Bravocon is viva-ing Las Vegas, but Cocktailers have known this. Maybe the Toms need a little break from the media, because now Sandoval’s podcast appearance was a bigger dumpster fier than Schwartz’s. Let us count the ways that Sandoval is a master gaslighter. And Scandoval is causing a Bravolebrity renaissance of sorts. Summer House couple tea. Finally a more lighthearted Real Housewives of New Jersey episode. Send us your Bravo limericks…

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 49

Amanda 0:01
See, the world goes crazy and they do date for a while, three years later, they’re not going to be screwing in the backyard and the grass that is just not dateable not sustainable. So don’t be in a committed relationship if that’s what excites you

Speaker 2 0:26
welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from And as always, is all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. I’am B. And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

B 0:53
What’s up cocktailer’s.

Amanda 0:55
Hi cocktailer’s. Okay, so blowed time a month or so after we posted the Bravo con will be in Las Vegas. Andy comes out yesterday or two days ago saying hey guys, guess what? Bravo God’s gonna be in Vegas. Same weekend and everything. Same venue? We totally called it.

B 1:17
I know. Listen, you know me, Amanda. I don’t pay attention to the reviews because like pit bull says if they’re talking about you, it’s because you’re doing something right? Whether it’s positive or negative. I’m big Pitbull fans, guys. I’m only teasing. But the reality is not one other account posted Vegas. And as a matter of fact, I was contacted to be like, how do you know this? Yeah, again, I will never share. The only thing that made me nervous. And I said it on the pod is I was nervous because I was saying to myself, If this isn’t true, I don’t want people to somehow lose money. Like if they break the room, whatever. So that had me on the edge. But I really and then when he started teasing it. I mean, I pretty much knew I just I was nervous. Listen, I mean, you book a flight and you book a room and then it ends up being New York City again. That would have been really a lot of annoyed people and rightfully so. Right. Which is why it was like dope book. But for those of you that did, I’m happy you got those cheaper prices because the prices are getting

Amanda 2:16
wild. Are they I haven’t even looked yet. I am

B 2:21
I don’t even know if we’ll share what we’re going to end up doing until after Bravo calm because, you know, we gotta keep that that anonymous vibe going. And certainly in Vegas. I mean, shit. We could put wigs on.

Amanda 2:36
Going or like show girl costumes.

B 2:39
You know, this is not the first time now you’ve mentioned as being show girls. I’m starting to get nervous.

Amanda 2:44
No, I only the reason I laugh because so I am not a huge Vegas person. But I find myself there for work and stuff. Almost, I guess yearly once a year. And the reason I say that is because it’s like there’s the people on the Strip. There’s like creepy Elmo. It’s like kind of like times square right? Like creepy Elmo. SpiderMan and showgirls like that’s, that is like who you see that like people like sign up. So like that anyway, nobody would look twice at us if we were dressed as showgirls, except they would probably look twice at me because they would be like what showgirl has, like a mom, Tommy.

B 3:25
First of all, you don’t Second of all, I think Vegas is and we’ve discussed why it’s a great spot. I do agree. It’s a great spot. I think it makes sense. I personally don’t. I’ve been to Vegas 1234 times like, I don’t know, first of all, it’s far for me. Second of all, I don’t love gambling. So like, I’m at a point in my life where it was fun when I was like, more into like, the nightlife scene. But now, for me, I’d rather be in like the Bahamas. It’s quieter. It’s a beach. I you know, we’re de drinkers. Amanda. I know. And daydreaming in a casino just doesn’t hit the same way. But listen, it is first weekend in November. So beautiful weather there. I was watching in Vegas, Amanda now. I mean, I was young. Okay, just you’ll see how young when I tell you this, like mid August. Oh, it was so hot. I mean, what do I know? Right? I’m from New York. I’m Dobby. I was like 20 Exactly. We had just turned 21 And we were there and it was it was tons of fun but out by that pool like you could fry an egg on your belly.

Amanda 4:32
Oh, for sure. The desert. It’s yeah, somehow found myself there for two things within a couple of months of each other this year. And it does. I mean, it’s beautiful. When I was there in like December. There was snow on the mountains and it was like there was like a little bit of a chill in the air but it was still sunny and nice and so November will be like it’ll be perfect not the pools will be open but like it’ll be really nice weather And it just like we’ve said, it just makes sense. They can handle the people, they have plenty of venues. It’s a big draw for people outside of Bravo con. So people who maybe want to bring their husbands who have no interest in Bravo. Like it just it makes, it just checks a lot of boxes.

B 5:18
In addition to saying Vegas, we also said Caesars forum. And in fact, that is where the convention will be. Yep. And again, guys, this is what I’m hearing. So if you go out of your way to book Resorts World and talent, isn’t there, like don’t hold me to it, but I am hearing that the talent show most of which will be staying at Resorts World. We know that when they had it in New York, they all stayed at games and board, games, vort, whatever the heck it’s called, which we also had word of beforehand, not far enough in advance for out of towners to book, but certainly it was far enough in advance for everyone to pop up and do those parties. So please do stay tuned. I am posting you know I am posting as it comes in to Insta to Bravo and I’m sharing all the info with you. And we know from the New York from like, just this past Bravo con, the talent loves to hang. Like they’re in the bar, wherever they’re staying. They are in that bar. They’re hanging with the fans. It’s really a good time. I don’t know ticket prices. A lot of you’re asking me tickets are expensive. Tickets are expensive. I mean, a one day general admission is I don’t remember exactly. Maybe less than 200, but close to 200. And then your VIP for one day you’re talking 500 Your s VIP you’re talking 1000. And this was last year. Are they saving costs on Vegas? And will the prices stay the same? Potentially? I don’t see him going down. That wouldn’t make sense. Because yeah, and the other thing is, how big do they need it? Like do they want to just charge more and not be accessible? I don’t know. I think Bravo wants to be accessible, right? I think that’s part of the reason they’re giving the west coast a shot and they’re doing it someplace. Even though like people laugh when we say affordable because you’re looking at these flights and hotels is more affordable than a New York City hotel. It is more affordable than a hotel in LA. So it is for your average folk more affordable. Like for me, hey, listen, I’m in New York City. So nothing can be more affordable, right? Because I just paid the tickets in the Uber. But you know, it is what it is?

