B*tch Eating Crackers – an Urban Dictionary term that we learned and we’re running with it this week. Summer House – we have different (but not opposite) takes on the Kyle and Carl situation. Details from the Brooklyn Beckham and Nicole Peltz wedding are coming out – and the tea we got on the site last year is making a lot more sense. Real Housewives of New Jersey is keeping our interest. The Teresa/Louie/Melissa/Joe battle is brewing – and Teresa’s kids have now entered the chat. And, the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion had some very interesting moments. We have some insight on what Mia was trying to explain – as well as some tea on what Gizelle was trying to hint at during the reunion.

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 42

B 0:00
There’s a difference between being an owner on an account and just a signer. So if they were right, if they were owners, they would not be able to be taken off. So they were just signers.

Amanda 0:11
Well, we’ll see what I’m saying no, is actually, there could be three owners and like, let’s say, Geez, what are the three? The other two technically could have just drained the account, and then opened a new account. That is absolutely something that happens and does happen. And I know people that has happened to

B 0:39
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from bravoandcocktails.com. And as always, it’s all alleged, and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds, I am B. And I’m Amanda.

Amanda 1:00
Let’s get into this week’s tea.

B 1:06
What’s up cocktailers

Amanda 1:08
Hey cocktailers so I want to start out with something today a little off of our usual track, but it’s something that we actually talked about a little bit on our cocktail party zoom yesterday. So no, I’m not gonna give you any of the exclusive tea that we talked about. But I do I am like obsessed with this new term that I learned from Urban Dictionary and B, I think is already like rolling your eyes at me. But I think it’s so funny. So I wanted to share with you guys so if you if you if you are familiar with Urban Dictionary, you know it is the best dictionary and that’s all I’m gonna say about that. But the term is bitch eating crackers, aka BEC. So according to Urban Dictionary, a b2c or a bench eating crackers is it’s like that person where like, everything this person does annoys you even as something as simple as eating crackers. So like, from the meme, like, it’s like, the BDC is that person who just like can’t stand so I thought it would be fun to bring up this and talk about who are Bravo ve C’s are, like, who on Bravo is just the big packers that you’re like, so no, I think

B 2:30
that I want to take a moment to differentiate, okay. Okay, cause I did I actually. So Amanda just like sprung this on me guys like an hour. Because we spoke about it last night at our cocktail party zoom, which was so much fun. Thank you, everybody who came. And I really couldn’t. Because here’s the thing for me, Amanda. There are people that I disagree with. I’m currently in an Instagram battle fighting with tree huggers. But here’s the thing. To me. Your BTC is someone you instinctually don’t like I don’t dislike Teresa. I think she’s very funny. And there’s things I really like about her. I don’t agree with how she handles things I really never have. I mean from her marriage to her sister in law. It’s not it’s just not how I operate. You know what I’m saying? Like,

Amanda 3:17
we’re Yeah, I would never have guessed that. Teresa would be your BAC it’s definitely

B 3:24
not eating. I don’t I’m not like her but I don’t dislike her. I like watch like when Jen Aiden seems come on I like watching them I think it’s

Amanda 3:34
so and I completely agree with you that there is a difference Yeah, I have one I have a BC do

B 3:42
well I do and it’s funny because mine so mine was brought up last night and it’s this is a person who I never faltered on. I instinctually from the moment they came on the television I didn’t like anything about them I don’t like how they are I don’t think they’re interesting it’s Bronwyn and I know she’s not even that big of a Bravo person but and I think that this is why Bravo is so good. Because even if you don’t like agree with somebody, there’s still something about them that makes them like Danielle Cabral. I personally like her out of the gate. But even if you don’t you can’t deny that she is going to be a freaking great housewife she’s got it all Yeah, we’re like Bronwyn just fell flat for me. She was a liar a poser. I couldn’t stand the sight of her and so that would be my Bravo BTC I think.

Amanda 4:26
Okay, so shaida is mine. And like, I know I’m probably getting out of flack Sheena.

B 4:33
It sounded like she you know, we

Amanda 4:35
use names. I can’t help it. I do. I don’t do it on purpose. I really don’t except for a little bit with her shell now, just because I find it funny, but I’m trying to be better about that. But she, it’s I literally like the sound of her voice to like the way she talks and like the way that she kind of stirs everything up. I just I and I love a housewives that stir shit up like I love a Tamra I love as you guys know, Teddy, because I think Teddy does a good job of it too. I just can’t, I can’t handle like, I feel like she note would bug the crap out of me in real life. So like you

B 5:15
instinctually dislike her, which is different than disagreeing with somebody. Correct?

Amanda 5:21
Like, literally, she could be juggling chainsaws, or just juggling and doing something very impressive and I would be like, so annoying.

B 5:35
So I’m looking so I’m looking at what people sense because I want to see if I agree with any of them. Someone said all the Kardashians and here’s the thing I think the Kardashians are bad people am I allowed to say that without like getting like, sued, but I don’t instinctually dislike them. As a matter of fact, I they’re okay to watch even though I know I mean the Balenciaga thing. I think that they’re not nice people, but I don’t instinctually dislike them. hubhaus Again, I don’t I’m not her biggest fan but don’t instinctually dislike Are you Amanda?

Amanda 6:06
i Yeah, she does not fit into the b2c mold for me. So I don’t love her like I’m not loving her. But the babe thing would get into that territory for me. Yeah.

B 6:16
Somebody wrote not me thinking you’re talking about bacon, egg and cheese.

Amanda 6:21
Who is that? And why? Like, can they be our friends? Yes, they are a

B 6:26
friend Vicki gunvalson Not for me.

Amanda 6:29
Not a VC. I wasn’t very few. Alexis was one when she was on OC. Yes. Didn’t care for her.

B 6:38
I didn’t really think of it. But like I’ve gotten back and forth on people like Tamar is a good example. I loved her. I was annoyed by her. I really was turning to the dislike. And then I like her again. Teddy. I never liked Oh, you know, who’s kind of a BDC for me. Who and there’s really no reason for it’s always OC people. Gina. I just can’t cut her break.

Amanda 7:02
You don’t don’t ever cut her break. You know, that’s true. I just

B 7:05
don’t like her. And it’s so funny because she’s like a long island girl, which I mean, I’m a city girl. But same difference, right? I’m from the boroughs. You

Amanda 7:13
know, I got one from southern hospitality. That grace girl I cannot with her. I just yeah, I’m not a fan. Like she’s just to put on like, I guess it’s you. I think you’re hilarious.

