We’re coming in hot – off joining Melissa Gorga on her On Display podcast. She was a class act and we clear up the mystery about whether or not we are on Melissa’s payroll. Danielle and Lindsay’s feud is heating up – is the door going to close forever on their friendship? Cocktailers knew ages ago about the love triangle between Danielle, Gabby and the mystery man … We go on a bit of a tangent on what New York metrosexual really means. We’ve got a pile of embarrassing househusbands to roast this week. We’ve got the Winter House cast – and theories about who’s going to hit it off…and who won’t. Adriana vs Alexia – do we feel sorry for Adriana? And where did this Raquelle who tells Katie that she wanted to make out with her ex-husband even come from?

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 43

B 0:00
Promoter’s daughter launched this bachelorette bachelor party service for brides and grooms basically it’s like a posh, fancy, luxurious bachelor or bachelorette party. She invited a bunch of Instagram accounts, influencers were there, Kyle and Amanda were there Jen festival was there. Dorinda was their old ally, Shapiro, Joseph, Aaron’s daughter was there. Obviously she invited them so they share their socials price everything. Now, Amanda, please weigh in. Because my personal feelings for Avery aside. I’m saying to myself outside of her circle of rich kids whose parents like would pay for these elaborate bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, when my friends are getting married, and I had like, I don’t know anywhere from four to a dozen bachelorette parties a year. I certainly was not shelling out extra for this sort of service. Maybe a honeymoon service would make sense in my world.

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Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and hottest tea from bravoandcocktails.com. And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds. I am B.

Amanda 1:22
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea. Hi, cocktailers. So most of you probably know this already. But it’s been a fun week for me and I we got to record with Melissa Gorga. Yesterday podcast came out today. Her on display podcast. We had such a blast.

B 1:53
It was it. It’s so much fun. We didn’t even get a chance to talk about it. How much fun was it?

Amanda 1:57
I mean, I feel like we could have talked to her for like, hours and hours. And then like if we were actually all drinking. Oh my gosh. What I bet I mean, she’s just I did say this too, after she had very little makeup on and she’s gorgeous. She’s I felt like a trap. Absolutely gorgeous.

B 2:15
Well, we didn’t have our showing, but I’m just saying, like, looking at her and then looking in the mirror. I was like, but you know what the thing and I always find it weird because I feel like a lot of the feedback she gets is that she’s like, stuck up. I’ve never I’ve never gotten that vibe from her from television or interviews. And talking to her yesterday. Honestly, I felt like I was chatting with you with a girlfriend. Like we could have sat there all day.

Amanda 2:44
Yeah, like, talking about kit like, off like, off the pod. We were like talking about kids and you know, working and yeah, just like totally normal person. And I you know, I think that like, I think she is she is just she’s a normal person.

B 3:01
And I love how she wanted the tea on all the other shows. was actually cool because you can like, you know, they condensed it. But we were like we spoke about like all the shows. And she was like, Wait, is it true about this one and I heard that I saw you guys posted there. So it was like very, like exciting and flattering. I think for me and you to see that. Like, she didn’t just have us not like she really like is like follows our stuff. Like she reads our website and our posts, which was like very cool.

Amanda 3:29
Yeah. And she kept it classy, too. As far as like, we didn’t talk about really the stuff a lot. We talked about it a little bit, but she was very like she kept it very classy. Of course, we had to joke about being on her payroll.

B 3:46
You know that when I posted this morning like a lot of followers before they got a chance to listen, were like, Please tell me you asked if you could be on her payroll. I was like we did. She turned this down, but we brought it up.

Amanda 4:01
It was too fun. And you know, she Yeah, to your point. She wanted to know she’s like, she’s definitely a Bronco fan, too. So that’s always kind of an immediate point just to for everyone to kind of gather together and like, hey, you know, conversation, you know, media conversation,

B 4:20
you know who else is a friend in my head? And it’s a big rabbit hole like that’s also a Bravo star is Mercedes from Shaz I really need to reach out to her and invite her on that would be chaotic.

Amanda 4:32
She is hilarious, right? I mean, okay, that would be so funny. I’m always embarrassed

B 4:38
and Melissa actually invited us on which was so flattering. This will surprise you guys but I really as you guys know, we’ve had Larry on but I really haven’t had Bravo liberties and doing that Amanda really, I think made me want to reach out and like have some people that were fans of on our podcast.

Amanda 4:58
I think we should well Right, do it let’s branch out or even the people that we aren’t as big a fan. I mean, I’m always willing to give people extra, you know, more chances and like, I’m not I’m not an Asian

B 5:10
Fedora just yet. Okay.

Amanda 5:16
Imagine is Gina. Oh my gosh, I honestly, I have a feeling like you and Gina Cadet could like, I don’t know, I just don’t get it. I feel like you guys could be friends. I don’t understand that one.

B 5:32
I don’t get any. It’s just a thing. Okay. But something that we were talking to Melissa about to stay on track because you know, we’re gonna go off on our tangents, of course, is we were talking to her about summer house a lot like she’s very intuitive very into the summer house gossip. And she knows she mentioned that she had recently gone out after a Page Six event to dinner with Lindsay. So I thought it was funny. And I don’t I’m sure by now you saw this. I said to Melissa that I found it messed up. And I was assuming that Lindsay hadn’t reached out to Danielle, when Danielle broke up with Robert. And the reason I assume that is because I’m Watch What Happens Live. Danielle had said that she hadn’t spoke to Lindsay. So a plus

Amanda 6:13
b. And she said that Carl had reached out to her. She made a point of saying that. So I agree. Like she would have said yes, Lindsey reached out to me. But she didn’t write that.

B 6:23
But Carl reached out to her to thank her. Because in watching those first couple of episodes, he saw how much Danielle supported him against like, Kyle, talking smack. So he reached out to thank her, which is different than reaching out to her when she broke up with her boyfriend of three years. So we got off the pod while I’m scrolling and I see that Danielle was on an interview. And she actually said like Lindsey didn’t reach out to me when her and Robert split and she actually made like a snarky comment. She was like But you know, I guess she’s busy planning a wedding. So whatever. And then Lindsay responded, did you see Lindsay’s response?

