We loved doing this episode with Kate Casey, host of the podcast, Reality Life with Kate Casey. We got her unique takes and perspectives on #Scandoval, Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Summer House. We dig deep – is there a redemption arc for Tom and/or Raquel? Where does Kate think the real drama may be happening on Real Housewives of New Jersey? We predict next steps for some of our favorite Summer House reality stars, Lindsay and Kyle.

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 44

Speaker 1 0:00
I think that when people carry on affairs, and no one seems to notice that the stakes get higher, if you had been carrying on an affair for an upwards of what it seems nine months, at the six month mark, maybe five month mark, you’re like, like no one’s even like paying attention. Like let’s just, like, do some more crazy stuff. But I also think she probably is doing whatever she can to keep him interested.

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Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravoandcocktails.com. And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. Be.

Amanda 0:52
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

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What’s up cocktailers.

Amanda 1:01
Hi cocktailers we are so excited. Today we have Kate Casey, host of the podcast reality life with Kate Casey. So Kate interviews, directors, producers, reality stars, hangers on anybody really that is associated with reality TV, unscripted television, she also has a Patreon where she shares bonus podcast episodes. So definitely check that out, too. At patreon.com/kate Casey and I have to say I am a big fan. I have been listening to her podcast. So I’m just excited to have you just as a fan, too.

Speaker 1 1:45
Oh, well, thank you. And it’s mutual. I love following all the stuff that you guys do as well. So this is a mutual love of fest.

B 1:52
Yeah, I love it. Kate, I’m so excited to have you here to chat Bravo with you. Yeah. You know, Amanda and I have talked about I feel like we’re all consumed with scannable. And we are going to touch on that maybe later when it’s just us. But I want to get some of your but I feel like you’re going to agree with us on that, right? Because there’s really only one team. Right? So I want to discuss shows where maybe there’s different teams, and we might not have the same opinion. So I will say,

Speaker 1 2:24
my background before I was a podcaster was in crisis media litigation. So I feel like I look through things sometimes through the lens of like, how is someone going to spin this? Or how would I spend this? Right. And I think that I think that they’re ultimately going to end up together. I think she’s gonna get pregnant. And I think his whole spin of this is going to be that Ariana was not interested in having a family with him. And that the reason that he was clung to Raquel was that she was willing to give that to him. I think that’s, that’s sick. I think he’s gonna twist it and make it look like she was preventing him from having the family that he always wanted.

B 3:06
He, I wouldn’t honestly, I wouldn’t doubt that he would do that. Because I think at this stage of the game, he’s willing to do anything to salvage his own reputation. And yeah, he gives me a lot of IQ. So

Amanda 3:18
I think that’s, I agree, though, I think that’s kind of the only redemption arc they have. Right is to do that. And then like, you know, there’s been people saying we think he’s having some kind of midlife crisis while he’s 40 and wants kids you know, so I, I could see that. Making a lot of sense and possibly happening as well. But I thought that does,

Speaker 1 3:43
I think, I think in any just wanted to Groupby it’s, you know, he’s got this like, he’s basically he’s the lead singer of a warm up of a cover band. Let’s he is no David Bowie. But I think he wants like a groupie, who just hangs on every word. And it looks like she’s some if she’s willing to do that in to some degree for DJ James Kennedy. She would absolutely do that for Sandoval, who seems to me, like I remember having a long conversation about dark matter, and I wanted to slam my head against the wall. He gives me almost like Andrew Kagan vibes where it’s like he wants to be adored people to have reverence. And so he could be like an adjacent cult leader, but he doesn’t really want to put the work into it.

B 4:26
Yeah, like histrionic personality disorder. Isn’t that what that is? Yes, that’s so I do have a master’s in psychology which comes in handy let me tell you like everybody says narcissist, and yes, is he a narcissist? I think so. But I think that you know, two things can be true and I and it’s funny because on the pod I’ve said like the timeshares never did much for me and then on winter house. I don’t know I kind of warmed up to them and or at least you whatever and, and then of course, I would turn on Sandoval with the whole Raquel thing. So Not Sandoval Schwartz initially right? Yeah. That then Sandoval didn’t bother me so much. And now when this came out it just like remark like, you know, everything’s like bubbling back up right. The other

Amanda 5:14
day I have a question for you guys both but you finish your thought.

B 5:18
You know, the other thing about it for me is just how you know, he came up with that statement today, right? But initially like what we all heard I know what I heard was that he basically said when he was caught like, this isn’t my fault. We haven’t been good and tough shit. But, but the thing about it is in and of course we’re dealing with Raquel who’s a Bambi I’d you know, and she doesn’t, you know, they’re presenting her and her crisis PR team is presenting her as a dopey girl who doesn’t know much. We also know that he has been hooking up with other people. So it isn’t that he was cheating on Ariana with her Cal and she’s a love of his life, and they’re gonna get I do agree with you that he’s going to try to go that way and they’re going to be together and maybe they’ll have a baby and you know all that. But it isn’t the love of his life because he has been cheating on her too. And he hasn’t left Ariana for her in. We think we think it’s it’s Coachella, which was our blind by the way, Kate, I don’t know if you know that we were the ones. Oh, that’s right. Yeah. Yeah. And for that, whatever. So I say all that to say like he’s not in love with Raquel. He’s only in love with himself. And maybe she’s right.

Speaker 1 6:26
Yes, right. That’s exactly right. He did. And he’s like a textbook, sleeping with the enemy person where it’s like, I am going to break up with her. But you know, like her grandmother like is sick or her cat and threw up or he’s extending the timeline as long as he can. When she because

B 6:43
it doesn’t matter. Because she doesn’t matter to him. And neither does the cow only he matters. And honestly, to that point, I think so here’s my theory on this. And I want to see what you ladies think. I think either. Sandoval made out with her Coachella. And then when that blind was sent, and we posted it, he said this, he said to Schwartz like this is perfect. They think it’s you go with it, and Schwartz did it. So again, he’s taking advantage of shorts too. As much as he takes advantage of the women in his life. He does it with shorts, or do you think that maybe Schwartz and her were hooking up? And Sandoval was like I’m really into her? I want her?

Speaker 1 7:18
No, I think there’s zero chemistry. I mean, he looks like he’s when seen when he has to kiss her. I don’t see. Shorts just doesn’t even strike me as a highly sexual person to begin with. I’m not I’m not buying that these two ever hooked up. I think that sand of all has his way with shorts and convinced him. You know, if you really want to be my bro, you know, you got to do this. You have to support me. This is like better for the business. I mean, he probably gave him 97 reasons why it would be a good idea for him to cover for him. I just think the covering has been for a very long time.

