New York, New York, we’ve got both reboot and legacy news, including a RHONY Legacy exclusive. Why we think the reboot could be a hallmark for the next generation of Bravo. When Bravolebs go to other networks…Jersey was a doozy and got us in our feelings – all of the feelings. What we know about Raquel’s account getting hacked (spoiler alert, interesting timing on that announcement) and our theory about Ariana’s new brand deal.

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 52

B 0:00
Since mental health is on the table, Bravo didn’t want to be held responsible for any reason. So it seems like any PR team would do this. This follower said to me I do PR for pro athletes. This is 101. That statement about her being hacked is

Amanda 0:16
one and rehab. Yes, yes, because the person is trying to make themselves better.

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Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. I am B.

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And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

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What’s up cop Taylor’s and Amanda. Amanda, today we’re starting off with the positive stuff. Because there’s plenty of negative stuff this week. We’ve got of course scandal. We’ve got all the toxicity in Jersey. I don’t know if we’ll get to the summer house. Danielle’s Bizerte bizarre reaction. But there’s a lot of good stuff happening. And wouldn’t you know, it’s all in the Big Apple.

Amanda 1:25
I can’t wait to see it or to hear about it. Because I know you actually have some stuff I haven’t even heard yet. Haycock tailors by the way and be another day another closet. For me. It looks kind of the same, but I am actually in a different closet. So you guys will have to tell us if you can hear a sound difference. Should we start out with new Roni? First, let’s reboot. Yeah,

B 1:51
let’s start out with neurone.

Amanda 1:53
So the preview came out this week and I thought it was really cute. Just very well manicured nails grabbing the apple and the announcement of July 16. But of course, you guys knew back in March, because we told you we have that email. It was feeling fruity. And the subject was Bravo airing schedule wondering why season 17 of OC hasn’t aired yet. It’s because Bravo is theming its summer lineup with the three fruits in their basket. Roni 14, OC 17 and Atlanta 15. They will all start airing in a week or so. Or we could choose span of each other starting mid May after New Jersey 13 has finished airing and we’ll all wrap up by August September. They will be replaced by Salt Lake City, Beverly Hills and Dubai after the summer in October, tentatively OC will be the first to air.

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I have to say I’m really sick of all of the complaints I see on social media. Of course, we’re all going to miss the original, which I do have news on we’ll get to that next very exciting confirmed news that you’re going to hear for the first time here at cocktails and gossip. These new women’s seeming credible. I’m ready for a fresh Roni, selfishly, maybe I’m excited because these women are more around our age. Amanda were damn near 20 years ago, when the ladies came out. I loved them. I still do love them. But they were almost like, old enough many of them to be my mother or certainly an ant. Right? So it wasn’t women I could relate to where these women are in our age bracket. And more what’s going on in the world today. And people are saying like, Oh, they’re all influencers? A that’s not true. Do many of them have Instagram accounts where they mark it like scouting the city, I believe is an influencer. But we have an attorney. We have Jenna Lyons, who is you know, a fashion guru. She has walked the red carpet at the Met seven times. She was some head of J Crew.

Amanda 4:10
Yeah, she does interior design as well, because I follow her. I have to say one of the things that I’m really excited because I do follow a few of them. And I think they’re fantastic. They’re much more social media savvy. So I think this can also kind of symbolize this kind of new movement into a new phase, not just for Roni, but into a new phase for Bravo too. Because Roni is obviously one of its, I would say Andy’s probably favorite, but it’s definitely one of the kind of Hallmark Real Housewives cities and these women are yes, maybe some of them are influencers but they’re all much more social media savvy. The big difference I see is where it just feels like almost, I think it’s going to feel like more of an extension, the social media and stuff we’re seeing them do of the show and vice versa. Whereas like you watch God bless Ramona, but her social media you know that I kept following her just because I find it quite comical but it is it’s like same Curb Your Enthusiasm like you laugh but because you’re laughing for the wrong reason. Not with her so much because it just feels like it just like a little bit uncomfortable and like a little bit

B 5:27
same with Vicki same way of saying with all of our Oh, geez. You even look at somebody like Teresa. And like the other day when she reposted Ramon, his daughter’s batch boss business, it was the direct message she didn’t take out or something like that. And as a matter of fact, when Ramona was on, I believe it was two T’s in a pod. She’s like, I didn’t care at all. She actually got more publicity for that, because a lot of people like us and you know, magazines, and Page Six, picked it up and said, Oh, look at Ramona, she forgot to take I mean, look at Teresa, she forgot. And Ramona said it absolutely was not payback for her leaking that wedding invitation, which was another fumble on social media. Yet, we’re seeing housewives who have the savviness with social media that we’re used to seeing on our younger cast like summer house, or winter house or all those folks. Also, I don’t know if people realize this, Erin, I believe you pronounce her last name. lychee. Works with Frederick. So we’re going to be seeing Frederick he’ll be making some cameos on the new Roni Frederick. Of course, he’s from Million Dollar Listing, New York, and then the last season he was on La as well. I just

Amanda 6:38
don’t know that. He’s entertaining. I need to follow her. I follow Bryn I follow. Jana. I fall. I’m trying to remember who else I follow. But yes, I’ll have to follow her to

B 6:50
the other complaint I have about the complaints. My complaint about the complaint is that we’re always saying we want women with aspirational lives. These women have it. Aaron lychee is an example. She is a real estate broker. Her among other things, she also does interior design, her husband has his own clearly successful law firm. They have an amazing condo in Manhattan, and they also have a fancy home out east. Tada. Like, isn’t that what we’re looking for?

Amanda 7:20
Yes, absolutely. And you know what, I think we get to have both. And that’s what I love right now is that we are getting to have some of the legacy girls, too. And I think that that will quiet down some of the complainers getting to see both.

B 7:36
And the other thing I do follow them on Instagram, but I’ve purposely not really look too much into them because I want to authentically meet them on television and like see their lives. So I do think and I could be wrong because as I said, I haven’t like done any research. But I do think that Brynn who I think is the attorney but I do think there’s like a Bethany one in there were like, not married and maybe doesn’t own two homes. Like that kind of thing.

