First it was laundry, now it’s nails; we broke a picture of Juan out with the same woman again. Another RHOA divorce – this time from Eva Marcille, and with an interesting twist. We have opinions on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip in Thailand. PMDD is no excuse for being an a-hole. Whitney is growing on B but Heather is losing both of our respect. Porsha is reminding us why we loved her to start with. In RHOBH news, Brandi is messy as usual, and lots of housewives are making cameos on the show. What we’re hearing about the drama (or lack of it) this season. A fight almost got physical at the Vanderpump Rules reunion and we have the tea on who it was… And we wrap with a little tidbit about who Tom Schwartz fell for on Winter House. 

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 47

Amanda 0:01
I would never be so rude as to say what Leah did. I just I agree. She’s just totally

B 0:06
like she was looking for a moment. And then And then everyone looked at her, like, what are you doing? And then she was like, forget it. Forget it. Forget it, like Porsche is shining like a star. Giselle is great. And you know, like, this is making me remember and I liked the Giselle saying, everybody knows I’m the one who stirs it up. Like, I like like when they were calling Jen, Sean, she didn’t pick up she’s like, I would ask more questions than, you know, the attorneys or whatever.

B 0:38
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. I’am B.

Amanda 0:58
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

B 1:05
What’s up cocktailers?

Amanda 1:07
Hey, cocktailer’s so be I mean you and I and cocktail errs and Bronco fans. No one’s getting any breaks after these last few weeks. I feel like you know, scan of all and then there’s just has been kind of a rolling situation. And then this week, I guess it was I can’t remember what day it was couple days ago you got a photo from a follower sent of one. So one, Robin Dixon’s husband, from Potomac at the nail salon with a woman.

B 1:45
We sure did. And it wasn’t just any woman, you’ll you guys will remember a few weeks ago, we received a separate photo. One was in a laundromat with a woman who was identified as the director of basketball operations at kopen. State. That photo of him went absolutely viral after we posted it, it was everywhere. When that was sent to us, we were told that it’s it was typical for so when you’re an assistant coach, it’s typical for like the coaches, assistant coaches, to when they’re traveling to take the team’s laundry to the laundromat. However, the follower said that they looked like they were very hugged up, although in the photo, they were kind of like leaning into each other but not exactly hugging. Okay, so let’s just say they’re, they’re working, right? They’re doing the laundry,

Amanda 2:37
right? I can’t get over this laundry thing. Like there’s not like laundry facilities at the schools that they’re visiting that can help with this. This is like, sorry, I know, you know, me, but I get distracted by a small detail. And that seems very strange to me. So

B 2:53
a bunch of people said that, you know, people who play college sports, and again, clearly, I did not play college sports. So I wouldn’t know this. But it’s very typical. Like, if you’re traveling to a school, I guess you don’t use it, because I guess their students are using those facilities. So you go to the laundromat, and like the assistant coach is the one. For me, I think it’s most likely that she was the one because she’s like, the, you know, she’s probably below him. She’s the director of basketball operations, which sounds a lot like you do laundry and get water. So in any event, there they were, but people you know, people were, you could say they were working, right. Yeah. What we know now is that one has since been fired as the assistant coach of compensates basketball. So is it odd that he’s continuing to hang out with this young, attractive woman? Yeah, I mean, he was sitting there getting his so this girl was in the nail salon with him when she sent it to me. He was sitting there getting his nails done, and she was sitting just sitting with him chatting. Also, it’s weird, because I certainly wouldn’t sit with my boyfriend or my husband as he’s getting his nails if I wasn’t. But you know, when you’re first dating somebody, maybe that seems like a cute thing to do. I mean, on the one hand, we have to imagine that even though we know the network had to be angry at her for withholding all of his side events and then putting it on Patreon under a paid subscription. I have to imagine that this secured her a spot. Robin. Yeah, we initially heard some talk about her being demoted, but it seems unlikely. Is this an open arrangement? People keep saying to me, Oh, please. It’s an open arrangement. Okay, but she hasn’t publicly said that. And Karen came out of course, and she tweeted the shade. Some people want to be seen. The thing to me, Amanda, I think that I keep going back to is like if they were just in this purgatory. We have a relationship that they were for years and even just engaged in whatever I could say just for the show. But they got married, they went and they got married, they had a ceremony, they did the whole thing. So, I mean,

Amanda 5:14
it makes no sense to me unless there is like Robin had, like, I mean, I guess it would make more sense. I’m not saying this is the only other option. But if Robin had some sort of agreement, right and open relationship, what Call it whatever you want to call it? Who knows? But like, I wouldn’t think that Robin, that this would be happening, and Robin isn’t okay with it, to a certain extent, right? Because what is the point of getting, you know, married and like, why does she continue to defend him and say, no, no, no, everything’s fine. Like, it doesn’t it? Just nothing is adding up? This one really throws me I don’t I just don’t get it.

B 5:59
I mean, could it be that he sort of has always cheated, and social media is bigger now? And we’re catching it more.

Amanda 6:08
I mean, 100% I mean, there’s, that is, I think, absolutely. Could be a factor, right? Where, you know, everyone’s everyone’s a paparazzi right now. So that’s why there’s just not as much paparazzi, I wonder if maybe part of it too, is just there’s like some sort of arrogance there where he just doesn’t think that he’s gonna get caught. And then if he does get caught that he doesn’t think Robins gonna do anything about it. Right. I don’t know. I just I don’t understand it from Robins standpoint, because I feel like she was. She had a pretty healthy distance. And like, Captain, like, I don’t know, I just, it’s a head scratcher for me.