Amanda 7:52
I agree. I think I think shorts was the beard. Here’s a question for you guys. I’m very, very interested, especially with both of your backgrounds about what you think. Do you think Rochelle is

Unknown Speaker 8:07

Amanda 8:09
Michelle? Rachel, Rachel, I have to kind of

B 8:12
like wait, but I have to tell you guys something. And I hope you both watch watch what happens live. So Kate, if you listen to our podcasts, you know that for some reason Amanda has always called Raquel Rochelle, even without knowing her real name was Rachel, which we found out after she was calling her shell. And last night. Jerry O’Connell on watch what happens. I’ve kept calling her shell so either

Unknown Speaker 8:32
he listens to you. I mean that or he

B 8:35
thinks that Rachel is pronounced Rochelle, but everyone knows how Rachel is pronounced. I know. I love that. Yeah. JERRY I love you.

Amanda 8:45
Guys, Jerry. I do love you. So before all this happened, I legitimately just messed it up. And then I was like, I’m gonna do better. I’m gonna do better. I’m gonna go, you know, and now she never did better. She

Speaker 1 8:58
has a reason for it. I think it’s a special kind of crazy to go from Rachel to Raquel for just a reality show. Like she’s not even like an international movie star who’s going to be at the Cannes Film Festival. She just went on Vanderpump Rules and like an pageants, pull the Ilaria Baldwin card. I’m Yeah,

Amanda 9:17
exactly. I also think there’s no like,

Speaker 1 9:21
I think there’s so crazy for a 28 year old who is upset that they can no longer perform in pageants. And the clip that she had on her highlights of performing at that dumb pageant, like all she did was walk out she stood on like a quasi surfboard, threw her hands in the air and dance for a second. Like what is that a skill? What do you My point is what are you doing at age 28? If you’re in a pageant, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself where it all went wrong.

Amanda 9:49
Right. So I totally I totally agree with that. It’s like, you know, I don’t know I was gonna make another analogy and I don’t like that analogy. So do you think that At she is, like, has this like evil streak in her this diabolical villain streak? Or do you really think she is just even more of a band beside? Like, you know, like,

Speaker 1 10:15
I think she’s pretty Connie. I mean, she secured herself on a spot on the show. And I think she happily pretended to be interested in James Kennedy for two years to stay on the show. And then there’s rice, and there’s a little chip missing all of their brains to want to put their lives out on a show, namely the show, given what the the topics usually are, she would have found anything to stay on that show that requires someone who’s manipulative and cunning to also sleep in her home of her friend and sleep with her boyfriend takes a special kind of horribly manipulative person.

B 10:52
Yes, and more to the point. i So Kate, this weekend, Friday, I got this. So I originally before TMZ posted, I was actually on a school trip with my daughter, and I get this message from from a follower, right. So it was a it wasn’t like a follower who sends me tea. It was like, you know, a follower who just comments and stuff. They’re not a source at all. And she spilled all and I’m not going to get into the details because we all know that already. So I was just like, Okay, this seems kind of crazy. But hey, I’m the National Enquirer right, I posted it, because it also seemed legit based on the stuff she told me. So anyway, I say all that to say within an hour of posting, Ariana deactivated, and all this. So once everything calmed down on Sunday, I got my Mac, my Macbook and I sat down and I said, You know what, I’m going through every Vanderpump Rules post that we’ve done since April, right? So from Coachella on and come to find out something that I had totally forgot about was my very trusty source told me that before Vanderpump cast had received their contracts, right? The times were filming with Lisa. So there was a point in time and it was short lived. It was like a couple of weeks, you know, you know how it is in the world of tea, someone sends you something and then the next week it changes. But in that moment, it’s a big piece of information. So prior to Coachella, okay. They were filming right around that time and nobody had a contract yet. And at that time, nobody knew were they going to do Vanderpump? Again, because last season was stale, or were they just going to go and do the times and maybe we’d see the other people but they wouldn’t be full time they would be Lisa and the Tom’s and like their new people. Right? Well, long story short. That makes sense. Because Rochelle wanted to secure her spot on it. That’s why she got with James. That’s why she did the stupid engagement. She never intended to marry him. That was her season. The only thing on the season was the engagement. That was like sort of interesting, which wasn’t even interesting. So I think that she does, I don’t think she’s even interested in Tom. I just think she figures Well, this guy, he’s a big personality. He’s a big reality star. He’s also got some money, I could just she could get out of the house, I could move in I have so many different opportunities to model act, whatever, with Tom. And if he cheats on me Who gives a shit because I don’t give a shit about him anyway, she only loves herself too. So maybe like maybe like these two people can be married and happy because they care about themselves. And maybe that will work for them. You know, person they’ll

Speaker 1 13:15
probably have a baby and like combine the names.

B 13:19
Yeah, like Tom cow.

Speaker 1 13:22
Something like that. And they’ll probably share an email address. Maybe, like, ROM. Oh my god, imagine our house. It’s just gonna be filled with mirrors.

B 13:31
Mirror. I mean, okay, and another thing that I have to ask you because now we’re just going into Vanderpump I don’t give a shit. You’re gonna be here longer. You’re gonna be here longer than you expected, because we still got a lot more stuff to cover. So here’s here’s my question for both of you. I mean, I know that you and I know what my source says. Do you think that Sheena? Sheena five foot one weighs 105 pounds soaking wet? Scheana Shay

Unknown Speaker 14:03
puncher Cal in New York? No, no, I think she just pushed her.

B 14:07
Right. I think there was a scuffle. That’s what I’ve said from the beginning. But the other thing is a restraining order imagine needing to be protected from Shana shower. She

Speaker 1 14:16
only did that she only did that to protect yourself from the reunion because the limit the date that it ends is the 29th Right. So it was supposed to be like the 23rd so that just secured her a little bit more time. If I were Bravo, I would show up at our parents house and do the reunion in the front yard if you have to. She’s got to be at the reunion. So complete waste if

Amanda 14:35
you cut out or just remove Sheena from anywhere near the premises and then bring Rochelle in

Speaker 1 14:42
if she doesn’t show up. You have some happy to do it. Pretend that they are Rachel Rickover shell at Watch What Happens Live backstage or wherever it was that where she found out where the shoving the altercation took place. You just do reenactments have some way you could get somebody Super get this like an actual like real actress who would who would like like Rachel Bilson, or somebody that would do it like

Amanda 15:07
2020. Does it?

B 15:08
Yeah. Here’s the other thing, guys. There were there were people on the cast who suspected the Raquel and Tom Sandoval thing. And we’re going to so right and we are going to see footage that doesn’t make sense had we not found this out. And what production is currently doing not only are they filming, but they’re filling in those gaps with confessionals. And the people who suspected I know that at least one of them and I can’t say who it is. You guys can all guess at least one of them went to Ariana and said it but Ariana truly thought that it was batshit bananas, and that Tom would never do that with Rochelle. And then Michelle would never do that. Because she really believed that she was this sweet victim, little girl. And she supported her through her pageant, and it was her and Tom cheering her on. And all the while Tom was banging her I mean, in her bed.

