So much buzz about the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. And we have some exclusive tea from an eyewitness. And more exclusive tea about some friction between the Catanias and Teresa/Louie. Who got “tossed like a whore in a brothel” during the show? We have an update for you on the Lisa Hochstein divorce. We covered her prenup in a deep dive on episode 38 and based on what the judge in the case just ordered through temporary orders, Lisa got a win. Our theory about why the Real Housewives of Orange County trailer was held up is seeming to check out. Real Housewives of Atlanta hasn’t begun yet, but the drama has and we are loving it.

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 51

B 0:01
She’s not a particularly nice person. I think she’s a good mother. But I think she’s a very self centered, self serving person as so many housewives are but I don’t mind her on the show because she gives us good television. It’s not that I’m watching her like, Oh, she’s the best I want to hang out with her. Right? But she’s like a Ramona like, I liked her Mona more actually. I think there’s something more endearing about Ramona, I just think that Vicki is icky.

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Welcome to cocktails, and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. I am B.

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And I’m Amanda, let’s get into this week’s tea.

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What’s up cocktailers?

Amanda 1:06
Hi, B, I like it. Because it’s like, it’s not like we haven’t just been talking for 10 minutes before this. But you know, first of all, you

B 1:13
know, what we should start doing is, we should just start taping our cocktail party from the top. You’re right,

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because we shouldn’t dopey the stuff that we talk about. I know, I totally agree. And hey, cocktail party, I haven’t said hi to you guys yet. So we also just wanted to let you guys know, a couple of things. First of all, this week will be the first week that we are doing the quicker release of the pods. So we’re looking forward to getting everyone’s feedback about that. But then second of all, we are in quite the week this week, both of us have like people working in our houses right now. So B is in a different location than usual. I am in my closet. As usual,

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I was gonna say I’m having worked on on my house. So you know, we’re just gonna roll with it. I mean, not much we can do. Listen, I am telling you right now, I am planning on doing a sort of, I want to call it a podcast studio. But I don’t want to sound fancy, because it’s probably not going to be fancy. But like, I have a very small room in my house that is in a closet that I think I’m going to try to convert as like a summer project don’t we all have high hopes for things we’re gonna get done. And then the summer comes and goes, but I’m going to try to get it

Amanda 2:30
done. All I have to say is if I had a pool in my backyard, there would be no summer projects happening.

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That’s why every year September, I have a lighter load in the summer. My work schedule is lighter in the summer, so it affords me time that I mostly spend at my pool.

Amanda 2:49
I would be right there if i could be okay, let’s start with Jersey because we got so much good info coming out about the reunion that was a week ago. You know, we’ve all been hearing and then you’ve been posting a lot about the stuff that’s that went down. Tell us a little bit about that too. You got

B 3:07
so this is really crazy. A follower and everyone was writing like, oh, we know it’s Melissa. We know it’s Marge, as God is my witness, a follower who happens to be and I’m not going to out who she is an influencer. So she’s an influencer, who lives in Manhattan happened to be like outside of her building. And they film On Her block, apparently. So she sends me a message and she was like, oh my god, I just came upstairs to my apartment. I saw her Louis chain smoking outside he must be on a break from filming. He was with Nate Danielle’s husband, who looked completely and utterly shell shocked like just stood there like mouth agape. Louie was screaming into his phone. Dolores. Now, this was before the man came on stage. And I know this because it was all happening in real time. And at few minutes prior to her messaging me and he had posted a video saying something to the effect of oh, here comes Joe, let me go. I want to talk to him. So I knew it hadn’t went down yet. Because Amanda, I don’t know if we read this last week, but I think it’s worth covering the Pinyon elite cookie email. Do you want to read it?

Amanda 4:18
Yes, definitely. Okay, from penalty cookie. The behind the scenes leading up to the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion is all out war. And not just the Teresa versus Melissa of it all. This reunion is going to be a bloodbath. Some of you aren’t aware or expecting someone that you aren’t aware of or expecting is very upset right now with her longtime friend. It’s not unfathomable to try to say that word unfathomable what a good word that to longtime friends may no longer be after the reunion. also potentially big bombs.

B 5:01
So it was worded as if Dolores was mad now what I now know and what we now know, based on what we’ve heard, and emails we’ve been silent is that I think that Louis got word and I’m not saying he got word unnecessarily from my blind, although I know he loves a good Bravo and cocktail scroll who doesn’t? He may have got word just because it was buzzing around the cast, right? That Frank Sr. was going to go in and bring up the fact that something went down with Frankie’s employment. And we’ve heard different accounts. Right, Amanda, we’ve heard that it was like an issue of basically the kid was going to work every day. And then the rent wasn’t paid and the job was just over. Apparently, Frank did say it. Now. I don’t know whether Dolores it doesn’t appear that Dolores is upset with Louis. What I will say is it makes complete sense to me that Dolores wouldn’t make it a thing because her son is a young professional in the business world. Why would she on national television want to discuss an issue with his former employer? It’s not a good look for his new job. Right? I certainly wouldn’t want to put my son or anybody in that position. And it Frank may see it differently. Frank may see it like, you know, this guy’s a fraud, and it won’t affect his work. And people should know what he did. There was more to it, though. It wasn’t just that he brought that up. He also brought up the PR stuff. So Frank, and others, like Marge, Melissa, accused Louis at the reunion of hiring a PR firm, which we’ve

Amanda 6:45
been hearing a little bit about for the last I don’t know, I feel like few weeks because there I think at one point, there was a suspicion that it had happened. Because of all of the social media activity being at like an all time crazy high.