Amanda 7:23
Well, I you know, I was listening to two T’s in a pod When Caroline Manzo was on and they were talking about Bravo Khan and how Teddy had interviewed her there. And I thought they brought up a great point, which is get some cameras rolling in the hotel where all the talent is saying, because so much going down, just within that GaNS of art. So I hope that that’s something that bravo bravo is listening to them or listening to us, because I couldn’t agree more that we want to see that

B 7:56
I’m going to push back on that while I think it’s a great idea. I do. And of course, everyone has their smartphones and anyone can like take a flick or whatever. I do feel that the talent will behave differently with cameras up and they are working those long hours that I don’t know if we want to go that way and then deter them from hanging.

Amanda 8:12
That’s a good point. Also, Vegas is difficult with filming and sound because of all you’ve said

B 8:19
this right, right, right. There’s many times when we’re always like, why are there no Vegas housewives, you remind me of that?

Amanda 8:24
Well, because like I have a thing. Like I get overstimulated in Vegas sometimes. And like I have chosen sometimes when I’m there for work to stay at a hotel that doesn’t have casinos in the lobby for just that reason. Because it’s just, it’s sometimes it’s a lot, especially if you have to be there for work and be there for more than a couple of days. It gets old. So good point. I think that’s a good point.

B 8:47
I don’t think that they will set up cameras for that reason, I think that they have to give them a break. And I think that people will just go up to their room or go elsewhere to hang. Like if I’m a Bravo lab. Honestly, you’re putting up cameras I’m hopping in I’m going to like the golden nugget where no one’s gonna find me.

Amanda 9:08
I love going into old Vegas. So fun. It is. It’s fun. And I like because I’m not a big gambler either. But if you can find like a five or $10 blackjack table I will totally sit down and and play so. Okay, so scan of all the story that never stops. This week. The big thing was how we Mandel completely random interviewed Tom Sandoval on the podcasts. I watched the YouTube all I can say is wow, what do you think?

B 9:47
I’m gonna be honest, I just watched clips. I couldn’t sit there and watch him. I posted it for COC for you know, yeah. Bravo For everyone that wanted to the clips were enough for me. I know Bravo was pissed. Bravo. was really pissed. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think that he wanted to go on, because he thought somehow that going on with somebody who’s unprepared and violating his contract would be a good look for him. Unfortunately, he can be fine now he can actually be fired. Now, they could switch him to Episode episodic from episodic today pay, which I don’t even really understand. But my source said, Okay, B put it to you this way. Do you see Sandoval and Ariana is house versus Brock and Sheena, as we know that Brock and Sheena have since got a nice house. But in other words, it’s a very large pay difference. And they do I am hearing that they will punish him and like he can act like he’ll quit. But there’s no life for him after Bravo. So him quitting is fine. And well if he chooses to just do free concerts in the park. But that’s the end of him. If he quits, bravo. He’s done.

Amanda 10:59
Yeah, and I mean, there’s a lot of other pans in this situation or not hands, a lot of other people involved with his decisions, as we’ve said before, right, right, because he’s got the two bars that his name is on. He’s got Schwartz, he’s got the other business partner Greg Schwartz, and Sandy’s like it. Well, we should read that email because I read the email and I’m like, oh, that kind of actually makes a little bit of sense.

B 11:33
So Well, which one? So I got an email that I posted and titled it Sandoval sent me an email because it says Thomas Okay, going against his contract to speak out if he doesn’t sign next season than VPR is screwed. He knows he has the upper hand, which is why Andy is mad at how he publicly not Tom. None of what is written in there. I don’t need a source to tell me that’s not true. It’s blatantly not true. They are mad at him. Bravo has the upper hand. He is a crumb on a cake. You get it time you are a crumb on a cake. And your story is still there for everyone to discuss and dissect and the flashbacks are there without you. If they can do without jacks, they could do without you. If they could do without Stassi they could do without you. Nobody is air replaceable. Least of all, you actually most of all, you you are replaceable, your mesh is all there and we can all talk about it.

Amanda 12:30
I am going to beg to differ with you on this one. I think he kind of does have them between a rock and a hard place. And I want to talk about what he said because I like i said i watch I think like 90% of it. I think I stopped when they started shaving the mustache. I think he kind of he does have an advantage because of how insane this story has gone. If he is not on Vanderpump next year. Is there a Vanderbilt? Because like they can’t just be talking about this like it? I don’t know. I mean,

B 13:05
I think he has a short term advantage. I don’t think they need him for that long. I think yes.

Amanda 13:11
I think we’re not for that long. Yeah, I

B 13:13
think if they call his bluff, he’s not going to turn down the day pay or whatever the you know, the decrease in salary is I don’t see him turning that down. If he does, I don’t know. I don’t know we’d still get Raquel so she still would want her check somebody so somebody also sent a follower sent me a question and said what if they do like a deal where the whole cast bands together and says like it’s us or them? I don’t think they will because I think that they’re all savvy enough to know that even Ariana that like this storyline is too good and too profitable for them to do that. So I think Sandoval comes back I think it’s a short term thing. I believe that he will be done after the storyline is out my source tells me that he believes that Vanderpump is only got another season after this one. So like the next you know what they’ve proven themselves to be the Phoenix that rises again. I won’t ever call this cast out. i Yeah, peacock was nice enough to send me over the video showing Jax and Brittany who are going to be recapping the upcoming episodes very much she them as a possibility coming back. I mean, talk about rising from the ashes I mean Jax we all thought he was a has been and here he is. And this has revived their career. They have a successful podcast. They are now on peacock they are working with the network again. Period, so anything is possible from there. Kristen dowdy could talk all the shit she wants. She did film this season. She is on the boss, which is currently filming with our girl Jules Aaron. And I think we said Reza right. And guess what? She’s willing to go on that which is not an established show. She’ll come back to Vanderpump Rules. And then when you get those people back, who’s to say where it ends? I mean, we might be watching Ocean and summer and cruise in 18 years. I mean, Jack’s walking with the walker, I don’t count these guys out.

