New development in Wig Divorce!

May 22, 2023

Kroy has filed to have Kim Psychology evaluated claiming she had a gambling compulsion!


  1. Lauren

    Oh this is getting messy!

  2. Meghan

    Hooooly shit. How messy!!!

  3. Bravo

    I saw the bank statements he provided & it’s absolutely insane

  4. Lil Miss

    Kim used be a nurse, so no doubt she knows just how to answer those questions during the eval.

  5. BravoNic

    I remember watching an episode when they were on a road trip and she begged him until she was blue in the face to pull over at some place so she could play the pokies … I’m pretty sure she dropped something ridiculous like $10k in 30 minutes or something! She pretty much admitted in that episode she has a gambling problem.


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