The finale!!

May 4, 2023

Anon please. Bravo trying hard to get Ariana on wwhl for pump rules finale night!!



  1. chels d

    i was just thinking about this last night.. ariana, sandoval and rachel are haven’t been on since the news broke, but everyone else has.. including fired cast lol only one more episode before finale. who will they have next week 🤔

  2. Marina Pena

    Ariana hasn’t been on wwhl all season. She’s the only one who hasn’t so hopefully for finale or after reunion she will be able to to have last word.

  3. Die

    She was in NYC this week. Was it ONLY to see her guy or was it a hush hush one on one with Andy!

  4. thebravomom

    I was thinking about this and wondering if she would be on for the finale. Fingers crossed!!!

  5. Carol

    Andy-make this happen!!!!!!!

  6. Melissacd11

    I was thinking today that I hope she makes a boatload for her first interview, and hope she’s not bound to having it be on WWH (I am dropping the L cause only one show a week is live, and it hasn’t been VPR night in a few weeks—most likely cause Bravo is afraid more will leak before the finale/reunions).


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