One sided!!

May 2, 2023

Subject: 1 sided interview

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I’ve just listened the Nick Viall’s podcast, he had Howie Mandel on. Howie confirmed that the conditions of Sandoval’s interview were that he wasn’t allowed to be challenged!! His daughter wanted to say so much but couldn’t. What a joker Sandoval is….

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  1. Ava

    The joker is Howiee, Sandoval is a narcissist – what credible journalist agrees to that.

  2. kim

    i love that his daughter was wearing a send it to darrell hoodie and they made her change.

  3. NYC2OCcocktailer

    What???? Why did he vehemently defend him after the interview if that’s the case?

  4. Ana Maria Cardenas

    This sounds like Howie is covering his ass because who the hell is Sandoval to make such demands. He is not Barbara Streisand. Sandoval calls paps on himself for crying out loud!


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