Rumor has it…

May 20, 2023

Rumor has it Wig found another Big Poppa and that’s why they’re divorcing. He’s being helping her financially. It’s only going to get uglier.


  1. Nini

    She’s always been shiesty, ruthless ass b$&#%

  2. Croth88

    If he’s helping her financially then he is doing a terrible job.

  3. Alana Ledbetter

    Anyone that says that she loves these men doesn’t know who she is. She’s only about the money that’s it. She just takes a vantage of anyone she can.

  4. Alana Marchese

    Good point (above comment) *he’s doing A terrible job

  5. Jan

    I’m so tired of her, can we push mute?

  6. Crystal Clear

    I bet this is a lie. She is planting this narrative. She is almost 50 with a half dozen kids and broke. Hella baggage. She’s not in her 20s.

    Nobody wants her.

  7. NotAboutTom

    If Kim’s requesting Keoy be drug tested, I wanna see the courts drug test her too. She’s full of shit. Not to mention her own daughters smoke weed all over instagram


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