Rumor has it the RHON legacy ladies returning to Scary Island? Why this makes sense to us, and who we’re hearing is coming. Who’s going to Vegas in November? We’re not sick of Scandoval yet – and here’s why. Inside info about how Rachelle’s working a PR angle; and is any amount of mean girl behavior permissible now that we know what we know, or is there a line? We see through the “Katie won’t sell back her hotel room” storyline. And on to Real Housewives of New Jersey – props to Jen Aydin and Bill for putting themselves out there with their therapy sessions. Why we think their conflict is relatable… And, we’ve got a “glass houses” situation with Jackie and Danielle – it’s just not making sense to us.

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 46

B 0:01
Even if Sheena punched her even if worst case scenario, do we believe that Sheena poses a physical threat? Do we feel that Raquel truly believes that Sheena poses a physical threat to her? The answer has to be no. And if that’s the case, Bravo has to say, Are you out of your mind? We are not tolerating this. There’s 8 million people on this cast. You showing your whole ass we don’t even need you anymore, because nobody likes you.

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Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. The

Amanda 0:55
end and I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

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What’s up cocktailers

Amanda 1:05
Hi cocktailers. Okay. So, you know, we’ve all been in the thick of scan of all for now, a couple of weeks. In the middle of all this though, we got an email about Taylor from southern charm, hooking up with Austin.

B 1:25
I know. And you know, it’s funny because of scandal and everyone’s collective investment in this wild wild ride. I feel like people are glossing over the fact that Olivia, excuse me. And here I go with my name confusion. Taylor, who is Olivia is good friend, hooking up with Austin. Now, the thing about it is it’s important that we focus on the timeline, because a lot of this was reported I reported it. Somebody clarified for me that the timeline is important. And the reason it’s important is because Taylor hooked up with Austin around the time of the reunion. Now, Amanda, you remember that we were posting as were many other accounts that like, there definitely seemed like there was an attraction remember all that?

Amanda 2:13
Huh? Yeah. I mean, you could see it right. You could see it. It came to the camera. You didn’t you? Yeah. But we also were getting tips about it, too.

B 2:23
Yeah. And I think that we all felt like, Taylor wouldn’t do that. Because at the reunion, Olivia was clearly still upset about Austin. Okay, they were not ever a serious boyfriend and girlfriend. But clearly she was very into him, right. So I think that Taylor doing that if Taylor had done it now, where Olivia is like past that you and I know. And the cocktail is know that Olivia actually is dating somebody. And he chooses not to be filmed. So we’re not going to see it. So I don’t even know if we’ll know on the show that she’s got a man. But she’s got a man. So she was hooking up if Taylor was hooking up with Austin now it would be like, okay, you know, she’s over him at the reunion

Amanda 3:11
sloppy seconds. So I don’t know, I and just, I don’t know, I think, I don’t know if you call it girl code or broke code or whatever code you want to call it. Like, just just look elsewhere, besides your friends axis is is just good life advice. So you

B 3:31
we know that you and I feel that way. But here’s the thing that I think that even those who don’t agree with that stance, we’ll be a little surprised about Taylor, I’m hearing is very much like whatever Olivia. I said I was sorry. And get over it. So Olivia is holding on to resentment. And Taylor is basically annoyed at that. And we’re seeing this, by the way, like this is what’s being filmed. So they’re talking smack about each other. Obviously, it’s getting out because I’m hearing it. Taylor’s actually very concerned that Olivia is trashing her this season, and what it will do to her image. Now we know that Olivia can hold her own. You know, she got last season was really her first season. And she really got right down into it. And she wasn’t scared of Madison. And if you’re not scared of Madison, I highly doubt you’re going to be scared to get into it with Taylor. But basically Taylor just expected Olivia to accept her apology and move on. She thinks that you know Taylor’s feeling is they weren’t dating seriously and like get over it. Now, obviously we know that very sadly. Olivia is brother passed. I think it’s important to point out that Taylor did this did happen prior to that. Okay. But Olivia is still grieving. Obviously her brother just passed. And Taylor’s like, still has this like, kind of like get over it stance. I don’t know. You know, Austin and Olivia are both single. That’s Taylor’s main point. Oh, and they also are both like, well, we didn’t date so like, what are you mad about? Like we just hooked up. We also learned that Taylor hooked up with Whitney. Did I tell you that?

Amanda 5:14
I think this is an exclusive because I don’t think you have told

B 5:17
me that. Oh, yeah, she hooked up with Whitney I guess. I guess we’ll see that on the season. It’s giving Raquel make me relevant. Let me do shocking hookups. Make me a storyline. It makes you wonder. What was all with Chef to begin with? Was she using him to be on television? Stranger things have happened? We had COVID. In the mix of that, did she stick it out so that she could be a reality star slash influencers? Step slash Raquel.

Amanda 5:41
I mean, it worked for Naomi. I mean, Naomi did a pretty similar path in terms of penises.

B 5:49
Yes. And, well, her penis, she ended up with a very rich penis at the end of her path.

Amanda 5:54
I mean, wouldn’t it be great if they were all rich? Taylor doesn’t strike me as a dummy. I totally. I think she probably did figure like I better double down back to the penises to secure a spot. Right? Like, yes, you know, or it could be I don’t know, I thought the thing was sharp. However, she got there. And maybe there was some sort of maneuvering to get in front of him in the first place. I think what they had was real, which makes me wonder, could some of us just be that she’s just trying to get back at shop, too, and like get under his skin?