B 7:30
But I mean, there’s reasons like she’s she’s made that bed.

Amanda 7:33
Oh, yeah. Anyway, I just wanted to God I

B 7:37
don’t feel that way about Kelly Dodd. Oh,

Amanda 7:39
Kelly died. Makes great television. Great television. So it didn’t

B 7:45
Sandy I can kind of get behind. I never really liked her. Gwyneth Paltrow agree don’t even know anything about the woman. She’s just obnoxious.

Amanda 7:54
There’s a lot of influencers that really bothered Imran

B 7:56
Wescott was never a fan of Cameron. Never. I understand it.

Amanda 8:03
I feel like Cameron is the same on camera as she is in real life. I think she’s just very unique. Anyway, we should move on and get back to our usual day. I could tell but I just like I’m obsessed with this term. And I’m like, I get like this. You guys know, me and my rabbit holes. And I’m obsessed on this one. Okay, let’s talk. So let’s talk about summer house. Cuz there’s, I think a lot. I mean, obviously a lot going on this Kyle and Carl situation, especially as of the last episode is really starting to come to a head like, where do you stand with all of this?

B 8:46
I really feel like, I’m wondering whether you’ll agree with me and whether the cocktail is will agree with me because I kind of have a strong opinion. And I don’t necessarily think it’s a popular one. I’m seeing Kyle. I’m very much team Kyle. And I’m not. I’m not a Kyle Stan, although I liked him so much on winter house and traders that I think I kind of am going into this with a rosy view of him. So I’ll be fair about that. With Bob prior to be saying this, I do not believe he should have mentioned any drug use that Carl was abusing cocaine. We all know it. Carl has actually said it, but it just wasn’t appropriate. Yeah, I think his point was, and he should have said it is he was trying to point out that he gave him a senior role in his upstart company, when Carl was acting irresponsible, and when he wasn’t necessarily able to maintain employment, right. So he was pointing out in many passes when another boss would have terminated him. And I show

Amanda 9:49
up to a meeting without your computer is pretty fireable offense. I would

B 9:54
think it’s funny because Christy Teegan who I know is another polarizing person texted when Kroll said Edie, and he showed up coked out she writes and everyone expected something crazy to happen and he just said without his laptop like he showed up coked out and beat me up or like you know what I mean?

Amanda 10:09
Yeah. But that’s I mean in in the business world if you’re going on a like important sales call and you don’t have your computer like that is I mean, I cannot that would be absolutely shocking. I think in a professional setting so it is it for I think a lot of people that maybe doesn’t sound like that crazy, but like, I never go any I barely will even not bring my computer just for a fun lunch with my clients. Like it’s, it’s a big

B 10:42
so often I text you and you will legitimately be like I’m in CVS, and I don’t have my computer and because I’m not a person who is in sales and works on a computer in that capacity. I’m always like, Why the hell would she have her computer?

Amanda 10:55
That’s I’m so much faster on my computer. And like, I just I’m like Penny from investing in. What’s the Inspector Gadget? Like, I always have my little laptop with me, almost always so.

B 11:09
So I think we can read the code part should have been left out even though Carl was open about it not just being booze. It wasn’t necessary. With that said, I stand firmly that it is Kyle’s company. Carl is an investor but he employs Carl, he pays him to not only be in sales, but be the vice president of sales. It’s quite literally his job to go to these events. So like, have a mature conversation about wanting to change your role. Discuss compensation. But I want to be very clear about this because I’m seeing this and it pissing me off. I like I like how I get so passionate as if I’m involved at all. Carl brought this conversation to the camera. Kyle, even in the conversation says listen, you reached out and said that I was waiting to hear back. Kyle did not bring this conversation up. Carl did if I am your employee, Amanda, and I’m no longer satisfied. It’s for me to come to you. Yeah, okay. Girl Wants it on. No, I’m not saying Kyle Monty to being on camera. I’m gonna go with they both wanted the storyline. So they’re both willing to put their friendship on the line. Okay, this is reality television. These people are willing and able. I don’t think their friendship, I think it’s clear after this is more important to either one of them than their reality career. So that’s what it is.

Amanda 12:26
You don’t think their friendship is more important, or you do think it was more

B 12:30
important, the conversation wouldn’t have been on camera. And that’s on both of them. I’m not putting that out on all on one. You know, but Carl is the one who had the issue and he’s the one who felt he wanted to change. So it’s his job to initiate the conversation with his boss. And he did so on camera. He also you know, Kyle again shouldn’t have been belligerent at dinner, but he also filmed the whole scene with Danielle and Lindsay point blank saying point blank Excuse me. I didn’t feel valued Kyle underpays me. I mean, so he brought it on the television and you can’t be mad now. When Kyle reacts on camera, I think Kyle certainly regret saying that I’m sure about the cocaine.

Amanda 13:10
Yeah, I I have a lot of thoughts. Just having been an employer. Like, one of my first thoughts is like how, from an HR angle, like, does this all work? Because like, in a normal situation, you cannot talk about somebody’s drug use, or even their just like job performance, publicly, right, in a boss an employee situation. So then, of course, I’m thinking I’m like, how does that work? Well, I’m guessing that the summer house contract takes precedence over the employment situation. Yeah, I because otherwise, because that’s Kyle’s gonna find himself in a lot of Yeah, like a lot of HR trouble. And, you know, the whole thing Holter was watching the show this week, I just kept thinking, there’s so much at stake from this conversation. And from the way they’re both acting right, because it’s, it’s, I would argue, both of their reality TV futures are at stake, as well as a very legitimate very successful new beverage company. And I think the other thing too, like from a business owner standpoint, while all this is getting a lot of attention, like I’m surprised that they let it go this far on camera, because there’s a certain amount of professionalism that they need to have, as they’re working to get new distributors and do all of that. So I just, I think, taking away some of the like, who’s right and who’s wrong like it just surprised me that they literally let it go this far because there is so much at stake and I just, I feel like honestly, it makes them both look kind If bad, if I had to pick somebody, I would pick Kyle, cuz I agree with you like Carl was given many an opportunity to bring up like, Hey, I’m no longer comfortable during the events, you know, can we restructure, you can’t quiet quit, quote unquote, right? Quiet, quitting is a thing. Now, you can’t quite quit a job like that when you are, as he even said, the face of the company, and it just is making this, the whole team I think look bad, and especially that specific position because it is a fan, customer facing position you were going to these events, you’re smiling, you’re posting it on Instagram, you know, and I have to say, like, I know firsthand, I have worked with alcohol brands in the past, like, so much of what you’re selling, it’s not the liquid that is inside the container. It’s the fun, it’s the party. It’s the experience, right? So I understand that it’s going to be a little awkward. If you don’t drink. I don’t know, I just I think Carl could have said like, Hey, I still want to be like, like head of sales. But I want to take, you know, more of a role where I’m selling to distributors, I’m selling into on premise accounts, you know, restaurants, venues, things like that. And then can we let the other guy or let you know, some of the other people that, you know, people like Kyle and Amanda, handle more of the events where people are drinking and where I’m like, so that I’m not having to feel like I’m in the middle of it like that would have been a much more productive approach and conversation in my mind. From a business standpoint,

