a good friend by telling her if she was trying to be a good friend. I do believe they both have working cell phones.

Amanda 45:55
Yeah, no, I mean, that’s like it what has still

B 45:57
been filmed, but it certainly wouldn’t have been all that hoopla. They obviously Jen and Teresa put Danielle up to it. And you know, she fell into this pawn game. And she’s on she’s in it, now she’s in it, or they turn on her and they get somebody else to do their bidding. She clearly

Amanda 46:16
Yeah. And she clearly wanted to do it too, because she knew that like this would get her a key role in the finale, where it’s also going to get a lot of attention put back on her during the reunion, right. So there’s a lot to talk about. I mean, she’s come in, and she’s done a good job as far as a housewife and stayed, you know, stayed in the fray.

B 46:39
And again, it’s her not having to talk about her own story, which I suppose something very interesting on Instagram, whatever, somewhere on the internet. And it was basically saying that when people are estranged from an immediate family member, and they say things like, I don’t know why there’s no reason I don’t know why. It’s basically that they won’t accept the reason why, right? So if the reason why is that she wanted to film everything in her life, including his wedding, which his wife didn’t want. And she wasn’t even on a show at that point. So it technically wouldn’t have mattered. But since she was always shopping things similar to how we now see Dubois with a tip that Luke is chopping a show. Did you see us? And my source? Like I was like, come on. I know this is because my source tells me that he was fired by Bravo, people, they try to get production companies. What he said was, this happens 100 times to every one show that gets greenlit I’m going a little bit off topic, but I’ll come back to then. Yeah, so basically what that means is if this is true, Luke and his friends put up some money to film a teaser, and then that teaser will be sold like a product on Shark Tank to all the network TLC, AMC, whatever. But no Bravo does not get involved until NBC decides to write a check. They don’t need to do preliminary preliminary investment because so many companies and shows are sending stuff in right maybe truly original is funding a skeleton crew. But since Luke was from what I hear fire from Bravo, his show would never be on Bravo. Anyway. He said, also stuff like this gets sent in by people involved in the project, you have to remember if it’s a real project, NDAs are real. And projects only work if no one ever finds out point is those details, or example, the show’s name would never be found out if it was real. So they’re just trying to get traction. We also sort of Luke ring shopping with the bachelorette that he’s been dating for four minutes. I say all that to say. So I think that Danielle was always in this world of trying to get something off the ground. Yeah. And so her brother was like, where I’m involved. I don’t want to be filmed. And I think that her reaction was, well, you have to be or I can’t come around because everything about me is filmed because I want you know, and I’m not saying who’s right or wrong. I that’s not my place to say. But when she says she doesn’t know, she does know, it’s just she’s not willing to accept it. She in ways except for the fact that her marriage seems healthier than Teresa and Judy Chase was when they had young children. She seems to rule the roost like her husband’s just a bystander to her. I’d happily so he seemed very happy to play second fiddle. Yes. Agreed. But I say all that to say like, she seems to have that same obtuse way of thinking so easily affected by anything that women say to her. It’s like, hon, you’re on a reality show. And it’s

Amanda 49:38
housewives. Right. Like of course there’s going to be all kinds of insults flying and of course somebody is going to make fun of your Amazon clothes and yeah, because that’s low hanging fruit. And you know, these women, especially in Jersey have very sharp tongues and very sharp eyes.

B 49:58
I also thought it was interest thing to watch the Loris as you often point out, walk on that knife’s edge, as you call it. Yeah. And she ended up going into Teresa’s house, because now she’s a bridesmaid. Yeah. And Teresa’s wedding was days away from it. It’s her long term friend. And she made the decision long ago that she would stay out of it and she wouldn’t pick aside. But especially when you see their interviews for the after show, Doris is making faces and looking away. You can very much see that. She doesn’t think Teresa is right. She just doesn’t want to be involved.

Amanda 50:32
But she also imaged like I called Melissa to see how she’s doing. I thought that again masterfully played by Dolores I was impressed again because yes, she went to Teresa’s house, but she called Melissa and to see how she was doing and Dolores this episode. I feel like it wasn’t even just on the after show. I feel like there were a lot of facial reactions that she was like having a hard time holding back that she’s usually pretty masterful about it. But there was like the shock when Louise like I hired investigator you know, like a lot of that stuff. She couldn’t hold it completely back, right? Even imagine that too, though. The stress of that party being like four days before the wedding. I mean, I remember even back then I was like, Wait, they’re having a party now and the wedding it was like on a Tuesday and the wedding is this weekend like but you