Amanda 15:08
I agree with you. I think the show doesn’t need Sandoval past next season, either. And yeah, you definitely can’t count them out. I think I think having this whole like scan of all thing to made Bravo and peacock and all the powers that be really realized, like how invested so many people are and that you can’t just go by, you know, the most recent readings and that kind of thing because people are very invested. Right. I do want to just talk quickly, because I feel the need to bring this up. And I am first of all shocked that Tom, if Tom had somebody prep him for this interview, whoever it was did a shitty job because I feel like I got a very good insight into what Ariana was dealing with in that relationship. You know, like, I can’t even say the word gaslighting enough because it is he essentially came on and sad, didn’t have sex. She didn’t spend time with me. Like he said, I had no Mojo I turned into like, he didn’t use his words, but like a one pump chump. Like it just it was it was all because of Ariana it was all her fault. Right? all her fault. He didn’t Ariana just essentially push time into Rochelle his arms.

B 16:38
And I mean, I think that the outrage is that they were not married. But for all intents and purposes, and in most states, they would be considered common law marriage. And I think that anyone who has been in a 10 year relationship knows that there are highs, lows and everything in between. And the fact that he said things like, I don’t know how she didn’t know. I mean, I guess she trusted me. Yeah, you think like your business partners in your cocktail book, your business partners in a lot of like smaller things, a lot of partnerships and branding, and all of this kind of stuff that maybe we don’t talk about as much. So she was looking at it like you guys were a team, you were in this together, you owned a home, you made all of these big long term commitments. And then you hear him referring to it as a brand. So it’s almost like he stayed in it, because it was a brand. Whereas I highly doubt that was Ariana is thinking, I think that she like, Do you know what I’m saying? If my husband and I are buying a second home, right? And we are buying a vacation home, and we’re talking about how like, that’s where we’re probably going to spend the majority of our time and our retirement, I’m not thinking that he’s actively engaged in affair and planning on breaking up with me, because we’re planning for down the road, right? When people are dating, and they’re like, oh, this summer, do you want to go to Italy? And then the girls like, tells her friends like I know, we’ve all been in situations or friends have we’re like, wow, I think this is kind of getting serious. Like we’re planning a vacation for next, like that kind of thing. Like we’re planning for the future.

Amanda 18:10
Right? And this is guys like, I’m sorry, Tom, if it like you guys had told us, both of you. Were in a committed, like for life relationship. Just because we’re married doesn’t mean, you know, and that this is committed couples sometimes go to different weddings on a weekend when there are two weddings that happen on the same weekend because he was like, I mean, she didn’t even go to this wedding with me because she had this other wedding. And I’m like, Well, no shit. Right? You know. And, by the way, we were right. We remember when we are talking about how we had heard the Rochelle had gone to St. Louis with Tom. Yes. And that we were guessing I’m like, I bet his parents did not want to touch that. I bet they didn’t want to meet her. And sure enough, that’s exactly what the case was. And it is so insane to me.

B 19:04
Not to want to meet her like How about they say to him listen, you either tell Arianna or we’re gonna tell her like, you know, I understand that your child. But and we’re both mothers. Like, there’s a point where if you expect me to be involved in your relationships as a 10 year relationship, the parents would be right. Right. And you introduce me and we spend time and someone is a part of our family for 10 years. At what point do you say to your kid like we don’t do this. This is immoral. And this is disgusting. Like you’re telling her

Amanda 19:39
I know. And who knows. Maybe they did have that conversation. I mean,

B 19:44
okay, well, that was December and she found out in March. Yeah, so I don’t know. Sorry. You’re right. Fuck his parents too.

Amanda 19:51
He also said they broke up on Valentine’s Day. What a joke.

B 19:56
What a joke that was like I was begging her to break Dude, nobody believes that nobody in their right mind fucking believes that. I’m sorry to curse so much. In the meantime, we have Ariana thriving Yeah, she’s going to be on Dancing with the Stars which I don’t believe is officially signed but let’s like Word on the Street she’s going to be on and that ad yesterday and another red revenge dress in the middle of Manhattan filming for Bloomingdale’s like Yes. So boss with police’s the boys are waiting playing in the background. I love a good police jam i milkshake brings all the boys to the yard as my shit after a couple. between police and Pitbull, I’m really like, early 2000 and get over here.

Amanda 20:40
That’s too funny. Yeah, I forget what that designer is. But it’s a very recognizable designer. All the housewives have been wearing the dresses with like the big shoulder pads and like the deep V. She looks, she looks amazing. And I think that’s the other thing. All of us want to see is, you know where Ariana goes from here next year, and like how you know, what her next steps are and how she’s doing and all of that. And

B 21:10
what about I’m sorry, what about him taking credit for her thriving? Like in the interview? He said something like, Yeah, I mean, and now she’s doing all this great things. And you know, she was depressed. And in a rut guys, I’m paraphrasing, but it was something like that. And now as a result of this, like, are you okay? Like, you’re taking credit? Like, go away?

Amanda 21:29
Right? You know, and he even said, at one point, yeah, we are both depressed. I would deal with it by going out and seeing friends and she would deal with it by staying home and staying in bed. And Mike, clearly, you know, anybody who’s been through any kind of mental health situation, those are the people who are usually going to be the last people to criticize how anybody deals with their mental health. Like, he just, he can’t see anything but through his own eyes. And, and that’s what you know, I mean, I know eventually, Ariana is going to feel like, thank goodness. But it’s just this is a lot. It’s a lot of betrayal and watching, watching Vanderpump last night and watching you know, this whole wedding, which now we know this whole thing went down for the first time the before this wedding, and so it just, it just, it feels so icky. And I think this is going to be a really hard thing. Just for her like every month like every time she’s like, oh my god and like then like that night they were screwing or like he’s giving her this look or like at one point last night he was like, recall recall Raquel and Ariana was like stop saying or Khalil like said then