Amanda 8:04
Yes. She’s one of the ones that I don’t know what she does for a living because I thought she was more of a model but I don’t know. I guess but you know what?

B 8:12
That you know, maybe she’s not a lawyer. I don’t know, somebody’s a lawyer. Maybe I’m mixing it up.

Amanda 8:16
Funny that you brought that up though, because I kind of felt the same, which is why I haven’t followed them all to because I feel like I like to watch a few shows and then decide which ones I like and those are the ones that I follow unless I decide to kind of ironically follow them which then I also do.

B 8:34
I’m just gonna give Amanda a newsflash for everybody here. Amanda, you now need to follow everybody for the purposes of you have a podcast that’s Bravo themed.

Amanda 8:42
I know. I know. And I will I know, uh, you know, though, like, you’ll be like, did you see this? And I’m like, not yet. I now I catch up in like little bits and pieces because we’re both so crazy busy during the day.

B 8:54
Listen, even when I started I remember when I first started Bravo and I followed who I liked, or who I thought was funny like Ramona like Vicki. And so I remember being Oh, shoot, I have to follow these people like I remember I didn’t know who Caroline Stanbury was when I first started my account, and people were always meaning her and all this so I started watching ladies of London, I always watched Real Housewives so that for me wasn’t an issue because I was such a Bravo fan. But there were shows like I’ve never seen southern charm, Nola. And people often ask me questions about them. And I’m like, and I Googled to be like, Who are these people? But those are the only two shows that I can remember and I’ve haven’t watched the international ones which aren’t really as relevant for my audience. I

Amanda 9:38
guess. They’re not but if you ever find yourself hung over and have some time to there’s a few good ones the Melbourne one is really good. I think we talked about this before but the Cheshire one is so you

B 9:50
like that one? I have to give that one a a look. See? Yeah,

Amanda 9:55
I would almost go Melbourne first because there are some just total characters. on that one too.

B 10:01
So here’s the big scoop. Oh, Ronnie legacies girls trip. We’ve been saying it’s a go. But everyone has officially signed on the dotted line. Filming in June, I was told that the scary Island location is not 100%. So I’m gonna say we don’t really know where but it’s filming in June. And are you ready for who’s going to be on it? Because there are a couple of names that might surprise you. Please, please share. Luann no surprise, Sonia. Ramona, Dorinda. O’Malley and Kristen Teachman.

Amanda 10:42
Oh, so Okay, wait. So who are we missing then? No, tenderly, but we kind of figured

B 10:51
no, Alex remember she was Alex McCord was removed. She may have been traumatized because remember, she was on that girl’s trip with the whole brandy and Caroline and she was Caroline’s basically, from what I hear one of the few people who advocated for her. So she may be like, I’m good. Or maybe she’ll pop up. Jill, we know that Jill did announce she’s on that goat show with Kristin Doughty And Reza and many others. We had posted about it. The working title was the boss remember? And its actual name is goat, which, you know, everyone knows what goat stands for. Right?

Amanda 11:24
Yes. Greatest of All Time. Love it.

B 11:26
I know that because of LL Cool J. He had a song go.

Amanda 11:30
Oh, you had your reason for knowing that is way cooler than my What’s your reason for knowing. I’m sure I probably knew what it meant before that, but go is also like a big brand in lacrosse. And my son plays lacrosse. So that’s like a that’s one of the reasons. I’m sure I probably knew it before that but yours is way cooler. Can Wait. You want to

B 11:54
laugh because I said that I would share this. And then I was like, No, I shouldn’t because it’s embarrassing, but I don’t care. So I ran home because you guys know I’m having worked on on my house. So I’m recording from my dad’s condo. So I ran home. And I put all my podcast stuff before I left this morning for work in my son’s old Pokeyman bookbag. And then I was like, You know what, it’s been a long week, I’m gonna bring a bottle of Prosecco. And I’m gonna have a glass of Prosecco. My sister in law lives in the same complex. So I’ll have a blast with you guys. And then she’ll come over when we’re done recording and she’ll finish with me. So I’m walking in the building. And I have my cell phones falling. I’m like, you know, in work clothes, but like, you know how you look? Am I the only person who I always say like, it looks like I go and I like Teach fingerpainting as an athlete, or just a painter, because I just look a mess. At the end of the day. My hairs all over. My clothes are disheveled. I got my hot mess look going on. Because of course between this I have picked up my kids. I’ve dropped them to the various act right so. So now I got the Pokeyman bookbag on I got the bottle of Prosecco. I got the bottle opener because my dad doesn’t drink. People must be like, What in the world are you doing with a book bag? And not only a bottle of Prosecco? Like maybe she’s going to visit a friend but like her own bottle.

Amanda 13:20
That’s hilarious. If only we could have gotten a picture that

B 13:24
somebody may have. Thank God again, guys. This anonymous thing works out for me all the time. Could you imagine how mortifying and I do feel for reality stars? Because if I were a reality, or any sort of star, and I were to have a picture snapped on me this afternoon, I would be rightfully mortified.

Amanda 13:43
I mean, God forbid, it’s like you have a zit. And it’s like, then the next day, it’s like the headline. Yeah, yeah. Do you star Lindsey Hubbard has a huge pimple. Sorry, not to pick on you, Lindsey. But

B 13:57
I know and I like to think that I would like get my life together and be somebody who was very put together, but I know that I wouldn’t. So

Amanda 14:05
I feel like you’re either this person or you’re not this person. I feel like either you’re the person who would never leave the house without concealer and mascara even to go to the grocery store really quick. Or you’re like me who like I took a picture of myself one day it was like a snow day and I had run over to buy a bacon and eggs for my kids. And I had a night gown snow boots, a huge parka and glasses and a hat and I took a picture of myself and sent it to my girlfriends because it was Oh my god. Thank god it’s super early and snowy and a snow day because if anybody’s like this, and I was like, yeah, they would die.