B 16:45

Amanda 16:46
One thing I do think, though I don’t think it’s fair to blame, partially blamed Lindsey for all of this. At least not yet. I think, you know, maybe she did have an influence, but Karl should be making his own decisions and walking his own walk. So yeah, Lindsey into it feels a little unfair to me.

B 17:09
I do think that I do think that when Carl was dissatisfied, obviously you talk to your spouse about it your significant other. I also think it’s compensation. I think that Carl wants to make more money. It was interesting to watch what happens live. We know it’s a sales job. And Kyle very much made it sound like he wasn’t making as much money because he wasn’t selling in the capacity that he should have been. And a lot of his compensation is tied to that. So I think, listen, and again, I don’t think it’s fair to blame Lindsey, I agree with you. I’m not blaming

Amanda 17:43
her. Do I know I don’t think you said I think like we they are can

B 17:48
make this on a Marshalls commercial. I can have us doing this, this and this and we can make more money. You don’t need to work for Loverboy. I think that’s quite possible. And ultimately, it’s Carl’s choice to agree with that. Or to say, No, I want to stay with Loverboy. I’m going to talk to Kyle about changing my position about whatever. So I’m not blaming Lindsey Do I think that she said things like, where reality stars, you don’t need to work for somebody, we can start our own brand, we can do our own three yet own thing. Yeah, I do. And I’m not knocking her hustle. They do have the same. She could see it from a standpoint of we have the same platform Kyle has Why am I working for his brand? I have a platform too. So I’m not hating on her. That’s her view of it. And like I think Lindsay also sees it like Carl has me now he doesn’t need to work for Kyle. I can be his, you know, main support, and I can help guide his career like, and I’m not saying she’s wrong. I’m just saying I do see that her doing that? Well,

Amanda 18:47
I I say easier said than done peeps, because it is yeah. Not frickin easy to start a business. It is not so, you know, it’s and I think was last week when we said like, people, there are some people who just have to learn these lessons on their own. Right, like they, they and but when I think wise people can learn from others. And it’s like you these reality people should be learning like that the runway isn’t like the runway does end at some weight and like you’ve got to keep it one foot like planted on the ground and, you know, your the way you’re making your money diversify, because you can end up in a bad spot because stuff will dry up. And you know, Kyle and Amanda, well, Kyle, starting that business, I mean, it’s been, what three or four years now that Loverboy has gotten all of this TV show, you know, exposure like that. And just now they’re starting to really kind of come into their own like and like that’s, that’s a lot of hard work and like they had some luck with the exposure but still, I mean I don’t No, I, I just again, I’m just curious if anybody knows anything about like from an HR standpoint, and if like how that could even go on because it just feels like from an employment law situation. That just felt icky to me.

B 20:19
I have to imagine that the summer house reality show overrides it. If not, I you can expect Lindsey to encourage Carl to sue. Now Geez,

Amanda 20:28
what’s not universe?

B 20:31
He also had that Entertainment Tonight with Bryce Sandler. And he came out and he said, Lindsay’s mad because Danielle became friendly with the other girls and she had rules for who didn’t yell and Carl can be close to I believe it. I can see it. I think Danielle was looking to hang and I guess we’ll see how the episodes progress. But Lindsey and Carl and their love babe bubble, you know, to be expected I’m not knocking it. But Danielle’s at the time boyfriend. We know they’re split. Now. Lots of that on cocktail party. Lots of details. Robert was a chef in Montauk. So he’s working on weekends. And naturally, Danielle was hanging out with the other girls. I could see Lindsay initially being annoyed, but you have to like connect the dots and figure that would happen. She’s supposed to just hang out with Chris, or you know what I’m saying? The new guy like, right?

Amanda 21:20
Well, and Daniel came out of the gate strong writing for Lindsay and Carl. Yep. So

B 21:28
Lindsay’s regretting I can’t imagine she doesn’t regret having her because now she’s got nobody to support her. She’s got Carl. But I mean, the audience turned on Carl very quickly. Yeah, it’s no longer seen as like a neutral party, because he’s her fiance. So he’s her and Danielle would have been a separate entity. But now she’s, and I think they’ll make up I mean, will they ever be what they want? Were probably not. I think there’ll be some sort of peace for as long as they’re filming together. Going forward. I think the day comes that they’re no longer filming together. They won’t be much, but they won’t have a bad terrible blood.

Amanda 22:04
So two episodes, and do we think Lindsay and Carl will get? And this is like knowing what we know, two episodes, Ed? Do we think Lindsay and Carl will have a space on summer house or reality TV moving forward? After this season?

B 22:22
I mean, you never know. Reality TV? Sure. I could see something happening. I don’t know what summer house is going to look like for any of these people that are in relationships. Yeah. But they can’t seem to find a decent guy in Manhattan. So I don’t know. Maybe they’ll all be back again. They find plenty of dynamic women. But it’s like,

Amanda 22:41
I’ve heard about the problem, though. I’ve heard that like, it sucks today in Manhattan.

