We’ve been following the sad news about Kim Zolciak Biermann and Kroy Biermann’s foreclosure. Sadly the story gets worse, with a hefty IRS bill and now they’ve both filed for divorce. We ave some more details about Kim and Kroy’s divorce–you’ve been hearing from us first on this topic.  We’re so happy to see the peaches of Real Housewives of Atlanta back on our screens. We’ve got a feisty new Housewife and some ongoing drama between previous wives, plus some new men in the lives of two of our favorites. It’s shaping up to be a good season. We are loving the Summer House Martha’s Vineyard cast – we have a little tea on one of the castmates and her famous actor ex. Louie went off the deep end on this week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey – this is feeling like more than just wedding stress. Are these Louie’s true colors? And Louie has a brother? How come we never hear about him? And we’re hearing from behind the scenes sources that there’s drama within the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Alliances seem to be shifting yet again. 

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 53

B 0:00
We did get some intel from Lola’s latest pod that I listened to. And I wanted to share some notes because I think it’s interesting.

Amanda 0:07
Yes, I listened to that today too.

B 0:09
So she said, Rachel drinking a Coors Light at glamping was a clear indication.

Amanda 0:14
I totally picked up on that, too. When she said that I was like, I was thinking the exact same thing. You never saw her drink Coors Light before.

B 0:21
Right. She also said that everything was filmed before, but there have been some editing to kind of make it make sense.

B 0:40
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravoandcocktails.com. And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. I am B

Amanda 1:00
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

B 1:08
What’s up cocktailers and Amanda

Amanda 1:10
Hi B and hi Cocktailers. Today’s Wednesday, but Happy Saturday because you guys will be hearing this on Saturday. Big news this week with Kim Zolciak Biermann and Corey Biermann, we have been really kind of following and sharing with you guys the story about their home. And all of the question marks around the foreclosure with the auction. Was it really in foreclosure? Was it not? Nobody can really truly make sense of it, because it seemed like it was auctioned off, but then it wasn’t publicly listed. So then we thought maybe the bank bought it. And while we still don’t know for sure, on that front, what we do know is that over the weekend, we received documents that Kim and Croix her husband of 11 years, oh, $1.1 million in taxes, that is not including any of the penalties or any of the interest. We posted it first. And then the next day, it was picked up by TMZ. And then a couple hours later, TMZ announced that they both filed for the Burton force.

B 2:24
I mean, okay, so I think that I’m naive, right? Because I’m just a regular person living in like an ordinary world. And so I’m always surprised even though like, I shouldn’t be. I’m always surprised, but I was especially surprised about Kim and Croix. Because if you know anything about them, they just were so attached to the hip. I mean, Amanda, she didn’t even drive anywhere on her own. Right. You know, I guess Listen, it’s true that we see what people want us to see. And certainly that’s true, because I heard from a source like when I said to them that I was shocked. They were like, be are you kidding? Like, he’s a huge cheater. And I’m like, when it doesn’t even work. How is he cheating? And then Amanda, today, a follower told me and again, I guess we’ll find out that he’s on Grindr. And yes, I just posted this in cocktail party. He’s on Grindr, and the person is planning on meeting up with him, or unless they’re being catfished. So right, it’s totally possible. They’re being catfished. But okay, excuse my ignorance. Grindr is for gay couples, right? Gay men, gay

Amanda 3:42
men. Why? Maybe women too, but the only times I’ve ever seen it in real life is friends who are men who are gay. So I don’t actually know if it’s for, you know, for the whole spectrum, or if it’s just gay men? I don’t actually know the answer to that. But

B 3:59
I thought it was for gay people in general. So that would throw like another whole loop de loop in it because we were under the impression that he was a straight man married to a woman which perhaps he’s bisexual and we didn’t know it. Obviously, you can be in a monogamous relationship with a woman and then when you split, if you’re bisexual look to date a man. I mean, we all know that. My initial thought, okay, when I first heard it, I thought, maybe he’s going to take the fall for her. I mean, I just always saw him as so devoted and enamored with her. And then the other thing I was thinking was, if he’s not knowingly taking the fall for her, maybe he’s trying to pin it all. Maybe she’s trying to pin it all on him. Right. So those were like my initial thoughts on it. Okay,

Amanda 4:47
I don’t even know okay, I’m still reeling from this grinder news, because honestly, to be completely honest, when we got the info about the tea about him being a cheater, I was Like, I don’t know, I just didn’t believe it, either. I mean, there’s we’ve all been fooled.

B 5:07
Well the other thing that person told me was that he was homophobic so that’s then you hear that Grindr rumor I don’t know. You know a lot of people who presented homophobic are closeted themselves.

Amanda 5:18
They here’s the thing that is throwing me about this whole thing is like there’s no denying chemistry and you see it right when you see an actor and actress have it on screen you see it in so many different in real life when people are you know, you see it with couples you see it with best friends. And those who always had it. I never got the like, Oh, they’re just playing up how like obsessed they are with each other for the camera. thing. Like it always felt very genuine and like the thing that made me really sad is like, while they weren’t necessarily like my favorites, I always loved their love. Like, I just thought they seemed legitimately really obsessed with each other. And I always thought that was really cute.

B 6:03
I just have so many kids. Oh my god. I mean, he adopted her older daughters. I know. And then they had four of their own, you know, together.

Amanda 6:11
I just wish Kim’s psychic slash palm reader. Do you remember her?

B 6:17
I think she died. She died. I

Amanda 6:18
know. I wish she was still alive. So we could get some visibility. What’s gonna happen next, because she called it all she did, even when it was like did not even seem likely whatsoever. She’s like, you’re gonna have a boy, you’re gonna have twins, you know? Anyway.

B 6:35
Okay, our friends over at the Bravo Dockage just posted some stuff. And I’m going to share some things that because, you know, we know very little about a lot of things. But we have this huge audience of people who are experts in all areas of life and they send in like different things about what the angle could be because there’s an angle here. Okay, well, here’s what Bravo docket is saying. Which some of which we posted about some of which we know. First of all, I don’t know what it is with Atlanta, and racing to the courthouse we saw with Drew and Ralph. And now crying Kim are debating like, who filed first because his was processed at 1:15pm. And Kim’s was processed at 3:44pm. And my understanding is like she’s pissed off because she says she was there first.