B 22:51
he slaps her on the ass and like no one even noticed because no one was thinking it and Lisa says Lisa Vanderpump says about the finale episode. She said, Yep. Andy because Andy said it last night. It’s crazy to watch. I agree. I thought and express at the reunion one of the most astounding bits of film I’ve seen, apparently, and he did a one on one with Raquel and he asked her in it like how did you sit there and talk to Ariana? I don’t know. It’s gonna be explosive. i People are like, I’m sick of hearing about scannable and like so am I but also we can’t stop because it’s too much. I did want to touch on the rumor that Brock and Raquel hooked up. We have no receipts on that. This is somebody throwing something at a wall and hoping it sticks. My source says that they have no receipts. They know of no truth to that. I do know there was a comment on a post where he put like a flame or whatever. She was living with them. They were all friends. I mean, let’s not listen. It’s very hard not to look at everybody with the side eye as a result of both the Tom’s Tom Schwartz the way he handled Katie on the last episode, he is disgusting. I was so happy when she said to him, you’re a liar. You’re a drunk and you’re a piece of shit or whatever like he is.

Amanda 24:07
I can’t even look at him anymore. Like, just the way He even calls himself as like a sad sack. It’s like I just, I can’t I can’t look at him. I cannot with him. He is I am so happy that Katie is out of there and that she is also thriving and doing her own thing because she has got to be like, you know, again, who knows if she’s there yet, but eventually she’s going to be like, Thank God that is done and I am out of that.

B 24:38
You want to know what I think that Katie? avoided or Schwartzel because for what I think she admits that he had cheated. I mean she admits that she says it. So I think that she got out of there because she saw the writing on the wall that him and Tom were gonna continue to do their thing, right. All she asked she split with him. She said Just try not to To hook up with anyone in our group, he couldn’t respect that, even though he didn’t actually like her. And even though he knew his friend was hooking up with her, he still disrespected Katie in that way. So that just makes him even the lowest. But Ariana really trusted Sandoval. And I guess she saw his narcissism as quirky and career driven and all of these things, and it must be so wild for her to look and just see it. Like, it’s like doing a 360 Like, you can view something one way. And then when you find things out, you see it in a completely different light. You know what I’m saying?

Amanda 25:38
Yeah, I do. I do. And hopefully eventually this feels healing for her to see it all. I can’t imagine it’s feeling all that healing right now. But again, to like you just watch for Shell and I’m like, I just don’t see a lot of redeeming qualities about her. She’s not funny. Although Tom says She’s witty. She doesn’t seem that smart. I don’t, I just don’t I don’t get it. You know, and,

B 26:07
and that Lala said last night, she’s like, I don’t think this is gonna last, I think when all this dust settles, because listen, he’s loving all this attention, negative, whatever it is, he loves attention. When all this settles and he turns to her and he realizes, Lala how Lala put it, where she goes, when he realizes looks at her and realizes, gee, there’s just not that much going on there. Like now that the sneaking behind in the adrenaline rush of tricking everybody, including Ariana is gone, he’s gonna look over at her and be like, womp womp.

Amanda 26:36
Or if they do, let’s, let’s say the world goes crazy. And they do date for a while. Three years later, they’re not going to be screwing in the backyard and the grass like it’s that is just not dateable not sustainable. So don’t be in a committed relationship if that’s what excites you like, I don’t know. I don’t get it. I don’t get her. I don’t find her to be that attractive. I think she complete she’s one of those people who completely transforms by putting on makeup. And when I think the rest of the women and this is sounds so Catty, I shouldn’t be commenting on looks. But whatever.

B 27:19
Their gorgeous exam, I

Amanda 27:20
don’t find her. I just don’t find her. I

B 27:23
always said like, men don’t cheat because their wife isn’t attractive. Right. And I mean, of course, we know that in our own lives. I mean, we know so many people who are like, phenomenal, beautiful women whose husbands cheat with like, second hand bad. Like, whatever. Yes, it’s never about the looks right. It’s always about whatever the guy needs to feed their whatever insecurity or, or desire to be wanted. So like, her looks to me are irrelevant, like, whatever, obviously, we’re all gonna think she’s ugly now. But listen, she’s tall. She’s thin, whatever. I just want her to go away. But then like, everyone’s like, Yeah, but then there’s no show like then they’re all cool buying. So yeah, I guess we need the devils. We need the Bagger Mom,

Amanda 28:04
mom perspective. 10 years from now. She’s got a few kids. She’s married. Who’s going to carpool with Rochelle? I wouldn’t know. I think it’d be like, if you I don’t want you anywhere in my friend group. Clearly, I mean, that lady, she’s she’s gonna have a tough life. And as you know, the carpool when you are a mom and you have kids who play sports and go to school. You know, the carpool is how we all get by good last. Good luck for shawl. I hope you really like driving because you’re gonna be doing all of it.

B 28:41
I wouldn’t even let my kid in her carpool if she said I never had to drive.

Amanda 28:46
Absolutely not. Absolutely not like and who’s gonna want to like go out? Like, I don’t know, for me. I mean, my friends are, you know, what keeps me going on, like the hard weeks and because everyone has hard weeks, right and having good friends. I’m like, she’s, she’s just really she’s really screwed herself. I think I get I don’t see things being very easy for her. No matter what choices she makes for the rest of her life because people will always and I know there’s you know, the scarlet letter, but I don’t think it’s just the scarlet letter. It was her it it is. I am a friend betrayer too and that

B 29:25
she that’s it for me. And like honestly, that’s why like a lot of people are calling Lala a hypocrite which on the one hand, I get it, but Lala was not friends with Randles wife. Okay, so whether we want to believe like, people say she’s trying to act like she didn’t know he was married. Let’s say she knew he was married. Same with Sheena and Brandi Glanville when she cheated with Eddie Cibrian. They weren’t friends with the wife. It’s not the same fucking thing. I’m sorry. It’s not. It’s shitty. It isn’t something I would do. But it doesn’t mean that it’s the same as what Raquel did that is that she lied to an entire group of friends and was very close friends with the partner of 10 years, but we gotta move on from this because it just leaves my stomach.

Amanda 30:13
We do. Okay, what are we talking about here? Let me see her.

B 30:18
We have that email from somebody about Cory.