B 6:38
Which I would be fine with if Taylor wasn’t using, like Olivia as collateral damage.

Amanda 6:45
Yeah, I mean, I think this whole thing with Taylor and Olivia, and their friendship is, you know, there’s there’s definitely she could Taylor could. It sounds like she’s not being very sensitive. Taylor could have taken a more sensitive approach be like, I’m sorry, you guys weren’t together? I didn’t think it was gonna be that big of a deal. Our friendship or is, you know, more important to me than that. I messed up, right. But it sounds like she’s she’s maybe not doing that. Which you’ve got a good point about that. So obviously, there maybe, oh,

B 7:28
you’re gonna see chef’s reaction to?

Amanda 7:30
Yeah, I mean, you guys maybe Taylor is the mastermind here. And she’s like, look, I got out of the show. I, you know, secured myself a spot. I also got back at Shep. Like, I’m winning across all over things. And, you know, my friendship with Olivia as collateral damage that could be she could be you know, all of this could be on purpose. And this could be all by her design. It’s hard to say.

B 7:58
And I guess the argument is like, yeah, they’re friends. But if this is her true desire to have big reality, fame. Listen, Catherine’s gone, Naomi’s gone. It’s, you know, there’s that there’s, there’s an opening.

Amanda 8:15
And yeah, they they need an HBIC they need to had bits in charge on somehow

B 8:21
doesn’t have that energy to me, regardless of which I agree. I feel Livia has that energy, because she’s got more of a bitchy side. Well, not a bitchy side. I shouldn’t say that. More of an outspoken side. But you know, I have always felt like, it’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for. It’s the ones who act all holier than thou. Those are always the snakes. Sorry.

Amanda 8:44
I mean, look at Catherine, when it was her first season, or the first season, she kind of comes out of nowhere and seemed quiet and demure. And I mean, look at what like her whole arc and how that’s alternative to so I think that’s interesting. By the way now. Oh, yeah. I just wanted

B 9:03
to throw in here, because you probably haven’t even seen it. There were some I forget, somebody posted that she’s got an eviction notice again. I mean, we posted this back in December. And like she said, No. And then they said that in, you know, Charleston, the laws are very strict, and if you miss your payment by a week, and that’s why she got it. Okay, but like it’s happening again. So how many times you’re gonna forget to pay your rent and get eviction notices. So I mean, obviously, it’s not shocking that she’s strapped for cash because her main income has dried up. So that’s sad.

Amanda 9:37
Yeah, that is sad. Do you want me to read that email that we got about Taylor and yes, give us some contact had that in my notes. So okay, so I almost forgot to bring this up. So we got an email. And it said, hooking up with her friends. Axe isn’t the only shade of Raquel that takes Taylor shares in the same way, it seems Raquel use James to be on the show the charmers have collectively realized that Taylor may have used sharp. This evidenced by her hooking up with both Austin and Whitney this season, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make herself a good storyline. As a result, none of the girls want to hang out with Taylor because they think she’s a social climber. stepping all over them for reality television fame,

B 10:29
totally forgot about this email. Thank you for reading it. Yeah.

Amanda 10:32
So yeah, I mean, I don’t know. I, again, I think the shop relationship. Maybe the way it started wasn’t genuine. But I think the relationship was right. I don’t know. We’ll see.

B 10:46
I mean, I don’t know. You have to just question all the motives. Yeah.

Amanda 10:52
So speaking of the Rachelle of it all, okay. So Vanderpump Rules was on last night and but everyone’s been talking offline about the reunion. So she does lawyer Shana. She knows it. Sheena.

B 11:11
Sheena. It’s still Sheena Amanda. It’s still

Amanda 11:17
I really don’t do it on purpose. Her name is not pronounced the way that it’s spelled in my mind, and that’s why I have a hard time. Okay. And I think it’s because her last name was Shay that always throws me too. Sorry, Shana. Sheena. didn’t do it on purpose. I really didn’t. Okay, so her lawyer came out and said, it’s really up to Bravo executives. But I mean, they cannot be physically within 100 yards of each other as of the current order, her lawyer has said, so one of them may have to skip the reunion, or maybe Raquel and this is a quote or you know, I would be calling her shell will have to zoom in, but they can’t be within close proximity of one another, and they can’t be directly communicating with one another. So it’s gonna be tough to make this reunion show happen with both of them. He goes on to say that even if Rochelle is present via zoom, and Sheena is there in person, there can be no direct communication or even communication through any intermediaries. If the data is changed, however, both women could be present, while the lawyer noted that it is quote unquote, possible for the restraining order to be made permanent. At the hearing on March 29. Sheena, intends to present her witnesses and her evidence and to disprove those allegations. And she’s excited to have her day in court and have the judge hear both sides of the story. So as we know, Rochelle is saying that she you know, pushed her against a brick wall, which causes injury to the back of her head, punched her in the face causing injury to her left eye. Rochelle is claiming that she has a cut above her left eye and blurred vision. And then Sheena has denied all of these allegations through her attorney.