B 14:44
I think I always would have.

Amanda 14:48
Oh, do you think this is

B 14:49
the thing? I would be wearing that outfit? But I would have mascara and lip gloss on?

Amanda 14:54
Yeah, not me. No.

B 14:56
I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve left my house since like seventh grade like I I go to the gym first thing in the morning. I will not put on mascara but I will put on lips I never don’t have lipstick on

Amanda 15:07
whoa yeah, no I roll out of bed, brush my teeth. Put my hair in a ponytail and go to the gym. That is how I look.

B 15:15
I think it’s probably my water like

Amanda 15:16
face I do

B 15:16
that but plus lipsticks so people are probably like Is she okay? Does she think that does she think literally putting lipstick on a pig? Like

Amanda 15:28
you’re proving my theory wrong then because you’re you do like a little bit

B 15:32
a little bit right? I do just enough to not not make cars crash because they’re so horrified.

Amanda 15:41
Maybe one day I can be a person who does a little bit more but yeah, you if you wanted to be at the grocery store, chances are I might be yes. Or with some leggings on under I think I did put on leggings.

B 15:55
But wait, so let’s get back to this. So don’t show the goat. So this is my question for you, Amanda. Okay. So as we’re talking about I’m saying to myself, you have Kristen Doughty who is a star. You have Reza, who is a star you have Gil, who was a star. That’s why they’re on goat. Like how do you think Bravo feels about their talent getting scooped up by other networks once they’ve been discarded by Bravo? Do you think like going forward this would impact who they let go or because I do feel that social media has played a part and opinions have played a part in them letting go of people? Due to fan backlash and stuff? Do you think this is going to affect Do you think they’re salty about it? What do you think?

Amanda 16:37
Is Bravo salty about it? No, I think Bravo actually probably likes it because I think it becomes a free kind of proving ground for the stars. And if they do really well on these shows, then Bravo can kind of call them back up when they’re ready. Almost like a minor leagues in baseball, right? And they’re not paying for this. It’s not even like peacock is doing it. It’s like a totally different. And I think I’m betting the format of that show is not a format where you would come back season after season, right? So I’m sure Bravo actually probably likes it because it’s not EA, or I think as EA who has this show can like hold them for season after season. If it’s like a traitor’s kind of thing where it’s like, you come you compete, and then you’re done.

B 17:23
And I guess it good in a way to your point to see like, who picks up traction again. So this is going to air and again social media, like who’s getting memes, who are people having on their podcast, who who’s everybody buzzing about? Like, if after this airs, and everyone’s buzzing about Kristen Doughty. They could be like, let’s bring her back. People want her back. We gave her a break. And it’s time to have her back.

Amanda 17:47
Well, and he was vibing with each other too, because I think that was one of the things that I really enjoyed the most about traders is seeing all the people from the different and like, who got along really well. And like seeing that. Just like the friendships that kind of came up. And because I think that was probably honestly one of the reasons that Bravo was kind of okay letting Kristen go and Stasi go, because I think they still both have an especially you know, Stasi has a very loyal following. But because we kept seeing him in the same settings, right? And it was like kind of a loop where it was. Oh, Stasi, and Kristen and Katie are being mean to somebody to Sheena again, right, that story gets a little bit tiring, but they’re still really interesting people. So I don’t know, I think it’s probably a win win for Bravo.

B 18:32
Yeah, that makes sense. We’ve been

Amanda 18:35
getting a lot of questions about the Thomas Ravenel thing. And the fact that he got awarded sole physical custody. I mean, I know how you feel I’m not super interested in like going into a lot of detail on this one. But I know you got a couple of confirmations on a couple of things. Yeah,

B 18:57
I mean, I think we’ve been clear from the start of our podcasts that we’re not interested in speaking on abuse, or really any sensitive issues involving children in any sort of depth. I will say that I do hear those reports are confirmed. And it’s a very sad situation for everyone involved. And that’s all I really want to say about it. Really, I hope, the family, the parents and the children find some sort of peace and that the kids can have a healthy environment to grow up in. Like I didn’t post it people like Whoa, did you not see this? It’s the same thing with the Jen Shaw stuff like, I’m just not posting about, and I posted this week, because somebody asked and I was like, just FYI, I won’t be posting about her ever again. She’s Iraq. She’s never going to be on our television. So yeah, just moving on. Speaking of Charleston, I posted today I got confirmation cameras up Monday for season two of southern hospitality.

Amanda 19:58
Oh, interesting. I hadn’t heard the first year that it was happening again. Yeah.

B 20:03
Confirmed so Charleston girls and guys, please do send me your pics when you see them filming because we love that.

Amanda 20:10
Yeah, the Charlestonians are the best at sharing stuff it is because it is a pretty small, little area. So something’s going on, you would kind of know about it. But I think it’d be good because I think southern hospitality showed a lot of promise. I think getting like a little more of a stride going in a second season. I think it could be really good. And a

B 20:31
quicker turnaround, I think would be good, too. Yeah, a good dish was young people stuff changes and but listen, it’s not stale. Look at summerhouse, for example. Like it doesn’t get stale. It just who was it that jersey to like, I felt like it was Vanderpump you can’t even use because stuff happened. It was filming. But you sometimes feel like once you know it. In other words, southern hospitality. These people are young, they go in and out of relationships. So when you know they’re no longer together, like it’s less fun to watch it. So the quicker the turnaround, the more Yeah, true what time it is. Does that make sense?

Amanda 21:11
Yes. And I think what I’ve always liked about that show, specifically is that we’re getting just more people in it, that we are the types of people I don’t know how to say this the right way, because you don’t wanna say characters because they’re people. But you know, lifestyles and lives that we haven’t gotten to see. Right. And so we’ve gotten to see a lot more LGBTQ and like, issues and things that we haven’t really seen in depth before. So I love that show for that, too. Okay, so let’s talk jersey. Um, Teresa’s shower, Teresa, at the beginning, and her girls were trying on their bridesmaids dresses, and Joe, do you God che calls on FaceTime and sees? I think everybody was kind of teary, including me.