Amanda 7:02
I did, but I don’t remember what she said.

B 7:05
So she said, of course, you know, I copy and pasted? No, I did. So Lindsey said no, I didn’t reach out because I wasn’t ready for to forgive all the things she did and said over summer, where she made it clear she did not support my growth and happiness. You cannot be a bad friend to someone and then expect them to be a supportive friend back. Makes no sense. Sorry.

Amanda 7:30
Okay, well, I mean, I feel like the door that she had kind of cracked open by saying that she would like, you know that she was open to talking to Danielle. I think it feels like she just slammed it shot.

B 7:46
That’s my exact thought. Like, I’m like, why would she make such a public harsh comment. In light of also the support she’s seeing, like Socorro reached out right to be like, thank you. And obviously Lindsay must be appreciative watching it. So in light of that, like, why wouldn’t she not okay, first not comment at all, we could go that way. Or even like, send a text and be like, you know, I, I appreciate you supporting Carl and I and the first couple episodes. And I hope you’re doing okay, I know there have been a lot of changes in your life and wishing you well, right? Like for people to make up. There needs to be compromise, and there needs to be accountability. And I’m not saying that Danielle doesn’t have anything to be accountable for I’m sure she does. Especially like Gabby even said that Danielle is going to have a lot to answer to because she feels like Danielle talked a lot of smack that Lindsay hasn’t even seen yet. Okay. And I don’t know, like somebody has to start somewhere. And they just kind of keep like opening and slamming doors in each other’s face.

Amanda 8:49
Yeah. And but I mean, I feel like yeah, in order to have accountability, you have to like, realize that you are not the most perfect person in the world and that like both sides did, you know did something like that’s, that’s how these things? That’s how these things start. It just I don’t know, I have to say. It just really makes me question. Lindsey and like how her views on friendship and like, were she really just more viewing Danielle is like a soldier in her army versus her true friend. It just it really put a bad taste in my mouth to hear that she did that.

B 9:36
Agreed. And any poll can show that the viewers and fans are mostly on Danielle’s side. The thing that is cannot be denied is that Lindsay has great television and right now a lot of people are pointing out her and Carl’s relationship is the storyline, whether they’re there or not there. So yeah, you know, I think that Lindsey doesn’t really care about being liked and By the cast or the viewers and as long as people tune in and talk about her, and she’s relevant, which she is, she’s good with it. At least that’s that’s what it seems like, or she’s easily triggered. And just commented that and regretted it. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Amanda 10:16
Yeah. Yeah, I think, you know, I think we all know like, there’s going to be more to be seen. And so who knows, I might change my mind. But

B 10:27
when we see it, maybe like, wow, I didn’t know Danielle had that in her. She was really vicious. You know? Yeah.

Amanda 10:32
Yeah, exactly. What did you think about this episode where they’re at that dinner, and Danielle, and Gabby realized that they had the same boyfriend, but at the same time,

B 10:49
wild So Amanda episode was not even done, and you know this and share with the cocktail hours. And I started getting messages, DMS from people who know Gabby, and the acts in real life, but and by now, page six has outed his identity, which I wouldn’t. He used to work for NBC, which makes sense. Remember, she said that their first date was to watch what happens live. Well, that’s how he got the ticket because he worked for NBC. And I don’t know he’s worked on a couple of podcasts networks, but he’s has a private Instagram account. So I’m not gonna say his name. But I love when a new person joins the show any of the shows, because all their real life acquaintances, love to send DMS and become new sources. So a few people reached out and I just kind of combined what they all told me. She said that one person said that she met the guy a few times when they were dating, when she said he’s very Metro. So the girl said to me, like she assumed he was a gay man. And she was shocked when he was introduced as Gabby’s boyfriend. She said about Gabby that she’s tiny and cute, and just like, very sweet. And they she they always seemed like an odd pair to her. She also said that she was surprised to see how like sassy and outgoing Gabby was on the show, because, you know, this is a few years back and she says that she’s definitely come out of her show. She was very mild mannered and quiet. And again, this is an acquaintance. So it’s not like they were best friends. She said maybe their breakup sparked this new personality. So I thought that was funny. She said, which I guess we can tell from that clip we saw of her parents that her parents are angels like she had met them and they’re lovely people. And then another source when I said you know when I told them when I heard about the very Metro, the second source said Metro and not really by New York standards, but they refer to him as a typical New England fuck boy.

Amanda 12:49
So explain that to us. What does that mean for those of us who are not familiar with New York standards and what that means as far as Metro i What is a typical New England fuck boy

B 13:02
so Metro Do you know like when I’m heterosexual is I know

Amanda 13:05
what Metro means right? Yeah, it’s a guy who like his hair is done. He he’s put together his shoes aren’t scuffed at cetera,

B 13:15
his eyebrows are threaded, he probably gets a spray tan. He gets facials with his girlfriend. He’s, you know, typically when you say a metro, you’re speaking you’re saying it because we know it’s a stereotype, right? That everyone thinks gay men take very good care of themselves. So a metro is a straight man who takes care of himself in the way a gay man does. That’s like the best way to describe a metro in my opinion. I always say my father was the original metrosexual like before it was a thing because he always has dressed impeccably, he has never worn jeans he only wears like, suits or dress pants, loafers. He does not own a pair of sneakers. As a matter of fact, I bought him My husband actually bought him fake. Not fake but like plastic. They look like dress shoes but they’re in the from Nordstroms they’re in the material like of crocs, but they have like toe like dress shoes

Amanda 14:11
swims are they swims? I wouldn’t wait well there’s I know of a brand that’s like that like yeah, like they dry off you can wear them in the water and they like they look nice, but they’re Yeah, I don’t know. Exactly. Very

B 14:23
wealthy. I had never seen them. Listen, my my husband grew up on the beach in New York. And so he’s like a flip flop guy, which was a whole thing in New York City like girls in New York City don’t like flip flop guys but there’s like certain areas of New York City there on the beach like Rockaway Beach and Coney Island and those guys are flip flop guy. It’s a whole it’s a whole they were getting off track again.