B 13:19
Okay, first of all, this infuriates me It infuriates me that Raquel is doing this everyone is saying that there was a push there was no punch. Last night’s episode, which was a whirlwind just knowing what we know now seeing Raquel is just what a manipulative I can’t, but she had black. When she wasn’t wearing makeup. She had that like under eye and I’m not body shaming or, or face shaming or anything. It’s some people have dark circles under their eyes. It’s fine. It’s a thing. She doesn’t have a frickin black eye from Sheena. Furthermore, yeah. Like, why should Bravo have to postpone the reunion? And why should she not have to take one for the team? I say bravo calls up Rochelle and says, Listen, bitch, you either drop this bullshit restraining order or you’re off next season, period,

Amanda 14:11
and you’re paid out for the rest of your season this season either because that’s part of their contracts from what I understand and it’s

B 14:17
a clear way to go. It’s a clear tack. Yeah, even if Sheena punched her even if worst case scenario, do we believe that Sheena poses a physical threat? Do we feel that Raquel truly believes that Sheena poses a physical threat to her? The answer has to be no. And if that’s the case, Bravo has to say Are you out of your mind? We are not tolerating that. There’s 8 million people on this cast. You showing your whole ass we don’t even need you anymore, because nobody likes you. I mean, and we Andy said last night, didn’t you say like we haven’t figured it out or?

Amanda 14:54
Yeah, well, first of all guys, like all of us, we need our Reckoning and And like Rochelle has got to show her like face and sit down. Like we need it. So, Danny Pellegrino asked Andy on Watch What Happens Live last night, asking how they’re going to do it. He seemed kind of worried. And Andy, I wouldn’t say in a dismissive way, but it was like, Don’t worry about it. We got this like, kind of a like, We’re professionals, we know how much you guys all feel strongly about this. And, you know, I felt good about that like that. They’re kind of handling it. So, I mean, this is what I think. I mean, Sheena, and Rochelle do not need to be in the same room. Like those are not the two key players in any of us. Right. So,

B 15:41
no, we want to see okay, here it is. We only need Rochelle for to do her little thing and then get the fuck out. Let everybody talk about what a bit she is without her there. Is she going to walk in with Tom? Are they showing up as a couple? What is going on there? What is the body language? Like outside of that by?

Amanda 16:00
We need but we need a reckoning. Like we need Rochelle in the studio assuming that Ariana will even do it because maybe Ariana is like fuck that. But we need Rochelle making eye contact face to face with Ariana because I feel like those are the two

B 16:18
or then like I feel so bad for Ariana that she has to do that. That would be like the only thing is like for Ariana. If she didn’t have to face her, it probably would be the best thing for her personally. But unfortunately, we’re on a reality show and we have to face the music.

Amanda 16:38
Yeah, I mean, there there needs to be a reckoning like we are like blood thirsty. Bravo bands, we, we have to have us and Bravo knows that like nobody. We all see through her thinly veiled attempt to not have to face the music on this reunion, like it’s gonna happen. They’re gonna move it, they’ll move the people around, they’ll figure it out because Michelle will get you know, if she doesn’t show they will cut her pay, right because I know a lot of their pay is tied to them actually coming to the reunion and I’m sure they can dangle the possibility or not possibility of having another season. Because of that.

B 17:22
I say that they make her cut it like they make her not cut it. They make her get rid of it. And then we have Lala Amanda posting a picture of Raquel in a very similar outfit even down to the makeup colors and the ribbon and her hair that Lala wore. So next thing I know one of my followers sends me a picture of Raquel in an outfit. Very similar to one that Ariana wore and they both wore them recently around Valentine’s Day. I mean, like I guess what I’m sort of trying to figure out here is how much of this is really sociopathic? How much of this? Is her just really being lost after her breakup with James? Is that even a thing? Or was she always a user? Is she really just a fan girl who wanted on? How much of this is sad? Because the episode we just saw. If it weren’t for what we now know, I think that the audience would have sympathy for her. Right? I think that she was kind of being picked on by Lala and Katie and Kristen Kelly.

Amanda 18:39
They were totally being giving I mean girl vibes. But now we know that maybe there was some there was something else that the girls were picking up on.

B 18:51
Well, like Katie said it she’s like, there’s just red flags about her. Why does she like these guys who are taken or other people are interested or getting out of a divorce? And she didn’t know then that it was very what what we were all going to find out. I did think it was very interesting. How Raquel really stood up for herself to them, and said to Lola Oliver chose me and you’re jealous. And like she really put them in their place. And then like even said, like, I’m going back to LA and I’m going to hang out with Schwartz and Sandoval.

Amanda 19:30
That was just a full on deck like yeah, she stood up for herself right by saying Oliver chose me. But then she does like Doug the knife and Katie and was like fu I’m gonna go hang out with your ex, your ex husband who I have said to you and I have said to him that I want to make out with like that way. That is where I’m like, Okay, I think there’s something more to this. I don’t think that was just a lashing out situation. I mean, And here. Here’s the other thing I thought after watching that episode, because I don’t know about you, but I was pausing it a lot to like look at people’s reactions. And the way that Tom looked Tom Sandoval looked when Rochelle walks into the guys night like, it set everything to be like, clearly, in my opinion, either. This is what I something had happened with them. I well,

B 20:33
I don’t even know if we just if we, if we have said this, but there’s all these podcasts. And Kristen came out on something called the VL files podcast and said Tom Sandoval and Rachel did make out of Coachella. So now she’s confirming that that they did make out of each other, which is a debate back and forth. I personally think without a doubt at this point that it was going on.

Amanda 21:01
So I think it could be they made out at Coachella I felt guilty about it stopped for a while started again after Vegas. Or it was going on the whole time since Coachella because you’re just like, I you just look at his face. Like go back and look at it. Like, it’s like, I know, I’m supposed to look like I didn’t know you’re coming. But I knew you’re coming and I’m trying to play play it cool kind of look. 100% That’s all I needed to see to know that something. And we had heard about Coachella. Right. Right. Right. That’s all I needed to see his face.