Amanda 7:27
Is there like a strategy? I don’t know. Maybe the cocktail is gonna help us out with this. Is there a strategic advantage to being the first one to file for divorce?

B 7:37
I feel like in Georgia, there must be because I say that because we’re a member. We had to see it through. Yeah, the highway chase the OJ Simpson style highway chase to the airport. Okay. Kroy is saying that they separated on May 8, which is the day they filed. Kim is saying they separated on May 30. So April 30. Excuse me, April 30. Yeah. So in Georgia, a judge can grant a no fault divorce based on the marriage being irretrievably broken, which means it’s impossible to fix but no fault placed on either party. However, Kim and Croix both pled no fault. Okay, go ahead. No, they

Amanda 8:14
don’t they both did plead no fault. Okay. I have a lot

B 8:17
to say they both put that amendment that they reserve the right to amend that.

Amanda 8:22
Because I and without going into too much detail, I have a dear friend who went through divorce in Georgia and Georgia is a fault state. So if there is proof of you know, I don’t know all the different ways that there can be false, but I know that infidelity is one and if there is proof, such as with like a private investigator or something like that, then you can actually prove fault in a divorce. And it can have a an effect on the proceedings in how much money is given, like all of that. So it can really every case is different, but I happen to know that, again, from a friend’s experience.

B 9:09
Well, also in Georgia, you can’t be legally separated. So you’re married until the divorce is finalized. And if you’re dating during the time that you’re quote, unquote, separated, because that doesn’t exist in their state. It’s considered adultery.

Amanda 9:23
Yes, I knew that as well. Is really

B 9:26
wild. Are you ready for this? Yeah, again, guys, this is from the Bravo docket. In Georgia, a jury can decide division of property, child support, alimony and attorneys fees. Now, if you’re a public figure, the fact that a jury can determine that is kind of scary in the state that she was a housewife in? I don’t know, I kind of think that’s unfair. I mean, if the assumption is that these reality stars are playing sort of a role, then she could be judged. You know what I mean? Based on things that she sort of TV

Amanda 9:59
if you He’s on Grindr. He’s fucked. Excuse my language. So that’s where I’m like, I wonder if that’s if that’s really him. Because I don’t think I would imagine that’s like one on one with divorce lawyers in Georgia. Like, if you’re on any dating apps, you have to get off right now. Because if you’re found that can be found for adultery, and that can be really bad for your case.

B 10:23
Okay, so a cocktail wrote in and they said, because now at this point, this is, again, all as we first heard this, so, Sunday, I post about the $1.1 million dollars owed in tax plus about 15,000, in state tax a ton of money, then the next day, you hear the divorce announcement. So everyone’s like, Okay, this is a strategy. And what somebody said was in divorce, if there’s a lot of debt, you can shift all of the debt to one spouse to take over this way, only one person has to file for bankruptcy, again, the cocktail or said some debt can be discharged through bankruptcy, we’re gonna go ahead and guess this person said that they have a lot of consumer debt. And that’s probably why they couldn’t keep up with their taxes, because they’re spending all this money on credit cards and stuff, but they don’t have actual liquid cash.

Amanda 11:15
So we do know that with Kim, listing the Separation Date as 430, that could be significant, because we know that the date of the tax lien, the Federal one is 411. So there’s, you could make a case for her saying, and again, we don’t know that this is her position. But you could make a case for her saying I had no idea I found out. And so then I considered us separated, which the date of separation is an interesting one, if, in Georgia, they’re considered married until the day they get divorced. And we read that they’re living in the same house. It’s always interesting to me when you see a disparity in the date of separation when both parties file,

B 12:05
so they’re living in a house that neither of them owns. And then someone else said that specific to the IRS debt, there’s something called innocent spouse that can can claim saying Kroy manage all the finances. This is basically what you just were talking about Amanda, and she never read a tax return, she can claim she had no idea. It’s possible the IRS may remove her. They only consider this if you’re divorced. So we know that Teresa and Judy che tried this, right, but they weren’t divorced. And who knows if they would have approved it, even if they were I would imagine there’s a slim chance because the reality it all goes back to the fact you sign your name, you know, you better sign my tax return. And, you know, my husband prepares the taxes, and I’m just gambling and drinking wine out of a solo cup. Like that’s, I’m still liable. Like, you’re still an adult, which I’m not a big gambler, I am big on wine. And I’ve been known to drink it out of a solo cup. So

Amanda 13:00
again, no judgments with any of these things. However, like the law is that if you don’t have knowledge of the law, that is no excuse for why you committed a crime meaning just because you don’t know something’s against the law doesn’t mean that you’re innocent if you do something wrong. So I think, no, you definitely cannot. But you know, you gotta read your shit like anything you’re signing your name on, guys. I think that yeah, it’s

B 13:29
just like, you know, so we were all shocked. I think the general consensus was, I mean, you and I were certainly shocked. I think most fans were. But after we posted the cheating rumors, we saw an old blind from Dubois circulating from 2022. That’s very obvious. It doesn’t mean them, but it makes it you know, like the kind of blinds that just say it without saying it, saying that there was cheating or that know that there had an open marriage, which again, I find hard to believe but what the hell do I know? I’m not saying maybe their marriage wasn’t as it seemed. But I still somehow in my mind, I said maybe Kroy is taking the hit for her. Now of course we see that they’re asking they’re each asking for sole physical custody. They’re each asking for financial support. They’re both claiming they filed first. It’s messy, right? But I guess if you’re pretending to get divorced, you’re gonna make it messy. You’re not going to be pretend and have a nice divorce.