Amanda 14:45
But I know I had to know though like so. But from New York standard so New York standard has like a high it it’s more normal to be metrosexuals the way that I was reading that comment,

B 14:57
wait so in other Archer, is it not normal to be Metro? I feel like it’s more normal.

Amanda 15:04
Not I mean, I don’t when I say normal I don’t mean like It’s weird if you are or not. I mean, like there are that it’s more common I guess. Probably a better word I there’s a lot of commonly Metro sexual man in New York.

B 15:17
I feel like most professional like, I don’t want to say, you know, like most businessmen in New York or metro or they appear to be Metro, you may go to their apartment and it might look like Tom Schwartz, this apartment. But when you see them like at the bar, and they’re having a cocktail, they look Metro. Does that make sense?

Amanda 15:36
Yeah. And a new dressing. Right dressed like a coyote

B 15:41
Cook is Metro Carl is Metro.

Amanda 15:45
Okay, where’s the getting the facials? And like that kind of thing? That threw me a little bit because I’m like, Well, no, like, an unknown. Very well.

B 15:55
You don’t think Kyle gets a facial, you know? Your salon and not a barber shop.

Amanda 16:01
I think he has beautiful skin. So he probably does. By the way, good for you like this is I have encouraged my husband and just even get a pedicure. So I like go metrosexuals

B 16:13
Okay, so like as an example, go yes. Where I’m from and get pedicures man get manicures, at least most of the men I know. My husband does. Like not as often as I do. But in the summer like he wouldn’t go on the beach with his feet without a pedicure. My father has always I mean for 30 years got them. So it maybe it is in New York thing. I don’t know. But as an example, here’s a perfect example. Amanda. Craig, we see how different Craig’s look is now that he’s with Paige. Yeah, like him and Austin are to me, like what I would remember is like a frat boy from college. Like the guys I hang out with don’t dress sloppy like that. Like, when we were in college, we’ll I guess they did, but like nowadays are much more put together. And I feel like you know, they’re they’re southern boys and they get dressed at night. But like during the day, they’re very like, sloppy t shirt. It might be Vineyard Vines, but it’s like wrinkled, like the same cap. The same hat like in New York. We don’t guys don’t wear dirty white hats. Like they were like I see Chris Pat’s and they have like 30 of them and they look new. And so do their

Amanda 17:18
I see that is helping me with that because like the like a lot of like where I’m from, though like more casual look and the kind of dirty hat with longer hair like a little hair curling out of it is quite typical. Right? This is all helping me guys. I’m just I’m just trying to understand what they’re trying this person was trying to imply and so like a fuck boy is a fuckboys a fuck boy. So I don’t think it really matters where they’re from. It was more of the metrosexual thing that was throwing me so I was like, I don’t understand what that means. So now I’m clear. Thank you for the clarification.

B 17:53
And so when she says New England fuck boy that leads me to believe that he’s not from like New York City and he’s more like Connecticut New Hampshire, Vermont, because that’s New England to me. I don’t know.

Amanda 18:06
Yeah, I could be wrong. Yeah. And interesting

B 18:09
follower who sent this please let me know if I am. Oh, my God. Wait, I have to tell you this. So I this I did not tell you. So you know, my friend Ali at if you’re not following at Bravo afterthoughts guys, please do she’s a great account. She’s She’s young. She lives in the city. And she always gets invited to like Loverboy events and all those events, right. So she went and I’m thinking of this because Kyle and Amanda were at this event. She went last night to the launch of Avery’s new business. Do you know about Avery’s new business?

Amanda 18:46
I do because I follow Ramona still. Right.

B 18:51
So, so for those of you that don’t know much most of you do. Ramona. His daughter launched this bachelorette bachelor party service for brides and grooms basically it’s like a posh, fancy luxurious bachelor or bachelorette party. She invited a bunch of Instagram accounts. Influencers were there Kyle and Amanda with air Jen festival was there. Dorinda was their old ally, Shapiro, Josie. Erin’s daughter was there. Obviously she invited them so they shared their socials price everything. Now, Amanda, please weigh in. Because my personal feelings for Avery aside. I’m saying to myself outside of her circle of rich kids whose parents like would pay for these elaborate bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, when my friends are getting married, and I had like, I don’t know anywhere from four to a dozen bachelorette parties a year. I certainly was not shelling out extra for this sort of service. Maybe a honeymoon service would make sense in my world. But do we see this as something that people would use?

Amanda 19:55
i ea, okay, so I see saw. Let me circle back because I saw the party I saw I saw the videos, I saw the packs. I mean, everybody was in full glam like sequined dresses, very fancy. Seemed like a six figures party to me for sure. I don’t know, I will say like, in my experience, so it’s been a long time since I got married. Right. i i Maybe for like busy New Yorkers who are like, can’t be bothered to put the time you know, there? I don’t know, maybe I think I mean, there’s always a need for party planning and event planning, right. So they are getting very niche by planning Bachelor and Bachelorette. But my whole thing was like, what dudes want company that’s led by two checks, to plan their bachelor party, strip club, nobody not

B 21:00
bringing them to write, I don’t wait. And I come from your book, The Fountain Blue in Miami, or you book a hotel in Vegas? Pick one, they’re all night. And you go there and you book a couple of nice dinners. And you figure out which hotspots are going to and you call it a day? Because it’s expensive enough by the time you’re done with flights, hotel meals, and you know, drinks.

Amanda 21:29
Yeah, yeah. So I guess we’ll see. I am kind of questioning it. Myself. It looks I mean, like, let’s, let’s

B 21:41
it’s not that nobody would go with it. I just feel like your average person wouldn’t use it. Like if I were making a perfume, right? I would or candle I would do what Jill and Ali are doing where you make it a candle that the average person can afford. Right? When you make it something that’s only sold at Bergdorf Goodman. Yes, it’s much more expensive, but you’re selling much fewer. Like I remember years ago, I heard like JLo and Brittany when they all do their perfumes, they all wanted perfumes that were like selling it Walmart and Macy’s because that’s where the average American shopping. But again, again, it’s a boutique business. It’s a niche business niche. Business. Listen, I wish them well, I just I feel like honeymoon planning would is something where people are looking to spend the extra box.