B 21:38
So the other thing we had posted that allegedly Tom and Raquel were both missing for three hours at Sheena and Brock’s wedding. And people were speculating that they were hooking up. Jamie, a girl named Jamie who’s not on the show, but is friends with them. Jamie all over is her podcast. She was on it with another friend of theirs. And they confirmed that. Basically when this all came out, Raquel spoke to not Jamie but the guy she had no Podcast. I’m sorry. I don’t know. I forget his name. Because she was very good friends with him. And she kind of just admitted everything. And they confirmed that they were hooking up at the wedding. Like what? Okay, carry

Amanda 22:21
out what she made out with shorts at the wedding too. Because their pictures.

B 22:28
Right? Right. You’re

Amanda 22:31
so sure I knew back then to Schwartz has been the beard the entire time?

B 22:38
Absolutely. Okay, so now Amanda, this, this is the conversation that no one has had the I haven’t heard and that I want us to have. Andy has come out and said that he did not edit or reshoot these upcoming episodes. Allah Allah has said it. Katie has said it. I believe him. I believe them. Beyond that we’ve been hearing since the beginning that we’re going to see, we’re going to see stuff. Here’s my question. We know cast members suspected it a couple of them shared with me that they did. Is it possible that production fully knew about the affair? And what exactly do they do with that, you know, Lala posted something, it was her talking to her producer and it was sort of an odd clip. And basically she was saying, Wait, I thought only so and so could hear it. You all can hear everything even when we’re not like, whatever. However editing is done. They’re like we can hear everything. So is it that production knew? And they just kept mum on it at what? Like, you know what I’m saying? Like, yeah, did production know about this affair? And is that why it’s kind of shady edited? Because they were almost dropping easter eggs for us. And how did not let’s say that this didn’t come out.

Amanda 23:56
Alright, so Okay, we have talked about this topic before of like, it’s the producers knows something. They don’t tell the housewives right, like in Miami. What it Lenny? Yeah. And that’s exactly what it was. And I was like, I don’t think I don’t think they told her. And so I think they sat on this. So I think you bring up a really good point. And that either production knew something or suspected something, just like so many, because I’m sure that they’ve also picked up the cast, the cast mates talking about like, Isn’t it weird that she shows up all this like, because they’re like, kind of the God and this and they see everything so they get all the pieces and come put it together? So I I actually think you’re 100% Right. I think that they did no and Andy did say only the next three episodes. We haven’t edited so we’ll see. You know, and maybe they’ll even break the fourth wall and say like Look, before, before scan of all broke, you know, we didn’t include XYZ scenes, but we’ve gone back and added them.

B 25:10
Do you know what’s funny? I remember thinking, when the first episode came out, before we knew about scanned of all I was surprised at how good it was because I remember thinking, and some of this is like our perspective, because we talk about it every week, and we’re posting about it for so long before the show airs, that I was like thinking to myself, I hope Vanderpump isn’t stale, because they had such good stuff, but so much of it has been leaked. That will it feel stale? And boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Amanda 25:44
Nobody would have guessed you know, I even before all this, right? Everyone was like, Oh, it’s getting it’s good. Again, we have more focus on the people that we like, know, and like, and, you know, she knows being shady. And there was plenty, there was plenty to talk about before scan of all it’s just I think everyone is just like, the fact that this is going to play out under everybody’s eyes and that we’re gonna watch it is I mean, it’s, it’s just crazy. It’s,

B 26:15
I think. I think that it’s always like, a good reminder, a scandal like this, because it brings all Bravo fans together, right? Like, we’re so often choosing sides and choosing teams and, like, I loved Kate Casey’s perspective, last week, she’s like, I don’t, I’m not pro, whatever I like just watching their lives. Like, that’s so evolved and so good, but unfortunately, I’m much pettier than that. I absolutely choose sides, and it can change. I mean, within one season, I can ping pong. But each episode, I’m like, sort of on the side on a team, whatever. And when you have something that we can all agree on, like so many followers messaged me after last night’s episode, and they said, like, I would have so much like empathy for Raquel in this situation with these Mean Girls, except that, like, Screw her. You know, so, I do think it’s unfair for us to negate the fact that, you know, we’re painting with a broad brush and being like, Oh, she used James and bubblegum but we don’t know she could have genuinely loved James and she could really be hurting. Does that make it okay to do this to Ariana who’s so good to her? Absolutely not. But maybe. I don’t know. I don’t know. I guess Mom

Amanda 27:35
was all over that though. Oh, and she’s like, Yeah, kept talking about how he anally met organically. They met organically, unlike Rachelle, you know, so you

B 27:46
know what? James is no saint. And that’s great. That’s his mother. Of course. His mother’s gonna have that view on it. But like, let’s call it for what it is. Like, come on. But yeah, Tom’s mom, Kristen dowdy said Tom’s sandals. Mom knew about the affair since December.

Amanda 28:04
Because she went Rochelle went to frickin St. Louis, for Christmas with Tom. Because that’s where he’s from.