Amanda 14:21
Here’s my thought. I think that the weight of the world came crashing down on them on April 11th With this tax lien, I think they fought about it for weeks. I don’t think that this is like them putting it on. I mean, that’s so that is so much money that just have to pay in taxes. That is a big hole to dig yourself out of right. I think you know, they had been having some other problems. You know, we know that the whole gift boxing didn’t go very well. We know that. Her skincare line has not knocking it out of the park. She hasn’t they haven’t had a regular TV show. I believe they had something real I think their love was real. I don’t I think that they are for real done now.

B 15:06
Well, our friend Kiki over at the talk of shame found out she posted that all of these defunct businesses, which you’ve named a couple, there are more than that are all employees name. Apparently somebody posted a document that Kiki got her hands on, that they’re in COys name. Here we go. I mean, she met him. She had her salary from, you know, Atlanta, and she was making some money. He was making millions at that time, I believe I read somewhere he had made in his career, 14 million, which is a ton of money. And certainly an ordinary person could live on, however, beyond the fact that they spend a ton of money beyond the fact that they clearly are supporting their two adult daughters who also spend a lot and all that Kim had a huge gambling problem. Again, here’s the number 250,000. I don’t know what’s the story with this figure, but it’s very popular and Bravo these last couple months. But I don’t know if it was on the show that she blew that amount of money, but it was publicized. Yeah, if he’s the name on, this is just going to be some fight in court. And I do think Amanda having marinated in it. I do think that over the course of months, this has been closing in on them. They tried businesses to get themselves to pay off these debts. Clearly, none of them worked out. Then you had the foreclosure, which was publicly blasted. We don’t know if the bank owns it now or what but we do know that they owe the money 1.1 million and they’re fighting and their shows cancelled. That bullshit. Remember, they tried to float that Arianna had a show. And it was really that she filmed an episode of something that is not even on like TV. It’s like a YouTube thing. So all of this adding up, there’s no money coming in. And it’s a lot of freaking people living in that house for no money coming in. And that could break the strongest of marriages, right? There we are, and just look at how ugly it can get because you have Kroy his name on it, all the businesses, but you have him at the start of the marriage being the person coming in with the money more money. You know, it’s sort of like, well, I married him and he let me spend the money. It’s not my fault.

Amanda 17:18
Yeah, I mean, I don’t know how well that like really holds up in court. But I think the fact that they’re both asking for sole custody is also very interesting. They’re not, that just tells me there’s going to be more where they’re trying to prove that the other is not a fit parent. And like, it is very rare for any court to give sole custody to a parent, it’s usually when the other parent doesn’t want parenting time. And they’re not fighting it. So that just tells me there’s a lot more that we’re going to be hearing so caulk Taylor’s, tell us what you guys those who know and who knows, specifically divorce law in Georgia? Yes. You know, is there an advantage to being the first file like what that would be? What you guys think as far as the tax situation, what your thoughts are even on like fault and all of that, because I think this is one that we’re probably going to be talking about for a while.

B 18:15
One final thought before we move on, because I know we’re going to be beating this dead horse is you know, what makes a lot easier to pay off debt. A new reality show. You know what people want to watch? Kim rebuild? Could you imagine if they get a reality show, and then they make monies off it and then they get back together?

Amanda 18:38
There was a rumor that another family did that to get a reality TV show the loan alone family. Yeah, they announced that they were they were never really getting divorced. They did it at all, just for press. Who knows?

B 18:52
Well, true hawk. Taylor’s also said that a couple of different cocktail are said to me like look how lucrative scandal has been. So what if they’re just throwing all crazy shit, the grind or the cheating the this the that because they’re hoping for some endorsement deals and stuff that helps them pay their way out of the debt. I mean, all things are possible. Stay tuned.

Amanda 19:13
Yeah, definitely. We’ll see. Okay, let’s move on to summer house. We had the engagement. And then we had the continued Danielle Fallout and reaction to the engagement. We had Robert kind of showing up and then having that chat with Carl, what did you think?

B 19:37
Well, if you’re a listener, you know how I feel about Robert. So I thought he was like, Are you kidding?

Amanda 19:43
It’s so funny, because I have to tell you that knowing what I know, right, I actually thought he handled it pretty well. I was expecting him to be really angry and like, but he wasn’t I thought he actually

B 19:56
wasn’t his plate. He should have said nothing. We will Want to be happy for you? No, I

Amanda 20:02
did not like that statement at all. It was a we want to be happy for you. But we feel like,

B 20:08
Oh, she didn’t include us. Although my girlfriend has been bad mouthing Lindsay and you to both your faces and two girls that Lindsay isn’t friends with. Come on. You know, just the general gist is this is not playing out how any of us expected. No, we all expected Lindsey to be doing something wrong, but I have not seen her do anything except to have a happy, healthy, loving relationship. Listen, Lindsay is who she is. But Danielle was always fine with who Lindsey is. Okay. So whether you like Lindsey or not, she isn’t doing anything today. Okay, Danielle feels a little left out. I mean, that’s common when somebody so I can appreciate that Danielle is going through a tough time in her relationship. But she hasn’t said that. It seems to me that she expected to be the one engaged and this is a lot of sour grapes. I did get some backlash from cocktail hours where like, you don’t know what it’s like to always be overshadowed by your friend. Okay. But that’s sort of a decision she made and maybe her engagement day and party aren’t the time to air that out and to complain to out of town friends. She has to look at that and be mortified. She should have just stayed home. Robert confronting Carl. I thought it was Adeline No, he wasn’t angry and screaming but he had no horse in the race. He should have sat down especially because he was out Montauk. Doing god knows what. And Carl probably had an idea and kept his fucking mouth shut. Because once again, one thing Lindsay and Carl haven’t done throughout all of this. And everything is turned around to Danielle and said, You know what? Don’t project your relationship issues on us. And they still haven’t done it.

Amanda 21:40
I think they have kind of now but I think it’s been because it’s been part of the conversation and you can’t fault them.

B 21:48
But they haven’t said it. All they said is it’s hard because he works a lot. That’s not the same as them saying what’s really going on, which is oh, I

Amanda 21:54
mean age. Yeah, I’d want Andy there’s rumors

B 21:57
that he cheats. They fight all the time. They didn’t say that. And we know that that was happening.