B 7:04
And then the cast received a gag order. The words I heard from a source where Louis was dragged like a whore in a brothel, direct quote from a source. So there were these claims about the PR firm to get bad press out on Melissa, Marge Frank as well. names were dropped like they. So of course, Louis and Jen and you know, the other side accused, then being Marge Melissa, of working with accounts, right. We know that Marge bought the pizza oven from your mom’s are watching, which did not make it to the reunion. Of course, Melissa Gorga had me on her podcast. So they’re saying, I mean, I’ve been very clear, I was clear on Melissa’s podcast. I don’t work for anybody except myself and with Amanda. But those were the accusations thrown out. That is why there was a gag order because there were accusations on both side. I know that Bravo and cocktails was mentioned. I know your mom’s are watching was mentioned. I’m sure other accounts were mentioned. However, my suspicion is since they want this whole gag order and they want to shut this kind of stuff down. I don’t I think they’re just going to bleep it and be like the bloggers, right. Yeah.

Amanda 8:15
I mean, or not. Yeah, we’ll see. But I mean, if they want to mention Bravo and they’re welcome to please do

B 8:25
we would like to traffic

Amanda 8:27
we would. I also heard that Jen. Aiden was uncharacteristically quiet because I think it was Melissa, who wants pointed out the most that Jenny ate and usually kind of comes out almost like she’s playing a character at the reunions?

B 8:44
Yes. She’s usually a pistol unhinged at reunions and goes really deep in. But apparently she was pretty nice to Melissa. She actually resolve some stuff with March. I do find it curious. And I don’t so after the reunion when she went out for pizza, I didn’t think it was because she was mad at Teresa. I don’t think that at all. I however, wonder what it is? Could it be that there is something that she was careful with them because she doesn’t want it revealed? Could it be that there was some sort of deal brokered? I’m speculating no one has told me this. I just find it curious. I am not saying that. It’s because she’s turning on Teresa. I don’t believe that. I do believe that there was a self serving motive for Jen not to go in on them. And maybe part of it was that who knows? Bravo may have said to her like, you’re so up Teresa’s ass and you’re so team Teresa. Like, let her speak for herself. We don’t know. But there had to be something. Yeah.

Amanda 9:47
I mean, if all of that ends up being true, that definitely doesn’t sound right from her. And then you know, I watched her on Watch What Happens Live. I was catching up on that last night and And she didn’t by any means she was still very clearly team Teresa had Theresa side on all of the shady games that the Andy likes to play. But she also didn’t go in on. I notice she didn’t go in on margin. She didn’t go in on Melissa.

B 10:19
She did not like I we heard her support Danielle versus Rachel. But again, just more like, you know, like, Yeah, I agree she was a very censored

Amanda 10:32
version of hers or subdued. Yeah, she wasn’t. She had no spice to her last night. I didn’t think

B 10:39
I think that another thing is that Teresa, I would imagine is very unhappy. Because she spent the entire reunion. And we posted about this. Say, Melissa, you’re done. I never have to see you again after this. Clearly she was at that reunion, assuming she was fired. There was so much chatter on Twitter that the Gorgas would be let go. You know, I have to say, and it’s funny, because I saw on Twitter, one of those pro Teresa accounts said that Louie actually begged Andy not to fire the Gorgos because he knows that it would affect their income. Well, I don’t believe that. That’s why, but I don’t doubt that Louis doesn’t want them fired. Why would he? It distracts from his? Why would he want the spotlight on him? I don’t know if the lawsuits were brought up. But we keep seeing all these lawsuits. I mean, their court documents, his name is on him, his company is on him. So what if the Gorgas were to go? What would the focus be?

Amanda 11:41
Right? I mean, I think I think you’ve got a good point. I think what will be interesting is if Melissa comes back, I think all of them are feeling this kind of call and this pressure to resolve it or at least be able to be civil. And that’s now I’m like kind of where my mind is going is like what does that look like? You know, because I don’t think Melissa can turn it on to the point where she’s like, like, I love Theresa, you know, and so is that like, is that just that just become like them just being pretty civil. And then when there’s drama, they make sure they just stay out of it when it comes to each other.

B 12:25
I think this most recent episode, because we have to keep in mind this most recent episode, pizza, the only thing that hasn’t yet transpired is Melissa and Joe not going to her wedding. So that is what set Teresa off. But pizza gate has already transpired. Melissa already knows about the cheating rumor. And that is why you see Teresa softening to Melissa and there I did find those moments sweet. But you do see that Melissa doesn’t take the bait other than crying about the family, which again isn’t just Theresa, it’s her in laws, right. And of course she loved them and and all of that but where Teresa is concerned, I think Melissa can continue exactly how we saw her this season. Just being civil. I think, you know, Teresa has said she watched back. I think them not attending her wedding. I don’t know if Theresa can swallow it. And I think that it puts her in a position where if she can’t she’s going to look like the bad guy because you’re gonna see Melissa just being very neutral, like not lovey dovey not going out on their own. But at group events, they’re fine. And it could look something like yeah, you know, my sister and I we have because obviously they can’t bring up they’re on the show. So Joe just says Listen, we hang out with the same people. She’s there on there. It’s fine. We’re not close. We’re no longer close. I don’t know that Teresa can do that.

Amanda 13:42
Yeah, I don’t think so either. Well, when we know there’s a Peaky Blinders party that happens at some point in between now, I mean now meaning where the show is and the wedding so we’ll see what happens but it definitely does set this up to be like wait something else is gonna happen because it sort of feels like Melissa and Teresa are in an okay place coming out of Ireland because of that last day. Well,

B 14:13
yes, but you see Melissa holding back and you see Melissa like kind of resentful like she didn’t want you to win the wedding. I believe that all stems from the cheating rumor knowing that I think her whole demeanor with Teresa stems from Teresa informing Joe of this rumor without her presence. That’s what I you know, I’ve said I keep saying it, but that’s what I think. And because without knowing that watching Melissa you’re like wow, like Teresa’s really softening like can she give in a little but then with the knowledge that she went behind her back and told her husband your wife’s cheating on you with no proof other than Margaret’s ex best friend saying it.