B 22:03
Me too. It really was touching. I do really admire their two clearly imperfect people as we all are. We’ve seen their whole lives. I mean, we’ve seen their ups their downs. And I think that they have a really authentic special bond. It’s a beautiful thing to watch that they both have chose to put their children first, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But I think in their case, as time has passed, they have a true appreciation for each other. I think that there’s such a love, I don’t mean in love, right? There really is such a love there. And I think especially for Joe, it must be hard for him. I mean, I’m sure Teresa had it really difficult. We all know. And she loved him so much. And then they went through all of that. And she really it took a long time. And she moved on and she healed and she’s now getting married. And I can’t imagine that that doesn’t hurt him.

Amanda 23:16
Well, of course, right and watching his daughter’s and everyone had their lives kind of move on and he can’t be there physically. It’s got to be so tough. I thought I wanted to echo your sentiment about I think they’ve really put their kids first and really focused on doing what is best for them as their marriage dissolved. So you didn’t hear her say a lot of unkind she could have, I think gotten a lot deeper than she did as far as things that she said about him, continued to defend him. I found that to be very admirable, because I believe that she did that because of her kids and wanting her kids to have that great relationship with her dad, but I thought

B 24:03
you know what, and not to interrupt you. But I also think and I believe this to be true, as well, that there’s a difference if she felt that Joe Judy che did this with some sort of malice and carelessness and didn’t care if he got caught and didn’t care if his family suffered. I think that she recognizes that. He really didn’t realize the gravity of what he and I’m not listen, I’m not defending what they did. Clearly they broke laws. But I don’t think that maybe they’re smart enough to realize at the time that it was as bad as it was and the consequences could be as bad had they realized that I don’t think either of them would put their kids in that position. Right. So I think that that anger that obviously she felt and certainly when she was away and then she came home and her mom died suddenly and she had missed that time with her kids and her mom. I think that she was able to move past that anger because I think it would be different if Joe was doing some thing illegal behind her back? recklessly. Right. Right. Like in other words, in my opinion, I understand she said she didn’t read the papers, but he didn’t hide it from her is my point. Yeah, if she had read it and she had looked into it, he hid nothing. He didn’t explain it. But then again, I don’t even think he knew what he was doing. Nevermind, explain it to her.

Amanda 25:22
Yeah, I agree. I feel like the other thing that was really nice and kind of symbolic about that whole scene, is it was sort of Teresa tying the bow on that part of her life, and then turning around to kind of meet her future. And I think that’s partly why we probably all were felt a little bit weepy about it, even, you know, because it did. It felt very, like symbolic of her moving into the future.

B 25:50
And I did, didn’t you get the sense at the end that she felt sorry, like, not sorry, but almost like she feels bad for him? Because she knows it’s hard for him to watch her move on.

Amanda 26:03
Yes, yeah, of course, I can only imagine. For either of them. I know Teresa’s met other girlfriends of Joe like that can’t ever be I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter. If you’re fully in love with somebody else. That’s not going to make it easier. It’s not going to make it easy. There’s still going to be a twinge in your heart.

B 26:23
We’ll look at Frank and Dolores. Let’s talk about that for a minute. I love me some frank Sr. But it really shows that he really thought that he could. And because for so many years, he did like maintain his nuclear family. But just go out and be the single guy and it just I’m happy to Loris is sticking up for herself. You know, I think that I can see the point. Maybe people might see pulley as controlling. And we don’t know, I don’t think I’ve seen enough of him to say yea or nay on that. But I do see her point as an example, Amanda 100% agree with Dolores when she said yeah, we’re all gonna go to dinner, Britney is going to come. And Paul is going to come. And then when he said, I don’t want Brittany there. I just thought what a son of a bitch. You think that you can have your family when you want it to be your quote unquote, family? Right. And you know, I have to say for the first time, I really saw that. Frank wasn’t jealous of David, because David wasn’t really fully in or allowed him so much time. But I really saw for the first time that I think and maybe for the first time, Frank regrets not making it work. You know, with age comes class clarity. Yes, dumb. And I think he is just now realizing how badly he felt off. I mean, 20 years too late.

Amanda 27:51
That is what I was seeing in that scene, too. It always surprised me that she was so open and would let Frank walk in and out of our house to that extent. And in my mind, I was like, there’s always got to be at some point. I always kind of thought there was something more there because the kids were grown right. So at some point, it’s not so much about keeping things up for the kids and making sure that the kids know that we’re in an happy Okay, please. And so I think Dolores realized that right and realize that there were not boundaries. And with the David’s situation, I totally agree. He just kind of always had one foot out with her and wasn’t fully in and now that she’s experiencing what that is to have that person who is fully in and to be there. I think Frank is like, Wait a second. Oops. And then Dolores is like, Wait a second. Oh, this I should have had more boundaries. Now. I understand why, you know, people were so surprised that we didn’t really have them. It was kind of heart wrenching. This is something I was like I have to ask me about. So the jazz the motorcycle vest and then the tank top at the restaurant at this nice white tablecloth restaurant. This is the thing.

B 29:13
I gotta tell you, Amanda only in the tri state area like I so it was daytime. And I can be honest with you, I am picturing a place right now. Which total sidenote, you’re going to appreciate this. There’s a place that a place that we go too often to great Italian place and I once posted a picture of the pizza and Aundrea from summerhouse messaged me and he’s like that looks like authentic pizza. And so I told him it was because the owners are from this town in Italy, and they’re actually Sicilian. And he’s like, Oh my God, and he’s named to the restaurant. And I was like, yeah, and his real Italian friend brought him there because the pizza was authentic. So I say all that to say there are places that yes there white tablecloth but in the daytime in the metro area, it’s really the way Frank walked in is the way that your average Goomba would walk in,

Amanda 30:08
I need to go on like, we need to go on a restaurant tour just because first of all, I just love to eat and I need you to take me to all your favorite places. But also, I need to wear sunglasses.