Amanda 22:31
I also I was like, you know, you know how when you’re like kind of coming up to the stages of life, right? You’re, you’re getting engaged, you’re getting married, you’re having kids, like, it feels like people are coming up with business ideas. It’s just like about something that it’s like right there and like that they’re in the like, in their stage of life. So I’m like, that’s that’s probably why you know, where this idea came from is that there’s, there’s a lot of bachelor and bachelorette parties and, you know, maybe if they are in like, because if you’re if there’s that many a year that people are going to then I would say that there’s a need for that. Like I don’t ever remember going to. I don’t I mean more than a few bachelorette parties, probably four or five at the most a year, right? That’s a lot of bachelorette parties if you’re going to like tap, you know, 10 or whatever. So in that case, I would think there would be one so so we’ll see. We’ll see. And we’ll talk. Yes, I do too. And yeah, I mean, hey, it is not easy to be an entrepreneur. So I say good. Anya.

B 23:38
Both her parents are successful entrepreneurs, so good for her.

Amanda 23:41
Right. And there was a really cute picture of both Mario and Ramona kissing Avery. Like, it was cute. It was cute.

B 23:51
The three of them like are very good looking in real life, which I’m not surprised at.

Amanda 23:57
Yeah, I’m not surprised you there. So yesterday, right, literally right before we started recording on Melissa on her podcast. The news broke about drew SIdora and Ralph, What’s his last name? Getting divorced from Real Housewives of Atlanta. So literally, I think they both like raced to the courthouse because the news came out first about Ralph filing but then the news came out we actually drew filed 62 minutes earlier than Ralph did. I pictured them

B 24:32
slow asked each other on the highway.

Amanda 24:35
Alright, seriously, that is that is some drama, but that also tells me what that tells me is that something happened there was some kind of event some sort of something that was very final and very like, fuck it. We’re getting divorce. So I don’t know. I mean, we knew from watching the show If the guy was shady he disappeared for a weekend kind of gaslight. He’s seems like a gas lighter to me. Spot a little like he’s been using Drew. And then we got an email. I figured we could bring it back up. That said he was cheating with the assistant. Oh, so violent all allegedly we think it could be about Ralph. We are not sure it didn’t say he was cheating with the assistant and he told her he would leave his wife. Ultimately, when his wife was asked to back to the show full time, he decided to stay with her because he wants his 15 minutes of fame. two possible outcomes. She finally leaves him for good. Or once she’s no longer on this show. He’ll leave her for good watch and see, allegedly,

B 25:49
I have to say good riddance to him. Also, it came out later, either this morning or late last night that she was accusing him of chronic cheating. being verbally and physically aggressive. I don’t know if that book ever that he was writing ever came out about him step. It’s called like stepping into parent or some bullshit. i Yeah, the guy gave me the EQ. He’s a very handsome guy. And she’s beautiful drill. And yeah, I can’t wait to see. And I wonder because they just recently wrapped filming. So I wonder if they hit this because remember, last season, they were in a good place, but somehow they weren’t really discussing it. So I hope some of this was captured, if not Bravo’s probably throwing those cameras up right about now to get some of that because, you know, it’s probably not even in the editing phase yet. So they could certainly add a couple of episodes.

Amanda 26:40
Sure, ask her to do another confessional and be like what’s going on? You know, and yeah,

B 26:46
she likely secured herself another season, because now she has a storyline. And I’m very excited to see her having dropped the deadweight because he certainly was bringing her down. I mean, she didn’t seem happy on the show, you know, like you could see she was unhappy. And we said we were saying since like it aired last season. Why is she with him? It was the whole assistant thing. It was basically confirmed that he cheated. You know what I’m saying? It was? Yeah, it was sad to watch.

Amanda 27:15
And I completely agree with you. She did not seem happy and foul. It seemed like she was a little guarded about the relationship with Him, which, you know, nobody ever likes to see on these shows like a barrier between the audience and what’s really going on. So hopefully, by filing now she feels like okay, I can unburden myself and tell you what’s really been going on. And I would be very interested to watch that. Like, I think that would make a great casting choice to keep her on so that she can tell us what had what had really been happening. Absolutely. So Atlanta, also Atlanta, Jason, I guess, because I don’t think Peter Thomas even lives there anymore. But he has been all over the news, like, not not in a positive way. No. Not so what do you like, what do you so I read the article, but I didn’t go too deep into it. I just like really, really, I have just a physical aversion to hearing about physical violence. So the second I knew that sort of it was about I kind of pieced out so what what was the what was the article about?

B 28:31
Well, you know, and I have said in like, on the pod, I’ve said I always when Peter was on Atlanta with Cynthia, even though he always had, he sort of had like a shady way about him. But I really enjoyed him. And I thought he was, I don’t know, he seems like a cool guy. In many ways. This is really icky. To The Max. He was found not guilty. So a woman in Baltimore was at his restaurant. She filed charges against him for assault. Yesterday, he was found not guilty. The woman happened to be the niece of the Love and Hip hop star Tammy Rivera, who was married to I can’t think of isn’t it? Was she married to Fetty? whap? Am I confusing? I think I’m confusing. I think February is the guy on Love and Hip Hop who had who baby mama was on Love and Hip Hop. But anyway, she was married to a rapper, and she’s a reality star in her own right. And she has, I don’t know 2 million followers and she came out and made a video and was like, you know, regardless of what Peter is saying, the reality is that my knees handle this but she basically said like, I offered to give her money for an attorney and she said, No, no, I got it. I guess the knees felt confident that the public defender would be able to prove her case. She Tammy Rivera goes on to say that Peter hired like an expensive attorney and that’s why he won but everyone knows that he is guilty and totally called him out and again, very large platform. So then you see you see Peter like make a video saying I was innocent. I knew I was innocent. And then he switches to coming out. Now remember, the reunion aired a week ago, and you’re suddenly making a video. As soon as Tammy Rivera comes out with her video saying that it did happen and it was her niece and boba. Now you’re coming out talking about me and GE lying about Wendy and you having an affair. Okay? On the one hand I do believe that Mia is lying on the other hand Why did he make that video right after the reunion aired on Sunday night?