Amanda 14:53
Ya know,

B 14:54
another thing we heard is that Jackie won’t be back now. I don’t think That means we won’t see her at all. I think she’ll still be at parties. I think Evan will be with the guys, but she’s not a friend of I hear Fessler is.

Amanda 15:07
Yeah, I mean, based on the season I that decision, it makes sense to me. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. And then Danielle and Rachel, do we know much about if they’re coming back at?

B 15:20
Yes, there’ll be back all the full time ladies will be back is what I’m hearing. Right. Bravo hasn’t announced it. You know, I have to say, I don’t think either really made a huge impact. I do predict though that next season, Danielle comes out guns blazing. She got her feet wet. She’s going to be now and going forward. She’s going to be enjoying the financial rewards and the fame rewards of being a housewife. And she’s been very transparent about how much she wanted that. So I think she’s going to stir it up. I think whatever she’s got to say about Margaret’s arsenal and all that I think Danielle is going to come out like Jen, Aiden come out like Marge, she’s going to be a fantastic housewife. I think I don’t know if I see Rachel as more of a Melissa Gorga where she’s enjoyable to watch. But she’s not going to be this outrageous character.

Amanda 16:15
Right. But she’s also not afraid to stand up. You know, she’s no wet blanket either. And I was gonna say I actually feel like, you know that. Well, we all know about the second season curse. Oh my gosh, are you okay?

Unknown Speaker 16:30
We can’t see you. But I can hear your mic.

B 16:35
Guys, if you say I’m gonna take a picture of my setup, because it’s if I move in Ah, my mic topples on to me.

Speaker 3 16:45
Worse than Oh, anyway, oil and I can’t get up. Seriously. So with Rachel, Danielle, though,

Amanda 16:56
I feel like you know, there’s the second season curse, right? Where they always say they get a nicer edit the first season? I don’t know, I’ve been pretty impressed with them. I think they feel a very good role to have being able to be that kind of younger generation and that younger, appeal to more of that younger audience as well. So I think that they both have a lot in store. And I actually I think Rachel surprised me, because I sort of was like, Oh, she seems okay. But then. So she wasn’t afraid to kind of ask some of the questions as we know about like, Teresa and Melissa’s kids talking and that kind of stuff. So I don’t I think they’re both pretty interesting. I wanted to tell you. So I have an update for everybody on the divorce of Lisa and Lenny Hochstein from Miami. So if you didn’t listen, we did a really deep dive on the prenup that Lisa signed, I want to say it was like a 19 page prenup. And so we did a deep dive on that in episode 38. So I’m not going to go back and cover but headline is it was very one sided. Very preferable for Lenny, like reading through this prenup. I was like, I don’t think he ever actually took marriage to Lisa seriously, especially because there was a very, very small clause out of like the 19 pages. And don’t quote me on the 19. But it was long. One very small clause about the kid about if they were ever to have kids, which generally, there’s a lot more usually about in a prenup about kids and how that works. And you know if the marriage fails, and that kind of stuff. And so it just I don’t know, I got the feeling that Lenny didn’t really take it very seriously, but because it is so one sided. It is very meager to Lisa, even after the fact that they have been married for almost 15 years. And having kind of read through it. That gave me a little perspective on why Lenny thinks he can just make Lisa leave the house within 30 days and just figure it out. So not that I’m saying that’s right. But that’s where that’s coming from because the prenup literally says, you know after the you know, one person declares that they want divorce then Lisa has to get out of the house within 30 days. And so keep in mind guys just for some perspective here, they live in like what is it an $80 million house? I mean, they have you know, many cars, many staff things like that. Oh, go ahead.

B 19:58
I was just gonna say it’s an According to note that because when I posted about this, and the word only 8000 was used, it’s all relative, right? So I don’t $8,000 is a lot of money for normal people like me. But when you’re used to, I mean, $8,000, she could have a car lease that’s that much, she spends that much going to the mall.

Amanda 20:23
So Right. And, you know, we had some people saying, like, you know, that’s, you know, how much money I make a month or whatever. And like that is not to denigrate that it’s just in this world that she has lived with $8,000 a month, is what this judge has ordered Lenny to pay. So paychecks reported this, that these are court orders. And so with divorces, they can go all different kinds of ways, right. But generally the person that files kind of will, you know, gets the process started. And then there is sometimes what’s called a temporary hearing where there’s a temporary orders that are given by a judge which it can be about custody, it can be about money, it can be about all different kinds of stuff. But that only holds until the couple kind of comes to a deal or until divorce court is final. And there are another Jordan, you know, final orders with a judge. So this was a temporary order. And this judge ordered Lennie to pay $1,000 A month starting May 1, not retroactively for temporary support. He also ordered Letty to maintain the status quo, which this is important for Lisa and the kids pay the kids tuition, extracurriculars camps, etc. Pay the health insurance pay $60,000 of Lisa’s $85,000 owed that she owes her legal for. So he The judge ordered Lettie to pay 60,000 directly to the firm. And then like I said, all of us is in effect until Lisa and Lenny strike a deal or until the court issues another order. So in my mind, I think this is a really big win for Lisa because while $8,000 A month might not seem even close to what she would need, having Lenny pay for all the kids stuff, plus the majority of legal leases, legal fees, and then to use the words maintain status quo for Lisa and for the kids. That is I think that’s a big deal. Having read this prenup the way that I did and seen that. Essentially the way it worked was like Lisa, the way that Lenny things that should work according to this prenup is like once Lenny just says that the marriage is over. Lisa has to get out of the house, and then he can pay her $2 million. And that’s it, which again $2 million is a ton of money a ton. However, in their world that is nowhere near you know what it would take to quote unquote, maintain status quo. So I think this is a really big win because the judge has now ordered for money to start paying her monthly all these things that were not included in the prenup. And so, what that tells me is that this judge is saying I see some issues with the prenup. So, you know, we need to, you know, say that we need to give her this X, Y and Z and I think I believe back in I think it was January or December when we had episode 38 I had mentioned I’m like gosh, it just feels like this prenup is so one sided and that there’s only that little clause but the kids it feels it felt like a big weakness for me for Lenny and a clear signal that he entered the marriage not taking it very seriously. So again, a judge coming out and ruling against this prenup guys I am by no means a lawyer. I haven’t been related to lawyers and I have friends who have gone through divorce This is why I am saying what I know but it’s a big deal for the judge to come out and rule against a prenup even only be a temporary orders and it’s it’s a signal to me that if they do go to court, the judge and chances are it could be the same judge may not uphold every detail of the prenup. So that feels like a pretty clear win to me Um, so far, and we’ll see what happens as they kind of, you know, move forward, if that will make Lenny a little more interested in making a deal. Or if they’ll have to go all the way through and go to divorce court.