B 51:22
know what’s the other thing is like a now we see the coming attractions for the Wedding Special. You see Louie screaming, why are they posting stuff on Instagram? Why are you guys looking at their posts the day of your wedding? If I’m in a love bubble, I’m in a love bubble. I’m not looking on Instagram at people who I just had a falling out with who clearly are upset. Yeah, you’re looking for somebody to get pissed off about and I don’t believe it was Theresa looking. I believe that he was angry and shouting about it. And that’s when she looked and that’s when she got upset. And I believe her upset came from Louis being upset. Yeah, I think Teresa is very clear on why her brother’s mad at her because let’s face it, she did the pizza thing. She did the rumor thing. Her fiance now got to be your husband, cause that whole scene was yelling at Joe and like Joe is not an innocent bystander in it. I’m not saying that but Teresa knows that they’re mad and that they’re at the shore hanging out with their friends. It’s Louise anger that was upsetting her on her wedding day it was his reaction to it and I think that we’re gonna see that I think that the Edit shows her crying and then him saying but I think that what we’re actually going to see is him bringing to her attention or bringing to somebody who brings to her attention like Louise really pissed off right now because your brother’s post and then she grabs her phone and looks I can’t imagine that when she’s getting her hair and makeup done. She’s wanting to look at Instagram Yeah,

Amanda 52:43
I can’t imagine either. Okay question for you my although I probably putting all that hair on probably took kind of a while so she had some true

B 52:53
genties That she’s like the hair supposed to be an accent not the main event her face

Amanda 52:57
when you see it like and the previo I miss is that what is an Asita? So like, are we going to talk about this on the pod like are we what do you think the wedding? Yeah,

B 53:09
I don’t listen, a lot of accounts are boycotting it. I have no intention of boycotting it. I don’t stand on principle where this isn’t like a situation of racism or something like that. This is housewives drama. Yeah, I can be on the gorgeous side. I’m not going to miss that train wreck of a wedding. Are you crazy? I

Amanda 53:27
know should I dare people suggest that we do that? Let’s see real time jet and have this reaction. A million

B 53:35
times. I you know these treestands call for Melissa to be fired. I don’t want to reset to be fired. I did. Teresa is great TV. I don’t agree with the blessed thing she does. But I like to watch her as she fumbles through life.

Amanda 53:47
It’s interesting to me too, that, you know, this party blows up like this. People are pissed. But Marge ends up going and so does Jackie the wedding.

B 53:59
You know, they’re on a TV show. Yeah, they’re on a TV show. We see Marge say it’s just sad that Joe and Melissa aren’t here. So like, she’s the vehicle for that. And I’m sure it’s her and Jackie. Rachel didn’t go but also Rachel’s new to it and Rachel is not going to walk in and stir the pot the way that Jackie and Marge will is seasoned housewives. So what we know what we know as of right now, which we said a while ago and now everybody else is chattering about is that filming is not starting in the summer. Nobody has signed an official contract yet. The understanding at this point is that all the full times are being asked back. That could change I don’t think it would change in the way that people think I very much believe that Melissa will be asked back full time. Obviously Teresa will be asked back full time. I don’t personally see Theresa not coming back but if she wasn’t back, surely it will be her choice. Same with Melissa Delors, I don’t see going anywhere. I mean She’s got this whole new life and she just plays such a good role of the in between. Do they shake it up with March? Again, I think March will be back. I heard about full time. But you say to yourself, they’re pausing right now they’re giving it space like they did with Beverly Hills. A dynamic change would happen if Marge wasn’t there, because if the person in your ear was the Loris, who’s more, you know, of the peacemaking friend, and if that’s the go between enable truly would be a mutual goal between Is there a chance of? And again, it’s not going to be a real reconciliation, because there’s so much bad blood, but do we see some mend there? Or does Louis just completely put the kibosh or does Louis want to look good to the fan, so he decides to be the bigger person and kind of, you know, make it okay with the Gorgas until the next thing that blows up and they fight again? I don’t know. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. And I you know, I love March. It’s not I’m not saying that that’s what I would want. But I’m saying that I can almost see a world where that would be a shake up. I mean, more so than I see Melissa being the one to go.

Amanda 56:08
Yeah, agreed. I mean, we all know that Andy Cohen absolutely loves Joe Gorga. To what he says he doesn’t have casting decision making I know that he has influence. And, you know, the other thing is, too, is like, maybe we’re in a situation where they know like, something’s gonna go down. And they’re waiting, because they want to be able to catch it, you know, like, or, or maybe they feel like, you know, who knows? Who knows, but I guess we’ll see. And I think it’s probably good because it feels like it does feel to me, like last season was really rushed. In terms of uncompressed I guess is better a better word for it. Like it started kind of in the spring and then ended with Teresa’s wedding. Which makes sense that that should be the ending for that whole situation. But I don’t know. I kind of liked the idea of them, giving it a little and giving us a little breathing room.

B 56:59
I want to see the holidays. Yeah, yeah, Jersey in the winter.

Amanda 57:03
I like it too. Well, thank you guys, so much, sailors. It’s our year anniversary. Thank you for sticking if you’re new, thank you for coming. If you have been sticking with us since our first drunken episodes. Thank you, we appreciate you or we’re happy to be here a year later. Till next time.

Amanda 57:34
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a T because the ones who don’t care about T then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 58:15
Bye guys. See you next time.