Married to Med…

Apr 16, 2023

From: Mariah Huq

Subject: Divorced to Medicine

Spill It to
Quad is officially out for the upcoming season of Married to Medicine. She couldn’t come to an agreement on her contract, and felt producers and cast went behind her back casting Dr G’s new wife Tea. In her place, another newbie is being tested named Dr. Alicia Egolum. Alicia was cast for Married to Medicine: DMV before it was canned and recently moved to Atlanta. Her role hasn’t been determined yet.

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  1. You know

    I love Quad. Shade queen. Always stylish. This is a disservice.

  2. Jen

    Well this sucks. I love Quad. She always brings the tea and the shade.

  3. Asia

    I actually don’t blame Quad for leaving. Imagine being asked to film with your ex husband who was physically abusive towards you. I wish Quad the best.

  4. No

    They’re dead wrong for getting Gregg involved again. He was not a fun part of this shows history. It was just fun watching Q leave his ass.

  5. Luis

    Bye quad! ?

  6. Emma

    This has already been debunked. Deadline confirmed she’s returning.

  7. Brooke

    Horrible mistake to get rid of quad.


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