B 25:14
There’s something glaring. For me. The glaring thing for me, is that the biggest sticking point in both the prenup and what we watched on the season is the housing situation. And I think so I did the math on this as you were talking $2 million payout $8,000 A month works out to 20 years. Okay. So I don’t really think an $8,000 I think the win is and you’re absolutely correct back when you did your deep dive into the prenup, when you indicated that the fact that there were no provisions for children means that he will likely be on the hawk and he is any should be fine. He’ll have to pay tuition. If they want to do piano with the fanciest piano instructor he’ll have to do that. I also think those are his children and he doesn’t mind putting the money’s there. And perhaps that’s why it wasn’t in the prenup, we’re not dealing with a stupid person. I’m sure he is a person who always intended to take care of his children, regardless of what the when they were born, they were born at the time. So fine that children are taken care of. Now $8,000 A month is not her spending money. If there’s no housing included. Do you see what I’m saying? Right? If and take away the house because we know that house on Star Island, it’s unlikely any judge is giving her that house because we know how opposed Lenny is to that in most divorces, even when wives make out if they live in a very expensive house, the husband is not expected to maintain that they do have to give them so I think that if he if they have to sell the house if he can’t afford to live on it and support her in this way to live in it Excuse me. I think that him having to provide her with $5 million, or I don’t know, I don’t even know what the number is but hidden having to provide her with a nice home. In the neighborhood she’s in that he pays for plus the legal fees, plus the kids activities and then she gets $8,000 a month. That’s a win if that $8,000 a month and we know she has a housewife salary but if her salary, and her 8k has to pay for her housing, that is not a win.

Amanda 27:31
No, and I don’t think so. So remember, this is temporary orders. And so I think she’s still living in the house. So I think I think it’s a win in that it is a signal. Overall that the judge does not think the prenup is entirely it should entirely be held to because the judge could have just gone and said we must follow the prenup. And the judge didn’t do that. And that’s what I’m saying is a big win. I don’t feel like for Lisa, it’s probably a big win to get $8,000 A month any of that. I think it’s a huge win. To know that the judge is saying, Nope, I’m not gonna go with what the prenup says for temporary orders. I feel like we need to, you know, you guys need to dig in more like we might need to see this in court if you guys can’t make a deal. And I that is the key when to me.

B 28:30
And the gross thing that I posted today is as of this morning, Lisa was unaware when this, my source tells me when this page six article came out, she was not aware of it. A different source said this is a court document this is this is what it is you could read it. So this was leaked to the press prior to her being made aware of it. I don’t know how that works with attorneys. I don’t know the legalities of it. We do know that Lenny has gone to page six from the very beginning. Remember he first we saw it on Miami, he first denied they were getting divorced, right? He’s gone to page six multiple times. So Page Six is somebody that works with him. So I don’t know if it’s a matter of oh, I told her attorney. And meantime her attorney got an email. And by a I mean we woke up You know, in New York time this was posted at I don’t know seven or 8am So is it like technicality where they legitimately put the story out so quick before Lisa’s attorney can even see the email. You know what I’m saying? Like we told you we sent our email at 5am that story came out at 7am Not my problem.

Amanda 29:41
Yeah, I mean that that is quite likely that that’s you know or Lisa’s out of town or she was in meetings or something morning and hadn’t checked, you know her email or picked up with her lawyer called you never know I mean wow. I Ah, that’s really gross. So that’s what happened.

B 30:02
So gross. And the mistress has something in her profile on Instagram that something like, Divorce isn’t bad. You just pay for it or something nasty. She’s so tacky. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. So Amanda, this morning, bright and early, we see the page six article. And I can tell you that at the time that page six article came out, Lisa, according to my source was not aware of this. So I reached out to another source who confirmed these are legal documents like we looked into it like yeah, it’s legit. Now, obviously, we know Lenny works with Page Six, he initially denied the divorce. We saw it on the most recent season that came out on page six. So I think that he called Page Six. And he was like, print this immediately. He then had his attorney contact her attorney. And the story legitimately got printed within the same, you know, within minutes of her attorney being informed, because I imagine legally, he has, she has to be made aware of the court’s decision before he can put a story out. Now the argument can be that Page Six is just constantly refreshing their browser for the Hochstein divorce case. But you and I both know that bullshit. Somebody has to tip them off. I think we know who that somebody is. I think it’s very, it doesn’t surprise me. I mean, we’ve talked about Lenny at length and how he has handled this in such a, in my opinion, and he handled this as if he had been cheated on. And he had been left like, right like he arranged from him. Like I guess he just expected her to do what the prenup said and what he said and get lost, which is outrageous and disgusting. And his mistress is tacky. And she has some tacky thing in her Instagram bio about money’s great, especially because it can pay for your divorce or some.

