She’s not going anywhere!

May 5, 2023

Subject: Melissa going nowhere…..

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I’m just listening to Melissa Gorga’s podcast with Ramona Singer. They were talking about not believing everything you read on the internet and Melissa confirmed she is not going anywhere!!!

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  1. Lauren Espinoza

    Meh…. I’m over Melissa and Teresa fighting. Like they both can go. The storyline was beat to death years ago.

  2. Nancy

    Bummer. Another snooze fest season coming up. Hopefully she finally has a storyline.

  3. Luis’ bad suntan

    Bravo enjoys torturing us with the same saga year after year

  4. Jacqueline

    Maybe in her dreams but she and Margaret really need to go 👋

  5. Mohammad Yasin Alvi

    She confirmed that she’s planning on not going anywhere. She didn’t confirm that she’s been asked back. Big difference. I personally don’t want her to leave but if she’s going to stay then be real and call everyone out equally and don’t half ass it.

  6. Christina Dellanno

    They all have been asked to sign contracts with the exception of one of the part time/friend of. It’s now in their hands if they choose to come back or not. I understand it can become monotonous, but we are all watching!

  7. tre

    Great response to Carlos King’s pod…

  8. Krysi O

    Okay Melissa. Good thing it’s not up to her to decide 🙄

  9. Cimi Ryan

    I always thought Bravo waits until after the reunion airs and a few weeks before filming starts to even offer contracts. I have grown weary of this same crap every season. NJ is my favorite franchise but if there is not some sort of shake up, I am out.

  10. Alina Blanco

    Haven’t watched this season, now I won’t watch next season either. Boringggg

  11. Satchels if gold

    Everything I read on the internet is “Melissa is not going anywhere” so I hope don’t believe everything you read is true. Sick of the family fighting.

  12. Jennifer Sartori

    I love Melissa on the show. I love all the cast members on the show. I can’t get enough of their REAL drama… unlike all the other franchises.

  13. Carol

    I’ll take Melissa over Teresa any day!

  14. NONO

    Teresa is so miserable take her off the show! No one wants to watch evil anymore. She thinks she owns the network and Andy did not like her saying Melissa is going. We all know what happened to Nene and Vicky thought they were too big for the network.


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