B 6:55
It’s very strange. And and, like, I wonder how how she’s going to handle this. I mean, we’re all assuming she’s coming back, especially in light of all this. How is she addressing this? I mean, this should be the season of I’m a newlywed, we’re finally married. And clearly, it can’t be he just gonna, like, laugh off these photos and just pull that oh, it was on the blogs, you can’t believe the blogs. These are pictures. This is not just someone sending it in. Right? These are actual photographs, evidence of him hanging out with this. Could they just be friends? I guess. But I mean, if you’re a public figure the optics on that aren’t you know what I’m saying?

Amanda 7:44
Yeah, I mean, the Potomac women are not going to let this one slide either. And because this picture did go, like so many places did go viral. I mean, it’s not going to be like the picture of Karen in Vegas that Robin was showing around on her phone, but that we couldn’t see as viewers right? Like this is, this will be something which by the way, producers, just be sure to credit the website, please. Well, reach out to us, obviously. But like, geez, I don’t know. I just I don’t see the Potomac women letting this one go either, especially given the way that the season ended. And the way Andy had to do a separate sit down. Like, I think everyone’s gonna hold Robins feet to the fire. And I think I hope Robin will just tell us what’s really going on because that will, you know, there’s so much mystery about why she’s been making some of the decisions and why she hasn’t been talking about it when, you know, she’s definitely one of the people who is first in line to hold other people’s feet to the fire. So yeah, it’ll be it’ll be interesting and I just hope that she, I hope she’s, she’s forthright and, and is forthright with the audience and, you know, really explains what where her position is and what’s going on. Absolutely. And then I want to say it was the same day that you we got that picture then speaking of you know, us probably fans aren’t getting a break, but Eva Marcille has from Atlanta and then girls trip has filed for divorce from her husband, Michael Sterling. And then what I thought was interesting is shortly after I can’t remember was the same day maybe it was a next you also posted his statement saying that he is not going to give up on her which I think makes things extra juicy and really want to know what the story is.

B 9:46
I mean, legitimately I posted the one thing and then I’m like, All right, I had to go get my hair done. I was taking my daughter for a haircut and I get this picture sent of the N and honestly You never know because I’m not big on Twitter. So I pop on here and there, but you never know if something’s posted and somebody just sends it, whatever, but I always just post so I just posted it on Instagram and then Twitter. And apparently we were the first ones to do so because what wild shock I mean, followers were shocked. I was shocked. We saw her very recently on ultimate girls trip at bluestone Manor. And there was nothing indicating any issues. She seemed very open talking about him in a very loving way. I actually remember brandy was like, made a joke. It was it was joke. It wasn’t that she had any like knowledge, but she made some sort of joke about like, Oh, I wish you would split up so I could hook up something, something brandy would say. And she got very angry. But I wouldn’t necessarily say that that was an indication. So that

Amanda 10:52
was filmed in fall of 21. Yes, right. Or no, no, follow 2022. Yeah, follow 21 Because we were I remember we were talking about the film. We were talking about the show watching it. Last summer. So summer. 22. Yeah. Okay. So, but yeah, so that I mean, I guess a lot can still happen in a year and a half. But it was surprising to me too, because there was no, there were no like, micro motions, kind of showing at least that I could see. There were no like eye rolling if she talked to like, there was no stress in her body, about like, leaving the kids with him. Like it just seemed very solid to me.

B 11:40
Absolutely. I I don’t know. And I think his statement. And again, I don’t have any intel on it. Nobody has sent us anything. But his statements seem to indicate that he had done something and he wanted to make things better. Yeah, so most people assume that’s cheating. It’s hard to imagine that he is cheating on her. But I mean, such is the Bravo world.

Amanda 12:07
You know, what met so many men are such fucking pigs to on. I’m not saying that he is. But like, it just honestly, it’s not that I’m like a man hater. I’m just the opposite. But I just feel like there are just that was my assumption when I read the thing, too, is right, you know, and like, I don’t know, I heard this woman talking on Instagram just about men and cheating and like, it wasn’t just met, and it was about people and cheating, but that so much of it’s just about like validation. And, you know, we all grow up, you know, you get A’s, you get medals, you you know, you get places in tournaments, you know, growing up, growing up, growing up, and then you’re grown up. And then like, all the validation kind of goes away, especially after you’ve been married, and you’ve got kids and like, life is kind of just, you know, life. And that’s what I would credit the person but I wasn’t even planning on talking about this, I just thought of it. And that so much of it has nothing to do with love for a person or the lack of love for a person that it’s it’s it’s a validation thing that like people have to train their brains to like look elsewhere, versus, you know, people being attracted to them or getting an A in their history test for the validation that they need. So anyway,

B 13:32
I mean, this is i That totally makes sense. And I would like to say this is my official request for both, both Eva and Portia to get back on Atlanta. I mean, yeah, on the ultimate girls trip in Thailand. Amanda, I like your thoughts, because,

Amanda 13:50
gosh, okay, well, let me think here. So first of all, I just want to point out, I just think it’s kind of weird that Leah is sort of an island Lea and Portia right there standalones from their cities. They’re not paired up with somebody else from their city. But then I remembered back to when we originally talking about this. The rumor had been that Tinsley was going to be on and that Tinsley backed out.

B 14:17
I was I was trying to remember because as I was watching the scene yet, remember when they were doing the games, and they’re paired up because they and I was like, Wait, Wasn’t there supposed to be someone else from New York and I didn’t even Yes, Tinsley. That’s right.