B 28:13
I don’t even get that I don’t even get how they are. But like I could Sandoval as mom allow him to do that to Ariana. I mean, I Okay, that’s the wrong word. You know, allow her

Amanda 28:27
mom was saying who knows what he was saying his mom, he could have been like, Ariana and I have been done. Like, we still haven’t gotten out of the house. You know, we were kind of stuck until we can sell it. But I could see him totally split. I mean, if he can do right, pull off this whole thing. Of course, he can lie to his mom. So I don’t want to blame his mom in this. And, you know, and we don’t? Well, if she you know, if she knew and she like was okay with it, then we’ll blame her.

B 28:55
I guess my thing is this. So his mom knew. Did she think that they were broken up? We don’t know the relationship. I know that like, typically like I speak to my mother in law. So like, if Ariana is talking to his mom in any capacity, which maybe they don’t? She would have to be like, I’m so sorry that you guys split. You know what I’m saying? I don’t know.

Amanda 29:18
Yeah, there’s I we need to figure it out. So guys, if anybody has any scoop on this angle of the story, I’m very curious about it. Because we need to know, we just needed to know. You know how much the mom knew. And, you know, because I would, I would think, you know that, at the very least, even if he was like, Look, we’ve been having this affair. Ariana doesn’t know yet. We’re gonna tell her I would at least think the mom would be like, okay, but like, Don’t drag me into this. Please don’t you know, don’t bring her to our house for Christmas. Like, do your thing. I love you unconditionally. I I don’t agree with it. Right. Right. I would think that would be the conversation. If you know assuming like the everybody leveled with each other. I don’t know. I don’t know. If anybody knows anything, tell us guys. Does anybody know where Taman Rochelle are right now? Anyway?

B 30:20
I have asked a couple of sources, and I don’t I don’t know. I think Tom’s around, but I don’t know where Rochelle is. And I think they’re together. I mean, I think they were together. I think that’s what it’s gonna be. I don’t I mean, I can’t see them going in the distance, but for now, right now, and Ariana finally made a statement. I shouldn’t say finally, Ariana made a statement today. And basically, she thanked everybody for their support. And then she said What doesn’t kill me better Ron?

Amanda 30:51
I loved that. I loved that. And she has a revenge dress on like, looks amazing. And Mexico like Yep, good for you, Ariana better things, we’ll call them like this shitstorm is gonna pass and there will be a better person for her. I know, though, and

B 31:13
just take time for herself. Like, I mean, I have to imagine being in a relationship for that long and being totally duped by that person. Has to be like, severe trust issues, right? Because it wasn’t like they had had a cheating scandal at least that we knew about. Like they pretty much had a solid relationship. I know there was Miami girl whatever. But they pretty much had a solid almost decade long run. I mean, that’s wild to go from that to this. You know, it’s not the same as James and Raquel they were together a couple years. You know what I’m saying? It’s totally different. A decade is a decade.

Amanda 31:52
It’s like a It’s a major gaslight and all the minor gaslighting that must have been happening day by day. Right and like wait, why is Rochelle here and wait? Oh, you were getting her water at four in the morning. Oh, okay. And like all other just like, Oh, who’s texting you? Oh, it’s just you know, this one I’m making up but oh, it’s just you know, shorts, or Oh, Rochelle is just sending me as stupid meme or whatever it is. It’s like

B 32:23
the little

Amanda 32:24
moments who just like the little mini gaslighting that’s just gotta be fucking with her head. And I bet it’s a little things that are really sticking with her and messing with her head more than the even the bigger things of like all the little minor lies and like, was this real? And wait, what he got me something for Christmas. And then he went off at Christmas with his mistress. Like, and I can just I, my mind would spiral there. So I can imagine that hers has to. Absolutely. So should we talk? Oh, see?

B 32:57
Let’s talk Oh, say we haven’t talked to see in a while and we got some stuff rolling in about OC Yeah,

Amanda 33:02
we’ve got some scope. So we know that people are begging for the trailer. Everyone’s really ready. We know tamaraws back we know Vicki will be there. Even Andy confirmed it this week on Watch What Happens Live saying that she won’t just she’ll be on the show to a certain extent. And then there’s in this hole Taylor coming from Beverly Hills, taking a few years off and then coming over to OC. So then there’s been some chatter about her really bringing it as well.

B 33:35
So I’m hearing that production has edited more than half the season of OC who now they’ve started shooting confessionals, which we’ve seen some girls some of the girls post pictures. Vicki gunvalson has been filming confessional, so what started as sort of just a pop up is really becoming we’re, I mean, if you’re doing confessionals, you’re kind of a friend of right. Yeah. Yeah. Housewives. Yes.

Amanda 33:57
Andy, by the way, also sad when they were talking about it. He was like, You’re gonna You guys are going to be happy. It’s a really good season.

B 34:05
I can’t wait. Some of the housewives have sent their taglines in. I heard tamaraws might be housewives come newer but they don’t come harder as an homage to her season five tagline which I like I love it. I love also we got an email that claimed that the reason OC hasn’t aired yet. This was a this is what they told me they said it’s because Bravo is theming it so it’s summer line up with the three fruits in the basket. Roni OC and Atlanta so we have our apple or orange and our peach and they will be airing within a week or two span of each other starting mid May after Jersey wraps up and they should be done by August September done airing they will be replaced by this is the plan anyway. We know that stuff happens. There’ll be replaced by Salt Lake City, Beverly Hills and Dubai after the summer tentatively in October. OC will be the first of these three to air. So we’re looking at a mid May. Also there’s a lot of speculation has Taylor been promoted to full time? Has Gina been demoted? Our sources saying we can put that rumor to rest? I don’t know if they’re still editing maybe not. But Taylor storyline is supposedly, you know, we were all kind of like, she’s boring at the girls trip right at her in this house. But she’s talking about her trial, her marriage being in trouble, we’re going to see a lot of that maybe we’ll even see a split before the season’s done filming. I’m hearing her history of dating women, which I think we briefly discussed on the pod. So my sources saying that her storyline is much more compelling than what Jean is bringing, which is basically jokes about her boyfriend’s peepee. So, I mean, I never understood Jean, I’m not I’m not gonna go there. Again, I’m just not I know. I’m just gonna leave. I’m gonna leave it.

