Some Southern sweet tea!

Apr 28, 2023

Sending you some southern charm tea

I was at sheps bar and Naomie was having an event for leukemia


Talked to danni for awhile – she said she’s in a good place, hasn’t talked to Kathryn in years, Danni is in a relationship that she is very happy in.

She was awesome

Naomie walked up to me and bought

ME a drink! She was super nice

Chleb came

Madison Simon was there also

Did not notice a ring on Naomies finger I know there are rumors that she’s engaged!

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  1. Liz Young

    Happy to hear good news about Dani always liked her. And also happy for Naomi. While I will miss seeing both on the show they’re probably better off. Who needs an obnoxious man baby alcoholic like Craig constantly trolling you.


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