Amanda 14:30
And so I’m like, okay, so this makes a little bit. It makes more sense to me. And like Porsche, I think is probably just trying to show that she wants to get back in so I have so many thoughts. I don’t even know where to start. Well, we’ll come back to Porsche in a second. And we’ll come back to the in a second. But I wanted to say, watching the show makes me feel like Giselle and Candace could be friends. I feel like they’re, I mean, clearly there’s so much history, too much history. They seem like such similar people to me. Maybe that’s why they don’t like each other is because they are too too much. Uh, like, I don’t know, I think the other thing I’ve been noticing, like as much as I want to have wanted to hold on to my love for how they’re gay, like, I started to lose it this last season than seeing her, you know, continue to ride for Jen didn’t love that. And then watching her on the show when she said, you know, and she went to Leah, and said, I was really hoping that I could get you to drink on this trip, but I just like, I just I found that just not that’s gross to me, like somebody who’s struggling started of sobriety, like, I understand that she Heather comes from a Mormon community, where seeing someone struggle with sobriety might not be as common with that might feel more foreign. Right. And but it is that is such a fucked up thing to do to go to somebody who has talked about it, who has written about it, who even she said, I read your book, who was talked about struggling with her sobriety, like,

B 16:09
I found it absolutely gross. After she said she read her book. I was like, what? To me. I loved her the first season she is coming across phony and strange. You know, I’ve said this before, I’m like, I don’t I don’t think she fits in I think that she doesn’t feel she fits in and she’s trying hard. And Whitney, who I’ve never been a fan of, I’m actually liking her. And I liked that she called Heather a cloud chaser. And most recently, she came out and said, she was like, I know all of Heather’s lies. And I’m exposing her like, I’m done. So girls trip is heating up for that.

Amanda 16:45
That last episode when when he gets out into because the game was you either answer this hard question, the shady question, or you have to eat a scorpion. And Whitney was asked to name three lies that Heather has shared on TV, or has shared while on camera, and Whitney, the scorpion inside so she wouldn’t have to do it. But then Whitney got so pissed to dinner that night. She goes into the confessional room and turns on the camera and she’s like, here’s three lies, which Yeah, I mean, I think she’s done and I agree. Like I always kind of liked Whitney. I thought she was like, I thought she was kind of fun to watch but like I am I’m, I’m with you on this that I like I’m liking her more. Arlene,

B 17:31
for me is another one. I mean, she’s saying she’s bored about Alexei his life story. Now. I think we all have opinions on Alexia and many of her recent actions, especially at the reunion, but her life story is a telenovela. And, in my opinion, one of the most interesting life stories in housewives history. So Oh, and people are like, Oh, I guess I think on the show, they said it Leah’s just acting like that, because she’s a New Yorker. No, she that that has nothing to do with being a New Yorker. It’s me, Me Me. Me. Like one of them said that. It’s like she wants the attention. And then she gets it and she puts the fan in front of her face and she’s all Oh, forget it. I’m honestly she’s a bore by she tries to be interesting by being outrageous, and it just falls flat. And all the people who didn’t like Leah since the beginning, were absolutely right. A lot of accounts like we’re like, why do people like her? I blame it on COVID Fogg we were all locked in our houses. But yeah,

Amanda 18:33
yeah, well, I thought some of her All right, I don’t care like don’t get don’t go and trash somebody’s house. Because they’re using tiki torches and tiki torches had been you know, like, as much of an asshole as Ramona can be like, in your when you’re a guest at somebody’s house like that behavior. I mean, as outrageous and funny as that whole episode was when the dildo ended up in the pasta salad and all of that, like, I’m sorry, just I I guess I was raised very differently, where if you’re a guest in someone’s house, you just don’t act that way. But you know, even now that Leah is sober. Now, you know, because before she blamed the alcohol, and now she’s blaming PMS, and I just don’t think you can blame PMS, for being an asshole. I mean, can you imagine if, like, oh, sorry, I keyed your car. I have PMDD and yeah, and then I had your house. Oh, I have PMDD Oh, we Oh, I’m sorry. I told you that your baby is ugly. It’s my fucking PMDD

B 19:38
is too with Leah. It’s like housewives get away with being rude or saying things but there’s something that like draws us to them. With Leah. She only has the rude side like and I mean, she’s a beautiful girl. And but she just I don’t know her vibe is she has low vibrations. Whoo. Was that Lala that said that rural, she’s low, vibrant. She’s not made for television. She’s sort of a wet blanket and like she’s negative or boring. There’s no fun side.

Amanda 20:12
But, again, going back to manners, like I think Alexia story is interesting. And I mean to hear it told her in person, I would want to hear even more, even though I’d already heard it on TV, right and like, feel like we’ve lived it with her. But even if I didn’t, even if I thought it was a boring fucking story ever, I would never be so rude as to say what Leah did. I just I agree. She’s just totally

B 20:37
like, she was looking for a moment. And then And then everyone looked at her, like, what are you doing? And then she was like, forget it. Forget it. Forget it, like Porsche is shining like a star. Giselle is great. And you know, like, this is making me remember and I liked the Giselle saying, everybody knows I’m the one who stirs it up. Like, I like like when they were calling Jen. Sean, she didn’t pick up she’s like, I would have asked more questions than you know, the attorneys or whatever candy is shining. So far, the three of them are to me are like carrying the show. I think Marisol and Alexia definitely add to it as well. Whitney’s All right. You know, she’s got her moments. Heather is womp, womp. And Pepsi. I mean, we had better you see that white lotus officially announced, which I think we all have heard that third installment is set in Thailand. If they don’t have Pepsi working at the hotel, we don’t want it. Okay. All right.

Amanda 21:32
I mean, I love Pepsi. I have loved him since the first time when we saw the trailer. I mean, I feel like I don’t remember when the pod was that we talked about this. But when we first saw this, I called it out. I was like that guy he is he is going to be a star. I mean, I think they’re clearly casting now for somebody who is like for the butler role to be a bit of a character or like somebody who maybe gets like, who’s like really animated or gets overwhelmed or whatever. But I don’t know. I have to say though, like watching this show, I have not been to Thailand, it is it is actually quite high on my list of places that I want to go. But now I feel like I have to go with a bug handler because seven showing. I am like, I look, I am an independent woman, I make my own money. I run a company. But I cannot handle like bugs like that. Like I’m I’m like, a little scared to go to Thailand now. Unless there’s somebody who can deal with bugs with me, because those were like, one of them. I was like, is that a snake? Or is that like a bug?