B 30:21
But only okay, but you see, this isn’t Manhattan now you have to always understand, right? Something that I’m sure you have where you locals get it. You wouldn’t do that. I’m in Franklin, in Manhattan. You can do that in a neighborhood place in Jersey or Brooklyn or in Staten Island, specially Staten Island. So yeah, I didn’t find it weird. But I found it very funny that everybody else found it weird.

Amanda 30:45
It was a crate that gotta I mean, come on. He was clearly trying to get notice with the best.

B 30:51
Yes. Like the vest was a bit much like my husband would not wear a skinny T. Right. But he would wear a white t shirt to a nice place. If it were lunchtime.

Amanda 31:02
Yeah. Right. So yeah. And I mean, that’s not that different than like, what like a white t shirt, a t shirt. Or like a printed t shirt and a hat. Like I get it, I get it. It’s just again, there was the juxtaposition of like, I really noticed with the motorcycle, and then when, you know, the whole point of motorcycle jackets is to protect your skin from the lake wind. And so he was missing a really key part of a lot of that. Well, he

B 31:30
definitely like showing off his muscles.

Amanda 31:32
Yes, he does. And that’s clearly what was going on. Okay, what else do we have for Jersey come on the car scene when Theresa and the girls are driving to go to the surprise shower and Louie out think he knew they were filming? Clearly, let’s invite so so and so and so and so and so and then not Joe Melissa. And then Teresa’s face, like gave it away. First of

B 31:58
all surprise shower my ass. She says gee, a call and say We’re five minutes away. She’s in basically a short wedding dress. But anyway, that’s fine. Everybody, a lot of people do that on their bridal shower. They pretend to surprise me now. Right? But the way she tried to cover it up saying oh, well invite everyone. And then Melania saying, Oh, why do we have to invite them? The thing is like, this is my thing. We know that Teresa, Louie and the daughters feel this way. Right? The thing I think that pisses people off is that Louis acts as if he’s sugar sweet and kind to them. And they’re trying to present it as if the Gorgas are insane and delusional. That’s the piece of it. Like if they just were all honest with being like, let’s not invite them because clearly, and name the reasons and say Whatever your reasons are, we’re not on good terms. And we’re not going to have them. But for them to pretend like everything’s great. And the last time we saw them together, he’s trying to broker Pete Right. Right. So and then we see upcoming episode he is saying that he’s pulling her out of a snake pit. Is he purposely isolating her from her family? Now granted, no one can deny that the Gorgas and Teresa had an unstable relationship. So it wasn’t exactly the hardest thing in the world to do. But my friend over at the over at your mom’s are watching actually posted after the episode and she highlighted the fact that he has done this with several people in her life. Dina one of them. She pointed out that Dina and her husband Dave hung out with Louis and Teresa a few times when he first came into picture. And allegedly Dave got annoyed with the fact that Louis seemed to travel on Dave’s dime. Teresa and Dean are still friends but we have not we will not see pictures of them hanging out all four, although we did a bunch at the beginning. Right. And again, Dina doesn’t want to be in drama. She doesn’t want to be mentioned she’s not going to come out and say it. We then have Frank Sr. who we know when against Louie at the reunion, right? So that’s a division. I mean, Frank Sr. and Teresa have been friends for as long as Frank and Dolores have known each other. So Frank was also friends with Joe Judy Jay. He’s good friends with Joe Gorga. So Teresa is a family friend of his. And again, there was the fallout with Frankie with the job apparently. They promised him he would make this is all alleged, but they promised he would make 30k a week. And then they set him up in a nice office in Mont Ville and one day Frankie showed up to work and the landlord said, pack your stuff get out of here. The rent hadn’t been paid and

Amanda 34:39
30k a week or I’m sorry, I’m just getting over that part. That was the promise. Yes. That was the process. Right? Okay.

B 34:46
When Frankie tried to reach out to Louis he didn’t hear from him for three months. But again, Dolores didn’t want anyone to speak about this. She was afraid it would hurt Frankie’s chances of getting a new job. At the reunion. We will see Frank bring it up. But no matter what anyone says It had to cause tension, right? Okay. We have March. Now granted, margin Teresa obviously have been on the outs, but prior to that they were friends. You know what I’m saying? It wasn’t until she questioned Louie. And then we’re going to see at the reunion that Louis apparently tried to do an online smear campaign. And the plot was foiled, Bravo had to get involved. That’s why everyone had the gag order. So according to your mom’s are watching, See, she says, there’s more to it, it gets dark, and it’s going to be discussed through union. So you have those three big relationships that we know about, right, that are directly connected to the show? Who knows about any of her other people? We don’t know. And then, finally, the Gorgas. It seems it’s intentional.

Amanda 35:55
I guess, again, if he’s such a great guy, where are all of his really good friends? And he I mean, he’s asking Bill Aidan, who he’s just met, to be in his wedding. Like, I always question that if somebody doesn’t have friends from like, way back when I just question them. You know what I mean? I know you have them I have, like, I feel like holding on to the new friends. And the old friends. It’s so important. I don’t know. It just seems fishy to me.

B 36:23
And then of course, yesterday, it was sent to us as soon as it came out. And I held off posting it, because, you know, it’s a lot. When you’re dealing with somebody who wants to do these online things, you kind of want to stay away from it. But attorneys were hired to investigate his company. I asked what a question box up. And I was like, attorneys weigh in. And we got a lot of stuff back. And basically, it’s anything from one person could have paid. So a client is paying for it to be investigated. That could be that they’re trying to put together a class action suit. It could be Stockholm, it could be any number of things. But again, it’s another thing. At a minimum, it’s fishy. He wants to be a good guy on camera. But off camera, we saw how he is. And now next week, I think that his whole snake in the pit. And you see how angry he is. I think that he only did that after he had the hot mic because they knew that was going to show. So it’s like I have to show how bad he is to you to justify why I got caught saying he’s not invited.