B 22:49
You know what the reality is? I have to tell you, because I know so many. I mean, I’m from New York City. So the majority of my eyes I know. And I have to tell you that if I’m thinking of like my husband, or I’m thinking of other guys, right? When they were in their early mid 30s. I mean, I’m 40. So I’m the same age as Kyle, which is pretty funny, and so is my husband. But if you’re doing well, right? Unless you’re a guy like Kyle, who it’s great exposure for his company in his business, right? Your average finance guy doesn’t want to go in reality TV is not going to advance their career. Right? So you’re stuck with actors and models and what you get is guys like Jason from winter House who’s social climbing every good looking housewife, like a tree to get where he wants to be? Physically end. And you’re, you’re getting guys like Luke, same actor model. You’re getting Andrea, same actor model. So, you know, I think southern charm is cool in that they have these guys who work normal jobs or have normal businesses. It’s just not the case in New York. Like, I have friends I have friends. Every friend that owns a, you know, beverage distribution plays, I have friends, I have friends that own restaurants, pizzeria, all sorts of things. Tons of different business, not just finance. Lawyers, I mean, I’m trying to picture in my mind, what the upshot would be for certainly for restaurants and stuff, maybe there would be an upshot, but like, I don’t know, it’s just not, you’re gonna get you’re gonna have a much easier time finding a woman of a different career or a model actor. And that’s just the reality. What is Chris Do I know he was in? He’s a photographer. There you go. So he was you know, you know, thanking God bless him for his service to our country. He was in the military. That’s incredible. But in other words, your finance crew than going on summerhouse? That’s I say all to say that. Yeah. I mean, teacher who’s off in the summer? Well, first of all, it’s a conflict of interest. I think if you’re a school teacher, or that show, there’s a lot of jobs where they don’t want you on reality television right? I write, you know, Goldman Sachs isn’t pushing their guys to go and get loaded for summer on television, and they all go get loaded in the Hamptons, but they’re not on television.

Amanda 25:11
Right? Well, and like siara, right, Sarah, like, stopped her nursing gigs so that she could go on the show, which understood, right? Because she, especially when she started, it was COVID, post COVID. You know, she couldn’t be in these party environments and work at a hospital totally understand. But you’re right. It’s a very specific, there’s a narrow or group.

B 25:38
Hey, and this is Listen, no offense to my men out there. But it also speaks to there being a larger pool of young female entrepreneurs than young male entrepreneurs, right? Because why aren’t there more guys like Kyle? A Manhattan willing to

Amanda 25:56
go? I was just gonna ask you that is it is Manhattan. It’s just like finance guys. And then after the miles,

B 26:02
but I don’t know. I mean, it’s also a specific business, right? Because if I if I own a restaurant, I can’t leave a weekend every weekend. Yeah. So Well, I

Amanda 26:12
think I don’t know. But I think

B 26:13
that there are obviously there’s more, there’s a larger woman pool of Listen, guys, let’s hash this out. Let’s think about this. I want to know, you know, maybe I should start trying to cast for summer house. I’m gonna go Josh city. I’m gonna do an open casting call. And I’m gonna see what comes to me. I probably get to see if I lie about casting someone making another show. I make it another Hamptons party show. young male entrepreneurs.

Amanda 26:43
I love it. Let’s do it. I don’t know. Like I was thinking about it too. Because like Kyle and Carl both when they started summer house like they started it right. So I don’t think it was as much of a thing is like now it’s like you kind of know what you’re getting into. If you’re going to be new on that show. And I think that Kyle and Carl absolutely didn’t because they started the show. So anyway, let’s go a little off Bravo top again, because I think there’s a something that I think the cocktail owners will all be really interested about, because we got a ton of stuff on it on the site. So you guys know who Brooklyn Beckham is? He is the son of Victoria and David Beckham. So Brooklyn, I don’t remember how old he is. He’s young, like 20 Probably for 25. Don’t quote me on that. But he’s on the young side. He got married to a woman named Nicola Peltz last April. So Nicola is an actress and NAPCO baby, essentially, both of them are right daughter of a billionaire. So we got a light, we got a lot a lot of blind emails before the wedding around the wedding post wedding about Nicola and Victoria, Beckham hating each other. Which, you know, as you and I have found, often, when there’s smoke, meaning a lot of emails, like, there’s generally something to it, there’s a little fire and the volume, and then the fact that we are kind of hearing the same thing and different themes told us that there was something going on, but there wasn’t a lot of press about it. Even social

B 28:29
media posts kind of indicated that she wouldn’t tag her she would only tag him that kind of stuff.

Amanda 28:36
Right. And then like the birth of the party, thinking of the birthday party, or the birthday cake, when I feel like there was a birthday cake. And she was like it was a great family birthday and didn’t tag Nicola after the wedding. They are definitely married at that point. So, so yeah, but there wasn’t a lot of news about it. So who knows if they were just like trying to keep it quiet, or the press just didn’t know much. But this week, page six, just put out an article and a lot of other actually, a lot of other newspapers and publications have as well, but Page Six is the one that I happened to read. So when I credit them with the news, so they said that there is a lawsuit filed by the wedding planners. And inside this lawsuit, it gives details about the wedding and the wedding planning process. That was essentially a huge mess. Apparently Nikolas dad, the billionaire almost called it off calling it a quote unquote shit show. So a couple of the things to know so it turns out Nikolas dad actually sued these wedding planners first. So those lawsuit articles actually about the planners did a countersuit. So we’ve talked about this right where you can, one party sues another but then the other party can do a countersuit. So they both can have claims and they’ll both you know, it goes to trial take them, assuming all the claims don’t get thrown out, right. So the dad filed the suit against the wedding planners because they ended up firing these wedding planners and they had paid them, like $150,000 deposit, which was half of their fee. He asked him, he was suing them to get it back. So a couple of the things that have come out now from this countersuit, so in the countersue, they mentioned that Nicola spent over $100,000 plus travel expenses. So this is probably not like staying in a motel six I’m guessing four seasons first class for Nikolas hair and makeup team for the wedding. Wow. Apparently

B 30:53
$100,000 for that last travel and

Amanda 30:56
Lodge No, no, no. 100,000 and for their fee, travel expenses. We’re on top of that.

B 31:02
Okay. And this is just for hair and makeup. So you’re the makeup girl. She is spending $100,000 Plus our travel and lodging.

Amanda 31:12
Yes. And we’re staying at the Four Seasons and we’re flying first class,

B 31:16
I’m sure on a private jet.

Amanda 31:18
We don’t know that. But yes, I’m assuming. So I got your

B 31:24
I would like you to always include a PJ. Okay, thank you

Amanda 31:28
done. I agreed. We definitely agree on that one. Have you ever flown on a private jet?

B 31:35
Absolutely not where the hell would I be going?

