RHOBH cameos!

Mar 25, 2023


Your email was correct. There are more former housewives making cameos on RHOBH. You know about Denise. Camille & Teddi will also be popping up!


  1. Jason

    Stop with teddi. She’s awful 🤮

  2. ihateteddy

    WHO is asking for Teddi. Hate her

  3. BravoLover

    Not Tedddddi. Sighhhh. This chick won’t go away long enough for anyone to miss her.

  4. Ugh = Teddi

    I don’t like Teddi, but they know what they’re doing when they bring her in. Bravo stirring the pot. 😆

  5. Two Ts

    Teddi has mentioned multiple times on her podcast she will not film unless it’s an official friend of. She says filming while in the back ground is awful. Did the other T convince her to make an appearance?

  6. Veronicar

    Teddi is the worst.

  7. bravojoy

    The fans DO NOT want Teddi!!!!!!

  8. Kylie Meneses

    True, Teddi was insufferable when she was on the show but I think she’s grown into herself since then. I like her now and think she would be good back on tv.

  9. Boring old howeives

    I think she’s great! She’s authentic unlike most HWs and she’s really come into herself since starting her podcast. Rather see her then lying Denise.

  10. Kat C

    So sick of Teddi and Tamra. Yuck

  11. Lisa Charron

    I love teddi! I find it bizarre how people feel they need to comment such hateful things about her

  12. Bravo bravo

    Teddi we don’t all hate you 🤣 I actually wanna see her on Beverly Hills again I feel like she will actually be authentic.

  13. Lisa K

    I don’t understand all the hate for Teddi. Can she be annoying? Yes but she’s genuine, loves her family and tells it like it is….maybe that’s why people don’t like her but either way, think about how you would feel reading the comments that she does day in and day out. She’s human with feelings and people get awfully brave when there’s a keyboard and screen between them and the person they’re hating on.


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