Thirsty for fame…

Mar 27, 2023

From: Ice Man

Subject: Winter House Cheaters

Spill It to
Jason Cameron went into Season 1 of Winter House with a serious girlfriend of 2 years and cheated on her for Lindsay, knowing he could get clout out of it. Also had a serious girlfriend on Season 2. He is a serial cheater and dates multiple women at once, but will only talk about relations with other Bravo stars. Anyone who has dated him can see how thirsty for fame he is (Lindsay, Rachel)

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  1. Who cares

    Isn’t that the point of these shows? To put F boys on tv. Obviously now that his face has been on tv women should be on alert unless they want to get on tv too.

  2. Mandee

    DUDE. And he had the ballsssss to call out Lindsey for nOt TaLkiNg To hiM prior to speaking out about the miscarriage. These boys are literally just that… BOYS. Idk how any of these smart, successful, BEAUTIFUL women don’t see right through it.

  3. Laura

    He shouldn’t even be on reality tv he is so boring and fake on the show! Who does he think he is being a womanizer when he’s so irrelevant!

  4. Britney

    I’ve heard from mutual friends that Jasons girlfriend during season 1 reached out to Austen that Jason had a girlfriend and he told Lindsay but Lindsay chose to believe him.

  5. Paige

    I see right through the fake nice guy act. He’s a loser.

  6. Erin

    I’m a friend of a friend of his ex girlfriend and I can confirm this is all true. He’s a serial cheater and master manipulator. They spent the holidays together with his family in Rochester and then 2 months later filmed winter house 2 and pretended to be single

  7. Angela

    I think we need to stop blaming girls with “what did you expect”. This is a grown man pushing 40. He shouldn’t even be on a show about drinking every night it’s pathetic and embarrassing. I personally would love to either see younger single people on this show. It’s not attractive seeing fuck boys on this show but women shouldn’t be shamed for falling for their lies.

  8. Stephanie

    He’s not even interesting and doesn’t bring anything to the table I don’t understand why they keep bringing him back.


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