Amanda 30:32
Because he probably when was he found not guilty yesterday so that’s why and he made this Oh, yeah, he was waiting. Yeah, that’s why you don’t go on social media talking about anything until you’re until the case comes back totally makes sense as I’ve learned from my zero years as the lawyer

B 30:57
totally makes sense. And then of course G and Mia because their thirst is real recorded a messy response. I mean, Amanda we have Joe 60 something year old businessmen mind you publicizing their messiness all over social media and the whole thing is embarrassing and you know Peter always had like this we I remember Nene calling him out like oh my gosh, who knows? Maybe a decade ago and being like, you’re always in the business like we always know he wanted television time we knew it then. Yeah, when he got on the show. We knew what when the rumors were spreading that he was dating Jews out that’s one thing okay. But this is this isn’t a good luck at all.

Amanda 31:45
Why why? Gee, like, why you don’t need to get on there. Like just just let it float out there. Go away whatever Peter said. It just a base it so much so much worse. And he does. He just looks petty and

B 32:02
Waka Flocka sorry, Tammy Tammy, Rivera’s husband is Waka Flocka. I think they’re still married.

Amanda 32:09
I don’t know the Black Eyed Peas, right. No,

B 32:11
no, he’s a rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

Amanda 32:15
Oh, who am I thinking of? Isn’t the Black Eyed Peas that? I don’t know. Anyway, I did not watch

B 32:22
the mama on Love and Hip Hop. That’s why I got the two confused. But her is Waka Flocka. And I they have a weird relationship. They’re together. They broken up. They’re together. They’re broken up. I don’t know what the status is now. But

Amanda 32:32
yeah. Well, anyway, the embarrassing husband the pile of embarrassing housewife husbands doesn’t end because we also had an article from TMZ this week about Michael Darby. I’m just going to read the headline. Real Housewives of Potomac, Michael Darby suing Candace Dillard, the set dot dot dot, your oral sex claims are B S, exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point. You gotta love TMZ I love it. So I mean, it’s too funny. So I’ll read you guys like just a quick excerpt of what’s happening. So we all know who Michael Darby is. He has sued Candice Dillard beset for defamation, after she claimed that he paid a dude to have some sort of sexual relations with him. According to the docs obtained by TMZ Michael Darby, which they’re not, I guess, divorced yet, so I guess it’s Ashley’s husband still is suing Candace over comments she made during the latest season of the reality series, where she didn’t hold back during one of her many arguments with Ashley. On the show, Candace tells Ashley, your husband likes to leave you and go to a nap man named blank house and suck his blank. She never says who the guy is. But Candace letter later claimed that Michael paid for sex. Michael sent her a cease and desist earlier this year regarding her comments, but claims that she has yet to retract any of her allegations and He is suing her for $2 million in damages. So, okay, I mean, it’s a lot to unpack here. But do you think my first thought is Do you think that he is emboldened by the whole Johnny Depp defamation trial and he’s like, I’m gonna sue to.

B 34:53
I think that he has the means to do this. And I think that. He’s betting on the fact that Candice will publicly retract her statements say that she has no knowledge of this that she was just angry and said something on the reality show. And there’s no truth to it. Because the reality is does Candice I mean, that’s what I would do. And I think that’s what Candice should do, and probably will do. And the reason is, he may never get the $2 million. But does Candace want to have to lawyer up and put monies into fighting Michael Darby, who has so much money? I wonder if he’s going to sue, and this was a cocktail party post. And since then it has kind of come to light, because he’s talking about this publicly. And it may be another diversion, Amanda because as most of you probably know by now, Michael Darby is being accused of being one of the largest land owners in Somalia. And the accusation that has gone public is that he earned a substantial wealth from the war on Somalians.

Amanda 36:09

B 36:11
So I asked you, this just came out a couple of days ago. Candice made that statement. weeks ago, it was aired a couple months ago.

Amanda 36:24
And he’s trying to distract. He’s trying to distract.

B 36:28
I mean, that’s my that’s not a lot instinct. What do we think Candace does?

Amanda 36:35
Well, and this is why we really I, you know, I just need to pull a Legally Blonde and go to law school, because here’s my thought you are blonde in the case. So you have I mean, like, like, a real, like, a bit like a real law degree. Not like just me, like, you know, figuring out how to get legal access, access to leak legal document. Do

B 36:56
you go to Harvard? Just gonna stay local.

Amanda 37:00
I mean, we’ll see. I maybe I’ll be an international lawyer. Who knows. So I Okay. Yeah. So they did, right. Like, let’s, let’s say, I’m not saying any one way or the other, but like, let’s say, what if it’s true. And this is something that’s happened? And Candice is like, Will, but it’s true, the guy as well, like, what happens in that case? Right? Does she still just get up and retract it? So because I mean, she would be facing knowing now how, where a lot of Michaels money is coming from and how wealthy he is, like, this could be hundreds of 1000s of dollars, a legal fight if she decides to fight it. So I would just like if, if it if in case it were true, like are there any recourses to that, like if the other person can come up and say it or prove it? Or what because otherwise, you’re right. She has no choice but to just retract it? I,

B 38:07
I mean, that’s where my head is at. And I’m sure she will very begrudgingly retract it, because how does she prove it? You know, even if the guy comes out and says it, then Michael Darby will sue that guy. Yeah, and assuming that guy wants to go public and say it, so you have to retract it because nobody wants to get stuck in a legal battle. Listen, pandas has, you know, she, she, they make good money. I’m not saying that. But she doesn’t have endless endless Somalian war funds. Yeah,

Amanda 38:37
right. And well, legal cocktail, those who are legal, like lawyers, whatever, like, Tell us if you have a different perspective on this, because it’s it’s just interesting, like, all of us is so interesting to me. Because suing for defamation, it’s generally somebody who is wealthy. And, you know, I don’t know, because the other thing is, is like, is he it? Why, like, is he mad? Like, is it the is it the gay sex thing? Is it what like, is it the paying for sex thing? Like, I’m very curious what it is that he’s so pissed about?

