RHUGT takes on Europe!

Apr 4, 2023

From: more Ugt
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Subject: More RHUGT!!!

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Shereé and Marlo (RHOA), Shannon and Emily (RHOC), Margaret and Jen (RHONJ) involved in next RHUGT – European location

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  1. RHONJ

    Ugh not Jen!!

  2. Rhonj

    Ugh not marge !!

  3. STMK73

    Shannon and Emily?

  4. A.M Smith

    Can they just stop renewing Jen’s contract please!?!

  5. Sarah

    Ew why Margaret? She’s so fake, so much so that Andy always looks irritated when she’s on WWHL. Let’s not reward bad behavior.

  6. Susan Scott

    Margaret and Jen are you kidding me that is just going to be nasty verbal attacks 24/7. I don’t have the patience to watch that

  7. Liz Young

    So excited to see Marge and Jen. So glad it’s not the two duck faces Jennifer and Danielle. In all honesty they probably couldn’t be removed from Teresa’s ass for that long of a time!

  8. Bye Ashy

    They shouldn’t give the OC time on these shows until they prove a good season.

  9. Kari

    I would love to see Jen try and go up against Marlo and Sheree, she’ll be playing with the big girls now and won’t be allowed to walk all over/talk down to anybody!

  10. Just say'n

    Curious. When they say Marge and Jen I assuming it’s Jennifer Ayden but could they mean Jen Fessler since Ayden is always referred to as Jennifer

  11. KrysC

    @Liz Young are you not aware that the Jen is Jennifer!? Lol

  12. Sam Corey

    It’ll be fun with this crazy group. Watch how many people Margaret gets close to ❤️

  13. Maddy Stewart

    Please no, not the OC girls…BEC

  14. Liz Young

    @KrysC are you aware there are 2 Jens? LOL. Maybe some of us are hoping it isn’t that obnoxious cow Aydin.


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