Insider scoop.. Miami!

May 13, 2023

B! I just caught up with my coworker that worked Adriana’s party last Thursday. I didn’t get a chance to be there, but she gave me all the details.

She told me that a lot of the scenes seemed staged like the conversations.

The ladies were very rehearsed, when they first got to the house she also told me that Guerdy was definitely leading the pack on the Larsa hate train which I thought was weird because I thought they were friends. My coworker does not watch bravo I had to show her pictures of each person and really only got picked to work the event because she is one of my managers favorite but I don’t think she would lie.

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  1. AP

    I’ve been in episodes of pump and both BH before. To an outsider who doesn’t watch reality TV it can feel staged but it is NOT. They stage in the sense of “you’re both talking about this why don’t you talk about it together” or “I think you should talk to X” to an outsider that can feel “staged” but it’s not. It’s produced but everyone speaks for themselves


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