B 39:16
Well, I think he’s always denied that he has homosexual relations. Yeah. So I don’t know. I think that’s probably the main point. Yeah. I’m so excited for him not to be a part of the show. Me too. And I don’t know if these allegations about him owning land and being involved in the Somalian war are true. I don’t know who in the hell could concoct that? I mean, somebody’s going to research it. I don’t know if it’s going to be asked because it seems complicated for me. But what I will say is, if that’s true, Wow, I wonder what if anything, actually knew about that because again, that goes back to our thing, which we’ve said about the power differential and he’s just being an established you know, successful whatever.

Amanda 40:01
I mean trainer, we know the money’s in

B 40:04
it. And we’re not even gonna get into the one Dixon thing because that’s like old news by now. And we know that we post that picture and, you know, the denials and the, the cryptic posts from Robin. And I mean, maybe they just have an open relationship and good for them. But, you know, it’s enough with the fake storylines. And I think we’re gonna see some changes in that cast. But we do have some fun stuff to talk about. Let’s move away from the train wreck husbands.

Amanda 40:36
Let’s do I mean, okay, these women go on

B 40:39
shows just to get rid of their husbands.

Amanda 40:43
Yeah, like, what is it? Maybe they’re like, they’re like, I need a clearer view of what’s really going on. And maybe being under the microscope of the camera will help. Who knows.

B 40:52
Right? But like, one last thought on this. I feel like if and obviously I haven’t sat down and done a statistical breakdown of this, but it seems like if you think of all the housewife cities, to me, it seems like there’s more bad husbands than good.

Amanda 41:11
I’m seeing that exact same thing. Because I was like, God what is going on with these Potomac man, like, gross and Atlanta? Geez. Geez, getting into drama. Like honestly, it’s it’s

B 41:25
and other cities.

Amanda 41:26
I mean, yeah. Honestly.

B 41:31
mean think about all the OC OC, I think has has historically had the worst. I mean, Vicki gunvalson alone. Between Steve Lodge and Brooks. And then you had Jim Bellino, Jim Marquese from New Jersey. I mean, just some really gross God. Lenny from Miami. I mean, and rice doesn’t stop. No. Even like Adriana is first husband from the early seasons was gross. Okay, but yeah,

Amanda 41:59
the good news Alexius husband was living entirely secret life.

B 42:03
Right. There we go. But by now it’s public. Right now, this is not public information. But by the time this airs, it will be public. We have the names of some of the winter house people. It’s still somewhat in flux. And we think there’ll be visitors but we’re hearing Jason, our house wife loving boy is back. Jason Cameron. didn’t yell from summer house, Kyle and Amanda, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval. You’re gonna like this one, Amanda, Brian Benny, which I think you called. I think when we kept seeing him in pictures, with Bravo stars, you were like, I bet he’s on winter house. And then there’s gonna be a couple below deck people. And two of the names I heard were Malia and Riley. Malia is the one who followed maritime law so closely. I was like Sandy’s Buffy. And Riley is that redhead? That was very wacky. Not confused with rock. Remember

Amanda 43:02
her? Oh, maybe I was thinking of rocks. No. It wasn’t Riley the one who got kicked off or No. by Captain Lee.

B 43:11
She may have they rocky Riley had shades of each other. So it’s hard for me to differentiate them. Yeah, I did hear that. schwaR Sandoval may just be like doing a visit because Ariana is not coming. And I mean, they do have a couple businesses back in LA Turon. Are Hey, and Jason.

Amanda 43:30
Okay, I was gonna ask you about so let’s he was gonna ask you this. I was like, why is Sandoval going without Ariana? That’s it unless maybe

B 43:36
Ariana is going and her name just wasn’t listed. Like somebody sent this to me. And they said it’s not the full list. But

Amanda 43:42
Tom Sandoval coming out though, like, for a weekend like that kind of that makes a little more sense. To me, too. So

B 43:52
I mean, I’m sure Robbie get himself involved with crazy Riley somehow it just see it. I’m just seeing that because I can see him being attracted to chaotic energy.

Amanda 44:03
Picture. That’s Danielle and Brian Benny.

B 44:07
I was gonna say that. Oh, really? I love

Amanda 44:13
it. See it? I didn’t really card. Well, I

B 44:17
think that he would definitely like her because she’s beautiful. And yeah, I think that she would really like him because I can see him being so like, sweet and like, I don’t know, I can really see it. He’s, he’s a little bit. Yeah, I think he’s like late 20s. Right.

Amanda 44:35
I don’t know. My whole universe got totally like turned upside down yesterday when I was Googling when we’re talking with Melissa Gorga about Ashley and Luke. So Luke from summer house and Ashley from Potomac, Ashley’s 34. And Luke is 39. Like, I was like, wait, what? This is confusing to me.

B 44:55
I thought that was oh sure to 39 Like I knew Luke was close to 40 and I do just kind of assumed Well, I guess because Ashley has been married and she has two kids. We assume she’s in her late but no, she’s in her early 30s 34. That

Amanda 45:07
just looks much younger than I thought that she was. But not because she looks it. Just to clarify, because she’s like, looks amazing, but because of how much life she’s lived and how young she must have been when she came on to Potomac to start with, right? That’s for me. That’s the disconnect for me. Because like, no, she looks, she looks like she’s in her 20s But all she always has, right. Well, I think it’d be interesting. I would I mean, I think I’m so glad they’re moving the location. I’m glad they’re going somewhere where it’s like, yeah, what is your study? Or Rado? Yes, you moved Colorado, which is I thought was an interesting choice because it’s kind of an isolated, but it’s a big you know, it’s a big town.