Amanda 22:01
Yeah, I think Andy has said like, Do you think there’s some production going on here? I have zero like the CNN and I completely admitted. I’m like, kind of on neither side like they’re both really kind of bothering me. Honestly, I really hated that. We wanted to be happy for you. But statement I thought that was really shitty way to put it. I think Danielle’s reaction was way out of line, completely agree with everything you said. I think she has handled it terribly. But Danielle has finally had it with Lindsey kind of not putting their friendship as a priority. And like I will tell you, I have known girls and women who the second there is a man in their life. They kind of drop everything else. And they’re like now that I have a man, I don’t need my girlfriends and like, I have never liked that behavior. I think that’s not my type of person. I don’t ever agree with that. And I think I can see, I feel like Daniel is reacting to that, and projecting. Right. And so I think that they can both be wrong. To a certain extent. I can kind of feel like I’m kind of on neither side with any of it. But I mean, Danielle’s behavior was completely abhorrent and she should be I’m sure she feels ashamed of the way she’d acted. Yeah, I

B 23:25
mean, she has to Yeah, although Andy apparently said shout out to Bravo afterthought she was at watch what happens live taping. And you know, before he answers questions, and he said there that he did a lot of mediating and he was on Danielle’s side so I don’t know what people are saying to which of course can be the case is there could be editing going on where we’re not seeing stuff, you know what I mean? Like we’re not seeing the full picture. Yeah, and maybe at the reunion we’re gonna hear stuff that Carl and or Lindsey did that sort of make them look bad where we’re like, oh, okay, you know what I’m saying?

Amanda 24:02
Well, I look at like I look at Maya right and like my answer to me is beyond faults like she is just got I think such a great head on her shoulders. We don’t even talk about by the way the fact that she was saying there was this episode or last week she was like I just feel something that Oliver’s kind of holding back for me anyway, stay on my I love her and like to see my take Danielle and be like, I got it. I understand. And then also page page is also very, you know, see a lot of them kind of being on Daniel’s side on this situation when none of them had been really that close to Danielle tells me that there was more going on. We just haven’t seen it to your point. So I don’t know I’m kind of over this whole thing and I didn’t want to say I think that Carl handled it quite well. Again, let these people like have their happy At times, and I agree with you that Robert was out of his depth, I commended the fact that he was just trying to stand up for Danielle but Todd talked about time and place not cool. That’s not when you have that conversation, not when they’re on their cloud of we just got engaged.

B 25:18
Totally thought. Yeah, it was very off putting. Yeah.

Amanda 25:21
Okay. Let’s talk about Atlanta. It’s so exciting to have it back.

B 25:26
Oh, so good. I mean, yeah, listen, I’m always going to miss Nene. It goes with I still kind of look for her. Um, I miss Portia. Especially on the heels of seeing her on the girls trip where she where she showed like the star that she is, and you know, we’re getting an appearance for Kim from Kim, but I wouldn’t be very excited for her to come back. But I still thought it was great. The girls they hopped right back into it. Love a heated candy. The new girl is her name Chelsea or Courtney something like that. She raise friend. The thirst immediately come Courtney right, the thirst to immediately come for candy. I mean, listen, what I think went down with that is candy heard this new girl who’s friends with sure I was filming. And candy knows everybody. So she was trying to figure out alright, Do I know her know? Okay, who does she roll with? Who does who she friends with? That? I know. Right? And that’s how she made that mutual friend connection. And I don’t think there was anything malice and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a veteran, or 12 years or whatever on a reality show. Trying to connect the dots when new girls are coming. She’s got to see who’s coming for her. And guess what? That one simple question had her calm because what better way to get airtime than come for candy and get a heated candy which is fine candy shouldn’t be mad at it. Because you know what? People love her in that light. And it’s nonsense she’s heated about so it’s good for her because people were saying she’s getting boring. So I think it worked out for both parties. All of them coming for sure. raise new boyfriend. I mean, Kenya so shady. What I have to say about that is if it’s not legit, right, because we’re hearing that they no longer follow each other. And maybe she entertained him just because he was also a figure that you know what I mean? So it was like more press for them. And especially, you know, she was with the jailbird. So she wants to look that she’s with this legit guy. But you’re, you’re interesting enough, you don’t need to pretend to be with a guy or even make something more serious if you’re just, you know what I mean? Like to present something as it’s more serious than it is which I think we see with housewives.

Amanda 27:29
I mean, maybe she just needed a little D.

B 27:32
Right? But then you don’t have to show them you have to bring them to the party. He doesn’t gotta be your booth so that Kenya can say he slid in my DM and it’s probably true because he’s looking to get on a show. So did you speak in

Amanda 27:42
what Rio I had never heard of the reality show he was coming from I know it from like, what was it? Love and marriage? Huntsville? I had to look it up.

B 27:51
So I’ve heard of it. I haven’t seen it. I’m sure I would like it. But I there’s only so much time in the day. But she’s just become a grandma, her son Cairo had a baby like there’s plenty to show she has her business. I love when they showed her in that cute outfit. And it said like 225 bucks for the outfit. It’s like, Girl, it’s cute. But you have to tone it down like I can get that for I mean Lululemon doesn’t cost that much. Yeah, that’s how we know it’s not Lululemon quality. So,

Amanda 28:21
yeah, well, I would hope that it is but I don’t know, guys seems thirsty. It could just be also like a situation of convenience to you know, like, we’re like, for both of them. Yeah. That’s kind of where my mind went. I don’t think that they’re trying to like throw a whole fake situation. I think they’re both getting partially or, or all of what they need or their

B 28:45
wish he should know better because she knows who’s on her casts, and she knows they’re gonna sniff it out. And she knows they’re gonna call her out.