Amanda 35:55
So. So we know. So we know and even said it, right? That OSI is good. We know that the new Roni is going to need a strong lead in so that would make sense to me. Right? I you know, the OSI gets going. And then they’re, you know, they either play Roni after something like that, that this all kind of in like I’ve seen, we’ve seen them do this, right. They kind of like to flight stuff together. So, you know, there was until Potomac ended last Sunday. I mean, it was Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday night, and you and I are making jokes about how it’s like almost too much Bravo. Right and right that’s seems to be how Bravo does it so I don’t know. I mean, I think I think that makes sense. I can’t help but be curious about how their two bros name just not popping up in any of this. I was thinking the same thing. Like where where is she and all of this like and we heard that you know, she kind of withdrew at part of this like is there does this does any of this delay have something to do with her or with like, or maybe it’s like back to Taylor Taylor having you know it maybe there’s still some stuff going on. So they’re still trying to finish it like finish filming with her who knows?

B 37:14
Well, yeah, we are hearing that the marriage trouble there was there was speculation and I don’t this wasn’t from a source but we were hearing that maybe Heather was trying to have some stuff cut. We do know that she’s done that in the past so I don’t know if that’s just speculation.

Amanda 37:28
I’m ready for Tamra to be back on our screens. Like she’s, she’s just she’s just funny and like, She’s always got like, she’s always good to look at like she’s, you know, pretty but like put together. I always just I enjoy Joy her like Vicki, I’m ready to give her another chance. Thank you sometimes just to her frenetic energy sometimes is too much when she’s just like, walking around her kitchen. Like, you know, it’s she’s a little too much for me sometimes. But Tamra and then to see the three amigos back together to I think will be fun. So Oh, see, I didn’t know. So you guys, we don’t always agree. We do not agree about Shannon. I love Kenan Not a fan. Okay, so, summer house, I was actually just watching the Watch What Happens Live, where Amanda was on with Rachel Lindsay, who had been on The Bachelor Bachelorette. And, Mark, why am I Kyle? Why am I calling him mark? Good. What is Rahul? Kyle? Kyle, Amanda’s husband is sitting in the audience right? And like, I have to say on the Watch What Happens Live like the games were so shady. Like they’re really trying to push like, very purposely trying to push this narrative to the point where Amanda starts answering like Kyle to like, was like, Who do you trust li sam and I was like, I’m just gonna say Kyle because he’s the person I want to get the least in trouble with. Right. So I it’s just interesting that they’re like pushing this. This fight so much. I don’t know. Well,

B 39:15
what I found interesting, was it Danny Pellegrino, who said it went last night when he was like summerhouse like enough they’re in bed half the time to edit it out. So I feel like maybe they’re trying to make it more interesting. And maybe it really just isn’t that interesting of a season and couple house is really a flop. It could be love our hater. I mean, Lindsey really is the only storyline so far. Yeah. All right. It’s centered around her. Yeah,

Amanda 39:41
I mean, it’ll be interesting when Cory comes. Hopefully that’ll shake up the dynamic a little bit because Andre, Andrea, as much as we love to watch him, I wouldn’t say really, you know, there was there wasn’t a bunch of a storyline. They’re you’re right. It really is kind of all about Lindsay. Lindsay and Carl. Yeah right now and Kyle not mark.

B 40:09
But on Watch What Happens Live. Andy actually asked about the Dubois blinds that were very clearly about Kyle cheating and Amanda ya know that after Watch What Happens Live we got an email like that. No receipts just claims nothing to back them up. And then do you want to read the other email that we got and posted? She’s

Amanda 40:30
activated one? Yes. Okay, so it’s from she’s activated subject. She’s so pissed. This season. Oh firecracker is super activated that she wasn’t cast on the upcoming season. To add insult to injury her former wing girl was she doesn’t get it. Since she says she’s the exciting one. She is livid. She literally is pitching a bachelorette party spin off like non stop. Wait. So between the lines,

B 41:01
okay. And then today and Lindsey stories she she posted and was like, we should have a spin off a girls trip with me and Arianna. Arianna is like breakup party and my bachelorette party. Okay, first of all. Okay, number one, so I pulled it and like 80% of people don’t want that. They don’t want to Lindsey bachelorette spin off. But here’s the thing number one, okay, you can’t have that because you’re celebrating and like, Ariana is not? Number two, what friends is Lindsey inviting?

Amanda 41:35
I follow her on Instagram. She definitely has like buddies that she like put features. But none of the summer. It’s like none of the summer house crew. So I mean, she’s, she’s clearly worked her way out of favor with essentially everybody. Yes.