B 45:54
Like March already, the snow is gonna melt.

Amanda 45:57
No, March is like prime ski season and Colorado on the on the west. In the West. It’s like prime prime prime. So like, that’s when you want to go because you have like, days where it’s because you guys, I think I’ve talked about this, like, I’m a skier, I’ve skied in, at least on the west side of the US, like many of the ski resorts that the West has to offer. And like Colorado is known for in first spring skiing in March, like short sleeves and ski pants on, like, really nice day. So I love it. I think it’ll be I think it’ll be good.

B 46:33
I think we can watch it. I think it’s gonna be great. I did watch a little bit of I did not get to finish Miami today. But I started Oh, I started watching it. And I know last week we saw a little bit with Lisa and her mother in law Lenny’s mom. And we saw more. And by now, all Miami fans have watched it. By the time you guys hear this. I love the way that Lisa really stood up for herself. And it was very hard to watch because she said that for many years, Lenny’s mom has been a mother figure to her. And the mom was like, Well, you know, you always were out. You always had these parties. And she’s like, I know mom’s name is Marina. She’s like, Marina, you cannot justify my husband. cheating on me, leaving me for another woman and flaunting it in my face. Because I like to go out she’s like and more to the point. If he wanted to separate Is this the way he should do it? To tear me down? I’m the mother of his young children. Why does he want to hurt me to this extent? And when she said that mom was like, Well, you’re right about that. And mom was like, well, it’ll take time. Sometimes it takes a long time. I do know Miami starting up again. Within the next few weeks. I am hearing that. They want Lea black back. Now does that look like Florida? Does that look like friend?

Amanda 48:00
I welcome it. I think she would bring a whole different energy. And I’m getting a little tired of this old versus new guard on Miami because I really liked the new housewives. And I really liked the older ones. You know, the previous ones not that they’re old. And it’s I don’t like this divide. I’m over the Adriana stuff. And like I feel like Leah coming in like she does. She calls it as she sees it. She doesn’t always like she definitely has like a skewed view of things sometimes. But she’s she’s very, like, very matter of fact. And you know, and I don’t know, I welcome it. I think it would be great. What do you think?

B 48:43
I welcome it. I absolutely welcome and I think she’s great. I think she’s great TV. I think she’s an OG as well. And she’ll bring that alpha energy that we see from some of the other ladies like Alexia and Marisol, and she kind of maybe we’ll check them a bit. I wanted to get your thoughts. So I know you haven’t watched it yet. But you were going to see that. At the end of last episode, Adriana asks Lisa to go speak with Alexia on her behalf. And say like, I shouldn’t have made that analogy about Frankie and I know that I’m wrong. But you know, in other words, kind of make amends and Marisol I mean, Alexia seemed resistant to it and Marisol seem ticked because she’s like, Oh, she only wants to make amends with Alexia. She’s not sorry for what she said about my boyfriend, not loving me or whatever. So I, for myself feel conflicted because on the one hand, I do see what Adriana did to both of them. And I think it’s terrible. Like the Marisol thing like there was no need to bring it up. It was bizarre to bring it up. But then on the other hand, there’s something that I feel sorry for Adriana. Does that make sense? It’s

Amanda 50:01
like, for what? What do you feel sorry for her about

B 50:04
there’s a sadness to her. Yeah. And this episode we actually see her with Emilio estimate. Amelia estimates, I guess Gloria esta vez is Emilio esta vez is also that actor but Gloria has to visit her husband Emilio estimates. And she says like the he’s the producer, she said, Stefan, Stefan,

Amanda 50:24
Stefan, I was like, Wait, Amelia, Last of Us. I was like, wow, I really I needed like hop on watching today now. Money.

B 50:32
Okay. She says what Dr. Dre is to the rap community. Emilio Esteban is to the Latin music community, especially in Miami. I mean, they even have their own restaurant chain in Florida. I’ve been to it it actually it’s really cool. It’s like a chain, but they I went when when my kids were you know, a couple years ago. And they have girls that come out and do dancing in like Qh Cuban themed and oh five. Yeah, it’s really cute. But anyway, so she has that kind of stuff exciting going for her. But she does say like she really is very much on her own. She is the caretaker for her elderly mother. Her son is away at college. And she calls herself an empty nester. And I’m going to go ahead and guess the son doesn’t want to be on television anymore. But she almost makes it sound. And we don’t know if this is true, right? Because if he’s not on television, whatever, she almost makes it sound like they don’t have a close relationship with kind of makes me sad. Like maybe he lives far away. You know what I’m saying? Oh, he goes,

Amanda 51:32
I agree. You get the feeling that she’s not that close. Yeah.

B 51:35
Which is sad, because in old seasons, I mean, she was like he was the light of her life. Yes. And, and you know, how much of her sadness and I hate to say this, or bad decisions she made like as an example, right? Alexia, a marital don’t want to be close friends with her. And what you see her do it’s like, well, there’s a reason why. And so that probably extends to other areas of her life. But then you feel bad when you see the sadness and the loneliness, I guess is what it is.

Amanda 52:10
So are you asking kinda like do I feel badly for her? Yes. What like Okay, so first of all, I haven’t watched this yet, but I so maybe that maybe the only way she felt like she could even get a foot in the door with Alexia and Marisol, or Alexia is to send Lisa in her stead. But I believe like that, you know, that’s something that kids in like, sixth grade do. I don’t I think you figure out a fucking way, right? And you apologize to somebody’s face when you do something like that. Because not only did she say it, but then she dug the fuck in and it’s just not the same. And it was gross. And I did not like it. I mean, it’s, it was gross. And it was just just written really bad taste. And I think I think Adriana just sees read sometimes and doesn’t even know what she’s thinking or doing. Right. And I agree. I see some sadness in her. I think she’s definitely not over her divorce. I think it seems like yes, there’s some sadness, something with her son. I thought the amount of drama just even besides the like, besides the comment to Alexia, the amount of drama about her frickin foot. Like, I feel like if you and I were out and suddenly like everyone’s like messing around, the wave comes in. Like, there’s people are feeling bad, but you’re like, I’m okay. I’ll figure it out. Like, right. I’ll be all right. Yes, I’ll let you hold. Like, I’ll take your shoulder just to help make sure that I get up the beach. Okay. I don’t need to be wheeled in and off the boat. You know what I mean? Like, it was I just don’t care for that kind of I don’t care for that level of drama at whatsoever. And so that just grossed me out too. So I

B 54:09
do feel like a lot of what she does is for camera time.