B 22:41
I’m like the least outdoorsy person in the whole world. So yeah, I like a very contained environment. So yeah.

Amanda 22:49
Yeah, I mean, I would need a bug

B 22:50
handler as well. Or like a five star resort where they didn’t let like, I guess they just they can’t stop it though. Right? Yeah. Well,

Amanda 22:58
and like a lot of it’s inside outside, right, which is some of the magic of that house.

B 23:03
Oh, my God, the house is incredible. It almost looks like a amongst monastery, doesn’t it?

Amanda 23:09
It’s It’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. And I mean, based on how the year has been acting like I think she deserved the closet room.

B 23:20
Pretty funny to that she got the closet room. But of course, again, it’s

Amanda 23:22
all about her. She’s like, I can’t believe we’re having a barbecue and everything cut in pork oil. And I’m like, You know what,

B 23:29
there’s a chef that’s gonna make you something on the size.

Amanda 23:32
So then like, who even cares? Like, What a dumb thing to complain about when there’s so much else going on saying anything

B 23:39
positive at all the whole entire trip?

Amanda 23:42
No, I totally agree. I think she’s one of those people who are me,

B 23:46
poor me, poor me. And you can also see she’s so shocked and wanting to be asked back to New York because at this point, they did not know that it was going to be a legacy when they were filming. And they asked her a question like who would you want fired? And she was like, Oh, I’m not answering that. And she ate the bug. And then in confessional, she’s like, I’m not answering that. I don’t hire a fire. Like she didn’t want to say anything to piss anyone off. And I do know that we had heard that. Like, she kind of went against ebony like when the tide turned on ebony. She went right along with it. Like she just she’s out for herself and Mee Mee Mee Mee and I’m not a fan and I don’t think it matters much because I don’t think we’ll be seeing her anymore.

Amanda 24:24
Yeah, I don’t either. And like I I don’t know, I think she had to leave early or did leave early and like that’s going to be fine with me. Right, if that’s the case. So Alexia by the way. Did you see the back and forth with her husband Todd and Dr. Nicole’s fiance, Anthony on Instagram this week?

B 24:48
Yes, I did.

Amanda 24:50
So I think Todd Todd apologized first to Anthony But Anthony sent him chocolates. So I you know how We were on social media. It’s hard to tell what happened. But it looks like they’re both apologizing to

B 25:04
each other. No, I think that Todd was showing the chocolates and flowers he was going to send to Anthony. Oh, got it. Okay, so here’s the thing. This is very interesting. So the first piece of it, Todd goes on and does this very lengthy apology. So the first piece of it is he completely blames production. He says that he always liked Anthony. And at dinner, they forced them to bring it up. And, and he had no choice. First of all, he got very nasty. Man Anthony held his own to but Todd got very nasty. He questioned Anthony’s career, he questioned. Basically, how he makes money. I mean, he really did a lot of stuff that I highly doubt production forced. Right, right. What I noticed was in his apology, which was like eight minutes long, he said, you know, right after we shot that, Anthony, I were talking and we were fine. And we were talking about business. And he mentioned to me that he has a lot of real estate in Miami. Well, just side note, that makes sense how we have so much money, we know that when people own land, you get that residual income coming in from shopping centers, you can live quite well. So essentially, Anthony was like, you know, I need someone to manage these properties. And Todd wants to manage them. So I think that maybe Anthony had forgotten about it or whatever. And they were plans to work together. And then at the reunion, we saw how rude Alexia, Marisol and the rest of them were on that couch were about Anthony and calling him like some female name or whatever. I think Todd was like, hold up. This guy has a very lucrative like line of work for me. Maybe they’re already working together. And maybe Todd was nervous that he would cut them off after that. And he went public and he basically kissed his ass, because he wants to work with him. Now people were saying to me, well, Anthony’s a lawyer, do we think he threatened to sue them? No, I don’t think he threatened to sue them. I mean, they’re their wives are on the show. He’s not going to put Nicole’s position on the show in jeopardy for suing Todd for saying stuff. But the reality is, is that Anthony is the boss of this situation, because you came for him. You said how you don’t know how he makes his money. And now you’re publicly apologizing. And let’s face it, he probably should have left out the fact that he wanted to manage those shopping centers, because it was clear as day to me that Anthony was like, You’re not working for me and he did this public apology and Anthony was like, All right, he made himself look stupid in front of all the fans. I’m good. You can manage my properties,

Amanda 27:37
which is the ultimate flex I think by Anthony right like

B 27:41
and at some point you think that you think you see you’re dealing with two very smart people. You think Dr. Nicole isn’t holding that up her sleeve to hold it over Alexia to make Alexia Be nice to her and, and, and Marisol Be nice to her. And then guess what if they stopped being nice, Anthony fires him for managing all those properties. And then Todd and Alexia are at odds because why can’t you just be nice to Nicole so I can have a lucrative deal today. It’s great. It’s gonna make for a great season because Alexia let’s watch guaranteed Alexia is perfectly nice to Nicole. And so as Marisol and they encourage Larson, I will also fall in line No, she’s not living off that, you know, income but

Amanda 28:22
Well, I mean, you know, what they say back to Anthony and the ultimate flux or at Flex is Money talks and bullshit walks and like, here we go, you know, like they have now apologized, and you know, he, I think he just sat there knowing like, well, you know, if the guy doesn’t want the deal and wants to be an asshole like he’s welcome to it. In other Miami news. So there on the original Miami that was on Bravo, Joanna Krupa, who is in was a supermodel, and was on the original house. Miami housewives just announced this week that she is divorcing her husband of five years. They have like a I don’t know is she like three, three year old or so daughter together? Yeah, little she’s still like little like not elementary school age like small toddler child. Yeah.