Speaker 1 15:57
It’s interesting you say that? Because I you know, let me first say I clearly as all three of us have information bias. So we are going to this in with the full understanding of the scope of the majority of the scope of their affair. Right. So all right, start with that. However, the matching necklaces, the fact she’s at every show, right? The way that she like fawns over him, I isn’t there somebody in this whole thing that goes this doesn’t Something doesn’t smell right. Is it Christina Kelly?

B 16:32
There was were two people. There were two people, right? There were two people who who did and there were two people. I know one of them said something I think the other one did. And we are going to see that in confessionals. I know that and some of some of the clips we’re going to see are from before, like before they knew them being like, I don’t know what the scoop is with that. So it was there. Now. I don’t know if Arianna just put her head in the sand. I don’t know.

Speaker 1 17:02
Well, I think for her, she’s probably living with somebody who even if she had like a tinge of worry, I could imagine she opens up conversation and then he immediately is like, I would never be interested and recover frequently. Michelle Rachel like, she’s dumb. She’s too tall. She’s huge feet, like whatever his reasons would have been. And she’s probably like, he’s just like, for lack of a better term gaslighting her. She’s like, Yeah, what am I like? Of course, she would never be interested in her. He knows that a play everybody like he was doing to Rachel like, right? Oh, I you know, I like we’re totally going to be together as soon as I get to March when the cat dies, or whatever it is.

B 17:42
Do you think? Do you think that Michelle had this? Like, obviously she couldn’t plan that Ariana picked up the phone, but you think that she was doing things to get this out? Do you think she

Speaker 1 17:52
I think that when people carry on affairs, and no one seems to notice that the stakes get higher. If you had been carrying on an affair for an upwards of what it seems nine months. At the six month mark, maybe five month mark, you’re like, listen, like no one’s even like paying attention. Like let’s just, like, do some more crazy stuff. But I also think she probably is doing whatever she can to keep him interested. You know, because they don’t have long conversations of political theory, you know, something to keep him hot and heavy, especially if he’s hooking up with other people. And now he’s got other friends,

B 18:27
hence the FaceTime of her fingering herself.

Speaker 1 18:31
Well, no, that’s now that one is a little murky. That one I think about because I’m like, I would hate for someone to put put themselves in a precarious legal position, because they shared that video, right? Like, Well,

B 18:45
what a foul. What an attorney explained to me was that even if I did it, knowingly, willingly and sent it to you, Kate, if you if we broke up and you like sent it to Amanda, it could be still revenge porn, like, basically, you’re never allowed to share it. It doesn’t matter. Right? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It’s between me and you. And once it’s not between me and you, you could be liable.

Amanda 19:11
Well, and back to your point, Kate about the stakes going higher? I am willing to bet you 100 bucks. Good, great case of actually it would be more a great case of Prosecco. Let’s put it that way more than $100 that there were signals right like that when Tom and Tom went on Watch What Happens Live. I’m sure he was like, Oh, just watch. I’m gonna drop this in here for you. We’re sure nobody will even notice right. It’ll be our little joke. Right? And same thing with her. I’m sure there’s and I’m sure like the fans are so smart. All of those Easter eggs will now be found they will be found.

Speaker 1 19:51
I really, I really well. They’re being found this out. Yes out on Twitter and I really mean it. I’m willing to direct him for Reduce the Docu series about this whole affair and I feel like everybody can crowdsource like, yeah, somebody’s come forward. They’re gonna look through the garage footage on cameras. Somebody will put a whiteboard together with strings. I want cell phone forensics. I want GPS tracking information. I feel like we could figure this out in about two days.

Amanda 20:22
Down to the day they first talked

B 20:26
so here’s the other thing so obviously Listen, everyone’s T Marianna on T Mariana we all feel terribly for her. But Schwartz also did something to Kate, which was completely allow her to be so hurt for months and months. Yeah, that he was seeing Rochelle Raquel when the fuck ever her psycho name is knowing full well that he had zero interest in her to protect his friend now. Yeah, that’s why should I and he deserves everything he gets just for doing that because he wanted to maintain a friendship allegedly and he had this whole guise of wanting to respect so you throw that away because Sandoval tells you to allegedly right like yeah

Speaker 1 21:11
now subjecting her to even more hurt and pain and really humiliation on a on a massive scale. I mean, this whole idea was and syndication and countries she probably the other part of it is like they’re getting text messages from strangers like you’re an absolute moron that you didn’t see this and can you write that Schwartz did that to you? So it just compounds the pain right well that’s why

B 21:34
she deactivated and thank God she did for her mental health. Also we do know well we don’t know Bravo hasn’t confirmed it. I assume by the time this airs it will be confirmed I’m confident it’s true that the times will not be on winter house now that’s not confirmed.

Speaker 1 21:49
No I think it was today they did say they wouldn’t be well I posted it earlier today

B 21:53
and I was told it wasn’t confirmed yet. But I think that first of all, there’s eight days to filming so that that cast is in shambles but the more important thing is they can’t they can’t remove them now and put them on winter house and let winter house get all this tea they got to keep that for Vanderpump Rules so to me I never thought that at first they were saying they would be on winter house but like no they need them

Speaker 1 22:15
they need them back in Los Angeles to continue filming the show that okay, so I feel bad for the people that are filming withdrawals but at the same time I feel like we could all choose 10 hot you know too hot in the world and put them in

B 22:28
yeah and not neither of the times are hot so there’s that and also they never even fit in

Speaker 1 22:33
with winter house I feel like they show up with like a suitcase with filled with scarves they hang out for a day and write it in any way so what was the point of them anyway?

B 22:45
Well now southern charm is filming so that that crew isn’t going unless because of this they’re gonna call Craig and all set up and be like listen, hold southern charm, although we don’t have enough time in the day to cover that whole situation.

Speaker 1 22:57
Because they’re in Jamaica right now.

B 23:01
So they’re in Jamaica right now and we just found out that Taylor and Austin hooked up so we we’re not getting into that yet. We’re going to our next topics, but they can’t pull them either. So where the hell they’re gonna go?

Speaker 1 23:12
I mean, listen, this is a great opera. I’m aware Shep and I’m always like, you can figure stuff out if I’m a network executive or Bravo I would say this is my god opportunity to

B 23:24
to get Frankie Jr. Frankie Jr.

Speaker 1 23:27
to jump in. I don’t think he has enough personality for it quite honestly. But you get like I didn’t

B 23:32
need it. Hey, excuse me, Kate. looked at it for how many seasons? Okay,

Unknown Speaker 23:38
you need me need like strong. Strong.