Amanda 37:35
me it makes my head hurt to think about all the manipulation that is happening and like how plotted everything seems and that must just be an awful way to live. I can’t even imagine having to plot out your next move at every point like that if that’s really what’s going on.

B 37:53
And then one last thing about jersey, which it’s really this is I see today on Dubois that somebody wrote in that they showed in YALC bra screaming at a doorman in Manhattan.

Amanda 38:04
Okay, so this is exactly what I think of her because you know, she’s crying about her husband about being bullied and everyone being mean to her in Ireland and I’m like, Crimea river. I think she’s totally playing the victim. She can completely handle herself. She’s said like she she’ll fight if she has to fight. She seems like really quick witted. I think she was just playing the victim because she’s not sure. Kind of which side to play to stay on for sure. And I don’t know. So then the Dubois Bly and about her today. I’m like, of course she is. She is no shrinking violet. And she

B 38:45
wants to be famous. She said it. I just think next season, she’s going to come out like a cannon like she shot out of a cannon because she just, she is not going to want to give up this housewives gig. She already clearly is loving the fame. She’s yelling at doormen in Manhattan. And she’s got what 100,000 followers what’s gonna happen when she’s got a million or two like the rest of them?

Amanda 39:05
Yeah, I think she can handle herself just fine. She’s,

B 39:10
oh, and something else I saw floating around the social media universe. Is that apparently, Rachel Fukuda’s stepsons. Mom spoke to the sun. That’s where I saw her at the sun. And she as suspected she is she has a substance abuse and mental health problem. She’s currently living in a halfway house. She of course claims she’s was arrested for $250,000 laundering. I don’t know what would that number and Jersey also intend to distribute drugs. So she claims she saw Jaden regularly up until 2017 When she was incarcerated and now she’s in the halfway house. She said that she’s okay with them being on On the show, and she always figured she kind of put the blame on the father and not Rachel. Like she always figured, John would. I mean, listen, you have a kid that you’re unable to raise. Guess what happens? Yeah, of course, we have sympathy for people with mental health issues and people with addiction, right, but the child is with who he should be with. And that’s not you know, so whatever that will or won’t play out. I personally hope they move away from that, because I don’t believe that Jaden should be in the spotlight for that. I like Rachel, I think she could have done the season without bringing that into the mix. Just saying that he’s your stepson would have sufficed, and if people wanted to go digging, which I’m sure they would have let them find it out. It didn’t need to be a storyline. And I do like her. But I don’t know, what do you think

Amanda 40:49
I feel the same way. I just with Kid kind of stuff, you just have to be so careful. If you’re gonna put them on TV. I from a privacy standpoint, but again, this is why I would never be a housewife. Because I appreciate my privacy. And I am big on my kids privacy on social media. And I don’t allow anybody to tag me without my permission, because I don’t want somebody tagging me because it’s happened, right? And like they put on their public accounts and tag me or tag pictures of my kids. I don’t like that. I do not like that. I’m really big on that. I always put my kids on the No, you can’t take pictures of me and you know, use my kids in publicity for our kids school. None of it because I think Jaden might be a little different cuz he’s older. I think he’s what 15 or 16. But I don’t know, I think children’s privacy is of the utmost importance. So again, why would be a terrible housewife? Reason number 389. Let’s talk about Vanderpump because I feel it was quite the episode and there was the big trailer leak this week, which you posted right away. So what do you know about that whole situation?

B 42:02
So the person I spoke with said since it was an edited version, it must be somebody who works for Bravo in some capacity. I did see Radar Online report that they were investigating. But my source said that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Like I’m sure they want to know who leaked it but is in a formal investigation. After it was leaked. Couple hours later, Bravo put out the actual trailer, which was a little different. We saw Rachel giggling it was funny, Amanda, because a couple hours before that, we got an email that email when the video leaked, which is how I knew so the email came in. And that’s why I opened my instance to look for a video because I saw the email first. So do you want to read that email?

Amanda 42:48
Yes, I’ll read the email from she new subject hacked my ass a non but it is not a coincidence that the quote unquote leak of the finale happened within a couple of hours of repels I’m sorry. Michelle’s.

B 43:04
Oh, by the way,

Amanda 43:06
everybody complains that you call her Rochelle. Oh, they’re complaining now. They’re complaining now.

B 43:10
I’m like, whatever it is. It’s a joke.

Amanda 43:12
It’s a joke, guys. Goodness gracious. Okay, I’ll do my best. It started out because she really thought her name was real. She really did and now I just like calling her anything but her any of her

B 43:24
dad’s that she really was not a main character until she Fox Sandoval. Well, no, first she kiss Schwartz. And then fuck Sandoval. Yeah, she was very much I mean, I know.

Amanda 43:33
Yeah. And like, just for those of you who have been complaining, the reason I got confused is because way back last August when we’re on the podcast, and we were talking about that picture of her plane ticket when you’re like her name is actually Rachel. That’s when I started getting confused and calling her Rochelle guys and that is the whole joke and now I just do it on purpose because I just don’t really respect her. There’s no really there’s I do not respect her Rickels team posted that she was this is the email back to the email. Rickles team posted that she was hacked and they’re reminding us that she’s receiving mental health treatment. The backlash has just started to die down. Also, she’s been spotted around town. So I guess it’s an outpatient treatment that she’s doing. Dot dot dot didn’t hear it from me.

B 44:24
When her team posted that, oh, we’ve been hacked. Rachel’s team is now running the account because she’s getting treatment. The only thing that changed on her page was her highlight pictures. Nobody hacked her. On some it was funny. I think who was it? Was it everyone’s hunky dory posted a photo of one Sandoval dressed up for her as Halloween and said I found out who hacked if I’m saying the wrong account, please DM me and I will cite you next week. Because we do like to cite the right account that was great. I shared it figured out who hacked her account no one hacked Fucking account. We knew she was getting mental health treatment. So initially I thought, oh, attention is dying down. It’s been quiet. Also, there were rumors she was spot around town. So maybe she was trying to squash that or just keep her name and press. And then is it inpatient or outpatient, a follower weighed in and said, we see the leaked clips. So maybe Bravo told her because legally since they were going to air right, maybe they told her like we’re posting this. And since she seen enjoying, Ariana is pain, because that’s basically what really, if you break it down, what you see is her reveling in the fact that everyone knows.