Amanda 28:51
Or maybe she knows that that’s exactly what was gonna happen. And she didn’t care because it’s storyline and like, I don’t know, I feel like she needs to get her man picker check. Because like she was she just, I feel like she just strikes out after strikes out after strikes out. Okay, and then we see at the party at the 40th birthday party, we see shady Ralph, showing up to the party without his wife drew who holds a peach. He does not hold a peach drew does. He just comes off as like, and then when he’s there like where is she is like, Oh, she’s not feeling well. And they’re like, Oh, well, yeah, it’s actually a family emergency. It’s just like anybody changing their story like that. It just looks it just comes he just comes off as such a liar. I don’t know. He makes my skin absolutely crawl crawl.

B 29:41
What happened to his book?

Amanda 29:43
Great question. I mean, I don’t think he’s really going to be be fathering that kid anymore. I mean, if they’re getting divorced, I’m sure he’s like I’m free. Right?

B 29:55
Yeah, it’ll be sad. He’s trash. Yeah,

Amanda 29:59
just gross. Meanwhile and like I’m sorry, I don’t care just such performed show up to a party like that. Just so you can get a little layer of time. Just crappy. Let’s move on to after Atlanta summer house Martha’s Vineyard. That is kind of a mouthful. What did you think?

B 30:17
I was so excited because I loved the trailer. I was very happy with the first episode out of the gate. You can see that this past they’re ready for their close up. The dramas already in the first episode, the coming attractions for the rest of the season like wild. I couldn’t tell could Okay, so maybe you can tell. Could you tell if they come just? I’m assuming they come just for the weekend. But then they were like, Oh, you can only get here by plane. Yeah. So were they there all summer, because so many people will work remotely. Now.

Amanda 30:46
Remember when we were first talking about this, and it was like end of summer and it was like right around? I want to say Labor Day, we think and we had thought that some of the production crew actually just picked up and went from Hampton

B 31:00
to he just felt like

Amanda 31:02
going for like two or three weeks. Yeah, exactly. Like a girls trip kind of situation. And then

B 31:07
if it’s successful, which I hope it is because I so far really like it, then maybe they’ll do the whole summer house format. Yeah, or maybe not. Yeah, but here’s what’s interesting. So we saw Jordan, first of all this cast is I mean, one’s be more beautiful than the next. So we saw Jordan say that she was a Playboy bunny. But actually, Jasmine, Jordan, shinies, and Bria all met while they work together as Playboy Bunnies.

Amanda 31:38
So there’s a Playboy Club in New York. So I think that that’s they actually worked as like waitresses, but then Jordan was also Playboy entertain me in the magazine is the way that I’m kind of.

B 31:53
Right. So that makes sense. Okay, so Jordan was in the magazine as a centerfold, she said she was the fourth and last because we know, you know, went out of circulation, the magazine first and last black Playboy Bunny. So yeah, they must have worked at the club. I just thought it was interesting that that’s how they met because they act like they’re all friends that work together. Well, yeah, they did. But they’re all business. Well, I don’t know if they’re all but

Amanda 32:17
like, there’s like a very like it’s like a basket because it’s interwoven, right. Like some of them were fraternity brothers or went to college together. Oh, that’s what I love too is like, other than a mirror. A mirror is like the one who kind of stood out as not having a tight connection with any of them. The rest of them have all like kind of all go back and have this real organic, like they know each other and that I think is going to make this show so much better.

B 32:46
Totally. And we see Bria with her emotional support dog actually lives in Germany. So I found that interesting when I found that out. The party line is she like she wanted to do the share house but like clearly you’re on a reality show. So you came up from Germany for a couple of weeks, to you know, throw your hat in the ring and see if you can get some followers and become an influencer and marry a boyfriend in Germany. Good for you. So far. She’s kind of whiny and she’s one of those girls that thinks she can skate by just because she’s hot. That’s how I see her and I’m not into that. She needs his bio. We posted about shinies and her bio says she’s healing from her last relationship and working through attachment issues. We posted there was an article where her ex boyfriend who is an actor he was on Did you ever watch the HBO show? insecure? Did you do you know, in towns?

Amanda 33:41
I don’t I watched I want to say like a couple of episodes, so I don’t have like a great memory.

B 33:47
Well, he accused her of stalking and harassing and there was a whole article about it. Obviously we don’t know if he exaggerated, but I mean it made it to print so clearly that didn’t end well. We see Amir pursuing Jordan, both Amir and Jordan really stood out to me. I felt like they were going to be two of the breakout stars. Yeah. Jasmine obviously and her husband, so I can’t think of his name. Cyril. Silas, Silas stood out because you know, they’re the married couple. I also thought it was really cool when we found out that Alex the tall thin vegan is John Legend’s cousin. Yeah. I thought it was funny. He said I have singers in my family and in her confessional judgments like um, John Legend. Yeah, that’s just cousin. So yeah, we see the jasmine and her husband are very much the Amanda and Kyle like, kind of like the thread they have the most connections. They’re bringing it all together.

Amanda 34:44
Yes, I think so to like, again, having those like real life actual connections, I think is really going to help make this show great. I had no idea about the history of oak bluffs. I really liked hearing that and then Preston Who is he said he’s gay. He is a gay black activist, I believe are the words that he used to describe himself. I felt like every time he opened his mouth, he had something super interesting to say. So he, you know, the first he was saying, like, why doesn’t like the term black excellence? I don’t know. I just feel like he’s very I just feel like I learned a lot from him when he spoke. I think it’ll be good. It’s gonna be I’ll be

B 35:27
tuning in. I mean, it’s after Atlanta. So that works.

Amanda 35:32
They’re all like they are literally all absolutely gorgeous. I Jasmine, talking about how, like, they lived in our car for a while, and now they have a show about it. Like there’s just some, you know, and but now that she’s like really running with his wife, he roll I think that’s pretty interesting. juxtaposition.

B 35:49
I didn’t like the husband when he was like, cold out Jordan. It was like, Oh, I don’t like that. Your her party friend. And you guys stay out late. And she’s married. Now. I didn’t like that at all. And we do see and they’re like coming attractions. She’s like you I’m about to check out you have to relax. Yeah, I didn’t. You did not. cuff me literally where I’m attached at the hip to you. And I’m not allowed to be my own person. And listen, I shouldn’t be so harsh. It’s and that’s why first seasons are so good, right? It’s his first time on television. He’s saying things honestly and open. And they’re just married. So I get that they’re navigating it. But I truly hope we see him reel that in, because that’s not going to be good for him and her and their relationship in the long run. Because she doesn’t seem like the kind of girl that’s going to tolerate that.