Amanda 30:24
Oh, okay, got it. So all right, so summer house, we know Cory from winter house Cory was a friend of Craig’s we also in our guts, no, they called Corian to kind of shake things up a little bit because only having three guys was just not cutting it in terms of the fun and you know, excitement of the show. It was too much couple of house just like we had guests so he comes in, we see him flirting with Sam who is one of the new housemates blonde super cute career and fashion smart. They seem to be liking each other then this last in the last week she goes out and does some interviews on video where she goes into detail about the yes we’re dating talks about their days talks about how they spend time with Craig and Paige at pages apartment that shoot you know, they all love each other to death are you know, words that I remember her saying? But what’s interesting is we haven’t really heard Cory say anything, and we haven’t heard him say much. And then we got that email could have been from anybody. We don’t know if it’s true. You know, guys, we’d love to, you know, we share with you guys, we don’t verify the blinds, anybody can send us an email. So here’s the email. Subject line is one sided relationship. This newbie on summer house recently shared her relationship on IG. However, the southern side of the relationship hasn’t posted a thing. And he is still active on hinge, which is a dating app. Hope she doesn’t get hurt, and that he’s more serious than he seems.

B 32:16
So I really liked Sam, I also I want to say, like I like Sam’s on biased opinion on some of the stuff specifically what’s happening with Lindsey because Sam clearly is new getting to know everyone and it seemingly likes everybody. So her opinion is really that if somebody’s just watching, and I think it’s interesting to see how she’s kind of like, pointing out where Danielle could be wrong because of course, the housemates who have been there have their thing with Lindsay and so she’s there bitchu Each crackers and nothing she can nothing she does is okay. So Sam’s fresh look is interesting. And she seems like a very sharp, bright girl. I am wondering, are we all waiting for the next scandal? Are we all being unfair to the men in Bravo or other men in Bravo cheating scams? Because hinge is like a very obvious app. And clearly Sam’s friends could see him on hinge and let her know, right? The same way I got the email. Like, the interesting thing is when I get stuff, it’s never can be a shock. Because the same way followers send it to me. You don’t think they inbox the people like when they’re cheating rumors going around like about other housemates? You don’t think the spouse is getting those? We’re all getting them. So you don’t think Sam is looking to see if he’s on hinge? And is it going to be a thing where he’s like, Oh, I was still on the app, but I haven’t used it Which to me sorry, shady, deleted, like, in our error, which I did not date in the error of dating apps? Because I’m a dinosaur. But I feel like if I did, once you made me official, we sit there together and we delete the apps like that should be a thing.

Amanda 34:07
Oh, that’s a good idea. Yeah, I don’t know. Hinge. I don’t know if it’s one that you have to pay for. Or if it’s not, because I could totally see if it was something that he, you know, didn’t have to pay for. And I don’t know about you, but I have I’m sure people do this. I’m not on a dating app. But like I have my email address that I use. Like if I’m signing up at a store or for like emails or things like that, right? Maybe it goes to an email address that he doesn’t check. I think there is a possibility that it really could just be something like that. So so who knows, we’ll see. But it is interesting that even now that Corey still hasn’t come out and said anything. I think that is that is interesting. And I maybe it’s not the like everyone’s looking for somebody who’s cheating but maybe it’s like I also see an advantage for Cory and Sam, if they are kind of still dating possibly going into summer house. So with Corey possibly having more of a role on the show, we’ll see.

B 35:15
I mean, and then of course, you have to look at it from the Oh, and by the way, some cocktail hours were like B, you have to talk about the two blinds being true. And I’ll get to the second one, but one of them was that when Sierra and Paige basically sat on Watch What Happens Live? Yeah, Jason is only being photographed with Giselle for cloud. So there is that scope of it? Right. And I’m not saying Korea’s using Sanford cloud, because they’re both new. But two stars are bigger than one star. Right. And, and that can be mutual, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all on quarry, right? We never listen. In the industry. You never really know. I mean, Paige and Craig have been dealing with rumors that they’re on and Lindsey and Carl, I mean, they were engaged people were still saying it was for the show. So you never really know. Somebody else said something interesting. And Amanda, and I wanted to pose it to you. And then I went to cocktail hours to talk about it, because it’s something I hadn’t considered. But it’s kind of petty. But several seasons ago, someone wrote in on a summer house reunion, and he asked Carl, this was after him and Lindsey had dated, okay, if he thought he made a mistake, or could go back and work it out with one of the girls who dated on summer house? And his answer was, and I didn’t remember this until this follower sent it, he would go back and work out a romantic relationship with Danielle. So this was post him and Lindsey, do you think that’s why Lindsey doesn’t care too much to salvage the friendship? Because she’s aware of the history with Carl and Danielle.

Amanda 37:01
I mean, so first of all, I don’t remember him saying I do. I remember,

B 37:08
I wasn’t sober, because I

Amanda 37:10
feel like that changes. I agree. But he also acted like a total douchebag that summer, you know, with her and ask the berries. I do remember him asking that berries instructor out in front of her like just just shitty. So I’m betting maybe he wasn’t? I think we I don’t have any proof of this. But I think Lindsay is probably a very insanely jealous person. And I think she has had her eyes on the prize for the relationship and for the marriage and then to have babies as we know, she’s had this list. Do I think she would be look could be open, open? Could I see her choosing her relationship with Carl? Over continuing to have her relationship with Danielle? Yes. And I will tell you, I thought that that conversation that they had at the party, it felt very much like Lindsey was like, I am just going to put a punctuation mark on this conversation, and just hug her so that it can be over because I don’t I am not going to validate her really. I’m just gonna say I’m sorry, hug you. And like, hopefully, that it’d be over is how it felt to me and

B 38:25
continue putting distance between their friendship. Yeah, and what this person said to me as much as I want to say no, I think that what you’re saying about Lindsay, Lindsay herself admits she has certain abandonment issues and trust issues because of her childhood and past relationships. So do I think that in her rational mind, she believes that Danielle and Carl would ever get together? Obviously not in her rational mind? Do I think there’s a part of her that those insecurities are pulling on her and she you know what I’m saying? Like she may somehow be putting space between and like, to be clear. You can’t have the trace amigos when you’re right. Like, I don’t know, when one person is an end. I don’t think it helps that Robert is really around a lot. Because then it really is the three of them. And like, you know, I don’t know, when you’re in a new relationship. You’re not exactly always wanting to go out with like, one person. I do feel though, and again, Danielle was living in Montauk, remember, and they were in the city during the week. But I do feel that Lindsay is much more willing to accept all the guys in like Luke. Like, Andrea, you know what I’m saying? Light up. They still hang with that bore. Who was that guy’s name?

