It’s terrible…

Mar 31, 2023


It’s a horrible season so far l’ve heard.

Producers are scrambling for anything.

The Denise, Camille and Teddi cameos were last min decisions.

Was told they’d been courting Kim for a while.

Kathy is not yet filming. They’re hoping she does but there’s no contract currently.


  1. A.M

    Hey Rinna…’s it going?

  2. Carlton

    We’re gonna go 2-3 episodes about bravocon comment Erika made about Dorit.

    Crystal and Erika making up (remember that pic in Vegas)

    Kyle’s alleged Ozempic

  3. Rae

    Who asked for Teddi?!

  4. Justine

    With them having such dark seasons the past two years, I don’t mind a boring but fun season

  5. Luis

    Enough with the “NEXT SEASON IS TERRIBLE” bullshit! like we’ve had seasons of BULLYING, LIES & dumb storylines that are drawn out for entire seasons…there might not be a bunch of drama next season but dammit we need a break from it anyway! ?

  6. Bravo

    Kyle is not on Ozempic. That’s a false rumor because she cut out sugar, carbs, and alcohol for 8 months.

  7. Jo

    I don’t care as long as the drama and hate stops, both Erika and Rinna made it so dark and I am glad one at least is gone. If it’s a fluffy seasons with cameos so be it. Better than what went before.

  8. C

    After last season – which was just so overly dark and vicious – I could use a chill RHOBH season. Let’s have a little more fun. Make them go shopping and buy insane stuff. I secretly love those bits.

  9. Cianna

    @rae your comment has me dying?


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