B 29:21
Get her back on Miami and bring her hot ex Roman with her. In all seriousness, I was rewatching just last night, I was rewatching because I’ve been rewatching Miami and I rewatched the episode of Joanna getting into it with Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild at Lisa, you probably didn’t remember this episode at Lisa’s lingerie charity event. So Joe Francis shows up with Leah, Leah black. And basically, when Joanna says hello to him and when she walks away he says and Karen remember that one who Marisol calls the carrier pitching because she repeats that I’m Karen tears and say Oh, I slept with Joanna and her sister. Karen runs over tell Joanna Joanna screaming at him like belligerently Ben Joanna’s sister’s like actually I did sleep with Joe Francis and she’s like, What the fuck? Then flash forward to in the kitchen. Marisol is arguing or talking to Karen and Joanna decides to stick up for her. And basically belligerently like pushes her fiance Roman out of the way. They ended up marrying he leaves. Then she gets into a physical altercation. Adriana? No, not Marisol was Adriana Adriana, like, pushes her in the face, and he was just holding. It was so wild. But Joanna had a very powerful energy. She was a lot. And I think we all remember when Brandi and watch what happens live made a joke that Mohammed had said her vagina was stinky. And Joanna turned around and sued her. And whilst it went on for years, and they settled in 2017, basically, they never came out and said what they just Brandi did say I regret ever making such statements. I also never intended to be taken so seriously, I wish Joanna success. So brandy had to pay Joanna something because there was a settlement and also part of the settlement was probably come out and make a public apology. These Miami people like public apologies, that’s one thing we’ve learned today.

Amanda 31:26
Yeah, I think we maybe we need to do like a little rewatch speaking. Chat.

B 31:33
I just want to speak about brandy very quickly. And we’re gonna get to this when we talk Beverly Hills, but she’s coming out now. And she’s saying, I’m sure you saw her tweets. Yeah, months after like a couple months after it came out that she had a leave girls trip because she sexually assaulted Carolyn, Caroline, excuse me. And Bravo. Basically, Amanda, and this is this is a hot tip. This is hot tea. It’s official, like there’s at least a six month, six month pause on working with her. But my source says that listen to the Bravo lens. Nothing is forever. One day she could work for them again. But she was booked and busy. She was on traders. They certainly were probably planning on having her on Beverly Hills, especially we’re seeing Yeah, what’s going on there and how they’re just having any Joe Schmo Show up to film. So it’s convenient that she’s coming out so pissed off now because now she’s really been told Yeah, you’re not coming. I mean, they’re having Teddy. They’re having Dory. They’re having Camille. They’re even having Meredith from Salt Lake City was filming at Sutton’s party. So they’re literally having everybody Brandy is X out of Bravo for the time being. And again, nothing lasts forever in Bravo. But that’s why she’s lashing out. And well, yeah,

Amanda 32:52
because she’s lashing out and saying, show me the footage, show me the footage and like being messy on Twitter and like it’s it’s more of the typical brandy. But this season, it sounds like on Beverly Hills. It sounds like they could use something because we’ve been getting we’ve gotten multiple tips coming in saying that it’s boring. I mean, I don’t know if we believed this one. But we heard somebody somebody sent us an A tip saying one of the producers on Beverly Hills quit. Yes, this season is so boring. Yes. They just think that here’s my theory is they’re all on ozempic and you’re not really supposed to drink or you don’t want to drink I guess. I don’t know. I haven’t taken it, but they’re on ozempic and not drinking so it’s more.

B 33:38
I mean, clocks. Just kidding, guys,

Amanda 33:41
like, allegedly, like I’m just totally making that up. Nobody’s saying everybody’s on ozempic I’m just making a dumb joke, but still

B 33:49
what we are saying that many of them have suspiciously dropped 20 pounds since last season.

Amanda 33:55
Or 40. I mean, there are some people who look like Erica looks

B 33:59
and Erica is somebody who’s always fluctuated Yeah, and she looks great any size Don’t mistake me Yeah, he looks super thin.

Amanda 34:06
Super thin. Yeah, she’s and she cuz she’s a tall person too. So

B 34:12
and she’s a current person she usually has like, you know, like more like button legs and she she just looks like dirt thin.

Amanda 34:21
Yeah. Okay, so moving on to scan of all because I feel like no week goes by without something happening. So the paparazzi and then there’s one of them. I don’t know his name I think who is like a Josh Okay, who seems to be following like kind of No, or maybe they’re he’s maybe they’re all tipping them off but seems to be getting some more of the footage of what’s been going on. And so we saw the Raquel picture of her leaving Tom’s house with bags when Ariana was out of town and then we You also know last week the reunion A lot happened at that. We know of course that everybody was kind of against Raquel and Sandoval. But we got the intelligence that it was also including loosen and D. So Raquel and Sandoval kind of got no no breathers. And then we heard Raquel was very like nonchalant about everything. We let’s see. We know that two cast members during the reunion got physical. We all know that it was I think, almost almost. Yeah. Because I we knew that they had extra security on hand because they were worried that it would. But we heard that it was not Sandoval, not Raquel Rochelle and not Lala, but then we got an email.

B 35:48
Oh, do you want me to email? Amanda?