B 23:41
No, Frankie is hot enough. God well, how

Amanda 23:44
are you? Wanting to know about your little crush on Frankie be?

Unknown Speaker 23:50
doesn’t really talk though. That’s a problem.

B 23:53
He doesn’t need to talk to you on this discussion.

Speaker 1 23:56
He doesn’t he really doesn’t drink because he has low body fat for competitions.

B 24:01
I got him to do anything but sit there smile and he’ll be like Andrea minus the accent. Oh, speaking of Jersey, okay. Speaking of Jersey, this is a great segue. I need to know your thoughts on the whole Gorger Judy che do you stand one or the other? Do you go back and forth? Are you sick of all the bullshit? Where are you at? I just think

Speaker 1 24:24
that’s a family that will never get over past grievances grievances I can talk. I’m so disinterested in the way that they totally despise one another. I’m gonna tell you what I really care about. I think that Louis is very strange. And I have concerns after watching a multitude of cult documentaries interviewing people in cults who have left cults who’ve directed documentaries series about Colts. He gives me the cold vibes. I feel like he’s isolating her. I’m just worried about her. I Like, as a friend from afar, he creeps me out a little bit. So interested in that, then the Melissa and like, they’re never gonna be friends again. They don’t even know each other. I could give two shits about the wedding. I’m more like what’s going on Louie?

B 25:14
And so like, based on what you’re saying, you’re kind of saying too, that Louis could be using this view just as a distraction from that.

Speaker 1 25:23
Yeah, because he becomes the Savior. He’s the hero. Let me bring everybody together. And then all the audience seems to be like, isn’t the the greatest guy,

B 25:32
even Jerry O’Connell last night said, Watch What Happens likely

Speaker 1 25:35
the cult leader is the one who sweeps in with all the answers. I hope he doesn’t isolate her from her children. That would be upsetting to me. The minute one of those kids is like, you know what, I kind of bugs me that he does that. I don’t know how it’s gonna go.

B 25:51
I can’t I can’t see Teresa choosing anybody over her girls. I can’t see.

Speaker 1 25:56
I hope not. I don’t know. I don’t know. Like, here’s my question, cut people off when they’re in a relationship with somebody who knows how to isolate them.

B 26:08
Okay, but Kate, what do you say to people and the treestands, who say he’s absolutely not isolating her. She’s with Jen, Aiden, and Dolores. And

Speaker 1 26:17
on a TV show, I think the real like, let’s say next season, she kind of takes more of a backseat, because it does feel like that show is really moving more in the direction of the younger housewives and their families. Even last night’s episode, you see Melissa driving on her daughter around it, Teresa doesn’t really participate that much on the show outside of just, you know, hanging out with Louis and the problems with Melissa and Joe, I kind of feel like she’s at a really good spot where she doesn’t have to be on the show, you know, finding a job she does. That’s what I’m worried about. I worry about, even if you’re not participating as much on the show next season, you shouldn’t be paid that much money, you just should just should. And I think that all their budgets are getting smaller anyway, I think the real, the real test will be if she’s if she’s not featured as much, or if decides to take a break. Because I think that the television show allows her to be around people. Right? Right. I don’t know. And by the way, I could be totally wrong on this. This is just my own gut feeling. It’s my own intuition. And it’s my own concern for other women that I say this, but there’s something odd about him. And I can’t let go of that video that he was with the other warriors, you know, in the background, and the fact that there’s so many other women that have had bad relationships with him, I it makes me worried for her, it feels like she may have been in a vulnerable place. And he took advantage of her. I hope it’s not the truth, but I tend to think I’m right.

Amanda 27:46
We had talked about this too. And we have seen it. Him being manipulative. You know, like the one of the first if not the first episode, you know, he’s spinning her up spinning, you know, Theresa loves getting her mad and getting her mad about Joe and like bringing up the stuff and bringing up the stuff, you know, and then the last the last but then of course, you know, it’s like he did it at the reunion, right? And then he’s like, Oh, but you know, you know, I like Mark You know, just just he he’s he’s definitely being manipulative. And then we even heard Jesus say in the last episode, like the last time she remembered everybody kind of getting along and doing okay, the failure was before Louis Right which I thought was very I was like, the producers did not put that in there. They did not put their in there that in there by accident. I mean, these producers have a front row seat to seeing everything was happening. And you know, I think I think they like I think they love Teresa and and I think maybe they put that in there. As a like, hey, you know, we’re seeing this happen. Gio is seeing this happen? We want to make sure the audience is seeing it too.

Unknown Speaker 28:56
I just don’t want her to come home one day and all the furnitures missing.

B 29:00
Oh my god. No. You know, it’s it’s interesting, Kate because I feel like if you go on Twitter do you go on Twitter? Are you more Instagram?

Unknown Speaker 29:12
I love Twitter. Oh,

B 29:14
I’m much more Instagram but do you see these accounts where like they’re like, all about only Jennifer and Teresa and they hate Melissa and they love Louie. I don’t know what that’s about. But it’s creepy. It’s weird. I feel like when I speak to people I know in real life they all feel like we feel but I think some of them are being fooled by Louis now they’re like he seemed even myself and like he does seem like a nice guy. But the thing about it is I think it’s a calculated thing for him to forgive March but not Joe because March is never going to be close to Teresa. Joe would be right and so also, you don’t she could say she’s friends with Dina all she wants there’s an estrangement there and Dena is a friend that super close to her and is no longer

Speaker 1 29:56
Well typically I think people who are going Controlling, don’t want their other significant other to be around someone who has an opinion that will state it. So Margaret will tell you, I think that this is strange. I don’t. So of course he doesn’t, we would not want her around. I do think that the fans that go over the top, there’s something about her that reminds them of themselves or someone in their family. You know, like it just it. So there’s this love of a person they’ve never met because they remind them of someone in their life. And I think they so badly want her to be happy. Like, you know, Teresa didn’t get an education. She was a stay at home moms like that. There are a lot of people that can relate to that story. And then I think that with what happened with prison and with her first husband, they want the best for her. Yeah, I really believe that. Especially other women want the best for other women. Yeah. And sometimes when you want the best for someone, you’re often clouded by the person who is love bombing mom, of course, somebody would watch that show and they would go oh, he’s ready to pull him every he would write her a card every day. I want everyone to ask himself. Do you think that’s normal? I think that’s anybody in your life. If you’re like your friends, like oh my gosh, so it’s alright to be a card every single day of my life. You go, that’s a little weird. That’s a little too much. He just got busted for like buying them counterfeit, or what seems like he may have been buying them like counterfeit jewelry. Like, do you have to buy them these over the top? gjort? Like can’t right? Why is it so much? Sometimes when someone does so much? It’s because they’re covering for something? I just feel like we’re all going crazy about Tom Sandoval and lining everything up. Right? Why aren’t we like thinking about how other people on other shows may be in relationships that don’t serve them?