Amanda 36:36
Right? I do understand it when you are in a committed relationship is 3am. Like, is that too late to be out? I don’t know. I mean, I personally think that if there’s good trust, and the relationship is good, it should be fine. And you should trust your partner. But I think that his feelings are legitimate to say like, well, you know, why does it have to be that late? I don’t know. It’ll be an interesting conversation when we see it. Come there. Let’s move on to Vanderpump

B 37:10
Well, I mean, on the most recent episode, Amanda, were on it. Yeah, I saw that. I guess yesterday and our boy Larry at Bravo by gays posted the clip and I watched it I wasn’t even I was like half watching it because you know, I was busy. And then all my followers are like be there looking at Bravo and cocktails on shorts his phone. I’m like, what? And you see shorts go. I don’t know, she sent me this blogger gossip site. And then when they show the phone, everyone’s like, don’t have your pop ups. And you know what all the all the cocktail party people were like, you know, you really should message the Tom’s and tell them it’s a much better experience when you subscribe for $7.50 a month because there’s no pop up extra tea. So side note, this is before we had the subscription. And everyone is asking which reality stars or celebs that we know subscribe. Yeah, yes, we know some that do. We will never tell ever, ever, ever. The same way I wouldn’t tell your best friend if she inbox me and was like, does Jane Smith subscribe? It ain’t her business. Yeah. So but I will tell you that yes, we do know that some do some we know because they use their name, which isn’t like a dead giveaway. But like, you know, they DM us and like they’re open about it. Yeah. Others because they come at me for blind items. Robert, and they I’m kidding. His wasn’t even a blind item. And again, I wouldn’t tell if he was a subscriber. But they come at me and I’m like, Oh, thank you so much for subscribing, and they get so mad. And I’m like, oh, no, someone sent it to me. I’m like, yeah, it’s a paywall. But if someone sent it to you, you had to sign up.

Amanda 38:49
Yeah. Yeah. And we see we see what all the signups come through. And there’s definitely been I mean, it’s it’s all different kinds of people. Like there’s like very famous influencers and all different kinds of people, that it’s fun to see that are part of our community. But yeah, maybe we can do some forensic work to figure out which posts it is specifically that they’re looking at. In the videos. I really want to figure out like, I am so fascinated by what all the timing is from all of this stuff, because March 1 is the day that we know that Arianna found out about the affair because she sees a video come through on Tom’s phone. That’s also the same night that Sheena and Rochelle

B 39:34
sorry I broke it Friday. I believe cameras were

Amanda 39:38
up March 3. That was March they broke

B 39:41
it March 3 Yes. TMZ confirmed a few hours later that was the same day that Ariana disabled her Instagram for a while. My understanding and again because is cameras were up by that Monday.

Amanda 39:56
Like they were that they were up there before.

B 39:59
What We did get some intel from Lola’s latest pod that I listened to. And I wanted to share some notes because I think it’s interesting. Yes, I listened to that today too. So she said, Rachel drinking a Coors Light at glamping was a clear indication. I totally

Amanda 40:13
picked up on that, too. When she said that it was like I was thinking the exact same thing. You never saw her drink Coors Light before.

B 40:20
Right. She also said that everything was filmed before but there have been some editing to kind of make it make sense. In the last couple, so like the one that just aired this week, and maybe last week, but the ones prior weren’t. They’ve gone back and added previously filmed footage to align it to the Sandoval finale. Nothing was filmed leader except Ariana and everybody finding out that’s what, that’s what Ariana sticking with. And we spoke about this last week a follower actually had the theory that LVP had figured it out. Maybe Raquel admitted it to her and she had can say it and she said that’s true. Lisa doesn’t like to get our hands dirty. She had had dropped the bomb, about Raquel sleeping over also and I hope she’s getting paid for this. Amanda Sheena did a vlog on Labor Day, which is the only footage that producers have. And we know that that that a lot like was revealed on that from that party and how I think Lala said that her mom heard Sandoval like say I have no service and hang up on Ariana, which obviously the mother was there she knew that everybody had servers because everyone else was on their phone. So we’re gonna get to see that I’m not seen as long Don’t you think she should get paid?

Amanda 41:37
I hope she does. I mean, she knows really be has come off my B EC list because of all this. Yes, my bed. She is no longer a bit cheating crackers to me.

B 41:47
Now. It’s just Rachel. Lala thinks Rachel could get her life back one day, but she’ll never be able to be friends with these people again. Lala first brought up Labor Day to Ariana at the heart spring party because she was furious. And cameras went down. She kept saying I’m not doing this. Ariana texted everyone about the affair the moment she found out this is interesting. So Tom couldn’t manipulate her into keeping quiet. Oh. And she also said the Finale Trailer being leaked was absolutely an inside job

Amanda 42:19
inside as in a cast member and said as in like a production. So I don’t think I think I might not have finished it because I was listening to it in the car today. Did she say she just

B 42:29
said inside job. I feel like I feel like Raquel might even do it herself because the attention was dying down. I don’t know what I will say is this. You have Sandoval on tour. Ariana, and my hope and I know we’ve said this before is that Ariana makes enough money off because we she just came out with a big razor commercial. It was great. It was like us the first razor with clog free technology. I’ve removed all the clogs in my life, like that kind of thing. But I just hope she makes enough money to buy him out of the house because you know, that’ll torment him.

Amanda 43:00
Yeah, yeah, he’s looking a little worse. So the were even more so lately than he has people

B 43:08
are saying he’s lying about his sobriety, which I’m not shocked at that.