Amanda 45:40
Yeah, this is 100% her trying to get out ahead of it and do some kind of weak attempt at a PR

B 45:47
and do you remember that there was a lot of talk that they it’s one of the million posts in my highlight, guys, I have everything from Vanderpump Rules from the first day that a follower told us about the affair hours before TMZ announced it, we posted it and then Arianna deactivated her account and all the stuff we’ve got is in a highlight on by Bravo and cocktails underscore Instagram. But there was a point where I had heard they were trying to reshoot the scene of them in the house, which is the couch scene. And now we know why. Because they’re both giggling and acting like this is a great thing when Ariana is distraught at that time, and since mental health is on the table, Bravo didn’t want to be held responsible for any reason. So it seems like any PR team would do this. This follower said to me, I do PR for pro athlete. This is 101. That statement about her being hacked is we have one

Amanda 46:42
and rehab. Yes, yes. Because the person is trying to make themselves better. And you know, I mean, we saw Will Smith go to India on his like spiritual journey. It is kind of a playbook situation. But if it was hacked, it would have we would have seen I mean, I would actually really like to see what would have happened if it actually had been hacked, because I think there could have been some great, great stuff. But then literally all it left was the one highlight of dressing up as her for Halloween. Like I’m sorry, Rochelle, I don’t believe you. You know, I think the other thing too, I think the gravity of her situation, I think is really probably starting to hit her. As I’ve said before, she has no idea how badly she is really, I think screwed for life. Because when she has kids who’s gonna want their kids on her soccer team? No, because no one’s going to want to carpool with her. No one’s going to want her to be the class mom, or to be involved with anything when their husbands are around because she’s always going to be the woman who stealthily purposely and sneakily slept with her best friend’s husband. And I’m going to call him a husband because they were common law.

B 47:58
Right. And Lisa actually did in this episode, by the way, that whole theory that I said a follower says about Lisa new is so true, Lisa new. But what about her saying when they were on that farm trip, that this was her core group of people that were being her life forever and the closest people to her? What do you miss is? And if she honestly felt that way, and all indications show that she did. This is how you treat the people closest to you. I’d hate to know how you treat your enemies. And how about our girl Katie saying to Arianna, Arianna, I get it you’re her friend. I just find it very hard to believe that she’s so callous and mean spirited to some people, but so kind to others. I think it’s who she is. And I don’t think she picks and chooses who she do this with and was Katie, right?

Amanda 48:53
Yeah. Well,

B 48:55
I know. We said I said to PKT Allah Allah both said they suspected it. And guess what? We saw it and that was not reshot Stasi said it on her tour. She said I knew this all in real time. This was no reshoots.

Amanda 49:10
You know, and meanwhile, it just makes your heart go out even more because Ariana still is defending, you know, and she’s still like, No, you know, Tom come over here. I’m paraphrasing here but we’re so proud to see you come out the other side from being ending your pageant life and your breakup with James and all of that. Right. And it’s just the other thing I wanted

B 49:34
to say like we saw when Lala brought up to Ariana that he stayed at the party. And then also when she found out that Raquel had slept over and she found out in a bunch of people. What I wanted to say about that was you can tell she’s a seasoned reality star because she obviously left there and had words with Tom about the party I’m sure about Raquel sleeping over but you You don’t want to make it your storyline on the reality show because then you become the couple fighting. So you see Ariana avoiding doing that. Now, I don’t think that’s the same as her not fighting with him, right when they got home. But while the cameras were up, we didn’t see her react much, because and I don’t think it’s that she didn’t react at home. I think that she’s on a reality show long enough to know that if she does it, it will be the storyline. Yeah. So when you when you then see them talking about how when you see her go, well, you’re like a stranger. But oh, wow. That is because they were dealing with those issues at home. She just wasn’t doing it in front of cameras, which was smart. However, she obviously didn’t know the magnitude, right? So it’s like, if you disagree with your partner, at a party, you’re not going to close a whole scene. Because you may see those people at the party three times a year. And they’re going to be like, Oh, those people are always fighting, right? Because that’s the only time they see you. So you’re going to kind of nod and then when you get in the car, but now put that on national television. So I think that’s all she was doing was trying to manage it. Because, yes, it was something that upset her. Yes, she saw it as him being selfish and not putting her first, but certainly she did not think it was that they were having an affair. Does that make sense? Yeah.

Amanda 51:15
I also though, think I’m trying to remember the name of this movie, it was Jim Carrey and he is raised in this like small town and everything is perfect. Then he starts a Truman Show, The Truman Show, right? And like, I feel like there’s like a little bit of Truman Show happening with Ariana and like, in front of her face. Everything is fine. Everyone’s kind of putting on the show. And Katie and law are kind of trying to get through to her. But Ariana just isn’t quite seeing it. Because even she was like, Oh, we always do that. We always go back to the jacuzzi after for late night. You know what I mean? Right. I think there was just a lot of acting in front of her and so she just wasn’t seeing things as clearly as some of the rest of the as you know, Lala and Katie were that is a great point.

B 52:03
The other thing is, Lala and Katie had completely separate issues with Raquel that Ariana saw as them clouding their vision. Right? So if it had been Sheena, who saw it? Or if it had been somebody more impartial, right? While it couldn’t be Tom, because Tom was in on it, that piece of shit shorts, but if it had been Sheena, I think Ariana probably would have figured it out sooner. But again, Sheena was just as in the dark, and so was Brock because they lie to frickin Brock about her sleeping over which you saw. I saw a reaction and Brock that he was suspicious about it. But I think he kept it to himself because it’s his wife’s group of friends. And, you know, he had a lot of backlash last season, and he was just trying to keep the peace. And also probably he didn’t want to think that about either Sandoval or Raquel. But you did see his suspicion.