B 31:57
I think some of us are. I think a lot of us are and I think that people are shutting it down. I think Twitter is that and I question like where that comes from? Like, what if I’m the biggest Teresa fan in the whole world, it still wouldn’t make me want to it still wouldn’t want to make me and then several other women make accounts that are solely dedicated to bashing those people. She’s not friends with engineer 24 hours a day?

Speaker 1 32:26
I don’t know. It’s it’s an interesting, every city. And I always think about through the lens of like how someone looks at life and the way they react. I kind of like I think we’re all like anthropologists, right. And it is interesting how fans from different franchises look differently at their cast members. It’s just it’s an interesting thing. But I think that Teresa reminds everybody of like, their sweet aunt who just loves their kids so much, and just wants to be happy, but just doesn’t always make the best decisions maybe. Right?

B 32:59
Absolutely. There’s something very vulnerable and likable about her. She’s a great mother, you know what I’m saying? All of them.

Speaker 1 33:06
Thank you. I also think if you take Melissa out of the equation, Teresa would have been a very different person on Real Housewives of New Jersey. I think that like she’s always living at an elevated state around Melissa. So we’re not always seeing the real hurt because other people say outside of the show. She’s really warm and sweet. But we don’t always get to see that side because of Melissa. But she’s

B 33:31
been what has difficulty. But it seems she has difficulty maintaining that really nice and sweet relationship with other adults that she’s close to such as Melissa. I mean, Carolyn Jacqueline, like, there were so many people that she has gone out with for a variety of reasons. So yes, on the surface when you meet maybe your son because

Speaker 1 33:57
maybe because she’s so devoted, blindly devoted to men, right? So in a real or female and female relationships. And this is why I love these conversations, because these shows are really about female relationships, right? And so our perspective is so different than other male perspective, male perspectives, because I feel like all of us have had a friend who’s so blindly devoted to a shitty guy, that it affects the friendship. So they’re willing to let go but deep and and a deep friendship and love because of the man and rafts where I think people get so fired up about Theresa because she’s sometimes unwilling to see the truth of things, right. Yeah.

Amanda 34:43
Well, I also wonder, too, because I agree with that. And we do we all have we all know of a situation where it’s like, somehow you want to be like clapping in front of somebody’s face and be like, What Why aren’t you paying attention? You know, yeah, but the other thing I kind of wonder specifically with Teresa is like, she has been, you know, exalted and worshipped as the quote unquote queen of New Jersey for so long, like, does that start to alter the way that you are in your friendships? Do you expect under your everyday friendships to just be like, it’s my way or the fucking highway? Get out? You know? And that’s why I kind of wonder if like, that has a big role in like, why she was like, Forget you, Rosie, you know, forget you, Jacqueline. You know, and all of that. I just, I don’t know, like, I just wonder if it’s kind of altered her DNA to a certain extent, and what she expects out of friendship moving forward.

Speaker 1 35:50
I think they all are forever compromised by same unfortunately. It’s like, I feel like I talked to a housewife and the first season they’re on and they are really interesting and introspective. And there’s something about them that is cast for that reason. But then they become so transfixed by being in the public eye. And then it becomes this war with the other women about like, who was asked to go and watch what happens live. Who gets the this endorsement deal? Do you have more followers followers than I do? Did Andy comment on your post? How many? How many people commented on my birthday post? Like the housewives for example? Like, how many of them actually post about real friends birthdays? You know, like, are they ever like my friend Marianne, I’ve known for 25 years, she’s the greatest friend that I’ve ever had. We were just hanging out in like Cabo last week, and we had the best time Here are pictures from it. No, never. It’s like Happy Birthday, Jackie. Or like, cat litter that mine, you know, friend from another whatever, like, here we are. It’s never their normal people, their Instagram all becomes completely devoted to the show that the wrong? Well, I

B 36:58
think that and I think you said this at the top. Kate, I think you have to be a certain kind of person to want to be on that platform. Right? Yeah, I don’t think the typical person wants to be on that platform, maybe at the very beginning, before we knew but now you know, what you’re getting into, if you go on one of these shows, social media has made it such a machine. And it’s all consuming that you have to really want the attention and be cool with all of that. So you’re already somebody who’s very, maybe self centered.

Speaker 1 37:28
But and then to your point, I think that it affects the dynamics of the show. Because if you’ve been on the show, since season one, you want reverence, and I can see why Theresa was annoyed, like I got on this television show, it was a really fun thing. And now my cousins are on and my sister in law didn’t even like from the beginning. And now, you know, she is she’s purposely feeding information to producers or to their cast members, that’s going to shift the way that I can now participate on a show that I recently got, it’s like if somebody gets a job in an accounting office, and then their sister in law gets a job in like the same department. And then she goes out to for drinks with everybody on happy hour. And she’s like, by the way, my sister in law is an absolute bitch. And that affects the way like you work during the way because that person’s like, hurt. You’re an asshole at all the family parties, and they’re like, I just wanted to come work clock in and leave. And I’m not going to get a promotion because this asshole had to come in and affect it. So it’s like, even

B 38:28
listen, even somebody you really like like your very good friend or your sister in law or what Brother in law, whatever. You might not want to work with them. Because you know, there is a thing of like keeping like, Don’t shit where you eat, you know, like, keep things separately. What do you think? What’s your opinion on Jennifer Aiden?

Speaker 1 38:46
She strikes me as somebody who like a little bit like Candice, some Potomac, like their TV persona is not their real life persona. Like, I feel like Jennifer Aiden, lactating, get again gets out of the car when she has to film the scene. And she’s like, I’ve arrived like, I don’t think that she’s maybe there are elements of her that are kind of like the way that she was on TV, but I think it’s like an amplified version of herself, where sometimes it seems I’m like, I think you just overplayed that a little bit. But I also think she is at the core of it and why she’s interesting television is She is someone who grew up in a family of origin that where she was told like you’re only as good as your husband, and watching her painfully tried to raise five kids, including daughters to be to have their own self confidence when they can clearly see their mother has none. Like she is nothing It seems I’m at home like her opinions don’t matter. She even said on the last episode like I’m raising the kids but I’m still his employee. And I know that is a very good good story to tell, because she is I think we there’s so many people who have a similar dynamic in their families and in their marriages.

B 40:09
And it’s almost surprising that she was able to get that voice that Bill agreed to it.