Amanda 31:38
I know I have that. I almost took one

B 31:39
of those little rinky dink things to The Hamptons once, which is like not that expensive. It’s like 700. But I was like no.

Amanda 31:47
It’s definitely a goal for me. I would love to not I would never walk. But I would like to.

B 31:53
Obviously we’re both going to be on a PGA together sometime soon. Even if Erica crook again.

Amanda 32:00
If anybody wants to girls who like to drink Prosecco and spill tea, we will be gladly join you on your trip on a PDA people. Yeah, but like not enough gross escort. Anyway, more about like, you know, we’re fun. And so we would be fun.

B 32:19
Are we aging? To clarify? I feel like we’ve aged out of being escorts think I mean, God What would our clientele be? 100

Amanda 32:30
I can’t even that God bless people who are sex workers. I just Oh, that’s that’s just there’s you have no control over who you’re getting into bed with and that’s right there. No,

B 32:44
I thought that the whole time watching White Lotus, but this is okay, let’s stay on track. We’re talking about the back of wedding. Okay,

Amanda 32:51
so apparently her mom Claudia told the wedding planners, not to tell Nikolas Dad what the cost was or that he would quote unquote, kill her I’d be so mad. I guess the guestlist was a huge thing. I guess. Apparently, the back ends list was fully organized with all the contact information. Nicola and Claudius gasless was a mess. It was incomplete. It kept changing. They didn’t have any of the information. So apparently it was a moving target. But Nicola kept saying I need an update on the guest on RSVPs which I thought was kind of funny. Claudia and Nicola both insisted that Victoria Beckham could not know about any of the mistakes going on regarding the planning of the wedding, including the gasless errors. So I guess these wedding planners were bought in six weeks before the wedding, which you’ve been married. I’ve been married. That’s pretty late to bring wedding planners in, especially in a multimillion dollar wedding. That’s crazy

B 33:47
sound like they’re planning it sounds more like they’re like doing, like fixing mistakes.

Amanda 33:52
Yeah, well, then they got fired nine days later there. I’m

B 33:56
sorry. Did I miss this? Were there other wedding planners that got fired? I don’t know about all of this magnitude don’t not have a wedding planner. And they don’t hire it six weeks before. So this is not unless Ken fired wedding unless

Amanda 34:08
they were like, Let’s get married in two months. Who knows? I don’t know. But yeah, I would imagine your

B 34:13
derangement because let’s remember neither of them are actually famous. This wedding actually made them famous. But anyway. Maybe

Amanda 34:21
not. But babies so Okay, let’s see here. Back to the dad wanting to cancel the wedding. This is the best part. The mom begged him not to because quote unquote, it would destroy Nikolas career. What Okay, right. And like that. canceling the wedding, then that’s concerning.

B 34:44
I do want to say something about nipple babies not to go on a total tangent, but I of course Nepo babies means that they’re rich and everything but it is a true thing that like if my father or mother are a successful artist terney making it up. I am around other attorneys if they’re if they’re very successful, I’ve been at dinners my whole life and meaning. And I’ve had all sorts of exposure to this world, whether it’s law, medicine, science biochemist, whatever it is I’ve had all this exposure to this world and were wealthy. And certainly I’ve had like advanced tutoring and special courses and all of this kind of thing that in and of itself gives the person advantage. And that’s the same for actors and singers and everything, right? If I’m Mariah Carey, my daughter, with any shred of talent is going to have singing lessons and is going to sound good. Even if she doesn’t have my Mariah Carey vocals, she’s going to sound good, right? Let’s face facts. So hey, nebo isn’t always a bad thing. It’s a lot of times a help. But it is what it is. Right? So

Amanda 35:53
I think it’s what you do with it, I don’t actually think inherently a netbook Nepo baby is a bad thing, right? Like, if you go and like you use those, those connections, and then you’re like, an amazing actress, or singer or lawyer, like, and you make a career out of it. That’s, that’s you. And like, I actually have a great story about that. Because, you know, going through school, going through college, I was so used to like, you know, getting really good grades and achieving. And then I just thought coming out of college, like, I would just apply, and people would see my great grades and be like, I want to hire her. And you you don’t understand, like the I didn’t understand that. I actually pushed against my family, my stepfather had friends in the industry in the advertising industry. And he was like, just go and like, meet with them and talk to them. And you know, he’s like, just informational interview, right? So I did, and then they’re like, You should talk to this person, you should talk to this person. And that’s how I ended up getting my first job. I was very resistant to it at first. And then of course, I’ve made a huge career out of it and done fine. But like, getting that first foot in that first door, is what opens the door for me to have the career. So as

B 37:20
long as my child is working hard and achieving and doing the right thing. If I know the admissions director at the medical school, I’m not going to not call them because you know what? It isn’t that I’m having them except somebody who isn’t qualified. But if you have an edge, and the person is qualified, and it’s your child, or your niece or your best friend’s child, why wouldn’t you help? Right? You know what, I think it’s,

Amanda 37:46
it’s more of the entitlement thing that people have. It’s like

B 37:51
Brooklyn, right? Which is like all this cooking stuff. And he never went to culinary school. So that to me is like, like, yeah, yeah. Like, listen, if Brooklyn Beckham had, obviously the platform he has from both of his successful parents. And he went to culinary school, and he opened a restaurant and it got written up and it got all these accolades. Yes, a lot of those writers would be because he, whatever, but at least he put the work in and he went to culinary school him flipping tacos in his kitchen doesn’t impress me, because you didn’t even go to culinary school. And there’s so many young talented chefs. So,

Amanda 38:23
right. And that’s exactly what I mean. It’s the entitlement piece. That that’s the kind of it’s the entitled depo baby that I think is that’s that’s the brand of depo baby. I’m like, I just I don’t think anybody really has respect for it. But I do think there’s two like very, very distinct paths and like taking the connections and running with it and using it and working hard. There is nothing wrong with that. So anyway, we got Do you want to we want to read any of and go back to any of the emails that we got

B 39:00
from when I just reposted them but essentially go back and look on the site guys. Yeah, I just reposted them the day. The straps are posted. Again. It’s spicy wedding. It’s business in debt. It’s social climber. It sounds like both sides have people putting stuff out. What I want to say about it is Brooklyn and Nicola Nicola, however, I say. They do look very happy. Like leave them alone.