Amanda 54:13
Yes. And for sure.

B 54:15
I wonder how much of her wanting the friendship with Alexia and Marisol is her fear of because she’s a friend of she’s not full time, right. And I sort of get the sense that Alexia has a lot of pull, and I do wonder how much of it is her wanting to make sure they don’t try to get rid of her?

Amanda 54:35
Yeah, I agree. I mean, I think Julia 100% was pulling the same shit when she starts to try to throw all that ice on. Who was it? Was it? Yeah, no. Gertie. No good Marisol. Yeah, I was like that felt like a kind of desperate play. I don’t know. So honestly, my my my real thoughts are that Yes, you could be right. But I also I sensed that sadness and I think I think Adriana needs to get some therapy. Honestly, that’s, you know me I love to talk about therapy, but it’s it’s the truth like I think she’s, I definitely sense I sense it but I also to like, even if you really want to be on the show, like if people I do think muddy soul, muddy soul and Alexia, but they are really hard on her and they do kind of bully her and she just like, it’s you kind of gave me like her. Yeah, yeah. And they worry, it might be the wrong word. But they’re, they very clearly show their distaste for her over and over and over again. Right. And either. Overnight. Oh, yes. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Because, yeah. And Juliet. Yeah. So I don’t know. I mean, I just, I don’t see, I don’t care. I’m making choices that I find admirable. I don’t think sending somebody in your side when you fucked up. is the right thing to do. You figure out a way where like, even if the person says they don’t want to talk to you, you figure out a way to like, go and stand in front of them. And at least you can apologize and say, I’m sorry, that was absolutely wrong. And it was even more wrong of me to dig in further. It was wrong. Totally. I am very sorry. Totally. That’s what you do.

B 56:25
Okay. And before we, before we say goodbye, I do want to touch on Vanderpump Rules for a couple

Amanda 56:31
minutes. Yes, this is a good one. So

B 56:33
a couple of my thoughts that I’m gonna throw out to you. And I also threw out to the cocktail hours this morning. Were you shocked that Raquel sat down eating her cheese and drinking her wine with Ariana and Katie and basically was like, Okay, well, I just want to tell you, thank you for inviting me on vacation. I would like you to know that last night I shot my shot or whatever she said, with Tom.

Amanda 57:00
I was jaw dropped shocks by that part of API.

B 57:06
She’s acting out because she’s so I don’t hurt slashed, pissed, slashed embarrassed that James has moved on so quickly, and is seemingly in love, which we’ll get to that. So I feel like she’s acting out because she’s like, Yeah, Katie’s hurting. Well, so am I. Yeah. And she said in the episode, like, she’s like, Yeah, we’re in the same group. And we don’t dislike each other. But would you say we’re good friends? And does she have a point? Because we know they’re filming a show, but when they’re not filming? Raquel and Katie are probably never together?

Amanda 57:45
No, so definitely not. But I used to I just I have a real strong opinion on this one. Like, the answer is fucking No. Like, you’re in the same caste. You’re going on the same trip? Like no, it is it is too close to home. Absolutely not recall, like Shell whatever your name is, like, get get your like self worth, you know, take a little time. Do you get your self worth back together? Because it’s just it’s, it’s it’s bad. Low hanging fruit. Like, look past it. Right. You know, like, I don’t know. I was I was absolutely shocked. First of all, I was shocked that she just went up and did it. But then the way that that scene went down, it didn’t make it feel like when he was like, Are we still filming? It made

B 58:38
it feel? I don’t know, feel like something happened off camera.

Amanda 58:42
And or something had happened before? Yes, I I have a theory that maybe he did go to Coachella or something happened. And that’s why everybody got by the way

B 58:56
that cello blind. The referencing was our blind and I actually took it down when a couple of sources reached out to tell me he was not at Coachella. And she then took our blind she did not give us credit and stats when she had him on the pod. And that’s when she brought it up and that was our blind and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them sent us that day. I can’t I don’t know but or somebody who saw him there but the person who sent it like and they sent me pictures and it was a batch it was from the back but it did look like him.

Amanda 59:32
I don’t know I’m telling you. I think there’s more to this story. I have zero nothing to found it on. Nothing. I think I bet if you’ll remember when that post was up I mean it was far and away one of the height like highest traffic

B 59:48
oh my god posts we got a million and then a high comment or one point yeah thing clicks that day.

Amanda 59:56
It was it was insane. And so there was I wonder I don’t know in My head again, total scenario I know nothing. I’ve always just kind of wondered like, maybe it really did happened. And they like all agreed to kind of shut it down. Because either it was too much, you know, I was gonna give too much away from the show, or whatever ultimately

B 1:00:20
he did. He did make out. So whether it happened there, we know what happens at the wedding and we know what happens after that. And then we know that she’s very friendly with his girlfriend, Joe, who basically lives with him. So it’s giving low hanging fruit,

Amanda 1:00:33
he says is not his girlfriend and just a girl that he deeply appreciates. On a friendship level or something like that. I don’t know about you, but that I saw that his apartment, his messy ass apartment. That didn’t look like I’m more than one bedroom apartment. So how do you have a roommate in a one bedroom apartment?

B 1:00:52
You don’t? You have a girlfriend? You have a girlfriend? All right cocktail. Yes. As always, thank you for tuning in. We got we got a lot of juice come in and flowing. And we’re gonna bring it all to you.

Amanda 1:01:08
Yes, we do. Thanks, guys. Talk to you next week.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
Till next time.

Amanda 1:01:19
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

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Bye guys. See you next time.