Speaker 1 40:14
I think he’s a plastic surgeon, which is probably the perfect job to be on the show. But like, I always like I’m never on anybody’s team. Because for me, it’s always about the storytelling. So when I look at New Jersey, I’m like, okay, that’s the story of the women that live in that state or that area, and who are they personally? And how do their lives intersect? And who in the audience can relate to that, and I think in a new in a community like that, especially where your parents are of the same ethnicity, that that’s an interesting story to tell and who that woman is in the year 2023. And moving forward, how she’s raising her children, how she communicates with her friend group, the way she looks at life. It’s, it’s almost like you’re it’s like, seven sitcoms in one because you get a glimpse at their family lives. An added bonus of like, how they all intersect. I hate it when Dolores says stuff like, well, I’m old school because I’m like, you know, we got to move forward like we got to progress. So

B 41:16
I also find it funny to say she’s old school because nothing about her life is old school. She’s divorced she’s, but she’s she’s dating a man who is not divorced. Although he’s been separated for like a decade. I’m just saying like nothing about that is old school. What are your thoughts on March because March is a big personality as well. Mark is

Speaker 1 41:37
one of these one of the housewives that I feel like I know better than most just because I have had experiences with her off the show. I will say I think that she is a great friend. I mean, I’ve had conversations with her about things that have nothing to do with the show. And let me tell you, most housewives don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves. So I do think she is a deep, deeply devoted friend. And I think she has been wise in the way that the things that have gone on with her stepchildren have stayed off the air, because it probably has allowed her to rebuild those relationships. But sometimes I think there’s not enough story there for it all to make it work. I think that if you’re on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, you have to be revealing your husband and your children. Because in in Beverly Hills, it’s really a The story tells the story of the city, right? So in Beverly Hills, it’s a story of like how the industry works? And like, would Crystal’s husband ever want to be around a Sutton’s husband? Or would Sutton and Crystal ever really be friends in an industry town where one comes from a financial service world and the others in entertainment? And it’s all about entertainment there and the dynamics of how people communicate their New Jersey is really about families, right? And if you are not somebody who’s telling the story of your family, I don’t know if it necessarily worked. So I if I were a producer? I don’t I don’t know if the show works that well anymore. I feel like they’re in a shift zone where maybe they need to focus more on like Rachel and Danielle and what are your thoughts on that? More of that? I think they’re great. I would like to know more of Jennifer’s life. Obviously, I think that Rachel and Danielle represent a story that is interesting right now is like, you have these young kids and they’re Rachel’s stepson is on social media all the time. And I guess Teresa’s kids do this too, as well, where I think that if you’re telling the story of families, you have to tell like the modern story of like, how do you raise kids and in, in an environment where it’s all about who you are, how many followers you have? Or like I wouldn’t cry,

B 43:53
right? It’s keeping it current with Yeah, with kids that age and because she’s new, she’s more willing to share whereas Yes, in other ones Melissa and Teresa’s kids are doing it, but they may not allow really gonna open up room.

Speaker 1 44:05
Yeah, I state I think they need their their kids to be on and if you’re not willing to do that, then you can’t be on the show. A little bit more like cutthroat for the stories.

B 44:16
I’m loving meeting Rachel’s family, and I was very taken aback that she shared that John has full custody without visitation with them. She said she has her own issues, which is probably addiction of some sort, right or a severe mental health issue.

Speaker 1 44:33
By the way, an interesting thing. I’m like, How many men are in that position and would be willing to tell that story? Not a lot. Like that’s, that’s interesting and commendable. And I also liked the story of like, she’s raising a stepson, and what that yeah, and then, and then that tidbit that they have embryos, but they’re boys, and he’s afraid to have another baby because having another boy might affect the relationship that he has with the sun because the sun has been his whole world. And he’s worried that his son, who has not been raised by his biological mother will feel

B 45:03
slighted. Yeah, like, oh, yeah, I

Speaker 1 45:06
know. Like, I geek out on all those little No, I’m like, Alyssa and the Teresa stuff I don’t really give a shit about because it’s all these little sub stories that I find so interesting.

B 45:18
I love her grandmother. No, no. Who says at the table, she thought she said, Guinea and she said, Don’t ever say that word. Mother, the mother goes at it. She goes, Oh, no, I thought Guinea and Rachel goes, Oh, but fucking idiots. Okay, like, I love our family. And there’s so much there. There’s so much to there. So we were gonna get a lot from her. Same with Danielle, come on. There’s a lot more to that story with the brother. And I say that because the brother also does. He’s not talking to his mother. Now. Well, you

Speaker 1 45:46
know, I just had her on my show today. And I wanted that. I wanted to ask her about that. But I was told that she didn’t really want to talk about it, which is strange, because she’s on a show where she brought it up. And the show is really centered around Melissa. And Teresa not talking. I don’t maybe there’s something going on off screen that maybe there there’s a chance to heal. And maybe if she talks about it, she feels like it might make it more difficult. I don’t know. She did talk to me a lot about being on true life on Staten Island girl because the minute I saw her on screen, I’m totally remembered her from it. Right? What what that experience was like in October of 2006. Because the people of Staten Island were horribly embarrassed by it and gave her such a hard time that it created a lot of stress in her life. And so she’s excited now that she’s on this show that she can kind of take back that narrative of like who she really is because it was taken from her in some regards. Like right they

B 46:46
they want to make it Yeah, they wanted to make it kitschy and I myself am from New York City. I’m from a borough, I won’t say which one. It’s not Staten Island, but Staten Island always kind of gets teased. I know you’re from Cali so you’re originally from Philly? No. Oh, okay. So I don’t know if you know, but like, you know, okay, if we’re gonna go by borrows, obviously Manhattan, but Manhattan is New York City itself and nobody who lives. The vast majority of people who live in Manhattan aren’t actually New Yorkers, you want to meet New Yorkers, you go to Brooklyn, number one, I would say Queens is number two, then you have the Bronx like Staten Island, to people from the boroughs is like, it’s so far away. And it’s sort of like, I don’t know, like, it’s, it’s cool. It’s like people tease people. If you say you’re from Staten Island, there’s like a certain like, Oh, you’re from Staten Island. Whereas like, if you’re saying you’re from Brooklyn, you’re cool. If you say you’re from Brian, I know what I’m saying.