Amanda 39:54
Alex. Alex.

B 39:55
Yes. Like they just posted a picture all the guys were out eating pizza. To like, I don’t know, Lindsey works better with men. Yeah, it is what it is. So is some of that a result of like the Danielle and Carl thing? It could be? I mean, if they had never been a couple, maybe she would have rode for the friendship a little harder? Or maybe she would have still chose whatever? I don’t know.

Amanda 40:16
I don’t know, I just go back to I think if you’re going to be Lindsay’s friend, it’s going to be on Lindsay’s terms. And to me, that is just not I think Lindsay is going to have to learn that lesson the hard way. And hopefully, you know, you know, I hope she learns a lesson and realizes, like, even if you have a great marriage in a great relationship, you still need your girlfriends, you still need your good friends outside of that relationship. But

B 40:44
you know what, Amanda, you and I are very much girls girls, she may not she may be good with having her relationships that she has outside the show, which may be a little bit more surface level, but it’s somebody to get a pedicure with she may be fine with having Luke and Andrea like she made. I don’t think all women need like I’m a person who believes that women are so integral to my life, starting with my mother through my cousins through my sister in law’s through my daughter through my friendships like I don’t believe all women are like that, in the same way that I can’t really relate to women who are like super tight with guys like I have. I have guys I’m friends with but I’ve never been a person who has. I mean, I’ve childhood friends. But it’s also those friendships have evolved as we become adults. And now it’s more, you know, a different level. Like, I don’t know, I’ve never been other than my husband and my brother, I don’t have very close relationships with men and some women may find that weird.

Amanda 41:45
I did before. So I had this is kind of a funny story. But I had to like best guy friends. And maybe I shouldn’t tell this story. But anyway, long story short, one of them I ended up marrying, you know, and like, right, you became more than friends. And the other good friend is still a good friend, but not the same. Not the same level. Right? Once you’re in a relationship, I just don’t think the Yeah. At least in my situation. I just don’t see. I didn’t see that. So

B 42:19
I think it’s different to if it’s a colleague, like if you work in an office, I know one of my close colleagues, I know one of yours is a male, and like him, and I certainly we you know, we chat, we’ll call each other but it’s I don’t know, it’s always almost a little bit about work. And then like, if for some reason, there’s an you know what, I don’t know, it’s it’s hard for me to fix, but no, I

Amanda 42:40
totally agree. I have, like, male clients that I consider to be my good friends, you know, and like we talk to each other, but I don’t just text them on a Saturday and say, Hey, do you want to go on a walk together? You know, it’s I always keep a certain level of separation, right? Because I don’t tell I don’t like they’re married. I’m married. Right.

B 43:04
And it’s not even I don’t know, even when I was young. I when I was in college, of course you have friends that are good friends, but ultimately, they always end up wanting to hook up. I mean, that’s just the way it has been my reality. So I don’t know.

Amanda 43:15
Yeah, yeah. That’s been my experience, too. So maybe that’s not always true. But I don’t know. What did you think about jersey?

B 43:25
I mean, I was happy that we got a somewhat lighthearted trip. beautiful castle in Ireland. You know, I have been to Ireland several times. i My mom was Italian. My dad is Irish American. So I love Ireland. I think it’s funny that they’re all scared of the castle because it’s just that like European architecture is old. It’s not haunted. But anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Jen admits I liked that. Jen admitted for the most part that she set up the coffee grind reading like she finally kind of gave it she’s like, and I liked it. March was that again like knocking her like you don’t even remember she didn’t say because you were high. But then Jen was like we you know what? I may have said more than I’m remembering. Like, obviously, she had to own it. I mean, even Teresa was like, Oh God, this is uncomfortable.

Amanda 44:11
I know. Limerick I loved the limericks. I thought we should have like a cocktail or liberate content.

B 44:19
What about bachelors? Sang, she hooked up with James Gandolfini.

Amanda 44:24
I don’t know why, but I found that kind of hot. I mean, what do you Cipriano, there is salt. He had some kind of energy about him.

B 44:33
Do you know that I actually looked into this because when we were in COVID, and locked down my husband and I did a whole rewatch of The Sopranos. And I think a lot of people did. He was like 32 or something when the show started. Really, right. If you look at his face, it’s just I think, because number one, he was heavy set and the balding and I don’t know why did they make people so much older? Even even that was like the night like late 90s. I don’t know. I think the beef with day Danielle and Rachel is trivial. It’s so obvious they’re sort of just making it known who side they’re on. Yeah. And it makes me say to myself like self was, was it always this obvious on housewives I feel like more than ever. And again, we see this on all the franchises. There’s not a lot of crossover. It’s like you ride or die for one and you got to stick with that for the season. And then between seasons sometimes switches can happen. But the hypocrisy of Jen saying that she wouldn’t say anything about Melissa’s making out rumor, but then saying it to Danielle girl. You guys are on camera, you’re being filmed your outing it.

Amanda 45:38
I mean, that original, I was just gonna say we going back to that original conversation when Danielle comes over to Jen Aiden’s house, I think it might have been the first episode, like you can tell by all of their faces, when they’re on the FaceTime with Teresa, that there’s a setup coming, you can tell because they’re not that good of actors. And you can you can frickin tell. And so I’m surprised that it was such a slow burn. And then it didn’t come out earlier, which is interesting, but I think I get the feeling the filming for the season was really compacted because I think with Teresa’s wedding, because they wanted to make that the like the five The final thing because it’s like, we know that Theresa has come out and said I got COVID like two weeks before the wedding. So then like I think they went to Ireland like literally within a couple of weeks, because then Theresa goes to Ireland and then like comes back and it’s the wedding and it’s just feels like everything’s like, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, because you can also tell because by the weather, it’s summer, and we know that Teresa got married in August. So anyway, anyway.