Amanda 39:23
Yeah, I mean, like, let him cook her tacos and peace,

B 39:27
right? Absolutely. Without his culinary degree.

Amanda 39:33
Okay, jersey. Let’s the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about it. Well, first thing to

B 39:40
focus on. The nice things. I love learning more about Danielle. I think she’s refreshing. It’s all new. She’s got a lot to give. Cute young families small business owner both her and her husband own their own businesses. Of course we’re here for the family drama, which is sad. I thought her conversation with Melissa was great. You You could see it’s, uh, you know, you could see it’s a very upsetting situation. It also shows why we might be why she might be more understanding towards Teresa. Because in her family dynamic, she’s the sister, not the sister in law. I know we’ll end up hearing more, although, allegedly what I’m hearing, and I’m gonna determine how much I’m gonna flush out about this. Her brother is the complete opposite of wanting fame. He’s not going to be popping on the show. Like, he doesn’t want the attention at all. Yeah, you know, and she very much we all know she said it. We’ve seen it. She wanted to be on the show. So that was like part of it. Their situation?

Amanda 40:39
Yeah. I mean, hopefully, off camera, it sounds like he would prefer like I would, I hope they can work it out. It was really sad to me like to see the dad crying on camera about it.

B 40:56
And to know that she has two young kids and I believe he has a child now as well as having one. It’d be nice to see them off camera make peace coexist have the cousins have a relationship?

Amanda 41:08
I think the mom and dad had kind of a funny diamond near my toe. Yeah. And she was like, she likes my flowers. My flowers are colorful. Well, I could see that. That kind of crabbing at each other could be a really kind of funny. Dynamic. What? So let’s talk about something else that I kind of got a kick out of when Jen and Bill sit down. And Bill answers. Jan when she’s like, I mean, she said that I just don’t have insight like, what do you think? And Billy answers, honestly. So as I’m watching you, I’m like, Okay. I mean, I totally think John is wrong in this situation. But I think there’s a way to still have my back and still be like, You’re wrong, versus like, he was just generally kind of honest.

B 41:57
I mean, I don’t know I first of all, I think Bill is a very reasonable man. Aside from his infidelity, I’ve always found him to be a class act, he doesn’t just nod and agree with Jen. Which, by the way, imagine she was married to someone who did, she’d be out of control. Like, even when he’s checking her, she’s still so stubborn and stuck in her way of thinking about something. So I don’t know. I like that she’s hearing the other side, because I think that that keeps her kind of calm. You know what I’m saying? If she went home to somebody was like, You’re right. She would be so impassioned and in, empowered not in passion and passion to but empowered, right? And when you’re wrong, or when you’re not looking at all sides of it, because I think what Bill was saying to her is, you’re not wrong for feeling this way. But you have to also take into consideration your role in it. And you did some things back and you did do things back. So it’s not like, Yeah, you were a victim sitting in a corner, you played a part, like, acknowledge it. Yes, you’re right to be upset with the person. But you didn’t sit around and take it so.

Amanda 43:08
Right. Right. And he didn’t spin her up like somebody else. We both know the flames. Exactly, which is, I mean, we’re all seeing this, right, like Louis is doing, he is completely spinning Teresa up, and like, and then he’s also like, really pushing it while also being like you should talk to her. I don’t understand where Louie’s coming from honestly. Well, when he was saying that to Joe in the restaurant.

B 43:43
It’s almost like he made a very calculated decision to be reasonable with everybody else, Margaret, and we’re where everyone else is concerned, forgive and move forward. But where Joe is concerned, although we saw him at the restaurant telling Joe Joe should try to make peace. We see him at home basically saying to Teresa, your brother has treated you poorly. He’s always treated you poorly. You should have nothing more to do with him or Melissa. Now Joe’s emotional reaction and the screaming and the name calling. Really he’s got to get a handle on it because you miss the message. You miss the hurt you miss all of it. And I don’t like I don’t like the way he reacted. I don’t like call you know, calling Louis garbage and you’re missing the point. And if this is somebody you want to try to make amends with right. But let’s remember that Teresa is originally mad because they didn’t stick up for Louis last year when they were filming. Last year Louis had some seriously bad allegations all over social media that the cast was talking about. And Melissa and Joe did not give it any light. They did not speak to it. I thought they were very welcome. Meet him. Even Louisa and watch what happens live. They were fine with him. The worst thing is that Melissa didn’t stop being friends with Margaret. But Teresa didn’t stop being friends with Jen when Jen was being awful to Melissa. So aren’t they even? And Teresa is so furious that they didn’t defend him. I mean, hello, I don’t I don’t know. I think that it doesn’t really make sense to me. It just doesn’t.

Amanda 45:32
I definitely feel like Melissa is getting held to a different standard and that Theresa is like, no, your wall. And yeah, like that’s what her frustration is coming from and that she’s pissed that Melissa and now Joe aren’t just falling into line. And you know, like taking the Queen’s rulings,

B 45:54
they kept quiet on a lot of things. When they first came on the scene. They were all the juicy Joe, cheating rumors whether they were true or not. Neither of them ever spoke about it. Okay. They could have you don’t think that was one of the reasons Gorga and juicy didn’t get along to begin with now, after his sister was sent to prison to Joe Gorga say some unflattering things about juicy.

Amanda 46:16
Yes, yeah.

B 46:17
But let’s also remember that juicy when he got out of jail was going to every tabloid for clickbait saying terrible things about Gorga. And, you know, the Gorgos, Melissa, and Joe, so I don’t really blame Joe, like Joe Gorga is held to a higher standards by everybody than their father, like the girls expect Joe Gorga to just look past it and not mention it but their fathers talking bad about their uncle. So I mean, I understand it’s their father, but your uncle like it’s just gonna sit there and allow this man to talk to tablet and not have a reaction. But there’s another thing. The other thing is, I get why Melissa is over it. Okay, even when Teresa Louis and the girls are talking, every time every one of them has said you only have one family member years of saying this and not realizing that every time they do, they’re proving the point that even after 20 years, Teresa has never accepted Melissa as family. And to me when I hear that it’s even more hurtful. Like she doesn’t acknowledge her niece and her nephews. She keeps saying I have one family member. Okay, what about Melissa? What about the boys? What about your niece? And we can’t act like these are all like discrete, separate events. If someone ignored me and didn’t welcome me for 20 years, you better believe I wouldn’t be opening myself up to more of that. I mean, Gia talks about Joe Gorga bashing her dad and her mom. She’s upset for her and her sisters. But I don’t ever see anyone consider the Gorga kids. Like their parents are being spoken about poorly. Also, I liked when they were having the conversation. They removed the Gorga kids from that. They don’t have them speak about it. At least not on camera.