Amanda 52:58
Yes, he did. Like a little cloud goes over his face. And he’s, yeah,

B 53:02
but in addition to Ariana being at the White House Correspondents Dinner with Lala and Lisa Vanderpump, in addition to her being shouted out by the biggest sports team in the country, the Yankees, I’m not even a Yankees fan. So don’t yell at me. I’m a Mets fan. But I mean, if you think baseball, I think if you’re like in Italy, and you say baseball, the first team would be Yankees. I think the same with cowboys. To me that’s just like your quintessential American football team where it’s like the Yankees. Right? Okay. In addition to all these amazing things that are happening, a Fowler brought this to my attention, and I asked my source before we hopped on and I don’t have an answer yet, but okay, so Ariana yesterday announced her collaboration with joy burst, an energy drink infused water. Tom had previously talked about a beverage deal, and said he was hoping it would come to fruition for both of them. So this follower is speculating that he was hoping that this worked out because he was planning on using that money so he could dip if he says the word dip again, I can. It’ll be awesome, guys, if we I find out that it was in fact, Joy burst, and they opted to go with Ariana. The other thing is all of these opportunities that she’s getting, I hope that they’re lucrative enough for her to buy him out of the house and keep it and keep him on his fucking ass.

Amanda 54:24
There could have been an agreement that was even signed before, but there could have been a morality clause I’ve done in my career, a lot of contracts and celebrity contracts. And there’s always some sort of morality clause in these contracts. So I mean, who knows? Maybe there was even something done, and then they kicked him out because it could is it?

B 54:45
I would think, and you know the answer to this, I would think that when you’re signing on a couple, would it be more so likely or just in general? Well, I guess it’s so if somebody hired me to be the spokesperson for whatever, and I turned around and got arrest sued for selling crack, then they would be like, okay, B, you’re out because you’re your crack dealer.

Amanda 55:06
It totally, I mean, every contracts a little bit different and what people will agree to is totally different. But a lot of times, it’ll be like, if one person has a morality slip up, then both of you can be out, or, you know, the company will use its discretion on whether to go forward with the other review. But generally, they would use the out to be to use a morality clause to be out with both of them. But in this case, if I were an angel, a burst marketing team, I would be like, Oh my God, we’ve got to go with Ariana she is the moment right now.

B 55:40
They must be like, yes. And I bet there and I bet that if they locked in what they were paying her, I hope that she gets Tom’s half. They’re like, You know what, you could just get the whole Yeah, promo. Whatever the deal was to Let’s close up. Did you were you able to watch last night to watch what happens live appearance?

Amanda 55:57
I have not been able to I just barely got the show in so I didn’t get to watch what happens live.

B 56:03
So I will say Kristin, Daddy was great. She was very honest. She said she’s so happy to be back in the mix, which I appreciated, right? Because people are always like, Well, I’ve been so busy. You know, writing my memoir.

Amanda 56:15
I did see a couple of clips. And she looked fantastic. She looked fantastic.

B 56:19
This is great. My husband was inside watching whatever game was on hockey. I don’t know. He’s always watching. Oh, no, I think was basketball. So he was in the other room. And he came in, and I was watching and it was right as and he’s like, and now we’re going to do suck a dick. And he’s like, wait a minute, what is this like? This is I’m like, It’s cable. And it’s 1030 at night, like children should be sleeping. He’s like, I really can’t even deal with this. And she told Lisa Vanderpump to suck a dick. She’s like, I’m 40. Now she could suck a dick. Which honestly, kind of like I have to say, Lisa put up with so much from all these people. It is suspicious that she’s held on to this grudge with Kristen. And we know that email that somebody allegedly had an affair with the son in law. And it’s all allegations. I’m just saying it seems a little suspicious. But I think that there is a very good chance that Daddy will be back. And I also think the same with Jackson Britney, I say bring them back.

Amanda 57:16
Let’s do it. This is the day where Vanderpump village comes back and actually happens or maybe Vanderpump Rules just continues to be about the people that we have. I don’t know. Well, the other thing is like

B 57:30
if Jack’s Brittany and Kristen come back. We could it could be the sunset on the times and Raquel because we don’t need them after next season.

Amanda 57:38
No, and I don’t I don’t think there will be a place for them because I don’t think there will be friendship. There’s no friendships to be had with those two except for shorts. And I think shorts might find themselves on the out too.

B 57:51
Yes, I do think it’s very good though. Okay, and we’re gonna close by saying Sandoval does have three friends. The first is Billy Lee, who’s as dehydrated as anyone I’ve ever seen someone get her some liquid IV. The second is Josh the paparazzi who he made a bracelet for. And the third is the JetBlue. Flight attendant who wrote him a thank you note. Side note ever every minted JetBlue customer gets one but he felt the need to share it to his Instagram Stories. Yes, I

Amanda 58:27
wonder if they had to draw straws for who had to be the one to write it right. Or maybe they’re like, oh, Linda, you don’t watch TV you. You’re busy.

B 58:40
Cocktail hours. It’s been fun. But we got to go. Good. And we hope you guys are enjoying the next day release. Saturday mornings you don’t have to listen to it on Saturday, but the tea is no longer cold. It is piping hot.

Amanda 58:59
So yes. And that reminds me because we have a week until May 15. Over a week until May 15. For those of you guys who have been kind of teetering on the edge of joining cocktail party if or if you’re a mother who would love to have it as a gift we are running a little special for the annual membership only. It is $75 which would be a $15 savings off of if you just join monthly and paid for each month for a year. So just use code M D 20234 to get that sale and then for existing members if you decided you want to upgrade we will totally honor it for you guys too. It does not have to be used as a gift you can use that code to and if you have trouble with that, just email me at Amanda cocktails and

B 59:57
All right guys, till next time Hey,

Amanda 1:00:00
thanks everybody

Amanda 1:00:08
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe and if you subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:00:49
Bye guys. See you next time.