Speaker 1 47:41
I asked her a lot of questions about Staten Island, like do you or anyone you’ve known ever made out with Pete Davidson? Has Eric renovated your basement. Do you know Vinnie from the Jersey Shore all those things? Yeah. It’s kind of interesting, though, to think about. And it’s important to be mindful for those that are on these shows, like how devastating it can be if you feel like someone is distorted who you are for on a television show, and how in her case, it’s been, you know, 16 How many years to I can’t do math right now, you know, 17 years or something since she was on that MTV show, and she has felt like it’s followed her everywhere. Well, she’s

B 48:21
also been trying to get back on reality television. And I think maybe it’s followed her because other opportunities passerby, because she was too easily recognizable as the girl from Staten Island that you know, so

Amanda 48:32
well, and the fear of not being truly understood. Is is awful, right? Like, if you’ve ever said something and you’re like, Oh, my God, I didn’t mean it that way. I like so to have something like that, you know, maybe maybe, yes, she Yes, she’s extra. I guess she’s thirsty. But maybe subconsciously, one of the most one of the big motivators to get back on the show is because she’s like, I want to retell the story. Not just because I want the fame and because she’s coming out looking like I’m extra, I want you to

Speaker 1 49:06
touch on that bitch. And she said, Listen, everybody says she’s so thirsty. She wants to be on TV, because I do want to be on TV. And what’s wrong with saying that I’ve wanted to be in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years now. I’m my respective acting class, moved to LA I was there for three years, I came back, but I had a family and I really liked to be in front of the camera. And I’m like, yeah, there’s still I don’t think there’s a difference between wanting fame and wanting fame based on hard work. Right,

Amanda 49:36
right. Right. Yeah. Yeah, Agreed. Agreed. Um, okay, let’s move on and talk summerhouse. So, Kate, what do you like what are you thinking first of all, just as far as you know, the stuff with Carl and Kyle. And you know, Lindsey, like what are your what you have such interesting takes on ever anything so I’m very curious what you think about this. Okay, it feels very

Speaker 1 50:03
dark. And here’s why. Number one, I was really, I was really upset. No, it was it was worth heartbroken, heartbroken when Amanda revealed at a tea party that she had not had her period for nine months. That’s a big deal. And you can see she’s still in her head about it. And then Sierra, who is a nurse has that conversation with Carl, she’s like, by the way, she shared this with us. And to know in that moment that he was not aware that she hadn’t had a period for nine months. And then he brings it up to her I don’t know, probably like an hour later in the middle of a theme party, and to watch her body, just her reaction to him having that conversation with her and the realization that she has to confront her own health and answers about fertility, and the panic about it. And the way that she just, you know, it was something came up in the game that she was distressful. She just completely broke down. And so you’re thinking in that moment of like, every friend you’ve ever had, who’s had a fertility issue? And then you’re wondering, like, is this the best place to be because she does look fragile. So I was heartbroken about that. And then I’m also I feel like it’s dark, because you know, that Kyle and Carl’s friendship is forever damaged by being on a reality show by working together on an alcohol business when Carl was trying to be sober, forever changed because of the dynamics when you have two friends to touch start to date. It’s just like, it’s not it’s dark right now, because it doesn’t have that that light feeling that you like New Jersey housewives, this kind of heavy moments. And then this is like the palate cleanser. And it’s not a palate cleanser anymore. It’s it’s like people’s friendships forever damaged. And I think that’s why they’re

B 51:51
also getting older. Listen, let’s face it. What are you say to parents, little kids, little problems, big kids big problems. You know, when you’re in your 20s, and you’re, you got your first job in the city, fresh out of college and you’re renting a share house and you’re going out and you’re getting drunk and you’re hooking up palate cleanser, when you’re now seven years into it, and you’re all in your 30s You’re getting married. You’re getting engaged. You’re having children, you’re having trouble having children. Where do we go from here, Kate? Like what? Okay, we can always we could recast summerhouse that that’s easy. We can I don’t know how easy it is. We can’t seem to find the guy which by the way, Amanda? We forgot to mention last pod that when I was away in New Jersey over winter break I casted for summer house, Kate. I’m sure. So there was this guy? Yeah, who is this gorgeous guy. And I went over and I was like, Where do you live? And he lives in New Jersey. So I let him know I was I was I don’t know, maybe three margaritas and I let him know he needed to move to Manhattan, but that I would do my best to get him on the show. I mean, everyone here knows I have zero power to get anyone on a Bravo show. I don’t believe that I do. But in any event, so he was this tall, beautiful guy. Beautiful body, whatever. I just say to say you should have seen my husband’s face when he discovered me. You know hot tub. No, no, no, not like in a hot tub. Like, I was sitting with my feet in and the boy I’m gonna call him a boy because he was like, 26 was like, up like COVID distance away from me. Like we were not near. In other words, we were clearly my husband’s like, um, who’s this? I was like, Oh, hey, this is so so I’m gonna get I want to try to get them on summer house. And my head was just like, Oh, yeah. And he totally go through it. And he’s like, that’s a great idea. With a camera on me guys. My wife’s always saying that and I was just hysterically laughing. But yeah,

Speaker 1 53:43
so Okay, that’d be sitting on a goldmine. You could be right.

B 53:47
Listen, summerhouse, people, if you’re listening call me I have this guy, got his contacts, got him on Insta. He was very interested. And he’s not a model. I forget. What did you say you did? He does H back. So that’s different?

Speaker 1 54:00
Well, no. That’s what we want. We wait. Totally plucked from obscurity, who doesn’t know all the players in the game and just get but unfortunately,

B 54:09
in real life, and Amanda and I had this conversation in real life. Take this guy. For example, if you do h back in the summer, you can’t be in a share house. It’s like you’re busy fixing air conditioners. So you got to pay. Maybe if they paid them better, they could take long

Amanda 54:23
to pay him better. It’s not like it’s not like he’s on monthslong projects, either that he can’t leave. I know what I mean. Like, I don’t know, or I feel like that could be the

Speaker 1 54:33
age back in the Hamptons. And then because he’s like, going to the different houses. He ends up sleeping with one of the wealthy housewives because the husband’s in the city, you know, in a financial service firm and then you have a whole other spin off.

B 54:45
I’m not a poor boy. Get Sonia, who and remote and Dorinda in remote his house and I’ll send this guy there. All right.

Speaker 1 54:54
I do think that Dorinda should do another spin off where younger people We’ll visit like half to stay with her like, like the ultimate girls trip, but it’s like the youngers group like the Vanderpump and the summer page, but yeah, and they go stay in the Berkshire’s and she’s sort of like the Mrs. Roper of the house.

B 55:14
But where do you see them? And then during the concert guide, she’s like it’s gonna get hot

Speaker 1 55:22
summer house going summer, you just got to get a new house. All new people start from scratch easy to do, I believe.

B 55:29
I’m What do you think about like the most popular stars of it? What do they do like maybe Paige and Craig get a spin off when they get engaged and move in together?