Amanda 48:02
Yeah. I mean, I was really kind of grossed out about the kids. Not the Gorger kids. Sorry, about GIA, and Gabriella. coming on, it’s like, I just kids.

B 48:15
Well, what people say they came on because the Gorgas mentioned them on the podcast. I still don’t think that Teresa should be putting her kids in that situation. I

Amanda 48:23
don’t. I don’t think that’s the same thing, though. Like, I just I don’t know, I think bringing the kids into it. It just It grossed me out. I kids have a very, very narrow viewpoint of life. Right. And maybe GIA knows more, because I’m guessing maybe GIA has seen more of the show. I don’t know. But like, just the kids are supposed to like the other thing that’s weird to me, is like there’s this now spoken role. It’s like you keep the kids out of it. You keep the kids out of the drama. And it’s like, Theresa just dragged him straight into the middle of it. And I’m like, why are you exposing your children this way? Like, it just grosses me out. Yes, she can no longer say like, keep the kids out of it. Right. Totally

B 49:11
agree. And one final point on it’s her wedding and whatever, okay. And then she’s saying she wants to keep the peace. There’s nothing that she wants more than to have relationship with her brother. If my sister in law invited legitimate strangers like Chanel, Ayaan, who she met a couple days before happened to be in town and invited them to the wedding, but not my husband’s mother or father. That would be an issue for me. And I don’t think this is I don’t think this is unique to the Italian culture. I think many families operate this way. And regardless of anything that has transpired Melissa’s mother has been in their lives for over 20 years. There is zero excuse for her not to be the 200 person wedding.

Amanda 49:52
Yeah, I don’t know I I know the focus of the season is gonna be this whole Melissa and Teresa battle and Joe and Louis and but I’m I’m deciding I’m nominating because I’m tired of it already. Like, I am not nominating this whole situation to be it’d be easy for me.

B 50:12
Yes, agreed. And nobody’s nobody’s saying anyone’s innocent but I just am pointing out the way that I view it like, and God forbid you should do that because people say I work for them. I Listen, guys, I don’t work for anybody. I work for myself. Bravo and cocktails.com Check it out. Okay. Anywho

Amanda 50:32
Oh, we were on the clock Taylor’s that’s who we work for

B 50:36
work for the cocktail hours. We guys, that’s

Amanda 50:40
that’s who we get the teas for. Okay. Yeah. So you watch

B 50:44
Potomac. It’s my way of saying I’m done with this. It’s

Amanda 50:46
exhausted. Yeah. We’re done with you. Even talk about a grade. Okay. So Potomac reunion. I’ve gotta like, open up that like file in my mind right now, because there’s been so much Bravo. Okay. What do you think?

B 51:03
Because something that really stood out to me, which I would like to give Candace credit for totally reinventing herself. For me personally. I mean, I saw someone who I feel like I just met her, loving her. And I don’t know if that totally changed so much, or that like my view on other people thinking they were more innocent than they were made that change like Giselle and Robin, when they set that whole bullshit up about Chris. By the way, Robin’s comment did not age. Well. I laughed out loud when she said, Well, you have to admit, Chris shouldn’t have been in a hotel room. As a married man with Giselle really wasn’t one just paying for hotel rooms.

Amanda 51:44
I know not good. I actually thought what Andy said was, was right like in this modern world, isn’t that weird? Like, no, you don’t want to be in there under like weird pretenses but it’s like the makeup people are coming in and out and you just have to go talk to somebody while they’re getting their glam done. Like, I agree with Andy. I just don’t think it’s it’s that weird. I don’t I don’t I and I do not always agree. Leave

B 52:15
that yourself thought that. I do not believe that yourself. Oh, Chris was hating on her. I absolutely agree. She just use this because she had zero storyline.

Amanda 52:23
Yeah, I think so too. And I do not always agree with you on housewives. But I completely agree with you about Candice. Like I really did not like her. I was very much team Monique before. And I just, I thought she was I think so. I do think though I think Candace has grown up. Because I they showed that scene right of her having the butter knife and like, freaking out at her house at Ashley. And I’m like, we didn’t see that Canvas this year. And I’m so glad because she’s so quick with a one liner. She is adorable. I mean, she’s like, got like, I love her new single I think it’s a really good song like that. And she’s she is definitely I think, had a great metamorphosis. And I’m definitely here for it. So I think she’s I do think, whether or not it’s that she’s changed, or we’re just seeing a better edit. I don’t know, we didn’t see the butter knife, you know, freaking out. And that helped me like her a lot more. I don’t know so loved

B 53:33
her point to Ashley because if we remember seasons back when her mom Dorothy helped her purchase a house actually was so rough on her as were the other housewives. So when Candace points out that, you know, you will give me heat, especially you actually for having generational wealth, and for having my family able to help me start my life with a good education. I believe she went to Howard, and with a nice home. And here you are unable to purchase the home urine without a man. Like you make fun of me for relying on my parents and you’re relying on a man. And more to that point. She said to her, don’t you expect your children the two boys you mothered with their father being Michael Darby. Don’t you expect Michael Darby to support his children in the way my parents supported me with their general generational wealth? And as you said, Absolutely. By the time my boys are 30, they’ll both have homes with with their names on them. So it’s like it was just a really a great point to like, point out that like you were so hard on me, but don’t you want the same for your sons? And of course you do. Right. So yeah, I loved it. The Mia. We got it. We got to touch on the MIA situation. Oh, and I read that I texted

Amanda 54:44
you about that. Yes, because I actually have a perspective on this. So there was that whole conversation of where Meo is trying to explain what has happened and then the other woman were talking over her and kind of laughing at her when but

B 55:00
I was actually she was just laughing like, it was great.