Amanda 32:14
Ah, yeah, I didn’t know that. That’s disgusting.

B 32:18
really egregious. I’m pulling it up. Because,

Amanda 32:21
well, while you’re saying this, like when you said this morning, because I was texting. I was like, Oh my gosh, did you see this? I want to talk about it today because we did the deep dive. And, you know, you’re like she’s saying that she hadn’t you know, she didn’t know or whatever I was trying to figure out. Okay, if the scenario where Leo what we’re learning calls and you know, tip some off, I just can’t figure out what his motivation is like it just because I guess he just wants to talk with the press.

B 32:55
Humiliation he wants to humiliate her. Yeah. Okay, so this is what it says. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness never paid for a divorce.

Amanda 33:06
Wow. That’s just real classy from her real classy.

B 33:10
I mean, and who knows? If it was him, maybe it was her who tipped off the price. Her Mo is humiliating, Lisa. And that seems to be his MO. And I don’t understand why. And I think Lisa said something at the reunion to the effect of why doesn’t he want to co parents in a harmonious way. Like who wants to be at odds with the mother of their children, their young children? I mean, we they got a long road ahead of them.

Amanda 33:43
Yeah, very long road. And every study out there says that the more contentious the divorce, the more a lot more long and drawn out. The more the parents fight in front of the kids, the more you know, there’s just conflict in general, the worse it is for the children for their entire lives. So get the fuck together. Lenny, I mean, my God, and I just don’t understand it.

B 34:09
But no parent goes into it, thinking that it’s their fault. So many will be like and we could have had a very harmonious divorce had she done what the prenup said she should do. And that’ll be his response.

Amanda 34:20
I’m sure it will be. But again, just give up. You know, it’s if it’s really about money, like make more. You can make more of it. You can’t make more kids don’t fuck your kids like well, I mean, I guess you can but you can’t really make the two kids you have like, Let’s not mess them up for life. Right anyway. Okay, so the OSI trailer came out this week. What did you think?

B 34:50
I mean, finally, fans were like, I thought it was cute. I liked the little intro. Some people you know, some of the feedback was they didn’t like it. What glit was what was good glaring to me personally, was all the chatter that we had posted and we had seen about Heather dobro. And the trailer being delayed because of her and Terry kind of checks out. I mean, she was barely in it. So you know, the rumor was that she saw the trailer she hated it. We there were all sorts of swarming cheating rumors allegations that we heard were in the trailer. And we also heard that she called her lawyers and Bravo had to re edit it, it kind of checks out because she really wasn’t in the trailer much. And we heard that there was so much drama around her. So I guess we’ll see how that plays out in the season. It’s hard for me to imagine Tamra having an easy time sitting on this and not talking about it on her pod. I can’t imagine that she doesn’t get to it if it really is left out of the season. We do know that Tamra unfortunately dealt with the lawsuit with Jim Bellino and stuff she said on her McDonald’s podcast. So she’s probably knows how much people like that can really get. Yeah. And again, we were the first ones with the Vicki filming photo all those months ago. And she’s back.

Amanda 36:16
She’s back. Well, I want to talk about a biggie in a second. But I back to Tamra, I listened to two T’s in a pod. And I think she sat like she said on air. She can’t talk about her own season, Teddy can talk about it. Teddy can ask maybe her questions or bring on other housewives. But I guess part of their deal is like Tamra can’t really talk much about it. And so you know, like I will see where that line is because I was listening this week. And they are talking about something else that we’ll talk about here in a second. But you know, the other thing as you were saying that about why the you know why the trailer was delayed. The other thing that has never added up to me is remember, I don’t know about a month ago, when it was either Bravo or Andy coming out and saying I got you know, we’ve got three announcements for you guys tomorrow. And Tamra did a post I follow Tamra on her stories. That was it said like it had like an orange and like a hashtag RH OC. on it. I think that day is something about I think that that day the trailer was supposed to come out. Because the other three announcements none of that had none of them had anything to do with OSI. So I think I think our theory is starting to really check out as far as Heather having something to do with it. Who knows what that was.

B 37:59
But another rumor started over at Bravo and cocktails. I said another rumor started over at Bravo and cocktails that is seemingly ending up.

Amanda 38:10
Okay. And so then back to Vicki. I have to say I kind of loved the jumpscare it was I thought it was funny. And here I am. You know I I came out of Bousso manner pretty anti Vicki. I just didn’t like her vibe, that whole show pretty much. But here I am happy to see Vicki again. And I was thinking about that. And I was thinking about why and I’m like, Oh, I know why? It’s because you just you can’t fake chemistry and Tamra Vicki and Shannon. Have it. I mean, prove me wrong on that one. You know, like, I just I think they have chemistry and we like to see it.