Amanda 35:50
Sure. I’ll read it. Okay. Subject. You didn’t hear it from me. But you didn’t hear it from me. But it was James and Schwartz that almost came to blows. James wasn’t buying that Schwartz was it in on on everything the entire time. This really activated towards most worst shocked to see this other side of him. But not everyone. He plays a passive role so well. So okay, James, not that shocking, because I think James, you know, I think he has his he has some anger issues, I think, but I’m actually not as surprised that it was shorts too, because I think shorts is probably feeling the heat on all of us from all sides feeling like his whole world is falling apart, too. I think his business partners are probably like, What the fuck, because, you know, once this whole curiosity thing about scan of all wears off. And that curiosity crowd subs coming in, they’re gonna see a huge drop in business, because now, both Tom’s come off as unlikable, and their personalities. And like the fact that like, they even said this in their recent LA Times, in their recent LA Times interview before scannable happened, like people like it, that they’re so approachable, that they’re in the bar so frequently, and that it was a big draw,

B 37:15
right? I also and a follower sent to me, because everybody I haven’t, but a lot of people are rewatching Vanderpump Rules. And a follow up pointed out that in earlier seasons, Schwartz was like a couple of occasions was aggressive and nasty. And I have always felt that he sort of assumed a role. Like he figured that that would work for him. And we saw the way he spoke to Katie, like I distinctly remember vacation they were on. And she was like, what is it that bothers you? He was like, every time you open your fucking mouth and like just was like very nasty. So I’m not surprised. And I think that James was probably just saying to him, we all know you knew the whole time Schwartz, you are effing liar. You lie to Kate, like, you lied to Katie, you care about her so much that you were willing to do this for us for sandable. And to have Katie so hurt like, I think he really leaned into shorts and shorts couldn’t take it, because he had no defense because I think ultimately, it’s true. I mean, there’s stuff floating around that they were on. Somewhere in January, and it was Joe schwaR. Big Bear. Yeah. Yeah. Like he knew he maybe he didn’t do from know from the day they kissed but he’s known for months, months. Yeah.

Amanda 38:31
Yeah. And he knows what an asshole it makes him look like that. He didn’t say or do anything. And I mean, he has got to be feeling. So I mean, literally, from all sides. He’s got to feel like he’s got nobody left. But sand of all as a friend because everyone’s gotta be just as mad at Tom Schwartz. are in. I mean, all of these people will put all this time and money into those businesses and it’s gonna hurt their businesses. It is

B 39:04
and then we get a follower who was in Steamboat, and was at a bar when they were filming. And she said that she was leaving steamboat and she saw us Schwartz at the so she saw them at the bar, get a bunch of stuff like nothing like shocking. She said Kyle was drunk. Amanda wasn’t there. She was probably back at the house because we know she was there. Just like that kind of stuff. But what was what was info was that she saw Schwartz and he said to her, he didn’t say anything much about scandal, just stuff we already know. He said the reunion was intense, but he said that he fell in love on the trip. He said he can’t say who, but he’s very happy. Well, I can tell you that somebody told me that it’s Kate flood from below deck, and he was hooking up with her or today, or actually was yesterday, Katie flood and Malia posted pictures of themselves flying to LA. So I guess the person who told me it was everyone assumed Malia and myself included, but I didn’t even know Katie, because I don’t think I watched that below deck season. People are asking what about Joe? What about her? He never claimed her from the beginning. It seems like he probably just used her because he needed somebody he wanted comfort. And she stayed with him in his nasty dirty apartment.

Amanda 40:32
All right, on that point, that’s when like, I don’t really quite understand you there. Right? Yeah. Because it looks like it was like a one bedroom. I don’t know. And Katie Maloney saying like, What weird energy Joe has, like she just sounds I don’t know people who she I think she just had crackhead energy was was were the words that she used. Yeah, anyway.

B 40:56
I mean, about

Amanda 40:57
Joe not about Katie flood.

B 40:59
Yeah, about Joe. Yeah. I mean, it’s just amazing to me that a girl like Katie flood like, this scandal is happening in real time. I mean, everybody knows about it. Why would you want to associate yourself with Tom Schwartz? I mean, yeah, okay. Maybe he’s not as bad as Sandoval, but he certainly know boyscout.

Amanda 41:19
Who knows? Who knows?

B 41:21
I know, speaking of winter house, oh, my God, I keep getting so much intel on that Jason. Cameron. Yeah, I the emails keep coming in about him being a user, but I don’t even think he was on this season of winter house. Was he?

Amanda 41:35
I don’t think so. I think that’s why he was trying to get on it is like, I think that’s what he was doing. I think he and Giselle going out was about him. Yeah, trying to get cast. So and like I hit that another yet another thing right that like with summerhouse complaining about how there’s never enough guys? Like, why wasn’t Jason on it? I guess because of Lindsey. That’s right. Because Lindsey wouldn’t film and live in the same house as him.

B 42:04
Right. And anyway, it also comes down to production companies, and there are different production companies. Speaking of production companies. In September, you and I announced that they had filmed a number house spin off in Martha’s Vineyard, and that it was the same. It said crew and when I posted that people were like crew, it’s different people. They meant production crew so

Amanda 42:26
producers, camera people sound people like people. Yeah,

B 42:30
the trailer looks incredible. I feel like it’s gonna be an awesome show. It will be airing after Atlanta on Sundays. I mean, I already followed all the people, most of them follow me back because, you know, we see a newly married couple, which is like, not do they should have caught Kyle and Amanda never a good idea to happen to a summer house newly married. We see somebody bring a boyfriend back and like her friends naked in the hot tub. And they flip out like, explosive. We don’t I don’t even know these people yet. And usually when I watch trailers, and I don’t know anyone, and I have no investment, I really am not that intrigued. And I was very intrigued.

Amanda 43:11
It’s giving very early summer house vibes to me, which makes me really excited. But they

B 43:17
don’t look like kids. They look like probably early 30s.

Amanda 43:21
But just like people doing fun stuff, having a good time, who have careers, who are beautiful to look at and who are partying and having fun, right? Like, and don’t have all of the baggage right that I think I was thinking about this yesterday because I watched after I watched that and I was like, what is it because I’m like, same thing. I don’t know who any of these people are. Why am I am like oh, maybe it is it’s like the baggage of all these previous seasons has been weighing summerhouse down when summer should be fun.