Amanda 55:04
It was but I actually, so Well, let’s let’s talk about it. But I actually, I gotta go with me on this one because I have an understanding of how business ownerships work when you have multiple parties. So we’ll talk about that in a second. Well, let

B 55:20
me say, we got back then and then I want to see if you because you did mention that to me. So we got this said me it was never the owner and neither was gee, it was Geez brothers company G invested Meow, meow worked for the company, which she did say she do a salary money apparently went missing and me is no longer employed by Gs brother. She was not charged with theft. So it’s unclear if it was a coincidence. Or she’s no longer working there. And it just coincided with the missing funds. Now, what a follower said to me is, what if GS brother hired a forensic accountant, and they need proof before they charge her. They said that, you know, a forensic accountant isn’t cheap. And it takes time. So it wouldn’t surprise me if he took time to shop around and like they’re digging into everything before they go to the courts.

Amanda 56:06
Yeah, I mean, it could be that and like, I guess I just want to say I’ll say this, but like stealing is different than like, misappropriation, which is like, bad, irresponsible spending, there’s a there’s a whole spectrum of reasons it could be but also, it could be none of it. And it could be greed on Geez brothers part. So I don’t know that like based on what Mia was saying. Because so when you when you have a business, and especially when you have multiple owners in a business, you have what’s called the Articles of operation. And that sets out how your business is run, who has you know, who owns what, what percentage who has decision making, because it’s not always the same. So, in a situation like that, there are sometimes what in what she was saying there are managing members, and then there are members and so members can be an owner, a part owner, say like a 10% owner, but they can maybe not have decision making power, generally, decision making power when there is a member a Managing Member situation. And member situation. Generally, the decision making does hold with the managing members. And the bank account, generally access usually goes with the managing members. And so what she was saying is, well, there’s eight owners of the company, but there’s really three decision makers is what I was hearing her say, and I’m like, that tracks like that. Actually, that makes sense. And when they are saying, well, you know, they they change the bank account, I’m like, that actually can also happen because what can happen is the managing members can or one or two of them can take all the money out of a bank account and then move it and start a new bank account. So I can’t change it. You so close it without reading Yes.

B 58:14
But somebody mentioned to me was there’s a difference between being an owner on an account and it just a signer. So if they were right, if they were owners, they would not be able to be taken off so they were just signers

Amanda 58:26
while or See What I’m Saying no is actually there could be three owners and like let’s say geez, what are the three the other two technically could have just drained the account and then opened a new account that is absolutely something that happens and does happen and I know people that has happened to so while they can’t change the bank account with all three of the original owners who all three of this sign are the people who are on that bank account. They could definitely take the money and put it in open a new one which is could be what happened it’s hard to know and I really kind of wish the girls would have like shut up a little bit so we could hear really what the deal is so it I think it just sounds like it’s complicated but I mean there in my mind after hearing her say that there is a world where the what she’s saying could be completely true. And it could be agreed thing on Geez brother who it could be that, that he was like I don’t want you in the visit. It could have nothing there might not be any misappropriated. Like we don’t know anything right? That’s my whole point. So but what she was saying actually I’m like that is 100% true, but what people who don’t have knowledge of how these things work, if they hear owner they think will the owners all have decision making power and that is not true. You can also as a member right and be in a situation if you only have 10% and are like let’s Say you’re a regular member, and you have 30% 20%, let’s say 20% of $100 million company, right? If the decision makers in the company decide this year, you know, we are going to reinvest all of our our profit and put it into a new site. So we are actually not going to make any money as a company this year, then that 20% business owner makes $0 They only make money, if they are salaried, or if there is what is considered, like, if there is if there’s profit to be shared, if the owners decide, we don’t want to have any profit, they can do that. And then your money is just sitting in your investment your time, whatever, you’re not making any money. So I what she’s saying could be completely true.

B 1:00:54
Somehow, I just don’t believe it.

Amanda 1:00:58
Whether or not she’s a believable person or not, is completely I agree, but I don’t think gee, seems like I don’t know. I just I think I

B 1:01:11
saw him enough in a setting where I can assess how I feel about him. I feel like he was kind of always at parties having a couple of drinks and acting inappropriate or silly. I don’t think I could I don’t know enough about him to judge how I picture him as a business person to be honest. Yeah, he’s too new. There’s too much my opinions too clouded by my opinion of MIA, her, you know, her track record for posting stuff and then not addressing it is too. It’s, it’s a lot. I just, I’m not even saying she’s bad for the show. I think there’s a value to her as a housewife. I just don’t particularly care

Amanda 1:01:48
for her. Completely agree with that. I

B 1:01:51
could see I don’t I don’t need to see and I feel bad because I don’t dislike either Giselle or Robin. I just think they’re stale. I just don’t think they have a lot to give us. And I think they’re grasping at straws. And I’m very much over it. Did you watch again, I used to watch you are both great television. I’m just over them.

Amanda 1:02:10
Yeah. So watch what happens live. Last night. I think it was last night after jersey, Melissa and that. I don’t know, Matt

B 1:02:19
Rogers. He was so funny. And I loved his takes on everything. I agreed with him. So I followed him after that. Yes, I was like fine. Someone I agree with.

Amanda 1:02:28
Yeah. And like he’s like, very good lucky like he would and I think he would said I would love to be a daytime show a talk show host. So I’m like he would be perfect at that. Yeah. But he you know, is not afraid to be a little bit shady. But he even said, because he had had I don’t know what he had said previously about Robin. But the whole conversation comes up. And they talk about and then what does he say? He was like, I just I just feel terrible for the people who are, yes. Putting money into that Patreon. Yeah, and then

B 1:03:01
chewing them is funny. That should give them some storyline. I don’t know, I don’t see a world where they’re both back full time. I just don’t see it.

Amanda 1:03:07
But Andy gave a lot away, just by the looks on his face. And his reactions. Like you can tell. That whole situation has really pissed me off,

B 1:03:20
rightfully so.

Amanda 1:03:24
And I mean, think about the reunion. That’s where it starts. Right? Like it starts about robbing and the affair and not talking about it on the season and then sharing it on the Patreon like Bravo’s clearly pissed about it

B 1:03:37
too, as they should be.

Amanda 1:03:40
Yeah, well,

B 1:03:41
I’m not. I’m not giving them any grace with this. They’re wrong. They’re wrong. Because they set up another they set up another guy who wasn’t doing anything wrong. And they know it.

Amanda 1:03:51
Yeah. Yeah, I agree. They’re, their hands are dirty.

B 1:03:57
All right, cocktail clothes. As always, thank you for tuning in. Till next time.

Amanda 1:04:10
Thank you guys so much for listening. Just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:04:51
Bye guys. See you next time.