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May 8, 2023

From: filming scoop

Subject: Fans will be happy!

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I’m hearing Jersey will start filming later. Not the summer. Fall into the Winter. Fans have been wanting Jersey to film around the holidays like they used to and it also will give the BH style short break.

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  1. Danielle S

    We’ll be happier when Melissa, Margaret and Jackie are fired!

  2. Jersey

    Bye-bye Melissa and Joe!!

  3. G

    They should at least get part of the summer. I love their shore houses – that’s the best part of watching Jersey…film August to December and you can get them both

  4. Christina

    That’s probably actually a better idea being that 2 of the jersey kids are going off to college and I would like to see their families focus on that part of their children’s lives than filming.

  5. Cimi

    This is a good move by Bravo. A longer break is needed. And thank goodness no more shore time. A refresh is needed.

  6. WYKYK

    Maybe they are waiting to see if Luis and Tre separate.

  7. I see you Teresa

    Sounds like we’ve got a new tre fake accounts talking lol

  8. Ugh

    Can we start focusing on other people besides Teresa’s dumpster fire of a relationship? And I’m so sick of Gia. Very obvious from this season how much her children lie about their family dynamic. Danielle was clearly brought on to be the new Teresa so keep pushing that fam storyline

  9. Please leave

    Good. Maybe Melissa and Joe will leave!

  10. Sarah

    So tired of Teresa and Louie. Maybe they won’t be together by the fall?? Wishful thinking


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