B 43:55
But what do we think, Amanda? So this season of summer house, the ratings are low. Everyone’s saying it’s boring. This is going to come out. I can’t imagine it’s not going to be a smash hit. I mean, they gave it the sweet Sunday night spot and it’s after Atlanta, which is always a big draw. So is there a summer house as we know it next year? The Hamptons.

Amanda 44:19
Not with this whole same cast? I don’t think so. What do you think?

B 44:26
And I don’t think so. But I also feel like it’s pretty evident that they’ve had such trouble casting for summer house. We know that’s true with men. I do think the girl the new girls are good, but I just think there’s a disconnect. What did you think of summer house this week? The the sort of like elephant in the room or uncomfortableness between Sierra and Gabby.

Amanda 44:54
I was gonna ask you what you thought about that too? I don’t know. Like

B 44:59
I say It’s hard to do think that I’m sorry to interrupt. But I think that all the girls feel a sort of way because Gabby does voice how she’s supported by her parents, and she’s wealthy a lot. Like she has like, I hire people for that, or I don’t know, I have my father’s credit card. I mean, we’ve heard it several times. I think that that might be turning Sierra off a little bit. I don’t know about Maya, but I do know that Maya went to a fancy private school. So something tells me that Maya may sort of come from money too, but she’s not as in your face about it. Where Gabby is, and I think that that bothers Sierra.

Amanda 45:39
Well, and I was gonna say, so like. My hesitation, when you when we’re like, just bringing this up is that I as a person feel like Gabby is not somebody that I would kind of vibe with, like, I she has this kind of entitled, way about her not just about talking about money, but also like, you know, and then like, she seems very, very hung up on this old relationship. Which, for us as viewers is like a little bit boring, I think. And like I’d rather see. Yeah, and it’s like, I’d rather just see her like, be like, fuck it. I want to get out there like, like Lindsay always has, right and be like, I’m gonna go, you know, end up in somebody else’s bed tonight. So, however, I think there so there’s that right. But I also think there is like something weird about Sierra just not being super open to Gabby. And I don’t know what that’s about. I don’t know if that’s it. I’ve been here for a couple of years. And you have it and you need to earn your stripes situation. But it definitely seems like Ciara is being like a little bit mean to her. I feel like though, like Sam too, right. Like there’s just some, like closed off a little bit of clothes off Enos.

B 47:04
I think that both of them with these women, there’s always kind of a sense of like, well, she could take my spot. So a little bit competitive. I just think that Ciara doesn’t like her that much. I think that we’re going to see that. Also, I don’t think we discussed this because I think it was the most recent episode, which doesn’t seem that recent because it was Monday, Danielle and Robert are very clearly not in a good place.

Amanda 47:29

B 47:30
And so two sides of that. So on the one on the Danielle side, I say her best friend should like acknowledge that and get that and sort of be there for her more. And then on Lindsay side, I say it’s very clearly projection and I get that you’re not in a great place. But like, I have had a tough time finding something solid myself and why are you begrudging me my happiness?

Amanda 47:55
Yes. Can I just say though, like, I watched that last season, or the last episode, right? And Robert comes and he cooks this in sane meal for everybody. And all we’re hearing about is how much he works. And it’s like, Wait, why? Why is he coming and making this? I mean, literally lugging in crates of food to feed everybody. And I’m like, Why can’t he come and have the fucking night off? Like, I don’t understand it. And like, I kind of get a little mad at Danielle about it, too. Like, I think she looks at it. Like, look at what he can do. And he’s so amazing. But also it’s like, just let them have the fucking night off. Like go out for dinner. And like, let him have somebody else cook for him.

B 48:43
And man, I don’t know I I’m gonna get I’m gonna disagree with you. And I’m gonna say that he wants to do that they’re on television. He’s a chef. He works at fancy places. And he wants to be like, look, look at me cook. It’s like a free cooking show advertisement for him. I think. I think that a man that Amanda I’m calling. Danielle, Amanda. I think that Danielle being like, I don’t get to spend five minutes with him. Baba Baba, I think she would much prefer they ordered pizza on his night and he could be with her the whole night. I think that’s good. Why

Amanda 49:11
wasn’t she sitting in the kitchen with him? And like hanging out with him while he’s cooking? Because like, that’s what I would do in that situation. Because then of course, I’d be like, of course, babe, if you want to, if you want to cook and you know, that’s great exposure for you. And I’ll sit in there and like, you know, I don’t know.

B 49:28
Yeah, maybe he doesn’t like people sitting in the eye chefs are weird like that. That’s true.

Amanda 49:33
That is true. I don’t know how I was clear that

B 49:37
concerned. I’m gonna blame him. Because

Amanda 49:42
I know why.

B 49:44
Know that. He slid into my DMs and was very rude to me. But outside of that

Amanda 49:48
multiple times, not just one times, multiple

B 49:51
times. But I also think that he’s very selfish. I think that there’s no compromise with him. I think that Listen, you’re a chef. You can be a chef. At a very fancy restaurant in Manhattan, or Brooklyn, where you they live, but you’re choosing to do Montauk and Aspen. So his priority was not their relationship because he expected her because she’s building her app and working remotely to travel the world, not the world, but the country with him, and have no stability over him settling in one place. And even if that was I know that last season, they spoke about, like, Charleston, remember? Okay, even if it was that, like, how about and then she says in this episode, like, I don’t know if it makes sense for us to have this apartment? Because, you know, we’re never here. And he’s like, Oh, no, we need some place to call home. I also see that as him not wanting her to always be there. Like, in other words, he wants her to go back home. And I listen, we know that I got intel that he did his thing when she wasn’t around. So I have a certain scope on him. Of course, I have no, I have no evidence other than more than one person inboxed me to say that, you know, out in Aspen and out in Montauk. And apparently, he would always say they were on breaks. And there’s no way to know if they were worrying because she didn’t even announce their breakup for months. And she still had the sign hanging up in her apartment like r&d. So I we know that she very much wanted to get back together, but I just find himself like, I think he’s selfish.