B 38:51
Well. I can tell you on a personal level. I don’t like Vicki. I just don’t like her. I think that she’s not a particularly nice person. I think she’s a good mother. But I think she’s a very self centered, self serving person as so many housewives are but I don’t mind her on the show because she gives us good television. It’s not that I’m watching her like, Oh, she’s the best I want to hang out with her. Right. But she’s like a Ramona. Like, I like Ramona more actually. I think there’s something more endearing about Ramona, I just think that Vicki is icky

Amanda 39:33
by the way, so I had mentioned this earlier that I wanted to come back to something else OSI that Tamra was actually talking a little bit about on her pod. So we got this email that sounded like Shannon was rekindling with John her axe. And then we see that they’re out together at Family Feud. So why don’t you read the email

B 40:00
From OSI rekindled, yes, they’ve rekindled he missed her and the fame. With the season airing soon he’ll get the attention and perks that come with it. I mean, it seems obvious to me, the trailer, we’ve already seen that obviously, their relationship was having trouble. We know that they broke up. And now she says they aren’t back together. But there was an Instagram story of him laying in her bed. Listen, I think if she’s happy enough with him, if she likes him as a person, and if they have fun together, and she doesn’t mind that maybe it’s sort of advantageous for him to be with her, then that’s, listen, we can’t say what’s right for her, we know that she had a very unhealthy marriage. So I tend to think that when someone has had an unhealthy marriage, they’re kind of conditioned to be used to it. But I wouldn’t say we’ve seen him be mean to her. I just think that I think it’s as simple as she’s more into him than he is to her.

Amanda 41:02
So when we got this email, because I read, um, you know, depending on how busy the work day is, like, pretty quickly, and I was like, That can’t be about Shannon like, what the heck. And because in my head, like Shannon, just as the kids like to say hard launched her relationship with her kind of newer boyfriend on Instagram, showing him in a picture with her in I want to say it was Cabo or somewhere in Mexico, but I think it was Cabo, like just a few weeks ago, like around Easter. So when I first read the email, I was like, Oh, that doesn’t sound right. And then sure enough, that night, or soon after we got the pictures, and there was like, another picture. And this is the one that Tamra and Teddy were talking about on their podcast, it was like old friends or something. And it said, No, we’re and it said, like, hashtag no, we’re not together. We’re not back together. Right? Well, she’s not gonna have posted it.

B 42:03
She’s not gonna say they’re back together right away, because they probably are just re exploring the idea. But I also think, I think that she was genuinely into John, I think they had a good thing for a time. And then they broke, they had trouble, they broke up. And maybe John got jealous when he saw her with the new guy. And maybe he reached out. And maybe it’s just as simple as Shannon being like, Well, I’m not really that into this new guy. And he’s reaching out. So let’s go back there. Which if that’s what it is good for her.

Amanda 42:32
Yeah, yeah,

B 42:33
maybe maybe he realized when they broke up, and he was dating other people, because we also posted you know, he was out on dates and stuff. Maybe he realized that he wanted to be back with her like, you know what I’m saying? Like, we don’t know, I’m sure she’ll talk about it. When next season rolls around. People who did seek meet them at Bravo, con, sorry to interrupt you. And they did said that he was they seem to have a really nice chemistry together. So

Amanda 43:03
yeah, I don’t I just hope this isn’t all for TV, because we’ll see through that. You know what I mean? And like, yeah, so we’ll see.

B 43:12
But you know, Amanda, again, I’m over talking. I’m sorry. You’re not Ramona said on her podcast, which I had to tune into, because 98% of cocktail hours didn’t so I listened for you guys. What she said, and what I think a lot of women on these reality shows find is, she said a lot of men that were otherwise interested in her just didn’t want to be with her because of the show. And so when you find the guy that you really like, and who doesn’t mind to the show, it’s sort of like a catch 22 Is he using me because he likes fame a lot. But then I’ll have no one to date because a guy that doesn’t want to be on the show and doesn’t isn’t into it won’t go out with you at all. So I guess you have to pick your poison,

Amanda 43:57
right? Yeah, I don’t know. That doesn’t Yeah, that sounds tough for them. I feel I do feel a little bit badly for them, especially when both of them while in not healthy marriages, either of them started being on the show married and then had to navigate the dating world having been housewife, like that can’t be easy. What about the rumors going around about Taylor and heathered Abro Taylor Armstrong and Heather dobro puting.

Unknown Speaker 44:27
I know what that’s about.

B 44:29
I forget, I feel like we heard stuff, but whatever it is, I’m so here for it. I think that they would be great. I think it’s a great matchup. I think. Yeah, it’s a fair fight and I want to see it.

Amanda 44:43
I agree. I agree.

B 44:45
Speaking to tease Atlanta. So all the ladies are on their press tour. Amanda, you know, I love me some Atlanta ladies. Kenya was asked about Marlo I don’t know if you saw this clip on a talk show. And she said If we don’t talk about Mara rocking, then we had her ensure a fighting over which one of them had the most iconic lines. I mean, for me who’s going to check your boo is one that I personally use all the time, but can use don’t come for me unless I send for you is iconic. She did she did try to claim by Felicia. Which a quick Google search will tell you youngins that don’t know that by Felicia is an informal phrase intended as a dismissive send off. Yes, I google this, where the recipient is rendered so unimportant. Their name is reduced to Felicia. It’s from the movie Friday. That ice cube was in and it goes back to 1995. So Kenya back in 1995. I do believe you were Miss USA, but you weren’t coining phrases.

Amanda 45:56
Okay? I’m sorry. But like people like you or me Rican seeing the Juicy Fruit commercial. Without having seen it in 20 years. We can tell you who alpha’s and you and I both know that by Felicia is 100% from the movie Friday, just like saying all right. All right. All right, came from dazed and confused. But you gotta love Kenya for trying to go for it.

B 46:21
Wait, speaking of which, my daughter? Have your kid started talking about Halloween already? No, thank

Amanda 46:26

B 46:27
Oh, it’s so annoying. So she started. Her and her friend are in the car. We’re going home from a sports practice. What else is new? And they’re trying to think of what they can be together and I’m like, why don’t you guys be the Doublemint twins and they looked at me. Like with the blank stares I’ve ever seen. I’m like, Yeah, you guys have no idea what I’m talking about. Okay, moving along.

