Wig’s gambling debt documents ?

May 23, 2023

In the motion to have Kim psychologically evaluated Kroy submitted a banking document —if you read to the end of the document you see a bank account document with over $127,000 in one month of withdrawals and fees. Coinbase is a crypto platform – is this saying that she is gambling using crypto?


  1. Tttghbbjj

    You should give credit to who posted these documents first.

    • proseccoprincess

      They’re public documents that a follower send me yesterday. The follower chooses to be anon. There’s no credit for public records ? but a follower of mine sent them

  2. NotAboutTom

    Jesus that’s more than I owe in college loans. in one month. Who does she think she is? That’s a serious problem. Kim needs rehab

  3. Gphilly

    I think she’s putting too much into ask, believe, receive. It doesn’t work with gambling.

  4. RedHandedJill

    How do you as a person of a certain age justify continuing to spend money when there are multiple returned payments and overdraft fees? Yes, I had overdrafts in college but I didn’t have prior employment that paid as much as she’s had and could’ve been put away or invested wisely. The account began with over $3,000 in it and ended with $760 with $127,000 in deposits. The checks written basically wiped out the beginning balance. We need financial literacy courses in school but I think she legitimately has a compulsion to gamble even if it’s on digital currency’s value.

  5. Kelly McReynolds

    The statement says deposits at the bottom….


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