Not easy casting…

Mar 28, 2023

From: red beans and rice

Subject: not easy casting

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the latest rumored housewives city has fans begging for a reboot of a beloved series. while they are a charming cast of characters, reuniting them isn’t as easy as it seems.

1) a seemingly strong main couple isn’t as solid as they appear – their tall house of cards would topple over.

2) the friends of the former cast who are willing to film are duds.

3) very few can actually afford a housewives lifestyle.

these are all probably reasons why producers are looking to branch out to new talent (nba/nfl wives who are friends)

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  1. Kari

    SC New Orleans!
    I loved that show and I was so upset/confused as to why they canceled it. I was wondering why they would go the Housewives route instead of the SC route.

  2. A h

    Argh! Which is why I want it to just be SCNO again and not housewives. Just let them continue where they left off!

  3. BabyGorgeous

    Seems like Reagan isn’t with Reese anymore. I wish someone would spill the tea ☕️

  4. Tara Combs

    Girls we need the Reagan and Reese tea !!!


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