Amanda 46:47
It’s so cute though. Oh, and thank God mine are not talking about Halloween. One of mine is like starting to age out of Halloween, which is so sad. It’s horrifying to me. I think he’s got at least another year but Yikes. Okay, so I also listened to Marlo on Heather McDonald. I haven’t caught the two teas quite one yet. But there are some really juicy things that kind of came out on juicy scoop. Did you listen?

B 47:19
You know I did. I’m a I’m a juicy scooper. And I didn’t realize Marlo was a foster child. I do know she’s very involved in charities that work with foster children. But she said and it was very sad. She said that she hasn’t she had it live with her mom since age 10. Because her mother who was still alive and still a substance abuser. She then touched on raising her nephews she talks about the backlash she got last season which we gave her backlash on the pod as well. She admitted it was how she worded it when she said she got rid of them. Like it wasn’t that exactly. But she is raising those boys. She did not say her sister. She just said her sister’s going through a tough time. Right? So with the knowledge that her mother is a substance abuser, that’s where my mind goes. She didn’t confirm that she shaded candies parenting, which I don’t like because she’s like, okay, and he’s only worried about getting her bag. You know, it’s not right to shame successful women. In my opinion.

Amanda 48:18
Do you feel like though she kind of I don’t know that she was saying it so much from the shady standpoint, because she was saying that candy is the provider. Candies got a lot of family who helps and like I maybe she was being shady. But I kind of also in that same conversation. She was talking about not cheating other people’s businesses. And I didn’t take it to be soup. I mean, I guess saying like she’s focused on getting the bag going to be but I think that if you if you take it out of context and just listen to that part of it, I think overall, she was like, No candy is the provider and she does a good job with that. I don’t know. We’ll see. Well,

B 48:55
a little birdie tells me that both Marlo and Srei go for candy hard this season. So there’s some bad blood there. Which leads me maybe that’s why I read it more shady than if I was listening without that knowledge. Maybe I would have just seen it as slight shade. But I think that there’s no love lost between Marlo and candy.

Amanda 49:17
Yeah, for sure. The other interesting thing that Marlo said in that interview was that she only had just the one very rich boyfriend. Not many rich boyfriends as I think we’ve all been kind of led to believe. She also said that she’s also been in fashion. She’s owned boutiques. And anyway, definitely listen, if you haven’t had a chance. I thought it was an interesting interview.

B 49:42
I thought it was a very honest interview because what I liked was that she said, Listen, I wasn’t Uber wealthy before I met this guy and certainly dating him and him being as generous as He was with me did allow me to expand on my businesses. And I had more capital and I need to put in but like I owned a boutique. That’s how I met him. I was working in the boutique that I owned, which I think it was important for her to get that out there because certainly the ladies have always made the narrative that she’s mistress around town with every rich guy. And the fashion thing is all a front. So for me personally, because remember, she’s only had her peach one year, so we’ve only caught glimpses of her. And if you haven’t listened to Heather McDonald, and you want a better idea of who Marlowe is, and where she comes from, I thought for me, it was it was very informative. And yeah, so I like Marlo, I’m looking forward to seeing her. And all of them.

Amanda 50:40
Agreed. I want to see more of the moral that I like back this season because I there were some things that kind of soured on her with them, especially around the boys. But, you know, I think her kind of coming on and clarifying that it was a lot more about the wording that she used, that would probably help so Okay, what about Vanderpump we know from Andy’s tweets and saying, hey, everybody sent me your questions for Kristen DoDI. She’s going to be on Watch What Happens Live.

B 51:11
I mean, some Finster sent that to me, and I posted it and it was true, which I didn’t doubt because why would offense to send that to me unless it was happening? Right, the episode and to use a line from Atlanta the lies the lies. You know,

Amanda 51:30
I can hear candy saying that the lies

B 51:33
you know, Lisa seem to know and a follower sent me a theory Amanda right before we hopped on and I’m going to not claim this theory as my own, but I’m going to cosign it as brilliant. And I told her to listen this week because I am going to share it. I’m excited. So her theory is she thinks and we’ve all suspected production got wind of his affair. He thinks production told Lisa, hence why Lisa questions, Raquel. Now I’m going to add in I was thinking to myself, I bet you Raquel admitted it to Lisa off camera because I can just see Raquel doing that Lisa has a certain way about her and Raquel is a weak person. But with that aside, Lisa then had Ken mentioned it in front of Katie, because Katie and Ariana are business partners and very close friends and Lisa was being loyal to them. The person said Lisa plays chess, not checkers. She’s 100% involved in this coming out.

Amanda 52:37
Okay, so let’s try to figure out when that would have been this can bring that up in front of Katie. If Sheena got married in what August so this would have been like September ish, October ish. Latest of last year. Where where is the timeline between October and March March?

B 53:02
It’s a long time. And okay, we see coming attractions we see Katie and Lala totally thinking it’s a possibility. Like they say I wouldn’t put it past them. We see Sheena backing her up wholeheartedly. So there’s a world where you can see Ariana hearing. Lala and Katie. I mean, they’re not gonna go to her and be like, Your man is fucking your friend. They probably said something like, I don’t trust her. But remember, Ariana very much agreed with Sheena, that they were unfair to Raquel and they didn’t give her any grace and let her suffer her breakup. And the reality is is that whether Ariana or Sheena well Sheena said it but whether Ariana wants to say it, there is a part of her that thinks Schwartz is single. And he should have respected Katie’s boundaries. But Raquel doesn’t owe Katie anything. Not only are they not friends, Katie hasn’t even been nice to her account, which is true. So I think Arianna chose to look at it from that. And I think that she really trusted Sandoval. Now why she trusted him with the knowledge we now have that he basically had cheated before. She chose not to believe it. I mean, you know, as a woman who’s in a relationship, I don’t walk around with the assumption that my husband is going to walk around cheating on me. Right, right. So I can see where she’s coming from there together a long time. And it isn’t like he was constantly getting caught fooling around.