B 41:57
And, you know, I’m just trying to figure out where Lindsey goes from here. Is she good? In the show for drama? Yes. However, how do we keep her in a loop when nobody wants to be around her. We know that she’s pushing for a girls trip. You know, she wants to stay relevant. She wants to keep being able to do promotions. And you know, when you’re off a show, you lose a lot of deals. So she needs to be on a show. I very much think Carl is honestly over it. I don’t think he’s interested in it. I don’t think to be quite frank, he’s interesting enough to be on a show any longer. You know, I do think Lindsey is just where where does she fit in?

Amanda 42:40
Put her on Roni legacy Don, then no, not legacy feel. Or not legacy the new one, right? Geez. My head is like all mixed up today. But put her on the new one. Right. And then we still get to see like a little bit of Carl but like Carl doesn’t have Carl clearly doesn’t want to deal with the drama, right? Like, he’s sitting there like looking at his phone when everybody else is fighting. Right? You know, cuz he’s he and I understand that. Like, it’s you, especially if you’re sober and like he probably is like, I just want to go to bed. You know, so.

B 43:14
Okay, but here’s my thing. Amanda put her on Roni reboot. But those are all women with like, careers and stuff like her career is reality television.

Amanda 43:27
Well, Lindsey, you better get back get to work between now and when season two starts, Get get hubhaus Going back up, get your get back to work with me. I mean, I would think that would be good advice for her regardless because her future is not looking great. Unfortunately, as much as like I think she is great TV like it right? It’s not looking great. It’s not

B 43:48
and it looks like she’s spiraling about it. And so this email was obviously about her being annoyed. She wasn’t cast on winter House speaking of winter house. It’s underway in Steamboat, Colorado. We’re all seeing the pictures. We’re getting pictures of them. Kyle arrived without Amanda. No big scandal. She had her close friend’s bachelorette party. Then she had a virus. Shoot they watch what happened live was pre recorded. A lot of people were confused by that.

Amanda 44:14
I was getting used to that too. Okay.

B 44:17
She arrived on Tuesday. We know Danielle’s there. Schwartz is there without Sandoval scandal prohibited him from attending this live production in a tough spot. I do hear there are some changes. I guess we’ll either hear or see how that shakes out. Fans are very loyal to what

Amanda 44:35
I saw Larry Bravo by gay is our favorite today just posted that Alex from summer house is in Steamboat too.

B 44:47
So I guess they had him because again, I mean, we’ve discussed this they’re not bringing Luke back. I mean, that’s a whole read between the lines their thing but it’s kind of odd. They picked Alex over Luke. So just saying

Amanda 45:00
and there’s that hunky guy. I can’t remember his name but with like the like the hunky like, looks like he would be on a romance novel cover. Oh, yes. Larry

B 45:09
posted him too. He’s Yeah, he looks like i said he looks like a mix between Steve Gould and like somebody else and somebody said like Brody Jenner. I don’t know. He’s just very good looking. Fans are very excited for Brian Benny from family karma. We know Cory is headed there. Riley and Malia from below deck, both wild characters in different ways. I try. They’re not heading back. I just think that they don’t want Andre unless he’s single. And I whatever. I mean, but why Alex over Andrea?

Amanda 45:43
Because Alex is single. I mean, again, you and I are talking out of both sides of our mouth. We love Andrea. But we’re tired. A couple of house right? Like we’re kind of over it. So. And I feel like

B 45:56
filming so none of them are going to be or at least that’s last. I heard none of them are going to be there.

Amanda 46:02
Yeah, so I don’t know. We’ll see. I think it’ll be good. I liked that. They switched up the location. You know, it’ll hopefully they’ll be able to be outside more to and not just stuck in side one house. Like they were for the last season of winter house. Okay, jersey. What do we think? What’s what’s what do you what are you thinking after the last episode?

B 46:27
Oh, Jersey. I mean, what am I it’s just I think that fans are genuinely sick of the fight. I think that this episode was finally a happy episode because we love that baseball game. The charity event. People were fairly nice to each other. But I think that’s the last night’s episode I believed in Y’all said that. Her Watch What Happens Live appearance. We know that what we’re what we’re seeing is Danielle spill is the one who spills the rumor that Melissa cheated, which currently they’re pretty friendly. So that’s kind of messed up that she did that. But she is Team Jen and Teresa. So this must be her initiation. If you want to be in with them, I guess this is her taking one for the team. Apparently the rumors silly and baseless. So they even say that. But here’s something that I’m not sure if we discuss this. And I don’t know if people know this. But I heard that Teresa and Louie called Joe over when they found out about the rumor. So now. This seems to be why Joe so mad. But he hasn’t said or we haven’t seen him say yet. When Margaret old friend told Theresa and Janice, Louis and Teresa had Joe over the house and told him about the rumor. The thing about it is is they told him it like to warn him like this is what we were told. And they didn’t have Melissa, they’re okay. They’re married, like 20 years. And this is some rumor. Why are you telling him this like without his wife there as if it’s true. So it’s kind of weird, because then they’re saying they know it’s not true. But that would make sense that would if it turns out that that’s the case, that would make a lot of sense why Joe is acting show bizarrely towards her.

Amanda 48:20
Yeah. Yeah, I Yeah. That would help put a lot of the stuff in place to have like, Why? Why Melissa is also like, kind of calling Louis out for being like, well, you’re acting one way on camera. When I know off camera, you acted a completely different way. And, you know, yeah, it definitely doesn’t feel like you had either of our backs. And yeah, and that’s what Melissa keeps saying, like, there’s, there’s stuff that we can’t talk about that you’ll see why Joe is so mad. So Right, exactly, it makes sense.