B 46:46
Yeah. So I don’t know. I think that if we forget about blaming Teresa for that, because clearly that’s Jen, whether she told her to do it or not, whatever. We have to go back and remember what we know, which is that ahead of filming this rumor was known. And Teresa and Louie went to Joe privately and discussed this rumor about Joe’s wife of almost 20 years cheating on now, obviously him and Melissa are mad about that. They’re not saying that on camera because they can’t yet and this is where the shows get annoying. Obviously we now know about pizza gate. They’re mad at that. They can’t say that on camera. Now, I’m not even debating whose side you’re on. Teresa could sit there and say well up, I thought this she was cheating on my brother. I’m going to tell them like, first of all, if I suspected that my sister in law of that amount of time was cheating on my brother, it would be a conversation that I had with the both of them. Because that’s what I would want on to me. And like then they can figure it out from there. If it’s true, it’s still going to be true. You know what I’m saying? But like you don’t have to make yourself the jerk who doesn’t include your sister in law in the Convo right. So as far as people saying like these are old beefs. Yes, we know that Teresa has never forgiven the Gorgas but these are actually new beefs that just are not being discussed currently. So I think they’re old issues linger. I think the real stuff is the new stuff. I think that’s why the Gorgos are so pissed because you hear them say like, why are we talking about the past? Right? I mean, it’s just

Amanda 48:21
and I thought Melissa when she said, you know it’s never Teresa’s never Teresa’s fault, right? It’s it’s your fault. It’s your fault. She’s like, It’s always MY fault. And that I have think that right there is the reason that I have never connected with Teresa is I can’t that is something like not having accountability. You know, in relationships like you and I have talked about this multiple times like seeing with other other housewives and with other people. You have to meet it when you say you’re sorry, you can’t just say I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m sorry. I made you feel that way. There’s you know, there’s a certain level of maturity and grown up just to be like I messed up. I am very sorry. I know that you know, these words were not nice or this thing that I said was not nice. And you know, that’s that’s how grownups apologize and I don’t, there is something very childlike about Teresa that she just doesn’t. She doesn’t ever take

B 49:24
shoes. That’s the word it’s an obtuse way of thinking and I think the perfect illustration of it. That is very easy to point out is Teresa did not have Melissa in her wedding. She says because in the previous season, she didn’t shut Marge down. However, Teresa herself never shut Jen Aiden down as a matter of fact, she agreed with her calling her brother a bitch boy. That right there is proof. It’s the same actions. They’re allowing their friends to say things Melissa is saying I told her to stop but I don’t have control over her. Teresa isn’t even saying I told her to stop Teresa saying Well, you were acting like a bitch boy, like what? So that was just Yeah. And then we have Watch What Happens Live. Melissa was on again, higher ratings than when Theresa was on. I mean, I’m just okay. The reason I keep pointing this out, I’m not saying that I believe Teresa should be off the show. Clearly, she is great reality television. I’m not debating that. I just find it funny that people are like Melissa has no storyline without Teresa. Well, Teresa’s wedding is over. Unless she wants to focus on her new marriage, she probably should keep her brother and sister in law on. And we should probably keep bickering, because even the strongest relationships don’t fare well on reality television when they’re the highlight. And I don’t see Theresa having anything else to highlight. Yeah, unless she just takes a backseat. And it becomes more than yell more Rachel, and continues to be a lot of Jen, which is a possibility at which point, Teresa will then have to do what Margaret does. So skillfully. And that is stirring up the pot and stirring up storylines. And that gives you a roll Theresa, however, she’s not good at that she would need a producer feeding that and she doesn’t like to be in line of fire. So I don’t see her going that route. I don’t see how or why she would make any of her daughter’s stuff a storyline. And even if she did, it couldn’t be a full storyline. Yeah, I mean, unless Joe, juicy Joe gets back to the States. And then we see him integrating into their family, which would be an incredible storyline. I think it would also show a side of Louis that probably isn’t so loving and accepting of the X. It’s so great and nice to be loving and accepting of an X who lives in another freaking country.

Amanda 51:45

B 51:47
You know, if he had to do what Paul is doing with Frank, it may be a little bit of a different thing. Let me not even use the word maybe and let me not say a little bit of a different thing. It would be a totally different thing. So I just think that for Teresa, it’s a careful what you wish for. Because Do I think that if brava was given the ultimatum by Theresa they will choose her over the Gorgas? I do. I don’t know that Teresa will give that ultimatum because she could pander to her fans all she wants. I don’t know that she wants to move away from that storyline. She clearly doesn’t value her relationship with Melissa or her brother. So to continue ruining it and wrecking it and driving it into the ground is no skin off her back. I don’t see her wanting to put her marriage in the spotlight. I don’t see her wanting to do it.

Amanda 52:33
No, I don’t. I don’t not at a deep level. Like, for example, Jen and Bill have where they’re going into therapy together. I think Teresa wants to push put Louis in the very best of light and not show some of the ugly. I just don’t think she’s ever Teresa’s ever been one of those people who has? Really I don’t think she’s had a choice. But I don’t think I don’t know. Here’s something crazy. What if she decides, you know what, I we both have been wrong. Let’s try to figure this out. And we see some some therapy between her and her brother, you know and and, you know, that would be I think that would be interesting to me because we keep hearing left and right from Andy from Dolores from I don’t know if Melissa herself has said this, but they’re never ever going to be friends again. They’re never going to be good again.