Amanda 43:11
Somebody. Yeah, somebody said this on drinking whiskey last night. And you know what, that’s fine. I just again, like why we don’t need to weaponize sobriety or in sobriety or, I don’t know, whatever it is. He’s also

B 43:25
going around at every concert. Everyone’s seen it by now and singing shorties mom and then saying, Can’t you see where Cal is not for me? So he’s totally thrown her under the bus. I mean, it does make you like, I don’t want to say I feel bad for our cow because I don’t. But basically everybody is thriving. I wouldn’t say Sandoval is thriving but he will survive this and she is our guest that’s what happens.

Amanda 43:48
I think she might have to move to a different country honestly. Because again, you’ve heard me go off on how nobody’s gonna ever want to even carpool with her let nobody’s gonna ever want her on their significant other.

B 44:02
I’m ready for I’m ready for the finale. I’m ready for the reunion. I’m ready to honestly put it to bed as like, Easter egg and wild and interesting as it’s been. I’m happy that we’re seeing Ariana thriving that makes us all feel better. But it’s like, Okay, how much can we deal with these people? I can’t look at his Skeletor head anymore.

Amanda 44:22
No, I know. And I would Yeah, agreed. Okay, let’s talk to let’s talk about jersey. This was like that a super interesting episode. So we had the whole like Dolores and Frank dinner that like the whole family dinner, which I thought was actually really sweet. We it

B 44:44
was really sweet, except on the after show March came out and said, well, Paulie can buy a ring but he’s from what I know. He’s still legally married. So all you can do is buy a ring. He can’t marry her, which was kind of shady of Margaret. Yeah. as their friends and also it is often the case that people are separated for years and they’re truly broken up which is what I believe. Yeah and we would know if Dola was wrecking the home okay, yeah. What my purpose in that

Amanda 45:14
you can you can get engaged even if you’re not like fully divorced from somebody else too, by the way, like, right again like sometimes there’s just legal issues that hold things up and it gets beyond your own control.

B 45:28
Right but I don’t have to Loris is going to be happy with Margaret.

Amanda 45:31
No, I think it was a bad move on on Margaret. I wonder what’s what’s happened to make because I feel like Margaret’s pretty pointed really careful. Yeah. And so there’s there must be more going on behind the more than meets the eye on that. But you know, Brittany, I know there were two really cute moments. So one when she was like, Do they speak English? We’re

B 45:51
here. Oh my god, I was so embarrassed for her.

Amanda 45:55
I just I not shocking to me that you know, like, I don’t know. But then the other part which I thought was really sweet when she was like the Lord’s will you be in our what will you be my bridesmaid? I’m like that is. I love Modern Family. I love it.

B 46:10
I love it. I love it is very clear that Brittany genuinely cares for Dolores and values her role in the family. And ditto, it is very clear that Dolores is very happy for Frank. I’m sure she’s hoping it works out because Dolores has said like I’ve gotten attached to all Frank’s girlfriends because we’re so close. I become so close with them. And like she gets mad at him when he does something because you know, it’s not right you get you know, Frank’s a scoundrel. I mean, he gets the kids and valores invested and attached to a woman and then cheats on her and then they all lose that woman.

Amanda 46:47
Yeah. Yeah. And like those kids again. I mean, they should be really proud. So I loved getting to see that I actually really liked to the the siege and Aiden doing the apartment for her brother. And like, I thought it was actually very, very cool of her to be like, Look, he’s been struggling. He had to close stuff down. And he was kind of coming back and forth. And like, what they can live on in Turkey. They definitely can’t live on here. And but without her smart, yeah. But without her doing it in an imperious way. Like look at what I am able to do for you. You know she no genuine way.

B 47:22
Listen, Jen has so many different she’s a person who is not black and white. And there are things about Jen I admire very much. I really think she loves her family. It’s very evident. She loves her brother, she loves her sister in law and the baby. She is a very generous person, as is bill for helping them. I also think it was really smart of her because honestly, the next time I see Jen post something, and if I like a piece of jewelry, I will absolutely buy it. Like knowing that because you see people on TV, you kind of get this idea that everyone’s got it like that. And they have money and like her brother seems like a nice person. He has a young family. So if I liked a piece of his costume jewelry, why wouldn’t I buy it from him? And, and I’m sure all Bravo fans will feel that way. You know,

Amanda 48:06
and this is not just for the TV cameras, I actually so I follow her and have seen her go on Instagram Live, it’s usually later in the evening. sames. And then she’ll do like almost like a home shopping network kind of thing with his jewelry and sell it on Instagram Live. So I think I don’t think that she was doing that just for show. I think you’re right. She’s genuinely loves her family and genuinely is trying to help them.

B 48:33
And I also think that, you know, it’s easy to get caught up in the things we see about Jen, which we have to remind ourselves are part of a storyline and having a storyline and being on the show. Nobody wants to watch her just being this generous, wonderful family person. But last night, I felt she was so relatable for me, and how much she adores her brother. And even when she was confiding in her brother about Bill, you know, that was really hard for her to do. I’m not sure if it’s her older brother I think it is. But as somebody with an older brother and you know, brothers are by nature protective of their sisters, especially, I think in her culture, and it must have been so hard for her because you know that her family thinks very highly of bill. It must have been really hard to share that with her brother and I thought it was very incredible that she did that on camera.

Amanda 49:26
Yeah, I agree. Okay, and then we have the season long storyline of Louie and Teresa and Joe and Melissa Gorga. Louie, I think turned a bad corner. This episode. He you know, had been really trying to be this like, very Namaste. I’m the peacemaker, this guru. I’m going to make everything better. We’re all going to stay calm and he did not seem calm this week whatsoever and it looks like gets worse.