Amanda 54:41
Well as their cell phone with cameras are ubiquitously right, it’s everywhere. And so I’m sure in her head she’s like, I mean, if anything ever really happened, I would get receipts, too. I mean, if there were ever a doubt in her mind, I don’t know and like So I was thinking about this too. So I had not heard. I had not heard about the cocktail or Syria, which I think is pretty interesting. My theory is, we know that each of them had their kind of like little suspicions here and there, right? So we know, Ali saw them at the Abbey. We know from hearing now from Brittany and Jax that there was a time where she was going to go pick up her shell. But then Tom was there too, but no Ariana and that each person had their own like little suspicion and said something to one of the two of them. And that Tom, especially Tom is such a master gaslighter that not only did he deny it, but he got angry and so mad at them and told them that they were idiots for even suspecting it. Like I think, you know, without full blown proof, right? That they were like or maybe something maybe something was a little fishy, but they’re like, but you know, it wasn’t, you know, maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought whatever it is, right? Right now everyone is especially extra pissed off at Tom and Rochelle because again, they’ve told them they’re idiots and nobody likes to be just blatantly lied to like all of them have been for so long because and now they also are like, I can’t trust anything you’ve ever told me because of how much you were, or anything really our friendship was based on because of the fact that you guys were both lying to us this entire time.

B 56:45
I mean, absolutely. And we actually have something hot off the presses. I don’t know if you saw this email come in while we were talking Amanda did not email dunzo subject broken up or question Question. Question. Sandoval is telling people that work at Schwartz and Sandy’s that he and Raquel have broken up. She isn’t taking his calls. Apparently this isn’t the first time they’ve broken up since March when scandal hit. So it’s possible though reconcile either way. Sandoval is pretty broken up about it.

Amanda 57:16
Can you take calls and rehab?

B 57:20
I can’t. And then someone then there was the rumor we saw in Dubois that he wasn’t miracle she was at miracle. We know we heard they were at Canyon Ranch. They took a break from that thing. He’s still claiming she’s at a mental health facility. James Kennedy on Watch What Happens Live last night was it there? Like he’s like, Did you notice anything and he says to me goes Andy everything. He goes. Right here he starts image imitating I love when James imitates American accents. It’s so good. A lot of people are saying it was totally about the pasta. I just think James is such a tightly wound ball of energy that when he’s able to let his freak flag fly, he just waves it. Right. I just I don’t think it’s about the I mean, I think it’s sometimes about the pastor with him. But I just think that his energy, I think Schwartz I have to talk about this. The scene where he got the drink thrown on him. He deserved that. The scene where he went in on Lala and then when she walks away, he’s like, Oh, Lala, back. Good, man.

Amanda 58:22
He’s such a good way. He’s such a fucking doofus.

B 58:25
Can you imagine what Katie has dealt with? And that fact that everyone says she’s the bad guy. She was projecting this energy because she was getting such nastiness at home but they were married but she’s gonna go out and say I’m verbally abused by the guy that everyone thinks he’s a basset hound.

Amanda 58:40
Right. Or as lawless said, she’s like, I feel like I’m yelling at a farm animal.

B 58:47
But did you see that there was that switch? And he got so disgusting and nasty to her? Yes,

Amanda 58:52
I did. And but they both dead to be honest. Like Lisa or Lisa. Sorry, Lola yelling at him that he’s broke in the middle of a restaurant like that like not not cool either. Like I feel like they both were really crossing the line on that one but I am so entertained by Lala so she gets the past for me.

B 59:14
I know you know I agree and listen, okay. I think that the more transparent about Lala that she is about her own mistakes and saying like I did a lot of stupid things. I was a mistress like she has to own that. Because you are allowed to grow you are allowed to change. And you know what, in 10 years I might be saying the same thing to Raquel although I doubt it because she wasn’t friends with Randles ex wife. Right. But say all this to say cocktail hours we are we are not talking stopping talking about Vanderpump Rules anytime soon. It’s too good. It’s too much. I do think production new. I do think that Lisa facilitated that coming out. I do think that when it didn’t fully come out by wrapping even though it was all there right in front of us something there was a push there to get it out. Was it? Was it Raquel Did they say said this Ariana has got his phone? We don’t know. And we’ll never know. I don’t believe Sandoval wanted it out. I don’t either. We can already see him trying to set up the break up and stuff. He didn’t want it out the way it came out.

Amanda 1:00:20
Yeah. I mean, that’s everybody guys. Like, everyone knows, right? That that whole taco truck, or whatever bagel truck conversation where Tom and Tom can’t even really look at each other. And so they put their sunglasses on because it’s so badly acted. That’s all Tom Sandoval saying, okay, look, I want you to help me start to set up for why I’m breaking up with Ariana and Seaton.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:47
Yeah, right. Yeah.

B 1:00:50
Yeah. All right, cat collars. It’s been

Amanda 1:00:53
dunzo for this week, guys. But thanks again for hanging in there with us with our echoes that are

B 1:01:01
so on the plus side. This is going to be hot tea, because you’re gonna hear this Saturday morning. And we’ve just recorded on the negative side. We’re both having worked on to our house. So we know we’re echoing we’re a work in progress. We’re like Jax Taylor. We’re just going to say that for the next five

Amanda 1:01:19
he always right. I think you should always be a work in progress. Always. Nobody. Nobody should think that they’re a masterpiece exactly the way they are. And I think we should think about that with the pod. We can always make it better.

B 1:01:33
Sure can. Alright guys Till next time, guys. Bye.

Amanda 1:01:45
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a T because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:02:26
Bye guys. See you next time.