B 48:58
I mean, listen, I know a lot of the fans are sick of it. I just want to know what what’s what, and I want us to then be able to look at it and say, Okay, this makes sense. This doesn’t make sense. Typically, we do agree with Melissa. But I would like to see maybe there’s something that we’re missing. Maybe, you know, because Teresa is mad now is she just mad. They didn’t go to her wedding. It’s possible, right? But if this is true, then maybe they had good reason.

Amanda 49:24
Well, I remember because so I remember. We got a bunch of pictures that came in from the celebrity baseball game and that was like mid summer. We know Teresa’s wedding was on I think it was August 8. I remember it being like eight eight right around then. And then we know right before Polly has a party and there was a huge blow up at it and it was and then it was as a result of that that for sure. The Gorgos were not going to go to the wedding. Right, you know, and you and I have talked about earlier like oh no, maybe they’ll meet changed our mind at the last minute. And we know that that was not the case and that they were not there. So, thinking about all of this, like the timeline, I mean, this thing with Theresa and Louis playing Joe, I’m wondering if that even happened before the filming like before filming again. That’s why Joe was so mad and we just aren’t the story is something else has

B 50:24
to happen to cause them not to go to the wedding because as things stand right now they’re planning on going.

Amanda 50:30
Yeah, because we know that there’s a party at Polly’s and like the there’s a blow up, right? You don’t know what’s sad, or what happened? So

B 50:40
stay tuned. We’re gonna have a lot of time to hash this out because I’m sure it’s gonna be dramatic.

Amanda 50:45
Can I tell you just one thing I loved about this last episode, please do is Jen, Jen Fesler. And Margaret are sitting out and having their coffee paid. Outside, right. But what I liked is that Jen Fesler called Margaret out and she was like, look like you are out of control. And so was Jen. She was like a jet. So she was Jen, Aiden, but she’s like, gentlemen, is not my concern. You are You are my friend. And like the way that she did it. I was like this is this is a real friendship. This is a real person. This is the way that you come to somebody and say, look like I’m upset with your behavior. But I’m coming to you from a place of love. And like, let’s discuss this. Right? I just loved that.

B 51:34
I really liked Gemma Fesler. And I like that. She’s not just a soldier, that she’s actually true to herself and what she thinks and what she feels. And those are the kinds of housewives we need. And so far, it seems that Rachel is that way, too. Let’s see if that continues. I wanted to talk about this quickly, Amanda? Because today on Jeff Lewis his show, he said that he served engage with emotion to get 100% custody of Monroe. He said, Yes, he said that Gage has been putting negative thoughts about Jeff in her head. And Jeff suggested to gage that she see a child psychologist just to help her. Make sure she isn’t struggling and gage refused. So today, Jeff served gauge and the trial date is in May. Massey

Amanda 52:29
just thought that he’s even sharing this on the radio I I know so messy. I mean, I don’t know. I feel like that might be a line, like a bridge too far to be talking about this, like maybe talking about it after the fact. But I it’s just as messy on his part to be talking about this. Like there’s some things in your life that are sacred, I think and Jeff Lewis, I think is so well, I love because he is so just open and doesn’t hide anything from the camera. But to me, that is one thing I would I just I think it’s super messy of him to share that.

B 53:11
Totally agree. I could not agree more. I just and I’m a big Jeff Lewis fan, but engage over shares on Instagram, but gauge doesn’t have nearly the platform. So it’s really not comparable. Yeah, and the child is the one who suffers. So let’s get it together. That’s

Amanda 53:29
fellas, let’s hope we do get our own counseling and that, yeah, everyone pulls this together and, and does what’s in her best interest.

B 53:39
And I think we should wrap up on the note that I am hearing that Bravo Khan will be in Las Vegas, first weekend in November, at Caesar’s Palace. Then, of course, another follower is telling me know it’s booked in New York, but I have to tell you, the follower who told me Vegas gave me supporting information about themselves that I cannot share. So, although not a living soul has said this, and we haven’t heard it anywhere. I’m gonna go on record and say I do believe it’s in Vegas. I don’t think it’s possible for them to have a Bravo con mid October and then first week of November. Not sure they could pay the talent and venues twice. So yeah, I think I think it’s I think it’s true about Vegas. It just

Amanda 54:30
makes sense, guys, like that’s really, honestly probably where they should have done it. I was thinking about this after you posted it. And I’m like, of course because hotel rooms are super easy to get at Caesars right there is I believe there’s a conference center like ripe I think right there. Right? They could even and they have like there’s even like a whole separate part of the hotel that they could actually just put Bravo talent in and totally keep everybody A separate for security reasons so they don’t have to do the like everyone hops into you know the limos together kind of thing. All the logistics make more sense it just it makes so much more sense I totally I 100% believe that that’s that’s what’s gonna happen so I might be going into Las Vegas when you and I can you know maybe like dress up a show girls or something so that nobody suspects that it’s us

B 55:28
Oh yeah, very casually just walk around and show girls

Amanda 55:32
I just want

B 55:33
to know how many of the house husbands are caught with escorts that’s just what I want to know.

Amanda 55:37
I mean, it’s yeah, there’s there’s a lot it’s legal there. As I said a couple weeks ago God bless sex workers.

B 55:47
The absolutely accepted the wives probably don’t love it. Cocktail errs. As

Amanda 55:51
always. Thank you for tuning in. And thanks, guys till next time.

Amanda 56:04
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening everybody.

B 56:45
Bye guys. See you next time.