Amanda 51:20
Yeah. Yeah, I agree. I agree. Um, what did you think about Paige with her like I and crag and their conversation, and her like, I like where we are in life attitude.

B 51:37
I loved it. I think that it’s complicated because she lives in New York City. Her parents live in upstate New York, but still, it’s a couple hour drive. And she’s the one uprooting her life because the plan is for her to move to Charleston. I mean, he has the house. He’s made a lot of improvements on the house. I don’t know if you saw on Instagram. He just did his whole backyard gorgeous and ground pool the whole thing. You know, he’s done the house. So I think the assumption is she’s gonna move full time there. And then think they’re together a lot. And yes, it involves travel, but she is there a lot and she doesn’t want to give up New York yet. I just wonder. I don’t know. They both also now we have to remember. She was filming and he was getting ready to film southern charm. Southern charm has just wrapped so I think that right about now they’re going to be making decisions. And I think a big piece of that decision will be whether or not summerhouse is greenlit as it is or if she’s included for this summer. If it isn’t, if they’re like we’re pausing this we’re going a different way. First, I think they’ll always be a place for her on Bravo. I think she’s a huge, you know, she’s a huge success, and they’re going to find something for her. But if it isn’t picked up, I see her moving to Charleston engagement, that whole thing if it is picked up, maybe they maybe they push it off another couple seasons. Yeah.

Amanda 53:00
Well, I two things. One is, even if she does move there, I could still see her kind of going back and forth. And like I could see her as being like, nope, my career is important. And I’m still gonna have that for me. Right. But I loved that whole conversation because I feel like there’s just this, like, getting the diamond on the left hand is the ultimate goal. Like there has been this narrative for so long, right? And, like, where she’s like, No, I mean, just because I’m turning 30 And just because we’ve been dating for years, she’s like, I like where we are in life and like her realizing like, no Mike career like this is like this is this is bigger than just a diamond on my you know, or like a man who has declared that he loves me like, I have I want more. And I I just it like nothing is there is there is no rush to make any changes or do anything right now. Because I have the man I love. I have a great career like,

B 54:05
and I just think it’s very much like just taking off like, it’s a couple of years. Like, you know what I’m saying? And she giggly squad and she tours with Hannah for that. And she does all her Amazon lives and she has a lot of partnerships that are based in New York City. So I also think and this is this is just me guessing. I feel like as reality stars go, Paige and Craig are sort of like quote unquote, normal people. And I don’t see them wanting to put maybe they would put a wedding on television. I don’t see them wanting to put their kids on television. Maybe I’m wrong about that. I’m certainly not on like an ensemble cast like Southern charm. I just think that they are kind of listen, he has a lot of businesses. He’s an attorney. He has that firm that and a lot of people don’t understand what that is but attorneys work for him and he gets a third of a third because it’s personal injury so whether he’s there or not it’s

Amanda 55:02
he sends them lead it’s essentially it’s a legit not in like a general way it’s a

B 55:08
big salary and he has obviously he’s a successful sewing down south. He’s investor in several restaurants in Charleston and most recently one in Manhattan. Him and Austin actually invested with carriage house with this guy, Jordan something who’s like, on the food, not the Food Network, but some food network or like, right, whatever. I say all that to say, I feel like when it comes time for like the family life, I can see them backing away from reality in like, the everyday capacity, like maybe they would do, you know, let they pop up to stay relevant for endorsements and brands. But I don’t see them filming their kids and stuff. I could be wrong. That’s just your i That’s my, what I see.

Amanda 55:50
Well, and I think that that’s why they’re kind of having, I think you’re probably right, and I think they have this, like let’s make hay while we can. You know, and like knowing that TV is the Bravo is probably not going to last forever. And it’s smarter than you know, just to think like an NFL player would write of like, what’s, you know, I need to put a few irons in the fire right now. So I totally agree with you. But I just, I just loved that and that she’s not the like, you know, I want to get engaged and want to have you know, like that. She’s like, No, I want I want, I want all of the things and like I like where we are right now. It was it was it was it felt like a quiet moment in the show, but I felt like it was really significant to me.

B 56:34
I totally think it was and I think it was also a really good moment for girls. Paige’s age, I should say women because they’re 30, because there is that pressure. I mean, it’s always been that way. Yeah, I know. Like by 30 people are worried about oh my god, I have to have a baby or you know, and it’s so unfair, because those pressures are never on men because men can just procreate whatever. So yeah, I thought it was great. And I think that the fans liked it, too. Yeah. All right, cocktail clothes. It’s been real tanks guy. And also so you guys know I’m doing this like on the tail end of a stomach bug. So if I seem a little off i the Norovirus spread throughout my entire house, and it was awful. And I’m like, just at the end of it. And it sucks. And I have a wedding tomorrow. So fun times over here at bees house.

Amanda 57:37
It’s you know, just just drink your fluids. And now that you can

B 57:44
I can’t the only the only silver lining is I’ll look extra trim in my dress tomorrow.

Amanda 57:50
Well, I think you also been working out and stuff too. So don’t don’t give the stomach flu all the credit. Well, thank you guys. We will talk to you guys next week. But thanks as always, please definitely check out the website follow be at at Bravo and cocktails underscore hit follow on the podcast because every follow counts for us as we are working on growing. And if you want more tea, you know where to come find it at cocktail party.

B 58:23
Till next time

Amanda 58:31
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a T because the ones who don’t care about T then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 59:12
Bye guys. See you next time.