B 53:31
Although Joe said, um, Watch What Happens Live. We’re family. It’s never really over. And of course, yeah, the Teresa side said he’s only saying that to say on the show. I can’t speak to whether that’s true or not. I don’t know him personally. But I feel like he’s always mean to he has never said it’s over. Theresa has publicly said it’s over. Melissa has indicated that she’s sick of it, which isn’t the same as her husband, it’s her husband, sibling, it’s not her sibling. And, you know, people could talk all the shit they want about Melissa, the fact remains, she is very close with her two sisters. She is very close with all of her and she is very close with all of her cousins. These are just facts. And, you know, Marge said in an after show, when everyone around you as the problem when Kathy and Rosie and your aunt, and Rich will Kelly, and to some degree, Joe Judy Chase family, although she doesn’t discuss it, and I think it’s classy. We know that you know, whatever that is. And that’s more complicated, too, because he did put her in jail if you want it, whatever. Well, they have kids, right? Yeah. And I think that she does do a really good job of keeping that co parenting relationship. I actually think considering who she is in all her other relationships. And that’s why when people want to say things like, well, when Louis turns on her daughters, I’m going to be the first one to say if he were to ever do that, I don’t believe that she would ever in any capacity. You know, people throw around the word narcissist. I don’t think she would ever go somewhere where her daughter’s We’re not close with her living with her a part of her life. Like, I don’t believe that in any capacity, I think that she would sacrifice any relationship in her life for her kids. Period. Yeah, you’re not sold on that?

Amanda 55:11
I don’t know. I just don’t know. I think if Louie is the master manipulator that a lot of people bring out, you know, I think there’s, who knows? Who knows? So no, I agree that her relationships with her daughters are the most important thing in her life. I think, you know, we’ve seen We’ve seen a preview for her getting teary when Joe G dice is on FaceTime with the girls when you know, and Teresa and Teresa is about to get married. Like, I think Teresa is probably like, I never wanted this divorce. I never wanted any, you know, I think she was like, I would have died next at his side. And

B 55:53
wouldn’t be the same as, which isn’t the same as being in love with him. But I do believe Yeah. And he was on her podcast, and I listened to it. You know, a lot of people are very critical of their marriage. They think that he was this and he was that. And the reality is, is that they both are happy in their marriage. They both publicly say they were happy in their marriage. I do believe that if he had come back to the states, they would have tried to work it out. I think at that point, they had been separated so long that Teresa started to move on. But if they hadn’t had the whole jail thing, I think they’d still be married. And I don’t think it’s fair for us to say what marriage works. For other people. Like even in the case of Louis people have a lot to say about it. But if it’s a marriage, if she’s okay, being married to a controlling person, or whatever it is people want to say about him. That’s very much her choice. Yeah. You know, I mean, it is what it is. And she even said once like, I’m no angel either. Like, she’s not an easy person. No, you know, and then the other argument that people make, and I’m sure Joe Judy Chase family has made is, you know, he did all these illegal things, but he also was keeping up with the lifestyle she wanted and trying to make her happy. Right, so but that’s a whole other ball of wax that we won’t even get it. But I do believe that there is genuine forever love between Teresa and juicy Joe. And I think should anything not work out in her current marriage? I think juicy Joe would be there for her always in a heartbeat for anything she needed. I think that that goes without saying.

Amanda 57:29
Yes, I think so too. I think they can be friends.

B 57:33
I mean, yes, dated, but certainly he hasn’t had anything like she’s had. And I’m sure there’s a piece of him, that maybe when he got out of jail wishes he would have tried harder to do something.

Amanda 57:43
Yeah, yeah, no, I definitely think so too. Because I think, you know, there is a real love there. And when you have kids, you know, together there’s, there’s something that’s part of a relationship that you you’ll never have with anybody else. Right, and that you uniquely they uniquely have with each other. So anyway, regardless, I commend them for you know, staying friendly and for having a great co parenting relationship. And I commend juicy Joe for seeing all this happen from afar, and staying supportive. Because that’s that can’t be easy to be him and not be able to be there and have another man, right, you know, a stepfather in the lives of your daughters, you they’re so good for them. And I think putting the kids first

B 58:36
and I think that the way he’s handling it, the distance is the sort of thing where he has to believe what Theresa and the girls are telling him because he’s not there. And for his mind to even go to a place where this guy is the thing that people are saying is too hard for him to envision knowing that he has little control from the Bahamas. So I get his position completely.

Amanda 58:58
Yeah. And I think you know, like looking at Dolores and Frank and, you know, and Polly right? I actually think that the Dolores and Frank relationship, she said it multiple times that it took them a while to get there. But again, you know, that’s a great example of how with time, you know that if you have common interests, meaning your kids, you put that first and that there can be you know, there’s a real friendship there with them. And anyway,

B 59:33
yeah, I don’t like I don’t like Paul putting the kibosh, I like Paul, I don’t like his reaction to her and Frank’s relationship. And those of you who follow my Insta know that last night there was some sort of charity dinner for the hospital that her X Dr. David works in. And Dolores was there because as we know she is you know, she does fundraisers for the hospital. She was there with pole and I heard that pole of waited saying hello to her acts. So it is not unique to Frank, which, to me, I think is ridiculous. First of all, her and Frank are divorced 20 years, he is clearly in another relationship. It’s just a family bond. It is not a romantic bond. Right? And it hasn’t been it’s not like they divorced five years ago. I mean, you’re talking their divorce 20 years. If they were going to make a go of it, it would have happened.

Amanda 1:00:28
Right, I think but maybe Polly’s perspective is like look like let I want to reestablish this relationship with you like, Frank is I’m glad that you have this. But like, let me be the one to change the lightbulbs for you and run to Home Depot when you need more batteries. I don’t know I kind of, I kind of see both sides of it. And just like he might just be like, like, let’s just have some time. I need a little space from your ex husband. i Right. Understand that. I get that. I don’t know. I get that. I don’t know. I just probably have kids. I don’t think he does. He does. He does boys I think oh, he does. Okay, well, then he’s gonna say if he doesn’t have kids that I get especially see him not really understanding the relationship. But if he does have kids, who knows? Anyway, all right, cocktail

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17

B 1:01:18
It’s been real. But we got to we got to go till next time. We appreciate you guys. As always for tuning in. We know there’s tons of podcasts you can listen to and the fact that you tune into cocktails and gossip. It means a lot to us. So till next time.

Amanda 1:01:34
We love you guys

Amanda 1:01:41
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

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Bye guys. See you next time.