Speaker 1 55:36
I think Paige could should move to Charleston. And could maybe springboard into another show Bama network executive, it would be called the outsiders, because they’re all these people from other states that have moved to Charleston. And then that fish out of water story of like, if you’re like, Paige is funny, because she’s so New York, but then she’s going to be living in this community where it’s like pastels, everyone’s passive aggressive. So if you got have the outsiders all like the story of the people that moved to Charleston, you could have her show up for southern charm, but also be part of another show. I don’t feel like sometimes the shows have to stay forever, like, you know, kind of shut one down and then something new pops up. And you can use somebody to be the connector in the same way that Brandi Glanville connected Sheena and to beginning Vanderpump Rules. Right.

B 56:33
And to that, on that note, tying in what you said about Amanda, you know, Amanda, originally, if we remember, she got off, she went on the show, because she was in a real relationship with Kyle. It wasn’t I don’t think that she wanted to be a reality star. And we know. And so I like him on traders and shows like that because he’s a ham, he’s got a business to promote. So put them on those kind of shows. You know what I’m saying? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 56:54
he definitely could exist in other shows for sure.

B 56:57
But she doesn’t need to be or she can pop up here and there but not be a main character if she doesn’t want to be if that’s not her comfort zone. What about Lindsey I had thrown out the idea that she gets her PR company up and running. Because Carl’s not interesting enough for them to have a spin off. So she gets her PR company up and running. She hires some you know cute mid 20s Girls her 10 years ago, and they show her doing that and then Carl’s in the background and maybe she’s pregnant and maybe they pop a baby out. Or now

Speaker 1 57:25
I don’t know if she’s still devote enough to PR anymore. So it so in other words, you’re saying like an updated version of power girls like the Lizzie craft show? Yeah, exactly. I don’t think Lindsay is in the PR world enough of it unless she comes up with another business concept where she’s the boss. What if they started like some boutique motel or something? And then they in the story is really about the staff. So they’re kind of they’re, you know, we see them every once in a while. But it’s really about the younger staff that are operating the boutique motel. Like Lisa Hello Jack on land. Yeah, yeah. But like low budge, like I want like a low budget hotel or motel where you’re how she even afford? Oh, like some network would get the money for it. Right? Like, right Cox springs for it. They’re like we’ll give you like, the bare bones of it. And then you figure out how like you could get investment from different. Here’s

B 58:24
your hostel. Here’s your hockey, like a bar

Speaker 1 58:27
outfitted with all the same vodka or something. You could have different companies basically invest into the show. I think you can I like

B 58:35
it. I like it. I like it, you can make something that’s most things. Well, I

Amanda 58:43
think I think that’s why we all have a hard time letting go and have and letting the shows start a new like Roni, right? Because yeah, we still want the legacy because we love our people. We don’t want to live without them. But we admit that it’s, they’re boring.

Speaker 1 59:01
That’s why I was loved unscripted. And I really I started my podcast six years ago when I went to a network and I said, I would love to create a show where I could to interview people that have been on reality shows to see how it changed the trajectory of their life. And at the time, they asked me do you think enough people watch reality shows I swear to God, and now you see how many people do look at even if you just looked at podcasts, how many people love reality shows, and I think it’s because if you watch this as us and you become enamored by the characters on it, the characters die off. You know, that’s it. The great thing about reality shows is that you can still check in with people periodically to see how their lives changed. You can still check in with people from like the first season of the real world and there and see how their lives totally went into a new direction. Eric nice was like the hottie in the first season of it. And now he like lives in Hawaii and he’s a life coach and he delivered his wife’s like the baby and like, that’s a whole new kind of thing. So that’s why I think we all love these shows is it’s like, almost like we like to know what’s going on with people. We went to high school with like, okay, yeah. Are you doing now? What it like what’s going on now? What’s their story? And that’s why we will forever be invested in shows like this, because we think of them as an extension of our friend group, even though maybe we’ve never met these people, but

B 1:00:22
some cases, necessarily like them.

Speaker 1 1:00:25
Yeah, they maybe they remind us of somebody, but we like to just see from afar, what they’re doing. And I, like I said before, I think we’re ultimately all just cultural anthropologists, and that there are great things that come out of watching shows like this, because you ultimately, by looking at someone else’s life and a different pocket of the world who doesn’t represent maybe the way you look or what you do for a living or the religion, you practice, you are looking through someone else’s lens through which they look at life. And ultimately, by doing that, you are probably going to shift the way you think about something or even about yourself. And I look to Shahs of Sunset as a great example of that, because that when when they had that episode where they couldn’t go to Iran, but they stood on the Hill in Turkey, and they’re looking at their their parents home country, they’re forever changed by that moment. And somebody watching that show may have never met anybody who has a Muslim friend or neighbor or doesn’t know anybody from Iran, or doesn’t understand the story of what happened with the Iranian revolution. They now are armed with that information. And now when they meet somebody, it could be a great conversation starter, or it might shift the way they think about different people who practice a different faith or or live a different part of the world.

B 1:01:39
Kate, I have to tell you, I appreciate so much how you elevate the conversation about reality television, because I often feel like it’s like, you know, it’s like the page six of the of the world and I love it. And it’s so true, especially what you’re saying about elevating and seeing different cultures. Thank you so much, Kate, for joining us. Thank

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
you now happy to have you back.

B 1:02:03
Now I have to come to you.

Speaker 1 1:02:04
What you’re gonna have you on my show. Maybe a cult documentary? I don’t know. I have to. I gotta give you guys a good one.

B 1:02:11
Yes. Give us a good one. Well,

Amanda 1:02:12
and can you tell us Tell us again, just remind us of all the places that we can find you and that our listeners can get more of you because I think after today, they’re gonna want more. They’re gonna want to hear more, because your takes are just so interesting.

Speaker 1 1:02:27
Oh, thank you. Well, my show is on four times a week. It’s called Reality life with Kate Casey. And I cover reality shows documentaries and Docu series. And every Monday, I give you a list of what to watch. I call from all the different networks, the best list of what you could watch each week, which is often you know, could be true crime or sports or whatever it may be. It’s everything from The Real Housewives to like this. This week, there’s a Netflix documentary called mh 370, about the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared in 2014. They give you three theories of what may have happened and I swear to god has three episodes, it will live in your brain for days. So if you want like sometimes just get a break from the real housewives or whatever it may be. I’m giving you a list of what to what to watch. And that’s available at Kate casey.substack.com. And you can also find me on Twitter at KKC. Instagram at Kik. kcca Tiktok is KKC. I have a Patreon with bonus episodes, too. And a Facebook group reality life with KKC. But ultimately, I think that you should never be ashamed of watching reality show because by the way, most people watch them. But I think it’s a good thing to be invested in other people and other people’s stories because what we all want more than anything in the world is to feel like we’ve been heard and we’ve been understood.

B 1:03:46
I love that case. And I agree with you very much. All right, guys, thank you so much for tuning in till next time.

Amanda 1:04:01
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

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Bye guys. See you next time.