RHONY Girls trip 🎉

May 4, 2023


RHONY Legacy girl’s trip is a go! Filming in June. Not 100% sure on location. The following women have signed on the dotted line:

Lu, Sonja, Ramona, Dorinda, Kelly and Kristen Teakman!!


  1. Logan Walsh

    I really like Kristen and always thought she should have been on longer to let her story develop. This will be great!!

  2. Jan

    Ugh, Kelly is the worst. I mean I get it if its on Scary Island but really hope the Jill & Bethenny rumors are true too.

  3. Briana Gibson

    I agree. Why are Kelly and Kristen making the cut? I can handle Kelly due to it being at scary island but would really prefer not. And Kristen? How? Why? She barely made it as a housewife . Bring some real legacy! Bethenny,? Jill, Tinsley? Carole?

  4. Memes H

    Kristen 🤔

  5. Kamilah

    Add Tinsley and Bethenny!!

  6. Elizabeth

    I can’t deal with Dorinda if she’s going to get drunk and start bullying everyone

  7. Gary

    Adding Kristen is smart, because you need a normal-ish person of everyone else is kinda crazy to comment on how crazy they are.

  8. OGs of NY

    Honestly as long as Ramona, Sonja and Lu are there I’m happy!

  9. Julie Palacio

    Everyone asking why and are upset that Bethenny and Tinsley aren’t on… They were obviously asked but declined. It’s not that simple. You should just get over it and appreciate the fact that we get the rest of these icons back on our tv’s at all!


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