B 50:01
I was sad and scared for Theresa. When they were in the bedroom having that conversation. She would visibly shaken up. She was looking down as he was speaking about her brother that way she was crying. She seemed to not agree. And Amanda, I know that you and I discussed this and we’re going to Louie’s old business partner went on a podcast and said a lot of things, a lot of damning accusations, and we’re not comfortable covering it here. serious shit, guys, we don’t know what of it is true. So we’re not going to cover any of that. However, this is a person who does know him. And it Tim and now you have two ex fiance’s and an ex girlfriend. So it’s for people who aren’t related or in the same family at all. Four separate people from different times in his life coming out and saying really outrageous, illegal and frightening claims. Okay, yeah. So we have that. We have this behavior, which we’ve heard about, and now we’re seeing, and here’s the thing that really got me and the one thing that I’m comfortable talking about from that pod is he brought to light that Louis has a brother. And the reason this is interesting to me, Amanda is that we have not heard of Louie’s brother now they may very well be in touch. They he may be going to the wedding. But he said some some shady things about the brother. And again, you know, that’s not for us to discuss here. You can Google it. But what I would want to discuss is in the event that you have a brother, you mentioned your two sisters and your parents and how close you are and how wonderful your family is, we’re here to receive say the same about his family. She’s going through obviously, and has been for many years troubles with her brother and her sister in law. Where’s your brother? Why are you not mentioning him? If you are estranged? Why are you not mentioning that estrangement and relating to it to say, I know it’s hard. I’m estranged from my brother. Right? If something’s up with the brother, because he only mentioned the sisters.

Amanda 51:54
Yeah, this was news to me, too. I don’t ever remember him talking about this about a brother. So I looked it up today, because I was like, Hey, this is interesting. So I found that he Louie indeed has a brother named David, which is really interesting again, because also if you think about what some of the other storylines have been, I mean, it’s been about estrangement with siblings. So like this has been it’s been a topic of conversation. Yet again, interesting that we weren’t deflecting attention off of this, whatever the situation is, but I did find that the brother David Luiz brothers, he has an IMDB so that’s where you can get go to see people if they’ve been on TV or movies. He has an IMDB account. And it looks like he will be featured in some way on the next episode. On Tuesday,

B 52:52
hot but we don’t know. We don’t kind of IMB DB account. Has he been on other shows or just for this?

Amanda 52:58
No. He’s just literally like, so if you go down and you look, look up a person by the name, it’ll show like all of the things that they’ve been on. And it just showed this one episodes. I guess we’ll find out more. But it’s interesting. He did

B 53:11
an IMDB page. The other thing, okay,

Amanda 53:15
who knows? Who knows where it came from? It could just be an automatic credit that came from the show. I don’t know.

B 53:22
The other thing I found really weird, was we remember that Jackie, had gone to a Theresa booksigning and Theresa brought it up more than once and said you’re a fangirl. You’re a stalker. You came to my book signing your fan. That’s why you wanted to be on the show. In the after show. Teresa brings up that Louis sisters knew who I was because they had come to my book signings. They loved me on jersey, they were big fans of mine. And when we met, and he told her, they were like, We love her. We know we’re gonna love her. I mean, you know, sometimes you have to remember how naive and in some ways like innocent Teresa is because her admitting that like, you know, if you’re not a tree fan, to me, that looks like the narrative that a lot of people say which is that he sought her out because he wanted to be famous. I mean, like she badmouth Jackie for doing what she loves that Louis sisters did. Did that make sense?

Amanda 54:22
I told you forever ago, and the cocktail is like I don’t believe their story that they just met on the street. I think he purposely set out to meet her however it is. So the slide into our DMS did he find out where she goes to hang out really often and make sure that he showed up there? Did he ask a mutual friend for you know, introduction? Something I think fully that he orchestrated that meeting somehow. We’ll see. It’ll be an interesting it looks like next week is going to be explosive. And it was I thought very interesting too, that it’s been just so quiet on showing Melissa and Jo and I think that that’s got to be on purpose. So I guess we’ll see. But in other housewives news, we’ve been getting in quite a bit of tea behind the scenes about Salt Lake City. So we know that we’ve been told by a good source that Mary is indeed, on the Bermuda trips, we did hear that she didn’t want to go, which would not surprise anybody. But we’re also hearing that Whitney and Lisa Barlow, who ended the last season as friends, or at least allies seem to be fighting on this cast trip.

B 55:35
I mean, I’m hearing it’s because Lisa is supposedly making amends with Meredith and Heather and Whitney is pissed. She feels that, you know, she’s betraying her Alliance. So, you know, it’s never good to become an ally with somebody who you couldn’t stand previously.

Amanda 55:55
Yeah. Yes, I would agree. I don’t know. I think Whitney is also I think she’s still probably kind of hurts that Heather hasn’t given her kind of what hasn’t given back to her what she feels she’s given I would see a parallel kind of in this whole Lindsay and Danielle situation, right. And now Whitney has had it and is mad and feels like everyone’s kind of teaming up without her. So

B 56:23
Right. We’ll see. Right. So I mean, and yeah, it kind of leaves Whitney on an island by herself. And, but like, to be fair, she can’t be that mad at Lisa, because they were allies. Like they, you know, they weren’t true friends. If anything, Lisa has wanted to repair her friendship with Meredith. So I mean, that’s her real friend. Right. And I would expect her to do to do that, to be quite honest. But I guess we’re gonna see how it plays out. I did have a follow who show them in Bermuda. They said that the new girl at dinner was like causing a scene and very dramatic. There definitely was drama and tension going on.

Amanda 57:02
So well, it’s it is a housewife show so yes. And they’ve got I think they probably are all feeling the pressure to be like we better put on a good show, because this could be the last season if we don’t. So we’ll see.

B 57:18
Cocktail hours. It’s been real.

Amanda 57:22
It’s been real. Thanks for putting up with my inability to say words today, guys. I’ll try better next time. I think it’s just again, it’s one of those days. It must be like a Mercury in Retrograde kind of day or something

B 57:36
like that. It is it seems it is.

Amanda 57:39
Well, we love you guys. And thanks, everyone. By the way, Happy Mother’s Day. To all of you who are mothers who have mothers who have mothers who have passed. We are thinking about you guys who are Auntie’s, who are Auntie’s. Every

B 57:55
mom plays a role in shaping a life which basically every woman plays a role she in shaping a human or animal life. So

Amanda 58:06
So yeah, so Happy Mother’s Day to everybody. And I hope everyone has a great weekend.

B 58:14
Till next time.

Amanda 58:22
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 59:03
Bye guys. See you next time.